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                                                First Generation

1. James Barnett KENNEY. Born in 1726 in Ireland. James Barnett died in Uniontown, Fayette County,
Pennsylvania in 1782; he was 56.

Kenney, James Barnett (1726 - 1782) [1]
b. 1726 in Ireland
d. 1782

The name of Kenney, variously spelled as Kenny, Kenney, and Kinney, is claimed by some authorities to have been
taken from the Gaelic Word Clenn, which is pronounced kin and means "esteemed or honored," combined with neae,
meaning "an individual." The meaning of the name , therefore, "a person of honor and esteem." This name is found in
ancient records in the various forms o Kinne, Kinnie, Kenne, Kenei, Kennie, Kenny, Kenny and Kinney. The last three
are still in general use. The Kenney family is believed to have descended from a Norman knight who was among the
followers of William the Conqueror, in the Norman invasion of England in 1066. According to Burke, the Keeney,
Kenney, Keen, etc. family was originally from Somersetshire England; of great antiquity, deriving the family name
from the place Kenne, of that country. In the second year of the reign of Henry II of England or 1156, since Henry
resigned from 1154-1189, John de Kenne held two knight fees in Kenne.

Nicholas Kenne, Kenny or Kenney went with the cadets of many Somersetshire families to Dublin. (Burke landed
Gentry of Ireland 1912) the most ancient of the several coats of arms which have been bestowed at various times on
the members of this family is that of Kenne of Somerset County. It is described as follows: Arms: Ermine (sometimes
argent), three crested gules Crest: A unicorn's head, azure bezantee, maned Or, horned of the last and sable. (Burke's
heraldry, 1844) Motto: "Tereat, luceat, foreat." (Let it hold, shine and flourish.)

It is not definitely know from which of the several illustrious lines of the family in Great Britain the first American
families of the name descended, but is practically a certainty that all of them were from a common ancestor of the
eleventh century. The members of these families were, for the most part, of nobility and landed gentry of England and
Ireland and were very prominent in affairs of State as well as in the military service of their country.

Barnett Kenney served in the American Revolution as Sergent of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line.
Three of his sons also served. Joseph was killed in the Revolution according to Challey's records. John served as a
private, Captain William Harrod's Company in 1780 at the station near the Falls, in what is now Jefferson and Shelby
Counties. (Collins History of Kentucky p. 12) (James Kenney and His Descendants, Corday Leer Buckley, 1944, The
Kentuckian-Citizen, Paris, KY.)

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692:
Kinney, James Barnett. b. 1720 IR, d p 1782 m Miss Kramer, Sgt Va. Also listed on p.1691 as Kinney, Barnett 1726 IR
d p 1786 PA m (1)____ Kramer, (2) Mary____ Sgt CL PA.

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692:
Kinney, James Barnett: b. 1720 IR, d. p 1872 m Miss Kramer Sgt. VA
Copied from old Kenney Bible by Corday Leer Buckley [2]

Born the year of our Lord 1752, Nov 29, James Kenney, Sr.
Born May 14, 1747, Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney.
David Kenney was born in the year of our Lord, Jan 26, 1772.
Elizabeth Kenney was born Oct 10, 1773.
John Kenney was born July 8, 1775
Polly Kenney was born July 4, 1779

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James Kenney, Jr. was born July 24, 1782
Moses Kenney was born April 4, 1784.
Sallie Kenney was born July 24, 1786
Nancy Kenney Aug 4, 1788
Peggy Kenney, 2nd wife of James Kenney was born the 11th day of Jan., 1770.
Marie Kenney was born Mch 18, 1880.
Abby Kenney was born Oct 8, 1801
Helena Kenney was born Jan 7, 1804
Joseph B. Kenney was born Jan 19, 1806
Napoleon Kenney was born Feb 12, 1808
Charlotte Corday Kenney was born Dec 12, 1809
Victor Mareau Kenney was bor Dec 14, 1812.
Peggy Kenney was born Dec 14, 1813.
Mary Ann Kenney was born May 20, 1815.
Marie Kenney married May Joy Robinett, July 11, 1816/
Abigail Kenney married James H. Houston, Jan 8, 1824
Helena Kenney married David Johnson, Sept 15, 1822
Peggy Kenney married John Johnson Mch 5, 1836
Charlotte Corday Kenney married David Leer, Jr. June 10, 1830.
Joseph B Kinney mar Margaret Lander of flemingsburg, Mch 8, 1827
Mary Ann Kenney and Diamal Barnett were married Apr 18, 1830.
Margaret Kenney departed this liffe May 16, 1829.
Napoleon Kenney departed this life Oct 16, 1836.
James H. Houston departed this life May 1, 1849.
Helena Johnson departed this life Aug 3, 1849.
Marie Robnett departed this life Apr 26, 1850.
Abigail Houston departed this life July 15, 1856
Jas Kenney, Jr. died Jan 30, 1813 at Fort Defiance.
Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney Sr., departed this life Sept 22, 1796
Peggy Kenney, 2nd wife of James Kenney, died May 30, 1829.
James Kenney, Sr., died Mch 18, 1814
Jospeh B. Kenney died Jan 1, 1887
David Leer was born Jan 16, 1802, died May 14, 1885.
Peggy Johnson died Feb 14, 1900
Charlotte Corday Leer died Jan 14, 1897; age 87 yrs.
James Monroe Leer was born May 11, 1841; died Dec 22, 1894.
Charles M. Alberti died Nov 18, 1897, at Lexington.
Charles Carroll Leer was born Feb 11, 1835; died June 10, 1922; age 87.
Kenneys buried in the Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky:
Kenney, William B., born November 11, 1829 - died August 8, 1876
(Kenney, Charley A., born 1847 - died 1905
(Kenney, Pauline P., born 1849 - died 1883
Kenney, Mary Catherine, born 1837 - died 1891
Kenney, Alexander-Robinson, s/o J. S. & M. L., born November 24, 1834 - died August 2, 1835
Kenney, J. Smith, born 1825 - died 1895
Kenney, Priscilla Wilmott, w/o J. Smith, born 1827 - died 1872
Kenney, Kate, d/o J. S. & P. W., born March 9, 1854 - died July 24, 1861
Kenney, Pet May, d/o J. S. & P. W., born March 12, 1864 - died December 24, 1864
Kenney, Joseph Porter, born July 31, 1858 - died May 17, 1899

In 1751 when James Barnett was 25, he married KRAMER, in Rockingham County, Virginia. Born in 1730 in Ireland.

They had the following children:

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2     i.   James (1752-1814)
     ii.   Joseph. Born about 1754 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Joseph died in Kentucky.
           Joseph killed in the Revolution, according to Challey's records.

           July 15, 1782 James Kenney, oldest brother of Joseph Kenney, who died in Continental
           Service, has it certified in order to obtain land. (Chronicles of the Scotch- Irish Settlement
           in Virginia, Vol 1, p 231.)

    iii.   John. Born about 1756.
           Served as a Private in Captain William Harrods' Company in1780 at the station near the
           Falls, in what is now Jefferson and Shelby Counties (Collins History of Kentucky, p 12.)

    iv.    Sarah. Born about 1758 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.
     v.    Elizabeth. Born in 1760 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

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                                               Second Generation
                               Family of James Barnett KENNEY (1) & KRAMER

2. James KENNEY Sr. Born on November 29, 1752 in Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia. James died in augusta
County, Virginia on March 13, 1814; he was 61.

KENNEY, JAMES, of Bourbon Co.-(Will copy certified by Thos. P. Smith, D. C. B. C. and donated by Mrs. B F.
Buckley, Lexington). Written Mch. 12, 1814. Names wife, Peggy Sons, John, Victor, Joseph, Moses, Napoleon
Dau's., Maria, Abbe, Helena, Cordee, and Peggy. Dau's., Sally Barnett, Elizabeth Trotter, Nancy Rhodes, and Polly
Hildreth. Exec's., Wife, Peggy Kenney, James Hughes and John Barnett. Witnesses, Thos. Rogers, Josiah McDowell
and Alexander Barnett. Will of James Kenney, deceased, proved June Court 1814. [3]

Kenney, James Sr (1752 - 1814) [1]
b. 29 NOV 1752 in Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia
d. 13 MAR 1814 in Augusta County, Virginia
father: Kenney, James Barnett(1726 - 1782)
mother: Kramer, ?(1730 - )

James Kenney Sr. was born in Augusta County Virginia, near Staunton. He married there in 1771 to Mary Frame or
Froome, daughter of David Frame and for whom she named her first child, a son. As the records show, James Kenney
came to Boonsborough in 1776 and he saw the fertility of the soil and the beauty of the country. After returning to
Virginia and taking part in the Revolution, he returned to Kentucky, bringing his family with him. Polly Kenney, the
fourth child, told her children she remembered the long trip on horseback as she sat in front of her father in the same
saddle. (CLB)

Lineage Book, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution National Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692: Kinney, James 1-29-1752 va, D. 3/13/1814
KY m (1) Mary Frame, (2) Margaret Johnston, Pvt VA.

VolCXXV p. 104, 124001-125000, 1916 James Kinney (1752-1814) enlisted in Virginia in Capt. Joseph Crockett's
Company, 7th Virginia regiment, commanded by Lieut. Col. Holt Richeson, Also No. 110361. And also, "Captain
James C. Kenney served in the Revolutionary war in Captain Joseph Crockett's Company, 7th Virginia commanded by
Lt Col Holt Richeson, as a mere boy. Reinlisted in 1778, taken prisoner Oct 4, 1778 at Germantown." from DAR
membership application dated 6/15/1914.

At the close of the Revolutionary War James Kenney, who held the office of Captain in the army, removed from
Virginia, his native state, and settled on a farm about three miles from what is now known as Paris, Bourbon County,
Ky. He was a successful farmer, raising large crops of hemp, then a comparatively new staple in the State; he was
twice married, the first wife was a Miss Frame, of Virginia, and the second wife was Miss Margaret Johnson, of
Nicholas County, Ky. He had sixteen children.

Notes from Susan Hard 1997: LDS records indicate that John C. "Captain" Kenney was likely James Kenney Sr,
second son of James Barnett Kenney. He would have been approximately 23-27 years old (rather than 16) at the time
of the land purchase in the mid 1770s and would have been married and had 3 children by that time. The younger John
Kenney, son of James Sr. and father of Isaac, was not born until 1775 and would have been a very young child at the
time of the land purchase.

The father of John C. Kenney came from Virginia to Kentucky about 1775-1779, bringing John C with him. He
purchased land two miles from the present site of Paris, KY. The father and son established a camp in the wilderness
and then the father returned to Virginia to bring he rest of the family to their new home, leaving John C, then just 16

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years old, in the camp alone for 60 days. during that time John C. caught sight of a man across a creek, about a mile
from camp, but could not see the man plainly enough to know if he was a white man or Indian. He saw no other human
being during the time that his father was away. John C. Kenney was known as Captain Kenney, probably because he
served in the State Militia.

In the "History of Bourbon County," James Kenney is listed along with the first people to raise corn, a quarter acre
each. (p.70) "The first corn ever raised in Bourbon County was in 1775, by John Cooper, near Hinkston Creek.
Thomas Whitledge, James Kenney and several others raised corn on a quarter an acre or two each.

From the record of will abstracts. Kenney Sr., James, of Bourbon County. - (Will copy certified by Thomas P. Smith,
D.C.B.C. and donated by Mrs. B.F. Buckley, Lexington, KY.). Will written March 12, 1814. Names wife, Peggy, sons
John, Victor, Joseph, Moses, Napoleon, Daughters, Maria, Abbe, Helena, Cordee and Peggy. Daughters Sally Barnett,
Elisabeth Trotter, Nancy Rhodes, and Polly Hildreth. Exec's Wife Peggy Kenney, James Hughes and John Barnett.
Witnesses, Thomas Rogers, Josiah McDowell and Alexander Barnett: Will of James Kenney, deceased proved June
Court , 1814.

Abstracts for Bourbon County, Kentucky, Master Commissioner's Deed Book "A", page 70.

James Kenney's (Sr.) heirs, John Kenney, Moses Kenney, Victor Kenney, Joseph Kenney, Napoleon Kenney, John
Barnette and Sally Barnett, James Trotter and Elizabeth Trotter, late Elizabeth Kenney, William Hildreth and Polly
Hildreth, late Polly Kenney, Nancy Rhodes, late Nancy Kenney, Maria Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney.
Cordelia Kenney; and children of James Kenney, dec'd who was the son of James Kenney, via Dosia Kenney, Nathan
Kenney, Eli Kenney, Polly Kenney, Archibald Kenney, Eda Kenney, James Kenney, Madison Kenney, Amanda
Kenney; and David Kenney's children Polly, Elizabeth, John, Sally, Moses Jr. and Elam, Peggy Kenney, Maria
Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney. According to notes in the "Kenney Genealogy," John C. Kenney is the same
as James Kenney. This was copied from Kenney Bible of Corday Leer Buckley.

Notes from the Kenney Genealogy Information from this record has been obtained from old letters, Bible statistics and
recollections or some of the elder members who are still living (Kenney family), and by the help of the present
generation in giving their own family records. This information has been gathered and arranged by Melinda B.
Kenney, Edward Kenney and his wife Martha J. Kenney.

Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 Kenney, James Spouse: Johnson, Margaret Marriage date : Jun 17,

spouse: Frame, Mary (1747 - 1796) - m. in Bourbon County, Kentucky
child: Kenney, David (1772 - ~1804)
child: Kenney, Elizabeth (1773 - )
child: Kenney, John C. (1775 - 1847)
child: Kenney, Mary Polly (1779 - )
child: Kenney, James Jr (1782 - 1813)
child: Kenney, Moses (1784 - )
child: Kenney, Sallie Barnett (1786 - )
child: Kenney, Nancy (1788 - )
spouse: Johnston, Margaret (Peggy) (1770 - 1829) - m. 17 JUN 1799 in Bourbon County, Kentucky
child: Kenney, Maria Louise (1800 - 1850)
child: Kenney, Abigal B. (1801 - 1856)
child: Kenney, Helena L. (1804 - 1849)
child: Kenney, Joseph Bonaparte (1806 - 1887)
child: Kenney, Napoleon Bonaparte (1808 - 1836)
child: Kenney, Charlotte Corday (1809 - 1897)
child: Kenney, Victor Mareau (1812 - 1877)
child: Kenney, Margaret (1813 - 1900)
child: Kenney, Mary Ann (1814 - 1830)

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Margaret "Peggy" Johnston. Her date of birth is noted as Dec. 12, 1809 in CLB notes. Her date of death is listed in the
Kenney Bible as Feb.14, 1900. In The History of Bourbon, Scott (etc) County, she is listed as being from Nicholes
County, KY.

LDS# 4H8W-WC list her date of birth as 2/11/1777 and place of birth as Bourbon County.
KENNEY Family graveyard, Paris, KY, on road to North Middletown, now Stonerside Farm

Barnes, Abigail H., w/o George F. Barnes, d/o J. & H. Johnson, born April 6, 1840-died February 5, 1865

Houston, Abigail B., born October 31, 1801 - died July 17, 1856

Johnson, Victor M., s/o John & Helena, born September 5, 1833 - died November 6, 1838
Johnson, Laura, d/o John & Helena Johnson, born May 21, 1834 – died September 5, 1835 Johnson, Dewitt C., s/o
John & Helena Johnson, born April 1, 1828 - died July 31, 1849
Johnson, Helena, w/o John Johnson, d/o James & Margaret Kenney, born January 7, 1840 - died August 2, 1849

Kenney, Mary, died September 22, 1796 - aged 49 years

Kenney, Victor M., Jr., born September 14, 1840 - died December 10, 1861

Kenney, Tabitha, w/o W. M. Kenney, born November 1, 1813 - died October 17, 1879

Kenney, Victor M., born February 20, 1812 - died September 30, 1877

Kenney, Catherine, died June 15, 1845 - age 38 years, 8 months, & 5 days

Kenney, James, died March 13, 1814 - age 62 years

Kenney, Margaret, born February 11, 1777 - died May 16, 1829 - age 52 years & 3 months

Kenney, Kitty Ann Rodgers, lst w/o Victor M., 1st wife of Victor M. Kenney, b. 1811, d,___3rd, 1837, age 26yr, 2mo,
15days – Note: Top of stone gone. Identified by a great grandaughter, Mrs. Linda Stratton, Beckley, WV.)

Rogers, Caroline, born September 14, 1813 - died December 16, 1836

James first married Mary FRAME. Born in 1747. Mary died in 1796; she was 49.

They had the following children:
       3           i.     Moses (1784-1875)
       4          ii.     David (1772-~1804)
       5        iii.      Elizabeth (1773-)
       6         iv.      John C. (1775-1847)
       7          v.      Mary “Polly” (1779-)
       8         vi.      James (1782-1813)
       9        vii.      Nancy (1788-)
      10       viii.      Sallie Barnett (1786-)

On June 17, 1799 when James was 46, he second married Margaret (Peggy) JOHNSON, in Bourbon County,
Kentucky. Born on January 11, 1770 in Agusta County, Virginia. Margaret (Peggy) died in Bourbon County,
Kentucky on May 30, 1829; she was 59.

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Her date of birth is noted as Dec. 12, 1809 in CLB notes.
Her date of death is listed in the Kenney Bible as Feb.14, 1900.
In The History of Bourbon, Scott (etc) County, she is listed as being from Nicholes County, KY.

LDS# 4H8W-WC list her date of birth as 2/11/1777 and place of birth as Bourbon County.

They had the following children:
      11          i.      Marie Louise (1800-1850)
                 ii.      Abigal B. Born on October 3, 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Abigal B. died in
                          Bourbon County, Kentucky on July 15, 1856; she was 54. Buried in Kenney Cemetery,
                          Stonerside Farm, Paris, Kentucky.
                          On January 8, 1824 when Abigal B. was 22, she first married Levy HOUSTON. Levy died
                          on May 1, 1849.

                          His name might have been James Houston. (CLB)

                          The second son married Abbie Kenney, sister of the late Victor Kenney of Bourbon
                          County; he was for many years a Magistrate of Bourbon, lived a successful farmer and
                          merchant at Ruddel's Mills, and died at eighty years of age, leaving no children.

                          History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholes Counties, Kentucky, Ed by William
                          Henry Perrin, O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882, p. 539.
                          On January 8, 1824 when Abigal B. was 22, she second married James H. HOUSTON, in
                          Bourbon County, Kentucky. James H. died on May 1, 1849.

                          Double listed LDS file CPJR-JD and TH5C-PJ.

                          He was, for many years, Magistrate of Bourbon; he
      12        iii.      Helena L. (1804-1849)
      13         iv.      Joseph Bonaparte (1806-1887)
      14          v.      Napoleon Bonaparte (1808-1836)
      15         vi.      Charlotte Corday (1809-1897)
      16        vii.      Victor Mareau (1812-1877)
      17       viii.      Margaret (Peggy) (1813-1900)
                 ix.      Mary Ann. Born on May 20, 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Ann died on April
                          18, 1830; she was 15.

                          On April 18, 1830 when Mary Ann was 15, she married Diamed BARNETT.

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                                                Third Generation
                               Family of James KENNEY Sr. (2) & Mary FRAME

3. Moses KENNEY. Born on April 4, 1784 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Moses died in Kenney, Dewitt County,
Illinois on April 20, 1875; he was 91.

Notes for MOSES KENNEY: [4]
Moses Kenney moved to Illinois and was the founder of Kenney, Illinois.

The following information is from "Kenney Centennial" the Centennial History of Kenney, September 11-17, 1971.

The village of Kenney was platted and filed for the record in September of 1871, by Moses Kenney and was named by
Moses and John Kenney in honor of their father, James Kenney. It was incorporated in 1875. Kenney was started
primarily as a means of ridding himself of forty acres of ground which had been crossed diagonally by the Illinois
Central Railroad, leaving Mr. Kenney with two three-cornered tracts of land. The new town was located almost in the
exact center of Tunbridge Township and there were no buildings on the entire forty acres. As one looks backward to
the conditions as they existed at that particular time, one can not help but admire the courage of Mr. Kenney in the
undertaking of such a project as a new town, as the town of Franklin located 3 miles to the north and east was already
in existence with three small stores, blacksmith shop, flour mill, saw mill, post office and school. Also three miles to
the north was another small town with stores, blacksmith shop and schools. The only thing Mr. Kenney had in his
favor was a railroad-but that proved to be enough. Kenney began to "grow like a weed" and in only a few years became
one of the best and most widely known small towns in the entire state. Moses Kenney did not live to see his dream
fulfilled as he died four years later in 1875.

Moses married Catherine STOGSDILL. Born about October 10, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Catherine died
in Kenney, Dewitt County, Illinois on April 14, 1861; she was 53.

They had the following children:
                  i.      John Muir.
                 ii.      George M. Born about 1826.
                iii.      William. Born about 1828.
                iv.       Jefferson. Born about 1831.
                 v.       Elizabeth. Born about 1832.
      18        vi.       Susan M. (~1832-)

4. David KENNEY. Born on January 26, 1772 in Augusta County, Virginia. David died about 1804; he was 31.

Wife may have been Martha Rocke, married Feb. 15, 1793.

David Kenney, the eldest child of James and Mary Kenney, was born in Virginia. As James Kenney was appointed
administrator of his estate in 1804, he must have died about that time. In the November term of Bourbon Circuit Court,
1819, a suit in Chancery against the heirs of James Kenney names the defendants as John Kenney, James Kenney,
Sally Kenney, Moses Kenney and Elam Kenney, heirs of David Kenney, deceased. "It appears to the satisfaction of the
court that they are not inhabitants of this Commonwealth." From a correspondence between some of the Kenney
relatives in Illinois and John Kenney of Logan County, mentioned his brother Moses, it is thought that the widow of
David Kenney moved to that county with her family of infant children. (CLB) [1]

                  i.       Polly.
                 ii.       Elizabeth.
                iii.       John.

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                                                Register Report

                iv.        Sally.
                 v.        Moses.
                vi.        Elam.

5. Elizabeth KENNEY. Born on October 10, 1773 in Virginia.

Elizabeth Kenney, [1] first daughter and second child of James and Mary Frame Kenney, was born in Virginia on
October 10th, 1773. She came to Kentucky with her parents and there she married James Trotter. They, with other
members of the family, moved to Illinois. She was devoted to her sisters, all of whom were tall and slender. She left
descendants who have scattered all over the country. (CLB)

Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926, Kenney, Elizabeth Spouse : Trotter, James, Marriage date : Nov 15,

On January 1, 1796 when Elizabeth was 22, she married James TROTTER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born about

They had the following children:
                   i.     Joseph. Born about 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                  ii.     James Kenney. Born on February 19, 1799 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                iii.      John. Born about 1800 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                 iv.      Mary. Born on November 19, 1802 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                  v.      Nancy. Born on December 14, 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                 vi.      Jane. Born on April 18, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                vii.      George. Born on January 13, 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
               viii.      Elizabeth. Born about 1812 in Sangamon, Illinois.

6. John C. KENNEY. Born on July 8, 1775 in Virginia. John C. died in Hannibal, Missouri in 1847; he was 71.

Notes on John KENNEY: [1]
The consent of her father to this marriage is in the Bourbon County court House, but dated in Montgomery County.
About 1811, John Kenney moved his family to Ralls county, Missouri. His wife died in 1822, a few years after they
moved west. (CLB)

John Kenney went from Kentucky to near Hannibal MO. about 1820 with his second wife and his three sons. Willis
and Isaac Kenney returned to Kentucky when Isaac was about 18 years old. Their father and their half brother Fontain
Kenney stayed near Hamilton, MO. John Kenney and his sons were all born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

John C. Kenney seems to be the same James Kenney Sr. **Captain John Kenney was the son of James C. Kenney Sr
m. Mary Frame.

On August 8, 1797 when John C. was 22, he first married Mary Polly JOHNSON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
Mary Polly died in 1822.

They had the following children:
                  i.      William. Born in 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William died in Nicholas County,
                          Kentucky on October 13, 1876; he was 75.
                          Died at 75 of kidney disease. He was married and a farmer.

                 ii.       Nancy. Born on April 25, 1802. Nancy died in 1882; she was 79.
                           On May 20, 1828 when Nancy was 26, she married William HICKLIN. Born on November
                           17, 1789 in Frankfort, Kentucky. William died in Ralls County, Missouri in 1857; he was
      19        iii.       Isaac (1807-1896)

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                                               Register Report

                 iv.       James.
                  v.       Moses.
                 vi.       Jonas.
                vii.       Nicholas.
               viii.       Edith.
                 ix.       Mary.
                  x.       Jack.

John C. second married .

They had one child:
      20         i.        Fountain (~1809-)

7. Mary “Polly” KENNEY. Born on July 5, 1779 in Virginia.

Notes on Polly KENNEY: [1]
Polly was still living in 1841 because she named her new grandson, James Yarnell (second son of Dorcus) for her
father. That grandson could later remember her funeral. She died at the home of her youngest daughter, Mrs. Mary
Elizabeth Hildreth McDowel, and is buried near Indiana, Vermillion county, Illinois. (CLB)

On May 21, 1801 when Mary “Polly” was 21, she married William HILDRETH, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born
about 1775 in Virginia. William died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on August 3, 1816; he was 41.

His will was probated in the September Court, 1816, and "Administration of estate of William Hildreth is granted
Polly Hildreth, the widow and John Crosthwait and Daniel Hildreth, security."

They had the following children:
      21          i.      Alvin Kenney (1804-1874)
                 ii.      John S. Born in 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          He was a Farmer. In 1850 he was a farmer with property valued at $2,000. An Elizabeth
                          Bucy, age 62, born in Kentucky, was living with his family and was probably his
                          mother-in-law. He appeared on the census of 1840 at Vermilion Co, Illinois. He appeared
                          on the census of 20 Aug 1850 at Vermilion Co, Illinois.

                           about 1836 when John S. was 31, he married Cynthia BUSY.
      22        iii.       Angeline (1806-1860)
                iv.        William Henry. Born about 1808.
      23         v.        Dorcus Tabitha (~1812-)
                vi.        Mary Frances. Born on October 13, 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                           On September 21, 1837 when Mary Frances was 22, she married Archibald McDOWELL,
                           in Danville, Illinois. Born on September 4, 1813 in Todd County, Illinois.

8. James KENNEY Jr. Born on July 24, 1782 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. James died in Fort Defiance, Ohio on
January 30, 1813; he was 30.

Notes on James KENNEY, JR.: [1]
He married on April 13th, Edith Johnson, daughter of Captain Andrew and Mary Greg Johnson. She was sister to
Margaret Johnson, who married John's father, James Kenney.

He was a Private in Captain Squire Grant's Co., KY Mounted Volunteer Militia, commanded by Colonel William

James Kenney Jr. died at Fort Defiance on January 30, 1829.

                                                     Page 10
                                                 Register Report

On April 13, 1801 when James was 18, he married Edith JOHNSON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In Bourbon County Kentucky. Records #1, Marriages 1788-1850. She is listed as Edy Johnson, marriage April 3,

She was born on the Southern Branch of the Potomac, but at a very early age came with her parents and made their
settlement on Green Creek.

She was sister to Margaret Johnson, who married John's father, James Kenney.
Bourbon County Court , from Order Book F, page 434, dated May 7, 1821
On the motion of John Kenney, ordering that John B. Raines and John L. Hickman or either of them being first duly
sworn before a magistrate of this county do examine state and settle the accounts of Peggy Kenney and John Barnett
Executors of James Kenney Dec and make a report to the next Court.

Order that Eady Kenney be appointed guardian of Doshe, Nathan, Ely, Polly, Archy, Eady Madison, Amanda and
James Kenney infant orphans of James Kenney Jun. Deceased, who thereupon together with John Kenney, her
security executor, and acknowledged bond under penalty of six hundred dollars, conditioned agreeably to law.

They had the following children:
                   i.     Dosica.
                  ii.     Eli.
                iii.      Polly.
                 iv.      Archibald.
                  v.      Eda.
      24         vi.      James Madison (1810-1892)
                vii.      Amanda.
      25       viii.      Nathan (1802-)

9. Nancy KENNEY. Born on August 4, 1788.

Notes on Nancy Kenney: [1]
James Kenney would not give his consent to marriage of daughter, Nancy, to Jonas Rhodes, a soldier, and told her
never to see him again. She and Jonas arranged to meet under a certain tree by the road, some say "six months," some
say "one year" from the date of parting and, if at the end of that period, each felt the same devotion for the other, her
trousseau, placed in a bag or sheet, was to be hung by one in her confidence, in the branches of that tree so that Jonas,
riding under the boughs, would see or be brushed by the tree's unusual fruit. In that year, neither Nancy or Jonas saw
each other nor communicated with the other; but at the end of the year, the cloths made for her trousseau were hanging
in the tree as Jonas Rhodes rode under it. Nancy appeared, got up behind him on the horse and rode away and they
were married in the nearest town in Bath county, Kentucky, in 1809. Her father left her $300.00 in his will, but she got
little of that nor as much from the estate of her late husband Lt. Jonas Rhodes.

On October 17, 1809 when Nancy was 21, she first married Lt. Jonas RHODES, in Bath County, Kentucky. Born in
1786 in Tennessee. Jonas died in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois in 1817; he was 31.

Information on this line is from file # 27786.

They had one child:
      26         i.        Nancy Menefee (1816-1886)

before 1827 when Nancy was 38, she second married Isham REVIS. Born in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.

They had one child:
                 i.        Jonas McDonald.

                                                        Page 11
                                                 Register Report

10. Sallie Barnett KENNEY. Born on July 24, 1786 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On July 15, 1806 when Sallie Barnett was 19, she married John BARNETT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on
January 28, 1781 in Augusta County, Virginia. John died in DeWitt County, Kenney, Illinois on May 16, 1854; he was

Some information on this Barnett line is from Earliene Kaelin, (

He was of Virginia Revolutionary stock. He was a surveyor in early life but later engaged in farming.

Bourbon County Will Book G, page 433.
Alexander Barnett
Those mentioned - son, John Barnett, his mother to live with him during his life; grandchildren, children of my
daughter, Elizabeth M Brown, deceased; children of son John Barnett; wife Dorcus; Agnes Glky, formerly wife of my
deceased son, William Barnett; Martha Ward, formerly the wife of my deceased son Robert Barnett; grandson,
Alexander montgomery Brown. Made September, 1826. Proved december 1826. Executors - John Barnett, John G
Brown, Witness- William B. Branham, Thomas Roger, Richard Brand.

Information from the gravestones for this family were copied from the cemetery by Lois E. (Mrs John R.) Gibson, and
submitted by Oscar Cromwell to DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions, Printed by the Decatur Genealogical
Society, April 1973. The Barnett Cemetery is located in Barnett Township on the John I. Barnett farm, now owned by
Mrs Etta Huber, this cemetery was deeded to Barnett Township at the Town Meeting at Hallsville, April 5, 1955, was
voted on two times before it was accepted. It is recorded in Book 80, page 133; signed by Ada R. Morin, October 27,
1953. The township is now supposed to take care of the little cemetery. The cemetery and a strip of land for a
roadway to the highway are now township property. I have all the papers with signatures of all descendants residing
locally, pertaining to the transfer. Lois Gibson, Clinton, Illinois.

John bought land 1831 for his son but remained in KY until 1847 when he came with son James. He appears as a 70
yr. b. VA. on the 1850 Census living with son James and family.

John Barnett is the original owner of the farm on which the Barnett Family Cemetery is located. It is on the Stonerside
Farm, Paris, Kentucky.

He was a veteran of the War of 1812, fought with Andrew Jackson at new Orleans; a volunteer in the Black Hawk
Indian War in Illinois.

They had the following children:
      27          i.      Robert F. (1807-1864)
      28         ii.      Franklin (1808-1871)
      29        iii.      Alexander L. (1810-1886)
                iv.       Maria. Born in 1812 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Maria died in Bourbon County,
                          Died in infancy. She was struck by lightning.

                 v.        Julie. Born in 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Julie died in 1814 in Bourbon County,
                           Died in infancy.

                 vi.       William. Born about 1815.
      30        vii.       Elizabeth (1817-1862)
      31       viii.       James (1820-1889)
      32         ix.       Sarah (~1826-)

                                                       Page 12
                                                Register Report

                       Family of James KENNEY Sr. (2) & Margaret (Peggy) JOHNSON

11. Marie Louise KENNEY. Born on March 13, 1800 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Marie Louise died on April 26,
1850; she was 50.

Notes from Susan Hard show marriage to May Joy Robinett.
FTM CD Rom "Marriages in Bourbon County" list " Mariah Kenney married Moses Robinett July 13, 1816.

On July 11, 1816 when Marie Louise was 16, she married Moses Joseph ROBNETT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
Born in 1796.

Double referenced in LDS records. Alternate spellings "Robnette" with a reference number TH5C-PJ

They had the following children:
      33          i.      Catherine O.
                 ii.      James M.
                iii.      Margaret.

12. Helena L. KENNEY. Born on January 7, 1804 in Paris, Kentucky (Bourbon County). Helena L. died in Bourbon
County, Kentucky on August 1, 1849; she was 45. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.

On September 15, 1822 when Helena L. was 18, she married John JOHNSON, in Fayette County, Kentucky. Born on
September 15, 1800. John died on July 21, 1858; he was 57.

LDS reference CPJR-KK & TH5C-RV.

He was Helena's cousin. (Old Kenney Bible shows David Johnson married Helena Kenney.)

They had the following children:
                  i.      DeWitt C. Born on April 1, 1828. DeWitt C. died on July 31, in Bourbon County,
                          Kentucky. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.
      34         ii.      Margaret (1832-1913)
                iii.      Victor M. Born on September 5, 1833. Victor M. died on November 6, in Bourbon County,
                          Kentucky. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.
                iv.       Laura. Born on May 21, 1834. Laura died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on September 5,
                          1835; she was 1. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.
                 v.       Anna. Born in 1840.
                          Anna married George W. BAIN.

13. Joseph Bonaparte KENNEY. Born on January 19, 1806 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph Bonaparte
died on January 1, 1887; he was 80.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 599.
[Scott County] [Georgetown City and Precinct]

The twelfth child of James Kenney was Joseph B. Kenney, the subject of our sketch, who was born Jan. 19, 1806. On
his father's farm he remained till [sic] he reached his majority, when, on March 8, 1827, he married Miss Lavinia
Lander, and with her removed to the adjoining county of Scott; purchasing about 360 acres in the Dry Run
neighborhood, where the Burchs, Burbridges and other influential families were living; to these acres he added others,
from time to time, till [six] he possessed 1400 acres, which were all under his personal successful management;
besides this land he owned a number of slaves, about forty of whom were set free by Lincoln's famous Proclamation.
Together with the special farming business, Mr. Kenney engaged largely in buying and selling hogs, and for about

                                                      Page 13
                                                    Register Report

twenty years he packed hogs with the Messers. S. Davis & Co., of Cincinnati. In 1858 Mr. Kenney gave up his home
in the country and the occupations, which for near half a century had interested him, to moved into Georgetown, in
order to co-operate with the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church and other in the establishment of a female Seminary in
that city; but this undertaking, by reason of circumstances beyond his control, was not permanently successful; the
Seminary, after doing some good work, ceased to be one of the institutions of the place; still Mr. Kenney remained in
town (where he now resides) identified with other public interests; he has been a Director of the Farmer's Bank, of
Kentucky, President of the Lexington & Covington Turnpike Company, Magistrate of the county, and Trustee of the
town, usefully and honorably discharging the duties belonging to these several positions. In no department of activity
has Mr. Kenney's life been more conspicuous than in that connected with the church; for fifty years he has been a
communicant in the Presbyterian Church; for over forty-five years he has held office in this church, and for many
years he has been an efficient Ruling Elder; his liberality to the cause, his fidelity to his church, his zeal for its welfare,
none, who knew Mr. Kenney could for one moment question; he is truly a pillar in the church; strong, even though the
weight of years is upon him. Mr. Kenney has had ten children, six of whom are now living; they have married into
other good families of the State, making the family connection a large one. James H. Kenney, the oldest son, married
Miss Elenor W. Graves; Margaret married B. C. Glass, Esq.; Sallie F. married Joseph Force, Esq.; Joseph F. married
Miss Mollie Thomas; Napoleon B. married Miss Lizzie Rankin; Charles V. married Miss Mollie Grissim; Alice
married Hon. S. M. Davis, and Victor M. married Miss Agnes Warren. Greatly blessed and a blessing, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph B. Kenney are enjoying a green old age.

Biographical Encyclopedia of Kentucky of the Dead and Living Men of the Nineteenth Century, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Armstrong & Company, 1878.

His father, James Kenney was a Virginian who settled, in 1781 on the banks of Stoner River, in Kentucky. He was
twice married; first to Miss Froome, (Frame) and afterwards to Margaret Johnson, be each of whom he had eight
children, Joseph B. was the fourth child by the second wife. His father was considered one of the finest farmers of his
day. He died when Joseph was but eight years old. The early education of Joseph B. Kenney was quite moderate, and
the early years of his life were passed on a farm. Upon the death of his father, the five sons inherited a large farm of
two thousand acres, which they divided among themselves. Joseph at once became an enterprising farmer and stock
breeder upon a large scale, raising sheep, cattle, hogs and mules. He drove his own cattle and hogs to market-first in
Virginia and the South, and finally to Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1820, he sold out in Bourbon County and moved to Scott
County, when he divided his property among his children and settled in Georgetown. He was a magistrate for sixteen
years, under the old Constitution. He also served for eight years after the adoption of the new constitution. He was for
sixteen years a director of the Lexington and Covington Turnpike Company, and for twenty-one years more, the
president of that corporation. He has been for ten years a trustee of the town in which he resides, and has always been
identified with the progressive enterprises of his neighborhood. He was the first man in his county who used the
following methods of sowing wheat; He sowed the wheat in a field which had grown corn the previous season, and
which had been left standing in the stalk, and the hogs, as they ate the standing corn trampled down the wheat into the
ground. This method has since been largely adopted. He has been a member of the Presbyterian church for forty
years, In March, 1827 he married Lavinia, daughter of Henry Lauder, a farmer of Bourbon county, who was
considered one of the neatest farmers of that vicinity. By this marriage he had ten children, nine of whom united with
the Presbyterian Church and grew up useful and honored members of society. Six of his children now survive:
Margaret A., widow of B. C. Glass; James H., who married Norah Graves: Sallie, wife of Joseph Force; Charles O.,
who married Miss Grisham; Alice V., wife of Samuel Davis; and Victor M., who married Alice Warren of Illinois.
These all live in Scott County, except Victor M. Kenney, who lives in the State of Illinois.

On March 8, 1827 when Joseph Bonaparte was 21, he first married Lavinia LANDER, daughter of Henry LANDER &
Margaret ALLEN. Born on September 15, 1808 in Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky. Lavinia died on January 14, 1884; she
was 75.

They had one child:
                 i.          Napolean. Born on October 28, 1836.
                             Napolean married Elizabeth Lizzie RANKIN.

On March 8, 1830 when Joseph Bonaparte was 24, he second married Margaret LANDER, in Bourbon County,

                                                           Page 14
                                                Register Report

Kentucky. Born on January 19, 1806 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

She was from Flemingsburg.

They had the following children:
      35           i.     Margaret Ann (1828-)
      36          ii.     James Houston (1830-1886)
                iii.      Henry Lander. Born in 1832.
      37         iv.      Joseph Frank (1834-1865)
      38          v.      Sallie Frances (1839-)
                 vi.      Charles O. Born in 1841.
                          Charles O. married Mollie GRISSOM.
      39        vii.      Lavenia Alice (1843-)
      40       viii.      Victor Moreau (1846-)

14. Napoleon Bonaparte KENNEY. Born on February 12, 1808 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Napoleon
Bonaparte died on October 16, 1836; he was 28.

The information from this branch is from notes from the "Bible record of Napoleon B. Kenney" found in the Frankfort
Library. Bible owned by the late Mrs Shropshire, Lexington, Kentucky.

On May 15, 1831 when Napoleon Bonaparte was 23, he married Elizabeth Ann THORNBERRY. Born on February 2,
1801. Elizabeth Ann died on May 28, 1884; she was 83.

They had the following children:
      41          i.      Lavinia Ann Eliza (1832-)
                 ii.      Benney. Born on February 11, 1821.
                iii.      Gilbert. Born on December 12, 1823.
                iv.       Davy. Born on September 6, 1826.
                 v.       John. Born on August 5, 1830.

15. Charlotte Corday KENNEY. Born on December 12, 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Charlotte Corday died
on January 14, 1897; she was 87.

This may be Cordelia or Cordee Kenney. The spelling of Cordee is in the will abstracts p.12.

There is also a date of death listed 01/14/1897, that shows her as 87 years old at that date. Copied from old Kenney
Bible owned by Mrs. Corday Leer Kenney in
Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants, Ila Earle Fowler; Genealogical Publishing, Co,. Baltimore, MD 1967.
Family Record of David Leer and Charlotte Corday Kenney were contributed by Mrs. Corday Leer Buckley, p.. 98-99.

On June 10, 1830 when Charlotte Corday was 20, she married David LEER , Jr, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born
on January 15, 1803 in Bourbon County, KY. David died in Bourbon County, KY on May 4, 1885; he was 82.

Old Kenney bible shows his birth as Jan 16, 1802.

David Leer Sr. built four identical homes on Jacksontown Pike for four of his sons. David Jr. had silver spoons made
from silver money with which to start housekeeping.

My grandfather David was an old man in my childhood and was delicate, but lived to be 83 years old. He was very
thin and had black hair and black eyes. He would only drink from a china cup and silver spoon. Was rather vain of his
long narrow hands and feet which have been inherited by me and my elder son along with his delicate constitution. He
could kill a hawk on the wing when he was 80. He could not only see well, but hear as well and I have heard my

                                                      Page 15
                                                  Register Report

mother say he was one of the smartest men she ever saw, altho he was denied a higher education.

David was slender and tall with keen black eyes. He and Corday spent the rest of their lives in the house where they
went to housekeeping. Their house was located on the Jacksontown Pike and the house was identical with three others
said to have been built by David Leer Sr., for his four sons.

(This and all the information on the Leer's given to the Kenney ancestors by Pat Gibbs, descendant of William Leer, in

They had the following children:
                  i.      Margaret. Born on May 21, 1831. Margaret died on February 2, 1835; she was 3. Buried in
                          Family Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.
                          Buried in Kenney graveyard on Stoner Creek.

      42          ii.      Elizabeth (1833-1918)
      43         iii.      Charles Carroll (1835-1922)
      44         iv.       Catherine (1840-1873)
      45          v.       James Monroe (1841-1894)

16. Victor Mareau KENNEY. Born on February 20, 1812 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Victor Mareau died
in Bourbon County, Kentucky on September 30, 1877; he was 65. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.

October 2, 1877. Memorial to Victor M. Kenney who died September 30, 1877. He was a member of the Paris Church
for forty-four years, serving as a deacon for fourteen years and a ruling elder twenty-four years during this period until
the time of his death. [5]

Witness to the will of Jeremiah Brand-will book 236 . Others mentioned as witness, John Barnett and John Terrell.
Kentucky Records Early wills and marriages, Genealogy Pub. Co., Inc., 1986

LDS Information:
Birth: 20 Feb 1812, Bourbon KY.
Baptized 4 July 1983 PV
Endowed: 27 July 1983 PV
Sealed to parents: 12 Aug 1983 PV
Source 0884950

On December 14, 1829 when Victor Mareau was 17, he married Catherine ROGERS, daughter of Thomas ROGERS
(1754-1837) & Rebecca SPAHR (1771-1839). Born in 1812. Catherine died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1837;
she was 25. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm.

AKA Kitty Ann Rogers (reference Susan Hard)

They had one child:
      46         i.        Rebecca (1835-1914)

17. Margaret (Peggy) KENNEY. Born on December 14, 1813 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Margaret (Peggy) died
on February 14, 1900; she was 86.

On March 5, 1836 when Margaret (Peggy) was 22, she married Isaac JOHNSON.

Information from Old Kenney Bible shows his name to be John Johnson.

They had the following children:

                                                        Page 16
                               Register Report

47    i.   Maggie
     ii.   Sarah. Born on August 3, 1877.

                                     Page 17
                                               Register Report

                                             Fourth Generation
                           Family of Moses KENNEY (3) & Catherine STOGSDILL

18. Susan M. KENNEY. Born about 1832 in Ohio.

Susan M. married Samuel MORTON.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Orion. Born about 1858 in Ohio.
                          Orion married Permelia.
                 ii.      Noah. Born about 1862 in Ohio.
                iii.      John Kenney. Born on April 23, 1864 in Camden, Preble County, Ohio.
                          John Kenney married Bertha E. PULLEN.
                iv.       Celstia K. Born about 1866 in Ohio.
                 v.       George. Born in 1877.

                           Family of John C. KENNEY (6) & Mary Polly JOHNSON

19. Isaac KENNEY. [6] Born on September 5, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Isaac died in Bourbon County,
Kentucky on June 16, 1896; he was 88.

Notes for ISAAC KENNEY: [6]
LDS information
Sealed to spouse: 16 Dec 1952 SL
Source 456740

Marriage date in FTM Marriage Index 1720-1926 is March 18, 1831. Nathaniel Parrish was bondsman.
Marriage noted in "Bourbon County KY. Records #1. Researchers Publication.

The maiden name of the mother of Malinda Margaret Hamilton was Hamm. Her parents, the Hamms, came from

A sister of Malinda Hamilton married a man by the name of Blake. They were the parents of Margaret Blake
(McCann), Pickett Blake, Charles Blake and John Blake. the Blakes were born in Kentucky and later moved to Bates
County, Mo. John Blake was a Christian preacher. Margaret Blake (McCann) and family finally settled in Kansas
City, MO. and lived there the rest of their lives there.

Date of death is recorded in the family bible as December 11, 1897.

On March 18, 1831 when Isaac was 23, he first married Nancy PARRISH, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in
1807. Nancy died on November 26, 1840; she was 33.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Mary J. Born on January 11, 1829. Mary J. died on November 26, 1840; she was 11.
      48         ii.      Willis (1831-1896)
                iii.      Martha. Born on March 6, 1833.
                iv.       John. Born on December 24, 1834. John died on August 5, 1835.

                                                     Page 18
                                                  Register Report

                  v.       Zarilda. Born on September 12, 1836.
                 vi.       Isaac. Born on October 26, 1838.
      49        vii.       Nathan (1840-)

On January 7, 1847 when Isaac was 39, he second married Malinda Margaret HAMILTON, in Nicholas County,

They had the following children:
                   i.     Nancy K. Born on January 28, 1848 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Nancy K. died on June
                          1, 1878; she was 30.
                  ii.     Hellena. Born on April 28, 1850 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Hellena died on June 1,
                          1875; she was 25.
      50        iii.      Victor Marrue (1851-1925)
                 iv.      Margaret. Born on February 17, 1854 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Margaret died on
                          April 15, 1873; she was 19.
                  v.      Joseph. Born on June 12, 1857 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph died on April 5, 1858
                          in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
      51         vi.      Evaline (1859-1933)
                vii.      William R. Born on June 13, 1861 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William R. died on
                          January 29, 1943; he was 81.
               viii.      Joseph E. Born on July 8, 1864 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph E. died in Bourbon
                          County, Kentucky on May 3, 1873; he was 8.
      52         ix.      James Gerome (1866-1911)

                                  Family of John C. KENNEY (6) & UNNAMED

20. Fountain KENNEY. Born about 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Fountain died in Hannibal, Missouri.

Information from Justin Howery shows Fountain to be the son of Mary Polly Johnson/John Kenney.

Fountain married Elizabeth NORTON.

They had one child:
                 i.        Oren. Born about 1834.
                           about 1858 when Oren was 24, he married Sarah WATTS.

                          Family of Mary “Polly” KENNEY (7) & William HILDRETH

21. Alvin Kenney HILDRETH. Born in 1804 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Alvin Kenney died in Vermillion
County, Illinois on July 19, 1874; he was 70.

According to a biographical articles on his sons, Alvin K. Hildreth was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky and
"reared to farming pursuits, and grew up inured to labor and trained in habits of industry and economy. He possessed
all the hardihood and courage of the native Kentuckian, and was well fitted to enter upon the task before him, when
venturing into the wilds of a new country". In 1832 Alvin and his wife moved from Bourbon County, Kentucky to
Vermilion County, Illinois. They settled on a new tract of land on the little Vermilion, constructed a homestead, and
spent the remainder of their lives there.

The same biographical article says that he "landed in Vermilion County, Ill., with about $400, and at the time of his
death, left a large estate consisting of over 2,600 acres of choice land, nearly all in one body, and the most of it under

                                                        Page 19
                                                 Register Report

cultivation. Besides this he had a large amount of personal property. In his prosperity he generously acknowledged
that in his accumulations he was assisted largely by his faithful, sensible and capable wife, who was a lady of more
than ordinary intelligence, and in whose good judgment and womanly counsel he had the most implicit confidence. In
the days of their prosperty they uniformly remembered those less fortunate, and for the last twenty years of their active
lives, they practically kept an open house for the needy, none of whom were ever turned empty from their door.'

"Alvin K. Hildreth, while not a member of any religious organization, contributed
liberally of his means for the establishment and maintenance of churches. He believed in a future state, and in all his
dealings endeavored to follow the precepts of the Golden Rule, doing unto his neighbor as he would be done by."

Prepared by:
Justin C.S. Howery
1270 Marion St #109
Denver, CO 80218

Alvin Kenney married Sara A. RITTER. Born about 1826 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

They had the following children:
                  i.      William H. Born in 1829 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          He married Mary E. Horn, daughter of Dr. Abel Horn and Harriet Linton, in 1869. He died
                          after 1889.

                           According to a biographical sketch, he "was given the rudiments of a common-school
                           education in the district where he was reared, and was at an early age taught to make
                           himself useful about the new farm. [His] father was largely interested in stock-raising,
                           making a specialty of cattle and mules, and handling considerable numbers of horses,
                           sheep, and swine. William at an early age was entrusted with the purchase of live-stock, to
                           which business he seemed peculiarly adapted, and operated with excellent judgment. He
                           remained at home and worked with his father until a man of thirty-seven years, and at that
                           time had a good property of his own. Up to this period he had remained a bachelor, but in
                           1869 he was united in marriage with Miss Mary E. Horn...' 'Mr. and Mrs. Hildreth began
                           their wedded life together on the large farm which they now occupy and which comprises
                           760 acres of fertile land under a thorough state of cultivation, and all in one body. It is
                           entirely surrounded with a hedge fence, and the fields are divided with the same, making a
                           broad and beautiful picture in the landscape.

                           Mr. Hildreth has laid probably 6,000 rods of tiling, and thus thoroughly drained, the soil is
                           very productive. Forests and fruit trees serve to embellish the homestead, and a new
                           residence is now (July, 1889) in course of completion. This structure, when finished, will
                           be one of the finest of its kind in the township. There is a fine barn and all the other
                           buildings necessary for the shelter of stock and the storage of grain, while the most modern
                           machinery is used in tilling the soil.' For the past few years Mr. Hildreth has engaged
                           extensively as a dealer in live-stock, which has yielded him handsome returns. The land
                           which he received from his father's estate, was mostly in its primitive condition, and he has
                           made all the improvements which are upon it. Mr. Hildreth is religiously a firm believer in
                           the Spiritualistic philosophy, and has one of the largest libraries in the county. He is
                           thoroughly well informed on most of the great issues of the day, and has never sought or
                           held office, except some of the minor offices of his township. He is a Democrat. He is
                           recognized as one of the most public-spirited men of the county, and was largely
                           instrumental in securing the passage of the Chicago & Ohio River Railroad through this
                           section. There was at the time a bitter contest over this road, but the persistence of Mr.
                           Hildreth, resulted in its being built through its present location, instead of three miles west.
                           He gave $1,000 in money, and the right of way, besides weeks of hard labor.'
                           'Notwithstanding a man may have been subjected to the most careful and thorough training

                                                        Page 20
                                                 Register Report

                           in his youth, this is given in vain unless he has within him the elements of industry and
                           perseverance. Mr. Hildreth has displayed these qualities in an unusual degree, and it has
                           been noticeable all through his life since reaching years of discretion, that whatever he has
                           undertaken, has been followed up as long as there was a possibility of his attaining his
                           purpose. It is said that 'all things come to those who wait.' Mr. Hildreth has not been content
                           to wait alone, but has labored industriously in the meantime, and has perpetuated in a most
                           praiseworthy manner the honorable name of his father, and his own will be held in
                           remembrance years after his active mind and hand shall have ceased their labors."

                           In 1869 when William H. was 40, he married Mary E. HORN.
                 ii.       John B. Born on March 19, 1842 in Carroll Twp., Vermillion County, Illinois. John B. died
                           in Carroll Twp., Vermillion County, Illinois after 1889; he was 46.
                           He was born on 19 Mar 1842 at Carroll Twp, Vermilion Co, Illinois.He married Philetta
                           Ross circa 1866. He married Eliza Barnett, daughter of Robert Barnett, circa 1873.He
                           married Sarah A. Cook circa 1877. He died after 1889.

                           John B. Hildreth spent his entire life in Carroll Township, Illinois, where he owned a
                           352-acre farm, with 90 acres in Vermilion County and 262 acres in Edgar County. An 1889
                           biographical article says of him, "The leading features in the character of Mr. Hildreth are
                           his strict attention to business, his promptness in meeting his obligations and his excellent
                           understanding of all branches of general agriculture. In person, he is a man who would
                           attract attention in a crowd, being of commanding presence, of portly figure and a
                           handsome and intelligent countenance. He numbers his friends by the score in this county
                           and welcomes beneath its hospitable roof its best people. He has a beautiful home where he
                           has effected modern improvements, including a commodious dwelling, handsomely and
                           conveniently arranged and second to none in this part of the county. His standing in society
                           is first-class and in his political affiliations he is in sympathy with the Democratic party."
                           He was a Farmer.

                           about 1866 when John B. was 23, he first married Philetta ROSS.
                           about 1873 when John B. was 30, he second married Elizabeth BARNETT.
                           about 1877 when John B. was 34, he third married Sarah COOK.

22. Angeline HILDRETH. Born on August 26, 1806 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Angeline died in Tuscola,
Douglas County, Illinois on April 6, 1860; she was 53.

She married George Washington Howe, son of Dr. George Howe, on 26 Dec 1826 at Paris, Bourbon Co, Kentucky.
She married John Mallory, son of (--?--) Mallory, on 15 Aug 1842 at Vermilion Co, Illinois. She died on 6 Apr 1860
at Tuscola, Douglas Co, Illinois, at age 53.

In 1832 George and Angeline Howe moved with their children to Missouri and then to Illinois. In 1835 George Howe
joined an armed expedition sent against the Indians in the Black Hawk War. He disappeared near Galena, Illinois. His
body was never recovered, so his family presumed him to be dead or captured. Angeline took their three small children
and moved back to her father's home in Kentucky.

In the spring of 1838 Angeline returned to Illinois. She arrived in Grand Prairie, Vermilion County, Illinois where she
had relatives on 5/6 April 1838. The 1840 Census of Vermilion County shows John and Alvin Hildreth families,
presumably her brothers. At that time the area was pioneer country. She sent her children to subscription schools but
was very poor. In 1840 she was struggling to care for her children and was forced to apprentice her son William Howe
and an unnamed daughter to William J. West, a neighboring farmer.

In 1842 Angeline's first husband was pronounced legally dead and she remarried. Her new husband was living in
Champaign County at the time of the 1840 Census, and it is likely that they lived there from the time of their marriage.

In 1853 Angeline's son William Howe settled in Coles County (which became Douglas County in 1859), and in 1854

                                                        Page 21
                                               Register Report

her son James Howe settled there. Angeline probably moved to Douglas County about the same time, or after the
death of John Mallory. The Mortality Schedule for the 1860 Census of Douglas County says she was a widow and died
of lung fever. At the time of her death her children ranged in age from 11 to 30.

On December 26, 1826 when Angeline was 20, she first married George Washington HOWE, in Bourbon County,
Kentucky. Born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In 1832 George Howe and Angeline Mallory moved to Missouri, then to Illinois. George Howe disappeared,
presumed dead, 1835 in Illinois while on an expedition sent against the Indians in the Black Hawk War. Angeline
returned to Kentucky temporarily, then in 1838 moved back to Illinois. In 1842 George Howe was pronounced legally
dead and Angeline remarried. Angeline and her new husband must have left Douglas Co, Illinois some time after the
1850 Census but before the 1860 Census. She appears without him on the 1860 Census and there is other evidence that
the family did not live the whole time in Illinois, so I think he died elsewhere and returned to Illinois.

Those old Kentucky folks were often off fighting distant Indians! Information from Justin Howery 1/3/2000,

They had the following children:
                  i.      William. Born on November 23, 1829 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William died in
                          Tuscola, Douglas County, Illinois on January 27, 1892; he was 62.
                          He was born on 23 Nov 1829 at Bourbon Co, Kentucky. He married Harriet Ann Lester,
                          daughter of Segler Harrison Lester and Parenthia Ann Cassaday, on 23 Nov 1853 at
                          Tuscola, Douglas Co, Illinois. He died on 27 Jan 1892 at Tuscola, Douglas Co, Illinois, at
                          age 62.

                          About 1839 William Howe was entered in a subscription school for 6 months in Vermilion
                          County, Illinois. In 1839 he and his sister were indentured to William J. West, a farmer in
                          Sargeant Township. In December 1839 the West family moved to Oakland, Coles County,
                          Illinois. They stayed there 1 year, then moved to Camargo until March 1843, when they
                          moved to Okaw. During the winter of 1846-47 the West family moved to Lake Fork and
                          stayed there until 1850. William Howe remained with the West family until the spring of
                          1849, receiving only room and board, and nine months of grade school education for his
                          labor. After his term of service expired he stayed on another year, working from month to

                          In March 1850 Howe joined West and nine others in a journey overland to California for
                          the Gold Rush. It had been a wet spring and their 11 yoke of oxen had much trouble at the
                          beginning of the journey. They travelled through Quincy, Illinois and across Missouri,
                          crossing the Missouri River at the southwest corner of Iowa, then across the plains and
                          through South Pass, north of Salt Lake City, and via the Oregon Trail to Soda Springs, then
                          to the St. Mary's River, which they followed to The Sink, and finally across the Sierra
                          Nevadas along the Carson Trail, finally arriving at Webberville on 27 August 1850.

                          On the entire journey they lost only one man, and that was to disease. They buried him
                          along the way. They remained in California for 9 months, doing 'teaming' and finding a
                          considerable amount of gold, which brought them approximately $5 to $80 per day. From
                          California Howe went to Oregon. Along with two other men he was robbed by Modoc
                          Indians of all his money and clothes, amounting to some $1,200. He arrived at the Yuba
                          River mines with nothing, but was able to pan gold amounting to $80 per day. He stayed
                          two weeks, but when high water came he returned to southern California and worked
                          teaming between Stockton and the gold mines. He stayed 18 months here and in February
                          1853 took a ship from San Francisco to Panama, overland across the Isthmus, then another
                          ship to New Orleans, and up the Mississippi River to his old home in Coles County,
                          Illinois. During his two years in California he became fluent in Spanish.

                                                      Page 22
                                                Register Report

                           Back in Coles County he settled down to life as a farmer. The area of Coles County in
                           which he lived became Douglas County in 1859. William eventually acquired holdings
                           amounting to some 1,500 acres. He was an excellent marksman, his favorite sport being
                           hunting. He made yearly trips to Kansas, Colorado or Arkansas for the hunting. He served
                           two years as County Supervisor and as Collector and Assessor.

                 ii.       Daughter.
                iii.       James Hildreth. Born on June 1, 1832.
                           James Hildreth Howe grew up in Vermilion and Champaign Counties, Illinois and in his
                           youth travelled extensively. In 1854 he settled in Coles County, Illinois, in an area which
                           became Douglas County in 1859. Beginning with a farm of 80 acres he gradually added to
                           his holdings until he had 410 acres in Douglas County and a farm of 160 acres in Coffee
                           County, Kansas. In the late 1800's his livestock business was estimated to be worth as much
                           as $100,000 a year. In 1882 he was elected Justice of the Peace and Highway
                           Commissioner. His hobby was hunting and he claimed to have once killed two deer with
                           one shot in Kansas, and to have killed an antelope.

                           James Hildreth married Eliza Jane LESTER.

Angeline second married John MALLORY.

23. Dorcus Tabitha HILDRETH. Born about 1812.

On October 10, 1837 when Dorcus Tabitha was 25, she married Thomas YARNELL Jr., in Danville, Illinois. Born in
1805 in Vermillion County, Illinois.

They had one child:
                 i.        James.

                             Family of James KENNEY Jr. (8) & Edith JOHNSON

24. James Madison KENNEY. Born on April 15, 1810 in Near Paris, Kentucky, Stonerside Farm. James Madison
died in 1892; he was 81.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin &
Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 753. [Nicholas County] [Carlisle City and Precinct]

Judge James Madison Kenney, retired farmer, P. O. Carlisle, was born near Paris, on the Stoner, April 5, 1810. His
father was James, born at same place. His mother was Edith Johnson, born upon the south branch of the Potomac, but
at a very early age came with her father Andrew and her mother, who was before marriage a Miss Gregg, and made
their settlement upon Green Creek. The parents of our subject had nine children all of whom grew to maturity: Mrs.
Alexander Robinson of Seymour, Ind., and James M., the only two now living. He received but about two weeks'
schooling on account of the death of his father, the duty of supporting a large family and widowed mother then falling
heavily upon him.

According to his statement "he got his education a-running." At twenty-five years of age he could not write his own
name, but by persistent energy to acquire a good education, being thus enabled to fill some of the most responsible
positions of the county in later years. He began life as a farmer in which he has continued, adding to his possessions
from year to year. Was twice married: in September 1833, to Mary Parish, who died May 4, 1848; was a daughter of
Nathaniel Parish; his second marriage occurred Feb. 8, 1849, to Harriet B. Dunnington, born in Charles County, Md.,
June 2, 1819, came to Nicholas County in 1838. Her father was James Dunnington, born in Charles County, Md.,
March 29, 1781, died May 31, 1852. Her mother was Sally Payne, born in Fairfax County, Va., March 18, 1786, died

                                                       Page 23
                                                 Register Report

April 17, 1865. The Paynes related to the one who had a difficulty with Gen. Washington, also, to the Brents, who
claim relationship to Pocahontas.

Mr. Kenney served as constable eleven years, from 1840. In 1856 was elected
magistrate, serving twelve years, and in 1872 was elected County Judge, filling the unexpired term caused by the
resignation of Judge Hargis, after which he was elected for four years to fill the office of Public Administrator. He had
by his second marriage five children: William, James M., Ella and Hattie. The fourth child, a daughter, died in young
womanhood. His wife and others of the family are members of the Baptist Church, he of the Presbyterian Church, a
Christian gentleman, a highly esteemed citizen and "born a Democrat."

By the second marriage there were five children. All the children are buried in Carlisle Cemetery.

In September 1833 when James Madison was 23, he first married Mary PARISH.

On February 8, 1849 when James Madison was 38, he second married Harriett B. DUNNINGHAM. Born on June 2,
1819 in Charles County, Maryland. Harriett B. died on May 31, 1852; she was 32.

They had the following children:
                  i.      William.
                 ii.      James M. Born in 1851.
                iii.      Ella.
                iv.       Hattie. Born in 1861. Hattie died in 1891; she was 30. Buried in Carlisle Cemetery.

25. Nathan KENNEY. Born on January 2, 1802.

On September 23, 1834 when Nathan was 32, he married Rachel JOHNSON.

They had one child:
                 i.        Nathan. Born on December 15, 1835 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

                               Family of Nancy KENNEY (9) & Lt. Jonas RHODES

26. Nancy Menefee RHODES. Born on February 10, 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Nancy Menefee died in
Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois on December 9, 1886; she was 70.

On January 1, 1846 when Nancy Menefee was 29, she married John Davis CLINE, in St. Louis, Missouri.

They had one child:
                 i.        Johanna. Born on May 11, 1849 in St. Louis, Missouri. Johanna died in Hillsboro,
                           Montgomery County, Illinois on August 25, 1910; she was 61.
                           Johanna married Ezera Jacob CHANCEY.

                           Family of Sallie Barnett KENNEY (10) & John BARNETT

27. Robert F. BARNETT. Born in 1807 in Kentucky. Robert F. died in Clinton, De Witt County, Illinois in 1864; he
was 57.

Marriage record attained from Boderbund CD #229

1840 DeWitt Census

                                                        Page 24
                                              Register Report

Robert F. Barnett
2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20. 1 male 30-40
1 female 30-40, 1 female 50-60

1850 Census DeWitt County
Robert F. Barnett wm age 43 Farmer b. KY
Margaret wf age 37 b. KY
Benjamin F. wm age 18 b. KY
Mary A. wf age 15 b. IL
Nathan M. wm age 13 b. IL
Harris wm age 11 b. IL
Lyman T. wm age 9 b. IL
Robert F. wm age 7 .b IL
Adison M. wm age 5 b. IL
Caroline wf age 3 b. IL
Charles B. wm age 1 b. IL

1860 DeWitt Census, page 612 line 21
Robert F. Barnett wm age 58 b. KY
Margaret wf age 49 b. VA
Nathan wm age 22 b. IL
Horace wm age 20 b. IL(Harris)
Lyman wm age 9 b. IL
Robert wm age 17 b. IL
Caroline wf age 15 b. IL
Addison wm age 13 b. IL
Charles wm age 11 b. IL
Elizabeth wf age 9 b. IL
Elizabeth Mills wf age 16 b/ IL
Catherine Mills wf age 70 b. VA

In 1831 when Robert F. was 24, he married Margaret J. MILLER, in DeWitt County, Illinois. Born in 1810. Margaret
J. died in 1899; she was 89.

Her last name may have been Mills, per Earliene Kaelin (

They had the following children:
                  i.      Benjamin F. Born on April 5, 1831 in Kentucky. Benjamin F. died in DeWitt County,
                          Illinois on August 11, 1882; he was 51. Buried in Old Union Cemetery.
                          1860 DeWitt County, IL. Census, page 622 line 7
                          B. F. Barnett wm age 28 b. KY
                          Sarah wf age 29 b. KY
                          John W. wm age 4 b. IL
                          James wm age 1 b. IL

                         1870 DeWitt Census, Barnett Township page 17
                         B. Franklin Barnett wm age 39 b. KY
                         Sarah A. wf age 39 b. KY
                         J. William wm age 14 b. IL
                         James wm age 12 b. IL

                         Benjamin F. married SARAH.
                ii.      Mary A. Born in 1835 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Mary A. died in DeWitt County, Illinois
                         on December 31, 1876; she was 41. Buried in Old Union Cemetery.

                                                    Page 25
                                                 Register Report

                           1860 DeWitt County Census, page 222 line 7
                           William Miller wm age 31 b. KY
                           Mary A. wf age 24 b. IL
                           Robert F. wm age 5 b. IL
                           Fanny wf age 4 b. IL
                           Lucilla wf age 9 months
                           Thomas G. wm age 27 b. KY

                           1870 DeWitt Census, Barnett Township
                           William C. Miller wm age 43 b. KY
                           Mary A. wf age 35 b. IL
                           Robert F. wm age 15 b. IL
                           Fannie wf age 14 b. IL
                           Louella wf age 11 b. IL
                           Harriet wf age 8 b. IL
                           Charles wm age 4 b. IL

                           On September 22, 1853 when Mary A. was 18, she married William C. MILLER, in
                           DeWill County, Illinois. Born in DeWitt County, Illinois.
      53         iii.      Nathan M. (1837-1929)
                 iv.       Horace. Born in 1839. Horace died in DeWitt County, Illinois in 1922; he was 83. Buried in
                           McClimans Cemetery.
                  v.       Lyman T. Born in 1841 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Lyman T. died in DeWitt County,
                           Illinois in 1937; he was 96. Buried in McClimans Cemetery.
                 vi.       Robert S. Born on February 22, 1843 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Robert S. died in West
                           Inlet, Wisconsin on December 20, 1912; he was 69.
                vii.       Addison M. Born in 1845.
               viii.       Caroline. Born in 1847 in DeWitt County, Illinois.
                 ix.       Charles B. Born in 1848. Charles B. died in DeWitt County, Illinois in 1937; he was 89.
                           Buried in Woodland Cemetery.
                           Charles B. married MARTHA.
                  x.       Elizabeth. Born in 1851.

28. Franklin BARNETT. Born in 1808 in Kentucky. Franklin died in Kansas in 1871; he was 63.

DeWitt County History 1882
Franklin Barnett, from whom. The township received its name, came from Bourbon county, Kentucky, in the spring of
1831, and settled in the same section as Mr. Paine. He was then a single man, but afterwards married and reared a
family. In 1856 he migrated to Kansas, where he died only a few years ago. Robert Barnett, a brother of the former,
came the year afterward-1832. He then had a wife and one child. He located in the same section as his brother. He died
in 1864. His wife, Margaret, is yet living on the pioneer homestead. John Barnett,
the father of the above, came here and entered land as early as 1831, for the use of his children, and afterward returned
to his home in Kentucky. Here his wife died, and in 1845 he moved to the township to be with his children. He died in
1854. James Barnett, another son, moved to the township the same year as his father. He had a family of a wife and one
daughter, Sarah. He is yet residing at the old homestead in section thirty-four, a substantial farmer and a respected

He moved to Kansas about 1856.

Franklin Barnett
1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30
1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30

1850 Census DeWitt County, Dwelling # 312

                                                        Page 26
                                                 Register Report

Franklin Barnett wm age 41 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 13 b. IL
John wm age 11 b. IL
Simeon wm age 7 b. IL
George wm age 5 b. IL
Emmerine wf age 3 b. IL

1860 DeWitt County Census, Page 613 line 6
F. Barnett wm age 51 b. KY
E. wf age 37 b. KY
John W. wf age 22 b. IL
Simeon wm age 18 b. IL
George wm age 16 b. IL
Emmerine wf age 14 b. IL
Flora wf age 8 b. IL
Curtis L. wm age 6 b. IL
America wf age 4 b. IL
Mary Jane wf age 1 b. IL

before 1851 when Franklin was 43, he first married .

They had the following children:
                  i.      Elizabeth. Born in 1837.
                 ii.      John. Born in 1839.
                iii.      Simeon. Born in 1843.
                iv.       George. Born in 1845.
                 v.       Emmerine. Born in 1847.

On February 6, 1851 when Franklin was 43, he second married Elizabeth Ann WALTERS, in DeWill County, Illinois.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Flora. Born in 1852.
                 ii.      Curtis L. Born in 1854.
                iii.      America. Born in 1856.
                iv.       Mary Jane. Born in 1859.

29. Alexander L. BARNETT. Born on October 15, 1810 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Alexander L. died in
Clinton, Illinois on April 30, 1886; he was 75. Resided in Moved to DeWitt County, Illinois in 1832. Buried in
Alexander Barnett Family Cemetery, Clintonia Twp.

He owned six or seven hundred acres in that county. (CLB)
See notes on Moses Kenney.

From: History of DeWitt County, IL, Descriptive of the Scenery, and biographical Sketches of the Prominent Men and
Pioneers, W.R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia, 1882.

This country, the asylum for the oppressed of all land, has been greatly enriched by virtue of religious persecutions
throughout different parts of Europe. Perhaps none of these persecutions has contributed more of patriotic zeal in
proportion to the number who sought homes here, than that of the old Scotch Presbyterians, Driven from their
mountain-fastnesses, they first sought protection in Northern Ireland, and from thence cane thitherward. to this class
belong the ancestors of A. L. Barnett. when William Penn was directing the tide of emigration to his colony near
Philadelphia they joined the movement; thence went to Virginia. So that John Barnett, the father of the subject of this
sketch, was born in Augusta county, Virginia. His wife Sallie Kenney, was of the same stock with himself. About 1789
the Barnetts threaded their tedious way over the mountains to Kentucky, the "land of promise" in the eyes of the

                                                       Page 27
                                                  Register Report

pioneers, John riding behind his father on a pack-Horse. They located in bourbon County, where Alexander was born
October 15, 1910., being third in the family in order of birth. At p[resent there are but three living: Alexander, James
and Sarah; whilst Robert Franklin, Mary (who was killed by lightening), Juliet, Elizabeth and William have passed
away. Mr Barnett acquired a fair education when young, which has become rich in experience during his active life.
He came to DeWitt County in the year 1832. Was elected surveyor (the first in the county,) May 6, 1839, an office he
held continuously for twenty years and six months. then after a respite of almost equal time he was again elected in
1879, and now holds the position. Politically he has been during most of his life a Democrat, having cast his first ballot
for Martin Van Buren. In 1832 he lost his vote (a fact always regretted, as he was an admirer of Andrew Jackson),
because being on his way home from Kentucky to Illinois; but he had the honor of seeing a number of enthusiastic
Hoosiers drinking to 'Old Hickory's health. Of late years, he has identified himself with the Greenback Party. He
married to Elizabeth H. Hall, November 20, 1834, by whom he has had twelve children, five of whom died in infancy
- three of them being triplets and died quite young, - and there are now living six. His wife is a most estimable woman,
a member of the Christian Church, and quite an active laborer in the Master's cause. Mr. Barnett is possessed of a
strong, vigorous mind, excellent constitution and great determination of character. He is a man whom his neighbors
love to honor.

From DeWitt County History 1882

Alexander Barnett is the oldest pioneer citizen of Clintonia. He is a native of Bourbon county, Kentucky, and came to
the county in the fall of 1831. He first stopped in wbat was known as the Hall and Bowles settlement, Barnett
township. He remained there but a short time, when he returned to his native State. The next year, 1832, he came back
to this county, where he has remained a citizen ever since. In the fall of 1834, he entered the land for his present farm
in the extreme western part of Clintonia township. At that time Mr. Barnett, Josiah Clifton and Samuel Curtright were
the only citizens. In the same year Mr. Barnett married Miss Elizabeth Hall, and early the following spring they went
to house-keeping in a pole cabin previously built by Mr. Barnett on his premises
in Section 30. His cabin was euphoniously called the " House that Jack built," from the fact that a man by the name of
Jack Bruner superintended the construction of it. It was a rude affair, filled in with chinkings, but not daubed up with
mud as were some of the most aristocratic of those times. Soon after moving in a heavy snow storm prevailed, Mr.
Barnett was away from home, and when he returned be found his wife sitting, desolate and alone, in the middle of the
room, muffled up in a cloak, and the floor covered with snow. He made a rousing fire, swept out the snow, stuffed up
the cracks with rags the best he could, and for a time they were comparatively comfortable. The next morning. Mr.
Barnett was obliged to wade through several inches of snow before he could reach his clothes to dress. Many years
have passed, and Mr. Barnett is now one of the prominent farmers and representative citizens of DeWitt county. He
has been a very active man all his, life, and although gray haired, and somewhat bent with age, he is yet active and
capable of more endurance than many of the rising generation. He was elected the first surveyor after the county was
organized in 1839, served in the office for twenty successive years, and is now the present incumbent.

1850 Census DeWitt County, IL., Dwelling 341
A.L. Barnett wm age 40 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 38 b. KY
William wm age 14 b. IL
James wm age 13 b. IL
Kasandra wf age 10 b. IL
Sarah wf age 8 b. IL
Juliet wf age 6 b. IL
John wm age 4 b. IL
Alexander wm age 6 months

1860 DeWitt County, IL, page 596 line 32
Alex Barnett wm age 49 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 47 b. KY
James wm age 23 b. IL
Cassandra wf age 19 b. IL
Sarah wf age 18 b. IL

                                                        Page 28
                                              Register Report

Juliet wf age 16 b. IL
John wm age 14 b. IL
Alex wm age 10 b. IL

1870 Census
Clintonia Township, Page 26
Alex L. Barnett wm age 59 b. KY
Elizabeth H. wf age 57 b. KY
James R. wm age 33 b. IL
Alexander wm age 20 b. IL
Franklin Quigley wm age 16 b. OH
Hannah Koons wf age 9 b. IL
Ella Barnett wf age 4 b. IL

On November 20, 1834 when Alexander L. was 24, he married Elizabeth H. HALL, in Kentucky. Born on February
28, 1813 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth H. died on December 7, 1898; she was 85. Buried in Alexander
Barnett Family Cemetery, Clintonia Twp.

They had the following children:
      54           i.     William B. (1835-1898)
                  ii.     James R. Born on November 17, 1836.
                iii.      Eliza. Born on May 13, 1838. Eliza died on April 27, 1839.
                 iv.      Cassandra. Born on July 29, 1840.
                  v.      Sarah. Born on November 19, 1841. Sarah died on October 16, 1864; she was 22.
                 vi.      Juliet. Born on November 2, 1842.
                vii.      Alexander. Born on November 25, 1849.
               viii.      Nancy. Born on October 15, 1851. Nancy died on August 18, 1853; she was 1.

30. Elizabeth BARNETT. Born on February 18, 1817 in Kentucky. Elizabeth died in DeWitt County, Illinois on
December 18, 1862; she was 45. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

1850 Census, Dwelling # 311
Curtis Lanham wm age 25 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 33. b. KY

1860 DeWitt County, IL Census
Curtis Lanham wm age 35 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 44 b. KY
Mary Stewart wf age 13 b. Ireland

about 1841 when Elizabeth was 23, she married Curtis F. LANDHAM. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

He has no grave stone.

They had one child:
                 i.       Mary L. Mary L. died on January 12, 1859 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Buried in Barnett

31. James BARNETT. Born on November 9, 1820 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. James died in DeWitt County,
Illinois on March 16, 1889; he was 68. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

He has no head stone on his grave.

1850 DeWitt County Census, Dwelling #314

                                                     Page 29
                                                Register Report

James Barnett wm age 31 b. KY
Elizabeth J. wf age 23 b. IL
Sarah F. wf age 4 b. KY
John J. wm age 2 b. IL

DeWitt County IL. 1860 Census , page 612 line 33
James Barnett wm age 40 b. KY
Elizabeth J. wf age 33 b. KY
Sarah Frances wf age 14 b. KY
John J. wm age 12 b. IL
George A. wm age 4 b. IL

1870 DeWitt Census
James Barnett wm age 50 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 44 b. KY
John I. wm age 22 b. IL
George A. wm age 14 b. IL
Laura wf age 7 b. IL
Clara Mitchell wf age 21 b. KY

James married Elizabeth Jane IRVIN. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, IL.

They had the following children:
      55          i.      Sarah Frances (1845-1887)
                 ii.      John J. Born about 1848 in DeWitt County, Illinois.
                iii.      Cyrus Miller. Born on June 20, 1850 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Cyrus Miller died in
                          DeWitt County, Illinois on November 9, 1851; he was 1. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.
                iv.       Edward. Born on March 29, 1853 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Edward died in DeWitt
                          County, Illinois on February 18, 1859; he was 5. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.
                 v.       George A. Born about 1856.
                vi.       Victor. Born on July 29, 1859 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Victor died on October 4, 1859 in
                          DeWitt County, Illinois. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

32. Sarah BARNETT. Born about 1826 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sarah died in DeWitt County, Illinois.

Sarah married Addison EADS. Born about 1832.

They had the following children:
                  i.      John C. Born in 1851. John C. died on November 22, 1861; he was 10. Buried in Alexander
                          Barnett Family Cemetery.
                 ii.      Mary C. Born in 1853.
                iii.      Henry. Born in 1855.
                iv.       Caoline. Born in 1857.
                          He was accidently shot while climbing through a hedge fence north of the Hallsville School
                          hoiouse hunting rabbits. Age 16.

                 v.       Sally. Born on June 25, 1858 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Sally died in DeWitt County,
                          Illinois on September 5, 1859; she was 1. Buried in Alexander Barnett Family Cemetery.
                vi.       Edwin. Born in 1860.

                      Family of Marie Louise KENNEY (11) & Moses Joseph ROBNETT

                                                      Page 30
                                                 Register Report

33. Catherine O. ROBINETT.

Catherine O. married James Allen LANDER. Born on April 29, 1882. James Allen died on March 29, 1962; he was

BouKy 1850 Census
#572 Allen Lander, 38 Farmer, $4320
Catherine Lander, 33
Eliza W. Lander, 13, daughter of Kitty Ann Spencer
Oliva Lander, 6
Joseph A. Lander, 4
James H . Lander, 9/12, all born in KY.

From History of Lander Family of Virginia and Kentucky, by Daid Lander.
His name may have been Joseph Allen Lander.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Elizabeth w. Born in 1837.
                          She is the daughter of Kitty Ann Spencer.

                 ii.       Oliva. Born in 1844.
                iii.       Joseph A. Born in 1846.
                iv.        James H. Born in 1849.

                             Family of Helena L. KENNEY (12) & John JOHNSON

34. Margaret JOHNSON. Born in 1832. Margaret died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1913; she was 81.

In April 1851 when Margaret was 19, she married Jeptha Dudley BUTLER, son of Francis M. BUTLER (1786-1838)
& Rachel WHEAT (1806-1876). Born on May 18, 1827 in Hutchinson Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jeptha
Dudley died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1913; he was 85.

J. D. BUTLER, [7] farmer; P. 0. Paris; was born May 18,1827, in Hutchinson Precinct; son of Frank and Rachel
(Wheat) Butler; Frank Butler emigrated to this State, with his father, from Maryland, and located in this county; he
settled on the land now owned by J. W. Ferguson, in this Precinct. There were three sons: Frank, Dudley and Moses.
Dudley settled in Ralls County, Mo.; Moses in Hutchinson Precinct. Rachel Wheat was a daughter of Zechariah
Wheat. The parents of J. 0. died as follows: father, 1838; his mother survived him until 1876; they had three children
who came to maturity; J. D., Thomas Z and Henry; 'Thomas Z resides in Texas; the others in this Precinct. At the death
of his father, he being the eldest of the family, the care of the family devolved upon him and his mother, and from that
time he was thrown upon his own resources; he worked out and made the best use of his time and his limited
opportunities; April, 1851, he married Miss Margaret Johnson, daughter of John and Helen (Kenney) Johnson; he was
born in 1800, his wife four years later, eleven children were born to them, eight of whom grew to maturity; John
Johnson died Oct. 1853, at Calhoun's Mills, in the State of Carolina, while absent with a drove of mules. Mr. Butler
located on the farm he now owns, in 1851; during the war he was engaged in purchasing mules for the government; he
has 565 acres of land; he is engaged in farming and raising short-horns, which are called the "Willow Dale herd" of
good strains of blood, also pure Cotswold sheep. Young stock for sale. Correspondence solicited. He has been
successful in his business from the commencement; he is a member of the Reformed Church, and elder of the same; he
has six children: James H., Charles E., Birdie, Minnie M., Landon V. and Archie L.

They had the following children:
                  i.      James H.
                 ii.      Charles E.

                                                       Page 31
                                                 Register Report

                iii.       Birdie.
                iv.        Minnie M.
                 v.        Landon V.
                vi.        Archie L.

                       Family of Joseph Bonaparte KENNEY (13) & Margaret LANDER

35. Margaret Ann KENNEY. Born on May 5, 1828.

Margaret Ann first married Berri C. GLASS , Esq.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 811.
[Scott County] [Georgetown Precinct]

Beeri Christy Glass, Farmer and Capitalist, was born December 4, 1804, six
miles from Georgetown in Scott County, Kentucky, and died at his home in
Georgetown, June 20, 1874. His father, William Glass, was a native of
Pennsylvania, emigrated to Kentucky at an early day, and became one of the
most substantial and successful farmers of Scott County. Beeri C. Glass received a good education in the best schools
and academies then existing in his native county, and made his first step in life as a teacher; although he probably
taught school at intervals for several years, it does not appear that he had any design of pursuing that avocation as a
profession. January 20, 1846, he was appointed agent of the McCracken Fund. He resided on his father's farm until
1847, and was actively engaged with him in the various interests of the place. Under the old State Constitution, he was
several years Sheriff of Scott County, but had little desire for political position. In 1847 he removed to Georgetown,
where he continued to reside during his life. May 17, 1848, he was appointed one of the commissioners to lay out
Scott County into eight election precincts. November 19, 1849, he was appointed County Treasurer. He was one of
the founders of the Farmers' Bank of Georgetown and remained in its directory until his death. He had accumulated
considerable means, having been remarkably successful in everything he undertook with earnestness, before settling
in Georgetown, and mainly occupied his time for years in loaning and speculation on his capital. His name was
associated with all the important interests of his community. He contributed largely to the organization and building
of Georgetown College, and was one of its most active managing trustees, and was connected with the Board of
Trustees during his life. He was a leader in every movement of advantage to the town, and was one of its most active,
influential, and successful business men. In politics, he was always a Democrat; had strong convictions and adhered to
them at all hazard, but was courteous and deferential when any personal feeling of principal of individual honor was
involved. When the civil war broke out, he espoused the cause of the South, and, had his health and age permitted,
would have entered the army in defense of his principles. In 1852 he united with the Baptist Church and, until his
health and hearing failed, he was one of its most active and valuable members. On November 15, 1858, he resigned
both the agency of the McCracken Fund and the office of County Treasurer. He was one of the Trustees of
Georgetown for several years, and held various positions of trust in the community; lived an exemplary, active life,
was open hearted and charitable; started out in life a poor boy, and, by superior judgment, business ability, and
unyielding perseverance, succeeded, mainly unaided, in accumulating a fortune. He was a man of fine habits; of
strong, sympathetic nature; was strongly devoted to his family; was a man of fine sentiment and feeling, which he
displayed liberally in his home and in his personal friendships; and died universally regretted and respected, leaving
the world better by his having lived in it. Mr. Glass was married in 1847, to Miss Margaret A. Kenny, daughter of
Joseph B. Kenney, a prominent citizen of Georgetown, a lady of great personal and social worth, who still survives
him. Their only child, Victor Kenney Glass, married Miss Bettie Force, of Georgetown and resides in that place.

They had one child:
      56         i.        Victor Kenney (1848-)

On August 3, 1883 when Margaret Ann was 55, she second married Rev. J. H. MARTIN.

                                                       Page 32
                                               Register Report

36. James Houston KENNEY. Born on May 6, 1830. James Houston died in 1886; he was 55.

On July 24, 1855 when James Houston was 25, he married Eleanor W. GRAVES, daughter of Harvey C. GRAVES &
Lucinda GARTH.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Mattie.
                 ii.      Margaret.
                iii.      Claude.
                iv.       Sallie. Born in Georgetown, Kentucky.
                          NADAR # 77510, Charles Lander line.

                          Sallie married Howard Smith SINCLAIR.
                 v.       James.

37. Joseph Frank KENNEY. Born in 1834. Joseph Frank died in 1865; he was 31.

Joseph Frank married Mollie THOMAS.

Her name may be Mary.

They had one child:
                 i.       Emma. Born in Scott County, Kentucky.
                          NSDAR # 18005, Bryan Station Chapter, Lexington, KY., line of Charles Lander.

                          Emma married Belville M. HERNDON.

38. Sallie Frances KENNEY. Born in 1839.

Sallie Frances married Joseph FOREE , Esq..

They had one child:
                 i.       Ina. Born in Scott County, Kentucky.
                          NSDAR #27435, Birmingham, AL, April 1899, Charles Lander line.

                          Ina married George HAVEN.

39. Lavenia Alice KENNEY. Born in 1843 in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Joined NSDAR # 91659, Charles Lander line.

In 1865 when Lavenia Alice was 22, she married Honorable. Samuel Marshall DAVIS, son of Theophilus DAVIS.
Born on August 2, 1836 in Shelby County, Kentucky.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Ed.
by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 589. [Scott County] [Georgetown City and Precinct]

HON. Samuel M. Davis, State Senator; Georgetown; is the son of Theophilus
Davis, who was a prominent farmer of his native county of Shelby, and died
in 1845, leaving four sons and three daughters. Of this number, the oldest brother, Co. John F. Davis, served in the
Confederate army, on the staff of Gen. John C. Breckinridge, and during the last year of the war, commanded an
Alabama regiment, and was elected Clerk of the Shelby County Court, being also a prominent candidate for the Clerk
of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, in the race of 1882. Our subject, Samuel M. Davis, was born in Shelby County,

                                                      Page 33
                                                Register Report

Ky., Aug. 2, 1836. He laid the foundations for his future usefulness in a good English education, obtained in the
common schools and Shelby College. On attaining manhood he engaged in farming and trading in his native county,
until 1866, when he removed to Georgetown and purchased a farm near its limits, and continued farm operations with
increased success, dealing largely in stock of all kinds, until 1878. In September, 1878, he formed a partnership with
J. Webb and conducted a large and successful business in dry goods in Georgetown, until 1882. In politics, Mr. Davis
has always been a staunch Democrat, and was first
elected to the Georgetown Board of Trustees in 1871, and served in that body seven years, the last three as its
Chairman. He was elected Chairman of the County Democratic Committee in 1879, and discharged its duties with
ability during the campaigns of 1880 and '81. He was nominated in July, 1880, to fill the unexpired term of Jas.
Blackburn, in the State Senate, from the 22nd Senatorial District, and elected to the office without opposition. Mr.
Davis is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Sinking Fund, and member of the following committees: Penitentiary,
Bank and Insurance, Morals of Religion, and Propositions and Grievances. He was married in 1865 to Miss Alice,
daughter of Joseph B. Kenney, of Georgetown, and has two children living.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Elizabeth.
                          NSDAR #91659, Charles Lander line.

                          Elizabeth married Henry D. CLAYTON.
                 ii.      Theophilus.

40. Victor Moreau KENNEY. Born on September 30, 1846 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

This entry is information from Susan Hard. Children's names from Ginette Lynn Wiggins VandenOever, 1424
Harvest Glen Drive, Plano, Texas 75023,
972-509-5190, Fax: 972-509-8069,

On February 24, 1869 when Victor Moreau was 22, he married Agnes Fauntleroy WARREN. Born about 1846 in

LDS reference TH5C-WK.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Joseph B. Born on July 3, 1870. Joseph B. died in 1954; he was 83. Buried in Pleasant
                          Valley Cemetery, Illinois.
                          Pleasant Valley Cemetery is located two miles west of Kenney, Tunbridge, DeWitt Co,
                          Illinois, on land donated to the Pleasant Valley Methodist Society, August 18, 1867. A
                          church had been built on this ground several years prior to 1867 and the first burial of
                          record was made in 1864. The church was in use until 1876 when it was moved to Kenney.
                          The original consisted of two acres but has been added to until it now contains
                          approximately eight acres, half of which is now in use. The remainder to be used as needed.

                 ii.      William Warren. Born on November 1, 1871.
                iii.      Ann Warren. Born on May 10, 1874 in New Berline, Sagamon County, Illinois.
                          She joined NSDAR, Nov 1901, while a resident of St Louis, MO., #37764, line of Charles

                          Ann Warren married Clement William NELSON, in St Louis, Missouri. Born on July 2,
                          1870. Clement William died on March 21, 1931; he was 60.
                 iv.      Sallie. Born on March 8, 1890.
                  v.      Agnes. Born on August 28, 1899 in Lattimore, North Dakota.
                 vi.      Lou Booth. Born on October 3, 1905.
                vii.      Charlotte. Born on February 4, 1908.
               viii.      Clement William. Born on May 26, 1909.
                 ix.      Eleanor. Born on October 5, 1917.

                                                      Page 34
                                                  Register Report

                Family of Napoleon Bonaparte KENNEY (14) & Elizabeth Ann THORNBERRY

41. Lavinia Ann Eliza KENNEY. Born on February 27, 1832.

Lavinia Ann Eliza married John G. PARRISH, son of Henry PARRISH. Born on October 12, 1826 in Bourbon
County, Kentucky.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin &
County, Chicago, 1882, p. 608

JOHN G. PARRISH, farmer; P. O. Georgetown; was born in Bourbon County, Ky, Oct. 12, 1826; his father, Henry
Parrish, was a native of Virginia, and one of the early settlers of Bourbon County he was a farmer by occupation, and
his death occurred in Missouri, in 1834, at the age of about forty-five years his wife, Sally Bush, was born in Clark
County, and died in 1832, aged about forty years; she was the mother of five children, of whom John G., the subject of
these lines, was the fourth. He was left an orphan at the age of seven years, when he was cared for by his oldest brother
until he was thirteen years old, and then went to live with his uncle, E. H. Parrish ; his education was limited to such as
could be obtained in the common schools of Bourbon and Clark counties; he entered upon his career in life as a farmer,
and trading in stock. In the Spring of 1848, he moved to Fayette County, where he remained until the Spring of 1856,
when be removed to Scott County, where he has since remained engaged in farming and dealing in stock, trading
principally in mules. He has been thrice married, his last marriage occurred in 1866, to Miss Patty M. Peak, who was
born in Scott County, Feb. 25, 1847, to George P. and America (Suggett) Peak; he was born March 23, 1823, died
March 1, 1865 ; she was born Dec. 1, 1820, now living in Scott County. By his second wife Mr. Parrish has one
daughter living, viz.: Elizabeth, wife or E. P. Withers. Mr. Parrish holds a prominent position among the practical
farmers of the county, as an energetic and enterprising man. Religiously, himself and wife are connected with the
Baptist Church.

They had the following children:
      57          i.      Elizabeth Ann (1855-)
                 ii.      Henry K. Born on May 17, 1863.

                          Family of Charlotte Corday KENNEY (15) & David LEER , Jr

42. Elizabeth LEER. Born on May 27, 1833. Elizabeth died on March 13, 1918; she was 84.

On May 26, 1853 when Elizabeth was 19, she married John Leer B. ALBERTI. Born on December 12, 1822. John
Leer B. died on October 12, 1901; he was 78.

John was Elizabeth's cousin.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Charles Monrow. Born on August 22, 1856. Charles Monrow died in Lexington, Kentucky
                          on November 18, 1897; he was 41.
                          Charles was not married. He was and educator and at one time was Superintendent of
                          Schools in Lexington, KY

                  ii.       Nancy Kate. Born on April 23, 1858.
                            On February 7, 1875 when Nancy Kate was 16, she married Ambrose HALEY. Born on
                            November 1, 1846.

                                                         Page 35
                                                 Register Report

                           He lived just across the Winchester pike from the home of John Leer Alberti,
                           which was in Fayette county.

43. Charles Carroll LEER. Born on February 11, 1835. Charles Carroll died on June 10, 1922; he was 87.

On August 19, 1866 when Charles Carroll was 31, he married Adelia EWING. Born on August 19, 1846. Adelia died
in December 1926; she was 80.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Cortland Ewing. Born on January 2, 1871.
                 ii.      Carroll Honeywood. Born on March 28, 1887.

44. Catherine LEER. Born on July 17, 1840 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Catherine died in Flemming County,
Kentucky on April 19, 1873; she was 32.

Buried in Flemingsburg Cemetery.

On February 19, 1867 when Catherine was 26, she married John Lewis RINGO, in Kentucky. Born on August 18,
1836 in Fleming County, Kentucky. John Lewis died in Fleming County, Kentucky on July 17, 1897; he was 60.

Buried in Flemingsburg Cemetery.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Nancy. Born in 1868.
                 ii.      David Leer. Born on June 26, 1869.
                iii.      May. Born on February 18, 1871.

45. James Monroe LEER , Sr. Born on May 11, 1841 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. James Monroe died in Bourbon
County, Kentucky on December 22, 1894; he was 53.

This marriage date is also listed as October 29, 1874.
He was a soldier in the American Revolution.

On October 29, 1874 when James Monroe was 33, he married Amelia TURNER. Born on December 13, 1851. Amelia
died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 1, 1915; she was 63.

They had the following children:
                   i.     Daughter. Born on August 6, 1875. Daughter died on August 6, 1875.
      58          ii.     Corday (1877-)
                iii.      Son. Born on July 29, 1879. Son died on August 4, 1879.
                 iv.      Vernon. Born on October 31, 1880 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. [8] Vernon died in June
                          1973; he was 92. [9]
                          On June 30, 1914 when Vernon was 33, he married Bessie TRIBBLE.
                  v.      Davereau. Born on January 19, 1882. [10] Davereau died in October 1964; he was 82. [11]
                          On February 12, 1907 when Davereau was 25, he married Katherine FOX, in Chicago,
                          Illinois. Born on December 25, 1885.
                 vi.      Matilda. Born on October 12, 1884 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          On April 29, 1907 when Matilda was 22, she married John Will DENTON. Born on
                          November 25, 1884. John Will died on May 22, 1943; he was 58.
                vii.      Roe Cora. Born on November 4, 1885. Roe Cora died on November 30, 1886; she was 1.
               viii.      Junior. Born on April 28, 1887. Junior died on February 20, 1888.
                 ix.      Amelia. Born on January 8, 1889 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          On August 28, 1913 when Amelia was 24, she married Alfred CARUTHERS.
                  x.      Loura. Born on February 25, 1891 in New Forest, kentucky.
                          On February 5, 1912 when Loura was 20, she married Roger Randolph EARLY. Born on

                                                         Page 36
                                               Register Report

                          June 8, 1898.
                xi.       James Monroe. Born on February 6, 1894 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          On February 22, 1918 when James Monroe was 24, he married Georgia McDANIEL. Born
                          on September 16, 1898 in Millersburg, Kentucky.

                        Family of Victor Mareau KENNEY (16) & Catherine ROGERS

46. Rebecca KENNEY. Born on August 25, 1835. Rebecca died in 1914; she was 78.

In May 1861 when Rebecca was 25, she married David M. DODGE, son of Edwin M. DODGE (~1811-1836) &
Elizabeth SEAMANDS. Born on August 1, 1832 in North Middletown Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. David
M. died in 1903; he was 70.

DAVID M. DODGE, [12] farmer; P. O. Paris; born Aug. 1, 1832, in North Middletown Precinct, this county. His
parents were Edwin M. and Elizabeth Seamands, (generally pronounced Simmonds.) The Dodge family trace their
ancestry to one Tristram Dodge, an Englishinan, who came to America and settled Block Island in 1661, and whose
grandsons were the earliest settlers at Cow Neck, Long Island. The great-grandfather of our subject was David;
according to the best authority given, he was a son of Jeremiah, who was a great-grandson of Tristram. The maternal
grandfather of our subject, was Manson Seamands, who was a major during the war of 1812; he died 1856 aged
seventy-five years. His wife was a Newton, prior to her marriage, and was a native of Virginia, as was the Seamands
also. David Dodge the grandfather of the above, married Dorcas Mills, who bore him twelve children, Edwin M. being
among the younger children. David Dodge removed from Pennsylvania to Clark County, this State, and there settled;
here Edwin M. was born, about the year 1811, and afterwards located in North Middletown Precinct when a young
man, and there married Miss Seamands. His death occurred about the year 1836. His widow afterwards married
Kinzea Stone, and by him had seven children. She is yet living and a widow. David M. was raised by his step-father,
with whom he lived until twenty years old. February 1852, he married Miss Adeline, daughter of Puscal and Maria
(Hildreth) Fretwell, both of whom were old Virginia famiilies. Mrs. Dodge died 1860, having borne four children, of
whom William P. and Bettie are living. Mr. Dodge married his present wife in May, 1861; her maiden name was
Rebecca, born in this precinct, daughter of Victor M. and Catharine (Rodgers) Kenney, Victor being a son of James
Kenney, who was one of the first settlers. Catharine was a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Spahr) Rodgers. The
Rodgers family also being among the first settlers in this precinct. Mr. Dodge located on this farm in 1856, and has
since been engaged in farming and stock raising, giving some attention to short horns, good horses, and the best of
Cotswold sheep. His farm consists of 291 acres; his residence is called "Hill Side." The place was settled by Zeph
Robinette, one part of the house having been built nearly a century. Mr. Dodge is a member of S. G. A. Presbyterian
Church. Edwin M., died Dec. 31, 1881; he was a son by his first wife. The children of his second wife are Mattie V.,
David M., James L. and Victor K.

They had the following children:
                  i.      David M.
      59         ii.      James L. (1867-1933)
                iii.      Victor K.
      60        iv.       Mattie V

                        Family of Margaret (Peggy) KENNEY (17) & Isaac JOHNSON

47. Maggie JOHNSON. Born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On July 8, 1875 Maggie married Hon. John J. PAUL, in Somerset, Pulaski County. Born on February 18, 1852 in
Mason, County, Kentucky.

                                                      Page 37
                                                 Register Report

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, Ed. 8-B, Pulaski County

Hon. John J. Paul was born in Mason County, KY, February 18, 1852. He is a son of John and Elizabeth (Johnson)
Paul, the former of whom, also a native of Mason County, was born in 1819, was a mechanic by trade and a farmer by
occupation. He is a son of Daniel and ______(Cumbers) Paul. Daniel Paul was a native of Virginia; he came to
Kentucky in an early day and settled in Mason County, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits. Elizabeth (Johnson)
Paul was born in Mason County. Judge Paul, the subject of this sketch, is the fourth of eight living children, viz: Mary,
William, Sallie, John J., Eliza, Emma, Anna and Lulu. Judge Paul received his education at the Kentucky Wesleyan
College, Millersburg, KY. He read law with O. S. Deming and was admitted to the bar in 1873, subsequently opening
an office in Maysville, where he practiced two years. He then located in Somerset, Pulaski County, where he has since
resided. In May, 1882, he was appointed city judge, and elected in August of the same year, holding the office four
years. In August, 1887, he was elected State Senator for the Counties of Laurel, Bell, Jackson, Whitley, Knox and
Pulaski. July 8, 1875, he married Miss Maggie Johnson of Bourbon County, KY, a daughter of Isaac and Margaret
(Kenney) Johnson. James Kenney, the father of Margaret (Kenney) Johnson, was one of the pioneer settlers of
Bourbon County. Two children have been born to Judge Paul and wife, viz: Aida and Daisy Dean. Mrs. Paul is a
member of the Presbyterian Church. In politics the Judge affiliates with the Republicans.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Aida.
                 ii.      Daisey Dean.

                                                        Page 38
                                                Register Report

                                                Fifth Generation
                               Family of Isaac KENNEY (19) & Nancy PARRISH

48. Willis KENNEY. Born on January 6, 1831 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Willis died on November 10, 1896; he
was 65.

Notes for WILLIS KENNEY: [6]
Information on this line is from Carol Kenney Lovitt

Willis first married Sally Ann SIMPSON.

They had the following children:
                  i.      John Calvin. Born in 1855 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. John Calvin died in Maysville,
                          Kentucky in 1927; he was 72.
                          John Calvin married Nancy Pickett CRUMP. Born in 1857 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.
                          Nancy Pickett died in 1915; she was 58.
                 ii.      Frank.
                iii.      George.
                iv.       Emaline.
                          Emaline married Eli MITCHELL.
                 v.       Worth Lee.

Willis second married Mary Ann ROSS.

Notes for MARY ANN ROSS: [6]
There was a second wife and family, but there is no record/information available at this time (1997).

49. Nathan KENNEY. Born on November 24, 1840.

Nathan married Emily CHLOE.

They had the following children:
                   i.     Billy.
                  ii.     Johnny.
                iii.      Frank (Twin). Frank died in 1946.
                 iv.      Martha (Twin).
                  v.      Sudie.
                 vi.      Izorah.
                vii.      Richard.
               viii.      Joe.
                 ix.      Duncan. Born on November 1, 1874.

                       Family of Isaac KENNEY (19) & Malinda Margaret HAMILTON

50. Victor Marrue KENNEY. Born on July 1, 1851 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Victor Marrue died in Garden
City, Missouri on April 2, 1925; he was 73.

Victor Marrue Kenney was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He was a farmer In the spring of 1896 he moved his

                                                       Page 39
                                                 Register Report

family to Missouri, settling in Cass County, where he lived the rest of his life. His wife, Izorah Hurst (Kenney), was
born in Fleming County, Kentucky (?) see note on last page of Davis/Hurst record. Victor M. Kenney and his wife
Izorah are buried in the Garden City Mo. cemetery.

It was reported by granddaughter Elvorene Kenney Phillips to be a stocky man who always stood up very straight and
was somewhat stern.

Marriage date of Feb. 25, 1875

On February 23, 1875 when Victor Marrue was 23, he married Izorah HURST, daughter of Charles HURST & Mary
DAVIS, in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Born on June 4, 1857 in Fleming County, Kentucky. [6] Izorah died on March
3, 1901; she was 43.

Notes for IZORAH HURST: [6]
Izorah's name may have been Izorale. There is a birth date of Jan. 4, 1857, Rowan County, KY, d. March 3, 1901.

Izorah Hurst Kenney moved with her family to Cass Co., MO. in 1895. There is some question as to where she was

Izorah had a birthmark in one eye. The story goes that it was caused by a man on the train on their return trip to KY,
watching Mrs. Hurst very closely. This man had something wrong with his eye.

Evaline Hurst (Adams) recalls that she once asked her mother where she got her sister's name, Izorah. She said that
her mother said she was named in honor of the nurse who cared for her when her sister was born, in the "west."
(Bloomington, IL)

Edward Kenney says his mother was born in Flemming Co, KY. and gives his reasons as follows:
He recollects that the move to Illinois was always spoken of as about two years duration. The record of McLean, IL
shows that purchase of land by Charles H. Hurst was recorded on March 28, 1855, Edward assumed that they would
have arrived there prior to recording the deed.

Izorah Hurst was born June 4, 1857. This was more than two years after the recording of the deed and they would
probably not have traveled immediately after the child's birth. Charles Hurst was a farmer and if he had not returned
until some time after June 4, would have lost out one season in farming.

Another incident of which Edward Kenney's grandfather, Charles H. Hurst told him is that his wife and the baby,
Izorah, had to be rolled up in their bedding and taken out in a boat to higher ground on account of the creek near which
they lived getting out of banks and spreading over the bottom land. This was when Izorah was just a few days old.
This incident happened in Flemming Co., KY.

Notes from Susan Hard and Kenney Genealogy.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Edward. Born on November 19, 1875 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.
                          This name is listed in the Cass County Mo. Twelfth Census, Austin Township June 13,
                          1900. It looks like he is the oldest son of Victor and Izora Kenney

                           Edward Kenney has a law book given to him by his grandmother, Malinda Hambleton
                           (Hamilton) Kenney, second wife of Isaac Kenney. this book was purchased in Frankfort,
                           KY, in 1835, according to the inscription on one of the fly leaves. It also has the name of
                           John C. Kenney with these words, "his book."

                           Edward Kenney was born in Nicholas County, KY. He moved with his father and family to
                           Cass CO., MO., in 1895. He farmed until until 1902, then took a course in barbering in St.

                                                       Page 40
                             Register Report

       Louis, MO. He barbered until 1912 working in Missouri, Ohio, Colorado and Kansas.

       He and family moved from LeRoy, KS., in 1912 to Aurora MO. there he worked on the
       daily news paper for a sort time, then in a lumbar yard and then in a book bindery until
       1918. He next worked in the Ford assembly plant, Sheffield, MO. until August, 1919.
       Then he moved to Garden City, MO. and barbered there until July, 1924. In August 1924
       Edward and his family moved to Washington state, settling in Tacoma. He barbered there
       about six months then worked about two years in a door factory and at various odd jobs
       until May, 1927 when he went to work as a fireman in the Tacoma Public Schools. He is
       still (1946) working in the school district as a Custodian-Fireman.

       On September 28, 1910 when Edward was 34, he married Martha Jane FEARNO, in
       Colorado. Born on March 24, 1885.

       The name of Martha is not clear on the copy we have from the family bible.

       Martha J. Fearno was born in Maccupin (?) County, IL. Her father moved to western
       Kansas in 1857 and from there to Colorado in 1890. In the Spring of 1893, on account of
       her mother's death, Martha was sent to Greenfield, IL, to live with her father's sister. Mrs
       Margaret Bryan and family. Martha graduated from Greenfield High School in 1904. In
       1905 she returned to her father in Pueblo, CO. She took a course in stenography and
       bookkeeping and then worked in general office work until her marriage.
 ii.   Nancy Ellen. Born on November 24, 1878 in Fleming County, Kentucky.
       Nancy Ellen Kenney was born in Flemming county, Kentucky. She moved with her
       parents to Cass County, MO. in 1895.

       On February 9, 1898 when Nancy Ellen was 19, she married David Morris DAVIS, in Cass
       County, Missouri. Born on April 9, 1865 in Illinois. David Morris died on August 28, 1924;
       he was 59.

       David M. Davis was born in Illinois.

       They farmed in Cass County, for years then moved to Harrisonville, MO. in 1920. In 1922
       they moved to Kansas City, KS. David M. Davis passed away in 1924. At the time of this
       witting (1946) Mrs. Davis was still living in Kansas City, KS.
iii.   Charles Isaac. Born on December 31, 1879 in Fleming County, Kentucky. Charles Isaac
       died in Carlisle, Kentucky on December 14, 1948; he was 68.
       Charles Isaac Kenney was born in Flemming Co., KY. He moved with his father's family
       to Missouri in 1986. He farmed until 1902, then to prepatory work following with a course
       of study at Kentucky University, Lexington, KY., in preparation for the ministry.
       Kentucky University, College of the Bible, 1902-1903, 1903-1904, 1904-1905, 1906-1907,
       1907-1908, College of Liberal Arts 1907-1908. (Extrapolated from academic catalogues.)

       Kansas and Kansans, Volume 3
       The Church of Christ at Miltonvale was organized April 17, 1884, with twenty-four charter
       members. The officers at the beginning were: Elders John Squires and W. J. Hays; Deacons
       J. B. Johnson and A. V. Step; and minister, Rev. Kenney. In 1886 preparations were begun
       for a building. In 1887 the edifice was completed at a cost of $3,200. At that time Rev. R. L.
       Downing was the resident pastor.

       His first pastorate was the Christian Church at Belle and Bland, MO., 1909. In 1910 he
       moved to LeRoy, KS. and was pastor at Aurora, MO. which he held several years, then
       resigned on account of ill health. He worked awhile in a publishing plant in Aurora and did
       some part time preaching. In 1919 he moved his family to Los Angeles. About 1923, he
       took the pastorate at Ceres, California.

                                   Page 41
                           Register Report

      After Lena's death his next pastorate was Myrtle Creek, Oregon, 1936-1937. From there to
      the Christian Church of Shattuck, OK. While at Shattuck, he was married to Mrs. Alice
      Logan of Aurora, MO. Alice was born in Shelbyville, KY., daughter of James Robert and
      Susan Maddox Taylor. From Shattock, OK., they moved to Cassville, MO. (1946). In
      1947, when this was originally written, Charles was still pastor.

      From the Christian Standard, January 29, 1949
      Kenney, C. I. , of Aurora, Mo, died Dec. 14, 1948. Was born, Dec 31, 1879, in Carlisle,
      Ky. Moved with his parents at an early age to Missouri. Was trained for Christian ministry
      at the College of the Bible, Lexington, Ky, under J.W. McGarvey, Charles Louis Loos, and
      other staunch teachers. Ministered to churches in Kentucky and Kansas as a student.
      Served as a minister of churches at Aurora and Elm Branch, Mo.; Shorb Ave Church, Los
      Angeles, Calif.; Shattuck, Okla.; Myrtle Creek, Ore.; Cassville, Mo., where he served until
      may, 1947, when ill health forced him to retire. Is survived by his widow (Mrs Alice
      Kenney); two daughters Mrs. Russell Boatman, Minneapolis, Minn.; Mrs Clare Studer,
      Long Beach, Calif.) one son (Victor Kenney, Gardena, Calif.); two stepdaughters (Mrs Roy
      Castor, Monett, Mo.; Mrs Ruth Mills, Tulsa, Okla) five brothers; three sisters; and six

      Charles Isaac first married Alice Taylor LOGAN. Born in 1881 in Shelbyville, Kentucky.
      Alice Taylor died in 1972; she was 91.
      On April 20, 1909 when Charles Isaac was 29, he second married Lena Rivers LYLE. Born
      on May 9, 1880 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Lena Rivers died in Ceres, California on
      April 4, 1935; she was 54.

      Notes for LENA RIVERS LYLE: [6]
      Lena Lyle Kenney was born in Bourbon Co., KY., daughter of William and Margaret Lyle.
      Charles and Lena were married in Lexington, KY. Lena passed away while they lived in
      Ceres, CA. She was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, B 50- Oak Plot, Los Angeles,

      From Disciples of Christ Christian Church Archives, Christian Standard, April 27, 1935:
      Kenney, Lena R. (Mrs. C. I., April 4, at Ceres, Calif., after a brief illness and a major
      operation. Born May 9, 1880, in Bourbon County, KY, near old Cane Ridge Church, in
      which her grandfather was an officer for years. Having been left an orphan at an early age,
      she was reared by an aunt, Elizabeth Reed, also a member at Cane Ridge. Lena was
      baptized at 12 years of age by Hardin Reynolds, who preached at North Middletown. On
      April 20, 1909, was united in marriage to Charles I. Kenney, a faithful gospel minister. To
      this union was born three children (Velma, now Mrs. Charles Studer; Lutie Izorah and
      Victor Lyle), all whom survive. Mr. and Mrs. Kenney ministered with churches in the
      Middle West until 16 years ago, when they went to California, where for 8 years they
      ministered with Shorb Avenue Church, Los Angles. Bro. Kenney suffered a physical
      breakdown and for several years they were faithful members of figueroa Boulevard
      Church, Los Angeles, where he preached in various missions of the church. Since October,
      1934 they have been in a happy ministry with the church at Ceres. Memorial services were
      held in Figueroa Church, in charge of J. Merle Applegate, minister; Francis Arant of
      Covina, and Bruce Brown, of McCarthy Memorial Church, and internment was in
      Inglewood Cemetery.

      From The Christian-Evangelist, July 25, 1935
      The same as above and:
      Memorial services were held for her in the Figueroa Church, where tributes were paid to
      her beautiful Christian life because of its inspiration to members of the churches where she
      had been affiliated. Internment was in Inglewood Cemetery. Mrs Kenney was a good and
      faithful wife and mother, a loyal friend, and a devoted follower of her Lord.
iv.   Harvey Gerome. Born on August 13, 1882 in Fleming County, Kentucky. Harvey Gerome

                                  Page 42
                           Register Report

      died in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 8, 1975; he was 92.
      Notes for HARVEY GEROME KENNEY: [6]
      Harvey was born in Fleming County, Kentucky. He moved with his father's family to Cass
      County, Mo. in 1895. He lived on the farm until 1903 when he entered Kentucky
      University, Lexington, KY., to prepare for the ministry.

      He attended Kentucky University, (Transylvania) College of the Bible, 1903-1904,
      1904-1905, 1905-1906, College of Liberal Arts, 1906-1907, College of the Bible
      1906-1908, and Preparatory College, 1907-1908. College of the Bible 1907-1908.
      (Extrapolated from academic catalogues.)

      Preached in Dederick, MO. in 1935, while living in Arcadia.

      He held pastorates in Christian Churches in MO., KS., Kentucky, Mercedes and Mc Allen,
      Texas. He and his family moved to Mercedes, TX in Sept., 1935. He served as Pastor of
      the Christian Church in Mercedes. Later they moved to Mc Allen, where he was
      Circulation Manager on the Mc Allen Monitor for 9 months. He served as minister of First
      Christian Church in Mc Allen. He was a member of the Masonic Order.

      In Feb., 1940. Harvey Kenney started "Kenney's Health Home" in Mc Allen. Specializing
      in mineral vapor baths and Swedish massage "Kenney Health Home." It was located on
      the south side of the highway between Mc Allen and Pharr.

      They were married in Paris, KY, by Carey E. Morgan. They both are buried in Rose Lawn
      Cemetery, Mc Allen, TX . After she died, Harvey moved in with his daughter, Helen, in
      Corpus Christi. He enjoyed his retirement fishing, hunting and raising birds.

      Peg Zimmerman has a record of his birth being in Carlisle.

      On June 9, 1908 when Harvey Gerome was 25, he married Mary Elizabeth BRISBY,
      daughter of Richard BRISBY & Judith DYER, in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born
      on August 24, 1889 in Henderson County, Smith Mills, Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth died in
      Galveston, Texas on April 18, 1950; she was 60.

      Notes for MARY ELIZABETH BRISBY: [6]
      Mary attended Transylvania University, College of the Bible, 1906-1907, Preparatory
      School, 1907-1908 and College of the Bible 1907-1908. (Extrapolated from academic

      Marie, as her husband called her, was a member of Eastern Star in the Rio Grand Valley.

      Buried alongside Harvey in Mc Allen, TX.
      Obituary in Mc Allen paper: April 20, 1950
      Services for Mary Elizabeth (Brisby) Kenney will be at 2 P.M. Saturday at the Virgil
      Wilson Funeral Home in Mc Allen with Rev. Le Grande Pace officiating. He will be
      assisted by Loren Works, pastor of the First Christian Church in Mc Allen. Burial will be
      in Rose Lawn Cemetery.
v.    Monroe Leer. Born on December 26, 1884 in Fleming County, Kentucky. Monroe Leer
      died in Garden City, Missouri on August 5, 1898; he was 13.
      Monroe Leer Kenney was born in Fleming County, Kentucky. He moved with his father's
      family to Cass County, Missouri in 1895. He had typhoid fever followed by pneumonia
      and passed away in August, 1898.

vi.   Malinda Burdette. Born on September 29, 1886 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Malinda
      Burdette died in August 1987; she was 100.
      Len's employers in Philadelphia were Dr. James F. Lewis and Dr. George S. Rothmeyer.

                                 Page 43
                              Register Report

        AKA: Len and Auntie Jack

        [Br¯derbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social
        Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Jun 16, 1997, Internal
        Ref. #]

        Individual: Kenney, Malinda
        Birth date: Sep 29, 1886
        Death date: Aug 1987
        Social Security #: 496-16-2935
        Last residence: MO 64105
        State of issue: MO

vii.    Robert Ray. Born on July 18, 1889 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Robert Ray died in
        Clinton County, Missouri in July 1969; he was 79. Resided in Cass County, Missouri in
        1895. [6]
        Robert R. Kenney was born in Bourbon county, KY, and moved with his father's family to
        Cass County, Mo. in1895. Lena Oglesby was born on a farm in Cass County, MO and
        lived there until grown when her parents moved to Garden City, MO. Robert Kenney
        worked for years in the livery business of his wife's father in Garden City. First in the horse
        and buggy days and later in the auto livery. He and his family moved to Appleton city,
        MO, in March 1927 where he worked in a hardware store. In Feb. 1938 they moved to
        Clinton, MO. Here he worked in a Western Auto Store and later for Consalus & Peck
        Undertaking Co. where he is still employed. Robert Kenney is a licensed Mortician.

        On June 22, 1910 when Robert Ray was 20, he married Lena Frances OGLESBY, in
        Garden City, Missouri. Born in 1889. Lena Frances died in 1948; she was 59.

        Lena Oglesby was born on a farm in Cass County, MO and lived there until grown when
        her parents moved to Garden City, MO.
viii.   David Hurley. Born on March 22, 1892 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. David Hurley died
        in Holden, Missouri before February 1978; he was 85.
        Notes on David Hurley Kenney: [6]
        He was known to us as, "Uncle Hurl."

        Obituary found in Frankfort Library family file, no date. Feb. 1978
        D. Hurley Kenney, 85, Garden City, in Cass County, died Wednesday at a nursing home in
        Warrensburg, Mo. He was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and had lived in this area
        82 years. Mr. Kenney was a farmer before he retired. He was an Army veteran of World
        War I. He was a member of the Garden City first Baptist church. He leaves a son, Don L.
        Kenney, Holden, MO; a brother Clarence Kenney, and two sisters, Miss Melinda Kenney
        and Miss Luna Kenney, all of 5514 N. Woodland, and five grandchildren. Services will be
        at 2 p.m. Friday at the Atkinson-Dickey Chapel, Garden City; burial in the Garden City
        Cemetery. Friends may call from 7 to 8:30 tonight in the chapel.

        Individual: Kenney, David
        Birth date: Mar 22, 1892
        Death date: Feb 1978
        Social Security #: 495-42-5214
        Last residence: MO 64040
        State of issue: MO
        Zip of last payment: 64747
        [Br¯derbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social
        Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Jun 16, 1997, Internal
        Ref. #]

                                     Page 44
                                               Register Report

                         On May 6, 1923 when David Hurley was 31, he married Daisy KNOWLES. Born in 1898.

                         Daisy Knowles (Kenney) was born in Cass County, MO.. She graduated from Garden
                         City, MO. High School. She also attended Missouri State Teacher's College, Warrensburg,
                         MO. Daisy taught school until her marriage.
               ix.       Clarence William. Born on April 27, 1895 in Cass County, Missouri. Clarence William
                         died in Lake View, New York.
                         Clarence Kenney was born in Cass County, MO. He attended rural school and lived on the
                         farm. He was called into the Service, WW I, July 1918. He was sent to Camp Funston,
                         near Riley, KS. Most of his time in the service was spent in the Military Hospital, Ft. Riley.
                         KS. He was discharged July 1919.

                         He worked on the farm again until after his fathers death in 1925. He then went to Kansas
                         City, where he went to night school and graduated from Findlay Engineering School. He
                         worked in the refrigeration department of Armour Packing Co.

                         On May 29, 1929 he went to work in the Kansas City, MO. Postal Service, and is still
                         working in the postal service as a city carrier in Kansas City MO.

                         Clarence William first married Eula Marine JOHNSON.

                         Clarence's second wife, Eula Marine Johnson is the daughter of a Baptist minister. Her first
                         husband lost his life accidently by coming in contact with a live electric wire, about 1941.
                         Eula has been an office secretary in the Kansas city, MO> schools for years.
                         On June 30, 1933 when Clarence William was 38, he second married Lula Mae
                         ROCKNOLD, in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. Born on June 15, 1886 in Carrell
                         County, Missouri. Lula Mae died in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri on April 3,
                         1958; she was 71. Buried in Floral Hills Cemetery.

                         Lula Rockhold was born in Carroll County, MO. She attended rural school near Adrain,
                         Bates County, MO. She graduated from Butler MO. High School, attended Central
                         Missouri State Teacher's College, Warrensburg, MO., Kansas City Teacher's College,
                         Colorado University and Kansas University. Lula taught in rural schools in Bates, County,
                         MO. She was principal of a grade school in Butler, MO., and principal of High Schools in
                         Amsterdam, Hume and Raymore, MO. Her last school was Garfield in Kansas City, MO..
                         She was teaching there at the time of her marriage.
                x.       Luna Elizabeth. Born on March 7, 1898. Luna Elizabeth died in February 1987; she was 88.
                         Notes for LUNA ELIZABETH KENNEY: [6]
                         Birth record in a family bible shows a birth date of March 8, 1895. The Kenney Family
                         History shows a birth date of March 7, 1898.

51. Evaline KENNEY. Born on June 8, 1859 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Evaline died on May 19, 1933; she was

Evaline married John W. DALE.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Isaac Lee. Born in 1883. Isaac Lee died on October 28, 1944; he was 61.
                          Isaac Lee married Molly CRAYCRAFT.
                 ii.      Ida. Born on December 28, 1888. Ida died in November 1976; she was 87.
                          Ida married Harry VINSON. Born on February 22, 1883. Harry died on October 31, 1946;
                          he was 63.

                                                     Page 45
                                               Register Report

52. James Gerome KENNEY. Born on January 31, 1866 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. James Gerome died on July
12, 1911; he was 45.

Gerome may be spelled with as Jerome. It appears like that on some records.

James J. or G. Kenney was born in Nicholas County, KY. His wife Cloie Roberts was born in Nicholas County, KY.
They lived in KY. until 1897 when the family moved to Bates County. MO., where they lived about a year, then
moved to Cass County, MO. James J. Kenney farmed until about 1908, then moved to Garden City, MO. where he
worked as a general laborer. James J. Kenney was town Marshall in Garden City for several years. He also ran a
restaurant in Garden City for a few months.

On May 10, 1889 when James Gerome was 23, he married Cloie ROBERTS. Born on November 18, 1870 in Nicholas
County, Kentucky. Cloie died on September 12, 1899; she was 28.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Cordelia. Born on September 22, 1890 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Cordelia died in
                          Missouri in October 1980; she was 90.
                          Cordelia Kenney was born in Bourbon Co. KY.
                          [Br¯derbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social
                          Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Jun 16, 1997, Internal
                          Ref. #]

                          Individual: Daulton, Cordie
                          Birth date: Sep 22, 1890
                          Death date: Oct 1980
                          Social Security #: 494-40-1143
                          Last residence: MO 64012
                          State of issue: MO

                          Cordelia married Robert Harrison DAULTON. Born on October 12, 1884 in Missouri.
                          Robert Harrison died in Missouri in January 1966; he was 81.

                          [Br¯derbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social
                          Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Jun 16, 1997, Internal
                          Ref. #]

                          Individual: Daulton, Robert
                          Birth date: Oct 12, 1884
                          Death date: Jan 1966
                          Social Security #: 499-14-2252
                          Last residence: MO
                          State of issue: MO

                          From (?) another record the date of death is 1986.
                 ii.      Gertrude. Born on February 20, 1893 in Kentucky. Gertrude died on May 20, 1939; she
                          was 46.
                          Gertrude married Floyd BRADLEY.
                iii.      Clara. Born on October 29, 1895 in Kentucky.
                          On June 13, 1914 when Clara was 18, she married Benjamine Franklin COUCH. Born on
                          January 1, 1895 in Belton, Missouri.
                iv.       Beulah. Born on July 29, 1898 in Bates County, Missouri.
                          On July 15, 1918 when Beulah was 19, she married Edward Perry JACKSON. Edward
                          Perry died on March 11, 1933.

                                                     Page 46
                                                 Register Report

                          Family of Robert F. BARNETT (27) & Margaret J. MILLER

53. Nathan M. BARNETT. Born in 1837 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Nathan M. died in DeWitt County, Illinois in
1929; he was 92. Buried in Woodland Cemetery.

On May 27, 1866 when Nathan M. was 29, he married Margaret E. BREWSTER, in DeWill County, Illinois.

They had one child:
                 i.        Victor. Born on October 18, 1873 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Victor died in DeWitt
                           County, Illinois on March 18, 1876; he was 2. Buried in Old Union Cemetery.

                         Family of Alexander L. BARNETT (29) & Elizabeth H. HALL

54. William B. BARNETT. Born on August 21, 1835 in Barnett Township, Kentucky. William B. died in DeWitt
County, Illinois on September 14, 1898; he was 63. Buried in Woodland Cemetery.

On August 26, 1855 when William B. was 20, he married Sarah E. DUNCAN, in DeWill County, Illinois. Born on
April 29, 1832 in Lexington, Kentucky.

They had one child:
                 i.        William Alexander.

                            Family of James BARNETT (31) & Elizabeth Jane IRVIN

55. Sarah Frances BARNETT. Born on October 20, 1845 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sarah Frances died in
DeWitt County, Illinois on February 25, 1887; she was 41. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

Sarah Frances married John D. KIRBY. Born on February 13, 1841. John D. died in Illinois on August 11, 1881; he
was 40. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

He was a vetern of the Civil War, served in the 4th Ill. Cavalry.

1870 DeWitt Census
Barnett Township
John D. Kirby wm age 29 b. OH
Sarah F. wf age 25 b. KY
James E. wm age 3 b. IL
William A. wm age 2 b. IL

They had one child:
                 i.        John Edwin. Born on January 2, 1867. John Edwin died in Illinois on October 29, 1870; he
                           was 3. Buried in Barnett Cemetery.

                        Family of Margaret Ann KENNEY (35) & Berri C. GLASS , Esq

56. Victor Kenney GLASS. Born on July 18, 1848 in Georgetown, Kentucky.

                                                       Page 47
                                                 Register Report

VICTOR KENNY GLASS, Farmer, P. O. Georgetown, son of B. C. Glass, Esq., whose life is sketched in the
preceding biography, was born July 18, 1848, near the city of Georgetown, Ky. He received a collegiate education;
began life as a farmer; was married January 24, 1867, to Bettie Force, who was born in Scott County, Ky., in 1849,
daughter of A. W. Force, of Henry County, Ky., and Martha (Beaty) Force, who was born in Scott County. Mr. and
Mrs. Glass have been blessed with four children--J. Force, George, Augustine and Bettie. Mr. Glass continues to
engage in farming, and has held no political offices, though taking an active part in politics. He is a member of the
Presbyterian Church, a Freemason and a Democrat.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin &
Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 811. [Scott County] [Georgetown Precinct]

On January 24, 1867 when Victor Kenney was 18, he married Bettie FORCE. Born in 1849 in Scott County,

They had the following children:
                  i.      J. Force.
                 ii.      George.
                iii.      Augustine.
                iv.       Bettie.

                       Family of Lavinia Ann Eliza KENNEY (41) & John G. PARRISH

57. Elizabeth Ann PARRISH. Born on November 24, 1855.

On November 21, 1877 when Elizabeth Ann was 21, she married Ed P. WEATHERS, son of J. T. WEATHERS
(1814-) & Bettie PARRISH. Born on July 15, 1831 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin &
County, Chicago, 1882, pp. 559-560

ED. P. WEATHERS, farmer; P. 0. Clintonville; one of the most industrious and thrifty young farmers of the
Clintonville precinct, was born July 15, 1831, in Bourbon County. His father, J. T. Weathers, was born in Fayette
County, July 4, 1814; the mother of our subject was Bettie, the daughter of Ed. Parrish. On the 21st of Nov., 1877, Mr.
Weathers led to the altar Miss Lizzie Parrish, daughter of John Parrish, by whom he has two children: Anne, born
January 6, 1879, and Thomas J., born May 25, 1880. He owns a magnificent farm of 410 acres; is a member of the
Baptist Church, like most of the Weathers' family; he is a director in the Thatcher's Mill Turnpike Co., and a Democrat
in politics.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Annie Elizabeth. Born on January 6, 1879.
                          On November 14, 1900 when Annie Elizabeth was 21, she married Earl SHROPSHIRE.
      61         ii.      Thomas Jefferson (1880-)
      62        iii.      Lillie Parrish (1884-)

                          Family of James Monroe LEER , Sr (45) & Amelia TURNER

58. Corday LEER. Born on February 19, 1877 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Corday was a member of the DAR since 1898. (Pat Gibbs)

                                                       Page 48
                                              Register Report

On January 22, 1896 when Corday was 18, she married Benjamin Franklin BUCKLEY. Born on August 12, 1863 in
Bracken County, Kentucky.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Benjamin Franklin. Born on May 12, 1901. [13] Benjamin Franklin died in January 1985;
                          he was 83. [14]
                          On October 15, 1923 when Benjamin Franklin was 22, he married Beula Mae
                          SAUNDERS. Born on March 27, 1900.
                 ii.      Monroe Leer. Born on February 2, 1905 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Monroe Leer died
                          in January 1979; he was 73. [15]
                          This information is from Amy Buckley,

                         "Leer" was the son of B.F. Buckley Sr. and Corday Leer Buckley.
                         His brother was my, (Amy Buckley) great-grandfather, B.F. Buckley Jr.

                         Education: Henry Clay High School, Transylvania University, Lexington,
                         Kentucky, then Yale Law. When he was at Henry Clay High School he received the Yale
                         Cup (scholarship).

                         When Leer returned from Yale, he served on the KY State Legislature. And
                         then the KY State Senate. He was defeated for the Republican nomination for
                         governor by Eldon S. Dummit (who was his nephew's father-in-law! Leer's nephew, B.F.
                         Buckley III married Rosemary Dummit). Their law practices were both in the same
                         building - Security Trust Co. (Short and Mill - which B.F. Buckley III and B.F. Buckley IV
                         - my grandfather, Ben and father, Biff, are now looking to buy) and were buddies. Leer
                         was a lawyer for Lexington for a while too.

                         Leer never had any children, but he was married for about 30 years to Amelia
                         King. Her father was a banker in a town in KY, maybe Corinth? She and Leer
                         married young. They lived in Bell Court in Lexington in a duplex on the second
                         floor. They used to have Ben (B. F. Buckley III) over for dinner. He remembers
                         her as a very tall, thin, articulate individual.

                         She and Corday were very close. They lived within a few blocks of each other and were
                         considered to have a lot in common.

                         Corday gave Leer an earring of about 2 carats which he had it made into an
                         engagement ring and presented to Amelia upon their engagement. Then,
                         about 15 years ago, Amelia King Leer called Ben up and said that she wanted to give him
                         her ring (this was, of course, long after the divorce). So she came by
                         his office and gave him the ring. Ben asked her if she realized the value of
                         the ring. She said yes, but it came from your grandmother, and as Leer and I
                         are divorced, with no kids I want you as Corday's grandson to have it. So Ben
                         gave it to Elizabeth Ann Buckley (his youngest daughter), because the two older
                         daughters each had diamond rings from Beaulah Mae Saunders Buckley. Ben
                         took Elizabeth over to meet and thank Amelia, who passed away a few years after that.

                         On April 20, 1933 when Monroe Leer was 28, he married Amelia Pickrell KING, in Miami
                         Beach, Florida.

                         Amelia King Buckley was a long time librarian at Keeneland Library. Ben
                         believes Amelia and Leer divorced around '53. They lived on Dudley Ave.
                         after their move from Bell Court.

                                                    Page 49
                                                 Register Report

                              Family of Rebecca KENNEY (46) & David M. DODGE

59. James L. DODGE. Born on May 17, 1867. James L. died on October 17, 1933; he was 66.

Note--It is speculation at this juncture that this James L. Dodge is the same as listed in the Scott Family Genealogy (p.

HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New
York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, pp. 1184-86. [Full page photograph of Mr. Dodge included with
bio.] [Bourbon County]

James L. Dodge - On the old homestead estate which was the place of his nativity and which is eligibly located about
three miles east of Paris, Bourbon county, Mr. Dodge is found as one of the representative agriculturists and
stock-growers of his native county, where, both as a loyal and progressive citizen and as a reliable and substantial
business man, he is well upholding the prestige of a name that has been identified with the annals of Kentucky history
for four generations.

On his present fine homestead James L. Dodge was ushered into the world on the 17th of May, 1869, and is a son of
David M. and Rebecca J. (Kenny) Dodge, both of whom were likewise natives of this county where the former was
born on the 1st of August, 1832, and the latter on the 24th of August, 1835. David M. Dodge was a son of Edwin M.
and Elizabeth (Seamands) Dodge, natives respectively of Clark and Bourbon counties, this state. Edwin M. Dodge,
was a son of David and Dorcas (Mills) Dodge, the former of whom was the founder of the family in Kentucky, whence
he came from Pennsylvania in the pioneer days and established his home in Clark County, where he continued to be
engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death. The ancestors of David Dodge are as follows: His father was Isaac,
son of Eli, son of Josiah, son of Josiah, son of John, son of Richard, who was the founder of the Dodge family in
America. He appeared in Salem, Massachusetts in 1638. He reared a large family of children and many of his
descendants are now to be found in various parts of the old Blue Grass commonwealth, as well as in other sections of
the Union. Mrs. Elizabeth (Seamands) Dodge, paternal grandmother of James L. Dodge of this review, was a daughter
of Manson Seamands, who served as major of a Kentucky regiment in the war of 1812 and who died in 1856; the
maiden name of his wife was Newton.

Edwin M. Dodge was born in Clark county, Kentucky, about the year 1811 and was there reared to maturity under the
conditions and influences of the pioneer epoch. As a young man he removed to Bourbon county and located in North
Middletown precinct, where was solemnized his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Seamands. There he continued his
identification with farming and stock-growing until his death, which occurred about the year 1836, and his widow
subsequently became the wife of Kinzea Stone. They continued to reside in Bourbon county until their death.

David M. Dodge remained with his mother and stepfather until he had attained to the age of twenty years, and in the
meanwhile he duly availed himself of the advantages of the common schools of the locality and period, the while he
contributed his quota to the work and management of the home farm. In February, 1852, was solemnized his marriage
to Miss Adeline Fretwell, daughter of Pascal and Maria (Hildreth) Fretwell, both of whom were representatives of old
Virginia families. Mr. Adeline Dodge died in 1860, and of her four children Bettie is now the only one living; she is
the widow of William Wood and resides in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The three deceased children were Mary D., Edwin M. and William P. On the 22d of May, 1861, David M. Dodge
contracted a second marriage, having then been united in the bonds of wedlock to Miss Rebecca J. Kenney, daughter
of Victor M. and Catherine A. (Rogers) Kenney, both of whom were born and reared in Bourbon county. Victor M.
Kenney was a son of James Kenney, who was born in Virginia, where he was reared to adult age and whence he came
when a young man to Kentucky, numbering himself among the pioneers of Bourbon county. His first wife, the mother
of Victor M., born the maiden name of Margaret Johnson, and after her death he contracted a second marriage. Mrs.
Catherine A. (Rogers) Kenny was a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Spahr) Rogers, who were numbered among the
early and honored pioneers of Bourbon county.

                                                        Page 50
                                                  Register Report

In 1856 David M. Dodge established his home on the farm now owned by his son James L., of this sketch, and as
before stated, the place is located about three miles east of the thriving little city of Paris, on the Paris and North
Middletown turnpike. He here gave the best of his splendid energies to the development and improvement of his
property, and the tangible results of his efforts remain patent to all. He was a man of impregnable integrity in all the
relations of life, was endowed with strong mentality and good judgment, and he was numbered among the best known
and most highly esteemed citizens of his native county, where his death occurred, on his old homestead, on the 10th of
April, 1903. He was a stanch Democrat in his political proclivities and his religious faith was that of the Presbyterian
church. He did not hedge himself in with more personal aggrandizement but was liberal and progressive in his civic
attitude. His second wife, Mrs. Rebecca J. (Kenney) Dodge, who survives him and remains on the old homestead,
bore him four children, concerning whom the following brief record is entered: Martha V. is the wife of Charles G.
Blakely, of Topeka, Kansas; David M. died when about 34 years of age; James L., is the immediate subject of this
review; and Victor K. is an interested principal of the Phoenix Motor Car Company, of Lexington, this state, where he
maintains his residence.

James L. Dodge was reared to maturity on the old homestead which is his present place of abode and which was
likewise that of his nativity, and after availing himself of the advantages of the district school he continued his higher
academic studies in the Garth Institute, at Paris, this county. He has never severed his allegiance to the great
productive industry under whose influences he was reared and he is now the owner of the old homestead, to which he
has added until his landed estate comprises 803 acres. The spacious residence and other buildings on the place are of
the best type and this is recognized as one of the many fine farms that have given Bourbon county such distinctive
prestige. As a young man Mr. Dodge began to devote special attention to the breeding and training of fine trotting
and pacing horses, in which connection he gained precedence as one of the leading horsemen in the section which has
ever represented his home. He still continues to own and handle a few high-grade horses and has never abated his love
for the horse, but since the death of his father he has confined his energies more especially to diversified agriculture
and to the raising of high-grade live stock, besides which he deals somewhat extensively in the same, making large
shipments each years.

He is one of the progressive and wide awake citizens of Bourbon county, ever ready to give his influence and aid in
support of measures and enterprises advanced for the general good of the community, and while he has had naught of
aspiration for public office he is found aligned as a stanch supporter of the cause of the Democratic party, in whose
faith he was reared. He is a member of the Presbyterian church.

On the 10th of December 1890, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Dodge to Miss Lucy H. Williams, who was born
in Harrison county, Kentucky, on the 20th of September, 1869, and who was a daughter of John J. and Elizabeth
(Stone) Williams. Of this union were born two children, one of whom died in infancy; the surviving child, Edgar W.,
was born on the 25th of November 1893. Mrs. Dodge was summoned to the life eternal on the 17th of July, 1905,
secure in the affectionate regard of all who had come within the sphere of her gracious influence.

On December 10, 1890 when James L. was 23, he first married Lucy H. WILLIAMS, daughter of John J. WILLIAMS
& Elizabeth STONE, in Harrison County, Kentucky. Lucy H. died on July 17, 1905.

On December 23, 1914 when James L. was 47, he second married Mary Mitchell WOODFORD, daughter of
Benjamin WOODFORD (1856-1940) & Alice BROOKS (1858-1925). Born on February 9, 1886. Mary Mitchell died
on August 5, 1957; she was 71.

They had one child:
      63         i.        Alice Brooks (1916-)

60. Mattie V DODGE.

Kansas and Kansans, Volume 3
On October 30, 1894, Mr. Blakely married Miss Mattie Victor Kenney Dodge, of Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky,
and a daughter of David M. and Rebecca (Kenney) Dodge. She is of an old southern family on both sides. Her father
was a successful planter and a lover and breeder of standard bred trotting horses. Among horses he raised and owned

                                                        Page 51
                                              Register Report

was Gail Hamilton, who took the three-year-old record of the Grand Circuit races of 1902. He is also owner of
Lemonade, the most famous brood mare of Kentucky of her time. The three children of Mr. and Mrs. Blakely are
Charles G., Victor Kenney and James Mills, the last being now deceased.

Mattie V married BLAKLEY.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Charles G.
                 ii.      Victor Kenney.
                iii.      James Mills.

                                                    Page 52
                                            Register Report

                                            Sixth Generation
                       Family of Elizabeth Ann PARRISH (57) & Ed P. WEATHERS

61. Thomas Jefferson WEATHERS. Born on May 25, 1880.

On October 20, 1920 when Thomas Jefferson was 40, he married Anna Bradford FELIX.

They had one child:
                 i.     Camelia Felix. Born on March 18, 1923.

62. Lillie Parrish WEATHERS. Born on May 12, 1884.

On December 6, 1921 when Lillie Parrish was 37, she married James Rosseau SHROPSHIRE.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Walter Edmund. Born on May 16, 1923.
                 ii.      Betty Ann. Born on July 16, 1927.

                      Family of James L. DODGE (59) & Mary Mitchell WOODFORD

63. Alice Brooks DODGE. Born on October 11, 1916.

On October 13, 1938 when Alice Brooks was 22, she married Edward REYNOLDS. Born on November 21, 1915.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Rebecca Dodge. Born on April 9, 1941. Rebecca Dodge died on November 22, 1941.
                 ii.      Betsy. Born on November 4, 1942.
                iii.      James Dodge. Born on October 26, 1945. James Dodge died on May 27, 1946.
                iv.       Alice Woodford. Born on December 31, 1947.

                                                  Page 53
                                               Register Report

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                                                     Page 54
                                   Register Report

    UNNAMED                            spouse of 6
    UNNAMED                            spouse of 28
    Charles Monrow (1856 - 1897)       child of 42
    John Leer B. (1822 - 1901)         spouse of 42
    Nancy Kate (1858 - )               child of 42
    Addison M. (1845 - )               child of 27
    Alexander (1849 - )                child of 29
    Alexander L. (1810 - 1886)         29
    America (1856 - )                  child of 28
    Benjamin F. (1831 - 1882)          child of 27
    Caroline (1847 - )                 child of 27
    Cassandra (1840 - )                child of 29
    Charles B. (1848 - 1937)           child of 27
    Curtis L. (1854 - )                child of 28
    Cyrus Miller (1850 - 1851)         child of 31
    Edward (1853 - 1859)               child of 31
    Eliza (1838 - 1839)                child of 29
    Elizabeth (1817 - 1862)            30
    Elizabeth (1851 - )                child of 27
    Elizabeth (1837 - )                child of 28
    Emmerine (1847 - )                 child of 28
    Flora (1852 - )                    child of 28
    Franklin (1808 - 1871)             28
    George (1845 - )                   child of 28
    George A. (~1856 - )               child of 31
    Horace (1839 - 1922)               child of 27
    James (1820 - 1889)                31
    James R. (1836 - )                 child of 29
    John (1781 - 1854)                 spouse of 10
    John (1839 - )                     child of 28
    John J. (~1848 - )                 child of 31
    Julie (1814 - 1814)                child of 10
    Juliet (1842 - )                   child of 29
    Lyman T. (1841 - 1937)             child of 27
    Maria (1812 - )                    child of 10
    Mary A. (1835 - 1876)              child of 27
    Mary Jane (1859 - )                child of 28
    Nancy (1851 - 1853)                child of 29
    Nathan M. (1837 - 1929)            53
    Robert F. (1807 - 1864)            27
    Robert S. (1843 - 1912)            child of 27
    Sarah (1841 - 1864)                child of 29
    Sarah (~1826 - )                   32
    Sarah Frances (1845 - 1887)        55
    Simeon (1843 - )                   child of 28
    Victor (1859 - 1859)               child of 31
    Victor (1873 - 1876)               child of 53

                                       Page 55
                                          Register Report

  William (~1815 - )                          child of 10
  William Alexander                           child of 54
  William B. (1835 - 1898)                    54
  UNNAMED                                     spouse of 60
  Charles G.                                  child of 60
  James Mills                                 child of 60
  Victor Kenney                               child of 60
  Margaret E.                                 spouse of 53
  Benjamin Franklin (1863 - )                 spouse of 58
  Benjamin Franklin , Jr. (1901 - 1985)       child of 58
  Monroe Leer (1905 - 1979)                   child of 58
  Archie L.                                   child of 34
  Birdie                                      child of 34
  Charles E.                                  child of 34
  James H.                                    child of 34
  Jeptha Dudley (1827 - 1913)                 spouse of 34
  Landon V.                                   child of 34
  Minnie M.                                   child of 34
  Emily                                       spouse of 49
  Johanna (1849 - 1910)                       child of 26
  John Davis                                  spouse of 26
  Ida (1888 - 1976)                           child of 51
  Isaac Lee (1883 - 1944)                     child of 51
  John W.                                     spouse of 51
  Elizabeth                                   child of 39
  Honorable. Samuel Marshall (1836 - )        spouse of 39
  Theophilus                                  child of 39
  Alice Brooks (1916 - )                      63
  David M. Jr.                                child of 46
  David M. (1832 - 1903)                      spouse of 46
  James L. (1867 - 1933)                      59
  Mattie V                                    60
  Victor K.                                   child of 46
  Sarah E. (1832 - )                          spouse of 54
  Harriett B. (1819 - 1852)                   spouse of 24
  Addison (~1832 - )                          spouse of 32
  Caoline (1857 - )                           child of 32
  Edwin (1860 - )                             child of 32
  Henry (1855 - )                             child of 32
  John C. (1851 - 1861)                       child of 32

                                              Page 56
                               Register Report

  Mary C. (1853 - )                child of 32
  Sally (1858 - 1859)              child of 32
  Adelia (1846 - 1926)             spouse of 43
  Anna Bradford                    spouse of 61
  Bettie (1849 - )                 spouse of 56
  Ina                              child of 38
  Joseph , Esq.                    spouse of 38
  Mary (1747 - 1796)               spouse of 2
  Augustine                        child of 56
  Berri C. , Esq                   spouse of 35
  Bettie                           child of 56
  George                           child of 56
  J. Force                         child of 56
  Victor Kenney (1848 - )          56
  Eleanor W.                       spouse of 36
  Elizabeth H. (1813 - 1898)       spouse of 29
  Malinda Margaret                 spouse of 19
  Alvin Kenney (1804 - 1874)       21
  Angeline (1806 - 1860)           22
  Dorcus Tabitha (~1812 - )        23
  John B. (1842 - >1889)           child of 21
  John S. (1805 - )                child of 7
  Mary Frances (1814 - )           child of 7
  William (~1775 - 1816)           spouse of 7
  William H. (1829 - )             child of 21
  William Henry (~1808 - )         child of 7
  Daughter                         child of 22
  George Washington                spouse of 22
  James Hildreth (1832 - )         child of 22
  William (1829 - 1892)            child of 22
  Izorah (1857 - 1901)             spouse of 50
  Elizabeth Jane                   spouse of 31
  Anna (1840 - )                   child of 12
  DeWitt C. (1828 - )              child of 12
  Edith                            spouse of 8
  Isaac                            spouse of 17
  John (1800 - 1858)               spouse of 12

                                   Page 57
                                   Register Report

  Laura (1834 - 1835)                  child of 12
  Maggie                               47
  Margaret (1832 - 1913)               34
  Margaret (Peggy) (1770 - 1829)       spouse of 2
  Mary Polly ( - 1822)                 spouse of 6
  Rachel                               spouse of 25
  Sarah (1877 - )                      child of 17
  Victor M. (1833 - )                  child of 12
  Abigal B. (1801 - 1856)              child of 2
  Agnes (1899 - )                      child of 40
  Amanda                               child of 8
  Ann Warren (1874 - )                 child of 40
  Archibald                            child of 8
  Benney (1821 - )                     child of 14
  Beulah (1898 - )                     child of 52
  Billy                                child of 49
  Charles Isaac (1879 - 1948)          child of 50
  Charles O. (1841 - )                 child of 13
  Charlotte (1908 - )                  child of 40
  Charlotte Corday (1809 - 1897)       15
  Clara (1895 - )                      child of 52
  Clarence William (1895 - )           child of 50
  Claude                               child of 36
  Clement William (1909 - )            child of 40
  Cordelia (1890 - 1980)               child of 52
  David (1772 - ~1804)                 4
  David Hurley (1892 - <1978)          child of 50
  Davy (1826 - )                       child of 14
  Dosica                               child of 8
  Duncan (1874 - )                     child of 49
  Eda                                  child of 8
  Edith                                child of 6
  Edward (1875 - )                     child of 50
  Elam                                 child of 4
  Eleanor (1917 - )                    child of 40
  Eli                                  child of 8
  Elizabeth (1773 - )                  5
  Elizabeth (1760 - )                  child of 1
  Elizabeth                            child of 4
  Elizabeth (~1832 - )                 child of 3
  Ella                                 child of 24
  Emaline                              child of 48
  Emma                                 child of 37
  Evaline (1859 - 1933)                51
  Fountain (~1809 - )                  20
  Frank                                child of 48
  Frank ( - 1946)                      child of 49
  George                               child of 48
  George M. (~1826 - )                 child of 3
  Gertrude (1893 - 1939)               child of 52
  Gilbert (1823 - )                    child of 14
  Harvey Gerome (1882 - 1975)          child of 50

                                       Page 58
                                 Register Report

Hattie (1861 - 1891)                 child of 24
Helena L. (1804 - 1849)              12
Hellena (1850 - 1875)                child of 19
Henry Lander (1832 - )               child of 13
Isaac (1807 - 1896)                  19
Isaac Jr. (1838 - )                  child of 19
Izorah                               child of 49
Jack                                 child of 6
James Sr. (1752 - 1814)              2
James Jr. (1782 - 1813)              8
James                                child of 6
James                                child of 36
James Barnett (1726 - 1782)          1
James Gerome (1866 - 1911)           52
James Houston (1830 - 1886)          36
James M. (1851 - )                   child of 24
James Madison (1810 - 1892)          24
Jefferson (~1831 - )                 child of 3
Joe                                  child of 49
John (1834 - 1835)                   child of 19
John (~1756 - )                      child of 1
John                                 child of 4
John (1830 - )                       child of 14
John C. (1775 - 1847)                6
John Calvin (1855 - 1927)            child of 48
John Muir                            child of 3
Johnny                               child of 49
Jonas                                child of 6
Joseph (1857 - 1858)                 child of 19
Joseph (~1754 - )                    child of 1
Joseph B. (1870 - 1954)              child of 40
Joseph Bonaparte (1806 - 1887)       13
Joseph E. (1864 - 1873)              child of 19
Joseph Frank (1834 - 1865)           37
Lavenia Alice (1843 - )              39
Lavinia Ann Eliza (1832 - )          41
Lou Booth (1905 - )                  child of 40
Luna Elizabeth (1898 - 1987)         child of 50
Malinda Burdette (1886 - 1987)       child of 50
Margaret (1854 - 1873)               child of 19
Margaret                             child of 36
Margaret Ann (1828 - )               35
Margaret (Peggy) (1813 - 1900)       17
Marie Louise (1800 - 1850)           11
Martha (1833 - )                     child of 19
Martha                               child of 49
Mary                                 child of 6
Mary Ann (1814 - 1830)               child of 2
Mary J. (1829 - 1840)                child of 19
Mary “Polly” (1779 - )               7
Mattie                               child of 36
Monroe Leer (1884 - 1898)            child of 50
Moses (1784 - 1875)                  3
Moses                                child of 4

                                     Page 59
                                     Register Report

  Moses                                  child of 6
  Nancy (1788 - )                        9
  Nancy (1802 - 1882)                    child of 6
  Nancy Ellen (1878 - )                  child of 50
  Nancy K. (1848 - 1878)                 child of 19
  Napolean (1836 - )                     child of 13
  Napoleon Bonaparte (1808 - 1836)       14
  Nathan (1840 - )                       49
  Nathan (1802 - )                       25
  Nathan Jr. (1835 - )                   child of 25
  Nicholas                               child of 6
  Oren (~1834 - )                        child of 20
  Polly                                  child of 4
  Polly                                  child of 8
  Rebecca (1835 - 1914)                  46
  Richard                                child of 49
  Robert Ray (1889 - 1969)               child of 50
  Sallie (1890 - )                       child of 40
  Sallie                                 child of 36
  Sallie Barnett (1786 - )               10
  Sallie Frances (1839 - )               38
  Sally                                  child of 4
  Sarah (~1758 - )                       child of 1
  Sudie                                  child of 49
  Susan M. (~1832 - )                    18
  Victor Mareau (1812 - 1877)            16
  Victor Marrue (1851 - 1925)            50
  Victor Moreau (1846 - )                40
  William (1801 - 1876)                  child of 6
  William                                child of 24
  William (~1828 - )                     child of 3
  William R. (1861 - 1943)               child of 19
  William Warren (1871 - )               child of 40
  Willis (1831 - 1896)                   48
  Worth Lee                              child of 48
  Zarilda (1836 - )                      child of 19
  John D. (1841 - 1881)                  spouse of 55
  John Edwin (1867 - 1870)               child of 55
  UNNAMED (1730 - )                      spouse of 1
  Elizabeth w. (1837 - )                 child of 33
  James Allen (1882 - 1962)              spouse of 33
  James H. (1849 - )                     child of 33
  Joseph A. (1846 - )                    child of 33
  Lavinia (1808 - 1884)                  spouse of 13
  Margaret (1806 - )                     spouse of 13
  Oliva (1844 - )                        child of 33
  Curtis F.                              spouse of 30
  Mary L. ( - 1859)                      child of 30

                                         Page 60
                                    Register Report

  Amelia (1889 - )                      child of 45
  Carroll Honeywood (1887 - )           child of 43
  Catherine (1840 - 1873)               44
  Charles Carroll (1835 - 1922)         43
  Corday (1877 - )                      58
  Cortland Ewing (1871 - )              child of 43
  Daughter (1875 - 1875)                child of 45
  Davereau (1882 - 1964)                child of 45
  David , Jr (1803 - 1885)              spouse of 15
  Elizabeth (1833 - 1918)               42
  James Monroe , Sr (1841 - 1894)       45
  James Monroe , Jr (1894 - )           child of 45
  Junior (1887 - 1888)                  child of 45
  Loura (1891 - )                       child of 45
  Margaret (1831 - 1835)                child of 15
  Matilda (1884 - )                     child of 45
  Roe Cora (1885 - 1886)                child of 45
  Son (1879 - 1879)                     child of 45
  Vernon (1880 - 1973)                  child of 45
  John                                  spouse of 22
  Rev. J. H.                            spouse of 35
  Margaret J. (1810 - 1899)             spouse of 27
  Celstia K. (~1866 - )                 child of 18
  George (1877 - )                      child of 18
  John Kenney (1864 - )                 child of 18
  Noah (~1862 - )                       child of 18
  Orion (~1858 - )                      child of 18
  Samuel                                spouse of 18
  Elizabeth                             spouse of 20
  Mary                                  spouse of 24
  Elizabeth Ann (1855 - )               57
  Henry K. (1863 - )                    child of 41
  John G. (1826 - )                     spouse of 41
  Nancy (1807 - 1840)                   spouse of 19
  Aida                                  child of 47
  Daisey Dean                           child of 47
  Hon. John J. (1852 - )                spouse of 47
  Isham                                 spouse of 9
  Jonas McDonald                        child of 9
  Alice Woodford (1947 - )              child of 63
  Betsy (1942 - )                       child of 63

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                                Register Report

  Edward (1915 - )                  spouse of 63
  James Dodge (1945 - 1946)         child of 63
  Rebecca Dodge (1941 - 1941)       child of 63
  Lt. Jonas (1786 - 1817)           spouse of 9
  Nancy Menefee (1816 - 1886)       26
  David Leer (1869 - )              child of 44
  John Lewis (1836 - 1897)          spouse of 44
  May (1871 - )                     child of 44
  Nancy (1868 - )                   child of 44
  Sara A. (~1826 - )                spouse of 21
  Cloie (1870 - 1899)               spouse of 52
  Catherine O.                      33
  James M                           child of 11
  Margaret                          child of 11
  Moses Joseph (1796 - )            spouse of 11
  Catherine (1812 - 1837)           spouse of 16
  Mary Ann                          spouse of 48
  Betty Ann (1927 - )               child of 62
  James Rosseau                     spouse of 62
  Walter Edmund (1923 - )           child of 62
  Sally Ann                         spouse of 48
  Catherine (~1807 - 1861)          spouse of 3
  Mollie                            spouse of 37
  Elizabeth Ann (1801 - 1884)       spouse of 14
  Elizabeth (~1812 - )              child of 5
  George (1809 - )                  child of 5
  James (~1769 - )                  spouse of 5
  James Kenney (1799 - )            child of 5
  Jane (1807 - )                    child of 5
  John (~1800 - )                   child of 5
  Joseph (~1797 - )                 child of 5
  Mary (1802 - )                    child of 5
  Nancy (1805 - )                   child of 5
  Amelia (1851 - 1915)              spouse of 45
  Elizabeth Ann                     spouse of 28

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                                Register Report

  Agnes Fauntleroy (~1846 - )       spouse of 40
  Annie Elizabeth (1879 - )         child of 57
  Camelia Felix (1923 - )           child of 61
  Ed P. (1831 - )                   spouse of 57
  Lillie Parrish (1884 - )          62
  Thomas Jefferson (1880 - )        61
  Lucy H. ( - 1905)                 spouse of 59
  Mary Mitchell (1886 - 1957)       spouse of 59
  James                             child of 23
  Thomas Jr. (1805 - )              spouse of 23

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