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					                               Heartland Connection
                                       June 4, 2007

            The Heartland Connection is made possible by your Mission Dollars

Each week you will receive the Heartland Connection. The Heartland Connection can also be
located on the home page of our web page www.heartlandpby.org listed under Heartland

Each week you will receive updates on upcoming events:
      Stony Point 170th Anniversary—June 9 &10, 2007
      Ordination/Installation of Jarret McLaughlin—4:00 p.m., June 10, 2007—Village
       Presbyterian Church
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—June 16, 2007—United Christian Presbyterian
       Church, Richmond, MO
      St. Paul Presbyterian Church—85th Anniversary Celebration—June 22-24, 2007
      PW Horizons Bible Study Workshop— July 28, 2007—Village, Prairie Village, KS

Links for this week are: http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/events.html
                Calendar of Meetings and Events
                Order New Books of Order before the Price Goes Up
                Camps for Kids
                Horizon Bible Study Workshop—July 28, 2007—Village Presbyterian Church
                Stony Point 170th Anniversary Celebration—June 9 &10, 2007
                2007 National Pastors Sabbath—June 28-July 2, 2007
                Cambridge Fairchild
                WeeKirk Conference—October 9-11, 2007
                Regional Training for Interim Ministry—October 29-November 2, 2007
                National Presbyterian Evangelism Conference—August 31-September 3, 2007

A Partnership of Prayer
  Please pray for all the Honorably Retired, at-large members who are not currently serving
                    churches, and support staff of the churches each week.
June 3, 2007—Trinity Sunday
First Presbyterian Church, Albany, MO
       The Rev. Roger Manley, Temporary Supply
       Ms. Kathleen Lykins, Clerk of Session

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church, Appleton City, MO
       Mr. Marcus Cumpton, Commissioned Lay Pastor
       Ms. Michelle Allen, Clerk of Session
First Presbyterian Church, Atchison, KS
       The Rev. John D. Watson, Interim Pastor, Honorably Retired
       Ms. Noelle Walters, Clerk of Session


Planning Calendars Are Here! If you ordered planning calendars you may pick them up at the
presbytery office 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Remaining calendars will be
available at the June 16th presbytery meeting for pick up. (submitted by Mardy Cottrell 5/18/07)

Do you know about repair on plaster walls? If so, the First Presbyterian Church, Fairfax, MO
could use your help. Please contact Nancy Profit at nancy_profit@hotmail.com or l-
scre@asde.net. (Submitted by Nancy Profit 6/4/07)

Could your church use a free set of reversible paraments? If so, please call Blue Ridge
Presbyterian at 816-353-2296. (Submitted by Jane Nutt 5/30/07)

Earthkeepers (a sub-committee of Mission Outreach and Social Justice) is wanting to assist
congregations in resourcing members/committees in environmental justice efforts. This can be
done through your mission committee, peacemaking committee, or a special committee for
environmental justice. A first step is just letting us know who a key person is with whom we can
communicate. We would like to put this person on our email list and offer to be of service
within the committee/congregation with programs or general resourcing information. Please
send your name and email address to Diane Waddell at Diane_Waddell@sbcglobal.net.
(Submitted by Diane Waddell 5/29/07)

Ministry Equipping Opportunity -- Did you realize that your church may be only source for
others to hear the good news of God's grace following the brokenness of abortion? A ministry
packet entitled, "Discovering Grace," with numerous resources, has been prepared for each
congregation in Heartland Presbytery. All pastors are invited to a complimentary luncheon on
Friday, September 28, "Abortion Recovery: Understanding and Reaching Out Within and
Around our Congregations." Additionally, an "Equipped to Serve" Abortion Recovery
Workshop will be held Saturday, September 29 for laypeople and pastors interested in bringing
this vital ministry to the life of the church. Your church packet and information on the pastors'
luncheon and equipping workshop may be picked up at the Heartland Presbyterians Pro-Life
table at the June 16 Presbytery meeting. For more information, see
www.ppl.org/Chap_Heartland.html (Submitted by Di Lupton 5/25/07)

Camp Scholarships Available - Thanks to generous donations to Heartland Presbyterian
Center’s camp scholarship fund, we have the ability to financially help more kids than ever
before come to camp. Do you know kids in your community that would benefit from going to
camp this summer, but can’t afford to go? Are there families in your congregation who cannot
afford to send all of their kids to camp, so none of their kids go? If so, tell them about
Heartland’s camper scholarship program and help us get those kids to camp this summer. Visit
the camp’s website at www.HeartlandCenter.org and call Debbie at (816) 891-1078 ext.127 to
apply for a scholarship. (Submitted by Dan Scheneman 5/24/07)

Military Camperships at Heartland Center - In addition to need based camperships and our
Ministry Partnership Grant funds, Heartland Presbyterian Center is reaching out to the children
of military personnel serving on active duty. Being separated from a parent for an extended
period of time is difficult for children under any circumstances. When that parent is serving on
active duty in the military, the fear and doubt can add to the child’s stress. Heartland
Presbyterian Center is offering camperships to cover the entire cost of camp for children whose
parents are serving on active duty in the military. We hope these campers will enjoy a week of
fun, fellowship and faith building. We also hope the time at camp will allow them time to focus
on fun and be carefree children for a time. If you or anyone you know has children who might
benefit from this experience, please contact Debbie Raines, Camp Register, 816/891-1078, to
begin the process. (Submitted by Jeff Light 5/23/07)

A fascinating website follows which is very helpful in learning how to help promote both earth
and social justice is NativeEnergy at: http://www.nativeenergy.com/Splash/PRC/PRC.html?PRC.
With NativeEnergy, you can help finance and build new clean and renewable energy projects
that help Native Americans and Alaska Natives create sustainable economic benefits, and that
help America’s family farmers compete with agribusiness. These projects will displace
electricity from fossil fuels and reduce other greenhouse gas emissions on your behalf, making
up for the CO2 emissions you can’t avoid. Offsetting your CO2 is a way to respond faithfully to
all we have been given and to engage in keeping and healing of the Earth. (Submitted by Diane
Waddell of Earthkeepers 5/20/07)

Ghost Ranch presents: A Week for Peace, Global Justice and Creation held July 30 -August
5. This is sponsored by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship,
Presbyterians for Restoring Creation and Witherspoon Society. The seminar will explore how
we can live as Jesus taught while much of the world suffers poverty and violence and God's good
earth is exploited. Learn more at www.ghostranch.org. (Submitted by Diane Waddell 5/8/07)

Festival of Sharing Supplies for School Kits: Churches all over the state are working on
assembling many different kits for use in Missouri and Church World Service. The end of the
school year may present an opportunity to assemble more school kits, please consider checking
with your local schools to see if there are supplies that could be donated for assembling Church
World Service school kits or Missouri Readin’ and Writin’ Pacs. Many schools ask students to
bring supplies each fall that are gathered and shared by all students in the classroom. Teachers
and students may be willing to share those extra supplies with other children in need. Church
World service needs 15,000 School kits for the west bank and another 5,000 school kits for
children in Cuba. The festival of Sharing will be October 20th 2007 at the Missouri State
Fairgrounds. Contact Terri Williams at festival@socket.net or 573-474-3332 to request
information on the 2007 Festival of Sharing at the Missouri State Fairgrounds on October 20th.
(Submitted by Terri Williams 5/7/07)

Percept: How well do you know the community that is surrounding your church? For free
demographics for your church login on “link2lead.com” (User – 23553 Password – kerygma2)
Enter your church zip code and print your “First View” report. (submitted by Mary Brown

Spread the word - Now through July 31, you can double your contribution to Heartland
Presbyterian Center through the Camps For Kids Organization (a United Way member). Every
dollar you donate to Heartland Presbyterian Center, up to $1,500, will be matched by the Camps
For Kids Campaign 2007 with a gift to Heartland’s Camper Scholarship Fund. Visit
www.campsforkids.org or see the link above with Camps for Kids flyer to learn more about how
you can have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar. Last year, Heartland raised $9,000 in matching
gifts through this program. Remember to direct your gift to Heartland Presbyterian Center by
writing its name in the memo line of your check. (Submitted Amy Haas 4/23/07)

Presbyterian Children’s Services Regional Development Officer: Rich Maxwell phone 913-
523-4789 or e-mail him at richardmaxwell@care4kids.org. (Submitted by presbytery staff

Board of Pensions Regional Representative: The Rev. Douglas Kelly, Regional
Representative, Synod of Mid-America, 5559 NW Barry Road, Suite #363, KCMO 64154,
800.773.7752 x 7045, 800.511.0132, dkelly@pensions.org. (Submitted by presbytery staff

Bill Tammeus, faith columnist for The Kansas City Star and an elder at Second Presbyterian
Church of Kansas City, will teach a class again this summer at Ghost Ranch, the national
Presbyterian conference center in the beautiful red rock hills of northern New Mexico. It will be
a writing class (for beginners and professionals alike) that will draw on an interfaith perspective.
The official description of the July 2-8, 2007, class from the catalog is available at
www.ghostranch.org: If you want more information call Bill at 816-926-0366 or e-mail him at
tammeus@onebox.com. (Submitted by Bill Tammeus 1/8/07)

The PCUSA Purchasing Partnership information is back up online. Here is the web site
http://www.pcusa.org/purchasingpartners/. It changes from time to time as new deals come in
and others phase out. (Submitted by presbytery staff 12/18/06)

Organizations that are not included in the organizational structure of Heartland
Presbytery may request display space at presbytery meetings through the Mission Outreach
and Social Justice Division. After reviewing the organization and its purpose as it relates to the
presbytery’s mission, MOSJ will bring the initial request of each organization to the Presbytery
Council for approval. Once organizations have been approved by Council, the Stated Clerk may
receive display requests and approve them on the Council’s behalf on a calendar year basis.
(Submitted by Maryann Farnsworth 11/23/06)

2007 National Pastors’ Sabbath Lift Up Your Eyes On High And See—June 28-July 2, 2007.
Check out the website www.pcusa.org/pastorsabbath. Flyer and reservation information attached
to this Heartland Connection. Early registration begins December 4, 2006. (Submitted by
presbytery staff 11/9/06)
Check out Shirley Hill's ministry in Cameroon
http://www.pcusa.org/missionconnections/profiles/hills.htm (Submitted by Maryann Farnsworth

INTERESTED IN SEMINARY? Louisville Seminary announces their Exploratory
Weekends, October 5-6, 2007, and March 6-7, 2008. For further information, call 800.264.1839
or www.lpts.edu. (Updated by presbytery staff 3/5/07)

Hurricane Relief Updates www.pcusa.org/pda. The need is still there.
(Submitted by presbytery staff 12/4/06)

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has launched a new Web site dedicated to small
churches. The site, http://www.pcusa.org/smallchurch, is intended to further the mission of the
Small Church Ministry Network, a voluntary association of people throughout the church
involved or interested in small church ministry (Submitted by presbytery staff 5/5/06)


Our deepest sympathy is extended to Barbara Loots in the death of her husband Larry. He
died June 3, 2007, surrounded by comfort, at Hospice House. Services will be Sunday, June 10
at 12:30 p.m. at the Second Presbyterian Church, KCMO. Barbara is a member of the Worship
and Fellowship Division of Heartland Presbytery. (Submitted by presbytery staff 6/4/07)

Please be in prayer: On June 16th, The Rev. Merilyn Slack-Schinkel and husband will be
welcoming Danil Yemelyanov to their home, and to life in Kansas City for the summer. Danil
will be here with other Belarussian children suffering the after-effects of Chernobyl. They will
be here for medical reasons, to taste of life away from their contaminated environment, and of
course, to have kid-fun. Please pray for all of the thirty two children, and their host families.
(Submitted by Merrilyn Slack Schinkel 6/4/07)

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of The Rev. Mel Roblee. Mel was at St.
Luke from 1971 to 1986. He was a great guy and good presbyter. Mel died May 28th in Perry,
Iowa. He is survived by his wife Kathryn and two sons and a daughter. Cards may be sent to the
family in care of Murdock Funeral Home, 1420 Warford, Perry, Iowa 50220. (Submitted by Ky
Weekly 6/4/07)

Please be in prayer for Anna Belle Walter, wife of The Rev. William Walter, HR. Anna broke
her hip on May 6, and is now confined to the Aberdeen Village Health Care Center in Olathe.
(Submitted by William Walter 5/30/07)

Please be in prayer for Bob Langworthy, retired Parliamentarian and member of CDR. Bob is
at the Care Center at Claridge recuperating. (Updated by presbytery staff 5/29/07)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Don Schomacker. Don had a long and intricate
surgery Thursday, May 10th and is home recuperating. Notes of support and prayer can be sent
to: Don Schomacker and Diane Nunnelee, 600 E. 8th St. Unit 4Q, Kansas City, MO 64106.
(Updated by presbytery staff 5/29/07)

Please be in prayer for Mary Lea Johanning, 26 year old member at First, Atchison. Mary
Lea is battling cancer. (Submitted by presbytery staff 5/1/07)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Ron Galvin, pastor, First, Lees Summit. Ron had knee
replacement surgery on April 30, 2007, and is home recuperating. (Submitted by presbytery staff

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Larry Wheeler, former pastor of First Presbyterian Church,
Liberty, MO. Larry has taken early retirement after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. If
you would like to send a card, his address is 6003 Chestnut, Sedalia, MO 65301. (Submitted by
presbytery staff 4/2/07)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Jim Tilton, Honorably Retired, as he is experiencing health
problems. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/28/07)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Sarah Coburn, United Campus Ministry, as she is
experiencing health issues. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/26/07)

Please be in prayer for Greta Butler, Mother of Sarah Butler, Commissioned Lay Pastor,
First, Pleasanton, KS. Greta is undergoing chemotherapy. (Updated by presbytery staff 3/06/07)

Please continue to pray for The Rev. Dr. Dick Duncan and family. Dick is confined to the
Ridgecrest Nursing Center, 706 S. Mitchell, Warrensburg, MO. Cards can be sent to: The Rev.
Dr. Dick Duncan, PO Box 230, Warrensburg, MO 64093. (Updated by presbytery staff 12/6/06)

Please be in prayer for the victims of natural disasters and all those who are so generously
offering assistance to meet the needs of these disasters.


First Presbyterian Church of Pleasant Hill is looking for a new Music Director. This position
is responsible for choosing music and conducting the choir during Sunday morning service and
special services. This person should be able to attend weekly practice and have prior musical
experience. Please send a complete resume to: First Presbyterian Church of Pleasant Hill, 210 N
Jeffreys, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080. Our email address is firstpresph@earthlink.net. Please add
to the top of all applications Attn: Carole Flynn (Submitted by Malena Chaplin 5/15/07)

The Heartland Center Needs Your Help! Camp Heartland still has openings for summer staff
and volunteers. General Staff will work as counselors, activity leaders, and program support.
The dates of summer employment are from May 20th through August 5th. Can’t commit to a
whole summer of work? Camp Heartland also needs Volunteers to fill positions for week long
sessions. Come help Camp Heartland and take a week to play outside! For more information,
contact the Heartland Center at 816-891-1078, hpcprogram2@crn.org, or go online at
www.HeartlandCenter.org. (Submitted by Chris Ford 4/24/07)

A Kansas City, Missouri Northland church is seeking to fill the position of Director of Family
Ministries. This person would be responsible for coordinating a children’s (age 6 through 12)
weeknight program, Sunday School and Vacation Bible school. In addition this person would be
responsible for working with our young married couples, young adults, equipping and
developing a hospitality program to welcome visitors at the church as well as visiting the un-
churched and new families in the Northland area. This person should be able to relate well to
children, have good organizational skills, and a fully committed Christian attitude. A religious
degree and musical background are helpful but not required. Please send a complete resume to:
St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 4301 Northeast Vivion Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64119, or
stlukejoy@hotmail.com (Submitted by Phil Myers 3/2/07)

Dear Friends, JOBLINK continues to be a resource to the unemployed in Kansas City. This
ministry offers assistance to the unemployed at no cost. If you are keeping your membership
aware of JOBLINK, thank you. Seeking employment or are you an employer with work? Please
visit JOBLINK Employment Ministry at: www.gashland.org/joblink.htm

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