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					                   Analysing Song Lyrics Assignment

Each student will be expected to find a song that has a significant
meaning. In other words, the message of the song must be able to
promote critical thinking. As a result, you may have to avoid popular artists
like Katie Perry and Drake because their songs, although fun to listen to,
lack significant meaning.

Part 1: Presenting a Song
Your task is to bring the song that you have chosen to class on your
designated presentation day for us to listen too. You must prepare in
advance, 2-3 questions that promote critical thinking (e.g., what do you
believe the message of the song to be, why did the song writer create this
song, whose voice in this song is missing, etc.). You will be responsible for
running the discussion and making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Part 2: Analysing YOUR Song
Prior to your presentation day, you will also be expected to answer, in
detail, what you believe the answers to your own questions to be. You will
be handing that in on the day you present for marks.

Part 3: Analysing a CLASSMATES’ Song
Another part of the assignment, is your analysis of the lyrics of another
classmates’ song. You will be given a specific week in which you must
record your analysis of one of the two songs chosen that week. You will be
marked on your ability to accurately analyse the song. The due date for
your analysis will be the Friday of your designated week.

Presentation Due Date: _______________________________________

Analysing Classmates Song Week: _____________________________
                                           Song Rubric

            Level 1                  Level 2                  Level 3                   Level 4
Song        Has chosen a song        The song chosen has      The song chosen has       The song chosen is
            but it lacks a           a meaning but there      a clear meaning that      unique and has a
Choice      significant meaning      is only one way to       will promote critical     clear meaning that will
            and does not             interpret the song’s     thinking                  promote critical
            promote critical         meaning                                            thinking
Questions   Has developed 1 or 2     Has developed 2          Has developed 2-3         Has developed 2-3
            questions that don’t     questions that allow     questions that allow      questions that allow
            generate a thought       for some discussion.     for good class            for great class
            provoking class          The discussions          discussion and            discussion and
            discussion.              provide some thought     promotes critical         promotes critical
            Questions do not         provoking                thinking. The             thinking. The
            allow us to fully        discussions but there    questions are good        questions are thought
            address the meaning      could have been          but not necessarily       provoking and unique
            of the song.             more.                    unique (have been         (not been asked
                                                              asked before)             before)
Analysis    With significant         Was able to develop      Was able to develop       Was able to fully and
            prompting, was able      some interpretations     interpretations (infer)   accurately develop
            to develop one           (infer) about the text   about the text using      interpretations (infer)
            interpretation (infer)   using stated or          stated or implied         about the text using
            about the text using     implied evidence         evidence from the         stated or implied
            stated or implied        from the lyrics          lyrics                    evidence from the
            evidence from the                                                           lyrics
            lyrics                   Was able to make         Was able to make
                                     some judgements          judgements and draw       Was able to make
            Struggled to form        and draw a few           conclusions about         clear and well thought
            judgements about         conclusions about        the text with little      out judgements and
            the text, using          the text, using          prompting, using          draw conclusions
            evidence from the        evidence from the        evidence from the         about the text with
            lyrics.                  lyrics.                  lyrics.                   ease, using evidence
                                                                                        from the lyrics.
            Was not able to          Was able to identify     Was able to identify
            clearly identify whose   whose point of view      whose point of view       Was able to identify
            point of view is being   is being presented in    is being presented in     whose point of view is
            presented in the text    the text                 the text and some of      being presented in the
            or whose voices may                               the voices that are       text and/or whose
            be missing.                                       missing.                  voice(s) are missing.
Oral        Has memorized little     Has memorized            Has memorized most        Has clearly
            of what they will say.   some of what they        of what they will say.    memorized what they
Comm-       Has limited eye          will say. Has eye        Has eye contact           will say. Has eye
unication   contact throughout       contact throughout       throughout majority       contact throughout
            presentation and         some of presentation     of presentation but       entire presentation.
            constantly has to        but has to look at       has to look at notes      Able to maintain the
            look at notes for        notes quite frequently   for reminders. Able to    class discussion
            reminders. Able to       for reminders. Able to   maintain the class        without teacher
            maintain the class       maintain the class       discussion with           prompting.
            discussion with a lot    discussion with          minimal teacher
            of teacher prompting.    teacher prompting.       prompting.
                              List of Songs with Meaning

         ARTIST                                     SONG TITLE

Pink                       Dear Mr. President
Bad Religion               21st Century Digital Boy
Band Aid                   Do They Know it’s Christmas Time
Bob Dylan                  Hurricane
Blink 182                  Adam’s Song
Eminem                     Stan
Simple Plan                Perfect
Our Lady Peace             Clumsy, In repair, Somewhere Out there
John Lennon                Imagine
Black Eye Peas             Where is the Love
Elton John                 Candle in the Wind
Alexis on Fire             Accidents
U2                         Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Bob Marley                 Redemption Song
Linkin Park                Numb
Public Enemy               Fight the Power
Rage Against the Machine   Take the Power
Matt Good                  21st Century Living
REM                        Runaway Train
Edwin Star                 War
Ani DiFranco               Hello Birmingham
                           32 Flavours
Xavier Rudd                Chant
Janet Jackson              What about that
K’s Choice                 Not an Addict
Melissa Ethridge           Come to my Window, I Run for Life
Benfolds Five              Brick
Moist                      Leave it Alone
TLC                        Waterfalls
Queen                      The Show Must Go On, Under Pressure
Tracy Chapman              Talking about a Revolution
Green Day                  21 Guns, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Edwin Star                 War
Canibus                    AIDS
Lupe Fiasco                Streets on Fire
Hedley                     Gunnin’
Fray                       How to Save a Life
Gary Jules                 Mad World
My Chemical Romance        Black Parade
Carrie Underwood           Just a Dream
Kelly Clarkson             Addicted
Good Charlotte             Hold On, The Anthem
Bandaid                    Do they know it’s Christmas Time?

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