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					Dear Parents,                                                                      September, 2010

Welcome to the 2010-2011 school year at Ridgecrest! My name is Kay Law and will be your child’s teacher
this year. I have taught in Shoreline School District since 1973, teaching most years in the highly capable
program (grades 1-5.) I am truly passionate about the gifted student and will take the responsibility of
being an advocate for their educational needs extremely seriously.

What an honor and privilege it is to teach your children! I view you as true partners in your child’s
education and will do my best to keep you involved and well informed. I will be diligent in my efforts to
impact them with a life long thirst for learning. We plan to pack the year with many learning activities both
challenging, meaningful, and fun.

As a parent of three children I know the joys and challenges you are facing each day. Allison, my youngest
is a senior at Seattle University. My son Matthew is attending Central Washington University. My advice to
all of you is start saving NOW !!!!!! Andrew, the oldest, is a “die-hard Coug” from WSU, graduated Dec.
2006 and is working for the Philips Corporation. My husband, John, is a music teacher at Woodside
Elementary in Everett School District and truly brings music to our lives… I love being a wife, mom, and

As an educational consultant for the Bureau of Education and Research I have worked with many teachers
throughout the country who have provided excellent instruction to the needs of the highly capable and who
have given me many ideas and resources to share with your children. I continue to be a voice in these
troubling times of budget cuts and school reductions to ask, “What about the Gifted?” I do feel fortunate
that Shoreline does address the special needs of your children… However, it continues to be critical to be
advocates for our gifted population. This is why during the school year I work with teachers around the
country to keep Gifted Education part of those grand educational conversations.

This year promises to be very exciting, as Shoreline will implement two new curriculum programs. We have
adopted a new math and writing program. I’m very excited about the math adoption, as there are many
ways to differentiate and extend learning for our gifted students. The Hi-cap teachers have “blocked” the
same math times, which will accommodate teaching students at the same instructional level. I will be
attending an in-service in September learning about the new writing program but have heard rave reviews
from teachers who have piloted the program. On the other side of this letter, there is a letter for your child
to read. I look forward to working with all our students and parents in the Highly Capable Program this

Wednesday, 9/01/2009 the first day of school.
Friday, 9/10 - Back to School BBQ
Thursday, 9/30- Curriculum Meeting or Back to School Night for parents. (PTA Information Fair
starts at 5:30PM)
I would love to see all Parents/Guardians there, as I will provide an introduction to the grade level
expectations, our differentiated curriculum, learning goals, classroom routines and homework expectations.
We will also be having a BOOK FAIR that evening!!!!!!
 Volunteers Needed: Please consider getting involved in our classroom. Some Ideas to think
     • Volunteer coordinator                            •     Photographer
     • Fieldtrip coordinators                           •     Webmaster for class website
     • Clerical help                                    •     Student Newspaper Coordinator
     • One on one work with students                    •     Writing Editors
In conclusion, I welcome you and your child to the highly capable program and a year where we can work
together. This year we will reach for the stars as students are challenged to grow academically, socially and

Mrs. Law

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