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					Greek Mythology Trading Cards
Freshman English
Mr. Wukas

                          Greek Gods & Heroes Trading Cards

    As we begin an overview of Greek mythology in preparation for the Iliad, Odyssey
and Aeneid, you will need to know who’s who among Greek gods and heroes.
    Therefore, in order to make our lives (and reading) easier, as a class you are going to
create a deck of Greek Gods & Heroes Trading Cards.

                                         The Cards

      Your trading card must be two-sided on a sheet of 8.5-by-11-inch paper. Put your
       name and period on the bottom of the first page of your card.

      On the front side, you will identify your god/hero by his/her Greek name and
       provide the Roman equivalent where appropriate.

      Side one also must include a suitably sized artistic rendering of the god/hero (you
       may lift a photo from the Internet or draw your own, but no stick figures, please)
       and his/her vital statistics, e.g., what he/she is the god of, his/her special powers,
       siblings, friends, etc., where appropriate.

      On side two, you must retell briefly a story in first person about the god/hero
       from Greek mythology. Be sure to make sure the story fills the page and that its
       design is consistent with page one. (If your story is too short, embellish it and use
       a larger font size, but you should go at least 200 words in your retelling.)

      You must list your sources (books, Web sites) from which you culled your
       material on the bottom of page two.

      Feel free to be creative with fonts and design. The more creative you are, the
       better your grade.


     You will be graded on format, prominent display of name(s), an appropriate portrait,
thoroughness of god’s vital statistics, your sources listed at the bottom of page two; your
first-person retelling of a story about this god, and what I call X factor, which is entirely
up to me.
        Your trading card is due Friday, February 3.
        A late trading card will lose points.
        Your “paper” grade will be worth 100 points.
                                   Gods & Heroes
        You are not allowed to duplicate anyone’s efforts, so only one god/goddess/hero
to a customer.

                 Zeus                                               Jason
                 Hera                                              Medea
               Poseidon                                            Perseus
                 Hades                                             Medusa
              Persephone                                         Andromeda
               Demeter                                          Bellerephon
              Aphrodite                                           Theseus
                Artemis                                           Ariadne
                Athena                                          Agamemnon
                 Hestia                                           Menelaus
                  Ares                                              Helen
                Apollo                                            Achilles
              Hephaestus                                          Odysseus
                Hermes                                             Nestor
               Dionysus                                       Ajax the Greater
                  Eros                                              Priam
                  Pan                                              Hector
               Cerberus                                         Andromache
               Minotaur                                             Paris
                Cronos                                    Polyphemos the Cyclops
               The Furies                                         Centaurs
               The Fates                                           Satyrs
                 Atlas                                             Sirens

       If there’s another god/goddess/hero you’d like to take, please feel free to ask.

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