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                    F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 5
Report to the Five Colleges                                                          Page 1 of 36


From its establishment, WFCR 88.5 FM has maintained a close, effective, and mutually
rewarding partnership with UMass and the Five College Consortium. In essence, WFCR,
UMass, and the Colleges augment one another’s strengths as they pursue a shared mis-
sion: the creation of a more informed public — one challenged and invigorated by a
deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures. To accomplish its
part of that mission, WFCR produces, acquires, and distributes programming that meets
the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression, values that
are fully in keeping with the goals of higher education.
As you will see in this report, WFCR’s services to UMass and the Colleges are extensive.
Historically, the Five College Consortium has respected WFCR’s editorial independence,
and WFCR is committed to maintaining editorial control over station content. Nonethe-
less, much of WFCR’s news coverage is focused on events and trends at the schools.
Through its online and on-air Arts Calendar, 88.5 FM is a chief source of information on
cultural events hosted by the UMass and the Colleges. And WFCR provides technical
facilities and expertise to the faculty, staff, and students of the UMass and the Colleges.
Through administrative support services, in-kind contributions, and financial assistance,
UMass and the Colleges make an important contribution to WFCR’s continuing viability.
In turn, WFCR’s affiliation with the Five Colleges is advantageous to the schools, as the
Consortium gains stature by association with the high standards of journalistic and artistic
excellence practiced by WFCR and National Public Radio.
With the consent of the Colleges, the University of Massachusetts holds WFCR’s broad-
cast license in public trust, and the station is especially gratified to occupy a unique and
integral place in the school’s structure. Through administrative support services, in-kind
contributions, and financial assistance, UMass makes an important contribution to
WFCR’s continuing viability. In addition the Colleges contribute approximately 3 per-
cent of the station’s annual revenue. In turn, WFCR’s affiliation with the Five Colleges is
measurably advantageous to the schools.
The benefits derived by the University and the Colleges from this association are well
In 1993, International Communications Research conducted the first study to evaluate the
relationship between public radio stations and their licensees. The results demonstrate
that UMass and the Colleges have a valuable asset in WFCR. Key highlights of the ICR
report include:
        82% of adults polled believe that universities and colleges that are affiliat-
             ed with a public radio station provide a community service because
             of the relationship.
        67% of adults polled and 80% of NPR listeners polled believe that it is ei-
             ther a “good” or “excellent” fit with the educational mission of a uni-
             versity to be associated with a public radio station.

Public Radio for Western New England                                               February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                        Page 2 of 36

WFCR provides a 24-hour, 365-day-per-year presence for UMass and the Colleges by
delivering a highly educated audience — one that appreciates the value and power of ed-
ucation. This strong and influential audience helps the University and Colleges immeas-
urably by building and maintaining positive relationships in the surrounding community.
Such local support is especially essential to insuring the well-being of WFCR during a
time of budget cuts and mandated restrictions in the operation of the Commonwealth’s
public universities.
WFCR and the Five Colleges are part of a partnership that exists throughout public radio
to bring voices and viewpoints from around the world, across the nation, and down the
street to western New England.
WFCR provides members of the Five Colleges community with analysis, interpretation,
and depth that other programming sources do not match because of commercial goals and
restraints. WFCR offers an objective forum for public discourse: the very soul of healthy
educational institutions.
Connected by a shared mission and driven by similar goals, WFCR, UMass, and the Col-
leges will continue to profit by maintaining open and mutually beneficial working rela-
tionships. We offer this report as evidence of our commitment to strengthening those ties.
Please feel free to share this report with colleagues and other interested persons. If you
would like additional copies, or wish to discuss any aspect of WFCR’s association with
the Five Colleges, please contact General Manager Martin Miller at (413) 545-1990 or

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                          Page 3 of 36

        F I V E C O L L E G E S - R E L AT E D N E W S S T O R I E S
WFCR is a primary news resource for members of the Five Colleges community. This is
our “beat,” and we cover it every day of the year. Rarely does a week go by without sev-
en or eight news stories on events and issues particular to the Five Colleges. At the same
time, we each respect the boundaries of our involvement. Objective and unbiased report-
ing relies on preserving the editorial integrity of the newsroom. Through coverage of lo-
cal and regional issues, in-depth analysis, colorful features, and insightful commentary
(often provided by faculty or administrators), WFCR’s news programs report not only
what’s happening, but also why it’s happening and what it means to our Five Colleges

                                       J A N U A RY 2 0 0 4
                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        20 – Students are helping design wheelchairs for people in developing

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        12 – The College’s plan to tear down some apartment buildings to build an
              engineering complex is drawing fire from some Northampton resi-
        15 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly take on classic
              videos and DVD’s to look for. This month: Beach Movies.
        31 – President Carol Christ told students, faculty, and staff that she’s
              thinking about eliminating 54 nonacademic jobs over the next two
              years and 25 faculty positions during the next five years.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        21 – The College hosts a panel discussion on the Massachusetts Supreme
              Judicial Court’s decision extending marriage rights to same-sex cou-
        23 – Professor Darby Dyer has been examining the data coming for the
              Mars Rover Spirit, looking forward to data from Opportunity.
        29 – The College has surpassed its $250 million fund-raising goal for the
              Plan for 2003; comments from President Joann Creighton.

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                            Page 4 of 36

                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        9 – A dozen semifinalists for the position of President of UMass are being
              interviewed this month.
        23 – Students are facing increases in room and board and mandatory
             fees. A Trustees’ committee has proposed a $441 hike in room and
             board and a $26 increase in mandatory fees.
        27 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              on Rembrandt.
        29 – Officials at the University are increasing security to prevent disrup-
              tions on Super Bowl Sunday.

                                   F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 4
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        3 – Students could be facing another round of fee increases.
        4 – John McCutcheon has been hired as the school’s new Athletic Direc-
        5 – Trustees have voted to increase room and board fees on the Amherst
              campus by $442; tuition and fees are also going up.
        5 – Daniel Hunt, who pleaded guilty to stealing equipment from campus
              labs and selling it on EBay, has been sentenced to jail time.
        6 – FEATURE: Retired UMass Professor Vince Cleary takes us to the
              Mark Twain Museum in Hartford.
        9 – Trustees have approved a plan to borrow up to $85 million to build
              more student housing on the Amherst campus.
        17 – UMass Professor Nilanjana Dasgupta has co-authored a study that
              found in situations requiring snap decisions, anger can trigger auto-
              matic prejudice toward people of different ethnic groups.
        20 – FEATURE: Students at UMass and a performing arts high school
              collaborate on a play that looks at the issues involved when schools
              are pressured to ban arts events that some find offensive.
        23 – UMass Professor Robert Nakosteen comments on a Brookings Insti-
              tution report that says an especially high percentage of college grad-
              uates left the Pioneer Valley in the 1990s.
        24 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              on the relations between Indians and explorers of the “New World.”
        26 – FEATURE: Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
              speaks at UMass.

Public Radio for Western New England                                              February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 5 of 36

        26 – Jennifer Paluseo, a former student who gave birth in a dormitory
              shower in May of 2002 has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaugh-
              ter in the death of her newborn son.

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        11 – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke on campus, saying the
              Constitution should not be used as a tool to force unpopular views on
              the population (he did not address the issue of gay marriage directly
              during his talk).
        13 – Richard Kahlenberg, an advocate for desegregating schools based on
              economics, speaks at the College.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        9 – Faculty at Mt Holyoke have endorsed a resolution that opposes the
              proposed state constitutional amendment that would define marriage
              as a union between one man and one woman.
        11 – FEATURE: Dean of Religious Life Reverend Andrea Ayvazian of-
              fers a commentary on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban
              same-sex marriage.
        16 – FEATURE: A Mount Holyoke professor and her students are helping
              NASA analyze data from the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
        27 – More than 250 people rallied on campus, seeking improved working
              conditions for temporary workers at the College.

                                        SMITH COLLEGE

        19 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter recommends some Oscar-
              winning films now on video and DVD.

                                       MARCH 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – The family of a UMass student who vanished after a car accident in
              northern New Hampshire has enlisted the help of a private investiga-
        3 – Same-sex marriage advocates gathered at the University to discuss
              ways to fight a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex

Public Radio for Western New England                                           February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                           Page 6 of 36

        5 – The University is warning 3,300 Continuing Education students to
              watch out for credit card and identity theft after the Department’s
              web server was hacked.
        5 – Several student and community groups are sponsoring a day-long
              teach in to mark the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of
        8 – Graduate student teachers and research assistants at the University are
              starting negotiations for a new contract.
        8 – Former basketball coach Jack Leaman has died of a heart attack.
        12 – Retired UMass Professor Vince Cleary takes us to Hancock Shaker
        16 – Bill Cosby is helping the University launch a collaborative teacher
              training program with elementary schools in the Athol-Orange-
              Wendell-New Salem area.
        16 – UMass officials say applications are up ten percent this spring, just as
              early retirements and other state cutbacks have reduced the number
              of full-time professors.
        19 – Trustees say a decision on a new President could be delayed until
        23 – A search committee will reportedly recommend that Interim Presi-
              dent Jack Wilson be named to the post permanently.
        23 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              on a map of Venice now on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bos-
        24 – Trustees have voted to hire Jack Wilson as the school’s new Presi-
        26 – FEATURE: A conversation with new President Jack Wilson.
        24 – MISER, the Massachusetts Institute for Social and Economic Re-
              search is being split. Part will move to the Donahue Institute, part to
              Holyoke Community College.
        26 – The family of a UMass-Amherst student is distributing thousands of
              posters and increasing the reward to locate her.

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        8 – Six students from the College have joined an international delegation
              this week in Mexico to investigate the unsolved murder of over 380
              women in two border towns.

Public Radio for Western New England                                                February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 7 of 36

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        11 – FEATURE: Tom and Doris Smeltzer visit the campus to present An-
              drea’s Voice, the story of the death of their daughter to bulimia.
        16 – Mount Holyoke has announced a five and a half percent increase in
              the cost of attending the College next fall.
        24 – FEATURE: Dean of Religious Life Reverend Andrea Ayvazian of-
              fers a commentary on Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ.

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        11 – FEATURE: Tom and Doris Smeltzer visit the campus to present An-
              drea’s Voice, the story of the death of their daughter to bulimia.
        30 – President Greg Prince on an upcoming forum sponsored by Zonta In-
              ternational on a UN treaty designed to eradicate discrimination
              against women worldwide.

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        18 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter suggests some Irish-themed
              films to look for on video and DVD.

                                         APRIL 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – Former Student Jennifer Paluseo has been sentenced to a year in jail
              for the death of her newborn son; she gave birth in a dormitory
              shower in May of 2002.
        1 – FEATURE: The Minneapolis-based Guthrie Theater is in residence
              this week at the University, presenting a production of Shakespeare’s
        1 – FEATURE: Sheilah Siraguse, a graduate student at UMass, on the 24-
              hour theater project, which give playwrights, directors and actors just
              one day to take a concept and present it to an audience.
        3 – Students protest the annulment of last week’s Student Government As-
              sociation election.
        6 – A new UMass poll says state residents would rather see higher taxes
              that a cut in spending as a way to deal with the budget deficit.

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                       Page 8 of 36

        7 – UMass Sociology Professor Douglas Anderson has received a grant
              for more that $900,000 from the National institute of Health to study
              the historical precision of death records.
        9 – FEATURE: UMass Ethnobotany teacher Chris Kilham searches for
              herbal remedies around the world.
        9 – FEATURE: Retired UMass Classics Professor Vince Cleary visits the
              Polish Center Museum at Elms College in Chicopee.
        13 – FEATURE: Mental Health Division Director Harry Rockland-Miller
              comments on a report that says colleges around the country are see-
              ing an increase in the number of students seeking mental health ser-
        19 – A memorial service is held for former UMass Basketball Coach Jack
        20 – FEATURE: An interview with Berklee Professor David Kirp, who
              spoke at UMass about his new book, “Shakespeare, Einstein and the
              Bottom Line.”
        20 – UMass officials predict there with be no drop in minority enrollment
              in the coming academic year.
        21 – A group of international students from UMass met with the Amherst
              selectboard in an unsuccessful attempt to get the board to back their
              protest against a 65-dollar fee.
        21 – UMass Professor Tom Juravich comments on the new Bush Admin-
              istration rules on overtime pay.
        23 – UMass students head to Washington for the March for Women’s
        27 – The group Insurance Commission offers free cardiovascular screen-
              ings on the UMass campus.
        28 – Coca-Cola is the focus of a teach-in and rally on the UMass campus,
              as activists seek to have the campus ban the sale of Coke products.
        29 – UMass President Jack Wilson says an op-ed piece by Rene Gonzalez
              in the Daily Collegian that criticized former NFL star Pat Tillman
              was “disgusting, arrogant, and intellectually immature.”
        30 – UMass and Amherst police are working to head off violence, believ-
              ing the annual “Hobard Howdown” will take place this weekend.

                                       HAMSHIRE COLLEGE

        1 – Hampshire College President Greg Prince announced that he will retire
              at the end of the next academic year.
        23 – Hampshire College will halt the sale on campus of personal care
              products that have been tested on animals.

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                        Page 9 of 36

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        2 – The Emily Dickinson Museum celebrates National Poetry Month with
              a program called “A Little Madness In the Spring.”
        5 – Amherst College Political Science Professor William Taubman has
              won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Nikita Khrushchev.
        5 – Amherst College hosts an international conference on Spanglish.
        6 – FEATURE: An interview with the Reverend Al Sharpton, who spoke
              at Amherst College during Black Alumni Weekend.
        13 – An interview with Alison Des Forges, human rights activist and au-
              thority of the genocide in Rwanda, as she spoke at Amherst College.
        21 – Amherst College graduate Paul Rieckhoff returns to campus to de-
              scribe his experiences as an infantryman in Baghdad.

                                        SMITH COLLEGE

        1 – “Cross Cultural Connections,” created by Candace Walton, is the first
              class at Smith to use computer technology for foreign language in-
        8 – FEATURE: Smith Economics Professor Andrew Zimbalist comments
              on several issues concerning Major League Baseball, as the new sea-
              son begins.
        15 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly suggestions on
              videos and DVD’s to look for at your local store. This month high-
              lights the film career of Alec Guinness.
        21 – FEATURE: Smith College hosts a performance of a play marking the
              25th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre.
        21 – FEATURE: A review of the play The Parrot by Smith College Thea-
              ter Professor Paul Zimet.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        9 – FEATURE: Mount Holyoke Professor John O. Fox discussed taxes
              and his new book, Ten Tax Questions the Candidates Don’t Want
              You to Ask.
        19 – Musician and Journalist Banning Eyre speaks at the college on the
              use of popular music as a political tool in Zimbabwe.
        22 – FEATURE: An interview with Avery Sharpe, who performs with his
              jazz trio at Mount Holyoke College’s Chapin Auditorium.

Public Radio for Western New England                                           February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 10 of 36

                                       M AY 2 0 0 4
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – With the possibility of the “Hobart Hoedown” coming soon, Vice
              Chancellor for Student Affairs Michael Gargano says there will be a
              zero tolerance policy toward destructive behavior.
        4 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              comments on an exhibit of Byzantine Art at the Metropolitan Muse-
              um of Art in New York City.
        6 – FEATURE: A program called “Remembering Our Humanity” is held
              in the wake of the vandalism of a Holocaust Memorial on campus.
        6 – Bargaining terms approved by UMass Trustees allow the school’s new
              President, Jack Wilson, to earn up to $400,000 a year.
        7 – The University is overhauling one of its popular scholarship programs,
              the “University Scholar” award, to make more high school seniors el-
        11 – FEATURE: An interview with Doctoral Candidate Tsoaledi Daniel
              Thobejane, on his book A Deeper Wound, focusing on the Black
              Consciousness Movement.
        18 – The University is searching for a new Vice President of Academic
              Affairs. The last person to hold that job was current UMass President
              Jack Wilson.
        20 – The University plans to sell 110 acres of harbor-front property on
              Nantucket Island to increase the school’s endowment fund.
        20 – The University has appointed Charlena Seymour as Provost and Sen-
              ior Vice-Chancellor for academic affairs at the Amherst campus.
        21 – The new President of the University will be paid $350,000 a year,
              plus benefits that could push his total pay to as much as $497,000.
        24 – More than 4,000 students received Bachelor’s degrees in nearly 100
              majors during Sunday’s commencement ceremony.
        24 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              on the historic changes in marriage practices during that period.
        27 – Third Party Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader meets with support-
              ers at the University.
        29 – The University will be spending more next fall to help the recruit-
              ment efforts of fraternities and sororities, believing the organizations
              play an important role on campus.

Public Radio for Western New England                                               February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                       Page 11 of 36

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        14 – FEATURE: Zalmai Yawar, a first-year student, describes his life
              growing up in Afghanistan and serving as an interpreter for National
              Public Radio reporters covering the war with the Taliban.

                                        SMITH COLLEGE

        7 – FEATURE: An interview with Professor Meredith Michaels, co-author
              of The Mommy Myth.
        12 – James Miller, an economics professor, has been awarded tenure at
              Smith following an appeal and a year’s review.
        14 – FEATURE: Five members of the first graduating class of the Picker
              School of Engineering describe their years at Smith and their plans
              for the future.
        17 – Smith held commencement ceremonies Sunday. CNN Senior corre-
              spondent Judy Woodruff urged the graduates to consider journalism
              as a career.
        20 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly offerings of classic
              films to look for on video or DVD focuses on college-themed pic-

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        5 – Dean of Religious Life Andrea Ayvazian offers a commentary on the
              debate over the words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.
        7 – FEATURE: Preparations for the US Women’s Open, at the Orchards
              Golf Course at Mount Holyoke College.
        17 – Leaders from nearly thirty women’s colleges and universities around
              the world will gather for a conference addressing the challengers fac-
              ing women’s education.
        19 – Mount Holyoke has received $1.2 million to bolster its science pro-
        21 – FEATURE: Retired UMass Classics Professor Vince Cleary’s
              monthly tour of an area museum takes us to the Mount Holyoke Col-
              lege Art Museum.

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 12 of 36

                                       JUNE 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – Sport Management Professor Glenn Wong on the revisions the NCAA
              is making to its academic guidelines for student athletes.
        2 – The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation says there are financial and
              bureaucratic obstacles at UMass. The foundation says the campus
              should be able to retain tuition payments, rather than send them on to
              the state treasury, and the Central Construction Agency has produced
              long delays on building projects and a backlog of maintenance and
        8 – The Amherst Select Board remains split over a bid by some UMass
              students to get town meeting members to support their fight against
              the fee for International Students.
        14 – FEATURE: Retired Professor of Classics Vince Cleary visits the
              Plastics Museum in Leominster.
        22 – The campus will honor two of its most ardent supporters — John and
              Elizabeth Armstrong — with the President’s Medal.

                                       SMITH COLLEGE

        2 – FEATURE: A discussion with Nobel Prize winning economist
              Amartya Sen, who is giving the keynote address at conference on
              “Women’s Education Worldwide” at Smith and Mount Holyoke.
        17 – FEATURE: English Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly look at
              classic films to rent this week looks at a BBC Television production:
              The Singing Detective.
        25 – College officials say they will begin charging admission to the Art
              Museum beginning July first.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        2 – FEATURE: A discussion with Nobel Prize winning economist
              Amartya Sen, who is giving the keynote address at conference on
              “Women’s Education Worldwide” at Smith and Mount Holyoke.
        8 – FEATURE: Dean of Religious Life Andrea Ayvazian offers a com-
              mentary on “Politicizing Holy Communion.”
        28 – The College has signed an agreement with Clean Air, Cool Planet, a
              New Hampshire based environmental organization dedicated to re-
              ducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 13 of 36

                                         J U LY 2 0 0 4
                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        22 – FEATURE: Professor Lewis Spratlan, a Pulitzer Price music award
              winner, on the changes announced the awarding of future contempo-
              rary music prizes.

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        22 – FEATURE: The National Yiddish Book Center’s work concerning
              Yizkor, or memorial, books. They document hundreds of Jewish
              neighborhoods in Eastern Europe destroyed during World War II.
        28 – FEATURE: Critic Chris Rohmann on the Ko Festival of Perfor-

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        7 – The Founding Director of the Picker Engineering Program is leaving.
              Domenico Grasso has been named Dean of the University of Ver-
              mont’s College of Engineering and Mathematics.
        15 – FEATURE: English Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly look at
              classic films takes on a political tone for July.

                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        5 – More than 1,600 Quakers across North America have gathered on the
              campus this week.
        6 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              reflects on the work of Astronomer Johannes Kepler.
        6 – FEATURE: A measure before the state legislature would allow UMass
              police officers to respond to incidents off-campus, but in the town of
        8 – The campus has signed a ten-year, $42 million contract with Johnson
              Controls for a major energy and water conservation project that could
              cut utility costs on campus by 25 percent.
        9 – FEATURE: Retired Classics Professor Vince Cleary visits the Great
              Falls Museum in Turners Falls.
        14 – UMass Professor Barry Braun has received a $410,000 grant to study
              how combining physical activity with drug treatment can help pre-
              vent or control diabetes.

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                            Page 14 of 36

        14 – Extension Spokesman Wes Blixt says a plan to have the 4-H program
              self-sustaining should be in place within a year.
        19 – The union representing Graduate Student Employees on campus is
              criticizing the ruling the National Labor Relations Board says that
              graduate teaching assistants at private universities can’t from unions.
        22 – Lyle Craker, the Director of the Medicinal Plant Program, plans to go
              to court to force the federal government to rule on his three year old
              request to grow marijuana for research purposes.
        22 – Researcher Maureen Perry-Jenkins is looking for mothers-to-be who
              are African American, Latina, or from any other ethnic group to take
              part in research on back-top-work issues.
        29 – Researchers say at least 20 percent on the student on campus have at
              least one tattoo and 35 percent of the women have pierced a part of
              their body other than their ear.

                                       AUGUST 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        5 – Real Estate Developer James Karam has been named Chairman of the
              University’s Board of Trustees.
        5 – FEATURE: A number of student groups are pushing administrators to
              end the school’s long-time association with Coca-Cola.
        5 – After more than thirty years on campus, the Air Force will close its
              ROTC program in the summer of 2007.
        6 – FEATURE: Retired Classics Professor Vince Cleary tours Historic
        9 – A coalition of staff and parents at UMass is circulating a petition to
              preserve the University’s Child Care Program.
        10 – The University and four surrounding colleges have received a
              $325,000 grant to help pay for a $3.3 million fiber-optic link among
              the campuses.
        13 – An arbitrator has ruled that it is discriminatory for the University to
              charge foreign students a $65 per semester fee.
        17 – About 300 incoming freshmen will likely be sleeping in temporary
              quarters, such as dorm lounges, until the school finds more perma-
              nent housing.
        18 – Trustees are considering holding meetings via teleconference.
        19 – Bob Childs of the Urban Forestry Diagnostic Laboratory on the im-
              pact of cold winters on the Wooly Adelgid, an insect threatening the
              region’s hemlock trees.

Public Radio for Western New England                                                  February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                        Page 15 of 36

        21 – The University will eliminate a $65 fee charged to international stu-
        25 – Professor James Theroux will be offering a “real time case study”
              course in the School of Management this fall.
        26 – Sherrie Guyott has been named the new Director of the 4-H program.
        27 – FEATURE: Professor David Mednicoff has won a national award for
              innovative methods of teaching about the September 11th terrorist at-
        27 – Dr. Alan Calhoun of University Health Services on the ramifications
              of the new state requirement of immunizations for meningitis.
        31 – FEATURE: Center for Renaissance Studies Director Arthur Kinney
              on cursing — it was outlawed during the Renaissance.

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        9 – FEATURE: Hampshire graduate Elizabeth Brundage has written her
              first novel, The Doctor’s Wife.
        12 – FEATURE: The Northeast Organic Farming Association meeting
              will feature a debate between Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader
              and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        19 – FEATURE: English Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly look at
              classic films explores Olympic-themed movies.
        23 – FEATURE: A commentary in honor of Smith College graduate Julia

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        25 – FEATURE: A commentary from Reverend Andrea Ayvazian on
              challenges posed by Muslim women to segregation in their mosques.

                               SEPTEMBER 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – For the third time, Mother Jones magazine has named UMass-Amherst
              among the top ten activist campuses in the country.

Public Radio for Western New England                                              February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 16 of 36

        3 – A report from the Donahue Institute says the state economy is grow-
              ing, but at a slow rate.
        4 – Food Professor Fergus Clydesdale was a member of a committee up-
              dating federal dietary guidelines.
        7 – University researchers are helping to track air pollution over New Eng-
              land and Canada, using balloons as airborne buoys to track the flow
              of pollution.
        7 – This year’s freshman class will be a little bit bigger than a year ago, by
              about 100 students. 17 percent are students of color, the same as last
        8 – Legislators from Amherst want the state to expand its Endowment In-
              centive Program for the University.
        9 – Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam records, speaks to UMass stu-
              dents, encouraging them to register to vote.
        10 – A computer glitch has affected the ability of students to make aca-
              demic, financial aid and housing arrangements.
        13 – A wind turbine on campus will be dismantled, eventually winding up
              in an exhibit on the history of renewable energy at the Smithsonian
        13 – Researcher Jane Kent-Braun has received a $618,000 grant from the
              National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Aging to ex-
              pand her study of skeletal muscle function in older adults.
        21 – Students are asking a local lawmaker to help them get a polling place
              on campus. The move requires a special bill filed with the legislature.
        22 – FEATURE: Professor Sut Jhally describes the film Hijacking Catas-
              trophe, produced by his Media Education Foundation.
        24 – The Faculty Senate has voted to form a committee that will research
              alternative computer-based student information systems, follow
              problems with the system on campus.
        24 – FEATURE: Retired UMass Classics Professor Vince Cleary tours the
              Mead Art Museum at Amherst College.
        24 – Former Governor Michael Dukakis comes to campus to speak about
              the presidential election and health care.
        24 – A group of scientists at the University host a conference on nano-
        27 – The nursing program is launching a three-year effort to increase di-
              versity in the field.
        27 – Computer glitches continue on campus; the financial aid department
              is weeks behind in processing student forms.
        27 – Campus officials are investigating a drunken party in a student gov-
              ernment office that included students posing with a caricature of the

Public Radio for Western New England                                               February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 17 of 36

                Speaker of the Student Senate dressed as a member of the Ku Klux
        29 – FEATURE: Wally Swist and author Jane Brox on the first Massachu-
              setts Audubon Day at the University.

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        17 – FEATURE: Professor Ethan Clotfelter on his study that indicates that
              strange behaviors of animals around the world may have environ-
              mental causes.
        23 – FEATURE: Professors Lawrence Douglas and Alexander George
              discuss their book Sense and Nonsensibility.
        24 – FEATURE: Retired UMass Classics Professor Vince Cleary tours the
              Mead Art Museum at Amherst College.

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        14 – FEATURE: Professor Michael Klare discussed his new book, Blood
              and Oil.
        21 – The search committee seeking a replacement for Hampshire College
              President Greg Prince will interview candidates over the winter.

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        16 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter’s look at classic films has
              trains as a theme this month.
        16 – Economics Professor Andrew Zimbalist comments on the lockout of
              players by the National Hockey League.
        22 – Former UMass Professor and Provost Johnetta Cole speaks in Wright
              Hall on the struggle for women’s equality in the African-American

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        8 – The College plans to hold a voter registration drive during a back-to-
              school carnival. Three students took part in a “Go Vote” training ses-
              sion during the summer.
        16 – More than 400 new students from the College will be exploring the
              Pioneer Valley this weekend as part of the Second Saturday program.

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                          Page 18 of 36

        21 – Stanford Psychology Professor Claude Steele speaks at the college on
              how stereotypes commonly associated with a group of people can af-
              fect the performance of individuals in that group.

                                 OCTOBER 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – A conference on the changing face of rural poverty, sponsored by the
              Franklin Community Action Corporation, was held at the University.
        5 – Students want to set up a textbook rental program; the Faculty Senate
              plans to set up a committee to study the idea.
        5 – FEATURE: Renaissance Center Director Arthur Kinney comments on
              Olympic-style games popular during the Renaissance.
        5 – FEATURE: Former U-S Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach
              comes to UMass to speak on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme
              Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision.
        7 – Campus officials say they continue to recruit new faculty, in an effort
              to rebound from years of budget cuts and early retirements.
        7 – Hundreds of students rallied on campus, urging the administration to
              more to promote diversity.
        8 – FEATURE: Journalism Professor Bill Israel recounts teaching a class
              at the University of Texas with Karl Rove.
        11 – The Air Force has decided to keep its ROTC program at the Universi-
              ty for two years of evaluation, a decision will then be made whether
              the program will remain on campus.
        14 – Campus officials say they have initiated disciplinary action against
              nine Student Government leaders who were pictured drinking and
              posing in front of a KKK caricature.
        16 – Officials are appointing a special committee to look at racial diversity
              issues on campus.
        20 – Basketball player Maurice Maxwell is facing assault and battery and
              disorderly conduct charges after an on-campus altercation.
        20 – Nearly three dozen people face disorderly conduct charges as a result
              of a disturbance on campus following a Red Sox-Yankees playoff
        21 – Campus police say they arrested 29 people after the Red Sox win
              over the Yankees last night; not everyone arrested was a UMass stu-
        23 – The University has expelled one student and suspended three others
              following their arrests during Red Sox victory celebrations.

Public Radio for Western New England                                              February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 19 of 36

        25 – Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering Kathleen Rubin on the
              Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Summit.
        26 – FEATURE: Renaissance Center Director Arthur Kinney on the 700th
              anniversary of the birth of Francesco Petrarch.
        29 – Nearly two dozen University students are facing charges after the
              Red Sox World Series win over Saint Louis.
        29 – Governor Romney has named Julius Erving to the UMass Board of
        30 – Bill Cosby is setting up a scholarship program at UMass for students
              from poorer communities around the Amherst campus.

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        7 – FEATURE: The College sponsors a talk by David Callahan, a co-
              founder of Demos, a public policy center and think tank, and author
              of The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to
              Get Ahead.
        19 – Two programs at the College sought to raise awareness of the killings
              of more than 380 women in Mexico over the past decade.
        21 – Former Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz will discuss America’s re-
              cent economic experiences and their lessons for the future in a talk at
              the College tonight.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        6 – FEATURE: Protestant Chaplain Andrea Ayvazian comments on vio-
              lence around the world sparked by religious conflict.
        13 – FEATURE: Professor Corinne Demas on having an unusual pet — a
              donkey — in a political year.
        20 – Professor Jon Western, one of the signers of an open letter opposing
              the Bush Administration’s foreign policy.
        29 – FEATURE: Protestant Chaplain Andrea Ayvazian comments on
              faith, which has arisen often during the current Presidential cam-
        29 – Mount Holyoke College marks Halloween with a showing of the
              1927 silent movie The Phantom of the Opera, accompanied by the
              College’s orchestra.

Public Radio for Western New England                                               February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 20 of 36

                                       SMITH COLLEGE

        28 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter’s monthly look at classic
              films focuses on horror (for Hallowe’en).

                                   NOVEMBER 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        2 – FEATURE: Project Engineer Graeme Sephton describes his efforts to
              gain more information from the government concerning the crash of
              TWA light 800 off Long Island in 1996.
        2 – FEATURE: Retired Professor Vince Cleary continues his tour of area
              museums with a journey to Arrowhead, the former home of Na-
              thaniel Hawthorne.
        2 – A sample of opinion from the UMass community on today’s Presiden-
              tial Election.
        8 – FEATURE: The University is making an effort to introduce non-
              scientists to polymer research through “Visual,” or Ventures in Sci-
              ence Using Art Laboratory, which creates pictures of polymers and
              puts them on display in public places.
        9 – FEATURE: Avraham Burg, a senior member of Israel’s Labor Party,
              speaks on campus on “Struggling Towards Peace in Times of Ter-
              ror.” His talks is sponsored by UMass Hillel.
        10 – FEATURE: Renaissance Center Director Arthur Kinney discusses his
              new book, Shakespeare’s Webs.
        12 – A new commission on campus diversity meets for the first time. The
              group has until February first to present recommendations, campus
              guidelines, organizational structures and funding models to help
              make the campus a racially and ethnically diverse learning communi-
        12 – Nearly one third of students surveyed by campus researchers believe
              rioting is a normal part of college life.
        16 – A panel exploring diversity issues on campus is holding an open fo-
              rum on December 9th.
        17 – Graduate Student employees hold a health care rally, as their contract
              negotiations continue.
        19 – Speaking to the Faculty Senate, Chancellor John Lombardi said he’s
              gearing the campus up for a seven year fund raising campaign that
              will began at the end of 2006.
        19 – Rabbi Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights, speaks on cam-
              pus. The group is an organization of Israeli Rabbis and Rabbinical

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                        Page 21 of 36

                students, committed to defending the human rights of all peoples, in-
                cluding both Israelis and Palestinians.
        19 – A UMass student has created “Riot UMass,” a video game based on
              clashes between students and campus police officers after Red Sox
              playoff games. A campus spokesman calls the game “regrettable and
        23 – Researchers at the University have developed two new methods to
              treat polluted water from textile mills.
        24 – FEATURE: Renaissance Center Director Arthur Kinney on the anni-
              versary of the arrival of Jews in America.
        26 – A University student is replacing his video game, “Riot UMass” with
              “Zoo-Mass.” In the new game, a student wearing a Red Sox cap
              punches ducks at the campus pond instead of campus police.
        27 – University entomologists have released 300 predatory beetles in
              Mount Tom State Park, hoping they will reduce the population of the
              Woolly Adelgid, an insect that is ravaging hemlock trees in the
        29 – FEATURE: Professor John McCarthy on the Boston Accent, the topic
              of discussion for his Chancellor’s Medal lecture.
        30 – FEATURE: Competition between on-campus and off-campus meal

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        5 – Stories of people affected by war will be told at a weekend event at the
              College, in conjunction with a photo exhibit on the “Pain of War” on
              display at the Mead Art Museum through December 19th.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        5 – FEATURE: Staging Black Femininity, a series of lectures, films and
              discussions taking place this semester at the College, will feature a
              production of Suzan Lori-Parks’ play Venus.
        9 – FEATURE: Economics Professor Jim Hartley on President Bush’s
              economic policy. Hartley says the President is trying to change gov-
              ernment policy to lessen its’ impact on society.
        16 – Rami Khoury, Executive Editor of the Beirut-based Daily Star news-
              paper is spending a week as a scholar-in-residence at the College.
        19 – Officials are investigating the vandalism of an art exhibit portraying
              women of color.

Public Radio for Western New England                                              February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                         Page 22 of 36

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        10 – A puppet show about recent social movements in Argentina will be
              the centerpiece of a presentation at Hampshire College by the Argen-
              tina Autonomist Project.

                                         SMITH COLLEGE

        16 – Professor Greg White on Colin Powell’s legacy as Secretary of State
              — he says it will be marred by bureaucratic politics within the Bush
        30 – FEATURE: Joseph Winder, President of the Korea Economic Insti-
              tute in Washington, on a campus forum on the “Future of Korea.”

                                   DECEMBER 2004
                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        1 – University officials say licensing income from research projects has
              risen sharply over the last two years. The Chronicle of Higher Edu-
              cation ranked the five-campus system 14th in the nation, for generat-
              ing more than $19 million in licensing revenue in 2003.
        2 – A report by the University’s Donoghue Institute says the state’s eco-
              nomic recovery is picking up steam, due in part to a strengthening
              labor market.
        2 – With flu vaccine becoming more readily available, the University
              schedules an immunization clinic.
        2 – The faculty union holds a public hearing on the shortage of tenure-
              track professors on campus. UMass administrators say efforts are
              underway to rebuild the faculty.
        3 – The campus is gearing up for five years worth of new construction and
              renovation. The $550 million plan includes building more student
              housing and putting up new science and art buildings.
        6 – The University continues to look for an academic chief. A spokesman
              for UMass President Jack Wilson says negotiations fell through with
              the first choice to serve as Vice President of Academic Affairs.
        8 – A University student was shot dead in his off-campus apartment. Da-
              vid Sullivan was a full-time student majoring in building materials
              and wood technology.
        9 – A competency hearing is held for Bryan Johnson, the Westfield man
              charged with the shooting death of UMass senior David Sullivan.

Public Radio for Western New England                                               February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                       Page 23 of 36

        9 – Two nutrition professors at UMass — Elena Carbone and Jean Anliker
              — have been awarded a federal grant to study the eating habits of
              young teenagers, in an effort to ward off obesity.
        10 – FEATURE: The campus’ new Commission on Campus Diversity
              holds a public hearing, where some students say the school is wrong
              to cut services and programs aimed at helping students of color.
        14 – The man charged with the murder of UMass student David Sullivan
              has been sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for psychiatric evalua-
        14 – A report from UMass and Harvard says 248,000 Massachusetts
              workers are misclassified as self-employed independent contractors.
        15 – The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has turned down a re-
              quest by a UMass professor, Dr. Lyle Craker, to grow marijuana so it
              can be tested for medicinal uses.
        17 – The University is launching an early-action admissions program that
              comes with a two thousand dollar scholarship. Beginning next fall,
              students who apply by November first will receive word by mid-
              December, scholarship notices will accompany acceptance letters.
        24 – The University is moving its President’s office and headquarters op-
              eration from its current Beacon Street address to Boston’s financial
        24 – A group of four professors at UMass will begin the new year with a
              research project that looks at the effects of mood and physical activi-
              ty on memory in the elderly.
        28 – FEATURE: Renaissance Center Director Arthur Kinney says the hol-
              iday season is one of icons, of famous images and paintings.
        31 – UMass alumni will have their own private club in Downtown Boston
              soon, next to President Jack Wilson’s new offices in the city’s finan-
              cial district.
        31 – FEATURE: A new online service called i2hub, created by UMass
              student Wayne Chang, has drawn praise from fellow students and
              anger from the recording industry.

                                       SMITH COLLEGE

        2 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter suggests classic films on video
              or DVD that honor Hollywood.
        3 – The college is looking for developers interested in building affordable
              housing at its property on the corner of Bedford Terrace and State

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                                    Page 24 of 36

        23 – FEATURE: Professor Jefferson Hunter suggests classic musical films
              on video or DVD that highlight the holiday season.
        28 – The College’s credit rating has been downgraded by Moody’s Inves-
              tors Service from stable to negative, because of the college’s plan to
              borrow $90 million over the next three years to pay for an engineer-
              ing and science complex and other projects. School officials say the
              downgrade won’t hurt Smith’s ability to borrow money.

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        6 – FEATURE: Reverend Andrea Ayvazian offers a commentary on con-
              servative Christian beliefs and the national political discourse.

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        24 – FEATURE: Nancy Kelly, senior advisor to the President of Hamp-
              shire, admits she spends way too much money on holiday gifts.

                 F I V E C O L L E G E S E V E N T S U P P O RT
WFCR utilizes the resources of the Five Colleges whenever possible in staging its special events.

        Hired the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center Box-Office to
         provide ticket services for WFCR

                 F I V E C O L L E G E S U N D E RW R I T I N G

The Five Colleges often promote themselves through an underwriting arrangement with
WFCR. This is an effective and cost-efficient way to reach a broad spectrum of listeners
across western New England.
        Musicorda Summer Music Festival (Mount Holyoke College)
        Campus School (Smith College)
        Mead Art Museum (Amherst College)
        Isenberg School of Management (University of Massachusetts)

Public Radio for Western New England                                                          February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 25 of 36

           W F C R O N L I N E A RT S C A L E N D A R 2 0 0 4

WFCR’s online presence is important enough so that we incorporated our Internet ad-
dress into the station’s logo. Many of the visitors to our website are seeking information
on Five Colleges events. We link to Five Colleges websites and the Five Colleges Calen-
dar from our own Arts Calendar.
        WFCR includes in the online calendar all Five College events about which
         we are informed.
        Most music, theater and dance events and exhibits listed below, and some
         of the readings, were mentioned in the daily broadcast calendars. These
         brief reports, broadcast during news programs, refer listeners to WFCR’s
         website for the larger online calendar and for ticket information.
        In addition to the arts events listed below WFCR promotes others (e.g.,
         Musicorda, Ko Theater, New Century Theater) that are assisted by one or
         more of the Five Colleges.
        The online calendar also lists lectures and panel discussions that may be
         of interest to the public.

                              UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

        Massachusetts Wind Orchestra/Malcolm Rowell 1/20 FAC Concert Hall
        Honor Band 2/2 FAC Concert Hall
        UMass Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2/7 Barnes & Noble (FAC benefit book fair)
        Graduate student jazz concert 2/12 FAC Room 44
        Percussion Day and concert 2/15 FAC 36
        Magic Triangle Series: Uri Caine Ensemble 2/17 Buckley
        Faculty and student composers 2/22 Newman Center
        Academy of Ancient Music & Robert Levin 2/23 FAC Concert Hall
        Symphony Band & Wind Ensemble 3/3 FAC Concert Hall
        Paulina Stark, Horace Clarence Boyer, Nigel Coxe 3/6 Springfield College
        Magic Triangle Series: Brew 3/7 Buckley
        Jazz Showcase (Richard Rodgers concert) 3/12 Bowker
        John Katzenbach talk 3/11 Bartlett Hall 65
        UMass Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, Percussion Ensemble 3/27 FAC
         Room 44
        Magic Triangle Series: William Parker Ensemble 4/3 Buckley

Public Radio for Western New England                                            February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                       Page 26 of 36

        Chapel Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Jazz Ensembles 4/9 Top of the Cam-
        John Manning, tuba, and Nikki Stoia, piano, 4/13 Buckley
        Concert for the Earth II with UMass Choral Ensembles, Paul Winter, Jef-
         frey Holmes and Eduardo Leandro, 4/19 FAC Concert Hall
        The UMass and Foxboro High School Wind Ensembles 4/21 FAC Concert
        Silent films with the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra 4/26 FAC Concert Hall
        The New England Saxophone Symposium 4/27 Fine Arts Center
        UMass Concert Band performance with George Parks, 4/28 FAC Concert
        UMass Symphony Band and Youth Wind Ensemble 4/28 FAC Concert
        David Jenkins & Nadine Shank French concert 4/30 FAC Room 44
        UMass Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Chorale, 5/2 FAC Concert Hall
        UMass Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Chapel Jazz 5/6 Bowker
        UMass Percussion Ensemble 5/6 FAC Room 36
        Benefit concert by UMass music faculty for Amherst Cinema Center 5/10
        UMass Percussion Ensemble 5/12 in front of FAC Lobby
        UMass Chorale and Women’s Choir 5/12 Bowker
        UMass Jazz Ensemble I and Studio Orchestra in Studio Follies 5/14
        Jazz in July participants 7/10 Lord Jeffery Inn Garden Stage
        The Jazz in July All Stars, including John Blake, Sheila Jordan, Jeff
         Holmes and Fred Tillis, 7/11 Bowker
        Jazz in July participants 7/12 Bowker
        Solos & Duos Series: The Marks Brothers 9/25 FAC Concert Hall
        UMass Jazz Ensemble I and the Chapel Jazz Ensemble 10/1 Bowker
        Multiband Pops, with Chapel Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble I, Percussion
         Ensemble, Symphony Band, UMass Marimbas, University Dancers, Vocal
         Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble 10/10 and 10/11 FAC Concert Hall
         (Minuteman Marching Band 10/11)
        Jazz Lab Ensemble 10/15 Top of the Campus
        Solos & Duos Series: Jazz percussionist Andrew Cyrille 10/18 FAC Con-
         cert Hall
        UMass Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band 10/23 Bowker
        University Orchestra 10/30 FAC Concert Hall

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                     Page 27 of 36

        Choral Spectrum concert 11/2 FAC Concert Hall
        United States Marine Band 11/7 FAC Concert Hall
        Jazz pianist David Berkman 11/7 Bezanson Recital Hall
        Percussionist Eduardo Leandro 11/8 FAC Room 36
        University Chorale and Women’s Choir 11/17 FAC Concert Hall
        Solos & Duos Series: Jazz pianist Ran Blake 11/20 FAC Concert Hall
        UMass Trombone Choir and Low Brass Ensemble 11/21 FAC Room 44
        UMass Chamber Choir 11/24 Bowker
        UMass Vocal Jazz Ensemble and soloists 12/3 FAC Room 36
        University Orchestra and Jazz Studio Orchestra 12/9 FAC Concert Hall
        UMass Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band 12/10 FAC Concert Hall
        Student Composers Concert 12/11 FAC Room 36
        Chapel Jazz and Jazz Lab Ensembles 12/12 Bowker
        UMass Graduate String Quartet 12/13 St. John’s Church Northampton
        Youth Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble with Lanfranco
         Marcelletti 12/13 FAC Concert Hall

                                       AMHERST COLLEGE

        Return to the Source 2/1 Keefe Campus Center
        Andrew Manze and Richard Egarr 2/3 Buckley
        Baritone Joseph Kaiser recital 2/24 Buckley
        Altenburg Trio 3/1 Buckley
        Amherst College Choral Society and Orchestra 3/3 Buckley
        Fredric Cohen, Laura Klock, Lanfranco Marcelletti noon hour concert
         3/13 Buckley
        Stephen Porter Beethoven recital 3/17 Music Building Room 3
        Collective Expanded Trio in music by Claire Arenius 4/4 Buckley
        UMass Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Omnium Gatherum 4/25 Keefe Campus
        Madrigal Singers 5/3 Babbott Room
        Amherst College Jazz Ensemble 5/3 Buckley
        Amherst College Orchestra 5/4 Buckley
        Choral Society Family Weekend Concert 10/25 Buckley
        Amherst College Orchestra 11/8 Buckley
        Choral Society Homecoming Concert 11/9 Buckley

Public Radio for Western New England                                           February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                     Page 28 of 36

                                       HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE

        Women in Experimental Music Microfestival 2/8 Music & Dance Build-
        Sarod player Arnab Chakrabarty 5/2 Music and Dance Building Recital
        Danny Holt CD release concert 5/4 Music and Dance Building Recital

                                MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE

        KRS-1 (hip-hop) 2/1 Chapin
        Adrienne Greenbaum & Larry Schipull concert 2/15 McCulloch
        Aaron Katz Band 3/7 Blanchard
        MHC Orchestra and Jazz Ensembles 3/8 McCulloch
        Singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg 3/28 Blanchard
        Mount Holyoke Chamber Jazz Ensemble 4/12 McCulloch
        Mount Holyoke Baroque Ensemble, concert of French music 4/14 McCul-
        Flutist Alison Hale and pianist Allen Bonde 4/19 McCulloch
        Mount Holyoke College Glee Club and Chamber Singers, with Harvard
         University Glee Club and Valley Festival Orchestra 4/20 Abbey Chapel
        Sugar Ray & Simple Plan 4/30 Kendall Fieldhouse
        Mount Holyoke jazz ensembles 5/3 McCulloch
        Piano Ensemble Festival 5/11 Pratt Music Building
        Faculty concert on travel themes 9/13 McCulloch
        Duo-pianists Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt 9/29 McCulloch
        Hip-hop concert with rapper Thirstin Howl 10/18 Chapin
        Singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg 10/24 Torrey Living Room
        Mount Holyoke Baroque Ensemble 10/25 McCulloch
        Jazz vocalist Kim Zombik 10/25 Chapin
        Family Weekend concert 10/26 Abbey Chapel
        “Organ Phantasmagoria” 10/30 Abbey Chapel
        Singer-songwriter Lis Harvey 11/7 Torrey Living Room
        Mount Holyoke Symphony with Gary Steigerwalt 11/9 & 11/10 McCul-

Public Radio for Western New England                                          February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                       Page 29 of 36

        Mount Holyoke Chamber Jazz and Vocal Jazz Ensembles 11/15
        Concert Choir and Chamber Singers Thanksgiving concert 11/17 Provi-
         dence Place, Holyoke
        Reed Foehl 11/21 Torrey Living Room
        Mount Holyoke Jazz Ensembles 12/7 McCulloch
        Christmas Vespers 12/8 Abbey Chapel

                                       SMITH COLLEGE

        Flutist Ellen Redman & pianist Clifton J. Noble, Jr., noon hour recital 2/5
        Jane Bryden & Aulos Ensemble, Orpheus Legend concert 2/9 Sweeney
        Muze Jazz Ensemble noon hour concert 2/12 Sweeney
        Concert of music by Ronald Perera 2/17 Sweeney
        Schubert String Quintet in C, noon hour concert 2/19 Sweeney
        Alecia Russell gospel concert 2/23 Hills
        Karen Smith Emerson recital 3/3 Sweeney
        Schubert with Volcy Pelletier, noon hour concert 3/5 Sweeney
        Orpheus with his Lute, Rebecca Raymond and Clifton J. Noble, Jr., noon
         hour concert 3/26 Sweeney
        Flutists William Wittig and Ellen Redman, noon hour concert 4/2
        Smith Glee Club and Orchestra with U.S. Naval Academy Men’s Glee
         Club in Carmina Burana 4/7 John M. Greene
        Smith College Chorus and Chamber Orchestra with UMass Men’s Chorus
         4/13 Sweeney
        Monica Jakuc and Joel Pitchon, Noon Hour concert 4/15 Sweeney
        The Smith College Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra 4/20 Sweeney
        Notables Spring Jam 4/20 Hills
        Smith College Gamelan Ensemble 4/27 Sweeney Concert Hall
        Tea and trumpet music 4/27 Helen Hills Chapel.
        Compositions by Smith College students 4/21 Earle Recital Hall
        Smith College Jazz and Wind Ensembles with Carol Sudhalter 4/27
        Gamelan music and dance 5/3 Sweeney
        Music faculty playing chamber music 5/17 President’s house

Public Radio for Western New England                                             February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                      Page 30 of 36

        Smith College Glee Club, Chamber Singers and Groove, 5/18 Sweeney
        Senior soloists and Commencement Orchestra 5/18 Sweeney
        Violinist Alicia Edelberg and pianist Monica Jakuc 5/23 Earle Recital Hall
        Gunnar Madsen family concert 5/26 Sweeney
        Antonio Pompa-Baldi piano recital 9/20 Sweeney
        Joel Pitchon, Monica Jakuc and Jane Bryden in noon hour concert, Two
         Aspects of Ruth Crawford Seeger, 9/24 Sweeney
        Koto music and demonstration by Elizabeth Falconer 9/16 Earle Recital
        Jazz waltzes played by clarinetist Bob Sparkman and pianist Jerry Noble
         in noon hour concert 10/8 Sweeney
        Concert by oral historian and kora player Alhaji Papa Susso 10/11
        Pops Concert 10/18 John M. Greene
        Faculty Inaugural Concert for Carol Christ 10/19 Sweeney
        Sopranos Judith Gray and Karen Smith Emerson with pianist Jerry Noble,
         noon hour concert 10/22
        Pianist Julius Robinson 10/25 Sweeney
        Graduate student performances 10/26 Sweeney
        Smith College Orchestra Hallowe’en family concert 10/30 Sweeney
        Autumn Serenade choral concert 11/9 Sweeney
        Pianist Deborah Gilwood and cellist Arthur Cook 11/10 Sweeney
        Smith College Chamber and Symphony Orchestras with William Wittig,
         Ellen Redman and Joel Pitchon 11/16 Sweeney
        Flutist Ellen Redman and friends noon hour concert 11/19 Sweeney
        Smith College Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble 11/21 Sweeney
        Monica Jakuc concert of fantasies for fortepiano 11/24 Sweeney
        Muze Jazz Ensemble noon hour concert 12/3 Sweeney
        Student recital 12/5 Earle Recital Hall
        Pianist Kenneth Fearn and cellist Volcy Pelletier 5/6 Sweeney
        Christmas Vespers 12/8 John M. Greene Hall
        Soprano Karen Smith Emerson and pianist Deborah Gilwood noon hour
         concert 12/10 Sweeney
        Smith Gamelan Ensemble 12/11 Earle Recital Hall
        Pianist Jennifer Tao 12/15 Sweeney

Public Radio for Western New England                                           February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                               Page 31 of 36

WFCR’s music programming frequently and consciously dovetails with performances at the Five Colleges.
Here are some of the many Five Colleges music events we promoted with on-air mentions and on the web.

        Music of Benjamin Britten and Arvo Pärt in anticipation of a University
         Orchestra concert
        Music of Libby Larsen, looking ahead to premiere performance of her Pi-
         ano Trio at the Fine Arts Center
        Performance by Estela Olevsky, looking ahead to her performances at
         UMass and Amherst College (“Love Notes”)
        Broadcasts of UMass graduate Stephen Michael Newby’s “Four Gospel
         Songs” for Baritone & String Orchestra
        Performances by the Concordia Choir, prior to their appearance at Mt. Ho-
         lyoke College
        Music by Rossini and Stravinsky, looking ahead to the UMass Orchestra
        Performances by pianists Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt, prior to their
         recital at Mt. Holyoke College
        A broadcast of Erik Satie’s “Vexations” prior to its performance at Hamp-
         shire College
        Griffes’s “Poem for Flute and Orchestra” prior to its performance by the
         Amherst College Orchestra
        Selections from Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, prior to its performance by the
         UMass Opera Workshop and Five College Early Music Program at Smith
        Broadcasts of UMass faculty members Walter Chesnut and Ernest May’s
         Music for Trumpet & Organ, recorded at the University.


WFCR augments the educational enterprise of the Five Colleges through a supervised
internship program.

                                       NEWS DEPARTMENT

        Summer Session – Dylan Schneider, Amherst College
        Fall Semester – Julia Botero, Hampshire College

Public Radio for Western New England                                                     February 2005
   Report to the Five Colleges                                                    Page 32 of 36

           Fall Semester – Christina Antolini, Hampshire College
           January Intersession – Erika Lovely, UMass
           January Intersession and Spring Semester – Benjamin Legg, UMass
           Spring Semester – Frances Carr, UMass
           Spring Semester – Lauren Foss Goodman, UMass
           Spring Semester – Gwyneth Merner, Hampshire College

                                          MUSIC DEPARTMENT

           Summer Session – Dylan Schneider, Amherst College

                                    OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT

           Fall Semester – Carla Neufeldt, Smith College

                                  DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT

           Fall Semester – Robin Gold, UMass
           Fall Semester – Sandra Marquez, UMass
           Fall Semester – Kelly Sleyman, Mount Holyoke College

                 2004 FIVE COLLEGES VOLUNTEERS
   Most nonprofits run on the energy and dedication of their volunteers, and WFCR is no
   exception. We are fortunate to have cultivated a troop of committed volunteers from the
   Five Colleges.
Leslie Arriola: UMass                             Eric Dewar: UMass
Erin Barker: Mount Holyoke College                David Dudek: UMass
Michael Beaulieu: UMass                           Jill Ehrenzweig: UMass
Jennifer Bedell: UMass                            Tom Ehrgood: Amherst College
Jessica Bloom: UMass                              Cami Elbow: UMass
Dennis Bromery: UMass                             Justin Fermann: UMass
Jacqueline Brown-Hazard: UMass                    Sarah Ford: UMass
Sarah Buchholz: UMass                             Chelsea Fortier: Mount Holyoke College
Jae Chang: Amherst College                        Angela Fowler: Hampshire College
Alexia Cirigliano: UMass                          Harrison Gregg: Amherst College
Amanda Collings: UMass                            Dave Gross: UMass
Merry Cushing: UMass                              Susanne Hale: UMass
Elizabeth Dale: UMass                             Paula Harmon: Hampshire College
Avril de la Cretaz: UMass                         Joanna Heersink: UMass

   Public Radio for Western New England                                          February 2005
   Report to the Five Colleges                                            Page 33 of 36

Jennifer Higgins: Amherst College         Janet Muzzy: UMass
Doris Holden: UMass                       Julie Nelson: UMass
Linda Honan: UMass                        Martha Nelson: UMass
Nancy Howell: UMass                       Alison Noyes: Smith College
Dominique Jackson: Mount Holyoke          Mary Orisich: UMass
    College                               Jennifer Pinkham: UMass
Beth Jones: UMass                         Roberta Potter: UMass
Stephen Jones: Mount Holyoke College      Judith Roberge: Smith College
Ticora Jones: UMass                       Deborah Rose: UMass
Jennifer Kaplan: Amherst College          Merle Ryan: UMass
Jim Kelly: UMass                          Terry Sall: UMass
Susan Kimball: Amherst College            Stacy Schmeidel: Amherst College
Arthur Kinney: UMass                      Elizabeth Seeley: Amherst College
Rosa Kramer: UMass                        Margo Shea: UMass
Christine Kumiega: UMass                  Jane Stein: UMass
Sara Lawrence: Mount Holyoke College      Judy Steinkamp: UMass
Ruth Levine: UMass                        Marcy Stengel: Hampshire College
Robin Luberoff: UMass                     Irene Tsai: UMass
Karen Mack: UMass                         Courtney Wade: UMass
Trish Mailler: Smith College              Gwen Whelan: UMass
Kimberly McDowell: UMass                  Betty Wilda: UMass
Marianna McKim: UMass                     Neysa Wilkinson: UMass
Dale Melcher: UMass                       Larry Zacharias: UMass
Kurt Mills: Hampshire College             Bob Zimmermann: UMass
Anne Moore: UMass

   Public Radio for Western New England                                  February 2005
Report to the Five Colleges                                                        Page 34 of 36

         I S D N S T U D I O FA C I L I T I E S P R O V I D E D T O
We provide technical broadcast assistance to the Five Colleges community, including
ISDN (digital) connections and recording services for faculty and staff interviews.

DATE            INDIVIDUAL             AFFILIATION             BROADCAST
02/02/04        Ilan Stavans           Amherst College         BBC: The World Today
05/13/04        Martha Sandweiss       Amherst College         WBEZ: Odyssey
06/03/04        Ilan Stavans           Amherst College         BBC: The Word
07/16/04        Ilan Stavans           Amherst College         Latino USA
09/08/04        Jan Dizard             Amherst College         WBEZ: Odyssey
09/15/04        Ethan Clotfelter       Amherst College         Living On Earth
12/22/04        Ilan Stavans           Amherst College         Commonwealth Journal
04/27/04        Michael Klare          Hampshire College       NPR: Tavis Smiley Show
09/08/04        Michael Klare          Hampshire College       Fresh Air
02/18/04        Christopher Pyle       Mount Holyoke College   Justice Talking
07/20/04        Martha Ackman          Mount Holyoke College   NPR: All Things Considered
08/02/04        Sohail H. Hashmi       Mount Holyoke College   BBC: Current Affairs
10/20/04        Karen Hollis           Mount Holyoke College   Quirks & Quarks
10/22/04        Joseph Ellis           Mount Holyoke College   NPR: Morning Edition
11/02/04        Joseph Ellis           Mount Holyoke College   NPR: Talk of the Nation
11/15/04        Rami Khouri            Mount Holyoke College   WBUR: The Connection
09/17/04        Marc Steinberg         Smith College           LTS: Sound & Vision
11/13/04        Dr. Randy Frost        Smith College           People's Pharmacy
02/13/04        Joe Demerath           UMass                   CBC: The Current
04/14/04        Richard Minear         UMass                   Australian BC: Sunday Morning
06/04/04        Martin Espada          UMass                   BBC: The Word
08/16/04        Martin Espada          UMass                   NPR: Tavis Smiley Show
09/07/04        Horace C. Boyer        UMass                   BBC Wales
09/13/04        Julius Lester          UMass                   Hyperion Books
09/17/04        Alan Robinson          UMass                   Wallabee Multimedia
10/25/04        Nicholas Xenos         UMass                   NPR: Talk of the Nation
12/16/04        Robert Pollin          UMass                   Marketplace: Sound Money
12/31/05        John McCarthy          UMass                   NPR: Day to Day

Public Radio for Western New England                                              February 2005
 Report to the Five Colleges                                                           Page 35 of 36

             G R AT I S D U P L I C AT I O N S P R O V I D E D T O
              A F F I L I AT E S O F T H E F I V E C O L L E G E S
DATE          INDIVIDUAL                  AFFILIATION             SEGMENT PROVIDED
9/23/2004     Paul Statt                  Amherst College         Sense and Non-sensibility
4/23/2004     Aryenish Birdie             Hampshire College       Animal Activists at Hampshire
9/14/2004     Michael Klare               Hampshire College       Blood and Oil
12/24/2004    Nancy Kelly                 Hampshire College       Better to Receive than to Give
2/9/2004      James Harold                Mount Holyoke College   Gay Marriage Resolution
2/11/2004     Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Civil Marriage v. Civil Unions
3/27/2004     Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   The Passion of the Christ
4/9/2004      John O. Fox                 Mount Holyoke College   10 Questions Tax Book
5/17/2004     Kevin McCaffrey             Mount Holyoke College   Women's Education Conference
5/21/2004     Sabina Cray                 Mount Holyoke College   Cleary
6/2/2004      Kevin McCaffrey             Mount Holyoke College   Women's Conference
6/8/2004      Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Politicizing Holy Communion
8/25/2004     Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Muslim Women
9/16/2004     Kevin McCaffrey             Mount Holyoke College   Second Saturday
10/6/2004     Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Religious Conflicts in the World
10/13/2004    Corinne Demas               Mount Holyoke College   Political Pet
10/29/2004    Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Faith and Presidential Politics
11/9/2004     James Hartley               Mount Holyoke College   Bush Economic Policy
12/6/2004     Andrea Ayvazian             Mount Holyoke College   Faith in the Political Process
1/15/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Beach Movies
4/8/2004      Andrew Zimbalist            Smith College           Baseball
4/15/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Alec Guinness
4/21/2004     Paul Zimet                  Smith College           Parrot and Coastline
5/14/2004     Laurie Fenlason             Smith College           Picker School Graduates
5/20/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           College Films
6/22/2004     New Century Theatre         Smith College           Heidi Review
7/7/2004      Tom McCabe                  Smith College           Treasure Island
8/19/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Olympic Films
9/16/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Reel Trains
10/28/2004    Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Hallowe'en Horror, pt. 2
10/30/2004    Nat Fortune                 Smith College           Fortune Unedited
11/16/2004    Greg White                  Smith College           Powell Legacy
12/2/2004     Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Hollywood Movies
12/23/2004    Jefferson Hunter            Smith College           Movie Musicals
1/27/2004     Arthur Kinney               UMass                   Rembrandt
2/6/2004      Vince Cleary                UMass                   Mark Twain House and Museum
2/24/2004     Arthur Kinney               UMass                   Amerindians
3/23/2004     Arthur Kinney               UMass                   Cartography
4/6/2004      Doug Anderton               UMass                   Grammars of Death
4/9/2004      Frannie Carr                UMass                   Medicine Hunter
4/9/2004      Vince Cleary                UMass                   Polish Heritage Center
4/13/2004     Dr. Harry Rockland-Miller   UMass                   College Students' Mental Health

 Public Radio for Western New England                                                 February 2005
 Report to the Five Colleges                                             Page 36 of 36

5/21/2004     Vince Cleary              UMass         Mount Holyoke College Museum
5/25/2004     Arthur Kinney             UMass         Marriage In the Renaissance
7/6/2004      Arthur Kinney             UMass         Kepler
7/9/2004      Vince Cleary              UMass         Great Falls Center
7/26/2004     Stephen B. Mabbee         UMass         Field Notes: Geologic mapping
8/3/2004      Arthur Kinney             UMass         La Gioconda
8/6/2004      Vince Cleary              UMass         Smith Museum
8/19/2004     Bob Childs                UMass         Adelgids
8/27/2004     David Mednicoff           UMass         Teaching 9/11 Award
8/31/2004     Arthur Kinney             UMass         Cursing
9/22/2004     Adi Biemak                UMass         Hijacking Catastrophe
9/24/2004     Vince Cleary              UMass         Mead Art Museum
9/29/2004     Wally Swist               UMass         Mass Audubon Day
10/8/2004     Bill Israel               UMass         Karl Rove
10/26/2004    Arthur Kinney             UMass         Petrarch
11/2/2004     Graeme Sephton            UMass         Flight 800
11/2/2004     Vince Cleary              UMass         Arrowhead
11/10/2004    Arthur Kinney             UMass         Shakespeare's Webs
11/24/2004    Arthur Kinney             UMass         Jews Arrive in America
11/29/2004    John McCarthy             UMass         Pahk the Cah
12/2/2004     Sylvia Brandt             UMass         Tenure Track
12/17/2004    Jonathan C. Lewis         UMass         Autism Pts. 1 and 2
12/28/2004    Arthur Kinney             UMass         Raphael

 Public Radio for Western New England                                   February 2005

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