Commuting Policy

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					Commuting Policy

  John Malcolm
   (MD – PDO)
             Commuting Policy – SP2000

PDO and Contractors shall provide transport for their
employees between their permanent residence and their
place of work in the field location. Such transport shall
fully comply with requirements of SP-2000.

                    November 2006 CEOs HSE Conference
              Current Practice on Commuting
Overall compliance has been ranging between partial to
 – Transport allowances is offered
 – Adequate transport to the main hubs and allowances offered for onward
 – Transport provided in buses that do not comply with SP-2000
 – Tolerance in staff using public bus services that ignore traffic laws
 – Tolerance in staff commuting using private vehicles that do not even comply
 – Commuter’s ‘fitness to work’ after a possible long drive.

                           November 2006 CEOs HSE Conference
         Concerns/Issues on current practice
• Adequacy of existing policy in light of current changing
  culture and development
• Number of fatalities and serious RTAs
• Potential for major (multiple fatality) RTA
• Consistent compliance of the policy
• Fitness of individuals to work after a long commuting journey
• Terms and conditions of employment (12 or 24 hrs once in
  the field)

                      November 2006 CEOs HSE Conference
        Proposed way forward on Commuting
• Objective: Revise current policy on commuting to make it
  realistic and workable for today’s environment
• Syndicate exercise
   – Review the discussion paper, identify blockers and enablers, give
     boundaries and direction for further policy development
• Next step: Road Safety championship team to take input
  from today and develop and implement the new policy

                        November 2006 CEOs HSE Conference

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