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					                                 Publications for Samir Samman
Publications for Samir Samman                         Samman, S., Herbert, J., Petocz, P., Lyons-Wall,
                                                      P. (2010), Development and Validation of a
2011                                                  Short Questionnaire for Estimating the Intake of
Hunter, D., Foster, M., McArthur, J., Ojha, R.,       Zinc. Biological trace element research. 134(0),
Petocz, P., Samman, S. (2011), Evaluation of the      226-34.
micronutrient composition of plant foods              O’ Leary, F., Samman, S. (2010), Vitamin B12
produced by organic and conventional                  in Health and Disease. Nutrients. 2(3), 299-316.
agricultural methods. Critical Reviews in Food
Science and Nutrition. 51(6), 571-582.                2009
O'Leary, F., Flood, V., Petocz, P.,                   Samman, S., Koh, H., Flood, V., Blakesmith, S.,
Allman-Farinelli, M., Samman, S. (2011), B            Petocz, P., Lyons-Wall, P. (2009), Red Clover
vitamin status, dietary intake and length of stay     (Trifolium pratense) Isoflavones and Serum
in a sample of elderly rehabilitation patients. The   Homocysteine in Premenopausal Women: A
journal of nutrition, health & aging. 15(6),          Pilot Study. Journal of women's health (2002).
485-9.                                                18(11), 1813-16.
Foster, M., Hancock, D., Petocz, P., Samman, S.       Samman, S., Kung, F., Carter, L., Foster, M.,
(2011), Zinc Transporter Genes Are                    Ahmad, Z., Phuyal, J., Petocz, P. (2009), Fatty
Coordinately Expressed in Men and Women               acid composition of certified organic,
Independently of Dietary or Plasma Zinc. The          conventional and omega-3 eggs. Food
Journal of nutrition. 141(6), 1195-201.               Chemistry. 116, 911-914.
Foster, M., Samman, S. (2011), Zinc and               2008
Atherosclerosis: Clinical Observations and            Samman, S., Chow, J., Foster, M., Ahmad, Z.,
Potential Mechanisms. In: Zinc in Human               Phuyal, J., Petocz, P. (2008), Fatty acid
Health. (pp.347-372).Amsterdam: IOS Press.            composition of edible oils derived from certified
Fayet, F., Flood, V., Petocz, P., Samman, S.          organic and conventional agricultural methods.
(2011), Relative and biomarker-based validity of      Fatty acid composition of edible oils derived
a food frequency questionnaire that measures the      from certified organic and conventional
intakes of vitamin B(12), folate, iron, and zinc in   agricultural methods. 109, 670-674.
young women. Nutrition Research. 31(1), 14-20.        Germaine, K., Samman, S., Fryirs, C., Griffiths,
O'Leary, F., Wai, J., Wormald, L., Ellis, J.,         P., Johnson, S., Quail, K. (2008), Comparison of
Petocz, P., Flood, V., Samman, S. (2011),             in vitro starch digestibility methods for
Vitamin B12 status, dietary protein intake and        predicting the glycaemic index of grain foods.
proton pump inhibitor use in geriatric                Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.
rehabilitation subjects. Nutrition & Dietetics.       88(4), 652-658.
68(2), 109-114.
Samman, S. (2011), Challenges and
                                                      Bell-Anderson, K., Samman, S. (2007), Feeding
opportunities in the assessment of zinc status.
                                                      baby: consequences of over-nutrition in utero.
Nutrition & Dietetics. 68(2), 95-96.
                                                      Current opinion in lipidology. 18, 224-226.
Foster, M., Hunter, D., Samman, S. (2011),
                                                      Samman, S. (2007), Iron. Nutrition & Dietetics.
Evaluation of the nutritional and metabolic
                                                      64(4), S126-S130.
effects of Aloe Vera. In: Herbal Medicine:
Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Second             Samman, S. (2007), Zinc. Nutrition & Dietetics.
Edition. (pp.14).United States: CRC Press.            64(4), S131-S134.
2010                                                  Ojha, R., Amanatidis, S., Petocz, P., Samman, S.
                                                      (2007), Dietitians and naturopaths require
Samman, S. (2010), Antioxidants and public            evidence-based nutrition information on organic
health. Antioxidants & redox signaling. 13(10),       food. Nutrition & Dietetics. 64(0), 31-36.
Foster, M., Samman, S. (2010), Zinc and redox
signaling: perturbations associated with              Hughes, S., Samman, S. (2006), The effect of
cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.         zinc supplementation in humans on plasma
Antioxidants & redox signaling. 13(10), 1549-73.      lipids, antioxidant status and thrombogenesis.
                                                      Journal of the American College of Nutrition.
Foster, M., Petocz, P., Samman, S. (2010),
                                                      25(4), 285-91.
Effects of zinc on plasma lipoprotein cholesterol
concentrations in humans: A meta-analysis of          McMillan-Price, J., Petocz, P., Atkinson, F.,
randomised controlled trials. Atherosclerosis.        O'neill, K., Samman, S., Steinbeck, K., Caterson,
210(2), 344-52.                                       I., Brand-Miller, J. (2006), Comparison of 4 diets
                                  Publications for Samir Samman
of varying glycemic load on weight loss and            transfer. The American journal of clinical
cardiovascular risk reduction in overweight and        nutrition. 77(5), 1119-24.
obese young adults: a randomized controlled
                                                       Blakesmith, S., Lyons-Wall, P., George, C.,
trial. Archives of internal medicine. 166(14),
                                                       Joannou, G., Petocz, P., Samman, S. (2003),
1466-75.                                               Effects of supplementation with purified red
Samman, S., Koh, H., Blakesmith, S., Petocz, P.,       clover (Trifolium pratense) isoflavones on
Lyons-Wall, P. (2006), Supplementation with            plasma lipids and insulin resistance in healthy
predominantly methoxylated isoflavones derived         premenopausal women. The British journal of
from red clover has no effect on plasma                nutrition. 89(4), 467-474.
homocysteine or folate concentrations in young
                                                       Balasundram, N., Bubb, W., Sundram, K.,
women. Faseb Journal. 20(4), A153-A153.                Samman, S. (2003), Antioxidants from palm
Bell-Anderson, K., Samman, S. (2006), Nutrition        (Elaeis guineensis) fruit extracts. Asia Pacific
and metabolism: race, sex and the metabolic            journal of clinical nutrition. 12 Suppl, S37.
syndrome. Current opinion in lipidology. 17(1),
82-4.                                                  2002
Balasundram, N., Sundram, K., Samman, S.               Gatto, L., Lyons, M., Brown, A., Samman, S.
(2006), Phenolic compounds in plants and               (2002), Trans fatty acids affect lipoprotein
agri-industrial by-products: Antioxidant activity,     metabolism in rats. The Journal of nutrition.
occurrence, and potential uses. Food Chemistry.        132(6), 1242-8.
99(1), 191-203.                                        Saleh, A., Amanatidis, S., Samman, S. (2002),
Samman, S., McCarthur, J., Peat, M. (2006),            Cross-sectional study of diet and risk factors for
Defining core elements and outstanding practice        metabolic diseases in a Ghanaian population in
in Nutritional Science through collaborative           Sydney, Australia. Asia Pacific journal of
benchmarking. Asia Pacific journal of clinical         clinical nutrition. 11(3), 210-6.
nutrition. 15(1), 6-9.                                 Saleh, A., Amanatidis, S., Samman, S. (2002),
                                                       The effect of migration on dietary intake, Type 2
2005                                                   diabetes and obesity: The Ghanaian Health And
Tholstrup, T., Samman, S. (2005), Postprandial         Nutrition Analysis in Sydney, Australia. Ecology
lipoprotein(a) is affected differently by specific     of Food and Nutrition. 41, 255-270.
individual. Faseb Journal. 19(5), A972-A972.
Blakesmith, S., Lyons-Wall, P., Joannou, G.,
Petocz, P., Samman, S. (2005), Urinary                 Gatto, L., Lyons, M., Brown, A., Samman, S.
isoflavonoid excretion is inversely associated         (2001), Trans fatty acids and cholesterol
with the ratio of protein to dietary fibre intake in   metabolism: mechanistic studies in rats and
young women. European Journal of Clinical              rabbits fed semipurified diets. International
Nutrition. 59(2), 284-290.                             journal of food sciences and nutrition. 52(5),
Balasundram, N., Ai, T., Sambanthamurthi, R.,
Sundram, K., Samman, S. (2005), Antioxidant            Samman, S., Sandström, B., Toft, M., Bukhave,
properties of palm fruit extracts. Asia Pacific        K., Jensen, M., Sørensen, S., Hansen, M. (2001),
journal of clinical nutrition. 14(4), 319-24.          Green tea or rosemary extract added to foods
                                                       reduces nonheme-iron absorption. The American
2004                                                   journal of clinical nutrition. 73(3), 607-12.
Tholstrup, T., Samman, S. (2004), Postprandial         Samman, S., Truswell, A. (2001), A guide to
lipoprotein(a) is affected differently by specific     critical reading: how to evaluate a
individual dietary fatty acids in healthy young
                                                       >nutrition research article. Australian Journal of
men. The Journal of nutrition. 134(10),
                                                       Nutrition and Dietetics. 58, 195-197.
                                                       Samman, S. (2001), The role of selected minor
2003                                                   dietary factors in the prevention of coronary
Samman, S., Sivarajah, G., Man, J., Ahmad, Z.,         heart disease. Journal of biochemistry, molecular
Petocz, P., Caterson, I. (2003), A mixed fruit and     biology, and biophysics. 5, 377-381.
vegetable concentrate increases plasma                 Hansen, M., Samman, S., Madsen, L., Jensen,
antioxidant vitamins and folate and lowers             M., Sorensen, S., Sandstrom, B. (2001), Folic
plasma homocysteine in men. The Journal of             acid enrichment of bread does not appear to
Nutrition. 133(7), 2188-2193.                          affect zinc absorption in young women1.
Gatto, L., Sullivan, D., Samman, S. (2003),            American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 74,
Postprandial effects of dietary trans fatty acids      125-129.
on apolipoprotein(a) and cholesteryl ester
                                Publications for Samir Samman
Mangas, S., Samman, S. (2001), Potential
essentiality of boron: a ubiquitous dietary
constituent. Australian Journal of Nutritional
Dieticans. 58, 104-106.

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