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									                                                  Register Report

                                                  First Generation

1. John ROGERS Sr. Born circa 1500 in London, England. John died in 1555; he was 55.

The Rogers family by Julia Ardery [1]
The object of this sketch is to treat briefly of the founding of a distinguished family in a New World and more
especially to record the contribution made by the Bourbon County branch of this family to the religious and cultural
life of the Cane Ridge Church and neighborhood located in the blue grass region of Kentucky. After one hundred
and sixty four years the name Cane Ridge has become almost inseparable with that of Rogers, as there are those of
the name yet living in ancestral homes in this locality.

At this time when the preservation of the old Cane Ridge Meeting- House has become a nation-wide project, the
personal journals kept by William Rogers during the latter part of his life and the book "The Cane Ridge Meeting
House" written by his grandson, Captain James R. Rogers, are of great historical value.

Directed by Daniel Boone to the rich land on cane ridge, Presbyterians in 1791, under the leadership of Robert W.
Finley built here their Church of ash logs which stands today in all its primitive ruggedness. It was here in 1801
approximately twenty-five to thirty thousand souls came to renew their faith at the greatest union camp meeting
revival ever held on American soil, Ministers of leading denominations preached in the Church yard for six days
and, nights which resulted in over 3,000 conversions. Within the meeting house in 1604, the first united appeal was
made for Christian Union and a return to the simple apostolic order. The largest indigenous American church
resulted, the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church).

William Rogers, first clerk of Cane Ridge Meeting House under Barton W. Stone, was born in Campbell County,
Virginia, July 7, 1784. In his fourteenth year he moved with his father, Nathaniel Rogers, to Bourbon County,
arriving at their cabin home April 20, 1798, the journey through Cumberland Gap requiring thirty-seven days. He
has been described by his grandson, James R. Rogers, as "of elegant and soldierly stature, of extreme height,
impressive dignity and affability, companionable with his sons, and the most considerate, affectionate man to the
ladies of his household I have ever known. In June 1807, he was the first layman immersed by authority of the
mother church, having made his confession along with his wife, Anne Cornick Rogers, before Barton W. Stone and
David Furviance; Purviance having been the first and Reuben Dooley the second; the former an elder of Cane Ridge
Church and the latter a minister of the gospel. The baptism took place in Stoner Creek, seven miles from the church
near the bridge now dedicated to Michael Stoner. "From, this eventful era in his career he became a devoted student
of the Bible, -and his long after-life illustrated an unfaltering allegiance to its sublime teaching ... Exceeding fifty
years he was an official of his church, alternating his position from the first clerkship to that of elder, at the will of
the brethren. A man of splendid business qualifications, he early in life secured a competency, rearing about him a
home of comfort and hospitality, which he called The Old Castle ... here was assured a hearty greeting to the
minister, layman and every caller. Christmas Day every member of his family was an expected guest under the old
rooftree until the death of his (2nd) wife and the infirmities of age determined him to live among his sons."

The making of a man is an extended and marvelous process Garfield said ... "no power of analysis can exhibit all the
latent forces enfolded in the spirit of a new-born child, which derive their origin from the thoughts and deeds of
remote ancestors, and, enveloped in the awful mystery of life, have been transmitted from generation to generation
across forgotten centuries. Each new life is thus the heir to all the ages.' It seems in this connection it would be of
interest to give briefly something of the ancestry of Williams Rogers "whose name in matters of importance relating
to the church was always mentioned first by minister or brethren." He was a God-fearing man of prayer, at both
church and home; a lover of peace and arbitrator; a courteous man loved and admired in every circle in which he
mingled. All of these facts and more are manifest in his journals from which a few excerpts will later appear in the


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                                                Register Report

I. JOHN ROGERS (c. 1500-1555) of London, Prebendary of St. Paurs, Vicar of St Sepulchres, Reader of Divinity,
was educated at Cambridge and was the first of the martyrs who suffered at Smithfield, Feb. 14, 1555, in the reign of
Queen Mazy. He was the Editor of the English Bible known as Matthew's. This volume, however, was not translated
... by Thomas Matthew but was a compilation from the translations of Tyndale and Cloverdale, made under the
editorship of Rogers, who revised them to some extent before sending them to press. The wife of John Rogers was
Adriana Pratt. They were the parents of ten children. According to proven records the family of Rogers of Cane
Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky, is directly descended from the aforesaid John Rogers of London.). [2]

II. JOHN ROGERS (s. of John and Adriana Pratt Rogers) was born Sept. 10, 1548; died 1601 (will); married 1st
Agnes Carter, 2ad Mary (family name ) b.c. 1550; died 1579. [2]

III. REV. JOHN ROGERS (s. of John Roger's II by Mary his wife) was born at Moulsham, Chelmsford, England,
1571; died Oct. 18, 1639. He was a distinguished Puritan and Reader of God's Word who. preached at Dedham,
England. He married Elizabeth (Gold) Hawes. [2]

IV. REV. NATHANIEL ROGERS (s. of Rev. John III and wife, Elizabeth (Gold) Hawes Rogers) established the
family in America, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts, 1636. He was born at Haverhill, England, 1598 and graduated
from Cambridge, A.B. 1617; settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts; colleague pastor with Rev. Nathaniel Ward and was
active in the founding of the Colony. He died July 3, 1655. His wife was Margaret, daughter of Robert Crane, born
at Coggershall, England, c. 1600; died at Ipswich, Jan. 23, 1676. [3]

V. REV. DR. JOHN ROGERS of Ipswich (s. of Rev. Nathaniel and Margaret Crane Rogers) was born at Assington,
England, Jan. 23, 1630; died July 2, 168C He was a physician and minister of the Gospel who in June 1676 was
elected President of Harvard College but declined. However, in April 1682, he was again elected and on August
12th, 1683 he was installed as the fifth president of this institution from which he had graduated. He married
Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Patience (Dudley) Denison who was born April 10, 1642. Daniel Denison served
as Acting Secretary of the Massachusetts Colony; Justice of the Court, applied to revise and codify the laws;
Commr. United Colonies 1654-57; 1659-62; Major General 1655-60; DeputyGeneral Court; Speaker of the House.
Her mother was a daughter of Thomas Dudley, seven years the governor of Massachusetts and the founder of
Harvard 1637, who married 2nd Dorothy Yorke. [4]

VI. REV. JOHN ROGERS (s. of Rev. Dr. John and Elizabeth Denison Rogers) was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts,
July 7, 1666; died December 28, 1745. He was minister of the Church at Ipswich and married March 4, 1691, 2nd,
Martha, daughter of William and Mary (Lawrence) Whittingham, who died March. 9, 1759. [4]

VII. WILLIAM ROGERS (s. of Rev. John and Wife, Martha Whittingham Rogers) was born in Mass. July 19,
1697; moved to Albemarle County, Virginia, where he married Margaret Caldwell, daughter of John and Margaret
(Phillips) Caldwell. John Caldwell was the leader of a large emigration of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians to the section
of Virginia commonly called "Southside." Through his influence settlements were made and churches were built at
Cub Creek in Charlotte County; Buffaloe and Walkers in the present Prince Edward and Hot Creek and Concord in
present Campbell. At the time of organization Cub Creek was in Lunenburg and Buffaloe Creek was in Amelia
County. William Rogers died leaving will in Lunenburg County, Virginia, written Oct. 15, 1750 and recorded April
3, 1751, in which he appointed David Caldwell, Thomas Rogers and his wife Margaret to divide and title his land
among his children at their discretion and to sell and title any part thereof that they judged convenient for the
maintenance and support of his family. After his death, his wife married second, in 1752, James Mitchell. She had
five children by each husband. Two of the daughters died in Virginia and others moved to Kentucky. [5]

VIII. THOMAS ROGERS (s. of William and Margaret Caldwell Rogers) was born 1725 and died in Charlotte
County, Virginia 1786. He married Elizabeth Ann Carr. In his will he mentioned wife and children and appointed
his "three eldest sons Executors" (Thomas Rogers qualified); witnesses were: John Rogers, Benjamin Rogers,
Nathaniel Rogers, Andrew Rogers and John Roberson. The will was written fan. 25, 1785 and recorded Sept. 4,
1786. [6]

IX. NATHANIEL ROGERS (s. of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Carr Rogers) was born ha Albemarle County,

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                                                 Register Report

Virginia; served in the Revolutionary War and in 1798 removed from Campbell County, Virginia, to Cane Ridge,
Bourbon County, Kentucky. He married 1st August 14, 1783 Frances Cobbs, daughter of Captain Charles and Ann
(Walton) Cobbs, who bore him three children-William, Elizabeth and Ann Walton Rogers. After the death of his
wife in Virginia, Nathaniel Rogers married a second time, there being no issue. Nathaniel Rogers was the first
person baptized by Barton W. Stone in 1803, while he labored under the commission of the presbytery with a
proviso, the staunch supporter of his minister as he had been of his countries cause. He died in Bourbon County and
was buried in the Cane Ridge Meeting-house graveyard. The handsome stone erected by his son, William Rogers
bears the following inscription: "Here lies Nathaniel Rogers who was born July 23, 1755. He was a member of the
Convention that framed the Constitution of Kentucky, 1799, What is of far more consequence, he was a member of
the Church of Christ in the bosom of which he died, Dec. 22, 1804, at the age of 49 and reposes in the midst of his
friends he loved so well. His only son (William Rogers) from a sentiment of filial respect consecrates this stone as a
memento to his memory." [7]

X. WILLIAM ROGERS (s. of Nathaniel and Frances Cobbs Rogers) whose journals inspired this record, was born
on the 7th of July 1784 in Campbell County, Virginia. He married 1st July 8th, 1806, Anna Cornick (Cornick) who
was born 1790 and died Dec. 16, 1818, daughter of Richard and Olivette (Phelps) Cornick, the latter's parents, John
and Mary Williams Phelps having come to Cane Ridge from Bedford County, Virginia. To this union four sons were

(1) NATHANIEL Purviance Rogers (1807-1863) married, 1st, Nancy A. Moran and 2nd Mary Evaline Bayles. His
home known as "LaGrange" was located near the Cane Ridge Meeting-house as the boundary of his land at one
point adjoined that of the church. By his first wife he had four sons and two daughters; there was no issue by his
second wife. [8]

(2) Warren Brown Rogers (1810-1864) married 1838 Marie Louise Lindsay (1822-1906) daughter of Colonel
Nimrod Long and Luvina (Grimes) Lindsay. Warren Rogers became a convert at the great revival at North
Middletown, Bourbon County, in 1838, joining Cane Ridge Church and soon thereafter was ordained a deacon. His
wife, Marie Lindsay Rogers was President of the Ladies' Aid Society of Cane Ridge under whose auspices the
church was put in perfect condition in 1882. In an old letter written by the Hon. Garrett Davis, United States
Senator, dated 1864, he refers to Warren Rogers as "one of nature's noblemen." "Glenwood," the home of Warren
and Marie Louise Rogers was built (1839-40) immediately in front of their earlier home. Joel T. Hart, at that time a
stonemason who later became Kentuckys greatest sculptor, built at "Glenwood" the stone fence, foundation,
chimneys and steps to the mansion as well as the springhouse. Much of his work is yet to be found in the Cane
Ridge neighborhood. Warren B. Rogers and wife had three children: Louise Rogers, James R. Rogers, the last clerk
of Cane Ridge Church, author of the “Cane Ridge Meeting House,” who served as a Captain in the Confederacy
and Alice Rogers who married Robert Stoner, a Colonel in the Southern Army on the staff of General John Hunt
Morgan; these last were the parents of May Lindsay Stoner who married Sidney Green Clay and who is the present
owner of "Glenwood." She with her cousins, Harvey and William Rogers were three of a committee of seven in
charge of the restoration of the Cane Ridge Meeting House in 1931.

(3) Harvey Addison Rogers (1812-1866) married 1st (1832) Sarah Neal and 2nd (1838) Elizabeth Jane Moran.
These "built their home, Mt. Auburn, immediately back of their first home near the cabins," the contract was let
Friday, 13, 1855, according to William Rogers's journal. Soon after Harvey Rogers united with the Cane Ridge
Church, he was ordained a deacon, "filling this position most creditably until his final summons." By his first wife
he had two daughters, also, a son who died unmarried; by his second marriage he had five sons and four daughters.
Through one of these sons, Warren Moran Rogers "Mt. Auburn" came to the present owner, William Rogers.

(IV) Benjamin F. Rogers, born 1815, married 1st Mary Elizabeth Spears and second Elizabeth "Betty" Jameson. By
his first wife he had two sons and two daughters, one of whom, Annie Cornick married a grandson of Barton W.
Stone; by his second wife he had a son, Richard Reid Rogers. Benjamin F. Rogers succeeded his father as clerk of
Cane Ridge. His home "Sunny Side" was the most permanent residence of William Rogers after he left "The Old
Castle" to live among his children. Sunny Side was built about 1853-5 in front of a much older log structure which
was retained and incorporated in the completed handsome dwelling.

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                                               Register Report

X. WILLIAM ROGERS SR. (1784-1862) married 2nd, July 24, 1817) Katherine Skillman, daughter of Christopher
and Henrietta (Payne) Skillman, the Rev. Barton W. Stone performing the ceremony. By this wife he had four
children who reached maturity:

(5) William Skillman Rogers, born 1819, married Henrietta Roseberry and lived at "New Forest." These were the
parents of one daughter and five sons; the daughter, Mary, "Mollie," Katherine Rogers married Samuel Clay, Jr. She
was the family genealogist and author of "The Clay Family."

(6) Hugh Brent Rogers.

(7) Charles Christopher Rogers, born 1829, died 1880, married Louise Scott and built "Woodlawn" where they lived
until it was sold to Edwin Bedford. These had a son, Lindsay Rogers. In his journal, William Rogers referred to his
son, Christopher as "my youngest son and dearly beloved."

(8) Anna Elizabeth Rogers, born 1832, married Captain James M. Thomas. To this daughter William Rogers, Sr.
gave the old home place of James Houston on Cane Ridge.- Later they built a large brick residence on South Main
in Paris.

John married Adriana PRATT.

They had one child:
       2         i.       John (1548-1601)

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                                            Register Report

                                           Second Generation
                           Family of John ROGERS Sr. (1) & Adriana PRATT

2. John ROGERS Jr. Born on September 10, 1548. John died in 1601; he was 52.

John married Mary.

They had one child:
       3         i.     John (1571-1639)

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                                            Register Report

                                           Third Generation
                                 Family of John ROGERS Jr. (2) & Mary

3. Rev. John ROGERS III. Born in 1571 in Moulsham, Chelmsford, England. John died on October 18, 1639; he
was 68.

John married Elizabeth Gold HAWES.

They had one child:
       4         i.     Nathaniel (1598-1655)

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                                             Register Report

                                            Fourth Generation
                      Family of Rev. John ROGERS III (3) & Elizabeth Gold HAWES

4. Rev. Nathaniel ROGERS. Born in 1598 in Haverhill, England. Nathaniel died in Ipswich, Massachusetts on July
3, 1655; he was 57. Resided in Boston, Massachusetts in 1636.

Nathaniel married Margaret CRANE, daughter of Robert CRANE. Born in 1600 in Coggershall, England. Margaret
died in Ipswich, Massachusetts on January 23, 1676; she was 76.

They had one child:
       5         i.      John (1630-1684)

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                                             Register Report

                                            Fifth Generation
                        Family of Rev. Nathaniel ROGERS (4) & Margaret CRANE

5. Rev, Dr. John ROGERS. Born on January 23, 1630 in Assngton, England. John died on July 2, 1684; he was 54.

John married Elizabeth DENISON, daughter of Daniel DENISON & Patience DUDLEY. Born on April 10, 1642.

They had one child:
       6         i.     John (1666-1745)

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                                            Register Report

                                           Sixth Generation
                       Family of Rev, Dr. John ROGERS (5) & Elizabeth DENISON

6. Rev. John ROGERS. Born on July 7, 1666 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. John died on December 28, 1745; he was

On March 4, 1691 when John was 24, he married Martha WHITTINGHAM, daughter of William WHITTINGHAM
& Mary. Martha died on March 9, 1759.

They had one child:
       7         i.     William (1697-)

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                                            Register Report

                                        Seventh Generation
                      Family of Rev. John ROGERS (6) & Martha WHITTINGHAM

7. William ROGERS. Born on July 19, 1697.

William married Margaret CALDWELL, daughter of John CALDWELL & Margaret PHILLIPS.

They had one child:
       8         i.    Thomas (1725-1786)

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                                            Register Report

                                          Eighth Generation
                        Family of William ROGERS (7) & Margaret CALDWELL

8. Thomas ROGERS. Born in 1725. Thomas died in Charlotte County, Virginia in 1786; he was 61.

Thomas married Elizabeth An CARR.

They had one child:
       9         i.     Nathaniel (1755-1804)

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                                                 Register Report

                                                Ninth Generation
                             Family of Thomas ROGERS (8) & Elizabeth An CARR

9. Nathaniel ROGERS. Born on July 25, 1755. Nathaniel died on December 22, 1804; he was 49.             Revolutionary
War. Resided in Caneridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1797.

The Kentuckian-Citizn, Paris, Kentucky, Wednesday, September 26, 1934
Brief History of the Rogers Family and Their Homesteads
Beginning with Nathaniel Rogers, July 25, 1755
Compiled by Mrs. Wm. Blanton (Alice Rogers Clay)
A Descendant

The first member of the Rogers family to come to Bourbon County, Kentucky, was Nathaniel Rogers. He was born
July 25, 1755, and died in Bourbon Dec. 22, 1804. I quote the following paragraphs from the journal written by
William Rogers, the son of Nathaniel:

"Nathaniel Rogers, my father, moved with his family from the old Dominion. He left Turnip Creek, southern border
of Campbell Co., Va., 1798, and landed at the Cabin on the south of Brush Creek, on the 20th day of the next month,
April; which removal, on account of high waters, bad roads. and the circuitous route we traveled, we were 37 days
in the accomplishment of the trip from Nathaniel Rogers home in Va., to Rogersville; thence to Cumberland Gap;
Cumberland Ford; Crab Orchard, Lincoln County; Stanford, the capitol of that County; Lancaster, Garrard County;
mouth of Hickman Ferry on Kentucky River; Nicholasville, Jessamine County; Lexington, Fayette County; Paris,
Bourbon County; Cane Ridge, and to the Cabin."

"Apr. 20, 1860; At, this date I viewed the spot on which the cabin stood, scarce a vestige remains to identify the

"July 8th, 1856; On this day, half century ago, I was married, to Anna Cornick, my first wife, the mother of
Nathaniel P., Warren Brown, Hervey Addison, and Benjamin Franklin Rogers."

"July 24th, 1856; It is 39 years ago today since my espousal to Kate Skillman; my second wife. It was on a

"July 17th, 1856; It is 4 years this day since I broke up and left "The Castle" and removed to my son Ben F. Rogers.
I have passed a dream life since."

We know that this William Rogers of "The Castle" wrote the inscription on the monument to Barton W. Stone in the
Cane Ridge Church Grave Yard. To quote his Journal again of the date July 13th, 1860:

"Alexander Campbell, W. K. Pendleton; and one Walter Scott, a great admirer of Elder Campbell's visited Cane
Ridge and inspected the monument of Barton W. Stone. After the sermon which was delivered by Elder Campbell
(and without a word of allusion to Stone) the three Elders dined with my son Warren B. Rogers at "Glenwood."
During their stay the great Scott remarked to W. B. Rogers that the inscription on Stone's monument would not do
for it made him "the" distinguished. Reformer of the 19th century. I requested, my son, when next he saw Elder
Scott, to tell him that I was the writer of that inscription, and that "What I had written, I had written." See John;
Chapter 19, Verse 22."

William Rogers, the writer of this journal, was born in Campbell County, Va., July 7, 1784. He, his father Nathaniel,
the two wives of William [are buried in] the cane Ridge Grave Yard.

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                                                  Register Report

The cabin to which Nathaniel took his family when coming to Kentucky stood some 200 yards from the home of his
3rd son Hervey Addison Rogers, known as Mount Auburn. There Nathaniel continued to live until his death, Dec.
22, 1804.

The son William conitued [to live] there with his stepmother Catherine Brent Rogers, until the fall of 1806 when she
married Judge Samuel Henderson who lived in the stone house now occupied by Mr. Sanusky in 1858. William
continued to live on the farm until March 1807 when he moved to the stone house known as "the Castle." He lived
there until July 17, 1832.

William Rogers had by, his first wife, Anne Cornick, four sons, previously mentioned. By his second wife he had
issue; William Skillman Rogers, Christopher C. Rogers, and one daughter Anne Elizabeth Rogers.

It is interesting to note that of his six sons five either built or purchased some of the finest homes in Bourbon.

Nathaniel, the eldest born 1707 (sic) married 1832 Nancy Moran. He lived in the Red Brick House known as "La
Grange" on the left side of the road about two miles out the Ford's Mill Pike. He lived there before 1840 but may not

Hervy Addison, second son, married Elizabeth Jane Moran. He built in 1855 "Mt. Auburn" the home inherited by
his son, Warren Moran Rogers, now occupied by his son William Rogers. "The Castle" stood near where the
present home now is located.

[Hand-written asterick "*" before name] Benjamen (sic) F., 3rd son, married Elizabeth Jameson, and built the front
part of "Sunny Side", now the home of Mrs. Miller Ward Sr., being purchased by her husband's grandfather Mr.
Miller in 1871. It is not known who built the low old rooms that form the back of the present house but they must
have been there very early. William states in his journal of 1856 that it was four years ago since he went to live with
his son B. F. Rogers. That dates Sunny Side back to 1852, and it is believed that it was built 1850. Court records will
probably tell.

Warren Brown, 4th son, married Marie Louise Lindsay and built "Glenwood" in 1838. It is the home of the late
Capt. James Rogers of Cane Ridge and now owned by Mrs. May Stoner Clay. An old log house was erected prior to
1838 and the present house was built to form an ell around it. After the completion of "Glenwood" the log structure
was torn down and in its place a back porch 12 feet wide was put, also an ell the full width and length of the house.
All lumber was cut from the farm that went into the house. The old spring in the yard has never been known to go

William Skillman, 5th son, married Hetty Roseberry, daughter of Hugh Roseberry of "Buffalo Wallow". He lived at
New Forest, now [a block of the text is missing and in it’s place a hand-written note with an asterick "*"
corresponding to the above asterick before the name Benjamen, reads as follows: Children of Ben F. Rogers and
Mary Eliza Spears were Charlie, Kate m. Parrish of Midawy, Wm. m. Miss Bryan of Georgetown, Ann m.Stone of
Scott Co.] and some of his children lie buried in [text missing] owned by Catesby Spears. It was built by Gen.
Charles Scott at a vey early date. William and his wife Hetty were married May, 23, 1839, and their daughter Maxy
Katherine Rogers married May 23, 1860, Samuel Clay at New Forest. Both couples were married by Rev. John A.
Gano. This Mary Rogers Clay was the late Historian and Genealogist, the mother of Rogers Clay, present Judge of
the Court of Appeals of Kentucky.

Christopher C. Rogers married Louise Scott and did not settle in any one spot for long. Their only surviving child is
Lindsay Rogers who lives in Fresno, Cal.

Anne Elizabeth, the only daughter of William, married Capt. James M. Thomas, Confederate veteran. He was the
son of David Thomas. He built and reared his family in the old home on Main Street in Paris, next to
Mansfield-Jefferson Lumber Yard, now occupied by Mrs. Dryden. Mrs. Ben Williams and Mrs. Laura Clay Macey
are his descendants.

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                                             Register Report

"Here lies Nathaniel Rogers born July 25, 1775 (sic)--member of Convention that formed the Constitution of
Kentucky In 1799. What is of more consequence, he was a member of the Church of Christ, in the bosom of which
he died at the age of 49 years." Inscription on tomb stone.

Nathaniel married Frances COBBS, daughter of Colonel Charles COBBS & Ann WALTON (-1790).

They had one child:
      10         i.      William (1784-)

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                                               Register Report

                                              Tenth Generation
                             Family of Nathaniel ROGERS (9) & Frances COBBS

10. William ROGERS. Born on July 7, 1784 in Campbell County, Virginia.

On July 8, 1806 when William was 22, he first married Ann CORNICK, daughter of Richard CORNICK & Olivette
PHELPS. Born in 1790. Ann died on December 23, 1816; she was 26.

The Western Citizen, Wed 25 Dec 1816--Marriages: On Saturday evening last aged 26 years, Mrs. Ann Rogers,
consort of W. Rogers of Cane-ridge; afflicted with a long and painful illness. A member of the Christian Church at
Cane-ridge. This lady fell victim to a pulminary affliction which baffled the skill of Physicians on Dec 23d, 1816.

They had the following children:
      11          i.      Nathaniel Purviance (1807-1863)
      12         ii.      Warren Brown (1810-1864)
      13        iii.      Harvey Addison (1812-1866)
      14        iv.       Benjamin F. (1815-)

On July 17, 1817 when William was 33, he second married Katherine SKILLMAN, daughter of Christopher

They had the following children:
      15          i.      William Skillman (1819-)
                 ii.      Hugh Brent.
      16        iii.      Charles Christopher (1829-1880)
                iv.       Anna Elizabeth. Born in 1832.
                          Anna Elizabeth married Capt. James M. THOMAS, son of David THOMAS.

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                                              Register Report

                                           Eleventh Generation
                             Family of William ROGERS (10) & Ann CORNICK

11. Nathaniel Purviance ROGERS. Born on September 15, 1807. Nathaniel Purviance died on February 28, 1863;
he was 55.

On May 8, 1831 when Nathaniel Purviance was 23, he first married Nancy A. MORAN, daughter of Edward
Barbour MORAN & Letitia CLAY (1792-). Born on October 1, 1813. Nancy A. died on December 11, 1846; she
was 33.

Nancy A. Moran, born October 1, 1813; married, May 8, 1831, Nathaniel Purviance Rogers, born September 15,
1807, son of William Rogers and his wife, Ann Cornick, daughter of Richard Cornick and his wife, Olivette Phelps,
the daughter of John and Ann Phelps, and the granddaughter of John Phelps (Test. 1772) and Ann, his wife, of
Bedford County, Virginia. The Cornicks were a prominent and influential family of Princess Anne County, Virginia.
William Rogers, the father of Nathaniel, was a man of superior attainment and nobility of character, an earnest
Christian, and for many years an elder in the Old Cane Ridge Church, Bourbon County, Kentucky, of which his
father was a founder, and in which his descendants have been officers for nearly a hundred years.. [9]

They had the following children:
      17          i.      Caroline A. (1833-)
      18         ii.      William Edward (1835-)
      19        iii.      John J. (1837-1897)
      20        iv.       Warren Thomas (1839-1887)
                 v.       Alexander N. (Died young). Born on April 27, 1843.
                vi.       Nancy Maria (Died young). Born on September 6, 1845.

Nathaniel Purviance second married Mrs. Mary BAYLIS.

12. Warren Brown ROGERS. Born in 1810. Warren Brown died in 1864; he was 54.

Warren Brown married Mary LINDSAY.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Louise.
                 ii.      James R.
      21        iii.      Alice (~1840-)

13. Harvey Addison ROGERS. Born on November 7, 1812. Harvey Addison died on September 15, 1866; he was

On July 12, 1838 when Harvey Addison was 25, he married Elizabeth Jane MORAN, daughter of Edward Barbour
MORAN & Letitia CLAY (1792-). Born on February 24, 1819. Elizabeth Jane died on January 7, 1886; she was 66.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Edward Benjamin (Never married). Born on August 8, 1839. Edward Benjamin died in
                          Cane Ridge Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky on October 25, 1865; he was 26.
      22         ii.      Nathaniel Cobbs (1841-)
                iii.      Sarah Jane. Born on October 1, 1843.
                          On January 24, 1899 when Sarah Jane was 55, she married Thomas M. PARRISH.
                          Resided in Midway, Kentucky.
      23        iv.       Bettie Gano (1846-)

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                                            Register Report

                v.      Nannie R. (Never married). Born on April 21, 1848. Nannie R. died on January 23, 1874;
                        she was 25.
      24        vi.     Harvey Allen (1850-)
               vii.     Purviance. Born on February 8, 1853. Purviance died on July 8, 1860; he was 7.
      25      viii.     Warren Moran (1855-)
      26        ix.     Mary Eliza (1858-1895)
      27         x.     Louis Ray (1866-)

14. Benjamin F. ROGERS. Born in 1815.

Benjamin F. first married Elizabeth “Bettie JAMESON.

They had one child:
                 i.     Richard Reid.

Benjamin F. second married Mary Elizabeth SPEARS, daughter of Solomon SPEARS (1790-1820) & Margaret
KERFOOT (1796-1833). Born in 1823.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Annie Cornick.
                          Annie Cornick married STONE.
                 ii.      Charles.
                iii.      William S. Born in Fayette County, Kentucky.
                          William S. married Ella BRYAN, daughter of Robert T. BRYAN & Mary E. OFFUTT.
                iv.       Kate.
                          Kate married PARRISH.

                        Family of William ROGERS (10) & Katherine SKILLMAN

15. Capt. William Skillman ROGERS. Born on September 30, 1819.

On May 23, 1839 when William Skillman was 19, he married Henrietta ROSEBERRY, daughter of Hugh
ROSEBERRY & Mary PARKER. Born on January 26, 1820.

They had one child:
      28         i.     Mary Katharine “Mollie”

16. Charles Christopher ROGERS. Born in 1829. Charles Christopher died in 1880; he was 51.

Charles Christopher married Louise SCOTT.

They had one child:
                 i.     Lindsay.

                                                  Page 17
                                                Register Report

                                             Twelfth Generation
                      Family of Nathaniel Purviance ROGERS (11) & Nancy A. MORAN

17. Caroline A. ROGERS. Born on July 13, 1833.

Caroline A. Rogers, born July, 1833, was a woman of wonderful gentleness and dignity of character. She married,
April, 1860, John T. Croxton (son of Henry and Ann (Redman) Croxton), who was graduated with honor from Yale
College in 1857; studied law under Governor James Robinson, and began the practice of his profession in Paris,
Kentucky, in 1859; was commissioned by President Lincoln Lieutenant Colonel of the Fourth Kentucky, United
States Army; served with distinction throughout the Civil War, and rose from one rank to another until he was
brevetted Major General; was appointed by President Grant, in 1872, Minister to Bolivia, dying there in 1873. [10]

In April 1860 when Caroline A. was 26, she married General John T. CROXTON, son of Henry CROXTON
(1807-1868) & Anne K. REDMON (1816-1878). Born in 1829 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. John T. died in
Bolivia in 1872; he was 43.

GEN. JOHN T. CROXTON, [11] deceased; lawyer and soldier; P. O. Paris. Among the citizens of Bourbon County
who are worthy of an honorable mention, is the above named gentleman, who was born near Paris in 1829; son of
Henry and Ann K. (Redmon) Croxton; Henry was a native of Virginia, and, upon his migration to this State, located
at Houston Dale, on the farm now owned by James Hall; his son, John T., was educated at Yale College, graduating
with honors in 1857; afterwards began the study of law under James Robinson; after his license was granted he went
South, where he engaged in teaching in Mississippi for a short time, when he returned to Paris, and in 1859 began
the practice of his profession; upon the outbreak of the war he raised a regiment of men, known as the 4th Kentucky
Infantry, which he commanded; he continued in service until the close of the war, serving with distinction, and rose
from one rank to another until he was brevetted Major-General. After the close of the war he went South and was
made Provincial Governor. He afterwards engaged in the culture of' cotton; upon his return to Bourbon County he
engaged in the practice of his profession and carried on farming; he practiced in the Federal Courts, and was a
successful lawyer; the confinement of his office and his close application to his profession conduced to impair his
health, and in order to recuperate, he accepted the position as Minister to Bolivia, and removed his family there in
1872, and died the following year. He was a staunch Republican, and stood. firmly by its principles, and was one of
the pillars of the party in Kentucky, and worthy of any honor within the gift of the Republican Commonwealth, he
being possessed of all the qualifications that pertain to a truly first-class gentleman, and a member of the Masonic
fraternity of high order. In April, 1860, he married Carrie R. Rogers, daughter of Nathaniel and Nancy (Moran)
Rogers. Mrs. Croxton resides on her farm near Paris; by Mr. Croxton she had two children: Henry Rogers and Annie
Barres Deguerra.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Henry Rogers.
      29         ii.      Annie Barres Deguerra

18. William Edward ROGERS. Born on August 12, 1835 in Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Resided in
St, Paul, Minnesota.

William Edward Rogers was born August 12, 1835, at Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky, and was educated at
Bethany College, Virginia; married, June io, 1857, Margaret Vernon, born June io, 184o, daughter of Hubbard and
Elizabeth (Spears) Vernon, a descendant of Jacob Spears, a Revolutionary soldier. Hubbard Vernon was a grandson
of Hubbard Williams, who fought at Stoney Point, Monmouth, and Germantown. [12]

On June 10, 1857 when William Edward was 21, he married Margaret VARNON, daughter of Hubbard VARNON
& Elizabeth SPEARS.

                                                      Page 18
                                               Register Report

They had the following children:
                  i.      Hubbard Vernon (Varnon). Born on May 16, 1858.
      30         ii.      Benjamin F. (1860-1890)
      31        iii.      Elizabeth Moran (1862-)
                iv.       Nathaniel P. Born on December 17, 1864.
                 v.       John T. Born on July 18, 1867.
                          JOHN T. ROGERs, born July 18, 1867; was educated at Kentucky University; was
                          graduated with honor from the Medical Department of the University of Minnesota in
                          1890; spent some time abroad taking special courses in surgery at Edinburgh and Vienna.
                          Is a prominent young surgeon of St. Paul. [12]

                vi.       William E. Born on July 31, 1869. William E. died in North Dakota on August 14, 1892;
                          he was 23.
               vii.       Maggie Kate. Born on November 30, 1872. Maggie Kate died on July 8, 1873.
              viii.       Francis Holt. Born on February 3, 1874. Francis Holt died on April 18, 1877; he was 3.

19. John J. ROGERS. Born on October 16, 1837. John J. died in 1897; he was 59.

John J. first married Mary E. BAYLESS. Born on October 27, 1844. Mary E. died on March 9, 1881; she was 36.

They had one child:
                 i.       John J. John J. died on March 9, 1878.

John J. second married Jane HARRIS.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Martha Hendricks.
                 ii.      John J.

20. Warren Thomas ROGERS. Born on December 4, 1839. Warren Thomas died on July 17, 1887; he was 47.

On March 13, 1868 when Warren Thomas was 28, he married Louise EVANS, daughter of Silas EVANS &

They had the following children:
                   i.     Warren T. Born on April 3, 1869.
                  ii.     Silas Evans. Born on May 19, 1871.
                iii.      Elizabeth Bedford. Born on March 30, 1874.
                 iv.      John Sutton. Born on February 7, 1877.
                  v.      Maggie Vernon. Born on March 11, 1879.
                 vi.      Carrie Hanson. Born on June 15, 1881.
                vii.      Mary Johnson. Born on September 15, 1884.
               viii.      Joseph Brooks. Born on October 15, 1887. Joseph Brooks died on October 26, 1890; he
                          was 3.

                         Family of Warren Brown ROGERS (12) & Mary LINDSAY

21. Alice ROGERS. Born about 1840.

about 1858 when Alice was 18, she married Colonel Robert Gatewood STONER, son of George Washington
STONER (1787-1871) & Nancy TRIBBLE (1794-1872). Born in 1838 in Kentucky. War Between The States.

                                                     Page 19
                                               Register Report

They had the following children:
      32          i.      May Lindsay (1873-1972)
      33         ii.      Warren (~1874-)

                      Family of Harvey Addison ROGERS (13) & Elizabeth Jane MORAN

22. Nathaniel Cobbs ROGERS. Born on April 24, 1841.

On October 1, 1867 when Nathaniel Cobbs was 26, he married Mollie F. ROSEBERRY, daughter of Hiram M.
ROSEBERRY & Caroline HILDRETH. Born on September 25, 1849. Mollie F. died in January 1897; she was 47.

They had one child:
      34         i.       Roseberry (1869-)

23. Bettie Gano ROGERS. Born on April 6, 1846.

On May 4, 1870 when Bettie Gano was 24, she married William H. PREWITT, son of Nelson PREWITT.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Edward Rogers. Born on April 30, 1871.
                 ii.      Anna Goff. Born on September 18, 1873.
                          On January 30, 1894 when Anna Goff was 20, she married Thomas KENNEDY.
                iii.      Harvey Moran. Born on January 23, 1875.

24. Harvey Allen ROGERS. Born on February 26, 1850.

On January 11, 1876 when Harvey Allen was 25, he married Nettie GAITSKILL, daughter of John GAITSKILL &
Frances BRANHAM.

They had the following children:
                  i.      John Gaitskill. Born on October 18, 1876.
                 ii.      Jane Moran. Born on April 20, 1882.
                iii.      Frank Allen. Born on May 10, 1886.

25. Warren Moran ROGERS. Born on November 27, 1855.

On January 30, 1895 when Warren Moran was 39, he married Frances FITCH, daughter of Frank FITCH & Gant, in
New Britain, Connecticut.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Fielding Gant.
                 ii.      Harriette Howell.
                iii.      William.

26. Mary Eliza ROGERS. Born on January 27, 1858. Mary Eliza died on September 26, 1895; she was 37.

On October 25, 1882 when Mary Eliza was 24, she married John I. FISHER, son of Ambrose FISHER & Frances

They had the following children:
                  i.      Warren Rogers.
                 ii.      Elizabeth Prewitt.

                                                    Page 20
                                               Register Report

                iii.      Mary Bennett.

27. Louis Ray ROGERS. Born on November 5, 1866.

On April 20, 1894 when Louis Ray was 27, he married Iva Dee ALLEN, daughter of Julian Grosjeans ALLEN
(1843-) & Mary “Mattie” Elizabeth MILLER (1849-1888). Born on August 12, 1872.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Harvey Allen. Born on February 5, 1895.
                 ii.      Julian Grosjean. Born on November 11, 1897.

                 Family of Capt. William Skillman ROGERS (15) & Henrietta ROSEBERRY

28. Mary Katharine “Mollie” ROGERS.

Family genealogist and author of “The Clay Family.”

On May 23, 1860 Mary Katharine “Mollie” married Samuel CLAY, son of Littleberry Bedford CLAY (1799-1879)
& Arabella Ann Rilford MACCOUN (-1828). Born on April 19, 1825.

Samuel Clay, junior, born April 19, 1825, was for more than half a century one of the most energetic and
enterprising business men of Bourbon and Fayette counties, but as the result of an accident has been an invalid for
some years past. Though a great sufferer, his patient endurance and fortitude demand the admiration of the
household. On the maternal side he is the greatgrandson, of Reverend David Rice, "the Father of the Presbyterian
Church in Kentucky," who was one of the founders of Hampden-Sidney College, Virginia, and of Transylvania
(now Kentucky) University. Mr. Rice was a grand, good man, whose life was spent in the cause of humanity. He
married in Pennsylvania Mary, daughter of Reverend Samuel Blair, of Faggs manor, who founded there the
Classical and Theological School for the education of the Presbyterian clergy, out of which grew the College of New
Jersey, later Princeton University. Samuel Blair (1712-1751) married Frances, daughter of judge Lawrence Van
Hook and his wife, Johanna Smit, daughter of Hendrick Barentse Smit, from Lochen, Holland, a soldier in the West
India Company in New Netherlands. Hendrick Barentse Schmidt married Gerritze Willemse, from Niew Kerck
(New York), May 11, 1655, and was a magistrate under the Dutch Government for Boshwych, Long Island.
(Original copy of will in Book No. 1, Kings County, New York.) judge Lawrence Van Hook was the son of Arent
Isaacszen Van Hook, one of the signers of a petition to Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherlands to the English, on
September 5, 1664.

Samuel Clay, junior, married, May 23, 1860, Mary Katharine Rogers, daughter of Captain William S. Rogers and
his wife, Henrietta Roseberry, daughter of Hugh Roseberry and his wife, Mary Parker, daughter of Captain Thomas
and Mary (Taylor) Parker, of Snow Hill, Maryland. Captain Rogers was born September 30, 1819, and his wife
January 26, 1820.They were married May 23, 1839, by Elder John A. Gano. He was the son of William Rogers and
his wife, Katherine Skillman, daughter of Christopher and Henrietta (Payne) Skillman, of Loudon County, Virginia,
who came to Kentucky about 1804- William Rogers, senior, born in Campbell County, Virginia, July 7, 1784, died
February 15, 1862. He was the son of Nathaniel Rogers, born in Charlotte County, Virginia, July 25, 1755, who was
a soldier of the Revolution, and moved to Kentucky in 1797 and settled at Caneridge, dying December 22, 1804.
Nathaniel Rogers was a member of the Constitutional Convention of Kentucky in 1799. He married Frances,
daughter of Colonel Charles and Anne (Walton) Cobbs, August 14, 1783, in Campbell County, Virginia. She died
September 20, 1790. [13]

They had the following children:
      35          i.      Belle (1861-)
                 ii.      William Rogers. Born on November 9, 1864.
                          WILLIAM ROGERS CLAY, born November 9, 1864, was graduated from Kentucky

                                                      Page 21
                           Register Report

       University in 1885; from Georgetown University, D. C., with degree of Bachelor of Law
       in 1888 and Master of Law in 1889; Private Secretary to Senator James B. Beck from
       1887-90; in 1891 was elected Superintendent of the Public Schools of Lexington,
       Kentucky, which office he still holds, while continuing the practice of law. [14]

iii.   Bishop. Born on October 18, 1866.
       Bishop married Lucy CHENAULT, daughter of Anderson CHENAULT & Margaret
iv.    Samuel Blair. Born on December 4, 1873.
       On November 7, 1893 when Samuel Blair was 19, he married Helen Madge COBURN,
       daughter of Professor Albert COBURN & Catherine HOWE.

                                 Page 22
                                               Register Report

                                          Thirteenth Generation
                      Family of Caroline A. ROGERS (17) & General John T. CROXTON

29. Annie Barres Deguerra CROXTON.

Annie Barres Deguerra married Lucian LOGAN. Born in Danville, Kentucky.

They had one child:
                 i.       Caroline Croxton.

                       Family of William Edward ROGERS (18) & Margaret VARNON

30. Benjamin F. ROGERS. Born on March 12, 1860. Benjamin F. died on November 2, 1890; he was 30.

Benjamin F. married Kate Newton WALLACE, daughter of John B. WALLACE & Lucy SIMMS.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Wallace F.
                 ii.      William E.
                iii.      Benjamin F.

31. Elizabeth Moran ROGERS. Born on August 27, 1862.

On September 23, 1884 when Elizabeth Moran was 22, she married Samuel MAGOFFIN, son of Governor Beriah

They had the following children:
                  i.      Vernon Marguerite.
                 ii.      Samuel St. Paul.
                iii.      Elizabeth Rogers.

                      Family of Alice ROGERS (21) & Colonel Robert Gatewood STONER

32. May Lindsay STONER. Born in 1873. May Lindsay died in Kentucky in 1972; she was 99.

about 1897 when May Lindsay was 24, she married Sidney Green CLAY, son of Sidney Reed Grundy CLAY
(1828-) & Sallie Carneal WARFIELD. Born about 1875.

They had one child:
      36         i.       Mary Alice Rogers (1898-)

33. Warren STONER. Born about 1874.

about 1894 when Warren was 20, he married Jennie FOX. Born about 1876.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Thomas Fox. Born about 1895.

                                                      Page 23
                                               Register Report

                           In 1915 when Thomas Fox was 20, he married Marion Huston JENKINS. Born about
                 ii.       Robert. Born about 1897.

                       Family of Nathaniel Cobbs ROGERS (22) & Mollie F. ROSEBERRY

34. Roseberry ROGERS. Born in June 1869.

On May 6, 1890 when Roseberry was 20, he married Ida BARTON.

They had one child:
                 i.        Barton H. Born on April 2, 1892.

                       Family of Mary Katharine “Mollie” ROGERS (28) & Samuel CLAY

35. Belle CLAY. Born on March 14, 1861.

BELLE CLAY, born March 14, 1861; married, November 16, 1881, William Lee Lyons, born June 3, 1857, son of
Henry J. Lyons and his wife, Laura Simmons, daughter of Matilda Ann Lee and William Simmons, and
granddaughter of Wilford Lee and Rebecca Hill, who were married August 2, 1796, by Reverend John Carman.
Rebecca Hill was the daughter of judge Atkinson Hill, of Bardstown, Kentucky. Mr. Lyons is an active business
man, and was for many years a member of the City Council, serving as its President, and again as Chairman of the
Committee on Finance. During a six months' absence of Mayor Charles D. Jacob he acted as Mayor pro tem., being
elected to that position by the Council under circumstances which made the compliment a very flattering one. He is
President of the Board of Public Safety under the present administration. [15]

On November 16, 1881 when Belle was 20, she married William Lee LYONS, son of Henry J. LYONS & Laura
SIMMONS. Born on June 3, 1857.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Samuel Clay.
                 ii.      Laura Simmons.
                iii.      Mary Rogers.
                iv.       William Lee.

                                                     Page 24
                                           Register Report

                                          14th Generation
                      Family of May Lindsay STONER (32) & Sidney Green CLAY

36. Mary Alice Rogers CLAY. Born on June 20, 1898.

In 1919 when Mary Alice Rogers was 20, she married Hiram ROSEBERRY. Born in 1894. Hiram died in Kentucky
in 1971; he was 77.

They had one child:
                 i.    Betty Lindsay (~1920-)

                                                Page 25
                                               Register Report

1. Excerpted from “The Rogers Family and Old Cane Ridge,” by Julia S. Ardery, The Register of the Kentucky
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                                    Register Report

    Mary                                spouse of 2
    Iva Dee (1872 - )                   spouse of 27
    Ida                                 spouse of 34
    Mary E. (1844 - 1881)               spouse of 19
    Mrs. Mary                           spouse of 11
    Margaret                            spouse of 7
    Elizabeth An                        spouse of 8
    Belle (1861 - )                     35
    Bishop (1866 - )                    child of 28
    Mary Alice Rogers (1898 - )         36
    Samuel (1825 - )                    spouse of 28
    Samuel Blair (1873 - )              child of 28
    Sidney Green (~1875 - )             spouse of 32
    William Rogers (1864 - )            child of 28
    Frances                             spouse of 9
    Ann (1790 - 1816)                   spouse of 10
    Margaret (1600 - 1676)              spouse of 4
    Annie Barres Deguerra               29
    Henry Rogers                        child of 17
    General John T. (1829 - 1872)       spouse of 17
    Elizabeth (1642 - )                 spouse of 5
    Louise                              spouse of 20
    Elizabeth Prewitt                   child of 26
    John I.                             spouse of 26
    Mary Bennett                        child of 26
    Warren Rogers                       child of 26
    Frances                             spouse of 25
    Jennie (~1876 - )                   spouse of 33
    Nettie                              spouse of 24

                                        Page 27
                                      Register Report

  Jane                                    spouse of 19
  Elizabeth Gold                          spouse of 3
  Elizabeth “Bettie                       spouse of 14
  Mary                                    spouse of 12
  Caroline Croxton                        child of 29
  Lucian                                  spouse of 29
  Laura Simmons                           child of 35
  Mary Rogers                             child of 35
  Samuel Clay                             child of 35
  William Lee (1857 - )                   spouse of 35
  William Lee Jr.                         child of 35
  Elizabeth Rogers                        child of 31
  Samuel                                  spouse of 31
  Samuel St. Paul                         child of 31
  Vernon Marguerite                       child of 31
  Elizabeth Jane (1819 - 1886)            spouse of 13
  Nancy A. (1813 - 1846)                  spouse of 11
  Adriana                                 spouse of 1
  Anna Goff (1873 - )                     child of 23
  Edward Rogers (1871 - )                 child of 23
  Harvey Moran (1875 - )                  child of 23
  William H.                              spouse of 23
  Alexander N. (1843 - )                  child of 11
  Alice (~1840 - )                        21
  Anna Elizabeth (1832 - )                child of 10
  Annie Cornick                           child of 14
  Barton H. (1892 - )                     child of 34
  Benjamin F. (1860 - 1890)               30
  Benjamin F. Jr.                         child of 30
  Benjamin F. (1815 - )                   14
  Bettie Gano (1846 - )                   23
  Caroline A. (1833 - )                   17
  Carrie Hanson (1881 - )                 child of 20
  Charles                                 child of 14
  Charles Christopher (1829 - 1880)       16
  Edward Benjamin (1839 - 1865)           child of 13
  Elizabeth Bedford (1874 - )             child of 20
  Elizabeth Moran (1862 - )               31
  Fielding Gant                           child of 25
  Francis Holt (1874 - 1877)              child of 18
  Frank Allen (1886 - )                   child of 24

                                          Page 28
                                    Register Report

Harriette Howell                        child of 25
Harvey Addison (1812 - 1866)            13
Harvey Allen (1850 - )                  24
Harvey Allen (1895 - )                  child of 27
Hubbard Vernon (Varnon) (1858 - )       child of 18
Hugh Brent                              child of 10
James R.                                child of 12
Jane Moran (1882 - )                    child of 24
Rev. John (1666 - 1745)                 6
Rev, Dr. John (1630 - 1684)             5
Rev. John III (1571 - 1639)             3
John Jr. (1548 - 1601)                  2
John Sr. (ca1500 - 1555)                1
John Gaitskill (1876 - )                child of 24
John J. (1837 - 1897)                   19
John J. Jr. ( - 1878)                   child of 19
John J.                                 child of 19
John Sutton (1877 - )                   child of 20
John T. (1867 - )                       child of 18
Joseph Brooks (1887 - 1890)             child of 20
Julian Grosjean (1897 - )               child of 27
Kate                                    child of 14
Lindsay                                 child of 16
Louis Ray (1866 - )                     27
Louise                                  child of 12
Maggie Kate (1872 - 1873)               child of 18
Maggie Vernon (1879 - )                 child of 20
Martha Hendricks                        child of 19
Mary Eliza (1858 - 1895)                26
Mary Johnson (1884 - )                  child of 20
Mary Katharine “Mollie”                 28
Nancy Maria (1845 - )                   child of 11
Nannie R. (1848 - 1874)                 child of 13
Nathaniel (1755 - 1804)                 9
Rev. Nathaniel (1598 - 1655)            4
Nathaniel Cobbs (1841 - )               22
Nathaniel P. (1864 - )                  child of 18
Nathaniel Purviance (1807 - 1863)       11
Purviance (1853 - 1860)                 child of 13
Richard Reid                            child of 14
Roseberry (1869 - )                     34
Sarah Jane (1843 - )                    child of 13
Silas Evans (1871 - )                   child of 20
Thomas (1725 - 1786)                    8
Wallace F.                              child of 30
Warren Brown (1810 - 1864)              12
Warren Moran (1855 - )                  25
Warren T. (1869 - )                     child of 20
Warren Thomas (1839 - 1887)             20
William (1784 - )                       10
William                                 child of 25
William (1697 - )                       7
William E.                              child of 30
William E. (1869 - 1892)                child of 18

                                        Page 29
                                      Register Report

  William Edward (1835 - )                18
  William S.                              child of 14
  Capt. William Skillman (1819 - )        15
  Betty Lindsay (~1920 - )                child of 36
  Henrietta (1820 - )                     spouse of 15
  Hiram (1894 - 1971)                     spouse of 36
  Mollie F. (1849 - 1897)                 spouse of 22
  Louise                                  spouse of 16
  Katherine                               spouse of 10
  Mary Elizabeth (1823 - )                spouse of 14
  May Lindsay (1873 - 1972)               32
  Robert (~1897 - )                       child of 33
  Colonel Robert Gatewood (1838 - )       spouse of 21
  Thomas Fox (~1895 - )                   child of 33
  Warren (~1874 - )                       33
  Margaret                                spouse of 18
  Kate Newton                             spouse of 30
  Martha ( - 1759)                        spouse of 6

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