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									                                     Mitel 3300 ICP – for Large Hotels
MITEL LARGE HOTEL SOLUTIONS          Mitel®’s reputation as a leading provider of hospitality communication
 • Cost effective solution for       solutions has been achieved through a long-term commitment to improving
   larger hotels                     guest experience and increasing operational efficiency. Our customers enjoy
 • Resilient and redundant options   flexible, scalable and secure communications designed to meet the needs
   for high availability             of small and economy hotels through to some of the world’s most famous
 • Support for wired and             luxury hotels.
   wireless telephones
 • Blend analogue and IP telephony   Hotels are looking to enhance guest experience, improve operational efficiency and
                                     improve revenue generation. In addition large hotels need highly available, scalable
 • Proven integration with
                                     solutions capable of supporting a wide range of hospitality applications.
   hospitality applications
                                     • Cost effective solution capable of meeting the needs of the worlds largest hotels
                                       with thousands of extensions. Hotels can blend analogue and IP telephony in any
                                       proportion to optimise communications.
                                     • When managing guest experience the little things DO count; greeting your guests
                                       by name, ensuring failed wake up calls are escalated and managing guest privacy.
                                       Mitel’s hospitality feature set has been continuously developed in line with industry
                                       requirements to ensure your guests have a pleasant, hassle free stay.
                                     • The ‘Mitel Wireless Front Desk’ allows staff working on the front desk, in restaurants
                                       or bar areas to work more efficiently. A Mitel IP display telephone equipped with a
                                       cordless handset or headset facilitates personal mobility.
                                     • On premise mobility is provided using DECT or WiFi handsets. Managers, housekeeping,
                                       catering and other staff can remain in touch when on the move. Alerts including pre
                                       fire alarms and food storage temperature can be directed to wireless telephones to
Mitel 5330 IP Phone with               enable staff to take immediate action.
Hospitality software screenshot      • Meeting rooms can be configured to client requirements using IP telephony.
                                       Wired or wireless telephones can be placed wherever they are needed without
                                       reprogramming or cabling. A number of specialist telephones are available including
                                       the Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit to provide first class meeting facilities.
                                     • By extending the IP Telephony environment into premier rooms, preferred guests
                                       can enjoy high-resolution display telephones delivering information about hotel
                                       services and local attractions.

                                                                                    HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS FOR EMEA REGION
Mitel 3300 ICP Hospitality Cluster                                                          • High availability can be further enhanced using sub
Ideally suited to large single properties, campus                                             system redundancy and resiliency.
environments or multiple properties. Hospitality features                                   • The Mitel 3300ICP is data network agnostic allowing
are embedded into the Mitel 3300ICP. No additional                                            you to chose best in class IP network infrastrcture.
hardware, software or licences are required.
                                                                                            • Traditional cabling can be minimised by distributing
 • Presents a single Property Management System (PMS)                                         analogue connectivity throughout a property.
   interface for Front of House (FoH) connectivity.
                                                                                            • Existing Mitel customers can retain peripheral
 • The Guest Service Application enables any room                                             elements when migrating to a Mitel
   status to be viewed and modified from the                                                  Hospitality Cluster.
   Mitel 5550 IP Console.
 • The distributed nature of the Mitel solution reduces
   exposure to complete system outage.

                                 Distributed Architecture in a Hospitality Environment

                                 Global Headquarters                    U.S.                                EMEA                                  CALA                               Asia Pacific
                                 Tel: +1(613) 592-2122                  Tel: +1(480) 961-9000               Tel: +44(0)1291-430000                Tel: +1(613) 592-2122              Tel: +852 2508 9780
                                 Fax: +1(613) 592-4784                  Fax: +1(480) 961-1370               Fax: +44(0)1291-430400                Fax: +1(613) 592-7825              Fax: +852 2508 9232

                                For more information on our worldwide office locations, visit our website at
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