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					                                              Register Report

                                             First Generation

1. Capt. Thomas PARKER. Born in Snow Hill, Maryland.

Thomas married Mary TAYLOR.

They had the following children:
       2          i.      George
       3         ii.      Henrietta (1793-1870)
       4        iii.      Mary

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                                              Register Report

                                             Second Generation
                           Family of Capt. Thomas PARKER (1) & Mary TAYLOR

2. George PARKER.

George married Lucy A. DONALDSON, daughter of Col. DONALDSON.

They had one child:
       5         i.      Mary Ellen

3. Henrietta PARKER. Born on December 20, 1793. Henrietta died on July 1, 1870; she was 76.

Henrietta married Henry F. WILSON, son of Henry WILSON (1754-1848) & Frankie FAULKNER.

They had the following children:
       6           i.     Hiram
       7          ii.     John P. (1827-)
                iii.      Mary J.
                 iv.      Maria.
                  v.      Henry (Twin).
                 vi.      Edwin (Twin).
                vii.      Henrietta.
               viii.      Georgia A.
                 ix.      Charles T.

4. Mary PARKER.

Mary married Hugh ROSEBERRY.

They had one child:
       8         i.      Henrietta (1820-)

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                                                Register Report

                                               Third Generation
                           Family of George PARKER (2) & Lucy A. DONALDSON

5. Mary Ellen PARKER.

On November 27, 1849 Mary Ellen married Benjamin Thomas BEDFORD, son of Benjamin Franklin BEDFORD
(1799-1872) & Elizabeth Giles (Eleanor?) BUCKNER (1799-1840), in Woodford County, Kentucky. Born on
March 19, 1821 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Benjamin Thomas died in 1894; he was 72. Was on the census for
Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1850. Was on the census for Franklin County, Kentucky in 1860.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Mary Eliza (Died young). Born on December 12, 1851 in Kentucky.
       9         ii.      Sidney (1852-1921)
                iii.      Harper.

                            Family of Henrietta PARKER (3) & Henry F. WILSON

6. Hiram WILSON.

Hiram married Henrietta Clay GIST, daughter of Rezin Hammond GIST (1797-1834) & Rachel DAWSON.

They had one child:
                 i.       Hiram.

7. John P. WILSON. Born on September 4, 1827 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

JOHN P. WILSON, [1] physician and farmer; P. O. Paris; born Sept. the 4th, 1827, in Paris; is the fourth son and
sixth child of a family of nine children. His parents were Henry F. Wilson and Henrietta Parker. The paternal
grandsire was named Henry Wilson, who was born March 1, 1754, in Fairfax County, Va., and married Frankie
Falkner in February, 1782; she bore him seven sons and five daughters. Henry Wilson emigrated to this county and
settled in Flat Rock Precinct, in 1778, and remained there until his death, which was in 1848, in his ninety-fourth
year. His children were: John C., William, Burr, Lewis, Henry, Joseph, Barton, Betsey, Frankie, Annie, Mrs. Owens
and ________ Henry F., the father of our subject, was born in Flat Rock Precinct; his marriage with Henrietta
Parker in_____was blessed with the following children: Hiram P., Marv J., Maria, Henry and Edwin (twins),
Henrietta, John P., Georgia A. and Charles T. All of the above settled in this county, who lived, except Henry and
Edwin, who settled and now remain in Boone County, Mo. Henry F. spent his early boyhood on the farm where he
was born. Upon attaining his manhood's years he engaged in selling goods, running a store on his own account near
Flat Rock, afterwards removing to Paris, where he continued merchandizing for several years. He was a member of
the Reformed Church, as well as his wife; both of them were pioneer members of the church in Paris. The Doctor
was raised in Paris; at the age of nineteen he began the study of medicine, and in 1848 he removed to West Liberty,
in Morgan Co., Ky., and engaged in the practice of his profession, returning to this county in 1851, and was married
in July, the same year, to Fannie A. Thomas, who was born in Flat Rock Precinct, the, youngest and only daughter
of David and Lavinia (Simms) Thomas. In March, 1857, the Doctor located on the farm he now occupies, where he
has been engaged in farming and in the practice of his profession; has ten children, viz.: David T., Henry C., Anna
M., Mary B., Hiram P., James Simms, Henrietta L., John O., Alice S., and Caroline R.

In July 1851 when John P. was 23, he married Fannie A. THOMAS, daughter of David THOMAS & Lavina
SIMMS. Born in Flat Rock Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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                                           Register Report

They had the following children:
      10           i.     David Thomas
                  ii.     Henry C.
                iii.      Anna M.
                 iv.      Mary B.
                  v.      Hiram P.
                 vi.      James Simms.
                vii.      Henrietta L.
               viii.      John O.
                 ix.      Alice S.
                  x.      Caroline R.

                           Family of Mary PARKER (4) & Hugh ROSEBERRY

8. Henrietta ROSEBERRY. Born on January 26, 1820.

On May 23, 1839 when Henrietta was 19, she married Capt. William Skillman ROGERS, son of William ROGERS
(1784-) & Katherine SKILLMAN. Born on September 30, 1819.

They had one child:
      11         i.     Mary Katharine “Mollie”

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                                                Register Report

                                              Fourth Generation
                      Family of Mary Ellen PARKER (5) & Benjamin Thomas BEDFORD

9. Sidney BEDFORD. Born on August 20, 1852 in Kentucky. Sidney died in Shelbyville, Kentucky in 1921; he
was 68. Was on the census for Franklin County, Kentucky in 1900/1910/1920.

Sidney married Mary “Maytie” HARPER, daughter of Adam W. HARPER & Margaret OWSLEY. Born in
December 1853 in Kentucky. Mary “Maytie” died in August 1922; she was 68. Resided in Franklin County,

They had the following children:
                  i.      Benjamin Thomas. Born on April 11, 1875 in Woodford County, Kentucky. Benjamin
                          Thomas died on August 22, 1928; he was 53.
                          Benjamin Thomas first married Sidney AYRES, daughter of Edward Walter AYRES &
                          Susan Elizabeth SCOTT.
                          On November 25, 1921 when Benjamin Thomas was 46, he second married Richard
                          Gretna COBBS, daughter of Richard Edward COBBS (1857-1939) & Henrietta Emiline
                          COLEMAN (1852-1947), in Denton, Denton County, Texas. Born on November 12,
                          1886 in Texas. Richard Gretna died in Midway, Woodford County, Kentucky in March
                          1969; she was 82.
                 ii.      Maggie (Died young).

                             Family of John P. WILSON (7) & Fannie A. THOMAS

10. David Thomas WILSON.

David Thomas married Mary “Mollie” Bradley CLARK, daughter of William CLARK (1821-) & Eliza Ann

This marriage connection is speculative, based upon Perrin, p. 527.--REF

They had one child:
      12         i.       Bessie Lee (1879-1973)

                  Family of Henrietta ROSEBERRY (8) & Capt. William Skillman ROGERS

11. Mary Katharine “Mollie” ROGERS.

Family genealogist and author of “The Clay Family.”

On May 23, 1860 Mary Katharine “Mollie” married Samuel CLAY, son of Littleberry Bedford CLAY (1799-1879)
& Arabella Ann Rilford MACCOUN (-1828). Born on April 19, 1825.

Samuel Clay, junior, born April 19, 1825, was for more than half a century one of the most energetic and
enterprising business men of Bourbon and Fayette counties, but as the result of an accident has been an invalid for
some years past. Though a great sufferer, his patient endurance and fortitude demand the admiration of the
household. On the maternal side he is the greatgrandson, of Reverend David Rice, "the Father of the Presbyterian

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                                               Register Report

Church in Kentucky," who was one of the founders of Hampden-Sidney College, Virginia, and of Transylvania
(now Kentucky) University. Mr. Rice was a grand, good man, whose life was spent in the cause of humanity. He
married in Pennsylvania Mary, daughter of Reverend Samuel Blair, of Faggs manor, who founded there the
Classical and Theological School for the education of the Presbyterian clergy, out of which grew the College of New
Jersey, later Princeton University. Samuel Blair (1712-1751) married Frances, daughter of judge Lawrence Van
Hook and his wife, Johanna Smit, daughter of Hendrick Barentse Smit, from Lochen, Holland, a soldier in the West
India Company in New Netherlands. Hendrick Barentse Schmidt married Gerritze Willemse, from Niew Kerck
(New York), May 11, 1655, and was a magistrate under the Dutch Government for Boshwych, Long Island.
(Original copy of will in Book No. 1, Kings County, New York.) judge Lawrence Van Hook was the son of Arent
Isaacszen Van Hook, one of the signers of a petition to Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherlands to the English, on
September 5, 1664.

Samuel Clay, junior, married, May 23, 1860, Mary Katharine Rogers, daughter of Captain William S. Rogers and
his wife, Henrietta Roseberry, daughter of Hugh Roseberry and his wife, Mary Parker, daughter of Captain Thomas
and Mary (Taylor) Parker, of Snow Hill, Maryland. Captain Rogers was born September 30, 1819, and his wife
January 26, 1820.They were married May 23, 1839, by Elder John A. Gano. He was the son of William Rogers and
his wife, Katherine Skillman, daughter of Christopher and Henrietta (Payne) Skillman, of Loudon County, Virginia,
who came to Kentucky about 1804- William Rogers, senior, born in Campbell County, Virginia, July 7, 1784, died
February 15, 1862. He was the son of Nathaniel Rogers, born in Charlotte County, Virginia, July 25, 1755, who was
a soldier of the Revolution, and moved to Kentucky in 1797 and settled at Caneridge, dying December 22, 1804.
Nathaniel Rogers was a member of the Constitutional Convention of Kentucky in 1799. He married Frances,
daughter of Colonel Charles and Anne (Walton) Cobbs, August 14, 1783, in Campbell County, Virginia. She died
September 20, 1790. [2]

They had the following children:
      13          i.      Belle (1861-)
                 ii.      William Rogers. Born on November 9, 1864.
                          WILLIAM ROGERS CLAY, born November 9, 1864, was graduated from Kentucky
                          University in 1885; from Georgetown University, D. C., with degree of Bachelor of Law
                          in 1888 and Master of Law in 1889; Private Secretary to Senator James B. Beck from
                          1887-90; in 1891 was elected Superintendent of the Public Schools of Lexington,
                          Kentucky, which office he still holds, while continuing the practice of law. [3]

                iii.      Bishop. Born on October 18, 1866.
                          Bishop married Lucy CHENAULT, daughter of Anderson CHENAULT & Margaret
                iv.       Samuel Blair. Born on December 4, 1873.
                          On November 7, 1893 when Samuel Blair was 19, he married Helen Madge COBURN,
                          daughter of Professor Albert COBURN & Catherine HOWE.

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                                               Register Report

                                               Fifth Generation
                  Family of David Thomas WILSON (10) & Mary “Mollie” Bradley CLARK

12. Bessie Lee WILSON. Born in 1879 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Bessie Lee died in Paris, Bourbon County,
Kentucky on June 17, 1973; she was 94. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

before 1919 when Bessie Lee was 40, she married Lee Whittington MANN, son of Judge Russell MANN
(1839-1912) & Kate Butler HUTCHCRAFT (1848-1933). Born in 1868 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Lee
Whittington died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on February 22, 1920; he was 52. Buried in Paris Cemetery,
Paris, Kentucky.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Mary Wilson. Born in 1919 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Wilson died in
                          Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in December 1923; she was 4. Buried in Paris
                          Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
                 ii.      Kate Butler. Born in 1932.

                     Family of Mary Katharine “Mollie” ROGERS (11) & Samuel CLAY

13. Belle CLAY. Born on March 14, 1861.

BELLE CLAY, born March 14, 1861; married, November 16, 1881, William Lee Lyons, born June 3, 1857, son of
Henry J. Lyons and his wife, Laura Simmons, daughter of Matilda Ann Lee and William Simmons, and
granddaughter of Wilford Lee and Rebecca Hill, who were married August 2, 1796, by Reverend John Carman.
Rebecca Hill was the daughter of judge Atkinson Hill, of Bardstown, Kentucky. Mr. Lyons is an active business
man, and was for many years a member of the City Council, serving as its President, and again as Chairman of the
Committee on Finance. During a six months' absence of Mayor Charles D. Jacob he acted as Mayor pro tem., being
elected to that position by the Council under circumstances which made the compliment a very flattering one. He is
President of the Board of Public Safety under the present administration. [4]

On November 16, 1881 when Belle was 20, she married William Lee LYONS, son of Henry J. LYONS & Laura
SIMMONS. Born on June 3, 1857.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Samuel Clay.
                 ii.      Laura Simmons.
                iii.      Mary Rogers.
                iv.       William Lee.

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                                              Register Report

1. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin
& County, Chicago, 1882, p. 499.
2. The Clay Family, pp. 189-191.
3. The Clay Family, p. 192.
4. The Clay Family, pp. 191-192.

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                                     Register Report

  Benjamin Thomas (1821 - 1894)          spouse of 5
  Benjamin Thomas (1875 - 1928)          child of 9
  Harper                                 child of 5
  Maggie                                 child of 9
  Mary Eliza (1851 - )                   child of 5
  Sidney (1852 - 1921)                   9
  Mary “Mollie” Bradley                  spouse of 10
  Belle (1861 - )                        13
  Bishop (1866 - )                       child of 11
  Samuel (1825 - )                       spouse of 11
  Samuel Blair (1873 - )                 child of 11
  William Rogers (1864 - )               child of 11
  Lucy A.                                spouse of 2
  Henrietta Clay                         spouse of 6
  Mary “Maytie” (1853 - 1922)            spouse of 9
  Laura Simmons                          child of 13
  Mary Rogers                            child of 13
  Samuel Clay                            child of 13
  William Lee (1857 - )                  spouse of 13
  William Lee Jr.                        child of 13
  Kate Butler (1932 - )                  child of 12
  Lee Whittington (1868 - 1920)          spouse of 12
  Mary Wilson (1919 - 1923)              child of 12
  George                                 2
  Henrietta (1793 - 1870)                3
  Mary                                   4
  Mary Ellen                             5
  Capt. Thomas                           1
  Mary Katharine “Mollie”                11
  Capt. William Skillman (1819 - )       spouse of 8
  Henrietta (1820 - )                    8
  Hugh                                   spouse of 4
  Mary                                   spouse of 1
  Fannie A.                              spouse of 7

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                           Register Report

Alice S.                       child of 7
Anna M.                        child of 7
Bessie Lee (1879 - 1973)       12
Caroline R.                    child of 7
Charles T.                     child of 3
David Thomas                   10
Edwin                          child of 3
Georgia A.                     child of 3
Henrietta                      child of 3
Henrietta L.                   child of 7
Henry                          child of 3
Henry C.                       child of 7
Henry F.                       spouse of 3
Hiram                          6
Hiram Jr.                      child of 6
Hiram P.                       child of 7
James Simms                    child of 7
John O.                        child of 7
John P. (1827 - )              7
Maria                          child of 3
Mary B.                        child of 7
Mary J.                        child of 3

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