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Designing Your Office
Law and Order
Crime Stoppers
FOCUS ON                                                  w w w. o r l a n d o. o r g
Big Tips for Small Business

                              ¿Se Habla
                                        Say ‘hello’ to Central Florida’s
                                            fastest growing market.

                                   THE COMMUNITY SOURCE                     M AY 2 0 0 5
                                   FOR SMART BUSINESS                   volume 8 number 5
                                  PRESIDENT & CEO JACOB V. STUART
                                  ADVISORY BOARD SCOTT FAGAN
                                                 SHELLEY LAUTEN
                                                 CYNDI MATZICK
                                                 RUTH MUSTIAN
                                                 VILMA QUINTANA
                                                 KRISTINE VORPAGEL SHIELDS
                                                 LISA WINKELBAUER

                                  PRESIDENT & CEO MICHAEL HINN
                                    EDITOR IN CHIEF TRACEY VELT
                            CONTRIBUTING EDITOR JACK ROTH
                                CREATIVE DIRECTOR MIKE FORISTALL
                                      ART DIRECTOR BARBARA GEORGOUDIOU
                               PRODUCTION ARTIST TRICIA HEATH
                           PRODUCTION MANAGER JEN WONDRELY
                                              JACKIE CANDELARIA

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                 on the cover:
                 Design Your Office 7
                 Law and Order 18
                 Crime Stoppers 16

                                                                                                                                           CONTENTS 05.05
                 Big Tips for Small Business 25

                 F E AT U R E S
                                                                                                                                           D E PA RTM E N T S
                 10¿SE HABLA ESPAÑOL?
                              COVER STORY

                              Say ‘hello’ to Central Florida’s                                                                              6           UPFRONT
                              fastest growing market.
                              by Richard Westlund                                                                                           7           TRADE SECRETS
                                                                                                                                            8           REGIONAL WRAP
                                                                                                                                           16           TECH KNOW
                                                                                                                                           30           DESTINATION
                                                                                                                                           32           ISSUES WATCH
                                                                                                                                           35           CHAMBER INSIGHT
                                                                                                                                           38           PARTING SHOTS

                              COVER   PHOTO: Ricard0 Aguilar

                                                                                                                                           25           FOCUS ON | small business
                     18 LAW AND ORDER
                              In Part II of this legal feature, we seek out                                                                        Help your business
                              attorney counsel on legal issues and trends that                                                                      prosper with this
                              are affecting small and medium-sized businesses.                                                                             expert advice.
                              by Jack Roth
                                                                                                                                                            by Jack Roth

                     22 SALARY WATCH
                              There’s a new minimum wage in effect. We’ll
                              give you the information you need to keep your
                              employees happy on payday.

           NEWS INDEX
           American Institute of Architects 9         Fishkind & Associates 10, 13          Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                            of Metro Orlando 10, 15
           Arnold Palmer Hospital for                 Florida Department of Education 16
           Children and Women 8                                                             Holland & Knight LLP 19
                                                      Florida Travel & Life magazine 8
           AT&T 9                                                                           J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 9              Morton’s: The Steakhouse 30             Puerto Rico Chamber of                 Stovash, Case & Tingley P.A. 18
                                                      Florida’s Blood Centers 38
                                                                                                                                                                           Commerce 6
           Banco Popular 12                                                                 Kissimmee Convention &                 One Equity Partners LLC 9                                                      SunTrust 12
                                                      Geller, Ragans, James,
                                                                                            Visitors Bureau 9                                                              RE/MAX 8
           Blakeslee Design 7                         Oppenheimer & Creel 27                                                       Orlando/Orange County Visitors                                                 University of Central Florida 13
                                                                                            Lockheed Martin 16                     Bureau Inc. 12, 30                      Renaissance Orlando Resort at
           Broad and Cassel 26                        Global Insight 30                                                                                                                                           University of Florida 8
                                                                                                                                                                           SeaWorld 30
                                                                                            LYNX 8                                 Orlando Regional Chamber of
           C.T. Hsu & Associates 9                    GrayRobinson 26, 32                                                                                                                                         Univision Orlando/Telefutura
                                                                                                                                   Commerce 6, 12, 13, 32, 38              Reunion Resort & Club 8
                                                                                            Manpower Inc. 9                                                                                                       Orlando 12
           Doral Mortgage Corp. 12                    Greenberg Traurig P.A. 18
                                                                                                                                   Orlando Regional Realtor                Rissman, Weisberg, Barrett, Hurt,
                                                                                            Mercantile Commercial Bank 26                                                                                         WDBO-AM 580 8
           First Commercial Bank of Florida 25        Grupo Bancario Latino 12                                                     Association 8                           Donahue & McLain P.A. 20
                                                                                            Metro Orlando Economic                                                                                                Workscapes Inc. 7
           Fisher & Phillips LLP 20                   GyroTrac 9                                                                   Princess Cruises 8                      Security Service Federal Credit
                                                                                            Development Commission 38
                                                                                                                                                                           Union 9                                World Publications 8
                                                                                                                                   Progress Energy 9
                                                                                                                                                                           Shands Hospital 8                      Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe
                                                                                                                                   Publix 10
                                                                                                                                                                           Small Business Chamber 25              P.A. 18

FirstMonday gives you positive, credible and compelling stories that focus on the key trends, people, businesses and events that drive Central Florida’s growth and progress.We aim to build a strong, vibrant and diverse community.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     fm 05.05
           UPFRONT             The first ever Hispanic Summit,
                               which was held in March, stressed
                               the growing strength of the
                               Hispanic community in the region.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Photos: Ricard0 Aguilar

               Minority Report

               THE 2005 HISPANIC Summit taught us that
               the growing number of Hispanics who’ve
                                                                            & Community Exchange, June 23–26,
                                                                            2005. Along with Honorary Chair and
                                                                                                                                     The growing number
               chosen Central Florida as a place to live,                   Orange County Mayor, Richard T. Crotty,                  of Hispanics who’ve
               work and raise their families are integral to                the delegation will include the team of
               our region, bringing their life experiences,                 Hispanic Summit research consultants.                    chosen Central Florida
               their professional expertise and their sense
               of community and hope for the future to
                                                                            Presentations to “Convencion 2005”
                                                                            participants in Puerto Rico will include
                                                                                                                                     as a place to live,
               the millions of people who already call                      the same findings unveiled at the recent                 work and raise their
               Central Florida home.                                        Hispanic Summit, including the Regional
                  New research commissioned for, and                        Economic Impact Study on Hispanics,
                                                                                                                                     families are integral
               unveiled at, the Summit reinforces the                       a Regional Political Poll of Registered                  to our region.
               commitment of Hispanics in the region,                       Voters and a Research Paper on Puerto
               whether they’ve relocated from Puerto Rico                   Ricans in Central Florida.
                                                                                                                                     changes necessary to achieve economic
               or immigrated from Cuba, South America                           “Convencion 2005,” presented by the
                                                                                                                                     prosperity,” he adds.
               or many other countries in the Caribbean,                    Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, is the
                                                                                                                                        The Puerto Rico Business & Community
               Central America and across the globe.                        largest business convention of its kind
                                                                                                                                     Exchange will allow local leaders the oppor-
                  Because the Commonwealth of Puerto                        held in Puerto Rico and is the annual
                                                                                                                                     tunity to interact face to face with their
               Rico is a U.S. territory with all the rights and             premier business event on the Island.
                                                                                                                                     counterparts from Puerto Rico and from
               privileges that citizenship provides to its                  “Convencion 2005 has been designed
                                                                                                                                     across the Americas. We’ve learned that
               population, we at the Chamber have special                   to provide private enterprise and civic
                                                                                                                                     Florida is Puerto Rico’s number-one trading
               appreciation for the ease with which oppor-                  groups with the best possible resources
                                                                                                                                     partner, ranking as the largest consumer of
               tunities can be realized in exploring and                    and tools to help them grow and
                                                                                                                                     Puerto Rico’s exports, and the number-one
               enhancing business relationships between                     become stronger, promoting sustainable
                                                                                                                                     destination of all Florida’s exports, with
               Central Florida and the Island.                              socioeconomic growth and a better
                                                                                                                                     Puerto Ricans consuming more than $3.9
                  Building on our first community                           quality of life for our community,” says
                                                                                                                                     billion in goods annually. Most important,
               exchange trip to Puerto Rico last year to                    Leonardo Cordero, president of the Puerto
                                                                                                                                     more than 500,000 Puerto Ricans have
               participate in “Convencion 2004,” we will                    Rico Chamber of Commerce. “We’re
                                                                                                                                     made Central Florida their home. It’s only
               once again lead a 100-member delegation                      dedicated to protecting the interest of the
                                                                                                                                     natural, then, that we should maximize this
               to participate in the Puerto Rico Business                   business community and advancing the
                                                                                                                                     invaluable resource right here in our midst.
                                                                                                                                        Whether or not you’re able to
                                             A 100-member delegation to participate in the Puerto Rico Business & Community          participate in the Puerto Rico Business
                                             Exchange, June 23–26, 2005. It is the largest business convention of its kind held in
                                             Puerto Rico and is the annual premier business event on the Island.                     & Community Exchange, you’ll want to
                                                                                                                                     pay special attention to this effort and
                                                                                                                                     the progress that will be made on behalf
                                                                                                                                     of your business and all of Central Florida.
                                                                                                                                     The rewards that will be realized as a
                                                                                                                                     result of the unique partnerships created
                                                                                                                                     by the Exchange will surely benefit our
                                                                                                                                     region for many years to come. I, for one,
                                                                                                                                     am enthusiastic about the possibilities
                                                                                                                                     that lie ahead!

                                                                                                                                                             Jacob V. Stuart
                                                                                                                                      Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                                                  Visit www.orlando.org for details.
fm 05.05
                                                                                                                                                TRADE SECRETS

Tips for Functional
Office Design

                                                    1                                                        5
“WHETHER YOU’RE GOING into new space or                 SET YOUR BUDGET                                          CONSIDER LIGHTING
renovating your existing space, it’s important          Your first step, before even hiring a professional       “Think about real amenities and not the ones
to plan,” says Elizabeth Dvorak, president of           to help you design the office, is to develop a           we tend to associate with high-end offices
Workscapes Inc. in Orlando, a full-service office       realistic budget, says Dvorak. “Have a budget            [such as decorative finishes],” says Blakeslee.
furniture and space-planning dealership. “You           and stick to it. A good dealership can help you          “For instance, a window and natural light
                                                        manage that budget because they know the                 trumps just about anything, including a
have to have some goals to help you figure out
                                                        ins and outs of saving space and finding                 private office.” Would you rather work in a
how to get where you need to go,” she says.
                                                        affordable, functional furniture,” she says.             shared space with a window or a closed
  “Planning and good communication help

                                                        HIRE AN ARCHITECT                                        private office with no natural light? “Most
you design a good business flow, and that leads
                                                        Finding an architect that sees your vision is            would pick the shared space with the
to better productivity.” That’s why she finds it                                                                 window. Productivity counts, and good
                                                        vital. Interview several prospects and choose
imperative that any company’s first step be to                                                                   lighting makes all the difference,” says
                                                        the one who best fits your corporate culture.
find a professional and really think out what                                                                    Blakeslee.
its goals are — how it wants to use its space.
                                                    3   ENGAGE DESIGNERS EARLY
                                                        “Find a full-service team who can lead you               HAVE A SEAT
  She and Rob Blakeslee, president of Blakeslee
Design, an architectural interior and design
                                                        through the process to pick up where the
                                                        architect ends, ” says Dvorak. “But, even while
                                                                                                             6   “I’ve often told clients that I could work
                                                                                                                 off a door and two sawhorses as long as I
firm in Orlando, offer these tips:                                                                               have a good chair,” says Blakeslee. “In the
                                                        working with the architect, it’s important
                                                        that we [furniture/ space planners] have                 8- to 10-hour a day, a good chair makes a big
                                                        communication from the earliest stages.                  difference. Just ask anyone with a bad back.
                                                        We can take an inventory of existing                     A good chair can reduce time away from work
                                                        equipment and help you plan so you can                   [for back issues] and therefore have an effect
                                                        use your budget where it counts,” she says.              on the bottom line of a company,” he says.

                                                        ENGAGE THE EMPLOYEES
                                                        “It’s always a good idea to get employee                   Providing a place to avoid distraction is
                                                        buy-in early on,” according to Dvorak. “Tell             the best assurance of productivity. Good
                                                        them [employees] why you’re remodeling,                  thinking space that allows people to work
                                                        what their gain is and get them energized                without interruption is a real asset. Many
                                                        about the space,” she says. “Roll out an                 studies show good business starts with
                                                        employee campaign by presenting a
                                                                                                                 good design.
                                                        package that looks attractive and gets
                                                        employees excited.”

                                                        Any company’s first step should be to find a
                                                        professional and really think out what its goals are.

   Elizabeth Dvorak (top) and
   Rob Blakeslee
                                                                                                                                                                   fm 05.05
           REGIONAL WRAP

                                                          FROM BREVARD COUNTY TO VOLUSIA COUNTY, BUSINESSES
                                                          ARE THRIVING. HERE’S A SEVEN COUNTY VIEW OF WHAT’S
                                                          GOING ON IN THE REGION.

                                                          BREVARD                                        Support your local Realtors. That’s the message
                                                           Ship ahoy! The new 116,000-ton Crown          of the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association’s
                                                           Princess will call at Port Canaveral next     2005 multi-media campaign that includes
                                                           summer when Princess Cruises begins           television commercials, a billboard campaign
                                                           new service from New York to the Caribbean.   and special event sponsorships to complement
                                                           Passengers who embark in New York for the     the radio and print components already in place.
                                                           round-trip Caribbean voyages will spend a
                                                                                                         If you’re in the market for a miracle, check out the
                                                           day in Brevard county bringing visitors and
                                                                                                         fully furnished RE/MAX Miracle Home. Children
                                                           a boost to local retail businesses.
                                                                                                         at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and
                  GIVE US THE SCOOP                                                                      Women and Shands Hospital at the University of
                                                          LAKE                                           Florida helped designed this European-inspired
                     Sign a multi-million dollar deal?     More than 230 households, primarily           house on Tom Watson’s Independence Signature
                                                           from South Lake County, gathered for a        Golf Course in Reunion Resort & Club. When sold,
                  Develop a technology that makes
                                                           public information meeting regarding the      all net proceeds of this $1.2 million-dollar home
                  doing business easier? We want
                                                            Minneola Ridge Area Traffic Study. The       benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.
                  to know! FirstMonday is looking
                                                           study proposes two alternative plans for      The first affluent lifestyle magazine devoted
                  for details about what local
                                                           future transportation needs. One plan         to the Sunshine State debuted this spring.
                  businesses are doing for [and with]      includes a new Florida Turnpike interchange   Florida Travel & Life, published by Winter
                  the business community.                  near North Grassy Lake Road. The other        Park-based World Publications, hopes to be
                     We want to hear about your            does not.                                     the definitive guide to remarkable luxury
                  partnerships, new technology,
                                                                                                         living in Florida for residents and visitors.
                  community awareness and more.
                                                          ORANGE                                         WDBO AM 580 received the prestigious
                     To submit your information, please
                                                           Get on the bus, Gus. LYNX had a record-       Radio and Records 2005 News Talk Radio
                  e-mail editor-in-chief Tracey Velt at    setting January 2005 providing more than      Station of the Year. WDBO went up against
                  tvelt@knightimages.com. We look          2 million trips. That’s an increase of 7.5    all radio stations in the country (markets 26+)
                  forward to hearing from you.             percent over January 2004 and marks the       and came out number one. In addition,
                                                           fourth consecutive record month.              WDBO’s morning man Jim Turner won a 2004

fm 05.05
                                                                                                                                                         REGIONAL WRAP

                                                                                                           From left: 1. LYNX ridership keeps growing.
                                                                                                           2. It’s not just a home — it’s a miracle.
                                                                                                           3. Television commercial goes straight
1                            2                                    3                                        to the heart.

     Marconi Award for Best Radio Personality of          POLK                                                        Progress Energy and subsidiaries of One
     the Year. Turner has been on the air with             Manpower Inc.’s success in advancing                       Equity Partners LLC (OEP), a private equity
     WDBO for over 30 years.                               women has been applauded by the National                   affiliate of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., recently
     C.T. Hsu, founder and president of C.T. Hsu           Association for Female Executives (NAFE),                  closed on the sale of Progress Rail Services
     & Associates, has received the 2005 Nils M.           which recently named the company to its                    Corp. Proceeds from the $405 million sale
     Schweizer Community Service Award from the            2005 list of Top 30 Companies for Executive                will be used to reduce overall corporate debt.
     American Institute of Architects, Orlando Chapter.    Women. Some 20 percent of the Manpower
     Additionally, Nathan Butler, a senior associate       Inc. Board of Directors is female.
     and project manager with the firm, received                                                                     Ormond Beach and Volusia County
     the chapter’s Young Architects Forum award.          SEMINOLE                                                   firefighters helped reduce the risk of wildfires
                                                           AT&T won a $1.8 million contract to provide               west of the Northbrook neighborhood by
    OSCEOLA                                                AT&T Toll-Free Services to Security Service               using a new GyroTrac brush cutter to mow
     The Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau’s          Federal Credit Union, the 10th largest credit             about 35 acres of underbrush. The GyroTrac
     new $5.5 million “Make More Dreams Come               union in the nation with assets of over                   cuts a six-foot swath through Saw Palmetto
     True” advertising campaign looks at the               $3.5 billion. The three-year agreement                    and other tough-to-cut underbrush that
     popular Florida travel destination through            renews and expands a longstanding                         fuels wildfires.
     the eyes of a child.                                  relationship between the two companies.

                                                                                                                                                                        fm 05.05

                         With a purchasing power of some
                         $6.9 billion, the Central Florida
                         Hispanic market is flourishing.
                         BY RICHARD WESTLUND

                     ¿Se Habla
                         TO SERVE CENTRAL Florida’s fast-growing       population. Of course, the population
                         Hispanic market, Publix is converting two     numbers are only part of the story.
                         of its 850 stores into Hispanic “Publix          A recent study of the Hispanic
                         Sabor” supermarkets. The stores, in           communities in Lake, Orange, Osceola and
                         Kissimmee and Hialeah, will feature an        Seminole counties indicates the Hispanic
                         entire private-label Hispanic food line.      community’s overall purchasing power
                         Along with offering Latino specialties like   has reached $6.9 billion and is expected
                         pan cubano (Cuban bread), tres leches         to climb to $8.2 billion by 2007. In
                         (a milky dessert), black beans and mojo       addition, Hispanics tend to shop more
                         sauce, the Publix Sabor will be staffed       frequently and spend more money than
                         with bilingual employees and have             non-Hispanic households, according
                         signage in both English and Spanish.          “Hispanic Communities of Central Florida:
                         “We’re tailoring our stores to meet the       Economic Contributions to the Region,” a
                         needs of Hispanic customers because           study done by Fishkind & Associates Inc.
                         we want to make sure we’re serving our        and commissioned by the Orlando Regional
                         customers as best as we can,” says Publix     Chamber of Commerce. Hispanics’ buying
                         spokesman Dwaine Stevens.                     power skyrocketed 160 percent between
                            Like other Central Florida businesses,     1990 and 2001, to $542 billion, according to
                         Publix is reaching out to the Hispanic        the Food Marketing Institute.
                         market, which now constitutes more than          “A lot of Anglo businesses want to tap
                         500,000 people in the Orange, Osceola,        the Hispanic market,” says Jose Estorino,
                         Seminole and Lake County region —             volunteer chairman, Hispanic Chamber
                         roughly 20 percent of the region’s total      of Commerce of Metro Orlando, which
                                                                       has more than 900 members. “With an
                                                                       economic impact of more than $11 billion
                                                                       (this represents total contribution, not
                                                                       just purchasing power), Hispanics [in
                                                                       Central Florida] are a huge purchasing
                                                                       machine,” he adds.
                                                                          The Hispanic Chamber recently hosted
                                                                       a Hispanic Business and Consumer Expo,

fm 05.05

               At a Glance

                Between 1990 and 2000 the percentage of          Florida is expected to continue to increase,          In addition to influencing the way retailers
                Floridians of Hispanic origin increased by       although the distribution has shifted from            position themselves in the regional market,
                4.62 percent from 12.17 to 16.79 percent of      10 percent of the Hispanic population in              the area banking system is experiencing
                the population. Within Central Florida, the      1990 to 6 percent in 2004.                            shifts in competitive strategy to capture the
                concentration increased almost twice as                                                                growing Hispanic market. Since the middle
                                                                 The purchasing power of the Hispanic
                fast (8.5 percent) from 8 percent in 1990                                                              ’90s Central Florida has seen the entrance of
                                                                 community is strong and will remain strong
                to 16.5 percent by 2000.                                                                               Doral Mortgage Corporation, Puerto Rico’s
                                                                 as the population ages and skill sets are
                                                                                                                       largest mortgage banking company. Similarly,
                Since the 2000 census the percentage of the      acquired by non-U.S. originating in-migration.
                                                                                                                       Banco Popular, Puerto Rico’s largest bank
                Central Florida population of Hispanic origins                                                         entered the market around the same time.
                                                                 Job skills for those Hispanics migrating from
                has increased an additional 3.33 percent,                                                              Even the major U.S. banks are catering
                                                                 within the United States remain strong and
                reaching almost 20 percent of the total                                                                directly to the Hispanic community of
                                                                 are expected to remain so.
                population.                                                                                            Central Florida. SunTrust, in the mid-to-late
                                                                 Overall the Hispanic community contributes            ’90s, set up Grupo Bancario Latino to cater
                The distribution of the Central Florida
                                                                 more than $11 billion, supporting an additional       directly to the local Hispanic communities.
                Hispanic population by place of origin has
                                                                 32 thousand regional jobs.
                remained relatively stable since 1990 and
                is expected to remain stable.                    Hispanic contributions are expected to                SOURCE: FISHKIND & ASSOCIATES INC.

                                                                 rise by almost 20 percent to $13.4 billion by
                There’s been a shift in proportions of the
                                                                 2007. The associated employment growth
                regional Hispanic population of Cuban
                                                                 is expected to reach 19.5 percent with an
                decent. The Cuban population of Central
                                                                 additional 6,000 regional jobs supported.

                                                                   which drew more than 10,000 attendees to the              and build mutually profitable relationships with
                                                                   Orlando/Orange County Convention Center. “We              the Hispanic community. An exceptional array of
                                                                   want to educate Anglos and create opportunities           speakers participated in the Hispanic Summit,
                                                                   for Hispanic businesses to market and promote             according to Chamber President Jacob V. Stuart.
                                                                   their products,” adds Estorino, who’s senior vice         “They discussed topics ranging from philanthropy
                                                                   president of marketing at the Orlando/Orange              and civic participation, media, economic opportu-
                                                                   County Convention & Visitors Bureau.                      nities between Puerto Rico and Central Florida to
                                                                      In early March, the Orlando Regional Chamber           topics such as free trade agreements and the
                                                                   of Commerce organized its 2005 Hispanic                   business community’s commitment to diversity
                                                                   Summit, a two-day series of workshops and                 and entrepreneurship.”
                                                                   exhibits designed to facilitate communications                Today, Orlando-area service, retail, distribution
                                                                                                                             and real estate companies are exploring how to
                                                                                                                             attract more Hispanic customers. “Look at entering
                                                                                                                             the Hispanic market as a business decision,”
                             “In Central Florida, 83 percent of the Hispanic                                                 says Antonio J. Guernica, vice president/general
                             population speaks Spanish... You have to                                                        manager, Univision Orlando/Telefutura Orlando
                                                                                                                             in Altamonte Springs. A very important business
                             address the Central Florida Hispanic consumer                                                   decision and one your company will have a hard
                                                                                                                             time saying “no” given the impact the Hispanic
                             in Spanish to reach it effectively.”                                                            community has on Central Florida. Guernica says
                                                                                                                             it’s vital for you to get familiar with the Hispanic
                             — Antonio Guernica, Univision Orlando/Telefutura Orlando                                        market. Here’s why.

fm 05.05

   Back in 1990, Hispanics made
                                       Hispanic-owned businesses make up 25 percent of the
up just 12 percent of Central          certified businesses in Orange County, according to the
Florida’s population. Today that
figure is 20 percent and climbing      Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Greater Orlando.
quickly, according to a recent study
by Fishkind & Associates for the
Orlando Regional Chamber of
Commerce. That includes 213,879
Hispanics in Orange, 73,304 in
Osceola, 49,585 in Seminole and
15,689 in Lake County.
   “Our estimates show that
the fastest-growth Hispanic
community resides in Osceola
County,” says Hank Fishkind,
president of the Orlando
consulting firm. And unlike
Miami-Dade County, where a
majority of Hispanic residents
are foreign-born, roughly
two-thirds of Central Florida’s
Hispanics moved here from
elsewhere in the United States,
including Puerto Rico.
   Unlike those in other parts of
the country, Central Florida’s
Hispanic base is highly diverse,
according to Luis Martínez-
Fernández, director of the Program
in Latin American, Caribbean and
Latino Studies at the University of
Central Florida. “Although we share
a common heritage of Spanish lan-
guage and culture, it’s important
to recognize that there’s a wide
range of educational and income
levels,” he says.
   Fishkind’s study also indicates
that Central Florida’s Hispanic
population consists of four
culturally distinct segments:

PUERTO RICANS | This is the
largest cultural group, constitut-
ing a majority of the Hispanic
population in three of the four
Central Florida counties. It’s also
the fastest-growing subgroup.

MEXICANS | On average, the
Mexican residents are younger
than those in the other Hispanic
groups, and they have the largest
households and the lowest per
capita incomes. They’re concen-
trated in agricultural regions.

CUBANS | The Cuban community
is primarily working-age families
with the highest personal incomes
among Hispanics in the region.

                                                                                                       fm 05.05

                                                         One of the best ways to attract
               are Colombians, Venezuelans,
               Argentines and Chileans who            more Hispanic customers, says
                                                                                                              Hispanic Economic Impact
               bring their own national               Guernica, is to advertise in                            Projections: Earnings
               cultures to the region. These          Spanish-language publications
               groups typically have smaller          and on Spanish-language radio                           LAKE COUNTY
               households than other Hispanics.       and television shows. “You’ll                           Cuban                     $1,749,726       $1,822,411         $1,870,771
                                                      effectively reach an audience                           Mexican                  $19,770,710     $20,914,719         $21,796,113
                  “With changing migration
                                                      through Spanish media that                              Puerto Rican             $13,825,454       $15,112,117      $16,236,056
               patterns, Central Florida has
                                                      you’re not reaching otherwise,”                         South American            $1,425,709      $1,441,824          $1,437,855
               been experiencing a shift in the
                                                      he says. “Hispanics do use English                      Other                     $8,305,614      $9,150,767        $9,899,456
               Hispanic community,” adds
                                                      media, but many are most
               Fishkind. “This shift is essentially                                                           Total                    $45,077,214    $48,441,837         $51,240,252
                                                      comfortable using Spanish.”
               creating homogeneous pockets                                                                   Growth                            —          7.46%               5.78%
                                                         Guernica says to “look at
               within each county, while the
               region as a whole becoming more
                                                      Hispanic consumption of your                            ORANGE COUNTY
                                                      product or service. Do Latinos
               diverse. But the purchasing power                                                              Cuban                   $40,385,337      $42,173,318        $43,457,978
                                                      index higher or lower in using
               of the Hispanic community is                                                                   Mexican                  $67,557,782    $71,967,902         $75,614,947
                                                      your service, your product or
               strong and will remain strong.”                                                                Puerto Rican           $328,749,321    $349,507,574        $366,521,917
                                                      your brand? That will determine
                  In general, Central Florida’s                                                               South American          $41,643,788      $43,134,122       $44,094,042
                                                      the size of the opportunity,” he
               Hispanic families are younger                                                                  Other                  $152,882,026      $171,181,791      $188,152,890
                                                      says. Where do you find that
               and larger than the region’s                                                                   Total                   $631,218,254   $677,964,706         $717,841,773
               "non-Hispanic families. “They                                                                  Growth                            —           7.41%               5.88%
                                                         “Univision and most other
               spend more on groceries and
                                                      Spanish media [in addition to
               basic consumer goods than do                                                                   OSCEOLA COUNTY
                                                      advertising agencies] often
               non-Hispanics [with comparable                                                                 Cuban            $7,207,465                $7,521,734         $7,776,561
                                                      serve as sources for this type of
               incomes],” says Martínez-                                                                      Mexican         $11,962,533             $12,607,609          $13,158,581
                                                      information,” says Guernica.
               Fernández. “That’s why the                                                                     Puerto Rican  $112,478,028              $119,758,455       $126,212,970
                                                         “In Central Florida, 83 percent
               Publix Sabor is a great approach.                                                              South American $11,875,179               $12,438,748       $12,906,025
                                                      of the Hispanic population speaks
               Hispanics are more brand loyal                                                                 Other          $55,448,366              $61,808,089        $67,962,810
                                                      Spanish according to the U.S.
               and prefer a more personal style
                                                      Census. This is key. The language                       Total                   $198,971,571    $214,134,635      $228,016,948
               or approach. They tend to do
                                                      spoken at home is the language                          Growth                            —            7.62%            6.48%
               things as a family, including
                                                      of comfort, the language of
               shopping and dining out.”                                                                      SEMINOLE COUNTY
                                                      emotion and the language of
                                                      persuasion, which is the ultimate                       Cuban          $13,874,055                $14,555,775        $15,035,025
                                                      aim of advertising. You have to                         Mexican        $15,246,930                 $16,175,115      $16,885,618
                                                                                                              Puerto Rican   $83,456,835              $88,354,640         $92,055,893
                                                                                                              South American $13,192,130               $13,452,474         $13,503,552
                                                                                                              Other           $49,911,245              $56,121,000          $61,717,520
                                                                                                              Total                   $175,681,195   $188,659,004        $199,197,608
                                                                                                              Growth                            —           7.39%               5.59%
                                                                                                              SOURCE: FISHKIND & ASSOCIATES, INC.

                                                                                                          ¿Supo Usted?
                                                                                                                 Sometimes a simple translation is enough to open up a new market.
                                                                                                                   The New England Confectionery Company (Necco) found that out when
                                                                                                                    it introduced Spanish versions of their famous Sweethearts candy.
                                                                                                                     Originally available in Florida, coincidentally where Necco purchases
                                                                                                                    its sugar supply, the Hispanic versions were a big hit in Latino
                                                                                                                 communities. In 2002, the translated versions of the candies were
                                                                                                          rolled out for a nationwide audience.
                                                                                                    Necco executives think opening up this new market will help grow the popularity
                                                                                               of the seasonal candy. And with more than eight billion of the hearts produced between
                                                                                           January 1 and February 14 of every year, growth is a sweet subject.
fm 05.05

address the Central Florida          “Hiring bilingual employees — or giving Spanish
Hispanic consumer in Spanish         lessons to current employees — can be an effective
to reach it effectively,” he says.
   That’s why he says,“Using         way to build your Hispanic business.”
the Spanish media is the key.
You’re addressing an audience        — Jose Estorino, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando
that the English media does
not. Commercials in Spanish
are 61 percent more effective
at increasing awareness than
commercials in English even
among bilingual Hispanics
and four and half times more
persuasive than commercials
in English, according to
research conducted by the
Roslow Research Group,”
says Guernica.
   “In Central Florida, Univision
and Telefutura are the only two
full-power television stations.
Telemundo and TV Azteca have
low power television stations.
La Nueva Mega 98.1 and
Rumba 100.3 are the only FM
commercial radio stations with
Spanish formats. There are at
least five AM Spanish radio
stations, targeting various
audience segments with talk,
tropical music and Mexican
regional formats,” he says.“El
Nuevo Dia is the only Spanish
daily newspaper, publishing
Monday through Friday. La
Prensa is the oldest weekly
with El Sentinel, the Orlando
Sentinel’s Spanish weekly,

providing the strongest
competition,” says Guernica.
   For business-to-business
services, Guernica advises
working with a consultant or
associate who’s familiar with
the Hispanic market. “You
need to get good advice in
an area that’s probably
outside your expertise,” he
says. “Find someone with a
good track record who can
guide your efforts.”
   Hiring bilingual employees
— or giving Spanish lessons to
current employees — can be
an effective way to build your

(continued on page 34)

                                                                                                      fm 05.05
           TECH KNOW

               Crime Stoppers

               WITH THE DEVELOPMENT of sophisticated              processed annually, including insurance             manner,” Reynolds says. “What we’ve done is to
               crime-stopping projects, Orlando is emerging       industry workers who also must pass a               provide a neutral, independent environment
               as a key player in the fast-growing field of       fingerprint screening.                              where agencies can come to find answers to
               security technology. While the initial focus is       Another technology advance with broad            their questions.”
               assisting law-enforcement agencies, two major      potential applications for Central Florida            Noting that an effective data-sharing
               projects could have significant implications for   businesses is the nation’s first successful         network might have helped prevent the
               Central Florida employers as well.                 statewide law-enforcement data-sharing              Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Florida state
                 One example is an automated fingerprint          network developed at the University of              Rep. Frank Attkisson and state Sen. Mike
               system and biometric program developed by          Central Florida (UCF).                              Haridopolos have sponsored state funding to
               Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training &                Today, more than 80 agencies from Miami          expand the UCF network throughout the state.
               Support. The system is already in use by the       to Jacksonville are sharing data through the        “We will connect all 355 state and local police
               Florida Department of Education to speed the       Florida Integrated Network for Data Exchange        agencies in the nation’s fourth-largest state
               process of checking job applicants. Rather than    and Retrieval (FINDER). With FINDER, each           at a fraction of the cost,” said Attkisson in a
               waiting for months to hear back from state         law enforcement agency can control the data         recent Orlando Sentinel article. “A public-safety
               agencies and the FBI, prospective teachers,        posted to the UCF system. The data is available     and homeland-security problem that has
               administrators, custodians and other school        only to authorized law enforcement officials.       persisted for decades has been solved in our
               employees can get a response in 24 to 48 hours.       Since its launch in 2004, FINDER has             state, and can be cost effectively applied to
                 Lockheed Martin, which recently transferred      resulted in the arrests of armed robbers,           other states and federal agencies.”
               the program to its Transportation and Security     burglars, home invaders, sex offenders and
               Solutions business unit in Rockville, Md.,         thieves trafficking in stolen property, according
               designed the system based on an application        to Michael Reynolds, UCF professor of criminal      When it comes
               originally developed for the FBI. The company      justice. “It’s been difficult for Florida police
               estimates that 250,000 applicants will be          agencies to share information in a timely
                                                                                                                      to technology,
                                                                                                                      Central Florida
                                                                                                                      is pulling out
                                                                                                                      all the stops to
                                                                                                                      make the United
                                                                                                                      States a safer place.
                                                                                                                        Reynolds believes that private businesses
                                                                                                                      in Central Florida may also benefit from the
                                                                                                                      UCF data-sharing experience in planning for
                                                                                                                      natural disasters or a potential terrorist attack.
                                                                                                                        “Companies like Disney and Universal
                                                                                                                      Studios, as well as hospitals, schools and
                                                                                                                      transportation providers may need to share
                                                                                                                      information,” Reynolds says. “For instance,
                                                                                                                      if there’s a problem in downtown Orlando,
                                                                                                                      you wouldn’t want tourists or school buses
                                                                                                                      entering the area. Sharing data in an
                                                                                                                      environment that facilitates trust is vital,
                                                                                                                      and the model we’ve designed will work in
                                                                                                                      the private sector as well as law enforcement.”

fm 05.05
           FEATURE | legal

                                    In Part II of this legal   “UNFORTUNATELY, THE THREAT of lawsuits                 The Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay
                                     feature, we seek out      has become part of the daily lives of businesses,”   Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act
                                attorney counsel on legal      says Bob Stovash, of Stovash, Case & Tingley PA.     and Americans with Disabilities Act are just
                                   issues and trends that      “For a smaller business, it’s difficult to protect   a few of the laws that touch upon issues
                                  are affecting small and      yourself from the many disputes that can arise,      such as age, disability, harassment, wages,
                                medium-sized businesses.       but you can be prepared.”                            retaliation, family medical leave, employee
                                                                  Being prepared means knowing the big              benefits, affirmative action, safety and
                                                               picture and hiring legal counsel before a            unemployment. Very small businesses that
                                                               problem comes up — especially when it                don’t meet employee thresholds are exempt
                                                               involves contracts. According to Stovash,            from many of these issues, but when small

               Law and
                                                               you should always have a lawyer involved in          businesses grow and cross these thresholds,
                                                               contract development up front to help you            they need to be in compliance with a plethora
                                                               limit liability and damages throughout the           of laws they are often unfamiliar with.
                                                               contract-negotiation process. “This won’t nec-         According to the U.S. Department of

                                                               essarily keep you out of litigation, but it will     Labor, as high as 70 percent of employers
                                                               help you navigate those waters if you have           may not be in compliance with the Fair Labor
                                                               to,” he says. “The problem is that businesses,       Standards Act alone. Penalties are steep, and
                                                               especially the smaller ones, don’t like to pay       liabilities include compensation, back wages
                    WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY               for attorneys up front, but [end up] spending        and liquidated damages (not to mention
                                                               [the money they’ve saved] down the road.”            attorneys’ costs and fees).
                     ABOUT CURRENT LEGAL ISSUES.
                                                                  Stovash also recommends that business
                                               By Jack Roth
                                                               owners seek counsel when securing bank loans,        WHAT CAN EMPLOYERS DO?
                                                               and when they’re buying or leasing property.           Truesdell recommends you be proactive and
                                                               Don’t attempt to negotiate these operating           make sure employees are properly classified.
                                                               chores on your own, he adds.So how does a            Call the Department of Labor if you have ques-
                                                               business owner go about securing legal counsel?      tions about salary classifications, or ask a labor
                                                                  “There are many things to consider, not the       law firm to conduct an audit to try and correct
                                                               least of which is comfort level,” says Stovash.      any violations. A little bit of counseling can head
                                                               “Attorneys can be retained on an hourly basis        off a lot of trouble down the road. Take steps
                                                               or on a fixed-fee basis, and business owners         ahead of time to ensure you’re in compliance.
                                                               should be up front with inquiring about budget
                                                               concerns, but first you need to be comfortable       STATE CORPORATE LAW
                                                               with the person who will represent you.”               Many small-business owners have an
                                                                  Once a comfort level is established, open         identity crisis. They form companies to protect
                                                               communication must follow. “Many business            themselves, which is prudent, but then they
                                                               owners have a hard time picking up the phone         run their businesses like little fiefdoms. You
                                                               and asking their attorney questions, which is        need to treat your small company like it’s a big
                                                               what they’re [the attorneys are] being paid          company and follow corporate law, according
                                                               for,” he says. “Communication should be open         to Jeff Bahnsen, of Greenberg Traurig P.A. If
                                                               and reasonable. You need to have counsel who         you don’t, creditors can say that you’re not
                                                               you know, like and trust because you will run        a “company” at all, and you can be open to
                                                               into a legal issue someday.”                         personal liability if a lawsuit arises.
                                                               Here are some other tips.                              Being incorporated requires that you
                                                                                                                    hold annual meetings and come up with
                                                               COMPLIANCE — THE BIG PICTURE                         official board resolutions. The problem with
                                                                  In recent years, medium-sized businesses          smaller companies is that they don’t have a
                                                               have been bombarded with laws that require           need to use corporate documents, so they
                                                               compliance at every turn. A well-intended            don’t know what to do.
                                                               Congress thought it was important to regulate          How do you avoid personal liability in
                                                               certain matters in order to protect workers. As      the event of a lawsuit? Even if the company
                                                               a result, for smaller businesses that don’t have     is composed of one or two shareholders, make
                                                               corporate legal staffs, it has become difficult to   an effort to have a written consent signed in
                                                               meet all of these new requirements, according        lieu of an annual meeting saying that the
                                                               to Al Truesdell of Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe,     “board” talked about company issues. The
                                                               P.A. Collectively, these new laws have become a      consent form can be entitled “Action by
                                                               huge burden to many employers who just can’t         Written Consent of the Board of Directors
                                                               keep up with them.                                   and Shareholders in Lieu of Annual Meeting,”
fm 05.05
You need to treat your small company like
it’s a big company and follow corporate law.
                                       JEFF BAHNSEN, GREENBERG TRAURIG P.A.   From left: Robert Stovash, Al Truesdell and Jeff Bahnsen

followed by actions taken
(resolutions) in accordance with
Sections 607.0821 and 607.0704 of
the Florida Business Corporation
Act. “Unanimous Written Consent”
forms can summarize specific
resolutions adopted during the
course of the year, all of which
should be signed by all board
members (whether it’s one person
or more).
   Seek legal counsel to go over
what needs to be done, and
remember that it’s never too late
to comply with state corporate
law. It’s easy to catch up and put a
compliance plan in place moving
forward. By doing so, you protect
yourself as an individual against
any litigation that may arise in
the future.

   In Florida, there’s no legal
requirement that a company’s
supervisors and managers be
trained in how to deal with
workplace issues such as
harassment and discrimination.
However, courts are increasingly
examining workplace policies
and procedures to determine if
the employer acted reasonably
in undertaking measures to
prevent and correct discrimina-
tion in a good-faith effort to
comply with discrimination
laws, according to Stephen Ball,
of Holland & Knight LLP.
   An important part of the
courts’ focus is on the question
of whether employers educated
their employees regarding
corporate antidiscrimination, anti-
harassment and antiretaliation
policies. As such, every employer
should prepare, implement and
disseminate comprehensive
policies, in particular, policies

                                                                                                                                         fm 05.05
           FEATURE | legal

           against discrimination in any
           form, including harassment and
           retaliation, says Ball.
              It’s not enough to simply
           have a policy; it must be deemed            Steven Ball (left) and Timothy Bench
           “effective.” For example, the courts
           have ruled that one requirement of
                                                             if a registered mark is infringed
           an effective antiharassment policy
                                                             upon, as well as providing the
           includes supervisory and employee
                                                             owner of the registered mark with
           training regarding harassment against
                                                             an intangible business asset that can
           all groups protected by law, says Ball.
                                                             be more valuable to a business buyer
           Employers who provide training
                                                             than the owner’s physical assets.
           to their employees and document
                                                                 As the Internet becomes an
           these training efforts increase their
                                                             increasingly ubiquitous forum for
           chances of avoiding potential liability,
                                                             businesses to market their products
           including punitive damages, with
                                                             and services, access to markets outside
           evidence of the measures taken to
                                                             the protection of state and federal
           prevent and correct discrimination.
                                                             registration laws is available to
           Managers need training on how to
                                                             small and medium-sized businesses.
           monitor the workplace for prohibited
                                                             Businesses desiring to expand into
           conduct; how to handle discrimination
                                                             markets outside the United States
           and harassment complaints; and
                                                             need to take steps to ensure that
           how to properly document workplace
                                                             their trademarks and service marks
           issues, including informal employee
                                                             are protected not only here, but also
           counseling sessions, formal perform-
                                                             under the laws of the other countries
           ance evaluations and progressive
                                                             where they plan to do business.
           discipline. With increased judicial
                                                                 Prior to Nov. 2, 2003, U.S. businesses
           scrutiny, it’s more important than
                                                             desiring to protect trademarks and
           ever for companies to invest in training
                                                             service marks abroad were forced to
           their employees as evidence that
                                                             incur substantial expenditures of
           the employer exercised reasonable
                                                             money and time to register their marks
           care in good faith to prevent any
                                                             separately in each individual country
           discriminatory or retaliatory conduct.
                                                             in which they sought protection, says
           Such evidence is vital to avoid potential
                                                             Bench. However, effective Nov. 2, 2003,
           liability and defend against both
                                                             the United States officially subscribed
           discrimination and retaliation claims.
                                                             to the Madrid System of International
                                                             Registration of Marks, which had
                                                             become effective on April 1, 1996.
              Any business wishing to market
                                                                 Roughly 64 nations currently sub-
           a product or service can benefit from
                                                             scribe to the Madrid Protocol, which
           the use of a trademark or service mark.
                                                             is an international treaty designed to
           However, these benefits can be reduced
                                                             allow for international registration of
           or eliminated if a competitor begins
                                                             marks through one central means of
           using a mark that is the same or
                                                             application. The Protocol allows a U.S.
           confusingly similar in an overlapping
                                                             business applying for protection with
           geographic market. As a result, it’s
                                                             the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,
           imperative that you use a trademark
                                                             or already owning a mark registered
           or service mark and take advantage of
                                                             in the United States, to file a single
           the protections of available means of
                                                             application to secure international
           registration, according to Timothy N.
                                                             registration in the other countries
           Bench, of Rissman, Weisberg, Barrett,
                                                             subscribing to the Protocol.
           Hurt, Donahue & McLain P.A.
                                                                 Whether you’re a newly formed
              The many benefits of registration
                                                             small business or a business that has
           include prevention of the use of the
                                                             grown, it’s vital to educate yourself
           same or confusingly similar marks by
                                                             on legal issues.
           competitors, or a source of legal relief

fm 05.05
  FEATURE | workforce

                                                                                             Salary Watch
                                                                                             THERE’S A NEW MINIMUM WAGE IN EFFECT.WE’LL GIVE YOU THE
                                                                                             INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR EMPLOYEES HAPPY ON PAYDAY.

                                                                                             IF YOU HAVEN’T done it already,                     of employees in entry-level positions,
                                                                                             it’s vital that you audit employees’                according to Anthony Hall, Carlos
                                                                                             salaries and their employment                       Burruezo and Jeffrey Jones, attorneys
                                                                                             status. On May 2, 2005, Florida’s                   with Fisher & Phillips LLP. “With
                                                                                             newly enacted minimum wage                          the new wage-hour regulations
                                                                                             went into effect, according to                      that went into effect on Aug. 23,
                                                                                             Workforce Central Florida.                          2004, some employees may need
                                                                                               Under the new law, the state                      a pay raise to maintain their
                                                                                             minimum wage starts at $6.15 per                    exempt status,” he says. Executive,
                                                                                             hour for all hours worked in Florida,               administrative, professional,
                                                                                             and will now be indexed to inflation                computer employee and the new
                                                                                             each year. For employees meeting                    “highly compensated” employee
                                                                                             eligibility requirements for the tip                exemptions all require a minimum
                                                                                             credit under the Fair Labor Standards               salary payment.
                                                                                             Act, employers may count tips                         For years, the minimum salary
                                                                                             actually received as wages toward                   payment for the traditional “white
                                                                                             satisfaction of the minimum wage,                   collar” exemptions was $250 per
                                                                                             but the employer may not pay less                   workweek. The new minimum is
                                                                                             than $3.13 per hour in direct wages.                $455 per workweek (alternatively,
                                                                                                                                                 $910 biweekly, $985.83 semimonthly
                                                                                             MINIMUM WAGE FACTS                                  or $1,971.66 monthly), says Hall.
                                                                                               Employees who are not paid the
                                                                                             minimum wage after May 2, 2005,                     WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
                                                                                             may bring a civil action in a court of                At particular risk for being in
                                                                                             competent jurisdiction against the                  violation are employers who pay
                                                                                             employer or any person violating                    employees a low salary plus a
                                                                                             Florida’s minimum wage law.                         commission or other bonus amount.
                                                                                               Any increase in the minimum                       An employer may believe that these
                                                                                             wage (currently $5.15 under federal                 employees are compensated well
                                                                                             law, $6.15 in Florida) triggers a review            above the $455-per-workweek

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS                               Florida’s Minimum Wage

 1. What is Florida’s minimum wage?             3. To whom does the minimum wage apply?            minimum wage will apply to Florida’s              6. What if I’m not getting paid the
  Effective May 2, 2005, Florida’s minimum       The definitions of “employer,”“employee,”         minimum wage, except the actual amount               minimum wage?
  wage is $6.15 per hour. Employers must pay     and “wage” with respect to Florida’s              of the minimum wage will be different                The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S.
  employees a wage of at least $6.15 per hour    minimum wage law are those established            since Florida’s minimum wage is higher.              Department of Labor is responsible for
  for all hours worked in Florida.               under the federal Fair Labor Standards                                                                 enforcing the minimum wage. Employees
                                                                                                 5. If I receive tips as a part of my job, can
                                                 Act (FLSA). In essence, Florida’s minimum          my employer pay me less than the                    who are not paid the minimum wage may
 2. When will the minimum wage be raised?                                                           minimum wage?                                       bring a civil action in a court of competent
                                                 wage law applies to anyone covered by
  Pursuant to the language of the                                                                  Yes, if a tipped employee meets the                  jurisdiction against the employer or any
                                                 the Federal minimum wage law.
  constitutional amendment creating                                                                eligibility requirements for the tip credit          person violating Florida’s minimum
  Florida’s minimum wage, the Agency for        4. Where can I get information about
                                                   the minimum wage law?                           under the FLSA, then the employer may                wage law.
  Workforce Innovation (AWI) is to perform                                                         count tips actually received as wages, but
                                                  FLSA information and compliance                                                                       For additional information, visit our Wage-
  an annual calculation to establish a new                                                         beginning on May 2, 2005, the employer
                                                  assistance about the minimum wage                                                                  Hour Web site at www.wagehour.dol.gov, or
  minimum wage each year based upon                                                                must pay not less than $3.13 per hour in
                                                  can be found at http://www.dol.gov/dol/                                                            call the Wage-Hour toll-free information and
  changes in the consumer price index. AWI                                                         direct wages. As the minimum wage
                                                  compliance/comp-flsa.htm. This is the                                                              helpline, available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at
  will perform this calculation on September                                                       increases each year, the direct wage paid
                                                  federal minimum wage Web site; however,                                                            1-866-4USWAGE (1-866-487-9243).
  30 each year, with the new minimum wage                                                          to tipped employees will also increase.)
                                                  the information at this site about the                                                             SOURCE: AGENCY FOR WORKFORCE INNOVATION
  becoming effective the following January 1.
                                                                                        workforce | FEATURE

threshold, but the actual test of
whether an employee qualifies for
                                     Employees who are not paid the minimum wage after May 2,
the exemption is whether he or       2005, may bring a civil action in a court against the employer
she already receives at least $455
per work week “on a salary basis.”   or any person violating Florida’s minimum wage law.
Unless there’s an appropriate
guarantee, commission and bonus
payments are not considered
salary, so an employer may not
take credit for those payments in
determining whether the $455
threshold has been met.
  The employee becomes
nonexempt in any workweek
in which the minimum salary
payment is not met. Nonexempt
employees must keep a record
of hours worked, and they are
entitled to an overtime premium
in any week in which they work
more than 40 hours, among
other requirements, says Hall.
“Obviously, loss of exempt status
can be costly to an employer,”
he says.
  The Fair Labor Standards Act
should be the guide regarding
the construction of Florida’s
constitutional amendment
creating the minimum wage.
Fair Labor Standards information
and compliance assistance can
be found at www.dol.gov/dol/
compliance/ comp-flsa.
  Florida now joins 13 other
states that have state minimum
wages that are higher than the
federal minimum wage.

                                                                                                          fm 05.05
                                                                                        small business | FOCUS ON

AS A SMALL-business owner,          it) and traffic issues (employees
you need to know a little bit       and sales reps can’t get around
about everything — finance,         town) top the list, but many
accounting, technology, real        other challenges exist.
estate, labor issues and               Here are some tips from local
marketing — in order to             experts.
successfully run your business.
Unfortunately, you don’t have       SMALL-BUSINESS LENDING
the resources or the time to           Often, says Rowe,
be expert on all these issues.      small-business owners are
However, professional advice is     good technicians but not good
out there for the entrepreneur      business managers. These are
determined to have his or her       two very different skill sets,
business succeed.                   and making the transition from
   Alan Rowe, president and         one to the other can be difficult.
CEO of First Commercial Bank        This perception makes it hard
of Florida, knows firsthand         for small-business owners to
about these challenges. In fact,    secure loans.
his bank was created for the           “For the small-business
purpose of servicing small to       owner, credit is critical, as is

Big Tips for Small Business
by Jack Roth

medium-sized businesses, and        management expertise,” says
these businesses represent 80       Rowe. “Every case is unique,
percent of the bank’s business.     but all small businesses have
   Rowe also happens to be
the Small Business Chamber
                                    challenges when it comes to
                                    financing. They need capital
Board chair, which bestows
upon him the responsibility
                                    to grow, but they don’t have
                                    the collateral or management
                                                                         advice is out
of being the voice for small
business in Central Florida. “The
                                    experience to make the loan
                                                                         there for the
small-business voice tends to be
fragmented,” he says. “We listen
                                       His advice: “Unless you have
                                    reasonably decent financial
to the needs of local business
owners and represent their
                                    wherewithal, it’s very difficult
                                    to get a loan as a new business.
                                                                         determined to
needs when it comes to local
and state business legislation.”
                                    Having said that, once your
                                    business is up and running
                                                                         have his or her
   In talking to small-business
board members, Rowe finds that
                                    for a couple of years and you
                                    think you’ll need a loan down
                                                                         business succeed.
important issues often are those    the road, go to a small busi-
that have small, hidden costs.      ness–friendly bank and set up
Health insurance (can’t provide     a small line of credit with them

                                                                                                                fm 05.05
           FOCUS ON | small business

                                                    From left: Alan Rowe, Nicolette Vilmos and Janet Rapp

                     “Grow and                    now. Don’t wait until you need a loan desperately.
                                                  Show the bank that you can plan properly; this will
                                                                                                              The trend in Central Florida is toward growth of
                                                                                                            technology and technology litigation, and business

                  establish your                  go a long way in securing a loan when you need it.”       owners need to be aware of electronic issues such
                                                                                                            as e-mail marketing, software copyrighting and
                                                  COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE
                   business first                   There’s a current trend that suggests Americans
                                                                                                            electronic signatures on contracts.
                                                                                                              The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is an example of

                 before you buy                   are more cognizant than ever about ownership.
                                                  People want to own their own property, business,
                                                                                                            litigation enacted as a result of technology issues.
                                                                                                            The title of the bill is an acronym that stands

                    commercial                    etc. But when do small-business owners buy
                                                  instead of lease commercial real estate?
                                                                                                            for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited
                                                                                                            Pornography and Marketing,” and it covers

                      property.”                    Chris Hurn, president and CEO of Mercantile
                                                  Commercial Bank and Small Business Chamber
                                                                                                            commercial e-mail messages. The law bans,
                                                                                                            among other things, deceptive e-mail subject
                                    CHRIS HURN    board member, says that many new business                 lines and prohibits false or misleading header
                     MERCANTILE COMMERCIAL BANK   owners want to buy property because of the                information.
                                                  favorable real estate climate, “but they just don’t         According to Bill Robinson, of the GrayRobinson
                                                  have the capital.” According to Hurn, the fact that       law firm in Orlando, the act has many require-
                                                  you can rent retail space fairly easily when you are      ments and includes civil and criminal penalties
                                                  just starting out is a big advantage to new business      that can destroy a small business overnight. “The
                                                  owners, and renting enables you to build more             law applies not only to your business if you send
                                                  equity. The advantages of owning are obvious and          out commercial e-mail, but also to third-party
                                                  include receiving tax breaks, not paying a landlord,      affiliates who sell on your behalf,” he says. “You
                                                  and enjoying asset appreciation.                          can be prosecuted if those affiliates violate the law.”
                                                    His advice: “Grow and establish your business             His advice:
                                                  first before you buy commercial property and               Evaluate your e-mail policy and your advertising
                                                  accumulate debt by taking out a loan to do it.             methods.
                                                  Hang on to your capital and use it for research,           Make sure you have an opt-out policy that is
                                                  marketing and other growth needs. When your                effective. CAN-SPAM requires companies to stop
                                                  business cycle is right (three to five years), you’ll      sending e-mail to anyone who asks to be removed
                                                  have the capital to buy property without getting           from a mailing list. E-mails must have a working
                                                  in over your head.”                                        “reply” address or an unsubscribe system that
                                                                                                             functions for at least 30 days after a mass
                                                  TECHNOLOGY                                                 e-mailing has been sent.
                                                    According to Nicolette Corso Vilmos, an                  Make sure any e-mail list you’ve developed, rented
                                                  associate with the Broad and Cassel law firm in            or bought is legal. You can be held responsible if
                                                  Orlando, technology plays a bigger role in society         you contract with an e-mail service to use a list
                                                  today, and many new laws are being enacted to              that isn’t permission based.
                                                  address technology issues. This, she says, can be          Monitor your affiliates’ e-mailings. If you discover
                                                  disconcerting for small-business owners who don’t          that someone promoting your product is sending
                                                  have large staffs to attend to these concerns.             spam, it’s critical that you report it to the Federal
                                                    “Businesses are experiencing these issues for the        Trade Commission or prevent the e-mails from
                                                                                                             being sent.
                                                  first time, and it’s hard to get a grasp on them,” she
                                                  says. “What’s true today might not be true tomorrow.”

fm 05.05
                                                                                                                      small business | FOCUS ON

TAXES AND ACCOUNTING                               and accounting practices, as well as on
  The type of business entity you become will      administrative and organization practices.”
                                                                                                        Classifying your
affect your taxes. If you want to incorporate,       Here is some tax-specific information for          business correctly
how do you know which type of business             each entity description:
entity best fits your needs?                        Sole Proprietorship — Net profit is computed
                                                                                                        can save you
  According to Janet Rapp, a tax partner
with accounting firm Geller, Ragans, James,
                                                    on Schedule C and is reported as income on
                                                    the owner’s Form 1040.
                                                                                                        bundles at tax time.
Oppenheimer & Creel, all types of entities          Partnership — Income and expenses flow
apply to small businesses. Sole proprietorships,    through to the partners. Income is taxed to the
                                                                                                         Limited Liability Company — Taxed as a
partnerships, C corporations, S corporations        partner whether or not it’s actually distributed.
                                                                                                         partnership. Income and expenses flow
and limited liability companies all have            Pass-through items retain the same character
                                                                                                         through to members.
different advantages and disadvantages              in the hands of the partner as they had in the
                                                    hands of the partnership.                             Businesses, both small and medium-sized,
from a tax standpoint.
                                                                                                        can benefit from having experts giving them
  Her advice: “As the owner of a company,           C Corporation — Pays tax on its profits. When
                                                    the owners (shareholders) take profits from         the advice they need to maintain profitability.
you need to ask yourself, ‘What are my
                                                    the corporation, the distributions take the         Be sure you work with professionals who can
goals?’ Become the type of entity that allows
                                                    form of taxable dividends (double taxation).        give you tax, legal, marketing and other advice.
you to achieve those goals. Meet with a
                                                    Personal service organizations are taxed at a
financial advisor, accountant and attorney
                                                    higher rate.
before you make a decision to set up your
business as a specific type of entity. And          S Corporation — Taxed in the same manner
once you make that decision, be sure                as a partnership. Income and expenses flow
                                                    through to shareholders.
you’re advised properly on bookkeeping

                                                                                                                                                           fm 05.05

                                                                                              What Hurricanes?
                                                                                              A RECENT VISITATION FORECAST SHOWS A STEADY INCREASE
                                                                                              IN VISITORS TO THE CENTRAL FLORIDA REGION.

                                                                                              AFTER MONTHS OF concern over                                 “It’s been a great year all around,”
                                                                                              how the 2004 hurricanes would affect                      says Paul Kiley, director of sales
                                                                                              convention visitors to Central Florida,                   and marketing for the Renaissance
                                                                                              Patricia Hale, catering sales manager                     Orlando Resort at SeaWorld. “Most
                                                                                              of Morton’s: The Steakhouse in the Dr.                    of us [businesses] are in agreement.
                                                                                              Phillips area can breathe a sigh of                       [At press time,] we’re just finishing
                                                                                              relief. “We walked into January                           up the second week of an incredibly
                                                                                              [cautiously], but ended up having                         busy Easter break. This is our first
                                                                                              our best month ever,” says Hale. And                      big leisure window. It still remains
                                                                                              business has been going gangbusters                       to be seen what happens, but
                                                                                              ever since. During the season (Oct. 1                     we’re expecting it to be a great
                                                                                              through May 15), Morton’s gets about                      year — provided we don’t have an
                                                                                              70 percent of its business from the                       early-season hurricane,” says Kiley,
                                                                                              convention market.                                        who says some 75 percent of their
                                                                                                “With the building of the new                           business during the season comes
                                                                                              convention center, and in light                           from the Northeast corridor of the
                                                                                              of last year’s hurricanes, it was a                       United States. During the summer,
                               Morton’s: The Steakhouse had record-breaking                   record-breaking month for not just                        he says that the drive market
                               sales in January 2005 due to convention visitors.
                                                                                              us but for many other [Central                            pulls heavily. “Some concern has
                                                                                              Florida] businesses,” she says.                           dissipated, and we’re cautiously
                                                                                                Hale’s not the only one breathing                       optimistic,” says Kiley.
                                                                                              easier. Last year’s disasters haven’t                        Visitation to Orlando continues
                                                                                              seemed to put a damper on                                 to increase at a steady pace,
                         Last year’s disasters haven’t                                        out-of-state visitors and convention                      pushing the number of visitors to
                                                                                              go-ers, according to a recent study                       50.9 million by the end of 2005,
                               seem to put a damper                                           commissioned by the Orlando/Orange                        according to the newly updated
                                                                                              County Convention & Visitors Bureau,                      destination forecast. Here are
                          on out of state visitors and                                        Inc.® (Orlando CVB) from its research                     some trends:
                                   convention go-ers.                                         vendor, Global Insight, Inc.

                                                                                                  METRO ORLANDO VISITATION

                                                                                                   SOURCE : ORLANDO/ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU

fm 05.05

Combined domestic and interna-                 Overnight convention/group meeting travel is expected to           Room night demand is forecasted to grow 7.2 percent in
tional arrivals are expected to                increase 8.9 percent in 2005 to 4.0 million travelers, 7 percent   2005, building on 2004’s remarkable 16.9 percent increase.
increase 5.9 percent in 2005 to                in 2006 to 4.2 million and another 4.6 percent in 2007 to          With little growth in hotel room supply anticipated for 2005,
50.9 million visitors, 4.3 percent in          reach 4.4 million.                                                 higher room night demand is forecasted to boost occupancy
2006 to 53.1 million visitors and                                                                                 levels to 75.5 percent in 2005.
another 4.1 percent to 55.2 million
visitors in 2007.
International visitation is expected
to increase 7.5 percent in 2005 to
2.8 million visitors and 6.5 percent
in 2006 to 2.9 million visitors.
However, at the forecasted level of
3.1 million in 2007, international
arrivals will still be well below the
2000 peak of 3.7 million visitors.
Arrivals from the United Kingdom
(U.K.) are expected to lead the
increase in international visitors
to Orlando, with U.K. visitors
expected to increase 9.5 percent in
2005 to approximately 1.1 million
visitors. Currency exchange rates
should benefit international
arrivals as the weak dollar makes
U.S. travel more affordable for
visitors from the United Kingdom
and the Eurozone.
Orlando will also see growth from
its other top international markets.
Arrivals from Orlando’s second
largest international market —
Canada — are expected to grow
5.9 percent in 2005 to 608,000
visitors, an additional 4.9 percent
to 638,000 in 2006 and 4.8 percent
to 669,000 visitors in 2007. Arrivals
from Germany are expected to
grow 11.9 percent in 2005 to 110,000
visitors and an additional 10.7
percent in 2006 to 121,000 visitors.

       Renaissance Orlando Resort at
       SeaWorld is expecting it to be a
       great year for out-of-state visitors.

                                                                                                                                                                                  fm 05.05
           ISSUES WATCH

                                                                                             Regional Leaders Forge
                                                                                             Lasting Relationships
                                                                                             THIS YEAR’S GRAYROBINSON TALLAHASSEE “FLY-IN” HELPED
                                                                                             CENTRAL FLORIDA LEADERS GET THE WORD OUT ON LOCAL ISSUES.

                                                                                             WITHIN A SPAN of only 24 hours, Lieutenant        new legislative working relationships being
                                                                                             Governor Toni Jennings and Secretary of State     forged between the Senate and House and
                                                                                             Glenda Hood, along with Chief Financial           prospects for passage of the Florida ‘Business
                                                                                             Officer Tom Gallagher and Attorney General        Agenda’ were bright,” says Ketchum.
                                                                                             Charlie Crist and 21 of the state’s legislators     Here are some highlights:
                                                                                             appeared in the capital before our region’s        Reforms. Honorary Fly-In Chairman Rep. David
                                                                                             business and community leaders during the          Simmons (R-Altamonte Springs) spoke out
                                                                                             Chamber of Commerce’s 2005 GrayRobinson            about several of the session’s most important
                                                                                             Tallahassee Community Fly-In. The goal:            and controversial issues — ballot reform and
                                                                                             To discuss the region’s top issues for this        tort reform as well as implementation of the
                                                                   Photos: Ricard0 Aguilar

                                                                                             legislative session.                               three constitutional amendments concerning
                                                                                                                                                medical liability that voters approved in 2004.
                                                                                               The speakers made several things clear
                                                                                             during this event, according to Mike Ketchum,      Growth management. A recurring topic
                                                                                             vice president of public policy for the Orlando    throughout the Fly-In was growth manage-
                                                                                             Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Florida is          ment, with Senate President Pro Tempore
                                                                                                                                                Charlie Clary (R-Destin) naming it a top priority
                                                                                             back from the ravages of four devastating
                     On hand for this year’s GrayRobinson                                                                                       for the Senate GOP majority and House
                     Tallahassee Community Fly-In, Secretary of                              hurricanes, optimism was in the air over the
                     State Glenda Hood says Florida is back from                                                                                Growth Management Committee Chair Rep.
                     the destruction of last year’s hurricanes.

fm 05.05
                                                                                                                                                          ISSUES WATCH

                                                                                    Central Florida business people gathered in
                                                                                    Tallahassee to talk about issues vital to the
                                                                                    region. Randy Johnson with Ray Gilley (left)
                                                                                    and Larry Katz, Laura Guitar and Craig Polejes.

Randy Johnson (R-Celebration) calling the           Regional efforts. Several members of the                          indicated he has made a priority of business
process “broken.”                                   regional legislative delegation are clearly in the                tax incentives for the development of the new
 Fiscal fitness. Florida’s fiscal picture was the   forefront of efforts to improve education and                     hydrogen technology and is working on some
 focus during the joint appearance of Senate        diversify our region’s economy, says Ketchum.                     major changes at the Public Service Commission.
 Ways and Means Committee Chair Sen. Lisa           House Colleges and Universities Committee                         Tourism. On hand to discuss tourism, our
 Carlton (R-Sarasota) and House Finance and         Chair Rep. David Mealor (R-Lake Mary) observed                    region’s economic engine, was House Tourism
 Tax Committee Chair Rep. Fred Brummer              that while the University of Central Florida                      Committee Chair Rep. Nancy Detert (R-Venice)
 (R-Apopka). Carlton exuded confidence over         “is the engine that moves our region,” he                         and her committee colleague Rep. Sheri
 state revenue short term but was concerned         was concerned about the outlook for higher                        McInvale (D-Orlando). Detert was upbeat
 about future years. She urged her fellow           education funding due to the impact of                            about the industry, and to further sustain
 legislators to do better planning to avoid         the class size amendment. His colleague,                          its recovery following the hurricanes, she
 possible future deficits. Brummer stated the       House Community Colleges and Workforce                            urged tourism industry incentives and
 Legislature must do a better job of managing       Committee Member Rep. John Quinones                               visitors’ insurance programs. Diversifying our
 nonrecurring revenue and predicted Sen. Lee’s      (R-Kissimmee), discussed his work to encourage                    tourist-based economy was also on her mind
 long-range financial plan will be approved.        an educated, bilingual workforce to make the                      as she touted promotion of the film industry.
 He added that the sales tax holiday remains        high-tech corridor on S.R. 417 a reality.
                                                                                                                      For more information on the Fly-In, visit
 a revenue success and vowed to “put an end         Senate Public Utilities Committee Chair                         www.orlando.org.
 to the intangibles tax.”                           Sen. Lee Constantine (R-Altamonte Springs)

                                                                                                                                                                        fm 05.05
           FEATURE (continued from page 15)
                                                                                          Critical Mass
                  Hispanic business, says Estorino. So can posting bilingual signs like   HISPANIC POPULATIONS: Year 2004
                  “Se habla español” (“Spanish spoken here).”
                     “You need staff who are able to communicate to Hispanics                                                LAKE          ORANGE                OSCEOLA             SEMINOLE
                  and literature that [Hispanic] people would read,” Estorino says.       Cuban                                738             13,825                2,753               3,948
                  “Even if Hispanics are comfortable using English, taking this           Mexican                           7,004              24,155               4,498                4,455
                  step shows that you’re interested in catering to their needs.”          Puerto Rican                      4,342           104,885                42,662               22,348
                     Yet even more than dealing with the language, a successful           South American                       572            16,665                5,469                4,554
                  business must focus on building personal relationships with             Other                              3,031            54,348                17,921              14,280
                  Hispanic customers, adds Estorino. “Hispanics tend to be very           Total                            15,689            213,879               73,304               49,585
                  loyal,” he says. “If you can build that element of trust, you may
                  have a customer for life.”
                                                                                          HISPANIC POPULATIONS: Percentage Growth from 2000 to 2004
                  A NEW MAINSTREAM
                     In the next decade, Hispanics will no longer be perceived                                              LAKE           ORANGE                OSCEOLA             SEMINOLE
                  as a niche market, but as part of the mainstream, predicts              Cuban                               15.7             11.8                  26.4                  9.4
                  Martínez-Fernández. “The mainstream in the nation, and in               Mexican                            24.2             22.3                    32.3                 15.1
                  Central Florida, has become perceptibly more Hispanic in the            Puerto Rican                       45.8              21.1                  38.8                 14.0
                  last decade.” He sees a blending that allows the region’s               South American                       2.4             8.0                   28.6                 -2.9
                  Hispanics to retain many of their values, beliefs and cultural          Other                              52.0             58.8                   76.3                 59.5
                  practices, while adopting elements of Anglo culture as well.            Total                              32.9             27.0                   44.5                  21.7
                     “A new mainstream is with us,” he says,“and the region will
                  benefit enormously when the old, so-called mainstream and the           SOURCES:(A) SMITH AND RAYER 2004, POPULATION BY AGE, SEX, RACE, AND HISPANIC ORIGIN FOR FLORIDA AND ITS
                                                                                          COUNTIES, 2003 – 2030. FLORIDA POPULATION STUDIES 37: NUMBER 3 BULLETIN NO. 139.
                  recent waves of immigrants recognize one another’s existence,
                                                                                          (B) FISHKIND & ASSOCIATES INC.
                  learn to respect and appreciate their respective cultural contribu-
                  tions, and begin to work together toward a better future for all.”

fm 05.05
                                                                                                                      news | CHAMBER INSIGHT

Los “florirricans”

ANTES TODO EL mundo parecía irse para los                                                          contabilizó 6,796 residentes de origen
niuyores; ahora Orlando parece ser la Meca          El desplazamiento                              puertorriqueño en el condado de Orange,
boricua. El primer movimiento conocido de                                                          que comprende a la ciudad de Orlando.
                                                     a gran escala de
puertorriqueños a Florida consistió en un                                                            El éxodo boricua hacia la Florida central,
puñado de propietarios agrícolas que se             puertorriqueños a                              tanto desde la Isla como desde otras partes
mudaron al área de Miami en la década de           Florida se inició con                           del continente norteamericano, cobró
1940. Varias familias prominentes, como                                                            auge a mediados de los ochenta. Para
los Serrallés, Roig, Ramírez de Arellano,
                                                      el programa de                               entonces, habían surgido pequeños enclaves
García Méndez y Ferré, compraron grandes            obreros agrícolas,                             puertorriqueños en varios condados como
extensiones de terreno en la región de los                                                         Volusia, Orange y Osceola, especialmente
Everglades, al sur del Lago Okeechobee.
                                                    patrocinado por la                             en Kissimmee. Posteriormente, miles de
Después importaron personal técnico de la        División de Migración                             boricuas se mudaron a nuevas comunidades
Isla, incluyendo ingenieros, mecánicos y                                                           suburbanas como Meadow Woods,
                                                 del Departamento del
electricistas, para trabajar en la Central                                                         Buenaventura Lakes y Oak Ridge. Durante
Fellsmore, la primera refinería azucarera de     Trabajo de Puerto Rico.                           los años noventa, Orange y Osceola se
capital puertorriqueño en Florida. En 1947,                                                        convirtieron en los principales destinos de
el Miami Herald elogió la contribución                                                             los migrantes puertorriqueños, superando
boricua al progreso económico de esa           en las fincas del norte y regresaban al sur         a El Bronx, Hartford y otras localidades
ciudad, destacando a varios millonarios        durante el invierno. Para los años cincuenta,       urbanas del nordeste.
retirados, empresarios, médicos, dentistas,    el grueso de los puertorriqueños en Florida           Actualmente, con más de 161,000
educadores y artistas.                         pertenecía a la clase trabajadora.                  residentes puertorriqueños, Orlando
  El desplazamiento a gran escala de             La emigración hacia el centro del estado se       es la cuarta área metropolitana más
puertorriqueños a Florida se inició con        intensificó a finales de la década de 1960,         grande para los boricuas en el continente
el programa de obreros agrícolas,              cuando cientos de residentes de la Isla             norteamericano, después de centros
patrocinado por la División de Migración del   adquirieron propiedades en la ciudad de             establecidos de la diáspora como la ciudad
Departamento del Trabajo de Puerto Rico.       Deltona, en el condado de Volusia. En 1971,         de Nueva York, Filadelfia y Chicago. De
Entre los años cuarenta y sesenta,             la apertura del primer parque de diversiones        seguir la tendencia actual de crecimiento,
numerosas empresas agroindustriales            de Walt Disney en Orlando aumentó la                para el año 2010 Orlando podría albergar
contrataron a miles de trabajadores            especulación de bienes raíces, y muchos             a más de 200,000 ‘florirricans’, esa
puertorriqueños en Estados Unidos,             puertorriqueños de clase media compraron            nueva especie híbrida en busca del sueño
primordialmente en el nordeste. Cientos de     casas en la región. Según informes                  americano y puertorriqueño de una mejor
éstos se establecieron en el sur de Florida,   periodísticos, esta oleada de inmigrantes           calidad de vida.
especialmente en los condados de Dade,         estaba dominada inicialmente por personas
Broward y West Palm Beach. La mayoría          retiradas que añoraban un estilo de vida más
era empleados temporalmente recogiendo         tranquilo y seguro en la Florida central que en
vegetales, tales como papas, habichuelas,      la Isla. Más tarde, el flujo migratorio se amplió
aguacates, maíz, tomates y lechuga. Durante    a otras comunidades boricuas de Nueva York,
el verano, muchos viajaban para laborar        Nueva Jersey e Illinois. Para 1980, el censo

                                                                                                                                                  fm 05.05
           CHAMBER INSIGHT | event calendar

                 May 05                                                                                                             19
                                                                                                                                    Business@Breakfast &
                                                                                                                                    New Member Orientation
                                                                                                                                    Crucial Conversations
                                                                                                                                    7:30–9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                    The Ballroom at Church Street
                                                                                 17–19                                              225 Garland Avenue, Orlando
                                                                                                                                    Crucial Conversations…Influence Without Force —
                                                                                 2005 Baker & Hostetler LLP                         Are You Getting What You Want, featuring guest
                                                                                                                                    speaker Simon Lia.
                 5                                                               Washington, D.C. Regional “Fly In”
                                                                                 Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                                                    Problem plagued organizations often share the same
                                                                                                                                    root cause: Perplexed employees who aren’t sure how
                 Leadership Orlando Class 65                                     Join the region’s top business and                 to bring up touchy, controversial or complex issues
                                                                                 community leaders as they journey to our
                 Smart, Quality Growth and                                       nation’s capital for the Orlando Regional
                                                                                                                                    and resolve them. Simon Lia will provide some tips to
                                                                                                                                    help you learn to share information safely, get ideas
                 Economic Leadership                                             Chamber of Commerce annual Washington, D.C.        and feelings out in the open and maintain high levels
                 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                Regional Fly-In hosted by Baker & Hostetler LLP.   of respect, without causing resentment.
                 Contact Rebecca Cone at (407) 835-2487 or                       Don’t miss the 2005 “Fly-In” — always one of the
                 rebecca.cone@orlando.org                                        region’s most important political events.          Lia is a master licensed facilitator of the “Crucial
                                                                                                                                    Conversations” material. He’s been an independent
                                                                                 For registration information and a                 consultant, creating and training various materials
                                                                                 complete agenda listing special guests and all     and facilitating workshops for nearly 20 years. He’s
                 11                                                              “Fly In” activities, visit www.orlando.org.
                                                                                 Contact Kristine Vorpagel Shields
                                                                                                                                    served as the director for marketing and public
                                                                                                                                    relations for VitalSmarts.
                 Leadership Orlando Class 66                                     at 407.835.2531 or
                                                                                                                                    $15 Prepaid, $20 Individual day of the event

                 Quality of Life (Arts, Heritage,                                Host Sponsor: Baker & Hostetler LLP                New Member Orientation to immediately follow.
                 Entertainment)                                                                                                     Contact Lisa Dishman at 407.835.2451 or
                 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
                 Contact Rebecca Cone at (407) 835-2487 or                                                                          Sponsor: AmSouth Bank

                 Listening to Leaders                                                                                               25
                 Servant Leadership
                                                                                                                                    Board of Governors
                 7:30–9 a.m.
                 Orlando Museum of Art                                                                                              Executive Board Meeting
                 2416 North Mills Avenue, Orlando                                                                                   8:00–9:30 a.m.
                 Servant Leadership, featuring Sanford C. Shugart,                                                                  Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
                 Ph.D., President, Valencia Community College, aligns                                                               75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando
                 an individual’s skills with his or her natural character,                                                          Contact Lisa Winkelbauer at 407.835.2448 or
                 encourages a more productive workplace and creates                                                                 lisa.winkelbauer@orlando.org
                 a sense of commitment and worth in leaders, workers                                                                Sponsor: Workforce Central Florida
                 and customers.
                 Shugart will share how the servant leadership skills of
                 sacrifice, engagement and persuasion are more likely        So Social
                                                                                                                                        SAVE THE DATE!
                 to “get the job done” in your workplace or community        Networking                                                 For details, visit the Web site, or watch for
                 organization than the more traditional avenues of
                 compliance and competition.
                                                                             Happy Hour                                                 next month’s issue of FM.

                 $15 in advance; $20 at the door. The event is free to all
                 paid members of Leadership Alumni Association.
                                                                             5:30–9:30 p.m.
                                                                             The Westin Grand Bohemian                                  JUNE 23–26
                                                                             325 South Orange Avenue, Orlando
                 Contact FeLisa Kirk at 407.835.2523 or                      (corner of Orange and Jackson)                             2005 Puerto Rico
                 felisa.kirk@orlando.org                                     Contact Scott Bender at 407.260.5200 or
                 Sponsors: Bank of America, Florida’s Blood Centers, Inc.,   scott@sosocial.com
                                                                                                                                        Business &
                 Holland & Knight LLP, IFREC Real Estate Schools, Inc.,                                                                 Community Exchange
                 Orlando Regional Healthcare, OUC – The Reliable One,                                                                   Wyndham El Conquistador Resort & Spa
                 and PBS&J                                                                                                              Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
                                                                                                                                        Contact Vilma Quintana at 407.835.2520 or
                                                                                                                                        For registration information and the complete
                                                                                                                                        agenda, visit www.orlando.org.

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“Get a Life” Coaching              Gen Wave                              Publix Super Markets, Inc.          R. Russell Properties              Steve Datkuliak/                     United Auction Brokers
   537 Fox Hunt Circle                 838A North John Young Parkway        1921 South Alafaya Trail            660 Palm Springs Drive          Northwestern Mutual                  of Orlando Inc.
   Longwood, FL 32750                  Kissimmee, FL 34741                  Orlando, FL 32828                   Suite C                            2682 West Fairbanks Avenue            311 Altamonte Commerce
   Ms. Taryn Stevenson                 Mr. Timothy Perez                    Ms. Linda MacCartney                Altamonte Springs, FL 32701        Winter Park, FL 32789                 Boulevard
   Consultants                         Web Design and Development           Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)        Mr. Rob Russell                    Mr. Steve Datkuliak                   Suite 1602
                                                                                                                Real Estate (Agents/Brokers/       Financial (Consultants/               Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
                                                                                                                Managers/Property                  Planners/Services)                    Mr. Brian Bill
                                                                                                                Management/Rentals)                                                      Liquidators
ALG Enterprises, Inc.              Girls and Boys Town                   Publix Super Markets, Inc.
   711 Arnold Street               of Central Florida                       2300 South Chickasaw Trail
   Altamonte Springs, FL 32701         37 Alafaya Woods Boulevard           Orlando, FL 32825                                                   Strategic Corporate
   Ms. Allyson L. Grand                Oviedo, FL 32765                     Mr. Richard Koller               Ralph Cousins                      Communications                       US LEC
   Accountants                         Ms. Mary-Kate O’Leary                Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)        4205 South Semoran Boulevard       812 West New Hampshire Street         258 Southhall Lane
   (Agencies/Consultants)              Organizations (Non-Profit)                                               Apt. 3                             Orlando, FL 32804                     Suite 330
                                                                                                                Orlando, FL 32822                  Carolyn Reis, APR                     Maitland, FL 32751
                                                                                                                Mr. Ralph Cousins                  Marketing                             Mr. Mark Clifton
                                                                         Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Individuals
Allstate Insurance &               Hazard Finders                                                                                                                                        Telephone Companies
                                                                            2435 South Hiawassee Road
Financial Services                     3956 Town Center Boulevard           Orlando, FL 32835
   4901 Vineland Road                  Suite 437                            Mr. Mark Witt                                                       Superior Contract Interiors, Inc.
   Suite 240                           Orlando, FL 32837                    Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)     Rob Brewer, P.A.                      14248 Squirrel Run                Vienna Chiropractic Associates, P.A.
   Orlando, FL 32811                   Ms. Lynn Dale                                                            1222 Audubon Place                 Orlando, FL 32828                     845 North Garland Avenue
   Ms. Mariam Williams                 Environmental (Products/                                                 Orlando, FL 32804                  Ms. Laura Schultz                     Suite 100
   Financial (Consultants/             Services/Consultants)                                                    Mr. Robert A. Brewer               Office Furniture                      Orlando, FL 32801
   Planners/Services), Insurance                                         Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Real Estate (Agents/                                                     Mr. Arthur Vito
                                                                            8863 West Colonial Drive            Brokers/Managers)                                                        Chiropractors
                                                                            Ocoee, FL 34761
                                   Interface Financial Group                Ms. Lori McMahon                                                    The Network Support Company
Armstrong Relocation                   7512 Dr. Phillips Boulevard                                                                                 904 East New Haven Avenue
                                                                            Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)
   2490 Principal Row                  Suite 266                                                             Sharon R. Zack, LMT Licensed          Melbourne, FL 32901               Wachovia Bank, N.A.
   Suite 100                           Orlando, FL 32819                                                     Massage Therapist, MA 43428           Mr. Barry Remor                       800 North Magnolia Avenue
   Orlando, FL 32837                   Mr. Dario Marcovigi                                                      117 Hidden Oak Drive               Computer (Consultants)                Suite 900
   Mr. Thomas Hinkley                  Financial Provider                Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Longwood, FL 32779                                                       Orlando, FL 32803
   Moving and Storage                                                       11955 East Colonial Drive           Ms. Sharon Zack                                                          Mr. Marshall E. Vermillion
                                                                            Orlando, FL 32826                   Individuals
                                                                                                                                                Travelodge                               Banks
                                                                            Mr. Ryan Beauchamp
                                   Liquid Bread                             Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)                                           409 North Magnolia Avenue
Beacon Capital Solutions               1301 Atlanta Avenue                                                                                         Orlando, FL 32801
   4575 South Texas Avenue             Orlando, FL 32801                                                     SimplyExhibits, LLC                   Mr. Scott Renken                  Walker Lamp & Shades, Inc.
   Suite 306                           Mr. John Cheek                                                           1171 Stationside Drive             Hotels, Motels and Resorts            190 Ronald Reagan Boulevard
   Orlando, FL 32839                   Brewery                           Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Oakland, FL 34787                                                        Suite 116
   Ms. Hilda Matos                                                          1720 East Silver Star Road          Ms. Kimberly Backovsky                                                   Longwood, FL 32750
   Financial (Consultants/                                                  Ocoee, FL 34761                     Computer (Rental/Leasing)                                                Ms. Arleen Calas
                                                                            Ms. Ira Calloway                                                    Trizen Systems, Inc.
   Planners/Services)                                                                                                                                                                    Lighting and Wiring
                                   Miller Legg                              Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)                                           120 International Parkway
                                                                                                                                                   Suite 220                             (Products/Equipment)
                                       631 South Orlando Avenue
                                       Suite 200                                                             Starbase Dental                       Heathrow, FL 32746
Business Advisory Group, LLC           Winter Park, FL 32789                                                    659 West Juniata Street            Mr. Edward Zaremba
   4700 Millenia Boulevard             Ms. Kelly Eger                    Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Clermont, FL 34711                 Computer (Software                Workforce Central Florida
   Suite 175                           Engineering Services                 16825 East Colonial Drive           Ms. Gabriele Bourguignon           Development)                          1097 Sand Pond Road
   Orlando, FL 32839                                                        Orlando, FL 32820                   Dentists                                                                 Lake Mary, FL 32746
   Mr. Terry Socall                                                         Mr. Donnie Richardson                                                                                        Mr. Gary J. Earl
   Business/Performance                                                     Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)                                        U.S. Lawns of S.E. Orlando               Associations/Organizations
   Improvement Consultants         Mongoose Art
                                       822 West Central Boulevard                                            Starbase Dental                       P.O. Box 720036
                                       Orlando, FL 32805                                                        1768 Park Center Drive             Orlando, FL 32872
                                       Ms. Beverly Durham                Publix Super Markets, Inc.             Suite 230                          Ms. Jessica Subh                  Yum Yum Asia Cafè
Canteen Refreshment Services                                                13750 West Colonial Drive           Orlando, FL 32835                  Lawn Maintenance                      851 South State Road 434
                                       Art (Galleries/Distributors)
   855 Sunshine Lane                                                        Winter Garden, FL 34787             Ms. Gabriele Bourguignon                                                 Suite 120
   Altamonte Springs, FL 32714                                              Ms. Terri Brown                     Dentists                                                                 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
   Ms. Leoa Dillon                                                          Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)                                                                                 Mr. Steve Kuo
                                   Navigation Business                                                                                          UBS Financial Services
   Coffee                                                                                                                                                                                Restaurants
                                   Solutions LLC                                                                                                   200 South Orange Avenue
                                       958 Orange Avenue                                                     Sterling Crest Apartments             Suite 2000
                                       Suite D                           Publix Super Markets, Inc.             1935 South Kirkman Road            Orlando, FL 32801
Carvel Ice Cream                       Winter Park, FL 32789                2600 Maguire Road                   Orlando, FL 32811                  Mr. Norman Pellegrini             ZeroChaos
   4104 Millenia Boulevard             Mr. Roy R. Watson                    Ocoee, FL 34761                     Ms. Lisandra Aninipot              Financial                             111 North Orange Avenue
   Orlando, FL 32839                   Business Management                  Mr. Jay Thompson                    Apartments                         (Consultants/Planners/Services)       Suite 1400
   Mr. Bill Westrom                    (Leadership Consultants)             Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)                                                                                 Orlando, FL 32801
   Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Doug A. Goin
                                                                                                                                                                                         Employee Leasing
                                   Park To Fly, Inc.                     Publix Super Markets, Inc.
CISCO Corporate Cleaning               7855 North Frontage Road             5265 South John Young Parkway
Services Company                       Orlando, FL 32812                    Orlando, FL 32839
   3215 Eagle Watch Drive              Ms. Shant· Bowen                     Mr. Dave Maynard
   Kissimmee, FL 34746                 Parking Stations and Garages         Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)

   Mr. Julio Correia
   Janitorial and Cleaning
                                   Performance Achievement               Publix Super Markets, Inc.
                                   Systems, Inc.                            3972 Town Center Boulevard
                                       940 Spanish Cay Drive                Orlando, FL 32837
Cold Stone Creamery                    Merritt Island, FL 32952             Mr. Del Cragin
   1718 West Sand Lake Road            James A. DeSena, CSP                 Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)
   Suite D-108
   Orlando, FL 32819
                                       Speakers, Seminars and
                                       Presentations                                                                       March’s new members. Find April’s
   Mr. Bob Stevens
                                                                         Publix Super Markets, Inc.
   Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
                                   Publix Super Markets, Inc.
                                                                            1501 Meeting Place
                                                                            Orlando, FL 32814
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                                       7640 West Sand Lake Road             Mr. Chad Wilson
Edible Arrangements — Orlando          Orlando, FL 32819                    Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)
   4104 Millenia Boulevard             Mr. Steve Hungerford
   Suite 101                           Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)
   Orlando, FL 32839
   Ms. Lisa Rosencrans                                                   Pulte Homes
   Gifts                                                                    4901 Vineland Road
                                   Publix Super Markets, Inc.               Suite 500
                                       3400 Avalon Park East Boulevard      Orlando, FL 32811
                                       Orlando, FL 32828                    Mr. Bill Tew
Entrepreneur’s Source                  Mr. Del Cragin                       Contractors (Building/General)
   9510 Bear Lake Road                 Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)
   Apopka, FL 32703
   Mr. Jeff Rufenacht                                                                                                           Regional Board of Advisors
   Coaching (Business)                                                   R. Russell Properties
                                   Publix Super Markets, Inc.               660 Palm Springs Drive
                                       10615 Narcoossee Road                Suite C
                                                                                                                                Chamber Trustees
                                       Orlando, FL 32835                    Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Gawlik Graphiks & Media                Mr. Johnny Hughes                    Mr. Rob Russell
                                                                                                                                Small Business Chamber
   228 South Courtenay Parkway         Groceries (Retail/Wholesale)         Real Estate
   Suite 7
   Merritt Island, FL 32952
   Mr. Brian Crews
   Graphic Design/Illustrators
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           PARTING SHOTS

               ANNE CHINODA
               President and CEO, Florida’s Blood Centers

               Loving Life
               AT THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY                                                                                                                      Photo: Ricard0 Aguilar
               WHEN FOUR HURRICANES swept through                    frozen blood storage, a national clearinghouse   FM: TELL ME ABOUT THE ECONOMIC IMPACT
                                                                     system for exchanging blood, community           THAT YOUR COMPANY HAS ON THE REGION.
               the region last year, Anne Chinoda worked
                                                                     branches and bloodmobile collection.             CHINODA: Quite simply, we’re one of the
               overtime ensuring that Florida’s Blood
               Centers met the needs of the community.               Today, we conduct leading-edge research and      fundamental components of the healthcare
                                                                     testing that will further protect the blood      system. Without blood, hospitals would
               Even with the storms months past, Chinoda,
                                                                     supply and ensure quality.                       not be able to operate, so our impact and
               president and CEO, is still working overtime.
                                                                                                                      contribution is significant.
               “Last year’s historic hurricane season is a           In addition, we offer tissue matching, bone-
               dramatic reminder that we never know when             marrow-donor registration and a full-service     On an annual basis, our two largest hospital
                                                                     tissue and eye bank.                             systems, Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional
               disaster will strike,” she says. “It’s imperative
                                                                                                                      Healthcare, see a combined 3 million patients.
               that our blood supply be able to meet the
                                                                     FM: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN YOUR
               needs of any large-scale disaster or accident.”                                                        I am concerned about the impact of contin-
                                                                     ROOTS IN THE COMMUNITY?
                  FirstMonday recently spoke with                                                                     ued population growth on the region and its
                                                                     CHINODA: The community is literally the          impact on our community’s infrastructure —
               Chinoda about why it’s crucial that local             heart of Florida’s Blood Centers. Without the    schools, hospitals, transportation, etc.
               businesses and nonprofits work hand in                thousands of residents who donate blood
               hand with the community.                                                                               We must address our infrastructure and
                                                                     each year, we would be unable to meet the
                                                                                                                      consider the benefits of a medical school at
               FM: YOU’VE BEEN WITH FLORIDA’S BLOOD                  needs of our patients and hospitals.
                                                                                                                      the University of Central Florida, attracting
               CENTERS FOR SOME 18 YEARS. WHAT                                                                        more doctors and nurses to the area biotech
                                                                     FM: HOW ARE YOU AND FLORIDA’S BLOOD
               MOTIVATES YOU?
                                                                     CENTERS ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY?                 and research companies into our economy.
               CHINODA: When I came to Orlando nearly 20
                                                                     CHINODA: One of our greatest areas of
               years ago, I knew that I wanted to work for an
                                                                     activity is the Orlando Regional Chamber of
               organization that makes a difference in people’s                                                           CLOSE UP
                                                                     Commerce. I currently serve as a leadership
               lives. I learned about what was then the Central
                                                                     steward and am chairing Class 65. I also sit             Chinoda, President and
               Florida Blood Bank. The organization’s needs
                                                                     on the board of governors and encourage              CEO of Florida’s Blood Centers
               and my talents were a great fit, and I’ve been
                                                                     key members of our management team to                is responsible for overseeing
               here ever since, with a variety of roles and
                                                                     participate in Leadership Orlando and other          operations in all areas of the $100
                                                                     chamber activities such as the recent                million organization that employs
               My primary responsibility is to ensure that our       Hispanic Summit.                                     875 employees and services 70
               community’s hospitals and patients have the                                                                healthcare organizations in 22
                                                                     I have been active in organizations such as
               right units of blood at the right time in the right                                                        Florida counties.
                                                                     the Women’s Resource Center, the Boggy                   She is currently serving her
               place. Last year we collected and distributed
                                                                     Creek Camp and the Orange County Victims’            second term on the Board of
               255,000 units of blood to 50 hospitals.
                                                                     Services Center.                                     Directors of America’s Blood Centers.
               On a daily basis, I oversee an organization                                                                Anne is a past President of the
                                                                     We also actively support the Metro Orlando
               that now serves 70 healthcare facilities in a                                                              Florida Association of Blood Banks.
                                                                     Economic Development Commission.
               22-county area with 875 employees, 39                                                                          In April 2004, Anne was recog-
               facilities and 44 bloodmobiles.                       FM: HOW CAN OTHER COMPANIES FOLLOW                   nized by the Orlando Business
                                                                     YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE YOUR LEAD?                    Journal and Orlando Regional
               FM: MOST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE IMPOR-                                                                      Healthcare by being selected to
               TANCE OF GIVING BLOOD. WHAT DOES THE                  CHINODA: I would encourage other companies
                                                                                                                          receive their 2004 “Women Who
               FLORIDA’S BLOOD CENTERS ORGANIZATION                  to examine their corporate values and deter-         Mean Business” award. In May of
               DO THAT WOULD SURPRISE PEOPLE?                        mine what community activities enhance and           2004, Anne received the Rotary
               CHINODA: We were one of the first blood banks         support their values and mission. When your          Club of Orlando’s 2004 Business
               in the country to implement services such as          community outreach is in line with values and        Woman of the Year award.
                                                                     vision, everyone wins.
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