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									Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - Volume 47, Number 9
       Pilgrim Congregational Church - UCC, 55 Coolidge Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420-1899

                             LOWER-LEVEL RENOVATIONS ~
     We have long known that the church school and kitchen space are in need of renovation. We spent
 3 years of working with Pilgrim Nursery School to re-establish it as a function of the church and another
 year of assessing needs and testing the waters for the likelihood of a successful capital campaign.
 Chris Reaske has stepped forward to lead the project and the congregation voted to explore it. Now we
 are ready to move ahead in earnest.

     In response to the congregation's directives at our last annual meeting, the building group—David
 McClave, Judy Brain, Debra Adams, and Leslie Holms (the PNS director)—has met with Gerry Frank,
 our architect, and come up with a plan. Here are some of the salient points.

 1. It is desperately needed. Our place for children looks shabby, our kitchen does not meet health
 codes, and we are in need of large spaces for fellowship events and small rooms for meetings and

 2. It is practical. We have been trying to think "multi-functional" so the space is being designed to
 meet the needs of both the day school, the Sunday School, and the congregation as a            whole.
 We've asked that it be designed to be adaptable.

 3. It is being planned in phases. While it would be wonderful to be able to raise enough money    to
 get everything we would like, we may need to defer some of our wishes for another time.    Gerry has
 created a plan so that whatever we do flows seamlessly into the future.

 4. It is beautiful. The plans involve additions to the building—some small, others not-so. They            are
 integrated into the current structure and make it look even better.

 5. It is available for your review, analysis, and comments. After the congregational meeting which
 follows the worship service on May 1, we will be sharing the drawings and a model of the     plans.
 There will be no vote at this time. This is the beginning of another conversation –   an opportunity for
 further feedback..

        • How do these plans look to you?
        • Have we missed something?
        • What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    There will be continuing opportunities after next weekend to respond as well.

    If Pilgrim is to live into its future, a step in the direction of fixing the downstairs seems inescapable.
 But how big a step do we take on this leg of the journey? That part is up to all of us.

                                                          Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 2

               WORSHIP IN MAY                             There’s still room for more. Come and meet
                                                      with a lawyer who can walk us through important
         THREE "L's" OF CHRISTIAN FAITH               legal decisions that should be made. Be guided
           Leadership, Love, and Laughter             by an informational packet in thinking through
                                                      end-of life decisions about medical care, comfort
                                                      levels, and communication with your loved ones.
  May 1 •        Council Installation    Leadership   This material is also very helpful if you are
                                                      caring for someone who is terminally ill.
      May 6 6:30 pm          African Awareness               Lunch is potluck (bring a salad or
            Simple Meal Outreach Service              dessert), the cost is $4.00. Child care is
          May 8 Mother’s Day             Love                    Judy Brain, Teresa Deible, Martha
           Blessing of the prayer shawls ~            Kimball,         David Mislin, Marie Tulin
                 the knitting ministry
                                                            CALL TO A CONGREGATIONAL
May 15          Pentecost ~ WEAR RED Laughter
               New Members received                     To All Pilgrim Church Members and Friends:

                                                       According to our Bylaws, Article VII,
          May 22         Children's Sunday             Paragraph 2, you are invited to a meeting of
          Baptism of Sam and Addie Lindley             the Church

    May 29          Graduation or Memorial Day                         Sunday, May 1, 2005
                                                                   11:30am following the service
                                                       At this meeting the Church shall elect a slate
                                                       of officers for the newly elected Council.
                                                       Nominated by the Council are:
                                                                     Moderator - Bob Beckwith
                                                                     Assistant Moderator – Gregory North
   On the last Sunday in May, it is customary for
                                                                     Treasurer - David McClave
the church to honor its high school graduates. If                    Clerk – Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
you are graduating this year or are aware of a
                                                       Everyone is invited to attend. Only members
Pilgrim teen who is, please notify Rev. Brain by       may vote.
emailing or calling                                                     Respectfully
781-862-0357.                                                                            Carolyn N.
                                                      Beckwith, Clerk

   SUNDAY, MAY 1, 12:00 - 2:00PM
                                                        Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 3

  PRAYER AND DISCERNMENT GROUP                            Children are especially welcome and there will
   MEETS TUESDAYS, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
                                                       be activities for them so that they can feel involved.
    For three Tuesdays in April some Pilgrims have     At the dinner the children will be able to write
met, learning to listen more closely to God’s
invitation to mutual relationship. We deepen our       messages, draw pictures etc. on a long paper roll
meditation, share spoken and silent prayer, as well    which Rev. Moyo can present to the children in
as conversation. Each week we practice a way of
prayer or meditation.                                  Africa when he visits in July. Children are also
                                                       invited to bring their "spare change" to the event.
    The group will continue through the close of the
church year. You are welcome to come any               According to Rev. Moyo, a US penny now has the
Tuesday at 7:30pm. It is at the church, although       purchasing equivalent of $62 in Zimbabwe!
the location may vary some weeks.

   If you have questions, please contact                  Come and enjoy an evening of fellowship and
Marie Tulin at 781-869-7553 or email her at                                       fun which will be entertaining, informational, and
                                                       spiritually (nondenominational) uplifting. Your
                                                       suggested donation of what you would spend at a
         FRIDAY, MAY 6, 6:30PM                         nice restaurant will provide food, clothing, and
                                                       education for the orphans at
   This is a reminder that "Room at the Table" will
                                                       Old Multare.
be hosting a dinner for Pilgrim members as well as
                                                                                    Mission Committee
the wider community in support of the Old Multare
Orphanage in Zimbabwe on May 6. Rev. Abiot
Moyo of the Maynard United Methodist Church
maintains close ties with his native country through
his BigM Ministry, headquartered in Maynard and

   We'll gather in Fellowship Hall to enjoy a simple
meal of authentic African dishes. During and after        EQUIPPING THE SAINTS IN ACTION
the meal, a professional mbira player and songs by
                                                           Many of you are aware that Tom and I have
the talented Moyo family will provide entertainment.
                                                       received a significant amount of money through
Rev. Moyo is an engaging speaker and will talk         Pilgrim Church's Equipping the Saints Fund. The
about the situation in Zimbabwe – from extreme         fund was established for members who are
                                                       directly involved with mission or care projects.
poverty, to President Mugabe's dictatorship, to the    For the past two years, Pilgrim has supported
HIV/AIDS epidemic.                                     our mission work in Honduras.

                                                           On May 10th, I will be returning to Honduras
                                                       with the hope that the American Embassy will
                                                       grant a visa for Stefany Mejia-Leon to be able to
                                                      Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 4

return to the U.S. for a follow up appointment at        Suggestions for small gift items include: soap,
Shriner's Hospital in Springfield. Last year         cosmetics, shaving cream, after shave lotion, razors,
Stefany had successful surgery and casting on        toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrushes, dental floss,
her bilateral talipes equinovarus (club feet).       socks, knee-highs, hair care products, nail polish,
                                                     cologne, earrings, pens, pencils, note paper, stamps,
    The grant we receive has helped many more        cassettes, playing cards, paperback books, candy,
people in Honduras, including Fernando, a three      gum - use your imagination! Items may be left in a
year old boy who suffered from pneumonia.            box in the narthex. Please see the Mission bulletin
"Nando's" family (including parents and three        board for the sign-up sheet for May 3 - hope to see
siblings) attempt to survive on approximately        you there!
$2.00 per day. This barely covers the essentials,
and certainly the family could not pay for a             SOCCER EQUIPMENT FOR HONDURAS
doctor's appointment or medication. Fortunately,         Soccer balls, cleats, shorts, and everything
our fund covered the cost ($50.00) of his            related to soccer are all needed and appreciated by
hospitalization and treatment. Upon our next trip    the youth in Honduras. Please leave in the box by
to Honduras, we were met by Nando's grateful         the front door and they will be taken to Honduras in
older sister who exclaimed, " you saved his life!"   early May when Emily Collins makes a return trip.
I cannot adequately describe the feelings we
shared.                                                              ALUMINUM TABS
                                                         There's still more room in the container on the
    Tom and I would like to offer our appreciation
                                                     table in the front hall for more aluminum
to the entire congregation for all the emotional
                                                     tabs! Remember that these are taken to Shriners'
and financial support you have provided us over
                                                     Hospital in Springfield, MA and with the money
the years. We truly feel that we have found
                                                     received from recycling them, an impressive list of
God's calling for us, and we are there,
                                                     medical equipment has been purchased.
representing our wonderful church.
                     With our gratitude, Emily           Emily and Tom Collins will be taking Stefany
Collins                                              there for an evaluation of her progress when she
                                                     returns from Honduras in May. Please help fill it up
                                                     the container (again) during the next few weeks.

                                                                 BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!
                                                         Here's a heads-up reminder of the annual book
                                                     sale which is held the end of June. All
   OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPRINGTIME                      kinds of books in good condition are welcome -
           DONATIONS!                                paperback or hard cover. Profits will be used to buy
                                                     books in Spanish for children in Honduras.
           POT LUCK LUNCH and
   FILL MOTHER'S DAY AND FATHER'S DAY                    A box will be in the coat room for your
    GIFT BAGS, TUESDAY MAY 3, 12:30 PM               donations. (Please note: books on gardening and
     Here's a new plan for the annual event where    plants are being collected by Carolyn Beckwith for
we fill Mother’s Day and Father’s Day bags with      the annual plant sale - May 21
small gift items for women and men in local          and 22.)
shelters. Come to Pilgrim Hall at 12:30 PM on May
3 ~ enjoy a pot luck lunch ~ then stay for more          MANY THANKS to all who continue to show
fellowship and fun while we fill the gift bags.      their generosity and support of the mission
                                                     programs of Pilgrim Church!
                                                         Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 5

                                                           Come join us at 6:30 pm on Saturday,
       Mission Committee
                                                       May 7th for an evening in which we attempt to
                                                       answer the question "Can the son of an English
          SPRING CLEAN-UP                              coal miner find happiness as a dancer in the
                                                       ballet?" as we screen Stephen Daldry's
    We need your help! Come to the church any          “Billy Elliot.”
time Saturday morning April 30 between 9:00am
and 12:00 noon to help with yard work and some
"heavy lifting" chores - organizing the furnace room       Please bring a movie-friendly snack or dessert
to comply with fire codes; taking down the old
playground fence. Coffee, juice, and donuts            to share! Drinks will be provided. If you have any
provide the fuel.                                      questions, please contact Gregory North or Beth

                                                              I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM,
    Are you interested in the financial future and         WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!
well being of our church community? Would you                     SUNDAY, MAY 22
like to know more about the scriptural bases for
                                                           The Fellowship Committee invites you to join us
stewardship? Pilgrim Church members and friends
                                                       for an Ice Cream Social (no screaming necessary!)
are invited to attend a Financial Summit meeting on
                                                       on Sunday, May 22 after church (noon to
Monday, May 2 at 7:30 pm in Pilgrim Hall.
                                                       2:00pm). We will be joined by the Pilgrim Men’s
    We will be joined by Andy Gustafson, Associate     Group in serving up fabulous frozen dishes of
Conference Minister for Stewardship and Financial      yummy Rancatore’s Ice Cream for the bargain price
Development of the MACUCC. Andy is masterful in        of $2.00 a cup.
his knowledge of the Bible's teachings about
stewardship. His wit and enthusiasm will delight           Bring your family, bring a friend, and join in the
you. Please join us.                                   fun of welcoming in the warmer months and
                                                       satisfying your sweet tooth!
       Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
                                                                                Beth Kurth
    Do we have hams in our congregation? Could
we put on a two-night murder mystery dinner here
at Pilgrim?

    Let’s discuss how we might go about doing this.         PLANT AND GARDEN BOOK SALE
 Sign up on the bulletin board and you’ll be on the            MAY 21 AND 22, 10:00AM
mailing list. We’ll meet some Sunday after church.
                                                           Judy Brain and Carolyn Beckwith are planning
  Contact Len Rideout
                                                       a fund-raising plant sale on Saturday, May 21st
(978-287-9505) for more information.
                                                       from 10:00am – 4:00pm and Sunday, May 22nd
                                                       at the hospitality hour. This will be for the general
      MOVIE NIGHT, MAY 7, 6:30PM
            “BILLY ELLIOT”
                                                         Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 6

    We need plants of all sizes and shapes; hostas,        With her sunny disposition, positive attitude,
day lilies, ground cover, perennials or anything else   creativity and commitment, Edith well-served the
that you can think of. Please mark them so that we      4H, Town Meeting, Buckman Tavern Gift Shop,
know what they are. It is time now to start digging     Council on Aging, AARP PenPals project, Adopt a
up and dividing plants from your gardens and also       Grandparent (SPANS), and more. In 1987
planting seeds in pots for annuals. We also would       Lexington honored Edith as the first Minuteman
like books on gardening and plants. The books           Cane recipient.
could be given to Carolyn Beckwith at anytime but
the plants we’ll need closer to the event.                  In the words of your Pilgrim sister, “I believe in
                                                        giving the world the best you have and the best will
    We'll need pricers and sellers as well as           come to you.”
donations. If anyone is interested in working on
this event, please contact Carolyn by email                 Let’s celebrate Edith’s 100th birthday by sending or phone 781-275-7537.               her a card or a note of well wishes to: 110 Allds
                                                        Street, Apt. 163, Nashua, NH 03060.
                                                           See the Narthex bulletin board to learn more
                                                        about Edith’s contributions to Pilgrim Church and
        SUMMER FUN PROGRAM!!                                   Norma Whittinghill

   PNS is pleased to announce the return of
  Summer Fun for children ages 3-5. Our                      CONGRATULATIONS, JOE BRAIN!
  program will run Monday-Friday from
  9am-1pm (includes a lunchtime), starting                  Our own Joe Brain's research is the cover story
  Monday, June 20th and ending Friday,                  of the May-June issue of Harvard Magazine. Joe is
  July 1st. The cost is $30. per day with a two         the chair of the Dept. of Environmental Health at the
  day minimum.                                          Harvard School of Public Health. His area of
                                                        research is air pollution and lung clearance.
    During Summer Fun your child will spend                To read the article, go to http://www.harvard-
  most of the day exploring our "outside       and click on "Clearing the Air."
  classroom". We will play, paint, sing, swing,         There is also a hard copy on the literature table.
  climb, ride bikes, run through the sprinkler
  and then have lunch!                                      There's another Pilgrim connection as well. In
                                                        the process of being interviewed for the article, Joe
   Space is limited. Please call Leslie Holmes,         discovered that Susan Bennett's husband, John
  Director at 781-861-8853.                             Rosenberg, is the editor of Harvard Magazine.

                                                                       MAY BIRTHDAYS
                                                        DATE NAME
                                                         3             Connie Guim
    Edith and Wilbur Cheever were charter                              Teddy Kirby
members of Pilgrim Church. Edith still contributes                     Lee Catherine Smith
with ideas and Christmas mittens. When Wilbur            4             Amy Agne
died in 1971, Edith dedicated herself to promote                       Charles Dexter
programs which would better connect the older and                      Tracy Raymond
younger people in the community.                         5             Peter Levins
                                                                       Derek Smith
                                                         Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 7

              Ian Yates                                                Emily Young
 7            Lillian Atkinson                          28             Christine Emery
              Susan Vega                                29             Barbara Adams
11            Timothy George                                           Kathy Adams
12            Anne Cowan                                               Madison Stevens
              Barbara Munkres                           30             Susan Fagerstrom
14            Jarrett Kelley
15            Fiona Davies                              If your name is missing from this list, call or email
16            Travis Johnson                            the office: 781 862-0357 -
17            Connie Neville
18            Edith Cheever
19            Liz Mackie
20            Ruth Hoffman
21            Philip Boyd
              Tyler Sym
23            Judy Siegel
              James Troy
25            Lorraine Silva
26            Susan Bennett
                                      COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS
                                                        $25. For more information call World Music at
     OPEN AND AFFIRMING SPRING FAIR                     617-876-4275 or

    “Information and Inspiration”, Saturday
April 30, 2005 from 9:30am to 4:00pm at the                           GOSPEL CHOIR
Congregational Church of Needham. The Keynote                       SUNDAY, MAY 1, 3PM
Speaker is the Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian, UCC
Minister and Protestant Chaplain at Mt. Holyoke             The gospel group, “Confirmation,” nine singers
College. There will be workshops (one led by our        directed by David Coleman, Director of Choral
own Judy Brain), the Just Peace Players, information    Music at Dana Hall School, will be performing at
booths and more. Lunch will be provided. To             the Congregational Church of Needham. This is a
register please contact                                 fundraiser for the Open and Affirming Ministry.
Kathie Carpenter at                 For more information, call 781-444-2510.

                                                                    THE THRIVING SPIRIT
LIBANA’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT,                                    OF ALZHEIMER’S
          APRIL 30, 8:00PM
                                                            Minuteman Senior Services presents a Caring
    On Saturday, April 3 at the Somerville Theater,     Conversation, “The Thriving Spirit of Alzheimer’s”
55 Davis Square, enjoy the harmonies and dance          on Thursday, May 5, 2005 from 9am to noon at
of Libana. Presented by World Music, Libana             the National Heritage Museum, in Lexington. The
researches and performs women's traditional and         Reverend Kathleen Rusnak, Ph.D. will offer
contemporary music and dance from around the            thought-provoking alternative views of personhood
globe and is dedicated to bringing the joy of singing   as it applies to those with advanced Alzheimer’s
into people's everyday lives.                           disease.

    Their music tells the universal story of the
diversity and commonality of the human experience.                SPRING CRAFT FAIR
Music from Nepal, Hawaii, Egypt, Bulgaria and                SATURDAY, MAY 7, 10AM TO 4PM
beyond will be performed. Tickets are $20 and
                                                 Pilgrim’s Progress 29 April 2005 - page 8

    Handmade craft items on sale at the Park
Avenue Congregational Church, 50 Paul Revere
Road, Arlington Heights. Call 781-643-8680 for

          SAVE THE DATE!
          SUNDAY, JUNE 5
                                                  The next Pilgrim’s Progress deadline will be
                                                       Sunday, May 8, 2005 at noon.

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