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Older users of this Archive who played computer games in the 1980s may recall the exhilaration of
completing a very difficult game and waiting in sweaty, excited anticipation for the impressively
animated and orchestrated presentation that would no doubt richly reward your arduous adventuring
... only to be met with a blank screen with the simple text, “The End”.

The same sense of letdown can apply to virtual journeying. If a world makes the player hike across a
hundred miles of grass, cows and deer then it is reasonable to hope that there will be something
worthwhile waiting at the destination. A secret dungeon packed with salivating elite level Poison
Gnomes or an ultra-rare treasure item perhaps, but certainly not an Elfin Candy Bar and another
hundred miles of cattle and other assorted herbivores, with a midpoint diversion around an impassable
mountain range.

The lesson to be learnt here is that intelligent map design in games, captivating locations and
breathtaking architecture (or lack thereof) will make or break an interactive world! Equally, the
environment should be periodically updated with additional content to keep it fresh for long-term users.
This does not necessarily mean regular major modifications to maps and buildings but rather the
release of quests and storyline events that unfold intriguing new chapters in the present and future of
that realm.

Like a magazine, customers have an expectation that episodic material will be released on predictable
days so that they can mentally prepare themselves to seek out and purchase that product on or
around that release day.

Every professional magazine has a 'menu' of regular content types that it adheres to strictly in
each edition. The content is also roughly in the same order in each edition so that people can
easily find the parts that most interest them. The potentially least popular content should be
placed in the middle, whilst content that people like to quickly flick to should always be in roughly
the same place near the front and and rear.

Finally, when developing book products, creating the covers first can give a sense of progress and
excitement that helps one to see production of the contents through to the end.

Educational learning content created for distribution to schools as a commercial product may be more
trusted by purchasers at those schools / school districts if it is accompanied by a visual ratings system
in the style of the European PEGI videogame rating or the American ESRB rating.

Modern computer games that incorporate sociological elements can be used as teaching aids. For
example, 'The Sims 3' on PC incorporates greater behavioural artificial intelligence than the previous
version. Characters created can be set by the player to be aggressive (bullies) or passive (bullied).

'The Sims 3' can therefore act as an instructional tool about bullying by creating characters who will be
in conflict and watching how those lives play out. There are other games that can be used for
instruction in other social behavior aspects. For example, in the game 'Fable 2', a person's children
take on the traits of the father. So if the father is good then so will the children be, but if the father
does bad and immoral things then the kids will soak that up and be mean too.

'The Sims 3' probably has the most chance of any socialogical game of being immediately approved
for use in schools, as it is entirely a Sociology Simulator rather than being a game that happens to
have sociology elements in it. It is quickly accessible (create a character and away you go) and can
provide captivating teaching to kids about emotional and personal issues. And because the Sim
characters speak their own visual icon based language called Simlish instead of English, it is excellent
for sectors of the student population whose first language might not be English.

If school administrators do not want to take up use of gaming for educational simulation purposes
during school time because they want to stick to what they know and trust (textbooks and 'tried and
tested' teaching methods) then their fears could be addressed if teachers align the proposed
classroom gaming sessions to the content of a class' approved traditional text books so that play of
the simulations becomes interactive textbook reading.

Using a learning model based on the textbooks means that the students' play can be graded using the
school's existing accepted-practice assessment systems instead of creating a new grading system
that may be difficult for the school / district to accept. If gameplay is split into episodic 'chapters' by
the lesson plan, with a different aspect of the simulation tackled in each subsequent class session,
then the teacher can demonstrate to administrators that games can fit into the carefully controlled time
slots of classroom sessions.

Furthermore, prejudicial attitudes to games amongst administrators may be altered if the educational
gameplay is taken out of its normal context (e.g setting up simulations with careful use of save-game
files so that there is no possibility of the student experiencing objectionable content that they might
see if they were playing the game in the way that it is normally played) and then recording video
machinima of those educational simulations for admins to view before the teacher introduces the
games to the class so that the lesson plan can be pre-approved by the boss. Negative attitudes may
also be eroded by using games that allow the camera angle of the play-view to be permanently altered
so that it more closely resembles specific games that are widely accepted by authorities to have
strong educational value (for example, rotating the camera of a game with a forward-facing view such
as 'Half-Life 2', to cite a popular mainstream game) so that the player is looking diagonally down on
the action from an overhead isometric perspective that creates positive mental memories of similarities
to education-friendly environments such as 'Club Penguin' and 'Habbo'. This method can transform
the experience for a lesson-plan evaluating administrator from a 'shoot shoot, bang bang' negative
one to an 'Ah-ha!' positive one that they can recommend for use in a real class.

Teachers can increase their empathic connection to the home lives of students in a generalized way
by using realistic fictional city-simulations as the $100 million 'Grand Theft Auto IV' videogame at home
in their own personal time to experience a sense of how the affluent and the impoverished in a city

One should strive to make ideas compatible with other ideas so that they can be combined together
into a greater tapestry that provides an overview of an entire system. A widescreen painting can paint
a million words.
Pokemon promotes (a) animal-human love, (b) bringing the best out of animals, (c) discovering about
the mysteries of the world & the creatures in it, and (d) the value of friendship.

In education, it is easier to convince a faculty to officially move into virtual worlds such as Second
Life® if a number of members from that faculty get together as a group to convince.

Administrators, in order to be convinced of the merits of virtual worlds, require not only a presentation
of the benefits but also statistics and case studies to back up claims. It is easier to get a group
together within a faculty if the members who are already in-world enable staff who are not skilled in or
not interested in virtual worlds to get some benefits back from participation in the group.

The crazy tech hardware DIY projects that people put on YouTube can act not only as inspiration but
also 'proof of concept' for your own ideas, showing a manager or project leader that someone else has
already shown that what you are proposing to achieve is possible.

Like professional modders / hardware hackers such as Ben Heck, 'playing with technology' is one of
the best ways to recognise its boundaries so that you can then work out how to exceed them. If you
watch modder / hacker sites and blogs then you can learn how to push the envelope with hardware
without having to buy the equipment yourself and then spend time dissecting, analysing and learning

One can potentially avoid the need to lay down PCB tracks on a board when prototyping if the
components are connected by wires instead, like on those educational electronics boards where you
plug pieces in to create electrical 'bridges'. Casings for the re-designed hardware can be made from
wood in a school craft class, from vacuum moulded plastic using a thermal moulding machine in a
school workshop / community facility, or (most easily) by fitting the parts into an existing plastic casing
salvaged from a mass produced piece of hardware. Remember too that you can also 'play with
technology' without having the technology itself if you have pictures / blueprints of the hardware and its
internals and then use your imagination and a sketchpad to rearrange them, knowing the electronics
principles of whether it will work or not.

If a teacher had a shell projected around them (e.g from a wireless projector mounted on top of a
headset) then they could literally become a living life size avatar like a Transformer Pretender or 'Bio-
Merged' human and Digimon. Because the imagery would be computer-driven, the shell would be
able to perform many 'special effects' that a human cannot.

Theoretically, a teacher could become anything that the light projection mapped onto the suit. So if
they were teaching a natural history class about bears then the projector could form an image of a
standing-up grizzly bear around the teacher. If an overhead motion-tracking projector was used then
the teacher, if they got on all fours, could take on the form of a four-legged animal (it does not sound
very dignified – that is just an example!).

If the whole class had suits then they could all be 'shape shifted' by head mounted projectors into a
family of bears, making roleplay so much more immersive, especially as each student would see the
other students and the teacher as bears as well and not humans. Use portable projectors on a field
trip in a forest and the immersion level could rise to the nth degree.

Consider promoting racing such as Formula One, IndyCar or NASCAR as possible career routes for
non-academic youths, perhaps in combination with vehicle engineering tuition. Existing videogames
(e.g 'Forza Motorsport 4') can provide affordable learning and practise options for youths.

The videogames 'GRID' and 'Gran Turismo' also provide a larger range of race types than most PC
driving simulators. 'Gran Turismo 5' features the NASCAR and IndyCar driving series. In addition, the
Playstation Eye peripheral can be used to track head motion so that head movement moves the
camera to enable players to glance around as they drive. In regard to careers guidance for IndyCar, it
is probable that whether one wants to be an engineer / designer or a driver, the paths to doing so are
likely to be similar to those of F1. It should be taught though that a driver almost has to be an
engineer though in the modern age in order to understand precisely how their car works & have useful
technical discussions with engineers. 'Days of Thunder' and 'Talladega Nights' would be good movie
introductions for teens interested in driving, though they are of course 'Hollywooded up'.

Some further advice on this subject:
- NASCAR / IndyCars could be designed by youths solely on computer like Virgin Racing's debut
Formula One car. They need to be taught a basic understanding of mechanics first though.

- One cannot just step into a top team but has to prove themselves. Are there any lesser racing
leagues with teams in your area that might give young people a chance to get a foot in the door,
perhaps as test drivers so they can eventually move up the ladder to the pro leagues in subsequent

- During senior high school years, students could hone racing skills on realistic videogame simulations
with all 'driving assists' switched off so that they have to learn all the driver reactions, pedal presses
and button flicking a real driver needs to be successful.

- Indy / NASCAR race dvds could be used as careers material in careers offices and libaries.

      A more amateur-level, lower-budget stock car series that would be easier for graduating US
       students to get a foothold in is ASC Racing.

Put ourselves in aliens' shoes – how would we find Earth from far away? If we can work this out then
we can reverse the direction of these ideas to find distant alien worlds more easily.

Book reviews from one student from each grade can be posted up in the school library on a weekly
schedule. A monthly-updated 'featured author' exhibit in the library also encourages students to read
books that they may have overlooked in favour of more popular titles.

Consider, in partnership with other state agencies such as social services, creating an integrated 'data

If kids are able to tell their teachers, as a trusted figure of authority, about abuse and other negative
situations in the home then it seems illogical to keep teachers shut out of the 'big picture' about that
child's life outside of the school until the child says something to the teacher or a member of another
agency informs the teacher, unless there is a compelling legal reason for that information to be
confined to a single agency (witness protection, criminal investigations and suchlike).

Some thoughts on the relationship between energy and emotion (not love, as will be explained below -
to properly define love you have to take the physical body out of the equation altogether).

1) Energy can be described by physicists in terms of … 2) Particles. But particles are said to not be
something tangible and physical but simply an idea about how the universe works that is described in
the form of … 3) Math. In turn, it is said that math is the same as … 4) Music, and music is math.
Music travels in the form of … 5) Vibrations, which enter the ear drum and cause a person to
experience … 6) Sensations, which result in a person experiencing … 7) Emotions. The emotion
evoked by the vibrations is likely to depend partly on the frequency of the vibrations (high or low) and
partly on specific memory responses summoned by the music.

Love, meanwhile, is an entirely different thing to attempt to define. People may have a valid point
when they claim the word is used too easily and freely because love in its true form, a form other than
which we are used to thinking of it as, is perhaps not dependent on a body or brain to exist. Until we
can understand its real nature better, it is easier for now to say that love just "is". While we can begin
defining the relationship between energy and love if we start at the Energy end and work downwards
towards Love at the other end, we can only get halfway through the translation process before we
begin hitting real difficulties because we enter territory where there are a lot of unknowns. It is likely
that one -has- to start at the Energy end of the 'energy=love' equation because if you start with Love
there are too many unknowns at the Love end of the equation to even begin working towards the
Energy end. Beginning from the other end, where there are far more Knowns, gives the hope that one
may slowly build steps from one end to the other by building on each successive step that is
established in the chain.

This explanation is biased neither towards science or towards spirit but values both of them in equal
measure. Spirit gives a person positivity and hope whilst science gives that person the capacity to
think and question the universe before forming theories. The challenge of uniting science and spirit
and demonstrating that they are both two sides of the same coin is a very worthy goal for a human.
Some might argue that true love is undefinable and one shouldn't -attempt- to define it lest some of its
wonder is lost. But think of it like this - if the scientist and the spiritualist could get along without
argument, viewing neither side as right or wrong but both valid in different frames of reference, then
the world would be a more peaceful place.

A task is only as daunting as your hesitation scales it up to be. Rising to extraordinary challenges and
meeting and exceeding then creates admiration from others and inspires them to strive to reach that
level themselves.

There is a real type of heart-shaped seed called 'Love in a Puff' or 'Heartseed' that could be given to
kindergarteners / primary school age to grow (note: it should be kept in a pot as it is an invasive vine).

Setters of school health and physical education policies could consider a 'Space Jam' / 'Beyblade'
style approach of getting kids to apply their energy to sports / street sports in their time outside school
through 'arena competition'.

In doing so, parents, siblings and friends can be drawn into taking an interest and then hopefully
cheering them on. This system can work well if there are strong minded people / peers who are willing
to be game referees to keep order. There may be increased incentive for participation if referees log
game results into a leaderboard and participants can track their competitive record over time and
receive recognition and rewards.

Those matches could also be recorded by observers, with the footage imported into a website and
mixed with dramatic soundtracks. Schools could 'sign out' sports games resources such as balls to
responsible people like referees for use off school grounds. Check out local recreation facilities on
town / city official websites and on Google Earth to find out if it is feasible to set up such a scheme in
your area.

f you or your organization publishes books then national book store chains are far more likely to listen
to book journal reviews than your promotional mailshots when making stocking decisions.

Likewise, schools will pay attention to reviews in education journals, and librarians read library journal
reviews. Therefore, be sure to send a copy of your book to such journals (the choice of journal
depending on which markets your book is aimed at) and hope that a journalist decides to give it a
chance and review it. In the meantime though, there is no harm in taking copies of your book around
local book stores and asking them to stock it on a sale or return basis. Generating local sales like
these creates sales figures that make your book more interesting to publishers when offered to them
though a literary agent for possible professional publishing.

When aiming to create an Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) avatar with feelings, emotions could be emulated
by the AI avatar placing priority on responding to a particular piece of information and then
constructing a response that is appropriate to the type of feeling. To do this, the avatar has to
genuinely understand how to construct language instead of just using a pre-programmed dialogue

Realistically changing expressions on the avatar's face and alteration in the avatar's voice tone can
also convey emotion so long as the expression / tone match the context of what is being spoken by
the avatar. The eyes should also blink and move realistically and not have a 'dead stare' that
disconcerts people.

Studying past, present and 'future' human technological achievements can help students have a
greater appreciation of the spirit and struggles of the pioneers who came before them and how they
can be a pioneer themselves and continue that historic story.
Learning how mechanics from a simpler era worked can provide an excellent foundation for learning
about more complex modern engineering. This should ideally be factored into history lessons, where
the curriculum supports doing so, as part of a multi-subject, cross-school initiative.

Adult videogames such as Grand Theft Auto IV have storylines that actually show the importance of
positive community. As well as showing the best of values though, it also demonstrates the worst. It
shows how compromising one's positive values begins a downward spiral that is difficult to get out of.

This game and others like it therefore have applications as an inner-city education tool (especially in
areas like where there are many nationalities and cultures intermixing) to show just how wrong life can
go when you think that you can take the 'easy route' of a career in crime. While it is unlikely that
schools would allow these games to be used as an internal teaching tool, they could be used both as
an informal outside-school 'community understanding' trainer by teachers at home in their personal
time and as a source of educational machinima that can then be shared as a school-friendly resource.

Don't worry about getting arrows in your back. See yourself as a pioneer in every area and live up to
that belief.

User aftercare can be enhanced in the following ways:

      tracking the aftercare history of registered users through a 'support ticket' customer database
       so that their data can be quickly pulled up
      finding a way to provide telephone contact channels for technophobes
      creating comprehensive online guides that catch all known problems and update to contain
       newly discovered ones (with print volumes of these guides periodically being produced as
       companion volumes)
      formalizing warranties and product return / refund policies.

Create a 'disaster recovery plans' to determine the policies to immediately fall back on in the event
that there is a major technical failure in one of your systems.

As well as encouraging music playing talent, schools can encourage song writers and composers and
get them working with the instrument players and singers in the school.

Also, if a person is not good at one element of a band (e.g singing or guitar) then they can find a role
that is suited to them. This teaches that the 'front person' is not the most important component, since
they would sound poor without the rest of the band's input. when one person struggles, the other
band members can pick up the slack to cover for them so that the group as a whole succeeds.
Promote too that youths can do whatever they want as a career (e.g be a rock star) so long as they
have an education behind them. With an education, youths can control their 'rock star' activities with a
business mind instead of being controlled by others.

Schools could use the 3D virtual world Second Life® to counsel pregnant teens who are keeping the
child by creating an avatar for that teen in Second Life and then adding various sizes of bumps to the
avatars of pregnant teens to help them to bond with the coming baby as their pregnancy progresses
and their stomach grows.

These bumps could have hidden fetuses inside whose developmental size corresponds to the size of
the bump, with a touch of the bump toggling its texture between solid and see-through so that the user
can see a model of the developing baby inside and so be reminded of how it is growing without having
to refer to scan photographs. Touching the bump to make it see-through could also cause a sound
clip of a baby heartbeat, like those heard through a stethoscope, to play on a loop until the bump is
turned solid again.

This would deepen the immersion of the bump simulation and the connection of the mother to the
child. It could also have the side-benefit of making in-school counseling programs for pregnant teens
more acceptable in areas of the country that have a strong religious ethos, since it fits strongly with
pro-life beliefs of encouraging bonding between the expectant mother and the baby she is carrying.
and It might also improve faith-holding administrators' opinion of virtuality in general if they see that it
can be used for teaching applications that are faith-friendly.

Opening a library in a retail mall can be very affordable because of the low rents of mall units during
difficult economic times when plenty of units are empty. It also helps to attract families.

You can push Second Life® to the maximum by maximizing the Maximum Bandwidth slider in the
Preferences section to maximize the viewer's capability / speed at processing textures and objects, at
the expense of streamed media and voice. You could have one viewer on desktop for serious
simulations that has a balanced slider and one for full-on gaming that has the Max Settings slider set
to full, disabling streaming media.

The students could have two separate SL viewers installed on their desktop - one with a balanced
slider and a second one for use with 'videogame quality experience' learning environments where the
slider is maxed to full, removing streaming media but minimizing loading. This second 'superpowered'
viewer could also have some of the Debug Mode tweaks and features enabled to give SL even more
videogaming functionality.

This would mean that the students wouldn't have to keep adjusting the slider - they could just run
whichever of the two viewers is required by the teacher for a particular learning application. The
students could have two separate SL viewers installed on their desktop: one with a balanced slider
and a second one for use with 'videogame quality experience' learning environments where the slider
is maximized to full, removing streaming media but minimizing loading. This second 'superpowered'
viewer could also have some of the Debug Mode tweaks and features enabled to give SL even more
videogaming functionality. This would mean that the students wouldn't have to keep adjusting the
slider - they could just run whichever of the two viewers is required by the teacher for a particular
learning application.

The '50 Current Most Popular Childrens Shows' list on the website shows that the most
popular US kids television shows are boy / girl star vehicles. The 'middle ground' (10-20 on the list)
seems to be held by the younger audience bracket, perhaps reflecting that they watch less television
than teenagers.

If a single 256x256 metre megaprim in Second Life® or OpenSim covered a sim and you had a
texture-changing script that is triggered by the proximity of a scripted avatar-controlled object
approaching the script (e.g a bus or truck), then by painting a mega-texture onto the megaprim on the
ground (e.g a city street map image for the vehicle to drive over), a few sims could provide a training
landscape many times larger if the sim ground image changed every time the border was crossed at
different points along its edge.

The vehicle could be set to have a travel speed that corresponds to the scale of the map and be
locked into an overhead camera perspective. The Shared Media functionality in the viewer software
could be used to integrate web based software such as a bus routing application into the virtual
simulation. The concept could be applied, in fact, to any fixed-infrastructure system that follows a
timed route (e.g a train / underground subway network).

Exposing students to television shows involving technology can get them interested in science and

Encourage them to train themselves by reading up from the library and internet in their own time to
give them a head-start until they can eventually study a formal course in the subject. Pioneers, like
the Wright Brothers, are often unsupported in their pursuits and have to rely on their self belief and
their belief in what they are creating in order to see their ideas through.

Once you choose to support a language then you should commit wholeheartedly to it. This includes
providing customer support in that language.

Consider creating an avatar that is surrounded by a 'life belt' rings of icons representing absolute
knowledge on a set number of topics. All around the avatar is an endless 'ocean' of knowledge icons.
The life belt can swap any of these floating topics in and out to ensure that you stay afloat in any

Most 'universal libraries' focus on gathering, organising and preserving as much of recorded human
information and knowledge as possible.
The ancient library at Alexandria was an attempt at creating and sustaining a universal library.
Through the emergence of virtual worlds, it is possible to offer a full-service library to everyone
worldwide. As online worlds become inter-operable, multiple worlds can be served by the same

Consider finding your next licensed IP on a website. Webcomics can be a good source of IP.

If people are not part of something then they feel disenfranchised from it. This includes nature. Once
they experience it then their view often changes.

One cannot hold progress off indefinitely though, even if some people are not ready for change.
History shows that there have been many 'unthinkables' (such as the end of slavery and apartheid)
that have sooner or later become widely accepted by subsequent generations. Like a movie director
or videogame developer, people who are trying to drive change must hold to a vision that they believe
in and hope that they can change ways of thinking.

Boxing information into labelled categories like 'education', 'business', 'sport', 'mind and spirit', etc and
not taking any time to look at the ideas in the boxes outside one's native category and attempt to
translate them for use in another box means that a planet's worth of useful information is overlooked!
It is said 'there are only 7 original ideas in the world and all other ideas are descended from those
seven ideas'.

If this is so then it shows that knowledge doesn't have to be a mass of independent parts but an ocean
that freely intermixes. Sometimes that 'water' stays in a particular ocean, sometimes it drifts off into
another ocean and sometimes it's evaporated, carried on clouds and dropped far from its last location.
Ocean life is a constant cycle of flows and evaporations / rainfalls. It doesn't matter where the idea
water came from, it's where it lands and what happens to it next that matters!

One way in which this could be used for rapid idea generation is to make or locate a numbered list of
all genres of information and then have a random number generator pick out a pair of numbers from a
number range corresponding to the number of genres in the list and then seeing if there is any way
that those two genres can be mixed together in a new way, or just picking one random number and
trying to combine it with a particular topic.

Some of the youths who are school drop-outs do so due to needing to support their families with
money or help out in the family business.

There is perhaps not much one can do about the 'family business' ones due to the influence of the
aforementioned family members (unless the school can successfully engage them in negotiation about
the youth's future), but perhaps some of those who drop out due to needing to find a job could be
helped to stay in school by pointing them towards ways to stay in school while 'earning and learning.
If you set a rough maximum figure for the number of pages when starting a print publishing project
then you can work out the retail price upfront and then work the content around the page limit.

Putting stock on view on a shelf at the counter, like in a store, gives people waiting in a queue
something to look at while they wait and informs them about stock they may not be aware of.

An easy to promote but effective theme for children is that a smile can open up your energy. This
would make a very good poster for young children.

Providing multi-device support in the products / services that you develop gives teachers more ways to
use material with their students in both home and classroom.

It requires the faith to invest time and money into those multiple platforms. Basing your products on a
web-based format is the easiest way to reach a large number of devices with a single set of content.

If you are a developer of games or interactive content and wish to make use of the characters and
world-settings of other creators in static mediums such as books and comics then find out what
procedures should be in place in your organization to help Intellectual Property (IP) creators lacking
experience in interactive content to work with you effectively. Storyboarding rough concept ideas and
presenting them to the creator is a great way to do this.

Part of the fun of a large real-world library is exploration of it, which a virtual environment can recreate,
showcasing content that will not fit into your bricks and mortar library building

With web and print products / services, it is common for a limited range of graphics assets to be
created and regularly re-used. Once that set of fundamental materials is created then it lays a solid
and simple foundation for each new release of that product / service to build upon and so speed its

Ancient mysticism is today's science. And so it will be too in the future with the mysteries and
mysticisms of today.

If a school has difficulty with allocating time in the gym so that every grade is able to have its own PE
class then this problem can be alleviated by pairing up adjacent age grades for a single combined PE
session. For instance: Grade 6 and 7; Grade 8 and 9; Grade 10 and 11. Because PE is a subject
where the learning content is sports games / exercise and not academic content, it should be far
easier for grade groups to share the same set of exercises without any curriculum conflict.

This pairing system also minimizes the likelihood that there would be conflict between younger and
older students, since the age difference between one grade and the next grade up isn't likely to be that
great - probably a year or less. So you will then have PE sessions in which all the students are of a
more or less similar age and whatever exercises the joint group is asked to do will still be well within
the capabilities of the younger grade.

It is valid to present students with out of reach goals if it is possible to reach them later on. Where it is
teachers, parents, etc setting the height for a person to reach for, they should use their knowledge of
the person's current ability level to set a realistic target for their new potential level to achieve.

The default target should perhaps be 'one level ahead' of the student every time that they advance a
level. The student should be told of the how this 'advancing' mechanic works so that they know what
the rules of the testing process are and what their target level is before they begin the testing.

If you can afford to build technology yourself or do so in conjunction with partners, from the back-end
to the front-end, instead of using off the shelf solutions, then your systems will have unparalleled
flexibility, security and scalability.

Over time, you can develop unique technology that few others can compete with. In web site design,
a design based on modules (e.g PHP modules) is the approach commonly taken by developers to
provide the ability to easily upgrade code and bolt on new units that are displayed on the front-end of
the site via HTML, XHTML or XML Having said that, if there is an existing technology solution that will
satisfy your needs just as well as the one that you have planned then it makes sense to use that
existing technology instead of re-inventing the wheel.

If a flowchart – represented visually by a game or virtual environment – enables the simulation of the
possible outcomes of a decision then it can be used as an ethical instruction tool and to answer kids'
“Why” questions in a format they can understand easier than verbal instructions.

The ideal way to provide this system would be for youths to be able to input their “why” questions
themselves into the interface (whether by keyboard or voice input) so that they can see the
consequences of a possible action and why it may or may not be a good idea. The basis for the
mechanics of the coding structure for this system might be old fashioned computer-game text
adventures (e.g 'Jump off the cliff' is responded with 'You jump off the cliff and die').

This methodology could be built upon with a path-finding system in a virtual reality environment
combined with action macros (e.g the player avatar automatically runs to a destination and, upon
arrival, automatically carries out a preset action such as 'run off the cliff'). The banned World of
Warcraft 'autoplay' program 'Glider' suggests that it is technically feasible. An alternative system
would be to input the questions into an Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) avatar via text or voice and have the
avatar draw on databases to provide a response to the “Why” question. The advice of the avatar may
have greater impact than a real-life adult if the avatar has an appearance tailored to the age range of
the user and has other age-range tailored aspects such as tone of voice.

One of the advantages of a multi-discipline university such as King's College London (medicine,
technology, law, etc) is that if they can get each department working together as a single collective

At least, that is the theory. In practice, it's common for each faculty in high schools, colleges, etc to
have rivalries and fairly poor inter-department communications. But when faculties CAN work
together, they can create an awesome research organization (like with the incubation principles that
Microsoft use at their Cambridge, UK R&D lab where some of their Kinect motion-control technology
was developed).

Sega hydraulic arcade amusement machines from the 1980's do not have generic JAMMA board
connectors (which would allow other JAMMA connector boards to be connected to a hydraulic cabinet
without breaking commercial use rules, as arcade owners are allowed, as far as we know, to swap
game boards in proprietary cabinets).

They require a connector adaptor to be created (details of how to do so are available on the internet).
Once one has created the JAMMA connection then, if it is commercially permissible, one could then
burn their own simulation world onto a circuit board with a JAMMA connector, or perhaps – more
simply – just use a MAME JAMMA to PC video adaptor, and then have users be hydraulically moved
around by the cabinet as they interact with that custom simulation. If a simulator's joystick movements
are wired to be transmitted to a PC then a person in a simulator could also affect a virtual world used
by multiple people outside of the cockpit.

Schools with students who do not excel at academia and participate in extreme sports could sponsor
the purchase of equipment and / or travel to events, in exchange for a cut of prize monies (thus
creating incentive for the school to be invested in the student's post-school success in their pro

Top quality and / or custom extreme sports equipment components make a real difference to
performance. The same could be said of any sports vehicle. Extreme sports could therefore could be
approached in schools as a technical / mechanics subject. Adult extreme sporters sometimes seem to
have horribly broken lives and yet know this and are almost proud of it and do not care.

The lifestyle, attitude and group loyalties seem to have a lot in common with gang culture. Schools
can help to prevent thee attitudes from developing by supporting the sporters in a positive way and
positively reinforcing their confidence so their behaviour does not decline as they fall in with a bad
crowd of sporter friends due to it being the only place where their favorite activity is accepted.

When you have no money to spend, walking / bicycling distances with a purpose in mind (e.g visiting
family and friends in the next town) provides free entertainment and keeps you fit at the same time.
It will also be easier for youths to find post-school employment outside of their home-town without
laborious bus swapping at inconvenient hours if they get used to biking. Communities could also
provide more park-up spaces for bicycles (e.g at stores, public libraries and popular youth hang-outs).

Both too much and too little money puts a patch over the eye of people so they cannot see the world
properly and make good choices. People feel that their pride is damaged if money and achievement
comes too easily to them without struggle OR if they have nothing. So perhaps the 'magic ingredient'
we need to bottle is simply genuine' selfless Pride ... the ability to look at our lives honestly and say
"Yeah! I deserve the life I have!".

Libraries can get a lot of stock affordably from second hand bookstores. Doing so also helps to
support the local community.

A person is in fact never alone even when they are on their own. There are approximately seven
billion homo sapiens and thousands of other living species sharing this watery ball of rock in space
with you.

We can think of life on Earth in terms of a peer to peer computer network (a number of individual
computer workstations that are connected to each other by some means).

Each workstation has the ability to transmit and receive signals and so is capable of two-way
communication with the other stations. In this network, the resources of one station are available for
sharing with all stations but the individual unit also has the option of being isolated from its partners
and relying solely on its own resources to operate. If that sounds familiar then it should, because we
have just described the present state of humanity. And we are the only species that isolates itself and
then complains about being lonely!

The technique of placing yourself at the center of the global network is more effective if you think of all
the other 'workstations' as having blank name-signs above them in order to recognize that they have a
human identity, even if you do not know what it is. You do not need to visualize names on the plates,
since the mind can read the names subconsciously through the network links, even if it has difficulty in
passing that information on to the conscious-thought level of the mind. And whilst knowing specific
names is important to the process of forming connections to specific workstations, just making a low-
level hook-up to the world - through which you know nobody but at the same time know they are there
with you - can be reassuring to those who believed that they were on their own.

As long as a person's Thought and Action are positive then they are automatically speaking a
'language' that is compatible with the mechanics of the Universe. If their level of positivity is 'in the
red' though (i.e their 'positivity meter' is completely mis-tuned), it is as though their mind is speaking
incomprehensible 'Horde Language' to the Universe.

When one's positivity is blazing green and they are perfectly fluent in conversation with Universal
mechanics then their mind is are able to freely interact wit the Universal mechanics on an unconscious
level. A person is slowed down though in real life when they have a low internal meter that reflects a
lack of energy and a state of depression. There are always ways though to receive temporary boosts
to one's meter, such as eating food, being shown kindness, going to church etc. This gives the person
the assurance that even if their life gets in a bad state, there is a path that will allow them to recover
and subsequently improve their life.

When developing interactive content for lower-powered handheld gaming devices, using graphics
techniques such as cel shading can make up for an inability to run realistic graphics.

Music is a way of transmitting programming to human minds and physiologies via frequency tones
without them realizing. It is also a way of interacting with and healing the Earth's own 'Earth Song' (if
one thinks of the Earth in the same way as a human physiology).

If visionary people add their ideas to an interactive simulation world or a videogame that allows user-
generated content, others can then experience those ideas and spark off new concepts.

If you are taking the kids on a road trip this summer vacation and are dreading the inevitable child
drama that comes with in-journey boredom ...

why not give them a play tool with endless variation by installing a standalone offline version of
OpenSim (available for the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems) on a small 'netbook' laptop so
that the kids can effectively have an offline version of SL's creation tools to distract them and reduce
the cries of "Are we there yet?".

Remember to pack plenty of batteries for the netbook though unless you have one of those hand
wind-up chargers (hey, now there's an idea for giving your kids' arms some exercise!). If you are really
technically adventurous then you could look into installing Linux and the Linux version of OpenSim
onto an old Sony PSP handheld!

Put a multimedia marketing plan in place that will enable your organization to cheaply promote its
products / content and services across a wide spectrum of markets through your own promotional
presences (such as websites, publications, downloadable materials, virtual world presences, etc) and
so not need to spend a lot of money on advertising via other companies.

Having an eye-catching goodbye-banner above the exit of your store, library, office, etc makes a bold
and pleasing statement to visitors that makes them want to come again.

An over-reliance on electronic distribution means that if the internet or electronics are disabled in the
future (by electricity grid failures, electronics-dusrupting sunspot activity, terrorism, etc) then your
digital content would become useless as print and word of mouth once again become the primary
methods of information access.

Supporting both digital and print means that you wisely hedge your bets for the future. As an aside, it
is also worth mentioning that 'steampunked' body limb augments based on hydraulics such as air
pressure / fluid would not be disabled by lack of electricity in the event of a future disaster!

An amazing product packaging cover-image sets the tone for the contents inside the packaging. This
principle is highlighted by the way in which videogame magazines often use images from product
packaging or adverts for their covers and simply overlay their own text over that image.

If the school principal's office was decorated as though it is a place that demonstrates an inspiring,
colorful vision that students, staff and parents can latch onto rather than having the grim décor of a
prison governor's office then there may be more of a positive impact on visitors to that office and the
principals themselves might feel more energized.

Physical exercise can be combined with book study. Tensing of the muscles creates a connection
between the 'main brain' and the nervous system. Putting the whole of the body in a state of tension
alerts all nerves to be prepared to send and receive signals.

If the student commences an unthinking, instinctive exercise rhythm whilst the conscious mind focuses
on study material (much like gym users who run on treadmills while watching television) then they can
strengthen body and mind simultaneously!

Non-educational cartoons can be historically educational. Examples where old text-novel stories are
presented in a youth friendly / modernised form that can help to teach American / world history

- Mysterious Cities of Gold

- Kissyfur (30s Deep South style setting)

- Hercules (the Disney movie)

- Warner Bros' Histeria

- Around the World with Willy Fogg

- Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

- The Trigan Empire (a representation of Ancient Rome)

- Sherlock Hound
      The Silver Brumby.

Providing each student with a Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita or iPod Touch / iPad would enable
school districts to simultaneously address adult education, since the parents would likely also have a
play on the device.

This 'reaching two target markets with one initiative' program could reduce school costs overall even
after expenditure on the handheld units by reducing the need to open school buildings for adult night
school learners in the evenings and reduce the cost of paying evening class instructors. Providing
materials digitally via the web browser on the device also allows the number of course subjects offered
to be increased and enables busy parents to stay at home and learn.

In the Nineties, kids carried portable games consoles and their cartridges / peripherals around in
cases. They still do for modern handhelds such as the 3DS too. For schools that give out devices
such as iPod Touch / iPad to their students, a case may also be a good way to transport around these
edu-friendly tools.

'Strange animal' fiction such as the Wuzzles is not such an unusual and unbelievable concept if you
frame it in terms of the incredible, bizarre animals being discovered in the natural world (e.g the

The values of your organization should extend to every department of the organization's structure,
because ultimately everything you do – whether in development, financial or marketing – has an effect
on the customer and the product / service quality that they receive.

If your service standards have some visible weaknesses in any area at all of the business, offline or
on, then address them or make your strong assets so great that the weaknesses are less noticeable.
A busy community will usually make you aware of problems that they perceive before you fully
recognize them yourselves.

At the end of the twentieth century, libraries began to enable users to bring stories to life by providing
space for amateur drama performances.

In the twenty-first century, this drawing forth of stories from the mind into the real world can be
expanded upon by attaching motion sensors to the performers that transmit data to a camera. The
camera converts the movement of the users into movement of an avatar in a digital story displayed
live on a screen for other library users outside of the drama to observe and follow.

A more affordable method of mixing live performance with digital stories than the 'drama studio'
example is to make use of Augmented Reality technology that mixes with live video footage from a
cheap webcam-quality camera with live computer generated interactive imagery.
Packaging information into rigidly labeled categories such as 'education', 'business', 'sport', etc and
not taking time to look at the ideas outside of one's favorite category and then attempt to translate
them for use in your own area of expertise means that a planet's worth of useful information is

It is said 'there are only 7 original ideas in the world and all other ideas are descended from those
seven ideas'. If this is the case, then it shows that knowledge does not have to be a mass of fixed-
position islands but rather a series of oceans that freely intermix with each other. Sometimes the
'knowledge water' stays in a particular ocean, sometimes it drifts off into a neighboring ocean and
sometimes it is evaporated, carried on clouds and dropped far from its last location. Ocean life is a
constant cycle of flows and evaporations / rainfalls. It does not matter where the idea water came
from, it is where it lands and what happens to it next that matters!

One way in which this concept can be used for rapid idea generation is to create or locate a numbered
list of all genres of information and then have a random number generator pick out a pair of numbers
from a number range corresponding to the number of genres in the list and examine whether there is
any way that those two genres can be mixed together in a new way. Alternatively, one can just
generate a single random number, find the corresponding number on the list of genres that you
created / found earlier and try to combine that genre with a particular topic that you are interested in.

Good ideas often happen whilst in the bathroom because the tensing of the muscles creates a
connection between the 'main brain' and the nervous system. The connection between brain and
nervous system is like the relationship a tree and its roots. The nerves along the spine are the main
'network cable' joining the brain network to the nervous-system network.

Putting the whole of the body in a state of tension alerts all nerves to be prepared to send and receive
signals (a principle tested in real life by giving young students upright-backed stiff plastic seats to sit
on). It is therefore an excellent idea to place some form of notepad / wipeable board and pen in the
bathroom so that you do not have to hold an idea in your memory until you can reach a pen. An
alternative remembering strategy is to tear a piece of tissue into the shape of an alphabetic letter that
will act as a prompt for your memory.

One of the great problems of long-term information archiving is finding a storage format that will still be
able to be accessed decades or hundreds of years from now.

Information could therefore conceivably be sequenced into DNA strands and then coated in amber
(like the blood-filled mosquito fossils that provided modern day scientists with dinosaur DNA) so that
those lumps of amber could be stored for a very long period of time without any degradation of the

Scientists of the far future could then extract the DNA from the amber and retrieve the information (as
long as they had the scientific knowledge to do so). Perhaps by then science would have automated
DNA scanners that could read the DNA without even extracting it. You could prepare for this by using
an amber mold that shapes the amber flow into a small disk to that it sets in that shape.
Using and controlling Second Life and other 3D worlds on an interactive whiteboard to add to its edu-
value: for this idea to become more popular, it requires:

(a) schools to be able to afford to install these boards in the first place, and (b) a wider acceptance of
the use in schools of client-download based 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life®. If both of these
conditions are present in a school then Second Life or worlds like it could conceivably be interfaced
with like a Nintendo DS or iPhone, with the student coming up to the whiteboard and touching it with
the teacher's board pointer as though they were using a DS stylus.

Because the DS has also penetrated into family homes, adults may also be more comfortable with
touch pointer controls than they are with using a home computer, meaning that adult education
classes could be presented in a way that is less intimidating. If a school cannot afford one of these
whiteboards, or even a projector, they could get interaction on the cheap by sending a computer signal
to a large tv screen via an S-Video cable and controlling the pointer with a wireless controller via a
sensor bar placed atop or under the television.

The stronger in confidence a person is, the less likely they are to be poorly behaved in order to try to
encourage others to like them. Self confidence also makes it easier for people to mentally stand up to
racist taunts and shrug them off.

Connecting young people with politics and elections through gaming: the best way to go about this
may be through gaming simulators such as Sim City, allowing kids to test how their policy opinions
would play out if put into action.

By using this method, a teacher cannot be accused of being partisan. This could act as a springboard
for discussion about elections. Sim City 3000 can be legally downloaded for no cost as freeware now.
It is doubtful whether school IT departments would permit it on their computers but it could perhaps be
placed on a USB Flash stick and run in the classroom from that.

Features in virtual worlds that are desirable to parents and teachers to enable their children / students
to safely use these worlds include:

- chat moderation

- chat filters

- 'adult accounts' to monitor children


- earning in-game currency

- starting your own business
- friends list

- 'ultimate safe chat' option (no text / voice talk, perhaps some 'The Sims' style symbols)

- build tools.

Playing music in a store from a radio or over the tannoy can be pleasing to people, as it sends the
message that the atmosphere of the store is relaxed and not too stuffy.

Town / city authorities may be encouraged by schools to place a wi-fi internet hotspot in a park area
that students can benefit from during out-of-school hours if they are convinced that it would be a social
and economic benefit for the whole community as well (e.g business people on their lunch break).

Something that the majority of people have in common is that their moods are affected by negative
interactions with other humans, whether the detractors be family, friends, customers or work
colleagues. We are told that we should not allow unpleasant situations to 'get under our skin' and yet
when they occur we often find we have little defense against them.

Whilst we may be able to control our outer emotions through application of calm discipline, the inner
self may be seething with suppressed irritation and anger that colors our attitude to the aggressor and
therefore hinders the process of finding a solution to the complaint that compelled the other person to
initiate the argument. In any argument, the worst action the person on the receiving end can take is to
alter their emotional state to match that of the aggrieved. If the complainant is angry then counter with
calmness. If they are childish then respond with mature reasoning. Instead of lowering yourself to
their emotional level, you must instead raise them up to yours.

Doing so can ordinarily be a slow process that demands great patience and perseverance on the part
of the persuader. During dialogue, we invisibly transmit our emotional energy between each other. If
an angry mind is responded to with more anger by the other person or persons involved in the conflict
then the fury feeds on itself and magnifies to far greater proportions and the argument becomes a war
in which neither side can reach a peaceful resolution, the consequences of which can sometimes be
disastrous. So it is vital to close yourself off from the emotion and remain the rock of calm amidst the
howling storm that the other person is projecting towards you.

You can encourage home console browser users to access your web services if the interface is
compatible with joypad / stylus and motion-control use. Websites that are strongly based on
'touchable' links are likely to fare better in console and handheld browsers than a heavily Flash-based
one with a lot of complex interactions.

If you aim to ensure that your work becomes 'written in the heart' for the long term then it means that it
must be designed to stand a chance of becoming a way of life rather than a text guide, much like holy
books such as the Bible and Qu'ran are quotable from memory.

If your work is not easily verbally quotable then you should make it easy for parents and teachers to
pass this way of life down the generations through visual example by enabling them to show the
principles at work in the world and the benefits of them. This is far better than just giving youths a
book or a verbal lecture that may be ignored. Encourage adults to be evangelistic examples by openly
and regularly practising the principles of your work themselves in their everyday lives in the sight of
young people.

Dreams are a gateway to the unconscious. Lucid dreaming gives access to an even deeper sandbox.
Mostly though, dreams are a place for receival of unusual information rather than a place for
conscious creative prototyping.

Information received during sleep is like a jigsaw puzzle box full of mixed up pieces that, on first sight,
seem hard to fit together. You take a few pieces at a time and try to join them together. Sometimes
you can see that a couple of pieces likely go near to each other (although you are not certain), and so
you try to find more pieces that might fit that gap in order to join the grouping of pieces together and
reveal a bit more of the larger picture. If then covert all of that assembled textual information into
imagery then it becomes much easier to arrange those image pieces into compatible groupings and
create links between the knowledge gaps that lead to a complete picture.

Painters across the ages have always understood that the ability to express the invisible internal
contents of the mind on a visible canvas creates understanding between the artist and viewer, and
between people who will never meet the artist (who discuss the artist's inner mental landscapes)..
Like children draw their ideal world in crayon, it is possible for us too to 'crayon out' a rough structure
of our perfect business structure, our ideal personal life or even a blueprint for an almost perfect world.
Because all matter in the universe is composed of atoms, we literally -are- the shapeable sand in the

Placing kiosks outside the entrance of your building sends a positive message to customers / visitors
that you are placing trust in them and believing that you will not steal from or vandalize the kiosk..

Although putting files and folders on display on shelves behind a library counter may make for easy
access for staff, it does not look attractive to library users. It is therefore better to put stock on display
on the rear shelves and have the files out of sight in shelving or drawers under the counter.

Schools could put an arcade machine cabinet in a school break room that runs edu-games off a PC or
console inside the cabinet. If the cabinet requires coins to operate then it could be a school fund-
raising source and prevent 'game hogging' fights due to people staying on the unit for the entire break
for endless free games. An empty cabinet can either be rented from an arcade machine sales
company or created in the school woodcraft workshop, making it even more of an educational project.

If the school is in a poor area then instead of using coins to play, it could run on 'play time cards' given
out by teachers in exchange for excellent work or a contribution to the school / community that let the
student play a game for free for a certain amount of time when a code written on the card is inputted
into the game. The cheapest implementation of this system might be an ordinary desktop computer in
the break area that runs on time-code cards given out by teachers. Schools could sell cabinets made
by students to arcade businesses and home arcade devotees (both in unfinished kit form that the
buyer decorates themselves or in a professional finished form that the woodcraft workshop teacher
adds to the students' cabinets), with the revenue raised going into school funds.

Alternatively, the workshop could get the students to produce other kinds of woodcraft products that
there is a need for in the local community. Schools with a craft department have a huge commercial
advantage in that they already have the tools - they just need to go a step further and have people use
those tools to make sellable products. Another commercial revenue stream that schools can open up
is to set up a games 'lounge' surrounded by recording equipment, with a student testing team whose
play services could be hired out to videogames developers. Videogames companies reportedly have
great difficulty in getting access to school students to test products that are aimed at those youth age
groups prior to the product's release so that they can gather valuable feedback to help them refine the
game before its release.

Learning through puppets and toy play sets: if you choose a play set that represents intellectual
property (IP) ideas similar to the lessons you want the student to learn then that obviously reduces the
amount of creative visualization required.

It is like creating your own 'fan fiction' with the toys. For more imaginative students, using any toy IP –
even toys they already own at home – will suffice, as they will be able to substitute the IP for their own

One way that teachers may be able to utilize this system is to provide downloadable 'script synopses'
that give an outline of a scenario and the characters that will be involved, with brief biographies short
enough to allow creative flexibility by the student. It is about minimizing cost and thus increasing
appeal by using whatever acting-out resources are already in the home or school.

As well as providing instant access to products and information in an online virtual reality simulation of
a library, there could be a certain pleasure in providing 'physical' virtual objects in that digital
environment for library users to leaf through as though they were in a store or at a yard sale.
Discovery is fun!

Provide the 'proof' part of 'proof of concept' when demonstrating products & service ideas. Even when
a project is touchable or playable, there is an element of 'vaporware' doubt until it can be tested
hands-on by skeptical reviewers under practical conditions where things can go wrong. In effect, one
should place the product or service under challenging 'stress test' conditions to see how it holds up
under pressure.

Libraries do not have to simply be places where books are read but also where they are created!
Offering users an affordable book editing and publishing service, in combination with online publishing-
wizard websites such as Lulu and CafePress to provide digital hosting of book content and hard-copy
printing of created books and music albums / data disks can make the library a hub for creativity as
well as literacy and imagination.

All lifeforms on Earth are temporary custodians of it for future generations - maintenance engineers,
even - and have a responsibility for its health regardless of whether they are intellectually capable or
willing to acknowledge it. If the global network is polluted then everything dependent on it sickens.

The oceans, land and sky cannot be contaminated without direct consequences to the contaminators
themselves; the ultimate deterrent to selfishness.

Even in self-imposed isolation from the rest of humanity though, the polluter can not indefinitely
escape the harm they have caused once the air and water turn bad, the food chain is tainted and the
rising oceans flood cities.

If schools provide a small outside land plot for gardening then students can learn about cultivating
plants and vegetables and interactions of wildlife with that garden even in the city.

Being an employee – or especially a manager – of a store can feel empowering, especially when you
have access to back-room areas that other people never get to see into.

If literacy is falling then provide information to youths in alternate formats that they will be interested in.

The same applies to comic books instead of textbooks. Comics are not a bad learning tool to enhance
literacy so long as the teacher follows their use up with more traditional text-based materials once the
student's literacy level has risen.

A virtual exhibit (e.g a future library) can feel more natural if contextual posters / objects are used
instead of textual ones (such as a videogame poster and boxes on the shelves that obviously look like
videogame boxes), instead of a 'your library users could borrow videogames' text poster.

Statistics claim that America has a 30% high school dropout rate and is 27th in the world for STEM,
but whenever a videogames development course is opened there is an overwhelming number of

Schools can therefore potentially reduce dropouts by combining a high school games course (or a
course run in partnership with a local community college or university) with an 'earn as you learn'
system to simultaneously address the students who drop out due to needing to leave school to make
income for their family.

“Nature abhors a monopoly” - this means that new competitors always spring up. Who are your
competitors right now? What are they offering that you aren't? What are you offering that they aren't?
And what are they doing right and doing wrong?

A healthy life is one that is finely balanced between reason and open-minded belief.

Consider a school program where students dissect fictional engineering to explore the theory of its
technological and scientific principles and then apply those principles to real modern-day STEM.

The most popular sci-fi series often have accompanying books that explain the science of that fictional
universe. If teachers select a series to cover and then read up about its science in such a book then
they can relate the book's contents to real science and construct lesson plans around it.

Sambiglyon Community Manager and degree-qualified engineer Fleet Goldenberg once wrote a
description of how 'being in the flow' felt during the designing of a starship engine: “I can see in my
mind how one system interacts with another, and visualize the burning plasma gases, the lighting-up
of ion thruster exhausts, the squeezing action of the electromagnetic plasma constrictors. and the 3-
dimensional curvature of the magnetic fields' lines of force, the careful control of ions and electrons.
It's exciting!”. In other words, STEM students whose imaginations are fired by science fiction can
mentally place themselves doing / seeing something instead of just reading / writing about it.

When communicating with outside organizations, plan specific desired objectives to achieve (e.g. “get
them to agree to a meeting”) instead of aiming for vague goals like “improve the professional

If you have a product in development that will be ready for the launch date of a next-generation
hardware platform then you are more likely to gain the platform-holder company's interest, support and
priveliged access to knowledge and resources.

Consider how to target your content, products and services at countries that are emerging from
dictatorship into democracy.

Environmental researchers could create a cheap $2 inflatable soccer ball with a lightweight camera /
microphone integrated into it that can travel in every environment, flying in winds and floating on water.
It would be able to record onto a memory card for as long as the camera / microphone batteries last.
Like with people who send out helium balloons with tags attached, the recorded data could be
recovered by the researchers by placing information on the ball about how whomever finds the ball
can contact the researchers for a reward by arranging for the memory card to be posted or collected
by the researchers in person.

Giant office statues of fictional Intellectual Property (IP) characters like those in the offices of
videogame developers could be cheaply constructed by putting clothes and a rubber mask over a
chicken-wire / coat-hanger wire frame.

It is impressive to customers if you can describe your products as exceeding 'military specification' in
their ruggedness and features. One has to first know though what the 'military spec' standard for your
type of product is though before it can be exceeded in the product design.

Identify with students' free-time lives as well as their school-hours life. This does not have to be
anything as intrusive as following individual students' hobbies, but rather just periodically staying in
touch with current general interests by reading youth websites such as Cartoon Network and 4Kids, as
such sites often cross-connect with youth interests outside of their primary purpose (e.g television
cartoon broadcasting).

A great content creator is similar to a Michelin-star restaurant chef. You may have some awesome
ingredients on the kitchen worktop and some great recipes. Now you need to perfect how to put the
ingredients together to create the yummy content that everyone will love! As the 'head chef', the
content creator needs to pep up their passion and self-belief to get the very best results from the
assembled ingredients!

Open world sandbox' virtual worlds and videogames such as 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Just Cause' offer
their users access to huge, seamless, realistically constructed environments.

More importantly though for their potential use as teaching aids, they can also provide 'pause points' in
those simulations, like long distance truckers in real life stopping overnight at hotels or taking rest
periods at a truck stop area at the side of a road. In addition, open-world games with a rural
environment in them could be used as a 'rural science / natural history' tuition tool, where certain
elements of the environment (e.g trees and topography) are pointed out to the student so that they can
explore them.

Pioneers, like the Wright Brothers, are often unsupported in their pursuits and have to rely on their self
belief and their belief in what they are creating in order to see their ideas through.
This can actually be beneficial in the earlier stages of research though, since it forces one to draw on
their inner resources to create bold new ideas outside of the mainstream research labs that stick to
'rules'. It is when the researcher needs funds for materials and equipment that backing becomes vital.
This is when science can go wrong as researchers desperately go down bad routes to realise their
dream (a common theme in movies and television).

Complex statistics can be expressed simply in terms of color and brightness, with a greater color
intensity showing a higher numerical stats range.

This actually has a lot of commonalities with real life: looking at the colors of the sky, for example, can
give visual clues about the 'stats' of the weather physics going on in that area of sky. In the same way,
looking at a flame's color can give information about its chemical processes.

One of the barriers to getting great leaders to the places where they are needed most is time and

A school could could potentially bring educational experts remotely into real-world school
environments by attaching a live-streaming webcam (or, more simply, a camera-equipped cellphone)
to a remote control vehicle and so enable experts to drive the car (which would be accompanied by
adult walkers to open doors for it) around a school under their internet-enabled control and explore a
school site interactively whilst talking back and forth live with the adult walkers accompanying the car.

Of course, you could say it would be easier just for the walkers to hold up the video cellphone and
point it at things, but putting it in a car format lets the expert go wherever he wants to in the school and
not just be led only to the parts that the walkers want him to see (which usually means not showing the
worst parts!). It means that if the expert sees something that he instantly recognizes as a problem
then he can drive towards it and ask the school staff probing questions about it.

Something that most of the personal hobbies and activities of students have in common is that they
cannot be exploited for commercial purposes.

This does not matter to youths though, who do it mostly for fun and challenges. They do though
provide transferable practical skills for future careers. It is difficult for educators to encourage students
to do these things if the student is not already doing them, because they do it because they want to.

Spend smartly, not hugely (less can sometimes be more), and think boldly!

The only difference between natives / urbanites and rich / poor is opportunity, or lack of it. People
living close to nature can be as smart as city scientists if given the chance. This is a point indicated by
the varied members of the Planeteers in the ecological cartoon show 'Captain Planet and the
Implementing the teaching of love, respect and ethics for K-4 age kids: since kids often say “Why?”
when asked to do something, the best format is probably one where fictional characters show them
why they should follow the principles.

At K-4 level, videos and simple parent-read story books are probably best, followed in later years by
introduction into gaming and comic products. It can help to prepare them for the fact that there is pain
in the world by reading them 'real life' fiction stories where something bad happens to a character (e.g
falling over and having to go to hospital), with things being okay in the end.

Many of the world's top 50 blogs are tech-blogs like TechCrunch, Wired, Kotaku, Google, Engadget
etc. They did not get to the top just because they are about technology though.

They got to the top because they are effective in how they create excellent-quality huge, loyal
communities and they are excellent at breaking big stories. If you cannot easily find such stories for
your own blog then you or your organization should do things that set the news agenda for everyone

During 2011, glasses-free 3D televisions and computer monitors began to appear. The sizes that the
screens were available in tended to be limited though, as 3D glasses-free displays are at present
awkward for manufacturers to scale up to large sizes. If a person or organization requires a very large
display for 3D applications but does not wish to use glasses then they could attach a number of the
screens together in stacked rows and set the computer to a multi-monitor display output so that a
single image appears in giant size, each screen displaying a part of that single great picture.

Positivity is primarily in the mind but is supported by a positive physicality and physiology – if you feel
good then it is easier to think good thoughts.

Mind also affects physicality and physiology, so it is an equal two-way relationship. Like a computer, if
you set a person up to be in an optimum state and exclude any bad 'software drivers' then it will
respond to inputs much faster. At the highest levels of positivity, one becomes immune to stress

Youths can hand-make simple DIY science and technology tools instead of needing to buy expensive
commercial ones if they have the simple determination to advance their skills, the ability to do a web-
search to find out how to kit out their project as cheaply yet effectively as possible and are prepared to
invest their free time in constructing those tools .

The culture of 'Anthropomorphic Furry Fandom' is a great way to connect with a both a fun-loving adult
user-base and cartoon-loving young people across a broad range of demographics, rich and poor.
Maybe a furry section of a school library could be provided!

A 2007 survey showed that 38% of adults who identified themselves as furry were primarily interested
in it as a route for socialising, furry artwork sharing and dressing up ('cosplay'). A larger survey found
that the majority of Furs considered themselves human, whilst only 9% (a sector who call themselves
Therians) did not consider themselves human at all. This demonstrates that the Furry fandom is
overall a healthy and normal culture for youths to explore.

Strapping a heavy rucksack to the front of youths will show them what the weight of carrying a baby
feels like.

Poor families who cannot afford many toys may be able to be helped without damaging their pride if
the school gathers together old toys and signs them out on indefinite loan to any students (thereby not
creating rich-poor discrimination if taking one toy is made compulsory).

Soccer is all about physics and geometry.

A great need for schools, aside from money, is more land space for additional buildings.

Schools can use their existing space more efficiently so that they can re-purpose some of their land for
new applications if they move some of their activities into community facilities. The school must allow
extra time in the curriculum for these movements to and from external facilities, but using this method
may prove more affordable than buying land and creating new buildings even if fees must be paid for
daytime use of community facilities.

Because supermarkets can buy products at lower trade prices than independent stores, those
independents sometimes go around supermarkets and buy as much of an item as they are allowed to
in order to sell them in their own store at a higher price but still lower than the price they would have
had to charge if they had obtained the stock first-hand from a supplier.

A way to reach sight-disabled people is through touch is a '3D sticker' that users can feel the surface
of. Custom stickers are available to buy from internet suppliers – search for '3D stickers'.

A particularly common problem with integrating a third party technology with a commercial gaming /
simulation platform is that it often falls foul of the platform's End User License Agreement (EULA).
This could be avoided though if one created an all-worlds interface as an 'always on top' strip that sat
on top of the client window of applications like 'World of Warcraft' but was not directly built into the
viewer software. This overlay could act as an 'assist' that enhances the power of the virtual
experience, with the user switching back and forth between the client or overlay being the active
application at a given moment by using a simple keypress / mouse-click or a voice command.

In other words, whenever the overlay is the 'active application', the control scheme is switched to that
application. So while the Space bar might make a WoW avatar jump when the client window is active,
the same key might make something else happen when the overlay is the active window. This
interface could be simplified further by mapping keystrokes to a joypad using a keystroke-to-joypad
mapping application. In the 'overlay strip' version of the assist application, information from a web
server could be streamed to the strip and displayed on it without violating platform EULAs (as it's a
separate application from the main virtual-world client). In some cases, you may also be able to use a
scripting language to construct a Plug-In that works directly with the viewer (like the Add-Ons
supported in WoW), removing the need to switch between the main window and the assist strip.
Whether one would be able to stream web content to this plug-in would depend on the rules of a
specific platform's EULA though.

Some childrens cartoon shows are very good at teaching moralistic lessons; the writers of the stories
first identify the moral lessons that they want to teach and then wrap a story around them where the
character first does something the wrong way and then learns the right way.

Whilst you may not be able to show these shows to students within a school due to broadcast
licensing rules, you can point students towards where they can find such resources outside school.
For example, YouTube is an excellent archive of such clips, especially as the student can be directed
by the teacher to 'quick clips' that only show the part of the show that provides the moral and they do
not then have to watch the entire episode. American shows for kids sometimes have an 'educational
and psychological consultant' in the credits – this fact can be used to justify to administrators the
educational value of a show that on initial examination may appear to have no such value.

You may have no shortage of raw material for new content. The final barrier to turning it into finished
content for your users though is often the question of "Is this going to be received well? Will our users
care about it?"

Without feedback, it is okay to take risks on things that are quick to produce, but larger projects seem -
too- risky if you don't have any clue if there's a demand for them.

Sometimes, the best you can hope for is to be able to repurpose the material into something else, or
convert to other formats, if it is ignored when originally released. There is no such thing as a sure
thing! Videogame publishing companies do this a lot.

Youths should be encouraged to introduce new boyfriends / girlfriends to their parents, and the parents
likewise encouraged to give the boyfriend / girlfriend a chance (if the child and date are both of an
appropriate age, that is). They are less likely to be rebellious - and therefore careless - and meet in
secret if the parents do not reject their child's dates.
Modern day students assimilate a lot of information concurrently from many different sources
(television, web, Facebook, Twitter, etc). A school make use of this fact with a web portal for their
users where all of the content that that individual user is interested in converges on a single page, with
Xbox-like panes that the user can flick between.

Students who do not naturally excel at athletic ability may prefer to participate in school sports on a
more equal level by developing new sports science methodologies for 'jocks' (like a race team 'pit
crew') and then subsequently applying that research to themselves in order to improve their own
athletic capabilities.

In environments that are being explored by researchers via remote-vehicles where a remote controlled
vehicle is likely to get stuck at some point in the exploration (e.g in Arctic snow), then you can design
in features to overcome the anticipated obstacles.

For example, for an Arctic related project you could create a custom vehicle design that combines a
remote control car with a remote control helicopter so that if the vehicle becomes stuck then you can
pick up the chopper remote and 'heli-lift' the vehicle out of its stuck position.

'Mom Blogs' can be an easier way to promotionally reach mothers, who are likely to be the biggest
influencers of their childrens' internet usage. You can also market to teens directly through other
medias that they may obtain through your organization (e.g websites, publications, blogs, games, etc)
you can find lists of popular mom blogs on the internet.

A problem that you may encounter with this marketing approach though is that you cannot tell mom
blogs what to write, and trying to sweet-talk a mom is not likely to get you anywhere either! The most
popular mom blogs do not seem to be as much about the experiences of the mom so much as
highlighting a relentless series of special offer coupons or testing products that have been sent to
them for review. The popularity of these sites may indicate that the priorities of mom-blog readers are
not so much about wanting to hear about the personal experiences of others as they are about
vacuuming up special offers from your organization and others to save them precious money).

The art of 'mom promotion' is to make yourself so useful and irresistible to moms and their kids that
they feel compelled to blog positively about you. How can you do this? The most obvious attraction is
for you to provide moms with an affordable (some parts free) yet high quality education for their child,
either in complement to what is taught in high schools or as a home-schooling aid. If you cannot
leverage Mom directly then you may be able to provide products with a price range within the child's
allowance that the child can purchase and then expose to their parents to make them aware of your
brand and increase the likelihood of future purchases of your products and services.

Ancient Greece / Egypt and other antiquities can teach us about the present and future, since the
same ideas go round and round over the ages.
If a school has an overhead acetate projector and projection screen (perhaps because it cannot afford
an interactive whiteboard) then teachers can take this idea further by hanging a 'curtain' of taped-
together acetate sheets over a projector screen containing an acetate projection image of a book page
and then have the students come up to the front of the class and write over the top of the projection on
the wipeable acetate curtain using the teacher's marker pen. This process enables raw information to
be 'rezzed' by the student into an easy to understand visual form.

Although it is possible for students to write directly onto the original acetate on the projector in order to
make their doodles appear on the main projection screen, this is an awkward task due to the small
size of the acetate and its tendency to slide around the top of the projector as a person draws on it.
Drawing on the big 'acetate curtain' at the front of the class instead will ensure a far more comfortable
annotating experience for the student and be more interesting to students observing the presentation.

Raw un-formed data can be 'solidified' into a visual form (e.g 3D content), and likewise, 3D content
can be broken down into a single universal raw data format.

This raw data is an analogue, electric-less form that can flow to every corner of the world like the
blood in a person's circulatory system or the waters of an ocean without needing any particular
technology platform to travel and then make it incredibly easy for users to solidify those raw materials
into useful applications that are perfectly tailored for their needs. Presenting information in purely
visual form is a means of global information communication that requires no language be to
understood and is carried to all parts of the information oceans.

If a library looks through its inventory of stock from time to time then they are likely to find some 'lost'
gems that had been forgotten about and deserve to be highlighted to the library's users.

If a town / city can provide subsidies to youth entertainments (for example, amusement arcades or
videogame rooms) in exchange for the owners of those premises lowering the prices of the activities
to allowance-affordable prices or a single entry price then it will keep more kids off the streets and
gather them in a safe, supervised environment.

Life plans can be considered in terms of videogame 'Achievements': you would like to reach the
desired goals but failing to do so does not mean that your central mission is a failure.

Practicing electronics can be made more affordable for students if broken old devices are stripped
down for parts (e.g. wires, resistors and capacitors) and the students are given the parts in the
classroom on the condition that they only connect to a battery and do not attempt to connect their
creations to the mains. Such dispensing of parts and building of new items under teacher supervision
should be preceded by electrical / electronics safety lessons in class.

Duplo brick trees can be used by the sight disabled in conjunction with or instead of braille printed
pages (or also by international users and those not good at visualization) to 'feel' their way around a
tree and its branches.

If you assign meanings to the branches and verbally instruct the user in those meanings then this can
act act as a tactile information navigation system for the blind.

An advantage of Duplo trees is that you can plug in as many or as few trunk and branch sections as
you want inbetween the base and canopy brick sections, just like a real tree, and so expand the size
of the information structure or keep it as simple as you want it to be (e.g for younger sight-disabled

An Second Life® or OpenSim sim will load into a viewer faster if its textures and scripts are optimised
– viewer lag is not always the fault of the viewer software.

Ideas are right in front of you. Look to the book shelf for design inspiration for games and interactive

Like the videogame 'Super Paper Mario', it is possible for your users to switch between a 2D and 3D
website at will if you design a synergy of layout between your 2D site and 3D presences so that when
a user switches to that 3D presence via a link from the website then it appears that the site content is
'popping up' into 3D. An excellent way to implement this is to make use of HTML 5's ability to embed
game-like interactive content into the browser instead of having it as a separate application.

Through harnessed potential, the best and brightest ideas are given solid form.

An analysis by Sambiglyon of a popular childrens magazine lead to the following conclusions about
producing print content for this market:
- Do not talk to kids in your youth publications as though they are mentally disabled.

- Do not do weird things with your IP that come off as insulting to the intelligence, like giving Pokemon
human speech bubbles.

- If kids send you letters to a letters page in a magazine or to a discussion forum, thank them for the
letter at the start of your reply (this is something Club Penguin does on their online letters page as
- If you publish young kids' fan art on a gallery page, you need to have a strong stomach for awful art
and publish it without criticising.

- Kids seem to like puzzle pages.

If a person can sing live and dance well at the same time (like Michael Jackson) then they can
potentially be a superstar.

Persuading the boss to buy you something expensive: end users respond more positively to feature
listings on products than their bosses, who care more about the 'end pricepoint'.

Movies like Top Gun that feature large machines that undergo regular maintenance can demonstrate
to students the engineering principles of complex machines (including nuclear reactors) that require
critical safety upkeep.

This could be best done by providing virtual simulations based on public generic blueprints of
components such as jet engines that can be disassembled, reassembled in a virtual environment and
then tested.

Teenagers today have the same basic instincts and motivations that they did twenty years ago. If a
teacher of parent bears this in mind then it makes it easier to relate to modern youths using your own
life experience and memories of what it was like to be young.

It would be great if the number of different key presses involved in controlling an online world could be
reduced, wouldn't it? Well, it is possible to do so and provide an easier 'context-sensitive button'
control experience for new users.

If you identify all of the control actions that are only triggered when the mouse cursor is over a
particular item on the screen (e.g a URL link) then you can use a keypress-to-joypad button convertor
application such as the PC-based 'Joy2Key' or a Mac equivalent like 'CarvWare'. to assign all of those
different actions to a single joypad button press.

A dissectable frog would be fairly easy to set up in the online virtual world Second Life® if you had a
model of a frog made from unlinked pieces that can be dragged off to reveal the parts underneath.
This disassembly principle also applies to many other forms of biological and technological
disassembly, including electronics hardware
Don't be a stranger. Go out to scout other people and organizations to work in partnership with you.

An affordable method of mixing live performance with digital stories is to make use of Augmented
Reality technology that mixes live video footage (for example, from a cellphone or other camera-
equipped handheld device) with live artificial imagery generated by a software application running on
the device.

Hone your 'negative thought alarm' to quickly correct undesirable thought behaviors. When your
positivity is low then this closes off creativity.

People will tolerate a high difficulty level if the difficulty is perceived to be fair (that is, failure is solely
the user's fault and can be overcome by training one's skills further).

The disadvantage of looking up at a big tree with a long way to climb is that such a sight can be
demotivating – it is less so though if you invoke a life-long mindset of 'it is the journey that counts'.
Having stop-off points on that journey, pausing on the branches at periodic levels to rest and 'save
your position', is important.

A great organization helps its partner organizations to grow. The more that you strive to meet the
partner's needs, the better your own organization will become through that challenge. Strong
partnerships also highlight your organization as one that is stable and accomplished.

If someone needs to do something that they are not skilled in (e.g drive a monster truck) then cool
super-confidence and lack of fear can in part compensate for lack of knowledge in that particular skill.
Practise can do the rest.

Students in Physical Education class should be taught that they should have a shower, bath or hand-
wash and, if possible, change their clothes after working up a sweat - whether they have been on the
sports field or taking part in a long gym session.

The reason for this is firstly in order to rid themselves of smelly, skin-irritating, acne creating body odor.
The other reason is that so they are pleasant to stand near! If the school does not have shower
facilities then gym class should ideally be scheduled for the last class session of the day.
If one of your products / services is very expensive due to the costs required to offer it (e.g books
offered through online publishing services such as Lulu and CafePress) then record a dvd disc of
additional content on a computer dvd-writer drive and bundle it free with the product to increase the
perceived value of the product to the customer.

People love an instruction manual that has had a lot of effort put into producing it.

Aim to amaze your users with every single aspect of your product or service. Leave them breathless
just from watching it, never mind using it.

Students taking paid training classes in virtual worlds such as Second Life® need to feel secure that
any course fees that they pay in advance will be safe.

One way to put payment in their hands is to give them a 'reserved seat' in the class presentation area
that is like a rent box that they pay into to top up each week / month to continue on the course for as
long as they wish to (i.e a micro-payment system).

Creating a healthy mind and body for yourself is equivalent to creating perfect acoustics in a theater -
your body is the auditorium that the music will be played in. If that body is tuned well then the music in
that auditorium will be beautiful; if the body and mind are unhealthy then the music will be more likely
to be discordant.

If you are selling middleware then ensure that your system does not have hidden integration and
maintenance costs for customers later on down the line once they have purchased it.

Scheduling detention sessions for a time period after school can have greater consequences than just
punishing the student, as they may miss the school bus home and be stranded at the school with no
way to get home. Therefore, it is best to always schedule detentions for lunch recess.

Knowledge is worth less if you separate yourself from people so that you cannot share it. Teach
people that once the working day is done and you have completed your work related duties (e.g
homework) then the rest of the day is for personal fun. Encourage a balanced life between work and
When pitching your in-development products or product designs to companies who can publish /
manufacture or distribute them, show them your full unrestricted passion for your proposed project.

If you or your organization have a short portfolio of past projects though then you ideally should
present a finished or near-finished product rather than early concept designs. If you know your
product is awesome then have a bit of bravado and do not be intimidated when approaching big
companies. Fortune favors the brave!

The Japanese 'manga cafe' concept could be adapted for schools to provide a 24-hour library that
helps parents who work odd hours and do not have childcare cover (or cannot afford it). Libraries
should strive to be as vibrant as Japanese manga book / anime animation stores.

Like with the lucrative second-hand videogame resale industry, there is also a textbook resale market
that could have the same kinds of incentive schemes attached to it to encourage trade-ins.

Kids are attracted to extreme sports such as skateboarding and BMX. While virtuality lets youths
experience extreme sports, it is important for it to be realistic, in that the avatar is programmed to be
able to be realistically injured if things go wrong, thereby demonstrating that there are consequences
for risk in search of adrenaline highs.

It should be emphasized that, as with most other performance, creative and sporting careers, there is
no quick celebrity and it takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication and practice to get to the top rungs.
Watching YouTube videos can teach right / wrong ways to do things and what can go wrong, but in the
end one has to actually do something and take the risks in order to learn it properly.

If you have not fully tapped your own creative / intellectual power and harnessed your own potential to
the fullest then how can you expect others to listen when you try to tell them how to harness their

Surrender not to the cares of the world. One of your worst enemies is cynicism that nothing you do
will make money or a difference.

Bricks and mortar videogames stores sometimes have large cardboard stand-up figures of game
characters as part of their promotional display. Libraries can do the same with book characters from
any book in their stock, old or new.

Sports and physical education provides an outlet for frustrations. Therefore, kids should be learning
how to harness their full potential and energies early on in life so that they grow up knowing how to
control their energies and mind and hence their behavior.

Getting children into sports activities can also encourage participation in that student's life from
'deadbeat parents', who may find the enthusiasm to cheer on their kid in a competitive game even if
they label him / her useless at everything else.

Putting items on show in blue-lit display cases makes them seem more mysterious and rare.

Each student has an ability to contribute to the world even if they do not believe that they do. It
usually manifests itself without them barely recognising it, due to their self doubts. Teachers can pick
up on these skills through everyday observations though and can help bring skills to the surface.

Regarding preserving information for the future: a climate-controlled paper library can achieve the
same result in preserving text for centuries as digital storage can. There is no reason to think that
history will become less popular in the future, even with the introduction of advanced forms of
presentation such as holographics instead of flat-screened televisions. Indeed, that need to
understand history and learn from it may only grow as humans (hopefully) become more enlightened.

Customers like being able to imaginatively pull together equipment from different sources and trust
that it will have no problems working together – sharing variables between different platform versions
of the same application can help to meet this goal.

But technology companies' obsession with proprietary designs instead of designing to common
standards can get in the way of this and greatly increase risk of rapid obsolescence. Going the
proprietary route can just end up annoying people who make the wrong purchase choice (e.g HD-DVD
instead of Blu-Ray).

Accumulating life experiences and learning can be represented to youths as providing time-delayed
videogame-style 'buff' advantages in later life. It is a reward and motivation for exploration and

If your organization's promotional material is often designed at short notice instead of being planned
and enacted weeks / months in advance, think of how so much better it could look if given time and
forward planning.

By searching for online content by their tags, libraries can automatically collate a number of
information sources into a single reference, bringing a wide range of material on a particular subject
together in one 'volume' that is continually updated.

Invest for the long term in talented staff so that they have a continual upward career ladder in your
organization over the years.

If you make customers a promise, do your very best to keep it. People buy into your organization's
products and services not just for what they offers now but what you promise they will offer in the

The key thing though is to be sure that you can deliver on those promises before you make them.
Avoid over-hyping features and letting peoples' expectations down by ensuring that you are honest
about what ideas are full features and which are experiments.

Information without subsequent action is wasted. You cannot keep a tree alive and growing unless
you water it regularly with Momentum.

Another way to look at inertia versus momentum is a videogame 'quest log' full of uncompleted or
partially completed quests. Inertia and momentum can be represented visually by brightness. A dark
dim green represents inertia, and as the drive of momentum is gained then the color becomes a bright
blazing aura of green. It is like an indicator of your ability to turn thought into deed.

If people cannot get into outer space then exploring the oceans is the next best 'hidden frontier' for
aspiring pioneers to uncover.

Organizations that have difficulty getting approval for a community project because of disapproval
from local authorities who are strongly religiously principled can ease the difficulty of gaining planning
consent by meeting the authorities halfway with their concerns. An example is an amusement arcade
whose walls are decorated with faith messages.

In order to have a chance of democratically bringing principles into the world, we must represent them
in our content and practice them ourselves. The worst scenario is to have principles that would be
great for the world and then keep them in a drawer for fear of peoples' opinions.

One should aim to make it easy for parents and other teachers to pass a way of life down the
generations by enabling them to show the principles that you believe in at work in the world and the
benefits of them rather than just giving them a book or a verbal lecture that may be ignored. You can
do this by encouraging adults to be evangelistic examples by openly and regularly practicing principles
themselves in the sight of young people.
Look at the specs of the world's most powerful PCs and then work out how to exceed those
specifications on ordinary machines without upgrades.

Often, it is the operating system that is the weak link which determines how much of the hardware's
true potential is harnessed (e.g Windows vs Mac OSX, ZX Spectrum Z80 vs Game Boy Z80 and Atari
ST Motorola 68000 vs Amiga Motorola 68000). In many cases, it is a similar processor chip but with
varying results.

Know your (current) limitations so that you can better overcome them. It is better to be
underambitious and then exceed expectations than it is to promise too much and fail to deliver.

Watching video clips through cardboard 'ChromaDepth' 3D glasses can generate inspiration by
making the videos seem almost like new. It has to be done in short bursts though because of the
potential for headaches to develop

Offer a range of ways other than RSS, Atom, Twitter, etc to connect your website pages into social
networks. The first stage of this should be a 'page referral' button on each page that sends a specific
page's URL to a friend's email address.

If school libraries in a district / county rotate their stock around between them then students will get an
opportunity to try new items sometimes without the library having to pay a purchase cost for that fresh

A library should be marketed like a commercial business. Libraries are not completely isolated from
commercial pressures. Due to fierce competition in the retail and service sectors, user expectations of
what they should be offered by a public service without having to pay any extra money have
increased. A library should always therefore be looking at what value and benefits they can add to
their service range without incurring extra budget cost.

Give mailing list subscribers the option of whether they want plain text or web page-style HTML
newsletters. containing links, images and event / new feature info. Use link-anchor contents lists and
issue numbers in those HTML based mailings.
If you are the kind of creative mechanic who likes to create highly customized extreme machines (in
the style of the Biker Mice from Mars but have nowhere to legally test them then entering them in a
stunt contest may be just the test-bed that you need!

Study stories of failure as well as successes to learn from other people's mistakes.

Feelings of isolation can make people get involved with people and situations that are very bad for
them. When climbing a tree, if a particular branch looks difficult to reach then you look for a better
branch to grab onto unless you are certain that the risky branch is one that you accept the
consequence of selecting. Rather than guessing multiple paths in advance, keep things simple with a
single focused plan that you are prepared to adapt later on if necessary.

Existing ideas that performed averagely for other organizations in the past can be hits for another
organization if re-imagined and repackaged in the right way.

It has to be a genuine iteration (and if possible a revolution) and most definitely be different enough
not to be vulnerable to patent / copyright lawsuit claims.

More efficient planning of school bus student pickup routes could reduce gas costs for a district,
especially if they use fewer, larger buses with longer routes, though this means that some students
must catch the bus earlier in the morning and then have something to do when they reach school.

Scientists are predicting that around the year 2013, a 'perfect storm' of peaked nuclear activity on the
Sun that has not occurred since 1859 has the potential to propel showers of solar flares to the Earth
that could destroy any satellites, national power grid networks and electromagnetic-based
technologies that are unprotected.

The US Government is aware of this possibility and is proposing to invest in upgrading the protective
capabilities of US power grids before that time. So although the Western world, being forewarned,
may survive this sun activity relatively unscathed, it presents an excellent teaching opportunity for a
number of curriculum areas. For example, science classes could study the physics of solar flares,
whilst social studies and history classes could teach youths how to live self-sufficiently without
electricity and everyday technology and not go mad.

To Koreans, real life and virtual life are tightly connected. This is similar to the dilemma of how to
connect a student's school life and develop pride. The challenge that teachers face is how to create
that connectivity without Korean style virtual obsession. Koreans like to be noticed. For that matter,
most people do. Teachers can assist with replicating this in the West by highlighting the achievements
of their students. Many achievements are more praise-worthy though when performed by the human
rather than a game avatar, because the human has no cheat modes or digital buffs to boost them
towards their goals.

If you have a top reputation in one market (for example, education) then you can extend it to other
markets by quoting the satisfaction of named members of the existing market.

People want their investment to be well supported by the product provider over years. Often, just
having been in operation for a long time and still having a great reputation will take care of this.
People will also tend to believe that this long-maintained quality of service will be carried over to
subsequent products and services.

Highlight your organization's special differences to stale, inflexible old companies in a rut that mark
you out from others and give your marketing people some features to get behind. Mention successful
past / present projects when promoting new products, e.g “From the creators of..."

The memory-space saving obsessiveness of programmers of old 8-bit computers in the Eighties and
their ingenuity in finding new tricks to keep code small can be used as inspiration in the present day to
find ways to pack even greater and more complex worlds into memory without the need for loading
pauses (though many developers give the impression of no loads by streaming content during play).

User created content has an entry barrier for many people due to the technical and design skills that
have traditionally been required to make something good.

This barrier is lowered if motion control can be utilised to draw out content with the hands and / or
body. One can make building in user created worlds such as Second Life® easier for youths and non-
confident adults using a system where the user uses a Wiimote / nunchuck combination on the
computer in combination with a controller-reading program such as 'Glovepie' to pick pre-made
scripted pieces from a vendor with object preview mode or just picking the part from a shelf.

Moving the item off the shelf and out of range of the rezzer engine would cause the script to rez
another copy of the item on the shelf position, ready for the next user or the next time the current user
needs a copy of that piece. Alternatively, a prim-based 'menu panel' of blocks could be used in
combination with a 'Rez on Touch' script. The Wiimote or nunchuck could then be used to link the
scripted objects together so that the user can activate the linked object (e.g to ride on it). If every
component has a script inside it then the object will work no matter what order the pieces are linked in.

Weaning kids off button controls: Facebook proves that kids will still use mouse and keyboard
because it is a familiar UI. They are comfortable with using their fingers on cellphones to send
frequent text messages. They might be broken out of this if there were an easier form of messaging
between friends that was just as cheap.
Storycraft can be a valid route for 'imagineering' new philosophies and technologies. By expressing a
design through writing or art of how you'd like yourself and / or the world to ideally be, you create a
living blueprint that you can use as a benchmark reference to make changes in the real world to bring
it and yourself closer to that ideal.

A school library can include youth-friendly superhero annuals in their stock if those annuals have
characters who represent positive role-model values.

If virtual reality environments can be displayed on an Internet Television set without plug-ins then you
could have 'live cartoon shows' that not only respond to the users but to data received from the
internet. It could finally prove wrong The Simpsons' Roger Meyers Jr (producer of 'Itchy and
Scratchy'), who said: “Very few cartoons are broadcast live. It's a terrible strain on the animators'

Imperfections in animation are less obvious to the viewer in character group-shots, since the viewer's
attention is divided. That is not an excuse for the animator to deliberately take shortcuts though.

Google Images is like a virtual world for imaginative people. A student looking at a static image can
turn it into a busy, energetic movie scene with high definition colors and a rich soundscape just with
the power of visualization.

Student talent shows can – with the right guidance from teachers – show students that everyone has
something special to offer.

When designing safety, work slowly. Engineering of critical applications is built on patience – spending
years testing and tweaking for reliability and iterating on the work of giants.

Purchased physical items feel more special to the consumer when they are wrap-sealed.

The 'unboxing experience' of unwrapping a new product purchase and examining the contents of the
box in detail has a powerful psychological impact – people get excited enough by it to upload unboxing
videos to YouTube.

Reduced library funding budgets present new opportunities for pursuing ideas that may have
previously been dismissed as low priority by library authorities. This includes forming closer ties
between libraries and schools / teachers.

A pot of modeling clay / plasticine issued to each student at the start of the school year could provide a
reusable learning tool for an entire year.

Professional videogaming is now a well-paying sport if a student is not academic and is not very social
or employable. It takes as much hard work to be the best and win top prize money as it does for a full
time job though.

Engineering a product to be able to be sold at a magical price point that people are willing to pay is
vital. Two ways that you can reduce the retail price are by (a) lowering the costs of research and
development, and (b) using less parts / moving parts / cheaper parts / software instead of hardware.

If a health class teacher wishes to de-program macho / girl power attitudes then this goal could be
addressed with a virtual roleplay exercise where boys and girls are assigned avatars with the opposite
gender to their real world one and then must interact with other people without giving details of their
real identities.

They can then experience first-hand the attitudes that they themselves may have given to the opposite
gender. It is also a fun way of training youths to be safe online by not giving out personal-identity
details. An example of this principle at work in the real world is a guy who was playing games on Xbox
Live but nobody was interested in playing matches with him. So he created a female XBox account
profile and was immediately flooded with offers from guys to play online games with them!

If your organization is looking to make money ecologically, consider placing 'water wheels' under
waste-water outflow pipes so that when the taps were used or water poured into drains, the waste
water would spin the wheel as the water flowed over it and generate small amounts of electricity that
could be used to reduce the amount of power a school needs to draw from the power grid (and hence
reduce its electric utility bills).

Anything that was sent down the drain through the pipes could generate electricity - even a janitor
tipping dirty mop-bucket water down his janitor closet sink. That really would be 'green waste'. If a
school was alongside a river then perhaps it could seek planning permission to install a larger water
wheel, so that the flow of the river would be generating power reserves for the school 24-7 t

Bear in mind how much impact a company name and its branding alone can have on a tween / young
teen who has no understanding of how a business works.
Parents do not take much notice of print mailings but kids do, and it excites them to receive mail that is
addressed to them.

Think about how you can effectively do affordable, highly targeted mailings to children (with their
parents' permission, of course - don't do unsolicited 'cold mailings') and also send leaflets addressed
to those adults that contain youth-targeted content for them to pass to their children.

When writing instructional textbooks, there can be great advantage in using a Japanese style 'back to
front' print format where the introductory material is in the first half of the book and the advanced-level
material is printed upside-down in the second half of the book.

This means that by turning the book over to its rear side and reading from the back to the front,
advanced users to jump right in to what interests them without wading through the absolute basics.

In social networking, your own opinion counts. Not every social networking post has to be a work of
genius. But it will be more distinctive if it is your unique voice rather than just posting links to other
people's work

If one could develop a translator that understood the 'base syntax' of an animal species group's
language (e.g the language components that are genetic instincts) then it may be possible to use that
translator as a foundation to work out the regional languages and accents of sub-species in that
animal group.

In the animal kingdom brain size does not relate to intelligence. The ant has been recently found to be
one of the few creatures who can not only learn but teach young ants their skills even if it is to the
disadvantage of the elder ant to do so by causing the teacher to be slowed down in their work and
having less opportunity to feed. The African Grey parrot has a walnut brain and yet does not simply
mimic but has been found by scientists to use words intelligently as language and have a simple grasp
of emotion concepts such as love

Forums can present a 'catch 22' situation where they look poor if empty, as this can present a negative
impression to potential users and clients.. Equally though, it can also look poor if a forum is not
offered. Every new forum needs to start somewhere, but it should be launched at a time when you
feel assured that there will be a lot of activity in a short time in order to fill them up quickly.

Whether a school employs its own dining staff or hires an outside contractor to provide school
catering, remember that school administrators have the power to set the menu for your school and
ensure that the students and staff have healthy eating options. What matters to caterers is simply
being able to produce meals at a low cost, NOT what the meal being prepared is!

Sometimes the path through the maze of life takes you to treasure (good situations) and sometimes it
leads to a fire breathing dragon (bad situations). It does not matter if your path takes you to the
dragon; the important thing is how you deal with the dragon and move on past it to continue your
journey to the exit.

Make a positive impression on your customer about your product as soon as the mailman delivers it.
Consider putting large, attractive imagery on the delivery packaging of your physical products as well
as the product box itself. Do not skimp effort on packaging – a lot of hard work goes into developing
the product, but the only way consumers may get to see it is if they are dazzled by the box.

In regard to expanding the pool of talented teachers in an area that has difficulty attracting excellent
educators ...

The decision about whether to hire a teacher should not just be about how much salary to pay them to
persuade them to relocate to under-manned school districts with poor statistics but also whether a
teacher wants the challenge of trying to make a difference to students in a struggling school and help
to work as a team member to turn that school around. Superstar hires on sports teams are usually
ineffectual if they do not work with the other players.

Liberal and conservative home-schooling parents do not require greatly different approaches to
support, since the main differences are likely to be in the content taught to the children rather than the
support structures of the home-schooling.

Libraries can encourage youth roleplay by loaning out a collection of masks. Be sure to only stock
child-size masks though so that they cannot be used by adults in robberies!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars may be more comfortable for people to interact with if the
personalities of those AI are more like Digimon than humans (i.e avoiding the 'Uncanny Valley' of
super-realistic human representations of avatars).

Artists who draw human figures sometimes use a miniature wooden posing doll with multiple
moveable joints as a reference. If you cannot afford one of these though then an alternative solution
is to use a poseable toy action figure.
Harness the power of 'Transmedia Storytelling', where an IP is in numerous overlapping formats such
as web, cartoon, tv, podcasts, comics, cards, toys, games etc and each type of media plays to its

The first thing people will see when they approach the entrance door to a building is the door.
Therefore you can set a good first impression by having an attractive 'Open / Closed' sign attached to
the door (for instance, one with your mascot character on if you have one). You can also add to the
good impression if the sign has additional info such as 'Welcome' and 'Come on in!'.

If you work in a library then consider offering library users a shopping basket and reusable bags, as it
will then it will feel like a compelling shopping experience for visitors who might not normally enjoy

There is always more that can be done in extreme sports when a fully potential-harnessed human is
combined with awesomely engineered machines.

Extreme sporters can improve their skills by using movement physics to design techniques (including
'flying' the body through the air after separating from the board / bike and then landing back on that
equipment). Kids can also use YouTube to look at the techniques of pros in any interest, including
sports (e.g high jump). This could be called a 'sporting sandbox'.

Older Disney cartoon shows from the 1990s contain a lot of edu-applicable concepts (for example, the
number of single parent / adoptive families, and the widespread social commentary in Jim Henson's
puppet / body-suit show 'Dinosaurs'). In terms of youth-applicable American history teaching, an
excellent tool is the Disney show 'Talespin'.

Featuring the bear Baloo from 'The Jungle Book' transplanted from the jungle to a mid to late 1930s
American Art Deco period, it shows in a fun way what life might have been like in that period. For
example, propellor planes are the primary form of transport, helicopters and jet engines are still
experimental, there are gangsters and radio is the main means of communication (with television
being something that has only recently been invented and is not in general use yet).

The more that you tell your user base about changes, the more they come to accept them. But it is
impossible to please everybody.

If one can believe that maybe at some future point in their life they will achieve the desired objective,
can they not state to themselves 'well maybe if I can do it in the future then I can do it right now!'. After
all, we humans are capable of far more than we consciously recognize.

Rules are there to be investigated, tested, subverted and broken (at least, the ones that do not involve
discipline or legal laws).

Interesting choices should lead to interesting consequences, otherwise the rewards for
experimentation are greatly reduced. Each action can be tried out in a virtual world and the
experiment filmed for playback as a reminder of the consequences. This can be an excellent
instructional classroom tool that is more effective than any vocal argument. Sometimes the only way
to learn is to be shown.

If you are trying to sell content, products or services to education, bear in mind that finance
departments prefer payment methods such as check, purchase order or - if they have to - credit cards,
and are often resistant to using more informal payment systems such as PayPal.

If you understand the rules of a medium then you can apply them in a new way.

Keep your project spending reined in. Any consultancy / outsourcing service should reassure clients
by having strong and strict cost controls by providing the client with a plan about how you will
approach the project. This strategy should include 'problem preventative solutions'.

If you can capture movements realistically in 'stick body' form then that is one step closer to realistic
animation, as you can then gradually flesh the model out with 3D wireframe, rough textures,and then
detailed textures.

You will not necessarily be incapable of producing top quality 3D modeling – it will just take you longer
to produce than a professional studio who does that kind of work every day, because you have to take
each production step more cautiously than a natural expert modeler. Significant volumes of on-paper
ideas can be quickly and affordably turned into income-generating material using the stick figure

Complex machinery (e.g jets) can also be rendered first in stick-line form, with the other physical
details initially filled in by the imagination). Furthermore, you can use the stick-figures as a sandbox
prototyping system that can mix different objects, markets and genres together (e.g iPhone and a
robot, games for people in rural China or games for over-80's).

Pride in self and achievements comes naturally when positivity is maximized, whilst pride in school will
come from a positivized student body.
Teachers can be brought up to the standard of the best in their profession by first maximizing their
positivity and then that of their students by means of infectious enthusiasm which then feeds back to
the teacher and creates a 'virtuous circle'. In this way, educator and student are empowered by each

Library users may appreciate a prayer room, as in faiths where they have to pray at a certain time it
enables them to fit the library in with their daily schedule.

You can increase your success rate at information searching, selection, archiving and retrieval by
accessing the information on a browser-equipped wi-fi handheld device or netbook that can be quickly
and casually accessed away from the computer.

This is because the very act of sitting at the computer to find content can cause one to place a
pressure-expectation on themselves that can cause mental blocks. Searching in a more informal way
while away from the big screen is more mentally relaxing and therefore you find it easier to follow a
breadcrumb-trail of leads to find what you are looking for.

Forgotten ideas from previous generations, such as the 1980's, can be reclaimed in the modern day
and re-invented for a new audience, as most people will have forgotten the original idea.

It is vital though, of course, to put your own novel twist on the concept so that it is sufficiently different
from the original to avoid claims of plagarism. This principle is especially true for ideas from countries
outside of your own, as the people in your own country may never have experienced that concept
before (for example, Eighties home computers and computer games that were only available in the
United Kingdom).

The Space Program's present will not be forgotten during its future. Even when today's space
technology is no longer in use, future generations will still want to experience (and maybe ride) that
technology virtually.

The 'music entertainment' software 'Audiosurf' converts audio / music tracks into an interactive
graphics equalizer 'race track' display composed of colored blocks and tunnels. The color of the
blocks and tunnels reflects how low ('cool') or high ('hot) the frequencies in the audio tracks are.

For instance, an audio track of a jet passing overhead generates multiple long, hot tunnels. Since
loud noise makes an environment 'hotter', Audiosurf can be used as an educational visual illustration
to students of the damage that extreme noise can do to their body and hearing as well as their
Playing challenging games can make one burn calories through sweating hard. The likes of Wii Fit,
Rock Band / Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk: Ride, etc can have a similar effect.

Schools could incorporate a gaming 'band room' into their fitness strategies where students can sing
and play the game-themed guitar and drums and sing into the microphones. In a band, if a person is
not good at one element (e.g singing or guitar) then they can find a role that is suited to them.

The number one priority in marketing is to establish the 'Value Proposition' of what your organization is

If a school has difficulty with allocating time in the on-campus gym so that every grade is able to have
its own Physical Education class, and holding the PE sessions in a public facility in the community
instead of on school grounds is not an option, then this problem could be alleviated by pairing up
adjacent grades for a single combined PE session.

For instance: Grades 6 and 7; Grades 8 and 9; and Grades 10 and 11 having their own individual
sessions, since the students in those classes will be larger in height and build than younger students.
Because PE is a subject where the learning content is sports games / exercise and not academic
topics, it should be far easier for grade groups to share the same sets of exercises without any
curriculm conflict.

Kids whose families do not have money can create their own videogame design documents. This
could be done in a sketchbook, with the school providing sketchpads, and support provided to turn
those sketches into digital form at lunch breaks or after-school computer clubs.

In large sales worth tens or hundreds of thousands, product and seller are often inseparable in the
potential client's mind, which is why great impressions of the seller are vital

In big transactions, you are selling them not products but solutions. It is common for the salesman to
be deeply involved with the customer up to the point of them signing on the dotted line, and then the
client often becomes the responsibility of the aftercare team. If, however, the salesperson who
negotiated the contract and led it to the deal being closed has an excellent, trustworthy relationship
with the client then it makes sense for them to be the main contact for the lifetime of the contract
where possible.

Playing it means more if you made it. People interested in musical instruments could be allowed to
make their own in craft class.
School IT purchasing costs, the amount of computer-generated ozone in a room and electricity usage
could be reduced if, instead of having a computer terminal for each individual student in every
computer lab, one lab had a single central computer sending a virtual environment to students wearing
glasses with computer images displayed on the lenses instead of a computer monitor.

Each student would be seeing the exact same environment because it is coming from one computer,
but each could affect that environment individually if they had a wireless remote control (i.e a virtual
world that is set up to be '30 player', like how four people can play a game together in the same room
with a single games console if each has their own controller).

Your school would still likely need to have a traditional 'one computer per person' setup somewhere in
the school in order to meet national technology curriculum requirements, but having a mix of traditional
labs and '30 player' single-computer labs could have a huge impact regarding hardware cost-savings /
IT maintenance savings, electricity savings and cleaner air in the computer lab.

Fear of the dark (e.g going into a pitch black area that you believe is haunted) is usually an overblown
fear as the imagination goes into overdrive – the worst danger is usually tripping over something!

People who are afraid of the dark and have to have a light left on at night could also have 3D glasses
put on them and be immersed into a virtual reality night-time environment where the fear can be
trained out of them in a controlled manner.

If your organization owns intellectual property (IP) characters and worlds then make promotional use
of them as a way to point users towards 'recommended' content that your organization provides.

Safely store all fan mail you receive for future promotional use and to demonstrate that you value the
user's contributions, whether electronic or paper-based.

Using computerized payment till technology in the school dining hall can make it easier to conceal
which students are on a free lunch program and so reduce student embarrassment by giving the
appearance that all diners have similar levels of food purchasing ability.

If a group of students are seated in a circle in close proximity to each other and are placed in a
positive state of mind by the teacher, then each member of the group can benefit as they
unconsciously absorb each other's positivity in a form of silent 'group therapy'.

The more positivity that the teacher instils in the students, the more positivity that feeds back to the
teacher and then back to the students again in a 'Virtuous Circle' where teacher and student
continuously empower each other. When a teacher with a strong light is in the vicinity of students
whose light is dimmer then they can't help but feel their own energy, grow a bit brighter and begin to
want to learn how to turn their lamp up as high as their cool teacher's.
That increase in student vitality feeds back to the teacher and makes it even brighter, which again
loops round to the students to benefit them. And as students throughout the school intermix and share
their light automatically with each other, the school as a whole begins to lift its 'vibrancy level' as they
infect each other with their positivity and students can't wait to come to school each day. The process,
to be most effective, has to begin with adult teachers leading it though, and the principal and upper
management supporting it, because they are setting the example to follow. Even if admin doesn't buy
into it though, individual teachers can still have an uplifting effect on student scores (and hence the
general school results tables) by being beacons in their own classrooms. And once test scores rise,
then principals tend to start taking an interest in finding out why it's happening! The Virtuous Circle is
also something that family members can do together at home in the style of 'family game nights'.

Gather all the materials you need at the start of an activity / project (e.g all the print books / sorted
materials that you need). Then put all of the material except for a few pieces at a time out of sight so
that you do not get overwhelmed and discouraged.

Students like to feel they are getting equal attention. This can be visualized in terms of each student
having an 'attention meter' that starts to slowly reduce as soon as you take your eyes off them and is
refilled when you turn your attention back to them.

It may be a useful tool for trainee teachers ... a reminder that even after they have set the class work
and are sitting at their desk doing grading or other teacher-like work, they should look up now and
again from whatever they're marking in this 'quiet time' and look round the room to check what the
students are doing, because they are bound to have noticed the teacher isn't looking at them and
started doodling, throwing little balls of paper, etc.

Promote to youths the merits of working on personal research interests at home in the attic or a similar
private work space, exploring a subject through trial and error over a period of time while teaching
themselves about that subject from the internet and / or library books and keeping hand written
research in a ring binder.

In ecology, thinking before doing is a good plan. A summary of the operating principles of the earth's
ecosphere could be expressed as follows:

Temperature influences Weather influences Biosphere. This knowledge can be used to solve global
problems by first identifying the chain reactions that each possible course of environmental
intervention action by humans will produce and then selecting the option with the least impact before
carrying out that action.

The student is the customer, so serve them what they're interested in. Support 'criss crossing' in
school curriculums – the ability of students to follow a cross-disciplinary mix of subjects that interest
them, made possible by delivering content to their homes for personal-time learning through website
downloads, live streaming or a formal 'virtual school'.

The 'magical girl' cartoon genre (which includes Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Powerpuff Girls, She-Ra,
etc) is appealing to females and provides positive, and occasionally realistic, role-model examples.
Sailor Moon in particular is an example of a girl who is often afraid / selfish / complaining but does the
courageous thing in the end.

People compare what you and your rivals offer in the same way that rival videogame console bundles
are compared by consumers. The decision tends to be easier for the consumer if you are offering
something that is clearly different to those rivals.

A compulsory school eye test when beginning elementary, junior high and high school would catch
weak eyes, potential dyslexia, etc before classes begin and those problems are misdiagnosed as poor
academic ability, lacking focus, etc.

There is something useful to learn about the trustability of statistics presentation from massive
databases in online videogames such as 'World of Warcraft'.

Warcraft's huge, publicly viewable 'WoW Armory' database draws live data from the game servers and
presents it on a website automatically without any attempt to draw conclusions about it; the data
speaks for itself, and the users are able to draw their own conclusions because of the simplicity of the
visual presentation. This makes the data more trustable by users because they assume that the
system's data presentation algorithms have not been deliberately programmed by the human
developers to skew the data. Think about what other examples there are of platforms that you work in
/ know of that could be displayed in an educational way like the WoW Armory.

If you design your content to be first usable by keyboard / mouse but easily retrofitted for touch /
motion control then you make your content available to the widest possible audience by not having to
wait for the user base to have the right control equipment. Create an implementation plan that follows
the principles of this time-scale.

Bear in mind that you may face a problem inherent to retro-fitting content for motion control: if the
experience is not designed primarily to take advantage of new technologies such as these and has to
hold itself back in order to work with older interfaces then it is harder for it to be world-changing. This
includes using motion controls with existing games / worlds for simulation purposes.

Putting information leaflets in stand-up plastic frames on reading tables can help to communicate
messages as people read them while sitting there resting or eating and have nothing else to do.
Gym rope climbing in school gyms, when done right, is an excellent form of exercise. When the wrong
climbing techniques are used though, it can cause great difficulty for the student climber (especially if
they are overweight), leading to possible injury and also feelings of failure and public embarrassment.
Search the internet for 'gym rope climbing techniques' to find the correct climbing methods to pass
onto gym students.

Give your organization a clearer identity by keeping all of your content and services on one central
web domain and yet clearly divide it into distinct subdomained departments, placing links to those
subdomains at the top and bottom of each page.

Google Earth can be used to show students where there are public park / recreation spaces in your
community that they may not have been aware of.

“Playing golf with statistics” means aiming for a target and doing your best to hit that target on the first
try but being prepared to adjust strategy til you reach that target if you do not reach it first time.

Having illustrations on the wall of your working environment (e.g an office or creative studio) can be
impressive to visitors and also create a positive work-space for employees.

A low rate of feedback about a product or service can actually be an indicator of success, because
most people only respond if they have something to complain about.

There is a saying that goes, "If people are happy with you then they'll tell a few people. If they are
unhappy with you then they will tell everyone".

It is often found that the best way to learn complex subjects is to break the subject into bullet points
and have them explained visually (for example, by running key-words from the bullet points as search
terms through Google Images).

This approach enables information providers (e.g educators) to divide up pages of information into bite
sized chunks that are revealed in stages, preventing that user from being overwhelmed and thus
enhancing learning / revision. Beware though of the old adventure / roleplaying computer game flaw
of splitting the text into so many pieces that the user is clicking the 'next' button for 20 minutes.
Radio broadcasting is a cheap way to reach the poor in a populace. It also provides forms of
interactivity that podcasts lack, such as phoning into the station or sending text messages / emails to
the DJ.

In addition, it can help to unite a disaffected community by providing familiar voices for the lonely and
isolated to draw them back into the light with the help of the rest of the community, as well as acting as
a contact channel during emergency situations.

Within schools, the library and the classroom will become more closely integrated once each student
in a school is issued with a personal laptop / tablet or has their own workstation in the classroom.

This will create a bridge between library and classroom as learners can call up digital learning
resources from a 'school library web page' on their screen and print off pages from that material in the

Public libraries can also create web resource distribution relationships with their local schools and so
potentially increase their customer base by making students aware of the location of the physical
libraries in their community and the services, facilities and offline resources available to them.

Providing a range of languages in products / content encourages speakers of a supported language to
think that the product will be easy for them to pick up and use. The basic five European languages
can be summed up by the term 'EFIGS' = English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

A teacher could get a small version of a gashapon dispenser for about $48 and use it in an education
environment by setting it up to accept a token that is given out to a student as a reward. The student
can then go to the machine, put in their token and get a random reward from the machine.

The prize balls inside could have educational materials placed in them instead of cheap toys (e.g.
pieces of paper with things like a paper voucher or a URL for downloading educational material). Or it
could just be set up to not need tokens and could hand out homework assignments inside the balls
when the handle is pulled.

If you do not have money then try to exchange your skills and services with other people and
organizations in exchange for resources / assistance that you need in return, like the success story of
the eBay seller who continuously 'traded up' on eBay, starting with a swap as small and inexpensive
as paper clips, until they eventually got a house in a swap.

You can enhance Quality Assurance by creating a list of tick-box check steps for confirming QA and
recording necessary follow-up remedial actions & suggestions for improvements.
Define 'Most Popular' lists for different categories of your products / content and services. You need
sales / usage figures first though for those products / content and services before you can compile Top
10 lists.

If change is not visible then passion can also be found through creating something that is personally
exciting and rewarding to you.

How would it be possible to draw pollutant compounds to the surface of contaminated ground, water,
etc and separate them out from the soil?

One could surround the affected section of ground with a water-tight box and then force water up
through the base of the box (and hence up through the soil towards the top of the box) at very high
pressure. The water would pick up pollutants as it is forced up through the soil and exit the box
through a sieve that is small enough to let fluid pass through but not a solid like soil particles.

The cleansed soil would therefore be left behind in the box whilst the polluted water is forced through
the sieve and out of the box into a water trap. The water could then be evaporated into a waste gas
form (that would allow a greater volume of waste to be stored in a container under pressure). The
waste gas could then possibly be converted into a clean fuel (this could, for example, help pay for the
cost of a new school's construction if it was built on cleansed brownfield land). It would probably be
easier for new schools to get planning permission if they were built on cleaned-up land, since the local
authorities would be glad that something so useful was being done with the land. Another benefit is
that there are no chemicals involved in the cleansing process (which is both ecologically friendly and
cost effective).

A wrestling sport suitable for more overweight students is Sumo. Far from being the stereotype of fat
men in diapers, Sumo is a centuries old, deeply traditional sport of skill and discipline that is also
highly affordable for schools, requiring nothing more than a stiff cloth belt called a Mawashi and a gym
mat. Search the internet for 'high school sumo wrestling' to learn more"

Technology changes so quickly that platforms are outdated quickly, meaning that this can put schools
off providing funding for it.

Administrators may therefore feel better about investing in hardware platforms such as XBox 360,
PS3, PSP and DSi that can be updated across a number of years via free firmware download updates
instead of having to purchase new hardware / upgrade components periodically.

Spirals are like a learning curve - you have the furthest distance to walk at the start of the learning
process, and as you proceed, the circumference that you walk to reach the next inner layer of the
spiral becomes progressively smaller until you reach your goal. If one starts their journey at the inside
point of the spiral rather than the outside, however, then this reversal of direction reflects how the
further one progresses 'up the levels', the longer that it takes to 'gain experience'.

It is said that the biggest cost to schools of IT is not the purchasing of equipment but the maintenance
of it.

Switching to 'cloud computing' applications such as Google Apps in schools - where software and user
files are stored on an online service and downloaded / uploaded rather than installed on a server
located within the school - can though potentially reduce IT maintenance labor time and costs.

This is because the cloud application providers such as Google are responsible for maintaining the
software, not the IT guys, meaning that school IT staff mostly only have to take care of the hardware,
with less software maintenance required except for the school programs that are not available in cloud
format and need to be installed locally on school machines. The downside of storing user files at an
exterior online location is, of course, that those files become inaccessible if the service provider
experiences an outage, but for non-critical applications it may be an avenue worth pursuing to ease
the work burden of the IT department and make them more open to installing the new applications that
you want to use in-school.

Passion is more important than resources. Remember that throughout history, people have created
amazing advances without the aid of computers or modern creative tools, often using nothing but
resource improvisation and ink and parchment. Passion for their subject was their primary asset.

Opening the doors of cupboards and sniffing the scents inside and then closing the doors again
without eating anything inside can help to satisfy food cravings.

If you are wary of releasing new ideas because of a worry of what others will think of them then you
are opening the door for somebody else to step in first with those great ideas and receive the plaudits.

Humans can be compared to cellphones, laptops, etc that are born - or 'leave the factory' - with their
battery in a drained state and need to be fully 'charged up' to work to optimum potential.

Humans' 'factory settings' at birth are the optimum setup. Any self-improvement techniques that
humans employ during their lifetime are an attempt to recover those original settings that are lost
through the way that they live and the things that they are taught and believe.

In this way, life is like a game of Snakes and Chutes – you are trying to get to ladders whilst avoiding
the chutes. But even when you slide down the chute, you do not give up but instead keep on playing
the game in order to get back to where you slid down and then progress beyond that point. The game
is never over until it's over, and in the real world the game lasts for an entire lifetime, as the only player
that you are chasing after is yourself!

Technological progress is held back by human resistance to technology replacing human activities.

Examples from a 1978 future predictions book assembled by a group of futurists of that time include
robot garbage trucks by the year 2000 and humans spending their time playing and having fun in a
utopia by 2010 while robots ran factories and the working class was consigned to history.

Some of the book's guesses about the future may have come true by now if not for the fact that the
researchers did not take into account humanity's resistance to technological progress! But progress
can be held back even more by the money required to develop that technology. Virtuality can
dramatically reduce those prototyping costs and allow world-changing ideas to become available

If you have a 'free downloads' section on your website then make it as visually interesting as a retail
website, thereby demonstrating that you care as much about the content that you do not receive
money for as you do about products that the customer hands over their money for.

An exclamation mark can be used to represent a keyhole that can be used to unlock one's potential,
whilst the user is the key that fits into that keyhole.

Showing an illustration of a person climbing into a keyhole and then being turned round in the lock can
be symbolic of turning one's world on it's head by harnessing their dormant capabilities. It can also be
representative of switching on potential as though turning a car key to start an engine. The
exclamation mark is the universally recognized symbol of a call to action.

Pride is not something that is easily achieved on an individual basis. It comes from the nurturing of
family, from the support of good friends, from the sincere congratulations of teachers for a genuinely
good effort. In other words, there is an 'addition formula' to pride, where each component of the
equation equals zero and contributes nothing to the overall 'pride total' until activated.

Using the word 'caliber' in association with your organization (e.g 'Fortune 500 caliber staff benefits')
can make that organization seem more attractive even if you're not a Fortune 500.

Would humans treat each other better if they thought of themselves as Pokemon rather than humans?
A possible class exercise to explore and discuss the personalities of the students, using the Pokemon
Pokedex as a visual aid, could be: 'What kind of Pokemon are you?'.
In the commercial world, company employees are often provided incentive by the provision of share
certificates in the company's stock.

Although schools have Parent Teacher Associations rather than annual stockholders meetings,
educators and non-teaching school staff alike could be offered 'stock' in return for meeting or
exceeding job goals that can be cashed in for some form of reward at a future date.

If your organization publishes magazines, comics, etc then these publications can influence consumer
purchasing decisions about other types of product from your organization that the publications mention
in articles or adverts.

In social networks, people bring their existing friends list into your world to play with them. It is then up
to us to hold their attention in the vital 'first minute' so that they do not get bored and surf away
elsewhere. For example, a common interest-killer in social networks is a cluttered page packed with
lots of different panes of information (biographies, memes, polls, etc) that are all simultaneously
competing for the user's attention, overwhelming them.

Find yourself a private space where you can strive to 'push the envelope' of your human capabilities
and potential without feeling self-conscious of others watching.

Consumers like to have the option of being able to get hands-on with a product (e.g software and
hardware) in a physical retail store setting.

Provide links on in-library computer workstations to large digital book services such as Project
Gutenberg and Google Books so that the range of titles available via your library - especially for users
without access to a home computer - is far greater than the physical titles on your library branch's

The most powerful opponent you may come up against in your lifetime is yourself.

Shine a light on examples where external organizations are using your resources successfully.
It is possible to be to be too far ahead of your time. Being proved right far in the future – as pioneers
and visionaries often are - will not help you right now in the present.

For this reason, keep your most cutting edge concepts reserved for later release and drip-feed some
of your slightly less amazing ideas to the public to prepare them for greater things from you later.

Student tiredness and frustration with inability to understand work are issues that can be aided by
good sleeping, good eating and one to one tuition time (and eye tests if poor eyesight is suspected as
cause for learning difficulties).

These common-sense approaches should be the lowest-tech 'first line of attack' in tackling student
health, fitness and performance before creating brand new health initiatives. A futuristic school health
plan will have solid foundations if it is build on tried and trusted principles.

The special effects and stagecraft of real-world concerts can be magnified in virtual world concerts.

But the virtualized effects should still be within the realms of real-life achievability, otherwise they will
look overblown and cheesy because they will lack visual credibility.

When getting paid by large retailers for products supplied to them, the smaller the amount of the check
is then the longer it may take for you to receive payment.

Every mistake in distributing the product to the retailer can cost you money through various charges
associated with correcting those mistakes and therefore also increase the amount of time it takes until
you finally get paid. It is key to understand that retailers expect a certain profit margin on a sale before
they will even carry a product in the first place. There are also additional costs to take into account
such as retailer discount margins, retailer incentives, deal-buys and returns.

When dealing with statistics, you can predict how systems will react to changes by creating a
spreadsheet and connecting items with a formula. You can then immediately see what effect a
change will have on your plans and balance them accordingly.

Once a person misses the chance for their dreams to come true when they are young then it becomes
much harder for them to realize them later in life unless they start their own company or live their
dream through other people. This is because society is ageist and insists that a lot of activities are 'for
the young'. But for a lot of people, they lack the literacy / numeracy and experience to run a business
well, and they cannot afford to employ staff to do those aspects of the business for them.

Their dreams go unfulfilled because society - and often banks! - do not believe in their dreams. And
so people who have broken lives become trapped in them and pass on the traits of those lives to their
kids, unless the kids are given the power by external sources of help such as schools to empower
themselves despite family resistance. This is why it is vital for schools and other agencies to play a
part in offering community solutions.

There are a number of child-friendly interactive-content creation tools available; enough to create
confusion about which to use.

Tools that can output generic Flash swf or project files are best in the long term, simply because the
youth can import them into a more complex creation package later on and continue working on their
project if they wish.

Encouraging sharing between younger students: the way to ensure this happens is usually 'fair
division', whether by splitting a resource equally, 'time share' usage or placing resources in a collective
pool where resources are removed and then brought back. An excellent instructive example of waiting
for resources to become available is a public library.

Everyone has to compromise sometimes for the sake of business and personal relationships,
otherwise they would end up isolated and friendless. Nobody can adhere to their plan to the letter but
if you can recognize the goals in that plan then you can attempt them at another time when conditions
are more accommodating.

DSL broadband speeds in rural areas tends to be significantly slower than in city areas. This can be
compensated for by achieving a modest speed increase using DSL accelerator software that optimizes
the efficiency of the data download stream. You can find a selection of free examples of this software
by Googling for 'free dsl accelerator'.

How to make things happen: Connect, Believe, Do!

Beware of 'feature creep' lengthening the development time of your products, especially when
listening to input from the community. Whilst it is important to listen to feedback, you have to (a) stay
true to your own vision, and (b) bear in mind that the product is going to have to have its development
frozen and be finally released at some point, especially if a release date has already been announced.

There is such a thing as pride in the place where you live. 'Village pride' usually requires a sense of
competition with neighbouring towns, which is fine so long as it is friendly competition that drives each
town to continually improve (e.g 'Village in Bloom' best garden competitions) and does not descend
into gang warfare.
Processes that happen in the universe on a macroscopic scale also happen on a microscopic scale,
such as the development of a fetus.

Sometimes it will be too late to help a student fix all of the gaps in their knowledge before a test.
Schools can address this by writing test papers in an 'each question in the test is worth x points of
your grade - answer x number of questions from the selection of questions provided' and provide more
questions on the paper than is actually needed to get a top grade.

Students can then pick the questions they are most confident with and stand a chance of getting a
passing grade instead of opening the paper at the start of the test, finding nothing they can do and
giving up right away. This is an acceptable way to write a paper, since tests usually do not test the
whole curriculum but rather selected aspects of it.

Teachers can also prepare students for future tests by dropping hints about what might be on a test ...
not actually saying it WILL be on the test but instead stating "this is a subject that may appear on the
test". They can also give the students copies of test papers from previous years (the paper only - not
the answers) to practice on in their own time, since past tests will often cover similar material but with
different questions, giving the student a flavor of what may be in the current tests without giving them
advance warning of specific questions, ensuring that they still need to revise in order to pass.

Make use of your network of friendly contacts to make connections, partnerships and deals that could
not be done by anyone else, or at least not affordably.

Use the 'PDF printer driver' program 'CutePDF' to create PDFs of interesting ideas / articles instead of
bookmarking them and keep them in a folder on the computer for review and re-review for potential
idea inspiration at a later date.

Good principles of business and customer service that are current now will still be good decades from

Pride is not something that is easily achieved on an individual basis. It comes from the nurturing of
family, from the support of good friends, from the sincere congratulations of teachers for a genuinely
good effort.

When a person goes wrong, there is a community responsibility. Too often though, that responsibility
ends behind the front door of that person and the community does not want to acknowledge that they
have the power to do anything positive to intervene, be it supporting the person or the family of that
person. Selfless pride is not a deadly sin, only selfish pride. Selfless pride is a value that can be
'bottled and stored' and then harnessed if you provide youths with a role model or models that clearly
represent the values you want the youths to have, because they will model their own life on the
example of heroes if given the opportunity to by parents, teachers, etc and so take on that positive
nature themselves. It is like how every child who watched the 1969 moon landings on tv wanted to be
an astronaut.

A role model is like a visual tickbox-list of what a youth should do in their own lives to achieve similar
things to their hero figure. Movies can be a powerful teaching aid for demonstrating qualities (e.g
Michael Jordan winning a basketball game against the odds in 'Space Jam' or Bruce Willis sacrificing
his life to save the world from a killer asteroid in 'Armageddon'). A common trait of a hero-idolized
person or fictional character is that they have personality (preferably genuine, positive personality
traits and not an act put on in public). It is vital though that the student is not simply encouraged to
emulate the role model's life path but instead is shown how to unlock their inner potential so that they
can emulate their hero's achievements in their own way and not by following another person's life
track, because there may be circumstances in the past of the idol's life that cannot or should not be
duplicated. Teachers and parents should promote the fact that even heroes have a real life and real

The 'human technology' within each of us from birth, both physical (hardware) and psychological,
(software) is the most incredible living & learning technology that there ever has been and ever will
ever be, even when machines become dated and break down. As long as humans understand how to
best use it then it will never be out of date even centuries from now.

If you 'learn through limits' (i.e set yourself or another person a goal 'ceiling' to reach, attain it and then
set the next), the mind and body adapt over time in a comfortable way to the increasing of loads
placed on them.

Like a business manager at a bank, there should ideally be some form of advice provided to the plan-
creator (and whoever is going to be following it if it is someone other than the plan-creator) so that the
plan is realistic and is not likely to encourage people to set out on a poorly designed course that is
likely to lead to failure to reach the desired outcome.

Since it will take a number of plan-steps to reach a set goal (whether set by the user, a teacher, parent
or somebody else), one can write a multi-step plan to get them from their current point on the tree (a
'save point' where they stepped off for a rest?) to the target destination point on the tree. The user can
then tackle each pre-planned step towards the set goal sequentially, using the map-reference system
to know exactly which step to tackle next. There should be an evaluation process built in to check if
the planned sequence is realistic (e.g if there should be more steps added rather than trying to cross
too large a gap between steps due to over-optimism).

The easiest way to handle progression in a school context is simply if the teacher evaluates their
progress or the plan-follower's progress and decides whether they should move on to the next step of
the plan. Teachers, parents, guidance counselors, camp counselors, etc may set the plan-follower
challenges and targets to meet. However, the follower should always have the choice of using the
material to exceed the targets set so long as the supervising person agrees that the follower is not at
risk of compromising the lower target by overstretching themselves.
There is a clear difference between a fighter and a warrior.

A fighter flexes their power crudely, chasing after the thrill of battle without thought or care for
themselves or their opponent, whilst a warrior regards aggressive action as the absolute last resort
when all other options for resolving a confrontation have been exhausted and recognizes that the
greatest warrior of all is the one who never has to fight. Or to put it more succinctly, the best martial
art in the world is the discipline of Don't-Get-Hit!

Put yourself in the shoes of investors and imagine what questions they would like answered about the
products, content or services you are offering.

When starting to design new advertising materials, less is more. A great ad poster or piece of
packaging art begins with the original, unlabelled, pure piece of artwork.

Opening a school hall to the community at the weekend for community event hire (e.g retail fairs) can
provide another source of income for the school.

Video clips can be most effective as a classroom tool if they incorporate elements that demand a
response from the audience (e.g Dora the Explorer's requirement to repeat back Spanish phrases that
Dora speaks).

Don't get a big head. Success cannot be assumed. An organization's fortunes can soon turn around,
in both a positive or a negative direction depending on its strategies.

Take existing genres and put innovations on them that make those genres your own.

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel to promote yourself or an organization, it is useful to
know that YouTube users appreciate high production values, strong subject knowledge, honesty and
regular updates.

Challenge your community – whether it be the local community or an online one - to come up with
You may not be sure if youths will come to content that you create, but they definitely will not come if
you do not create it!

A life lesson for the ages - stories of having mutant super-powers do not impress girls, and nor does
manic / robot dancing and general showing off.

Be known as a specialist for something, and advertise that specialist skill.

If teen engineers want to create weaponry / military hardware as a career after seeing such hardware
in cartoons or action movies then letting them do so through virtual worlds in a 'combat sandbox' can
then open up debate about the real life consequences of such creations.

Showing video footage of intense sci-fi space battles like those in shows such as 'Star Trek' can be a
platform for discussing the physics of those battles, ship movements, etc.

An excellent website can cover up the fact that you may have a small team in your department or

Libraries should be safe havens for their users from troubles in their lives. This is especially true for
school libraries. A closed-circuit camera equipped open plan layout that has no blind-spot areas and
can be fully monitored from the library front counter with the eyes and with the camera monitor screen
should therefore ideally be the norm.

Free comics in English teaching: for those who don't know, web comics are comics series drawn by
artists who either create the comic as a hobby for fun or because it's too difficult to get their strip
syndicated in a newspaper. And often the comics are superior to those that appear in the funny
pages, but most of all are free.

Reading up on the 'crazy theories' of some people, such as 'Pokemon is witchcraft because you
summon things', can help to form arguments against those theories when developing your own
material and guide you in designing presentation mechanisms to counter those arguments if there is a
possibility that they will be expressed by your target audience.

Fewer good features are better than lots of poorly done features - pick what you can pull off and figure
out what you can achieve with your knowledge and resources.

Encourage people to see others in terms of simply the color red (negative) or the color green
(positive). It can be further reinforced by asking those people to apply a green or red label to a digital
representation of themselves depending on how they feel on a particular day (i.e an extension of the
blogging / IM 'emoticons' system already commonly used).

In virtual worlds / interactive games, it can be represented as a red or green aura or a flat spiral
graphic on the ground under the feet of a character. It can also be shown in specific virtual worlds
such as Second Life® and OpenSim by attaching a phantom, semi transparent spiral to the boots of
the avatar.

Sudden discovery of faith is like being one of the red guys in 'Tron' and being converted into one of the
blue guys.

Many people are more likely to listen to a particular message if it is in the form of a song.

Separation from the light of friendship creates a kind of inner darkness in the separated person.
Friends will transmit healthy positive thoughts to you if you create relationships that encourage those
friends to project warm thought towards you.

You can imagine what the deep undersea might look like if you look at mountain ranges and imagine
when they were underwater.

Even with the 'Challenge Force' fully active, you still need a clear, unimpeded connection to external
natural energy sources if you are planning on using the Force for an extended period of time or you
will just end up draining flat your own internal energy resources.

High tiredness / illness can be regarded as an overwhelming challenge for which Challenge Force can
be released to instantly counteract and rebound from it.
Using the 'Challenge Force' to absorb impacts against the body and other forces as though it is a kind
of cushion around the skin means that extreme sports competitors can redefine how amazingly
extreme those sports can be.

Using the Challenge Force to absorb impacts against the body and other forces as though it is a kind
of cushion around the skin, by regarding the impact itself as an overwhelming threat to your well-
being, means that extreme sports competitors can, if they master the Challenge Force technique over
time, potentially redefine how extreme those sports can be.

Precise hand movements like those used in martial arts - and also in fictional shows such as 'Naruto' -
can be thought of as a sign language for energy instead of words.

You can represent the physical universe visually as having a single all-encompassing atmosphere that
acts as a connecting medium to join all things together.

The ultimate example of technology 'going into the background' will be when hardware functions are
transferred to within the human psyche (e.g by embedding Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
anchors into the brain via psychotherapy / hypnotism).

Putting a rack-mounted Kindle or other eBook reader on a bookshelf beside a printed version of that
book helps to promote the different print and digital reading options available.

When people make a large purchase such as a games console, they may want to know what the
additional costs are likely to be that are not covered by the contents of the initial bundle (in the case of
a games machine, that would be motion controllers, additional controllers, etc).

When marketing large items, you can place a smaller object on or near the item in a picture to help the
customer gain an accurate visual perspective of the true size..

When promoting a multi-faceted product on a website (e.g a PC and its various components), have
graphical button-links on the page to provide further details on each of these specific facets.
If a piece of old hardware that cannot be purchased new any more, such as a circuit board in an
amusement arcade machine has a problem then getting that hardware working again can be highly

One option though is to just copy the PCB tracks onto a new blank PCB board and transfer the old
components over to it, replacing the parts that are confirmed during electronics testing to be faulty.
This is similar to how people who modify computers and videogame consoles as their hobby
sometimes cut up PCBs into sections and interlink them with cabling in order to make them fit a
custom casing.

It is easier to hide unusual inventions until they are ready if you incorporate the prototype into a
mundane object (e.g a time machine into a DeLorean).

It is similar to how vehicle manufacturers testing secret new models will sometimes cover the car in
black duct tape during outdoors testing and even put the logo badges of rival manufacturers on the
vehicle to try to throw spies off the scent.

Building an advanced project such as a prototype model for a space shuttle in your garage should not
be a problem for the local authorities until you need to start using hazardous materials and
procedures. At the early stages, you have more to worry about from garage thieves!

Software overcomes the intellectual limitations of hardware to create something far greater than the
sum of its physical components. It is like a baby being able to use the mechanics of its body to walk
but not knowing yet how to coordinate the physical parts.

If technology can learn how humans work without the humans having to manually teach it, does that
make technology more human and therefore less 'unholy', or is it the content rather than the
technology that religious / moral people object to?

If the technology can learn the user's values quickly then it can become 'moral-sympathetic' itself and
filter out that objectionable content to provide a faith-friendly experience.

People who have skin problems (including eczema, scars, etc) could in the near future wear OLED
wrap-round screens that can color-match to the shade of the healthy skin.

A nightmare risk of full-immersion gaming in the future is being trapped in the game, unable to escape
and scratching at your physical body to wake up or remove some perceived virtual element from
yourself. Somebody – preferably the user themselves – needs to be able to pull the plug with an
emergency stop button.
An external button would be especially useful for stopping someone with an extreme addiction to the
environment from continuing for long periods of time - potentially fatally long - with a simulation, pulling
them back into the real world, as well as getting them out of the simulation if some element of it has
malfunctioned. Full immersion gaming also necessitates that there be excellent medical facilities
nearby to fix broken bones!

The sight of a fictional action-cartoon character pushing back against a giant energy death-beam with
their bare hands is like a person in the real world pushing back at death itself to resist it through sheer
will. When the point of natural death is arrived at, not everybody is ready to pass, even if they are in
great pain and may seem to have a low 'quality of life'.

This can lead to well-meaning family members telling the person that 'it's okay to go' and 'you can stop
fighting now'. Once the person makes a conscious choice to give up resisting their own personal
death-beam then they often soon slip away (as evidenced by the number of elderly people who 'die of
a broken heart' mere hours or days after a loved one). The rights and wrongs of giving in are not a
subject that anyone except the dying person is entitled to pass a judgement on. A person's natural
point of death is as personal to them as their life was.

User comments left on YouTube Pokemon cartoon soundtrack song videos are a reminder to the older
generation that even if adults think pop is rubbish, younger people love it.

Simply holding a pen in the hand may be stressful by generating 'expectation stress'.

The 'Parallel Worlds Slider' tool</a> featured in Sambiglyon's 'Living & Learning series of self-
enhancement training tools.</a> can be used for more applications than just gathering information on
a topic from alternate versions of yourself in parallel dimensions.

It can also be utilized as a rough suggestion guide to what choices to make in your life to reach a
desired future goal. For instance, if you wished to follow a career in marine biology then you can use
the tool to question an alternate you who became a marine biologist in their reality and find out what
choices they made during their life (which university they went to, which subjects they chose for their
major and minor degree topics, etc).

You can then decide whether or not to work those options into your own personal life / career plan
(since nobody should follow another person's life precisely - you are on your own unique journey).
The information should be treated as though it is recommendations from a friend!

Loading the pressure of customer expectations upon yourself is a form of positive 'Gravity Crush' that
can push you to create the most innovative and amazing content that you possibly can.
Considering that students may have to start looking for work as soon as they graduate from high
school, an excellent graduation gift may be a bicycle (assuming they have not passed their driving
exam by then or can even afford to run a car).

Bicycles will not necessarily be useful for riding to jobs in other towns in the US if that neighboring
town is further away than ten miles or the only route to it is along a dangerous highway, but it will
make it easier to get around a large home-town and get to work on time for a job in that home-town.
Bicycles are also like a first car in terms of a way of gaining more freedom as they enter adulthood.

Some people may be hesitant to perform physical actions with a motion-controller device such as
Microsoft's Kinect or Sony's Move controller for fear of looking ridiculous.

They can be helped to get over this concern by referring them to examples of non-silly body motion
(for example, pop-star dance choreography, 'hand seal' finger motions in the anime series 'Naruto',
martial arts movies, tai chi, etc).

In the Sambiglyon article 'Science to Spirit Tool - Easy Mode', we described a method of using the
fingers like an 'existential abacus' to solve problems relating to working out a person's place in the
grand scheme of the Universe.

A drawback of the tool though is that its reliance on English-language labels for each finger means
that it may be difficult for illiterate or non-English speaking people to use. A way of teaching such
users what each finger on the 'Easy Mode' tool is for is to use the only totally common system of
representation in the world, which is a numerical system (1, 2, 3, etc) or to be more specific, the
arrangement of those numbers into an 'analog wall clock' sequence.

Since there are only ten fingers and thumbs in total on the human hands and twelve positions on a
clock face, the six o'clock and twelve o'clock positions can be represented by the palms of the left and
right hands, reserved specially for finger-movement choreography sequences that need to tap a finger
on the palm in order to input a certain Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) instruction into the user's
mind. When using two hands at once, one can use an 'hours and minutes' system to create very
complex mental programs (for example, connecting the ring finger of the right hand to the index finger
of the left hand to represent the clock position 'three minutes to five').

You may have sometimes received cd or dvd discs in a cardboard sleeve that are given away as a
free gift with magazines. You can make such sleeves for your own products by creating a cardboard
model of the sleeve in a computer paint package, complete with foldable edges where the sides of te
sleeve will be glued together, and then printing the image onto a piece of glossy card and cutting the
shape out and bending the folded edges.
If you present a project pitch as a movie or videogame-style 'boxed disc' product comprising of a dvd
or blu-ray video presentation that is accompanied by a print 'manual' and papers, this will help to gain
the attention of bosses. This is because the leaders in your organization may not have a lot of free
time during working hours, may dislike studying a website for information, or may be too disinterested
to read a large paper document unless they absolutely have to.

People are generally attracted to brands that reflect themselves, so professionals and education
institutions tend to choose brands like Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, HP, etc. This can give you clues
as to the direction that you should style your organization's image, depending on what your target
markets are.

A brand can straddle different markets if it is carefully image-managed. For example, the giant
videogame publisher Electronic Arts uses a different 'arty' version of its standard black-circle logo on
each of its products to give a unique, attention grabbing edge to their promotion. A logo can also be
made more consumerist or more plain and sober depending on target markets and where the product
is promoted.

You can better engage a group or community of users in a virtual world based around user-generated
content, such as Second Life®, by creating a blog-based 'storyline' that heralds new events, in-world
currency earning quests and content on your virtual land. This storyline can have romance, morals,
intimacy, adventure, mystery, emotions, problems to solve and more woven into it.

If you do not have a large estate of land in your UGC virtual world of choice then a way around this
problem is to create a thin but tall multi-floor 'questing tower'. Inexperienced users could be given
rewards for simply participating in the tower, but bigger, better rewards could be given for completing
hard challenges (though some say that knowledge is its own reward!). The greatest players should be
provided with an even greater hardcore challenge and greater rewards again. There should be easy
ways to publish the results for others to see if the group chooses (for example, on a YouTube video

Each virtual world may offer quest designers different problems to overcome in terms of making the
questing experience cheat-proof. For example, in Second Life there would be the possibility of users
using teleportation and avatar flight to bypass quest floors. There are ways around most design
dilemmas though if clever thinking is applied by the designer. For instance, in regard to Second Life
specifically, the teleportation problem can be solved simply by switching off teleportation on your land.
The flight-cheating problem, meanwhile, can be solved by designing the structure of your tower to run
from roof to ground rather than from ground to roof and then switching off avatar flight on your land
and having the users begin the quest on the roof of the tower.

This means that they have no choice but to sequentially go down through each floor of the tower as
the designer envisioned. If you have enough space on your land for more than one questing tower
then you can create branching adventures that offer the users a choice of which puzzle-solving route
to take to reach the ground, with closed-walled walkways between the towers enabling the users to
criss-cross back and forth between the towers as they descend.

In a brand new online virtual world, early 'colonizers' who then stay a long time tend to be dominant
and have the strongest influence, as well as the ear of the virtual world owner. This dominance is
most effective when one is in partnership with world owners.

The 'debugging console' present in some computer-based games and virtual worlds allows
customization and features not normally available in the 'factory default' configuration, enabling you to
tailor that game / virtual environment to the needs of your interactive projects.

An advantage of creating simulations in the online virtual reality world Second Life® is that if the
designer uses the group member permissions system to switch off the capability for users to remove
other users' items then - unlike most Massively Mutliplayer Online (MMO) worlds, there will be
persistence of action as the amount of items left behind in the simulation mounts up. This can be a
good life-teaching tool for youths, as it demonstrates that there are lasting consequences to actions.

Youths who are using virtual worlds for the first time are similar to children in their first weeks of
kindergarten school who are placed in a play area and given simple building blocks and dolls to play
with and allowed to experiment randomly with the construction materials available until they learn how
to use those materials in more complex ways. Once the youth user has mastered the fundamentals,
they can linearly advance their virtual world skills to 'elementary', 'high school' and 'college' levels.

Consumers demand innovation but then do not purchase products that provide innovation. So how
can you change this?

Using a house fan to simulate an engineering wind tunnel by placing a miniature model at a height that
is level with the top of a bowl of steaming water and then blowing the steam horizontally across the
surface of the miniature should yield basic visual aerodynamic insights that can be demonstrated in
any science classroom.

Preferably, the fan will be a model that has a range of selectable speeds in order to simulate different
wind strengths.

Plush soft toys (plushies) create emotional connections between people and an intellectual property
(IP) character. Other character-based product merchandise such as t-shirts, badges, key-rings,
posters, etc have a similar effect, though to a lesser extent.

When recording machinima video footage in the online virtual reality world Second Life® with the voice
lip synch feature switched on, you can be reading the script with little passion and dub a professionally
recorded voice-track over the video later.

So long as the avatar lip movements match that dub track then nobody will know that it was not
produced live in a single seamless recording. .
Advanced sports training is a logical gateway to advanced potential harnessing training, since the
student can test their growing abilities against equally matched opponents through competition.

Using an online Oekaki drawing board with built-in chat functionality as a communication tool for an
organization's customer service would enable the customer service operative to draw directly onto the
chat window in order to visually illustrate what is being said if the caller has difficulty understanding
what the operative is telling them (if, for example, English is not their first language). Likewise, the
caller can draw on the board to better communicate their meaning to the operative.

Using an online Oekaki drawing board with built-in chat functionality as a communication tool for an
organization's customer service would enable the customer service operative to draw directly onto the
chat window in order to visually illustrate what is being said if the caller has difficulty understanding
what the operative is telling them.

This is highly useful if, for example, English is not their first language or the person is an international
customer. Likewise, the caller can draw on the board to better communicate their meaning to the
operative. Furthermore, if a language translator such as BabelFish or Google Translate were
embedded into the web-page then customers could easily convert English-language text chat from the
customer service operative into their primary language.

Once humans receive information into the eyes and ears, their subconscious mind will automatically
translate that data into bio-data that is compatible with being transmitted by the mind across various
planes of the Multiversal network, including parallel and fictional dimensions.

Speaking of the human-created artificial entities that occupy fictional dimensions: they should be
treated as having their own mental Tree that is part of a Universe-wide forest of individual Trees that
makes up the Great Tree (albeit a tree that is not located in the physical world but instead invisibly
intermixing with it like a 'ghost forest'.

A fictional entity's Tree, if they cannot break free of behavior patterns and story-event milestones
defined by their author-creator's defined storylines, would resemble the Tree of a living human in the
real world who has a rigidly fixed mindset. Since the Tree is simply a mental construct that represents
the possible structure of reality in a way that can be easily understood ('possible' being the key word,
since no person can know how it is truly constructed), its model can be applied to any type of entity or
dimensional plane

The concept of energy frequencies in the environment we live in that are normally invisible to the
naked eye can be represented in print by Magic Eye style images that become progressively easier to
see as the reader's perception skill increases through practice with the images.
Grant to youths following a particular career the tools that can give them a learning advantage (e.g a
PS3 and a copy of 'Gran Turismo 5' for a youth aiming to be a NASCAR driver).

Try misspelled variations of words in internet searches, since much valuable information is hidden by
bad spelling (this is especially true on eBay).

MonoTouch can be used as a visual development environment to construct 'first drafts' of C# code that
can be used in iDevice app development without infringing copyrights by using other people's code

If librarians place a sticker on library books with a web URL linking to a Librarian's Choice of
recommended further reading online then they can effectively combine together use of traditional and
modern information media.

If a library cannot afford library assistants, consider providing library volunteers with a handheld linked
by wi-fi to an internal library 'intranet' site.

The ideal situation is always to have well trained library assistants available to give live expert advice,
but a database-linked reference device for volunteers can help to provide an enhanced service in
libraries that cannot afford additional adult library staff.

Libraries that are technologically adventurous but have a humble budget and a window, door or wall
that has a window or wall that faces onto public land may be able to offer an evening and weekend
service to their users even when the library is closed by utilizing affordable off-the-shelf programmable
robotics, such as Lego Mindstorms or the open-source Qbo.

If a wheeled robot with a grabber hand and simple artificial intelligence is built, and programmed with
the coordinates of each of the different shelving categories, then it could roll into the aisle that a
particular book requested by the library user belongs to and then scan barcode stickers on each book
on the shelf until it finds the precise book required. It could then grasp that book in its grabber and
dropped into a dispensing hatch leading to the outside of the library.

The robot would be activated by the user passing a library card over a scanner on the outside of the
building or holding it up to the window so that the robot - standing at its default 'standby mode' position
at the dispenser point - could scan and recognize it with a camera. The robot could be linked by wi-fi
to the library stock database and automatically complete the check-out form and update the database
before dispensing the book. This same link would enable it to check before commencing retrieval
whether the user is able to withdraw any more books or whether they have reached their limit.
One can see the world as an editing suite with storyboard layers for vision and sound. You can
alternate between one or the other by either focusing the eyes on something in the environment or
thinking about listening with the left or the right ear.

Troubles across the world are easier to understand if you look at them in terms of fragmentations in
the surface of a painting.

If you plot those fragmentations on a world map and then set about dealing with them and the effects
that they generate by attempting to minimize negative or illogical / irrational thoughts and actions from
the peoples in the area that the fragmentation is occurring then everything else will take care of itself,
because ultimately thought and deed are the beginnings of all problems. If you deal with the problem
where it begins - the mind - then it cannot spread further and become more complex.

It needs to be understood though that love too can be illogical / irrational but not necessarily
destructive. One needs to make a clear distinction: love can be said to be destructive instead of
constructive when it causes harm to yourself (e.g through low self esteem) or to others (through
obsession, hate, arguments, one sided feelings and love triangles / crushes, etc). And one person's
good thought / action is another's evil thought / action, depending on personal perspective. It is
perspective difference that is the root cause of most conflict in the world, and shared values can be
difficult for humans to agree on!

A young child does not have to understand the workings of the universe because they sense it, see it
and talk to it.

They embody a philosophy of novel writer Richard Bach - "Don't think! Don't care! Have fun!" (i.e in
short, 'Just Be!'). A happy preschool child accepts everything they experience as truth because they
have not yet been taught the concept of doubt and the most untruthful word in the English dictionary:
'Impossible'. Their Heart Connection is extremely simple and close to the ideal. They have the
qualities to potentially have a natural aptitude for being a 'network administrator' in the structure of the
'Great Tree', since an instinctual mind would be able to better cope with tracking a large volume of
simultaneous events occurring across the multiverse.

The child-like state of mind can also be described in terms of the world-view of the Christian faith. The
Bible states that a person must become like a child in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. If we
accept - for the sake of theoretical argument - that there is an afterlife and that network administrators
operate on the uppermost levels of it, close to God, then it makes sense that a person would have to
have a personality that is extremely open-minded and admin-capable in order to gain access to work
on those top levels. The faster that one attains these qualities during the 'classroom' of physical
existence and advance their meter then the quicker they can potentially leap into admin after reaching
the next dimension. In this theoretical scenario, children should have a clear advantage over adults
because they would have far less negative mental programming and preconceptions to undo that
would impede their ability to instinctively monitor and manage events occurring throughout the

So if network admins in the afterlife were children, or adults with an open child-like nature, -computers-
in the afterlife, if there are computers, are perhaps in the form of whatever your perception wants them
to be. They could even potentially be a form of conscious entity themselves. If they are conscious
then this would introduce the possibility of humans connecting their living mind to the computer and
querying its information contents directly. This could be accomplished by using a variation on the
'Parallel Worlds Slider' tool, with the connection-forming mental instruction being something akin to
"Connect me to the main computer in the afterlife dimension".

Because dimensions invisibly overlap one another, the best way to describe a human in this
Universe's position on that dimensional map is perhaps for them to think of themselves as an
immovable centerpoint at the same 'location' on multiple intermixed dimensional planes.

In other words, the person should think of themselves as a stick placed in the mud of a stream-bed (or
perhaps more accurately, standing at the base of a tall, climbable tree, with our world being ground
level and the other dimensions being branches higher up the trunk).

The river-bed analogy implies though that the person - or the stick that represents them - is a 'boulder'
in the structure of reality that obstructs the flow across the Multiverse of time, space and energy and
makes those forces bend around it (like water flowing around a boulder in a real river). In fact, the
stick would ordinarily only have a physical, tangible effect on forces native to our dimension, and
forces in other dimensions that were overlaid over our own would pass straight through the stick, as it
is not a part of those dimensions.

As we have demonstrated with tools such as the 'Parallel Worlds Slider' tool though, the mind can
cross dimensional barriers if it is willed to with calm, clear mental instructions. Therefore, the normally
intangible stick in the river mud can exert a limited influence on other planes - being not so much an
obstructive boulder in those dimensions as a breeze that slightly alters the flow of those realms' forces
- if it consciously wills itself to do so! As we have demonstrated with tools such as the 'Parallel Worlds
Slider'</a> tool though, the mind can cross dimensional barriers if it is willed to with calm, clear mental
instructions. Therefore, the normally intangible stick in the river mud can exert a limited influence on
other planes - being not so much an obstructive boulder in those dimensions as a breeze that slightly
alters the flow of those realms' forces - if it consciously wills itself to do so. After all, the word
'Impossible' is only used by adults and by children who have been coached by adults to believe this

Instinctual compass navigation through an environment where locations are not fixed means that
'back' can actually be 'forward'.

A practical way to practice how to cope with this is to blindfold a person and spin them round until
dizzy to confuse their physical sensors, forcing them to switch to instinctual radar.

An alternative, more advanced methodology for determining the correct direction to go in an
environment without visual landmarks is to focus your mind on a mental picture of a location you want
to find and then sensing 'pulls' on the sides, front or back of your body, as though sticky taffy is
attached to your body and somebody is pulling on it.

The physical sensation of a directional pull can be simulated by moving the hand close to the skin so
that it intermixes with the body's electromagnetic field and then move it away in a fluid sweep. This
can be a group activity, where one person is blindfolded and another person moves their hand near an
area of the blindfolded person's body to see whether they detect it and turn in that direction.

If you want to be able to review static images offline away from the desktop computer - for example, to
generate research ideas - but do not have a tablet device, there is a cheaper way to view your pictures
- a digital photo frame!

If you transfer the picture files onto an SD Flash storage card - if your computer does not have a built
in card reader, cheap external USB readers are available - then you can insert the SD card into the
photo frame and use its controls to browse through the images at your leisure.

You can compel Second Life® beginners to only be able to walk sideways in order to help them
master the controls if you switch off flight and have them walk along gulleys in the ground that are too
high to walk over until they reach a ramp. It can be a precursor to a guiderail-free 'drunk person test'
of having the trainee try to walk their avatar along a straight line.

Dull looking old print content (e.g periodicals and worn books) can be made to look more interesting if
you place them in a 'ye olde library' setting out of view of the more modern media in order to create a
sense of mystery about them, like the dusty ancient books in the far-far future library in the movie of
HG Wells' The Time Machine.

You can also 'patch update' old print content by placing URL and QR Code stickers on the pages to
direct the reader to further reading online.

In schools where the attendance roll call is still done on paper and recorded in a book that cannot be
torn apart, teachers and school staff may find it labor-intensive to convert those written records into
digital data for the purposes of statistics collection.

You can speed up this conversion process though by using a smartphone to take photos of the paper
pages and then transfer the images to a computer. Once they are on the computer, you can
subsequently upload them into the web-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service
OnlineOCR and download the converted record as a plain text file.

In instances where you can scan attendance book pages without tearing them (for example, if the
book is made up of loose sheets), you can scan each page into a single PDF document using a
desktop computer scanner, load the PDF into OnlineOCR and then save the text file. By searching
the digital text file with a search term containing a student's name and a letter representing absence or
attendance (e.g 'Y' or 'N') then you can quickly mine from the data how many times in a period of the
year the student was present or absent. You can also use this method with other types of data
pairings that are recorded on paper!

When searching for something on the internet, you can think of the web as something you pour into
the top of your computer using a funnel and then sift out the unwanted elements in the mixture.

All sources should be considered as having the potential to offer at least a useful piece of information -
even from sources you consider dubious (remembering the old 'finding the diamonds amongst the
coal' principle).

Focus on the first couple of pages of search results - as their high ranking means they have been
widely peer-reviewed and consistently referred to - and print off useful guides (no more than 10 pages
at a time so you do not get overwhelmed) or place pieces into a word processor doc, print them off
and then edit them with a pen. Then if you have not found all of the answers you were seeking in your
search, repeat the process for the next couple of pages in the search results.

Public and school libraries could serve the poor by having a refurbishment service where library users
could bring their old faulty / broken belongings and have them fixed up by library staff or volunteers
instead of buying new ones.

The internet has such a wealth of self-repair guides that the service could in itself be educational for
the people doing the repairs. Better yet, those resources could be utilized to show the library user
how to do the restoration themselves! Ideally though, the service should avoid tackling repairs on
electrical items that run off mains power though in order to avoid legal liability if something goes wrong
when the library user takes their item home and plugs it in!

Sambiglyon's 'Personal Settings Slider' tool may be able to help almost totally disabled people
(including those with fixed, staring total paralysis) if carers can explain the tool and the need for belief
that it will work, trusting that their mind is aware even if it does not seem obvious, and then move their
hand along the slider bar for them in view of their line of sight.

It may also be able to help long-term coma victims who are mistakenly believed to be non-aware of
their surroundings by giving them 'virtual reality' tools (by showing the Slider tool to them if their eyes
are open but locked or describing it to them if their eyes are closed) so that they can mentally
imagineer a new reality for themselves by creating visualizations of their hands touching a picture of
themselves and a slider bar beside it

The human brain is programmed to automatically activate specific types of brain function, such as
memory recall, depending on the direction in which the eyes are moved. This hard-wired
programming can potentially be utilized to enhance the lives of disabled people.

If the eyes are the 'movie directing' system of the body then you could, for example, create a program
where a cursor is moved to different corners of a screen. The eyes of the observer would, by human
nature, be compelled to move in the same direction to track the movement and thereby activate a
brain effect, such as enhanced memory access. This eye movement does not require much conscious
thought, making it a good tool for the disabled (both physically, in terms of no movement being
required, and mental, in terms of reliance on visual instinct).

The eye movement system can be expanded to more complex yet more interesting media such as
objects / characters moving in a certain direction whilst providing visual information that prompts the
viewer to think of something that is compatible with the activated brain effect. Reactions to the
imagery will be most effective when information has been pre-loaded into the mind (for example, by
reading a book, watching a movie or listening to a podcast), as the mind can then connect the imagery
to its internal database and better understand how to process the new inputs.

The system can be used in conjunction with Sambiglyon's 'Personal Settings Slider' self management
tool to optionally provide more effective mental reactions to selected settings, perhaps whilst the visual
presentation is actually running (with the user making adjustments to the slider with their fingers). An
alternative, simpler, way in which brain function activation can be achieved is to place eye-catching
graphics on different margin areas of a large fixed poster image on a wall. If the observer cannot
move the sheet then they have no choice but to move their eyes in the directions that the poster
designer intends them to.

For people who have had their mind locked inside their body since birth, their ability to process
information inputs will depend upon the nature of their brain disability and its severity, as well as how
much information has been loaded into their mind and how many different environments their mind
has experienced (even ones viewed on a television). One might ask what the point is of providing
them with movie direction if they (the director) cannot respond. If their senses can absorb information,
then even if their capability to consciously process it is limited, the inputs should be unconsciously
stored somewhere in the brain and thus hep it to run the biological body more effectively.

The rhythm of your thoughts is as important as producing a perfect rhythm when playing music; in this
case, your mind and body are the instrument, in the same way that the body is said to be a temple.

 Just as the beautiful sounds in a physical temple are molded by its structure and airflow, the internal
quality of your body affects the harmonies of the energy flowing through it and can make a beautiful
inner song become discordant. The happiness in the heart will set the song for the rest of the body. If
the eyes are said to be “the windows of the soul” then it is perhaps by examining the qualities of that
eye-light than people can see the quality of the thoughts that reside within you.

Fictional World Theory can be used to help parents to deal with their young children having imaginary
friends by understanding that they may actually be interacting with a harmless entity constructed from
human mental energy whose presence is leaking through from another dimension but is not
perceptible by the senses of the average adult.

The presence of something that the eyes cannot see may be detectable though by using an accurate
digital barometer to measure differences in barometric pressure in the vicinity of the child during
periods when they claim their imaginary friend is beside them. The principles and use of a digital
barometer for change detection is described in the Sambiglyon article 'Measuring Potential'.

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