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									                                                                                                  ITaP Infrastructure

PURPOSE:          Infrastructure Project Council
DATE:             Thursday, June 3, 2004
TIME:             1:30 to 2:30 PM
LOCATION:         Freehafer 1-2, 1-2
                          TOPIC                                                         NOTES

 ITI Project Status                       ITI Directors

 Production Management

 FREH Data Center Outage

 New Outage Notification System
                                         Darren Overfelt

 New Projects                                  Everyone

PORT BLOCKING – entire campus went well. Very few incidents. Jeff Ello reports there are a few secondary problems
– but, very little disruption has been seen. There are no plans for further action in this area.
MAINFRAME REPLACEMENT – new mainframe should be delivered and in service by 6/25. Mike Schulte, etc. are
working on it. If all goes as planned, little or no disruption of service will be noticed.
ERP – the funding plan has been agreed upon and will be going forward to the BOT. Pre-ERP initiatives have been
approved. Rita’s notes attached.
BOILERNET – Single Mode Fiber project is now complete with SMF in 140 major campus buildings. Electronic upgrades
are complete in 60 buildings and target date for completion is 12/13/04.
PRODUCTION & SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT – Invitations were sent out to this group to attend Wednesday meetings.
These meeting are and will continue to be open to those interested. To view information, a production calendar is
FREH DATA CENTER OUTAGE – In order to reclaim as much raised floor space as possible (30% to date) – a
scheduled complete power outage in FREH is necessary. Physical Facilities has been working to install new power and
data lines and the cut over to new service(s) is scheduled for June 19 & 20. Beginning at 9 pm on the 19th, System
Administrators will begin turning off systems. All systems will be ‘down’ by 11pm. Beginning at 11pm – Physical Facilities
will begin connecting the new wiring to the existing wiring. This would be completed by 8am on the 20th. System
Administrators will then begin powering up the systems. We anticipate complete return to service by 3pm on the 20 th.
During this time there will be NO EMAIL of any kind. Specifics are available to view on the Infrastructure Projects web
site. Infrastructure (Darren Overfelt) would like to have a contact/user available for each system to make sure that it is
operating correctly after the power outage. Infrastructure will be contacting affected users. Campus wide announcement
will begin Monday, June 7th.
                                                                                                    ITaP Infrastructure

         Question – will the steps that are being taken to improve power, etc. make it less likely to have to take FREH
         completely down in the future? Yes – that’s the plan. We are also making plans to work on MATH Data Center.
         That facility may need to have similar work done in the future.
OUTAGE NOTIFICATION – Infrastructure is completing a subscription service to provide users/customers with
specific/requested information for services they want to see. (currently, there are over 165 applications). This menu is
currently located on the Change Management web site. We hope to have this enrollment open by 6/11 and rolled out
campus wide by 7/1. For more information, Darren will be speaking at the ITaP luncheon on 6/8. Tilt is most interested in
customers’ feedback of this service. We really need to determine it’s effectiveness. The only way to accomplish this is to
get detailed feedback from customers/users.
          Question – will this notification system be made available to departments for them to use for their systems?
          Anyone interested in this should contact Darren for more discussion.
SAN – there has been a noticeable improvement in performance since the SAN migration.
AUTO SYS – the CA upgrade has been cancelled. Will be replacing Autosys with UC4. With this replacement, there is a
possibility that Unix systems may be affected. More details later.
PROJECT WEB SITE – information regarding most of Infrastructure’s projects is available on the web site. The
scorecard that was attached to the agenda for today’s meeting has links to this information. Tilt wants the group to realize
that the web content for specific projects will gradually and continually improve.
IDENTITY MANAGEMENT – please direct questions about this initiative to Steve Hare (he was unable to attend.)

        Tilt Thompkins              ITI
        Darren Overfelt             ITI
        Gary English                ITI
        Deb Cronkhite               ITI
        Ron Kittendorf              ITI
        Mark Copeland               SLA
        Bob Evans                   Education
        Paula Mezo                  ITaP Customer Care
        Mike Woodard                Science
        Dave Chasey                 Vet School
        Janet Moore                 SSC
        Richard Simmons             PFCS
        Jeff Ello                   Management
        Brad Grenard                HFS
        Rita Clifford               ITEA
        Lisa Rile                   BSC
        Bill Snyder                 IP
        Kelly Mischak               AgIT
        Dave Carmichael             ECN
        Bill Simmons                ITaP
        Denny Feldman               ITaP
        Kerry Arnold                Technology

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