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									Jeff Prothero, Developer
     Email: jeff at
     Phone: 831 475 2769
     Post: 780 Crystal Ln / Santa Cruz CA 95062
     Html resume:


     C: 30 years, Lisp: 10 years, C++: 5 years, Fortran: 5 years, Perl: 3 years, Java: 2 years, SQL: 1
     year. I have written over a million lines of C/C++/Java and have a working knowledge of many
     other languages, e.g. microprogramming the Pixar Machine.

     Compilers: 10+ years: Wrote two C compilers from scratch and spent five years rewriting SML/NJ;
     also extensive work on implementations of LISP, FORTH, Assembly, Smalltalk etc.

     Assembly Code: 5 years. Over a quarter million lines of assembly code for machines ranging from
     eight-bit microcontrollers to supercomputers.

     Firmware and Embedded Systems: 5 years. Cisco IOS, also PIC microcontroller firmware, Atmel
     firmware, etc.

     Operating Systems: Linux 20 years,, Unix 10 years, Cisco IOS 5 years. Also Windows, CP/M,
     DOS, RSX11, SCOPE, TOPS-10, IRIX, HP/UX, NeXT, Solaris, AIX, etc.

     Version control systems: CVS, Git, SourceSafe, ClearCase, darcs.

     OpenGL: 20 years. I have been using OpenGL since the '80s when it was called GL. My complete
     line of scientific visualization packages Skandha1 through Skandha5 are based on it.

     YACC/LEX/etc: Since the '70s, starting on a PDP-11. For the Loglan parser project, I ported AT&T
     YACC to CP/M.

     Other Skills: Excellent writing skills, broad technical background ranging from math and physics to
     electronics and aerodynamics.

Job History

     While still an undergraduate, I was hired by the UW Physics department Visual Techniques Lab to
     oversee all computer operations plus manage the student neutrino-event scanner team.

     After graduation, working with neuroanatomist John W Sundsten of the University of Washington
     Health Sciences Biological Structures Department, I created the Digital Anatomist project and with it
     the field of computer reconstruction and visualization of human anatomy. I authored a number of
     peer-reviewed papers on this work.

     It would be tedious to list all my short-term contracting work; I limit myself to post-graduation salaried


     Developer with Cisco's elite Gigabit Systems Group co-founded by Andy Bechtolsheim.

     My initiatives there included writing their complete internal developer's documentation (when I
     arrived, it was all word of mouth) and writing their complete daily build system (when I arrived
     engineers were manually generating up to a dozen different image builds a day for external use).

     I also worked upon their 250Kloc C++ codebase and of course the main Cisco 13Mloc IOS
     C-language codebase.

      My hiring supervisor there commented, "This guy has written more useful code than anyone I've
      ever heard of."


      Developer with Activerse, a start-up developing an intra-corporation cross-platform instant
      messaging client/server solution in Java. My contributions included Java applet coding, Java GUI
      and networking coding, doing the Solaris port of the product, and doing QA liaison and coding.


      Creating and building the UW Health Sciences Biological Structure Department Digital Anatomist
      Program. This included developing from scratch a series of half a dozen scientific visualization
      packages on platforms ranging from S-100 CP/M to SGI RISC boxes. My supervisor there,
      Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory PhD (and UW MD) James F Brinkley, calls me "the best
      programmer I've ever met" -- adds that anyone who doesn't hire me is an idiot. :-)

      For the last six years I have been concentrating on open source work:

  •     To provide an evolutionary upgrade path from the C/C++/Java language paradigm (whose core
        design concepts date from circa 1970) I have been morphing the SML/NJ research compiler (Bell
        Labs, CMU, NYU...) <> into Mythryl, a production-oriented compiler engineered for
        minimum retraining cost. (This has absorbed the bulk of my time over this period.) <>

  •     I have also been getting involved with computer vision and robotics:

         * Computer vision and control for Sandy's Fan Club art project (
         * PCB milling gerber-to-gcode converter (
         * Demo Linux computer vision app + X widget (
         * Categorized collection of computer vision papers (
         * Ruminations on same:
         * R/C model airplane construction, operation and instrumentation:
         * Maintainer on OpenCV:
         * PIC/Atmel based "squirmy guy" installation piece shown various places.
         * Unreleased gcode synthesis library.


      BS in Computer Science 1986, University of Washington.

Curriculum Vitae

      I am author of a number of peer-reviewed papers starting with "Three-dimensional reconstruction
      from serial sections IV: The reassembly problem", Computers and Biomedical Research,1986 -- do a
      Google Scholar search if interested.


      I am currently available for work in the Bay Area.
      I occasionally accept telecommute work from elsewhere.

Affiliations etc.

      HS chess champ, National Merit Scholar, Mensa, 999, ISPE, ACM, IEEE.


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