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									Freckled face , what is freckles .

What is freckles on face ?

what are freckles on eyes

How to get rid freckles

All the women want to own a beautiful face, but my freckled

face is really serious . what can help me with my freckled

face ?

Freckled face , It does not matter, a lot of super star models

are often freckled, as long as the master of make-up skills on

the beautiful !

In a first step, using a light-colored liquid concealer to cover the

freckled face .

The second step, the white repair liquid foundation mixed light

beige foundation, tune into the concealer, gently, carefully

massage around the eyes, skin around the eyes.

The third step, freckled face , eyeliner, and to attract others'

attention to the eyes. The liner should be close to the
eyelashes, gray and brown, it seems more natural, do not use

black, with light-colored skin in sharp contrast.

The fourth step is coated with a dark brown mascara, use a

soft eyebrow brush to brush the eyelashes.

The fifth step, a soft brush to brush the eyebrows and painted

dark brown, making the eyes look natural and soft.

Step Six prominent rose-colored lip gloss lips tender and

beautiful feeling. The seventh step, painted pink rouge on the


Lip freckles

Morning, after washing and suddenly, I have found a lot of lip

freckles , but also no discomfort

Fip freckles , what caused it ?

1 During pregnancy, the mother in order to protect the safety of

the fetus in the womb, a large number of secretion of

progesterone, departmental pregnant women face can be

thrown up spots, but generally after childbirth gradually

disappear . Eat raw vitamin C during pregnancy fruit,
vegetables and milk, milk, regular daily bowel movement, and

adequate sleep, good mood, you can get lip freckles

subsided .

2 Yongnaoguodu sun and too much are the lip freckles

number of `. With spring and autumn growth, the aging of the

skin, melanocytes secrete too much, but also make the skin


3 Using low-grade cosmetics, contained pigment preservatives,

mixed with sweat, skin penetration inner accelerated the

production of lip freckles .

4 Human long-term fatigue, skin tension and fatigue, the blood

acidic, metabolism slow down, the skin will not be able to

obtain sufficient nutrients; cuticle due to lack of water causes

skin eclipsed `.

Prevention of lip freckles to avoid prolonged sun exposure,

and to put on sunscreen when the sun, you can also take

vitamin C, it faded, the spots lighter `In addition, To choose

nutritional food, pay attention to the appropriate amount of
exercise and getting plenty of sleep, less angry, and these can

prevent freckles and lip freckles will fade

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