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									5/21/2012 Aloha Table Service

BOH Training Check off Sheet                                              Company Name:___________________________
                                                                              Training Dates:1st__________2nd_________

      Review Sales Order
      Installation Date_____________ F&F Date___________ Opening/Live Date________________
      Remaining balance is due on delivery and installation of equipment. $___________________

      Hardware/Equipment                  Terminals, Terminal Names Printers, Printer Groups
             Cash Drawers                 Hard drive Backup         Troubleshooting
             Any additional equipment needed?____________________________________________________________

      Software/Programs                  Aloha Version                              AVG/Antivirus-Updating Command Center
             Logmein- Do they need IT Reach?    Yes No                            Email invitation? Yes No
     Credit Cards
                        EDC- Verifying and sending cc batch              Transaction Reports         RPS        Restaurant Guard

      Windows Administrators/Limited Access Users
            Owner filled out and returned the Windows User Sheet
            Shown how to add in new Windows users                                                              Initial___________
      PCI Documentation Reviewed
            Owner understands PCI Compliancy                                                                   Initial___________

      Received a System Guide, Documentation & Training Binder


      Employee Maintenance 15-30 minutes
             Job Codes, Access Levels          Necessary Back Office Security Levels          Aloha BOH Passwords
      Item creation and maintenance 30-45 minutes
             Priority Printing for the Kitchen/Bar
      Submenu creation and maintenance 15-30 minutes
             Submenu Panel Editor
             Smart Select Items
             Liquor Regular Pour & Long Pour track difference?              Yes      No                        Initial__________
             Bitmaps (BMP’s)- Attaching to submenu panel item
     Modifier creation and maintenance 10-20 minutes
     Categories 10-20 minutes
             Maintaining Sales (Food, Liquor, Beer, Wine, Retail)             Non-Sales/Reporting (All Items)
     Menu creation and maintenance 5-10 minutes
     Taxes       Food____________%   Liquor___________%                            Gratuity __________% Initial___________

     System            Events- Happy Hour & Special Pricing                         Order Modes             Revenue Centers
                       Day Parts               Tables                               Floor Plans
      Payments         Tenders                 Promos/Comps                         Petty Accounts
                       House Accounts- Adding new, reports& posting                 Gift Cards-eCards, Back Office, Paper, Other
5/21/2012 Aloha Table Service

     Reports and Settings
                    Sales Reports-edit deposits                   Audit Reports- credit card numbers
                    Labor Reports-edit punches                    Reprints- guest checks and checkouts
                    Product Mix Reports
     Labor          Basic Labor Scheduler Discuss How to Manage Tips                       Initial___________

     Other          Viewing Aloha Manuals    Aloha Help     Shortcuts    Messages

     Received logos and installed
     Can we put your logo on the Foremost website?                 Yes    No                Initial___________

      I know and understand that the operation, maintenance, and programming of Aloha is my responsibility.
I waive the opportunity for a full training session with a Foremost trainer. I do not hold Foremost Business
Systems responsible for programming or system changes as a result of my choice to not complete the full
training process. I understand that any future programming/system changes performed by Foremost will be
charged at the prevailing rate regardless of contract.

    After Hours Emergency Support is to fix something that is broken or not working properly, all system
programming/changes/additions are required to occur during regular business hours.

5/21/2012 Aloha Table Service

FOH Training Check Off Sheet
Manager Functions
             Placing orders
             Saving tables/tabs
             Assigning & Balancing Cash Drawers
             Applying Comps, Promos & Voids
             Adjusting Closed Checks
             Checking Out / Clocking Out Employees
             Editing Punch Times
             Changing FOH Password & Assigning Mag Cards
             Printer Routing
             Paper/Ribbon loading
             Printer Reset / aligning
             Resetting Terminals, Modems, and Switch
             Viewing Reports
             Placing orders
             Saving tables/tabs
             Printing receipts
             Splitting checks
             Closing checks
             Transferring tables
             Pivot Seating/Coursing *optional
             Adjusting tips
             Checking Out / Clocking Out
             Assigning & Balancing cash drawers
             Placing Orders, Saving and adding to tabs
             Splitting checks
             Closing tabs
             Transferring tabs
             Cash drawer paid in/paid outs
             Storing credit card info
             Adjusting tips
             Checking Out / Clocking Out

     Testing all items, prices, printing, and taxes is my responsibility. After training is completed all
programming, price changes, menu changes, etc. are my responsibility. I understand that Foremost has
programmed the Aloha system based on the information that has been provided and I am responsible for making
future changes. Foremost Business Systems is here to help, assist and support in any way possible.

Company Name:_____________________________             Date:_____________________________

Signature:___________________________________ Print Name:________________________

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