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					                      PNLA Report – AkLA E-Council Meeting – February 23, 2012

Leadership Institute:
The next PNLA Leads Institute will take place in fall 2013. Alternate venues are being considered in
Washington (Fort Worden and Fort Casey). Fundraising for this institute is an ongoing process.

PNLA Quarterly:
The PNLA Quarterly is a peer reviewed publication. Current and archived issues are available at

Young Reader’s Choice Award:
Alaska is currently seeking a state representative for the YRCA Committee. The Alaska YRCA Representative
is responsible for networking with participating librarians throughout the year in order to create a slate of
candidates for the YRCA ballot. The YRCA Rep encourages statewide participation in the YRCA program
through online discourse. PNLA Representative Sara Saxton is currently acting as the Interim YRCA Rep.

Voting for the 2012 YRCA Awards will take place March 15 to April 15. Ballots and other resources are
available through the PNLA website.

PNLA 2012 Conference:

The PNLA Board has determined that, due to continuing labor disputes, the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa is
no longer a viable venue for the 2012 Conference. Once financial options and liability have been discussed
with ALA’s Legal Services and Helms Briscoe, PNLA’s hotel brokerage firm, a contingency will be sent to
begin negotiating with the Sheraton. A couple of alternate conference venues are under consideration.

Preliminary program selection is complete. Speakers will be notified over the next few weeks and registration
should be open to the public sometime in March. The next meeting of the PNLA 2012 Planning Committee
will take place via web conference in early to mid-March (time TBA shortly). New members are always

PNLA Board:
The PNLA Board met over the weekend of February 10-12, 2012 at the Dumas Bay Centre in Federal Way,
WA. The hotel issues facing the Anchorage conference were a major topic of discussion. Also discussed were
dues structures, updates to the website, and future PNLA conferences.

As ever, the Board values input from member states regarding the services and functions that a regional
association can and should provide. Again, please contact Sara Saxton with your thoughts and ideas.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sara Saxton, PNLA Representative

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