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									      Documentum 6
Reviews from Early Adopters

     Technology Services Group, Inc.
           October 10, 2007

                                  D6 Timeline

• PREPP (Pre-Release Program)
  – Software available June 6
• RSP (Rapid Success Program) for D6
  – Participant Planning Jul 20 – Dec 3
  – Standard Execution Dec 3 – Apr 30
  – Extended Evaluation Aug 31 – Sep 15

                                      D6 Timeline

• D6 Released August 31!
• Upcoming Target Release Dates
  – D6 SP1 -> before 2007 year end (12/3)
    • Includes Composer Eclipse IDE
  – TaskSpace (Transactional Content
    Management solutions) -> early Q4

                            Documentum PREPP
                          (Pre-Release Program)

 TSG has access to pre-release version
      of all Documentum 6 software
• Migration Strategy
  – Upgrade client applications first
  – Repository configurations can be ported
    between v5.3 and v6 repositories using
    latest release of Application Builder
  – Windows server can run different versions
    of DFC on same server (new in D6)

                             Documentum PREPP
                           (Pre-Release Program)

• WDK Application Install
  (Webtop, DA, Web Publisher, DCM)
  – Requires 2 GB RAM on server per WDK
  – Requires access to D6 Global Registry
    Content Server
  – New Supported Platforms
    • i.e. Tomcat 5.5, WebLogic 9.2, WebSphere 6.1

                               Documentum PREPP
                             (Pre-Release Program)

• Content Server Upgrade
  – Options for Upgrading
    • In place upgrade of all components (Database,
      Operating System, Content Server)
    • Install D6 on new hardware with latest OS, DB,
      etc. and migrate content into new D6 repository

                               Documentum PREPP
                             (Pre-Release Program)

• Content Server Upgrade
  – JMS runs on BEA, not Tomcat
  – Rebuild Full Text Index (Pre- 5.3 SP2)
  – New Supported Platforms
    • i.e. Windows Server 2003, Solaris 9 / 10, Linux
      4 / 9 / 10
    • i.e. Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000 / 2005

                      Documentum RSP
               (Rapid Success Program)

TSG is upgrading all of their Open
  Source offerings to run on D6

       Upgrading Custom DFC Applications

• Update deployment package to include
  DFC 6 jar files (No longer depends on
  DMCL installation)
• Java 1.5 Required by Newer Version of
  Apache Tomcat

            Migrating Webtop Customizations

• Custom WDK folder can be migrated to
  D6, however new D6 features may drive
  necessary updates to customizations
  – D5 action pre-conditions vs. D6 presets
  – No streamline view in D6
  – Overriding entire configurations in D5 vs.
    Modifying configurations in D6
  – D6 Right click and Hot Key support

           Migrate Webtop Customizations

• Compare XML Configurations – D5.3
           Migrate Webtop Customizations

• Compare XML Configurations – D6
             Webtop Customization Example

• Update any configuration node
  overwritten by your customizations
• Verify no changes to Java methods or
  JSP pages being overridden
  – Menubar.jsp
  – Snowbound Integration
• Determine whether to take advantage of
  any new features
              Webtop Customization Example

• Determine whether to take advantage of
  any new features
  – Additional configuration tags available with
  – Change component scope/pre-conditions
    to presets
    Documentum 6
What’s Next to Evaluate?

                          Composer Eclipse IDP

• 10/1 through 11/16: Develop Documentum
  application on new Composer IDE
                  Other New D6 Enhancements

• Documentum Foundation Services
  – Documentum Web Services can not be created
    from POJOs
  – How hard is it to utilize existing home grown
    Documentum web services with new DFS
• Full Text Index Enhancements
• Forms Builder
               Other New D6 Enhancements

• How Can New Aspect Object Model
  Architecture be integrated into existing
  Documentum environments?
• Task Space
  – Not Yet Released
                              Contact Info

• Gretchen Sunko
  Technology Services Group

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