Dubai Safari trip packages turn on the charm for the sand crazy traveler

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					    Dubai Safari trip packages turn on the charm for the sand crazy traveler

From a sleepy hamlet in the desert to a sprawling megapolis that’s affectionately called the Pearl
of the Middle-East, Dubai’s journey to the top of the World Tourism Map is the stuff that dreams of
made of. A hundred years ago, Dubai was home to the nomadic tribe of the Bedouins who were
actively involved in trade and lived in quaint settlements comprising of gypsum huts. Pearl diving
was another economic activity that the locals engaged in back then. But that was it.

In the decades that have followed, Dubai has exploded onto the global stage. Choosing to reach for
the skies as well as the depths of the ocean, the megapolis has chartered a growth hungry path to
success. Its glitzy infrastructure, warm and hospitable people and a cooperative government have
gone on to foster one of the most conducive environments in the world for trade and tourism.
People have been flocking to this oasis in the desert from all corners of the globe, thereby
propelling it to the top of the charts and turning it into one of the most-coveted tourism
destinations in the world. The mere mention of a Dubai holiday is enough to whip people’s appetite
for recreation into frenzy.

Apart from the many cultural walks and explorations about town, Dubai as a city has some of the
most wide ranging tourism options on the planet. After the excitement for the aquatic life or the
luxury resort entertainment has been sated, it is perhaps time to kick things up into high gear and
hit the desert sands like there’s no tomorrow. Desert Safaris offer the quintessential Dubai
experience as one takes to the dunes and soaks in the myriad sights and sounds of the desert.
There’s entertainment galore for friends and family alike in the sands. While a few people prefer to
hit the desert sands at the first light of the day, it is perhaps with the evening desert safari in
Dubai that one truly begins to experience the sands like never before. There’s dune bashing that is
extremely popular. It involves riding up and down the desert sands in 4*4 vehicles that are being
piloted by some of the most skilful drivers out there. They throw, plunge and jump their vehicles
with such aplomb that one often left spellbound at their complete mastery behind the wheel.
Besides dune bashing, there are traditional entertainment opportunities that include plenty of
traditional food and beverage options.
One of the best ways to enjoy the sands is by booking oneself with a reliable Dubai safari trip
package operator. They can tailor the experience depending upon the time available and the
number of people in the group, thereby ensuring that one gets the most out of their AED. It is not
without reasons that people who have been there to say that a trip to Dubai is complete only when
you’ve experienced the sands.

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