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									                                     Travels in the Confederate States
                                                Fiche Listing

Abbott, Allen O.                                                Barber, Lucius W.
    Prison Life in the South: at Richmond, Macon,                    Memoirs of Lucius W. Barber, Company "D,"
Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh,             15th Illinois volunteer infantry.
Goldsborough, and Andersonville, during the years               Chicago, The J.M.W. Jones Stationery and Printing
1864 and 1865.                                                  Company. 1894
New York: Harper & Brothers. 1865                               May 24, 1861, to Sept. 30, 1865. 1861-1865.
     Fiche: 550-558                                                  Fiche: 609-614

Adams, John Gregory Bishop.                                     Barney, C.
     Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts                   Recollections of field service with the Twentieth
regiment.                                                       Iowa infantry volunteers; or, what I saw in the army,
Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Company. 1899                  embracing accounts of marches, battles, sieges and
     Fiche: 573-577                                             skirmishes, in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi,
                                                                Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and along the
Ambrose, Daniel Leib.                                           northern border of Mexico.
     History of the Seventh regiment Illinois                   Davenport, Iowa. Printed for the Author at the
volunteer infantry, from its first muster into the U.S.         Gazette Job Rooms. 1865
service, April 25, 1861, to its final muster out, July 9,            Fiche: 614a-614h
Springfield, Illinois, Illinois Journal Company. 1868           [Bartlett, Napier].
     Fiche: 578-587                                                   A soldier's story of the war.
                                                                New Orleans, Clark & Hofeline. 1874
Anderson, Ephraim McDowell.                                     including the marches and battles of the Washington
     Memoirs: historical and personal.                          artillery and of other Louisiana troops.
St. Louis, Times Printing Company. 1868                                Fiche: 615-621
including the campaigns of the First Missouri
Confederate brigade.                                            Barton, Thomas H.
     Fiche: 588-598                                                   Autobiography of Dr. Thomas H. Barton, the
                                                                self-made physician of Syracuse, Ohio.
[Anderson, James S.].                                           Charleston, West Virginia Printing Company. 1890
     Nineteen months a prisoner of war in the hands             including a history of the Fourth regt. West Va. Vol.
of the Rebels: experiences at Belle Isle, Richmond,             Inf'y, with an account of Col. Lightburn's retreat
Danville, and Andersonville.                                    down the Kanawha Valley, General Grant's
Milwaukee, Starr & Son, Printers. 1865                          Vicksburg and Chattanooga campaigns, together with
some items with reference to Capt. Wirz, with a map             several battles in which the Fourth regiment was
of Andersonville prison camp, called Camp Sumter.               engaged, and its losses by disease, desertion and in
      Fiche: 599-600                                            battle.
                                                                      Fiche: 622-630
Austin, J.P.
      The blue and the gray: sketches of a portion of           Battle-fields of the South, from Bull Run to
the unwritten history of the great American civil war,          Fredericksburg.
a truthful narrative of adventure, with thrilling               London, Smith, Elder and Company. 1863
reminiscences of the great struggle on land and sea.            with sketches of Confederate commanders, and
Atlanta, Georgia, The Franklin Printing and                     gossip of the camps. By an English combatant,
Publishing Company. 1899                                        (lieutenant of artillery on the field staff); 2 v.
      Fiche: 600a-600f                                                Fiche: 631-648

Bacon, Alvin Q.                                                 Beale, Richard Lee Tuberville.
      Thrilling adventures of a pioneer boy (of the                 History of the Ninth Virginia cavalry, in the war
John M. Palmer, 14th Ill., regiment) while a prisoner           between the states.
of war.                                                         Richmond, Virginia, B.F. Johnson Publishing
[n.p.]. [18--?]                                                 Company. 1899
Alvan [!] Q. Bacon, his capture at the Battle of                     Fiche: 649-653
Shiloh, and escape from Macon, Ga.
      Fiche: 601                                                Beatty, John.
                                                                    The citizen-soldier; or, Memoirs of a volunteer.
Bacon, Edward.                                                  Cincinnati, Wilstach, Baldwin & Company. 1879
    Among the cotton thieves.                                        Fiche: 654-662
Detroit, The Free Press Steam Book and Job Printing
House. 1867                                                     Beers, Fannie A., Mrs.
     Fiche: 602-608                                                  A record of personal experience and adventure
                                                                during four years of war.
                                                                Philadelphia, Press of J.B. Lippincott Company. 1888
                                                                     Fiche: 663-670

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Bell, John Thomas.                                              [Bixby, O.H.].
     Tramps and triumphs of the second Iowa                          Incidents in Dixie, being ten months' experience
infantry.                                                       of a Union soldier in the military prisons of
Omaha, Gibson, Miller & Richardson, Printers. 1886              Richmond, N. Orleans and Salisbury.
briefly sketched, by John T. Bell, lieut. Co. "C.".             Baltimore, Printed by James Young. 1864
      Fiche: 671                                                Published for the benefit of Maryland state fair for
                                                                the Christian and Sanitary commissions.
Bennett, Andrew J.                                                    Fiche: 722-724
     The story of the First Massachusetts light
battery, attached to the Sixth army corps.                      Blackford, Susan Leigh (Colston), Mrs.
Boston, Press of Deland and Barta. 1886                              Memoirs of life in and out of the army in
A glance at events in the armies of the Potomac and             Virginia during the war between the states.
Shenandoah, from the summer of 1861 to the autumn               Lynchburg, Virginia, J.P. Bell Company, Printers.
of 1864.                                                        1894-1896
      Fiche: 672-677                                            Comp. By Susan Leigh Blackford from original and
                                                                contemporaneous correspondence and diaries.
Bentley, W[illiam] H.                                           Annotated and edited exclusively for the private use
     History of the 77th Illinois volunteer infantry,           of their family by her husband, Charles Minor
Sept. 2, 1862 - July 10, 1865.                                  Blackford; 2 v.
Peoria, Illinois, E. Hine, Printer. 1883                              Fiche: 725-738
with an introduction by General D.P. Grier.
     Fiche: 678-686                                             Blake, Henry Nichols.
                                                                     Three years in the Army of the Potomac.
Betts, Alexander Davis.                                         Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1865
     Experience of a Confederate chaplain,                      By Henry N. Blake, late captain in the Eleventh
1861-1864 [i.e. 1865].                                          regiment Massachusetts volunteers.
[Greenville? South Carolina]. n.d                                    Fiche: 739-743
Edited by W.A. Betts; By Rev. A.D. Betts . . .
chaplain, 30th N.C. troops.                                     Blakeslee, Bernard F.
     Fiche: 687-689                                                  History of the Sixteenth Connecticut volunteers.
                                                                Hartford, The Case, Lockwood & Brainard
Bickham, William Denison.                                       Company, Printers. 1875
     Rosecrans' campaign with the fourteenth army                    Fiche: 747-749
corps, or the Army of the Cumberland.
Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys & Company.                    Blanding, Stephen F.
1863                                                                 Recollections of a sailor boy; or, The cruise of
a narrative of personal observations with an                    the gunboat Louisiana.
appendix, consisting of official reports of the battle of       Providence, E.A. Johnson & Company. 1886
Stone River.                                                         Fiche: 750-757
      Fiche: 690-700
                                                                [Blessington, Joseph P.].
Bicknell, George W., Rev.                                            The campaigns of Walker's Texas division.
      History of the Fifth regiment Maine volunteers.           New York: Published for the Author by Lange, Little
Portland, H.L. Davis. 1871                                      & Company. 1875
comprising brief descriptions of its marches,                   By a private soldier. Containing a complete record of
engagements, and general services from the date of              the campaigns in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas . . .
its muster in, June 24, 1861, to the time of its muster         including the federal's report of the battles, names of
out, July 27, 1864.                                             the officers of the division, diary of marches, camp
      Fiche: 701-710                                            scenery, anecdotes . . . &c., &c.
                                                                      Fiche: 758-765
Billings, John Davis.
      History of the Tenth Massachusetts battery of             Boggs, Samuel S.
light artillery in the war of the rebellion.                          Eighteen months a prisoner under the Rebel
Boston, Hall & Whiting. 1881                                    flag, a condensed pen-picture of Belle Isle, Danville,
Formerly of the Third corps, and afterwards of                  Andersonville, Charleston, Florence and Libby
Hancock's second corps, Army of the Potomac.                    prisons from actual experience.
1862-1865.                                                      Lovington, Illinois, S.S. Boggs. 1887
      Fiche: 711-721                                                  Fiche: 766-767

                                                                Boies, Andrew J.
                                                                     Record of the Thirty-third Massachusetts
                                                                volunteer infantry, from Aug. 1862 to Aug. 1865.
                                                                Fitchburg, Sentinel Printing Company. 1880
                                                                     Fiche: 768-772

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Booth, Benjamin F.                                             [Brown, Edmund Randolph].
     Dark days of the rebellion, or, Life in southern                  The Twenty-seventh Indiana volunteer infantry
military prisons, giving a correct and thrilling history       in the war of the rebellion, 1861 to 1865.
of unparalled [!] suffering, narrow escapes, heroic            [Monticello, Ind]. [1899]
encounters, bold achievements, cold blooded                    First division, 12th and 20th corps. A history of its
murders, severe tests of loyalty, and patriotism.              recruiting, organization, camp life, marches and
Indianola, Iowa, Booth Publishing Company. 1897                battles, together with a roster of the men composing
Written from a diary kept while in Libby and                   it . . . By a member of Company C.
Salisbury prisons in 1864-5, and now in possession of                  Fiche: 829-843
the author.
      Fiche: 773-781                                           Browne, Junius Henri.
                                                                    Four years in Secessia.
[Booth, George Wilson].                                        Hartford, O.D. Case and Company, [etc. etc.]. 1865
     Personal reminiscences of a Maryland soldier in           adventures within and beyond the Union lines:
the war between the states, 1861-1865.                         embracing a great variety of facts, incidents, and
Baltimore [Press of Fleet, McGinley & Company].                romance of the war.
1898                                                                Fiche: 844-854
For private circulation only.
     Fiche: 781a-781e                                          Brownlow, William Gannaway.
                                                                    Sketches of the rise, progress, and decline of
Borcke, Heros von.                                             secession.
     Memoirs of the Confederate war for                        Philadelphia, George W. Childs; Cincinnati,
independence.                                                  Applegate & Company. 1862
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Company. 1867                  with a narrative of personal adventures among the
     Fiche: 782-792                                            rebels.
                                                                    Fiche: 855-866
Bosbyshell, Oliver Christian.
     The 48th in the war.                                      Burson, William.
Philadelphia, Avil Printing Company. 1895                          A race for liberty; or, My capture,
Being a narrative of the campaigns of the 48th                 imprisonment, and escape.
regiment, infantry, Pennsylvania veteran volunteers,           Wellsville, Ohio, W.G. Foster, Printer. 1867
during the war of the rebellion.                               By William Burson, of Company A, 32d reg't O.V.I.
     Fiche: 793-797                                                 Fiche: 867-870

Bradley, George S.                                             Burton, Elijah P.
     The star corps; or, Notes of an army chaplain                   Diary of E.P. Burton, surgeon, 7th Reg. Ill., 3rd
during Sherman's famous "march to the sea.".                   brig., 2nd div. 16 A.C.
Milwaukee, Jermain & Brightman, Printers. 1865                 Des Moines, Iowa, The Historical Records Survey.
     Fiche: 798-804                                            1939
                                                               Prepared by the Historical records survey, Division
Briant, Charles C.                                             of professional and service projects, Work projects
     History of the Sixth regiment Indiana volunteer           administration.
infantry.                                                            Fiche: 871-875
Indianapolis, W.B. Burford, Printer and Binder. 1891
Of both the three months' and three years' services.           Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall.
     Fiche: 805-814                                                 What I saw in Dixie; or, Sixteen months in
                                                               Rebel prisons.
Britton, Wiley.                                                Dansville, New York, Robbins & Poore, Printers.
     Memoirs of the rebellion on the border, 1863.             1868
Chicago, Cushing, Thomas & Company. 1882                            Fiche: 876-879
     Fiche: 815-825
                                                               Cadwell, Charles K.
Brown, Augustus Cleveland.                                         The old Sixth regiment, its war record, 1861-5.
    The diary of a line officer.                               New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers.
[New York]. [n.d.]                                             1875
    Fiche: 826-828                                                  Fiche: 880-885

                                                               Caldwell, James Fitz James.
                                                                    The history of a brigade of South Carolinians,
                                                               known first as "Gregg's" and subsequently as
                                                               "McGowan's brigade.".
                                                               Philadelphia, King & Baird, Printers. 1866
                                                                    Fiche: 886-891

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

[Campbell, John Francis].                                     Collins, Elizabeth.
     A short American tramp in the fall of 1864, by                Memories of the southern states.
the editor of "Life in Normandy.".                            Taunton [Eng.] J. Barnicott, Printer. 1865
Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1865                             Fiche: 951-953
     Fiche: 892-901
                                                              Collins, R.M., lieut.
Canon, J.P.                                                        Chapters from the unwritten history of the war
     Inside of rebeldom, the daily life of a private in       between the states; or, The incidents in the life of a
the Confederate army.                                         Confederate soldier in camp, on the march, in the
Washington, D.C., The National Tribune.                       great battles, and in prison.
(On cover: Old glory library, no. 32).                        St. Louis, Nixon-Jones Printing Company. 1893
     Fiche: 902-908                                                 Fiche: 954-962
Carter, Howell.                                               Conyngham, David Power.
    A cavalryman's reminiscences of the civil war.                Sherman's march through the South.
New Orleans, The American Printing Company, Ltd.              New York: Sheldon and Company. 1865
n.d                                                           With sketches and incidents of the campaign.
    Fiche: 908a-908f                                               Fiche: 963-972

Casler, John Overton.                                         Cook, Benjamin F.
     Four years in the Stonewall brigade. Private,                 History of the Twelfth Massachusetts volunteers
Company A, 33d regiment Virginia infantry,                    (Webster regiment).
Stonewall brigade, 1st division, 2d corps.                    Boston, Twelfth (Webster) Regiment Association.
Guthrie, Oklahoma, State Capital Printing Company.            1882
1893                                                               Fiche: 973-977
Army of Northern Virginia, Gen. Robert E. Lee,
commanding.                                                   Cook, Joel.
     Fiche: 909-921                                                The siege of Richmond: a narrative of the
                                                              military operations of Major-General George B.
Clark, James H.                                               McClellan during the months of May and June, 1862.
     The iron hearted regiment: being an account of           Philadelphia, G.W. Childs. 1862
the battles, marches and gallant deeds performed by                 Fiche: 978-986
the 115th regiment N.Y. volunteers.
Albany, J. Munsell. 1865                                      Cooper, Alonzo.
     Fiche: 922-929                                               In and out of rebel prisons.
                                                              Oswego, New York, R.J. Oliphant, Printer. 1888
Clark, Walter Augustus.                                           Fiche: 987-994
     Under the stars and bars; or, Memories of four
years service with the Oglethorpes, of Augusta,               Copley, John M.
Georgia.                                                           A sketch of the battle of Franklin, Tenn.
Augusta, Georgia, Chronicle Printing Company.                 Austin, Texas, E. Von Boeckmann, Printer. 1893
1900                                                          with reminiscences of camp Douglas.
     Fiche: 929a-929f                                              Fiche: 995-1000

Coffin, Charles Carleton.                                     Corby, William.
      Four years of fighting: a volume of personal                  Memoirs of chaplain life… Three years chaplain
observation with the army and navy, from the first            in the famous Irish brigade, "Army of the Potomac.".
battle of Bull Run to the fall of Richmond.                   Notre Dame, Indiana, "Scholastic" Press. 1894
Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1866                                    Fiche: 1001-1010
      Fiche: 930-943
                                                              Corcoran, Michael.
Cogley, Thomas Sydenham.                                           The captivity of General Corcoran.
     History of the Seventh Indiana cavalry                   Philadelphia, Barclay & Company. 1862
volunteers, and the expeditions, campaigns, raids,            The only authentic and reliable narrative of the trials
marches, and battles of the armies with which it was          and sufferings endured, during his twelve months
connected.                                                    imprisonment in Richmond and other southern cities.
Laporte, Indiana, Herald Company, Printers. 1876                   Fiche: 1011-1012
with biographical sketches of Brevet Major General
John P.C. Shanks, and of Brevet Brig. Gen. Thomas             [Corsan, W.C.].
M. Browne, and other officers of the regiment; with                Two months in the Confederate States.
an account of the burning of the steamer Sultana on           London, R. Bentley. 1863
the Mississippi river, and of the capture, trial,             including a visit to New Orleans under the
conviction and execution of Dick Davis, the guerrilla.        domination of General Butler. By an English
     Fiche: 944-950                                           merchant.
                                                                   Fiche: 1013-1019

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Craft, David.                                                 Darby, George W.
    History of the One hundred forty-first regiment,               Incidents and adventures in rebeldom, Libby,
Pennsylvania volunteers, 1862-1865.                           Belle-isle, Salisbury.
Tonawanda, Pennsylvania, Reporter-Journal Printing            Pittsburg[h], Pennsylvania, Press of Rawsthorne
Company. 1885                                                 Engraving & Printing Company. 1899
    Fiche: 1020-1026                                                Fiche: 1088-1093
Crawford, J. Marshall.                                        Davenport, Alfred.
     Mosby and his men: a record of the adventures                Camp and field life of the fifth New York
of that renowned partisan ranger, John S. Mosby.              volunteer infantry.
New York: G.W. Carleton & Company; [etc., etc.].              New York: Dick and Fitzgerald. 1879
1867                                                          (Duryee zouaves.).
      Fiche: 1027-1035                                             Fiche: 1094-1105

[Cronin, David Edward].                                       Davidson, Henry M.
    The evolution of a life, described in the memoirs              Fourteen months in southern prisons.
of Major Seth Eyland [pseud.].                                Milwaukee, Daily Wisconsin Printing House. 1865
New York: S.W. Green's Sons. 1884                             being a narrative of the treatment of federal prisoners
    Fiche: 1036-1043                                          of war in the rebel military prisons of Richmond,
                                                              Danville, Andersonville, Savannah and Millen.
Croom, Wendell D.                                                  Fiche: 1106-1115
     The war-history of Company "C", (Beauregard
volunteers) Sixth Georgia regiment, (infantry) with a         Davis, Charles E.
graphic account of each member.                                   Three years in the army.
Fort Valley, Georgia, Printed at the "Advertiser"             Boston, Estes and Lauriat. 1894
Office. 1879                                                  The story of the Thirteenth Massachusetts volunteers
     Fiche: 1044-1045                                         from July 16, 1861, to August 1, 1864.
                                                                   Fiche: 1116-1128
Cudworth, Warren Handel.
     History of the First regiment (Massachusetts             Davis, Nicholas A.
infantry), from the 25th of May, 1861, to the 25th of             The campaign from Texas to Maryland.
May, 1864.                                                    Richmond, Printed at the Office of the Presbyterian
Boston, Walker, Fuller and Company. 1866                      Committee of Publication of the Confederate States.
     Fiche: 1046-1058                                         1863
                                                                   Fiche: 1129-1132
Cumming, Kate.
     A journal of hospital life in the Confederate            Dawes, Rufus R.
army of Tennessee, from the battle of Shiloh to the               Service with the Sixth Wisconsin volunteers.
end of the war.                                               Marietta, Ohio, E. R. Alderman & Sons. 1890
Louisville, J.P. Morton & Company; New Orleans,                   Fiche: 1133-1141
W. Evelyn. [ca. 1866]
     Fiche: 1059-1063                                         Day, Lewis W.
                                                                   Story of the One hundred and first Ohio
Curtis, Orson Blair.                                          infantry.
     History of the Twenty-fourth Michigan of the             Cleveland, W. M. Bayne Printing Company. 1894
Iron brigade, known as the Detroit and Wayne county           A memorial volume.
regiment.                                                          Fiche: 1142-1152
Detroit, Michigan, Winn & Hammond. 1891
     Fiche: 1064-1075                                         Day, Samuel Phillips.
                                                                   Down South; or, An Englishman's experience at
Dana, Charles Anderson.                                       the seat of the American war.
    Recollections of the civil war, with the leaders at       London, Hurst and Blackett, Publishers. 1862
Washington and in the field in the sixties.                   2 v.
New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1898                             Fiche: 1153-1168
    Fiche: 1076-1083
                                                              Day, W[illiam] W.
[Daniel, Frederick S.].                                           Fifteen months in Dixie; or, My personal
     Richmond howitzers in the war.                           experience in rebel prisons.
Richmond. 1891                                                Owatonna, Minnesota, The People's Press. 1889
Four years campaigning with the Army of northern                   Fiche: 1169-1171
Virginia. By a member of the company.
     Fiche: 1084-1087

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

DeForest, Bartholomew S.                                     Downs, Edward C.
      Random sketches and wandering thoughts; or,                  Four years a scout and spy.
What I saw in camp, on the march, the bivouac, the           Zanesville, Ohio, H. Dunne. 1866
battle field and hospital, while with the army in            "General Bunker," one of Lieut. General Grant's most
Virginia, North and South Carolina, during the late          daring and successful scouts. Being a narrative of the
rebellion.                                                   thrilling adventures, narrow escapes, noble daring,
Albany, Avery Herrick. 1866                                  and amusing incidents in the experience of Corporal
      Fiche: 1172-1179                                       Ruggles during four years' service as a scout and spy
                                                             for the Federal army.
DeLeon, Thomas Cooper.                                              Fiche: 1261-1270
      Four Years in Rebel capitals: an inside view of
life in the southern confederacy, from birth to death.       Drake, James Madison.
Mobile, Alabama, The Gossip Printing Company.                     Fast and loose in Dixie.
1890                                                         New York: The Authors' Publishing Company. 1880
       Fiche: 1180-1188                                      An unprejudiced narrative of personal experience as a
                                                             prisoner of war at Libby, Macon, Savannah, and
Derby, William P.                                            Charleston.
     Bearing arms in the Twenty-seventh                           Fiche: 1271-1278
Massachusetts regiment of volunteer infantry during
the civil war, 1861-1865.                                    [Driggs, George W.].
Boston, Wright & Potter Printing Company. 1883                    Opening of the Mississippi; or, Two years
      Fiche: 1189-1204                                       campaigning in the Southwest.
                                                             Madison, Wisconsin, Wm. J. Park & Company,
Dicey, Edward.                                               Printers. 1864
     Six months in the federal states.                       A record of the campaigns, sieges, actions and
London and Cambridge, Macmillan and Company.                 marches on which the 8th Wisconsin volunteers have
1863                                                         participated.
     Fiche: 1205-1220                                              Fiche: 1279-1282

Dickert, D. Augustus.                                        Dugan, James, corporal.
     History of Kershaw's brigade, with complete roll              History of Hurlbut's fighting Fourth division:
of companies, biographical sketches, incidents,              and especially the marches, toils, privations,
anecdotes, etc.                                              adventures, skirmishes and battles of the Fourteenth
Newberry, South Carolina, Elbert H. Aull Company.            Illinois infantry.
1899                                                         Cincinnati, E. Morgan & Company. 1863
Introduction by Associate Justice Y.J. Pope.                       Fiche: 1283-1289
     Fiche: 1221-1234
                                                             Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey.
Dodge, William Sumner.                                           Camps and prisons.
    A waif of the war; or, The history of the                New York: J.F. Robens, Publisher. 1865
Seventy-fifth Illinois infantry, embracing the entire        Twenty months in the department of the Gulf.
campaigns of the Army of the Cumberland.                         Fiche: 1290-1299
Chicago, Church & Goodman. 1866
     Fiche: 1235-1240                                        Duke, John K.
                                                                  History of the Fifty-third regiment Ohio
Dornblaser, Thomas Franklin.                                 volunteer infantry, during the war of the rebellion,
     Sabre strokes of the Pennsylvania dragoons in           1861 to 1865.
the War of 1861-1865.                                        Portsmouth, Ohio, The Blade Printing Company.
Philadelphia, Lutheran Publication Society. 1884             1900
Interspersed with personal reminiscences . . .                    Fiche: 1300-1307
Published for the author.
      Fiche: 1241-1247                                       Dyer, John Will.
                                                                   Reminiscences; or Four years in the Confederate
Dowling, Morgan E.                                           army.
     Southern prisons; or, Josie the heroine of              Evansville, Inc., Keller Printing and Publishing
Florence.                                                    Company. 1898
Detroit, William Graham. 1870                                A history of the experiences of the private soldier in
     Fiche: 1248-1260                                        camp, hospital, prison, on the march, and on the
                                                             battlefield. 1861 to 1865.
                                                                   Fiche: 1308-1316

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Eddy, Richard.                                               [Estabrooks, Henry L.].
     History of the Sixtieth regiment New York state              Adrift in Dixie; or, A Yankee officer among the
volunteers, from the commencement of its                     Rebels.
organization in July, 1861, to its public reception at       New York: Carleton. 1866
Ogdensburgh as a veteran command, January 7th,               With an introduction by Edmund Kirke [pseud.].
1864.                                                             Fiche: 1389-1393
Philadelphia, Published by the Author, Crissy &
Markley, Printers. 1864                                      Estvan, Bela.
     Fiche: 1317-1325                                            War pictures from the South.
                                                             New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1863
Eden, Robert C.                                                   Fiche: 1394-1402
    The sword and gun, a history of the 37th Wis.
volunteer infantry.                                          Famous adventures and prison escapes of the civil
Madison, Atwood & Rublee, Printers. 1865                     war.
From its first organization to its final muster out.         New York: The Century Company. 1893
     Fiche: 1326-1328                                        (Includes: Cable, George. War diary of a union
                                                             woman in the south; and, Sheldon, W.H. A hard road
Edmonds, S. Emma E.                                          to travel out of Dixie.).
      Nurse and spy in the Union army.                             Fiche: 1403-1411
Hartford, W.S. Williams & Company; Philadelphia,
[etc.] Jones Bros. & Company. 1865                           Feemster, Zenas E.
comprising the adventures and experiences of a                    The travelling refugee; or, The cause and cure of
woman in hospitals, camps, and battle-fields.                the rebellion in the United States.
      Fiche: 1329-1338                                       Springfield, Illinois, Steam Press of Baker & Phillips.
Egan, Michael.                                               embracing a sketch of the state of society in the
      The flying, gray-haired Yank: or, The                  South, before, and at the commencement of the
adventures of a volunteer.                                   rebellion. Illustrated by facts and incidents. By Rev.
[n.p.] Edgewood. [ca. 1888]                                  Zenas E. Feemster, refugee, from Mississippi, in
A true narrative of the civil war.                           1862.
      Fiche: 1339-1348                                             Fiche: 1412-1416

Ellis, Daniel.                                               Ferguson, Joseph.
      Thrilling adventures of Daniel Ellis, the great             Life-struggles in Rebel prisons: a record of the
Union guide of east Tennessee, for a period of nearly        sufferings, escapes, adventures and starvation of the
four years during the great southern rebellion.              Union prisoners.
New York: Harper & Brothers. 1867                            Philadelphia, James M. Ferguson. 1865
      Fiche: 1349-1358                                       With an introduction by Rev. Joseph T. Cooper, D.D.
                                                                  Fiche: 1417-1422
Ellis, Thomas T.
      Leaves from the diary of an army surgeon; or,          Field, Charles D.
Incidents of field, camp, and hospital life.                      Three years in the saddle from 1861 to 1865.
New York: John Bradburn. 1863                                [Goldfield, Ia]. [ca. 1898]
      Fiche: 1359-1366                                            Fiche: 1423-1424

Ely, Alfred.                                                 [Figg, Royall W.].
     Journal of Alfred Ely, a prisoner of war in                  "Where men only dare to go!" or, The story of a
Richmond.                                                    boy company (C.S.A.).
New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1862                      Richmond, Whittet & Shepperson. 1885
     Fiche: 1367-1375                                        By an ex-boy.
                                                                  Fiche: 1425-1430
Emmerton, James Arthur.
      A record of the Twenty-third regiment Mass.            Fisher, George Adams.
vol. infantry in the war of the rebellion 1861-1865.              The Yankee conscript; or, Eighteen months in
Boston, William Ware & Company. 1886                         Dixie.
with alphabetical roster; company rolls; portraits,          Philadelphia, J.W. Daughaday. 1864
maps; etc.                                                   With an introduction by Rev. William Dickson.
      Fiche: 1376-1386                                            Fiche: 1431-1437

Ennis, John W.                                               [Fiske, Samuel Wheelock].
    Adventures in rebeldom; or, Ten months                        Mr. Dunn Browne's experiences in the army.
experience of prison life.                                   Boston, Nichols and Noyes; New York: O.S. Felt.
New York: "Business Mirror" Print. 1863                      1866
     Fiche: 1387-1388                                             Fiche: 1438-1446

                                     Travels in the Confederate States
                                                Fiche Listing

Fleharty, Stephen F.                                          [Freeman, Warren Hapgood].
      Our regiment. A history of the 102d Illinois                 Letters from two brothers serving in the war for
infantry volunteers.                                          the union to their family at home in West Cambridge,
Chicago, Brewster & Hanscom. 1865                             Mass.
with sketches of the Atlanta campaign, the Georgia            Cambridge, Printed for Private Circulation [by H.O.
raid, and the campaign of the Carolinas.                      Houghton and Company]. 1871
      Fiche: 2325-2328                                             Fiche: 2367-2370

Floyd, David Bittle.                                          Fremantle, Arthur James Lyon, Sir.
      History of the Seventy-fifth regiment of Indiana            Three months in the southern states: April-June,
infantry volunteers, its organization, campaigns, and         1863.
battles (1862-65).                                            New York: John Bradburn (successor to M.
Philadelphia, Lutheran Publication Society. 1893              Doolady). 1864
With an introduction by Major-General J.J. Reynolds.          By Lieut.-Col. Fremantle.
      Fiche: 2329-2339                                             Fiche: 2371-2378
Forbes, Eugene.                                               Gage, Moses D.
     Diary of a soldier, and prisoner of war in the                From Vicksburg to Raleigh; or, A complete
Rebel prisons.                                                history of the 12th regiment Indiana volunteer
Trenton, [New Jersey] Murphy & Bechtel, Printers.             infantry, and the campaigns of Grant and Sherman.
1865                                                          Chicago, Clarke & Company. 1865
     Fiche: 2340-2341                                         with an outline of the great rebellion.
                                                                    Fiche: 2379-2385
Fosdick, Charles.
      Five hundred days in Rebel prisons.                     Gammage, W.L.
Bethany, Missouri, Printed at the Clipper Book and                  The camp, the bivouac, and the battlefield, being
Job Office. 1887                                              the history of the Fourth Arkansas regiment, from its
By Charles Fosdick, formerly of Co. K, 5th Iowa               first organization down to the present date; its
vols.                                                         campaigns and its battles.
      Fiche: 2342-2345                                        Selma, Alabama, Cooper & Kimball, Mississippian
                                                              [sic] Book and Job Office. 1864
[Fowler, Philemon Halsted].                                          Fiche: 2386-2389
    Memorials of William Fowler.
New York: A.D.F. Randolph & Company. 1875                     Geer, John James.
    Fiche: 2346-2349                                               Beyond the lines: or, A Yankee prisoner loose in
Fox, James D.                                                 Philadelphia, J.W. Daughaday. 1863
      A true history of the reign of terror in southern       With an introduction by Rev. Alexander Clark.
Illinois, a part of the campaign in western Virginia,              Fiche: 2390-2396
and fourteen months of prison life at Richmond,
Virginia; Macon, Georgia; Charleston, South                   Gerrish, Theodore.
Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina.                            Army life, a private's reminiscences of the civil
Aurora, Illinois, J.D. Fox. 1884                              war.
      Fiche: 2350-2351                                        Portland, [Maine] Hoyt, Fogg & Donham. [1882]
                                                              With an introduction by Hon. Josiah H. Drummond.
Francis, Charles Lewis.                                            Fiche: 2397-2405
     Narrative of a private soldier in the volunteer
army of the United States, during a portion of the            Gilmor, Harry.
period covered by the great war of the rebellion of               Four years in the saddle.
1861.                                                         New York: Harper & Brothers. 1866
Brooklyn, William Jenkins and Company. 1879                       Fiche: 2406-2412
     Fiche: 2352-2356
                                                              [Gilmore, James Roberts].
Frederick Gilbert.                                                Among the pines: or, South in secession-time.
     The story of a regiment: being a record of the           New York: J.R. Gilmore [etc.]. 1862
military services of the Fifty-seventh New York state         By Edmund Kirke [pseud.].
volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion,                    Fiche: 2413-2419
[Chicago] Pub. by the Fifty-seventh veteran                   [Gilmore, James Roberts].
association. 1895                                                 Down in Tennessee, and back by way of
      Fiche: 2357-2366                                        Richmond.
                                                              New York: Carleton. 1864
                                                              By Edmund Kirke [pseud.].
                                                                   Fiche: 2420-2426

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

[Girard, Charles Frederic].                                  Greene, John W.
     Les Etats Confederes d'Amerique visites en                   Camp Ford prison, and how I escaped.
1863.                                                        Toledo, Ohio, Barkdull Printing house. 1893
Paris, E. Dentu. 1864                                        An incident of the Civil war.
Memoire adresse a S.M. Napoleon III.                              Fiche: 2514-2516
      Fiche: 2427-2430
                                                             Grigsby, Melvin.
Glazier, Willard Worcester.                                      The smoked Yank.
     The capture, the prison pen, and the escape.            Sioux Falls, Dakota Bell Publishing Company. 1888
New York: United States Publishing Company. 1868                  Fiche: 2517-2522
giving a complete history of prison life in the South,
principally at Richmond, Danville, Macon, Savannah,          Grimes, Bryan.
Charleston, Columbia, Belle Isle, Millen, Salisbury,               Extracts of letters of Major-Gen'l Bryan Grimes
and Andersonville.                                           to his wife, written while in active service in the
     Fiche: 2431-2441                                        Army of northern Virginia.
                                                             Raleigh, North Carolina, Edwards, Broughton &
Glazier, Willard Worcester.                                  Company, Printers. 1883
    Three years in the federal cavalry.                      Compiled from original manuscripts by Pulaski
New York: R.H. Ferguson & Company. 1874                      Cooper.
     Fiche: 2442-2450                                              Fiche: 2523-2526

Goldsborough, William Worthington.                           [Grose, William].
     The Maryland line in the Confederate States                  The story of the marches, battles and incidents
army.                                                        of the 36th regiment Indiana volunteer infantry.
Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Company. 1869                       New Castle, Indiana, The Courier Company Press.
     Fiche: 2451-2459                                        1891
                                                             By a member of the regiment.
Goodhart, Briscoe.                                                 Fiche: 2527-2535
     History of the Independent Loudoun Virginia
rangers.                                                     Hadley, John Vestal.
Washington, D.C., Press of McGill & Wallace. 1896                Seven months a prisoner.
U.S. vol. cav. (scouts) 1862-65.                             New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1898
     Fiche: 2460-2466                                            Fiche: 2536-2542

Goodloe, Albert Theodore.                                    [Haines, Zenas T.].
    Some Rebel relics from the seat of war.                        Letters from the Forty-fourth regiment M.V.M.:
Nashville, Tennessee, Printed for the Author. 1893           a record of the experience of a nine months' regiment
    Fiche: 2467-2474                                         in the Department of North Carolina in 1862-3.
                                                             Boston, Printed at the Herald Job Office. 1863
Gordon, George Henry.                                        By "Corporal" [pseud.].
     A war diary of events in the war of the great                 Fiche: 2543-2546
rebellion, 1863-1865.
Boston, James R. Osgood and Company. 1882                    Hall, Winchester.
      Fiche: 2475-2485                                             The story of the 26th Louisiana infantry, in the
                                                             service of the Confederate states.
Goss, Warren Lee.                                            [n.p.]. [1890?]
     The soldier's story of his captivity at                       Fiche: 2547-2552
Andersonville, Belle Isle, and other Rebel prisons.
Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1869                                Hancock, Richard R.
With an appendix, containing the names of the Union               Hancock's diary: or, A history of the Second
soldiers who died at Andersonville.                          Tennessee Confederate cavalry.
     Fiche: 2486-2495                                        Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon Printing Company.
Gould, John Mead.                                            with sketches of First and Seventh battalions; also,
     History of the First-Tenth-Twenty-ninth Maine           portraits and biographical sketches.
regiment.                                                         Fiche: 2553-2568
Portland, Maine, S. Berry. 1871
In service of the United States, from May 3, 1861, to        Hannaford, Ebenezer.
June 21, 1866. By Maj. John M. Gould. With the                    The story of a regiment: a history of the
History of the Tenth Me. battalion. By Rev. Leonard          campaigns, and associations in the field, of the Sixth
G. Jordan.                                                   regiment Ohio volunteer infantry.
      Fiche: 2496-2513                                       Cincinnati, The Author. 1868
                                                                  Fiche: 2569-2582

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Hanson, John Wesley.                                            Haynes, Martin A.
     Historical sketch of the old Sixth regiment of                 History of the Second regiment New Hampshire
Massachusetts volunteers, during its three campaigns            volunteers: its camps, marches and battles.
in 1861, 1862, 1863, and 1864.                                  Manchester, N.H., C.F. Livingston, Printer. 1865
Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1866                                        Fiche: 2644-2649
     Fiche: 2583-2591
                                                                Heartsill, William Williston.
Hard, Abner.                                                         Fourteen hundred and 91 days in the
    History of the Eighth cavalry regiment, Illinois            Confederate army.
volunteers, during the great rebellion.                         [Marshall, Texas, W.W. Heartsill]. [1876]
Aurora, Illinois. 1868                                          A journal kept, by W.W. Heatsill, for four years, one
     Fiche: 2592-2600                                           month, and one day; or, Camp life, day-by-day, of the
                                                                W.P. Lane rangers, from April 19th 1861, to May
Harris, James Sidney.                                           20th 1865.
    Historical sketches.                                             Fiche: 2650-2657
Mooresville [N.C.] Mooresville Printing Company.
[1893?]                                                         Hedley, Fenwick Y.
Seventh regiment, North Carolina troops.                              Marching through Georgia.
     Fiche: 2601-2602                                           Chicago, Donohue, Henneberry & Company. 1890
                                                                Pen-pictures of every-day life in General Sherman's
Harris, William Charles.                                        army, from the beginning of the Atlanta campaign
     Prison-life in the tobacco warehouse at                    until the close of the war. Illustrated by F.L.
Richmond.                                                       Stoddard.
Philadelphia, George W. Childs. 1862                                  Fiche: 2658-2670
By a Ball's Bluff prisoner.
     Fiche: 2603-2607                                           Higginson, Thomas Wentworth.
                                                                    Army life in a black regiment.
Harrold, John.                                                  Boston, Fields, Osgood & Company. 1870
     Libby, Andersonville, Florence. The capture,                    Fiche: 2671-2677
imprisonment, escape and rescue of John Harrold, a
Union soldier in the war of the rebellion.                      Hight, John J.
Philadelphia, W.B. Selheimer. 1870                                    History of the Fifty-eighth regiment of Indiana
     Fiche: 2608-2610a                                          volunteer infantry.
                                                                Princeton [Indiana] Press of the Clarion. 1895
Hart, Ephraim J.                                                Its organization, campaigns and battles from 1861 to
    History of the Fortieth Illinois inf., (volunteers).        1865. From the manuscript prepared by the late
Cincinnati, H.S. Bosworth. 1864                                 chaplain John J. Hight, during his service with the
     Fiche: 2611-2615                                           regiment in the field. Comp. by his friend and
                                                                comrade, Gilbert R. Storment.
Hartpence, William Ross.                                              Fiche: 2678-2691
     History of the Fifty-first Indiana veteran
volunteer infantry.                                             Hill, Alonzo F.
Cincinnati, The Robert Clarke Company, Printers.                      Our boys.
1894                                                            Philadelphia, John E. Potter. 1864
A narrative of its organization, marches, battles and           The personal experiences of a soldier in the Army of
other experiences in camp and prison; from 1861 to              the Potomac.
1866. With revised roster. Harrison, O., pub., by the                 Fiche: 2692-2697
     Fiche: 2616-2625                                           Hill, Isaac J.
                                                                      A sketch of the 29th regiment of Connecticut
Hawes, Jesse.                                                   colored troops, by J. [!] J. Hill, giving a full account
     Cahaba.                                                    of its formation, of all the battles through which it
New York: Burr Printing house. 1888                             passed, and its final disbandment.
A story of captive boys in blue.                                Baltimore, Printed by Daugherty, Maguire &
     Fiche: 2626-2637                                           Company. 1867
                                                                       Fiche: 2702-2703
Haynes, Edwin Mortimer.
      A history of the Tenth regiment, Vermont                  Hinman, Wilbur F.
volunteers.                                                          The story of the Sherman brigade.
[Lewiston, Maine, Printed] Published by the Tenth               [Alliance, Ohio] The Author. 1897
Vermont regimental association. 1870                            The camp, the march, the bivouac, the battle; and
with biographical sketches of the officers who fell in          how "the boys" lived and died during four years of
battle.                                                         active field service.
      Fiche: 2638-2643                                                Fiche: 2704-2728

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Hoffman, Wickham.                                             Hunter, Alfred G.
    Camp, court and siege; a narrative of personal                 History of the Eighty-second Indiana volunteer
adventure and observation during two wars:                    infantry, its organization, campaigns and battles.
1861-1865; 1870-1871.                                         Indianapolis, W.B. Burford. 1893
New York: Harper & Brothers. 1877                             Written at the request of the members.
     Fiche: 2729-2735                                              Fiche: 2797-2804
Hood, John Bell.                                              Hurst, Samuel H.
     Advance and retreat.                                          Journal-history of the Seventy-third Ohio
New Orleans, Pub. for the Hood orphan memorial                volunteer infantry.
fund, G.T. Beauregard. 1880                                   Chillicothe, Ohio. 1866
Personal experiences in the United States and                       Fiche: 2805-2810
Confederate States armies.
     Fiche: 2736-2744                                         Isham, Asa Brainerd.
                                                                   Prisoners of war and military prisons; personal
[Hopley, Catherine Cooper].                                   narratives of experience in the prisons of Richmond,
     Life in the south: from the commencement of              Danville, Macon, Andersonville, Savannah, Millen,
the war.                                                      Charleston, and Columbia.
London, Chapman and Hall. 1863                                Cincinnati, Lyman & Cushing. 1890
By a blockaded British subject. Being a social history             Fiche: 2811-2825
of those who took part in the battles, from a personal
acquaintance with them in their homes. From the               Johns, Henry T.
spring of 1860 to August 1862.                                      Life with the Forty-ninth Massachusetts
      Fiche: 2745-2764                                        volunteers.
                                                              Pittsfield, Massachusetts For the Author. 1864
Horton, Joshua H.                                                   Fiche: 2826-2835
    A history of the Eleventh regiment (Ohio
volunteer infantry,).                                         Johnson, Richard W.
Dayton, W.J. Shuey. 1866                                           A soldier's reminiscences in peace and war.
Compiled from the official records by [Joshua H.]             Philadelphia, Press of J.B. Lippincott Company. 1886
Horton and [Solomon] Teverbaugh.                                   Fiche: 2836-2845
     Fiche: 2765-2771
                                                              Johnston, Isaac N.
Hosmer, James Kendall.                                              Four months in Libby, and the campaign against
     The color-guard: being a corporal's notes of             Atlanta.
military service in the Nineteenth army corps.                Cincinnati, Printed at the Methodist Book Concern,
Boston, Walker, Wise, and Company. 1864                       for the Author. 1893
      Fiche: 2772-2777                                              Fiche: 2846-2850

Howard, Richard L.                                            Joinville, Francois Ferdinand Philippe Louis
     History of the 124th regiment Illinois infantry          Marie d'Orleans, Prince de.
volunteers, otherwise known as the "Hundred and                     The Army of the Potomac: its organization, its
two dozen," from August, 1862, to August, 1865.               commander, and its campaign.
Springfield, Illinois, Printed and bound by H. W.             New York: A.D.F. Randolph. 1862
Rokker. 1880                                                  Tr. from the French, with notes, by William Henry
     Fiche: 2778-2789                                         Hurlbert.
                                                                    Fiche: 2851-2854
[Howe, Thomas H.].
     Adventures of an escaped Union prisoner from             Jones, Charles Colcock.
Andersonville.                                                     Historical sketch of the Chatham artillery during
San Francisco, H. S. Crocker & Company, Printers.             the Confederate struggle for independence.
1886                                                          Albany, Joel Munsell. 1867
     Fiche: 2790-2791                                              Fiche: 2855-2860

[Hubbard, Charles Eustis].                                    Judson, A[mos] M.
    The campaign of the Forty-fifth regiment,                      History of the Eighty-third regiment
Massachusetts volunteer militia.                              Pennsylvania volunteers.
Boston, Printed by James S. Adams. 1882                       Erie, Pennsylvania B.F.H. Lynn. [1865]
"The cadet regiment.".                                              Fiche: 2861-2864
     Fiche: 2792-2796
                                                              Kelley, Daniel George.
                                                                   What I saw and suffered in Rebel prisons.
                                                              Buffalo, Printing house of Matthews & Warren. 1866
                                                              With an introduction by Major Anson G. Chester.
                                                                   Fiche: 2865-2867

                                      Travels in the Confederate States
                                                 Fiche Listing

Kellogg, Robert H.                                                  Lathrop, David.
     Life and death in rebel prisons.                                    The history of the Fifty-ninth regiment Illinois
Hartford, Connecticut, L. Stebbins. 1865                            volunteers, or A three years' campaign through
giving a complete history of the inhuman and                        Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and
barbarous treatment of our brave soldiers by rebel                  Kentucky.
authorities . . . principally at Andersonville, Ga., and            Indianapolis, Hall & Hutchinson, Printers. 1865
Florence, S.C.                                                           Fiche: 2935-2941
     Fiche: 2868-2877
                                                                    [Lawrence, George Alfred].
Kent, E.C. , Mrs.                                                        Border and bastille.
      "Four years in Secessia.".                                    New York: W.I. Pooley & Company. [1863]
Buffalo, Franklin Printing house. 1865                              By the author of "Guy Livingstone.".
A narrative of a residence at the South previous to                      Fiche: 2942-2948
and during the southern rebellion, up to November,
1863, when the writer escaped from Richmond; 2d                     Leib, Charles.
ed. - with additions.                                                    Nine months in the quartermaster's department;
      Fiche: 2878-2879                                              or, The chances for making a million.
                                                                    Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys & Company,
Kerbey, Joseph Orton.                                               Printers. 1862
     The boy spy.                                                        Fiche: 2949-2954
Chicago, New York [etc.] Belford, Clarke &
Company. 1889                                                       Lewis, John Henry.
a substantially true record of events during the war of                   Recollections from 1860 to 1865.
the rebellion. The only practical history of war                    Washington, D.C., Peake & Company. 1895
telegraphers in the field . . . thrilling scenes of battles,        With incidents of camp life, descriptions of battles,
captures and escapes.                                               the life of the southern soldier, his hardships and
      Fiche: 2880-2894                                              sufferings, and the life of a prisoner of war in the
                                                                    northern prisons.
[Kerwood, Asbury L.].                                                     Fiche: 2955-2957
    Annals of the Fifty-seventh regiment Indiana
volunteers.                                                         Livermore, Mary Ashton (Rice), Mrs.
Dayton, Ohio, W.J. Shuey. 1868                                           My story of the war: a woman's narrative of four
Marches, battles, and incidents of army life by a                   years personal experience as nurse in the Union
member of the regiment.                                             army, and in relief work at home, in hospitals, camps,
     Fiche: 2895-2903                                               and at the front, during the war of the rebellion.
                                                                    Hartford, A.D. Worthington and Company. 1888
Kimbell, Charles Bill.                                                   Fiche: 2958-2974
      History of Battery "A" First Illinois light
artillery volunteers.                                               [Lloyd, William Penn].
Chicago, Cushing Printing Company. 1899                                  History of the First reg't Pennsylvania reserve
       Fiche: 2904-2911                                             cavalry, from its organization, August, 1861, to
                                                                    September, 1864.
Kinnear, John R.                                                    Philadelphia, King & Baird, Printers. 1864
     History of the Eighty-sixth regiment Illinois                       Fiche: 2975-2979
volunteer infantry during its term of service.
Chicago, Tribune Company's Book and Job Printing                    Long, Lessel.
Office. 1866                                                             Twelve months in Andersonville.
     Fiche: 2912-2915                                               Huntington, Indiana, T. and M. Butler. 1886
                                                                    On the march--in the battle--in the Rebel prison pens,
Knox, Thomas Wallace.                                               and at last in God's country.
      Camp-fire and cotton-field: southern adventure                     Fiche: 2980-2985
in time of war.
New York: Blelock and Company. 1865                                 Lothrop, Charles Henry.
Life with the Union armies, and residence on a                           A history of the First regiment Iowa cavalry
Louisiana plantation.                                               veteran volunteers, from its organization in 1861 to
      Fiche: 2916-2928                                              its muster out of the United States service in 1866.
                                                                    Lyons, Iowa, Beers & Eaton, Printers. 1890
Lapham, William Berry.                                              Also a complete roster of the regiment.
     My recollections of the war of the rebellion.                       Fiche: 2986-2997
Augusta, Maine, Burleigh & Flynt, Printers. 1892
Privately printed.
     Fiche: 2929-2934

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Lucas, Daniel R.                                                Marshall, Albert O.
     History of the 99th Indiana infantry, containing                Army life: from a soldier's journal.
a diary of marches, incidents, biography of officers            Joliet, Illinois, Printed for the Author. 1883
and complete rolls.                                             Incidents, sketches and record of a Union soldier's
Lafayette, Indiana, Rosser & Spring, Printers. 1865             army life in camp and field; 1861-64.
      Fiche: 2998-3001a                                               Fiche: 3076-3085
M'Bride, Robert Ekin.                                           Mason, Frank Holcomb.
      In the ranks, from the Wilderness to                           The Forty-second Ohio infantry: a history of the
Appomattox courthouse.                                          organization and services of the regiment in the war
Cincinnati, Walden & Stowe. 1881                                of the rebellion.
The war, as seen and experienced by a private soldier           Cleveland, Cobb, Andrews & Company. 1876
in the Army of the Potomac.                                           Fiche: 3086-3093
      Fiche: 3002-3007
                                                                Massie, James William.
McElroy, John.                                                        America: the origin of her present conflict, her
      Andersonville, a story of Rebel military prisons,         prospect for the slave, and her claim for anti-slavery
fifteen months a guest of the so-called southern                sympathy.
confederacy.                                                    London, J. Snow. 1864
Toledo, D.R. Locke. 1879                                        illustrated by incidents of travel during a tour in the
A private soldier's experience in Richmond,                     summer of 1863, throughout the United States, from .
Andersonville, Savannah, Millen, Blackshear and                 . . Maine to the Mississippi.
Florence.                                                             Fiche: 3094-3104
      Fiche: 3008-3022
                                                                Mathews, Alfred E.
McGee, Benjamin F.                                                   Interesting narrative, being a journal of the flight
     History of the 72d Indiana volunteer infantry of           of Alfred E. Mathews of Stark Co., Ohio.
the mounted lightning brigade.                                  [New Philadelphia, O?]. 1861
LaFayette, Indiana, S. Vaer & Company, Printers.                From the state of Texas . . . across the state of
1882                                                            Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri by the most
especially devoted to giving the reader a definite              unfrequented routes.
knowledge of the service of the common soldier.                      Fiche: 3105
     Fiche: 3023-3039
                                                                Maury, Dabney Herndon.
Mcguire, Judith White (Brockenbrough), "Mrs.                         Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican,
John P. McGuire".                                               Indian, and Civil wars.
     Diary of a southern refugee, during the war.               New York: C. Scribner's Sons. 1894
Richmond, Virginia, J.W. Randolph & English. 1889               by General Dabney Herndon Maury.
By a lady of Virginia . . . 3d ed., with corrections and             Fiche: 3106-3112
      Fiche: 3040-3048                                          Merrell, William Howard.
                                                                     Five months in rebeldom; or, Notes from the
Macnamara, Michael H.                                           diary of a Bull Run prisoner, at Richmond.
      The Irish Ninth [Massachusetts] in bivouac and            Rochester, New York, Adams and Dabney. 1862
battle; or, Virginia and Maryland campaigns.                         Fiche: 3113-3114
Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1867
      Fiche: 3049-3056                                          Merrill, Samuel.
                                                                     The Seventieth Indiana volunteer infantry in the
Malet, William Wyndham, Rev.                                    war of the rebellion.
    An errand to the South in the summer of 1862.               Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill Company. 1900
London, Richard Bentley. 1863                                        Fiche: 3115-3123
    Fiche: 3057-3064
                                                                Merrill, Samuel Hill.
Marks, James Junius.                                                 The campaigns of the First Maine and First
     The Peninsula campaign in Virginia; or,                    District of Columbia cavalry.
Incidents and scenes on the battlefields and in                 Portland, Maine, Bailey & Noyes. 1866
Richmond.                                                             Fiche: 3124-3134
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Company. 1864
     Fiche: 3065-3075                                           [Morford, Henry].
                                                                     Red-tape and pigeon-hole generals: as seen from
                                                                the ranks during a campaign in the Army of the
                                                                New York: Carleton. 1864
                                                                By a citizen-soldier.
                                                                      Fiche: 3135-3142

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Morgan, Julia, "Mrs. Irby Morgan".                              Gates, Theodore Burr.
     How it was, four years among the Rebels.                        The "Ulster Guard" (20th N.Y. state militia) and
Nashville, Tennessee, Printed for the Author,                   the war of the rebellion.
Publishing house, Methodist Episcopal church,                   New York: B.H. Tyrrel, Printer. 1879
South. 1892                                                          Fiche: 3534-3546
     Fiche: 3143-3147
                                                                Grayson, Andrew J., sergeant.
[Morse, Charles Fessenden].                                          "The spirit of 1861.".
    Letters written during the civil war, 1861-1865.            Madison, Indiana, Courier Print. 1875?
[Boston, Massachusetts] Priv. Print. 1898                       History of the Sixth Indiana regiment in the three
     Fiche: 3148-3153                                           months' campaign in western Virginia.
                                                                     Fiche: 3547-3548
Mowris, James A.
     A history of the One hundred and seventeenth               Hobart-Hampden, Augustus Charles.
regiment, N.Y. volunteers, (Fourth Oneida,) from the                 Sketches from my life.
date of its organization, August, 1862, till that of its        New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1882
muster out, June, 1865.                                         By the late Admiral Hobart Pasha.
Hartford, Case, Lockwood and Company, Printers.                      Fiche: 3549-3555
     Fiche: 3154-3161                                           Horrall, Spillard F.
                                                                     History of the Forty-second Indiana volunteer
[Newcomb, Mary A., "Mrs. H.A.W. Newcomb"].                      infantry.
    Four years of personal reminiscences of the war.            Chicago, Donohue, Henneberry, Printers. 1892
Chicago, H.S. Mills & Company. 1893                                  Fiche: 3556-3563
     Fiche: 3162-3165
                                                                Keyes, Charles M.
Newcomer, Christopher Armour.                                       The military history of the 123d regiment of
     Cole's cavalry; or, Three years in the saddle in           Ohio Volunteer infantry.
the Shenandoah Valley.                                          Sandusky, Register steam Press, 1874. Sandusky
Baltimore, Cushing and Company, Booksellers and                 Register Steam Press. 1874
Stationers. 1895                                                     Fiche: 3564-3567
      Fiche: 3166-3170
                                                                Nichols, George Ward.
Newlin, William Henry.                                              The story of the great march.
      An account of the escape of six federal soldiers          New York: Harper & Brothers. 1866
from prison at Danville, Va.                                    From the diary of a staff officer.
Cincinnati, Western Methodist Book Concern Print.                   Fiche: 3568-3577
their travels by night through the enemy's country to           Nichols, James Moses.
the Union pickets at Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, in                Perry's saints; or, The fighting parson's regiment
the winter of 1863-64.                                          in the war of the rebellion.
      Fiche: 3171-3174                                          Boston, D. Lothrop and Company. [1886]
                                                                      Fiche: 3578-3585
[Newsome, Edmund].
     Experience in the war of the great rebellion.              Noel, Theophilus.
Carbondale, Illinois, E. Newsome. 1879                               A campaign from Santa Fe to the Mississippi.
By a soldier of the Eighty-first regiment Illinois              Shreveport, Louisiana, Shreveport news Printing
volunteer infantry. From August 1862, to August                 establishment - John Dickinson, proprietor. 1865
1865. Including nearly nine months of life in                   being a history of the old Sibley brigade from its first
southern prisons, at Macon, Savannah, Charleston,               organization to the present time; its campaigns in
Columbia and other places.                                      New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and
     Fiche: 3175-3178                                           Arkansas, in the years of 1861-2-3-4.
                                                                     Fiche: 3586-3589
Nichols, G.W. (George W.).
     A soldier's story of his regiment (61st Georgia)           North, Thomas.
and incidentally of the Lawton-Gordon-Evans                          Five years in Texas; or, What you did not hear
brigade, Army northern Virginia.                                during the war from January 1861 to January 1866.
[Jesup? Georgia]. 1898                                          Cincinnati, Elm street Printing Company. 1871
     Fiche: 3179-3185                                           A narrative of his travels, experiences, and
                                                                observations, in Texas and Mexico.
Adamson, Augustus Pitt.                                              Fiche: 3590-3595
     Brief history of the Thirtieth Georgia regiment.
Griffin, Georgia, The Mills Printing Company. 1912
      Fiche: 3186-3188

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Nott, Charles Cooper.                                        Palfrey, Francis Winthrop.
     Sketches in prison camps.                                    Memoir of William Francis Bartlett.
New York: A.D.F. Randolph. 1865                              Boston, Houghton, Osgood and Company. 1879
a continuation of sketches of the war; Third edition.             Fiche: 3666-3673
     Fiche: 3596-3600
                                                             Palmer, Abraham John.
Noyes, George Freeman.                                            The history of the Forty-eighth regiment New
     The bivouac and the battlefield; or, Campaign           York state volunteers in the war for the union,
sketches in Virginia and Maryland.                           1861-1865.
New York: Harper & Brothers. 1864                            Brooklyn, Published by the Veteran Association of
     Fiche: 3601-3608                                        the Regiment. 1885
                                                                  Fiche: 3674-3681
Olmstead, Charles H.
      Reminiscences of service with the First                Palmer, Donald McN.
volunteer regiment of Georgia, Charleston harbor in              Four weeks in the Rebel army.
1863.                                                        New London, [Conn.] D.S. Ruddock. 1865
Savannah, Georgia, Printed and presented by J.H.                 Fiche: 3682-3683
Estill. 1879
An address delivered before the Georgia historical           Palmer, Sarah A., Mrs.
society, March 3, 1879.                                          The story of Aunt Becky's army-life.
      Fiche: 3609                                            New York: John F. Trow & Company. 1867
                                                                 Fiche: 3684-3689
Opie, John Newton.
     A rebel cavalryman with Lee, Stuart, and                Parker, Francis Jewett.
Jackson.                                                          The story of the thirty-second Massachusetts
Chicago, W.B. Conkey Company. 1899                           infantry.
     Fiche: 3610-3619                                        Boston, C.W. Calkins & Company. 1880
                                                             Whence it came; where it went; what it saw, and
Osborne, William H.                                          what it did.
     A history of the Twenty-ninth regiment of                    Fiche: 3690-3696
Massachusetts volunteer infantry, in the late war of
the rebellion.                                               Parker, Thomas H.
Boston, Albert J. Wright, Printer. 1877                            History of the 51st regiment of P.V. and V.V.,
      Fiche: 3620-3629                                       from its organization, at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg,
                                                             Pa., in 1861, to its being mustered out of the United
Otto, John.                                                  States service at Alexandria, Va., July 27th, 1865.
     History of the 11th Indiana battery, connected          Philadelphia, King & Baird, Printers, 1869.C.W.
with an outline history of the Army of the                   Calkins & Company. 1880
Cumberland during the war of the rebellion,                        Fiche: 3697-3712a
[Fort Wayne, Indiana, W.D. Page. [1894]                      Pepper, George Whitfield.
      Fiche: 3630-3632                                            Personal recollections of Sherman's campaigns
                                                             in Georgia and the Carolinas.
Owen, William Miller.                                        Zanesville, Ohio, Hugh Dunne. 1866
     In camp and battle with the Washington artillery             Fiche: 3713-3724
of New Orleans.
Boston, Ticknor and Company. 1885                            Peyton, John Lewis.
A narrative of events during the late civil war from              The American crisis; or, Pages from the
Bull Run to Appomattox and Spanish fort.                     notebook of a state agent during the civil war.
     Fiche: 3633-3644                                        London, Saunders, Otley and Company. 1867
                                                             2 v.
Owens, John Algernon.                                             Fiche: 3725-3740
      Sword and pen; or, Ventures and adventures of
Willard Glazier, (the soldier-author,) in war and            Pike, James.
literature.                                                       The scout and ranger: being the personal
Philadelphia, P.W. Ziegler & Company. 1881                   adventures of Corporal Pike, of the Fourth Ohio
      Fiche: 3645-3657                                       cavalry.
                                                             Cincinnati & New York: J.R. Hawley & Company.
Ozanne, T.D.                                                 1865
    The South as it is, or Twenty-one years'                      Fiche: 3741-3750
experience in the southern states of America.
London, Saunders, Otley, and Company. 1863
     Fiche: 3658-3665

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Pittenger, William.                                        Quint, Alonzo Hall.
     Capturing a locomotive, a history of secret                The record of the Second Massachusetts
service in the late war.                                   infantry, 1861-65.
Washington, The National Tribune. 1885                     Boston, Joseph P. Walker. 1867
     Fiche: 3751-3759                                           Fiche: 3821-3833

Pollard, Edward Alfred.                                    Ransom, John L.
     Observations in the North: eight months in                 Andersonville diary, escape and list of the dead,
prison and on parole.                                      with name, company, regiment, date of death and
Richmond, E.W. Ayres. 1865                                 number of graves in cemetery.
     Fiche: 3760-3763                                      Auburn, New York, The Author. 1881
                                                                Fiche: 3834-3840
Porter, David Dixon.
    Incidents and anecdotes of the civil war.              Reed, William Howell.
New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1885                        Hospital life in the Army of the Potomac.
     Fiche: 3764-3772                                      Boston, William V. Spencer. 1866
                                                                Fiche: 3841-3845
Powers, Elvira J.
     Hospital pencillings.                                 Reid, Jesse Walton.
Boston, Edward L. Mitchell. 1866                                History of the Fourth regiment of S.C.
being a diary while in Jefferson general hospital,         volunteers, from the commencement of the war until
Jeffersonville, Ind., and others at Nashville,             Lee's surrender.
Tennessee, as matron and visitor.                          Greenville, South Carolina, Shannon & Company.
      Fiche: 3773-3778                                     1892
                                                                Fiche: 3846-3849
Powers, George Whitefield.
    The story of the Thirty eight regiment of              Richardson, Albert Deane.
Massachusetts volunteers.                                        The secret service, the field, the dungeon, and
Cambridge, Dakin and Metcalf. 1866                         the escape.
    Fiche: 3779-3786                                       Hartford, Connecticut, American Publishing
                                                           Company; Philadelphia, Jones Brothers & Company;
Price, Isaiah.                                             [etc. etc.]. 1865
     History of the Ninety-seventh regiment,                     Fiche: 3850-3862
Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, during the war of
the rebellion, 1861-65, with biographical sketches.        Ripley, Eliza Moore (Chinn) McHatton, Mrs.
Philadelphia, Published by the Author for the                   From flag to flag.
subscribers, B. & P. Printers. 1875                        New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1889
      Fiche: 3787-3801                                     a woman's adventures and experiences in the South
                                                           during the war, in Mexico, and in Cuba.
Putnam, Samuel Henry.                                           Fiche: 3863-3869
     The story of Company A, Twenty-fifth
regiment, Mass.                                            Roach, Alva C.
Worcester, Putnam, Davis and Company. 1886                      The prisoner of war, and how treated.
In the war of the rebellion.                               Indianapolis, Indiana, The Railroad city Publishing
      Fiche: 3802-3809                                     house. 1865
                                                           Containing a history of Colonel Streight's expedition
Quincy, Samuel Miller.                                     to the rear of Bragg's army, in the spring of 1863, and
     History of the Second Massachusetts regiment          a correct account of the treatment and condition of
of infantry.                                               Union prisoners of war in the rebel prisons of the
Boston, George H. Ellis, Printer. 1882                     South, in 1863-4.
A prisoner's diary. A paper read at the officers'                Fiche: 3873-3878
reunion in Boston, May 11, 1877.
      Fiche: 3810                                          Roe, Alfred Seelye.
                                                                The Ninth New York heavy artillery.
Quint, Alonzo Hall.                                        Worcester, Massachusetts, The Author. 1899
     The Potomac and the Rapidan.                          A history of its organization, services in the defense
Boston, Crosby and Nichols; New York: O.S. Felt.           of Washington, marches, camps, battles, and
1864                                                       muster-out.
Army notes from the failure at Winchester to the                Fiche: 3879-3895
reeforcement of Rosecrans. 1861-3.
     Fiche: 3811-3820                                      Roemer, Jacob.
                                                                Reminiscences of the war of the rebellion,
                                                           Flushing, New York, Estate of Jacob Roemer. 1897
                                                                Fiche: 3896-3903

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Rogers, Edward H.                                             Scott, John.
     Reminiscences of military service in the                      Partisan life with Col. John S. Mosby.
Forty-third regiment, Massachusetts infantry, during          New York: Harper & Brothers. 1867
the great civil war, 1862-63.                                      Fiche: 3955-3966
Boston, Franklin Press, Rand, Avery & Company.
1883                                                          Scribner, Benjamin Franklin.
      Fiche: 3904-3909                                             How soldiers were made.
                                                              [Chicago, Donohue & Henneberry]. 1887
Rose, Victor M.                                               The war as I saw it under Buell, Rosecrans, Thomas,
      Ross's Texas brigade.                                   Grant and Sherman.
Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal Book and Job                 Fiche: 3967-3974
rooms. 1881
Being a narrative of events connected with its service        SeCheverell, J. Hamp (John Hamilton).
in the late war between the states.                                Journal history of the Twenty-ninth Ohio
      Fiche: 3910-3914                                        veteran volunteers, 1861-1865.
                                                              Cleveland, Ohio, By a Committee of the regiment.
Ross, Fitzgerald.                                             1883
    A visit to the cities and camps of the                         Fiche: 3975-3981
Confederate states.
Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood and                   Shaver, Lewellyn Adolphus.
Sons. 1865                                                        A history of the Sixtieth Alabama regiment,
     Fiche: 3915-3921                                         Gracie's Alabama brigade.
                                                              Montgomery, Barrett & Brown. 1867
Russell, David E.                                                  Fiche: 3982-3984
     Seven months in prison; or, Life in rebeldom.
Milwaukee, Godfrey & Crandall. 1866                           Shaw, William H.
Details of real prison life in Richmond and Danville,               A diary as kept by Wm. H. Shaw, during the
with a list of Wisconsin men who died in the                  great civil war, from April, 1861 to July, 1865.
Andersonville prison, in perfect order, by regiments.         n.p. n.d
     Fiche: 3922-3924                                               Fiche: 3985-3986
Russell, George G.                                            Sheldon, Winthrop Dudley.
     Reminiscences of Andersonville prison.                        The "Twenty-seventh" [Connecticut] A
Salem, Massachusetts, Observer Steam Book and Job             regimental history.
Print. 1886                                                   New Haven, Morris & Benham. 1866
a paper read by Comrade Geo. G. Russell, before                    Fiche: 3987-3990
Post 34, G.A.R., Tuesday evening, June 22.
      Fiche: 3925                                             Simmons, Louis A.
                                                                 The history of the 84th reg't Illinois.
Russell, William Howard, Sir.                                 Macomb, Illinois, Hampton Brothers. 1866
     My diary North and South.                                    Fiche: 3991-3998
Boston, T.O.H.P. Burnham; New York: O.S. Felt.
1863                                                          Smith, Abram P.
     Fiche: 3926-3939                                               History of the Seventy-sixth regiment New York
Sabre, Gilbert E.                                             Cortland, New York [Truair, Smith and Miles,
    Nineteen months a prisoner of war.                        Printers, Syracuse]. 1867
New York: The American news Company. 1865                     what it endured and accomplished; containing
    Fiche: 3940-3944                                          descriptions of its twenty-five battles; its marches; its
                                                              camp and bivouac scenes; with biographical sketches
Scheibert, Justus.                                            of fifty-three officers, and a complete record of the
      Sieben monate in den rebellen-staaten, wahrend          enlisted men.
des nordamerikanischen krieges 1863.                                Fiche: 3999-4007
Stettin, Verlag von Th. von der Nahmer. 1868
Hierzu vier gefechts- und situationsplane.                    Smith, Susan E.D., Mrs.
      Fiche: 3945-3948                                            The soldier's friend.
                                                              Memphis, Tennessee, The Bulletin Publishing
Schwartz, Stephan.                                            Company. 1867
     Twenty-two months a prisoner of war.                     v.
St. Louis, A.F. Nelson Publishing Company. 1892                   Fiche: 4008-4012
A narrative of twenty-two months imprisonment by
the Confederates, in Texas, through General Twigg's
treachery, dating from April, 1861, to February,
     Fiche: 3949-3954

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Smith, James E.                                               Stewart, Alexander Morrison.
    A famous battery and its campaigns, 1861-'64.                  Camp, march and battle-field; or, Three years
Washington, W.H. Lowdermilk & Company. 1892                   and a half with the army of the Potomac.
The career of Corporal James Tanner in war and in             Philadelphia, Jas. B. Rodgers. 1865
peace. Early days in the Black Hills with some                     Fiche: 4078-4085
account of Capt. Jack Crawford, the poet scout.
     Fiche: 4013-4018                                         Smedley, Charles.
                                                                   Life in southern prisons.
Smith, William B.                                             Fulton, Pennsylvania, The Ladies' and gentlemen's
      On wheels and how I came there.                         Fulton aid Society. 1865
New York: Hunt & Eaton; Cincinnati, Cranston &                from the diary of Corporal Charles Smedley, of
Curts. 1893                                                   Company G, 90th regiment, Penn's volunteers,
A real story for real boys and girls, giving the              commencing a few days before the "Battle of the
personal experiences and observations of a                    Wilderness," in which he was taken prisoner, in the
fifteen-year-old yankee boy as soldier and prisoner in        evening of fifth month fifth, 1864: Also, a short
the American civil war. Edited by Rev. Joseph Gatch           description of the march to the battle of Gettysburg,
Bonnell.                                                      together with a biographical sketch of the author.
      Fiche: 4019-4026                                             Fiche: 4086-4087

Stearns, Amos Edward.                                         Stuber, Johann.
     Narrative of Amos E. Stearns, member of Co. A,                Mein tagebuch uber die erlebnisse im
25th regt., Mass.                                             revolutions-krieg von 1861 bis 1865.
Worcester, Massachusetts, Franklin P. Rice. 1887              Cincinnati, Druck von S. Rosenthal & Company.
vols., a prisoner at Andersonville. With an                   1896
introduction by Samuel H. Putnam.                                  Fiche: 4088-4092
      Fiche: 4027-4028
                                                              Surby, Richard W.
Stevens, Charles Augustus.                                        Grierson raids, and Hatch's sixty-four days
     Berdan's United States sharpshooters in the              march, with biographical sketches, and the life and
Army of the Potomac, 1861-1865.                               adventures of Chickasaw, the scout.
St. Paul, Minnesota [Printed by the Price-McGill              Chicago, Rounds and James, Printers. 1865
Company]. 1892                                                     Fiche: 4093-4102
      Fiche: 4029-4043
                                                              Swiggett, Samuel A.
Stevens, George Thomas.                                             The bright side of prison life.
     Three years in the Sixth corps.                          Baltimore, Press of Fleet, McGinley & Company.
New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1870                               [ca. 1897]
A concise narrative of events in the Army of the              Experiences, in prison and out, of an involuntary
Potomac, from 1861 to the close of the rebellion,             sojourner in rebeldom.
April, 1865. 2d ed., rev. and cor.                                  Fiche: 4103-4108
     Fiche: 4044-4055
                                                              Tafel, Gustav.
Stevenson, Benjamin Franklin.                                      Ohio infantry.
    Letters from the army.                                    Cincinnati, Druck von S. Rosenthahl & Company.
Cincinnati, W.E. Dibble & Company. 1884                       1897
     Fiche: 4056-4063                                         9th reg't, 1861-1864. "Die Neuner." Eine schilderung
                                                              der kriegsjahre des 9ten regiments Ohio vol.
Stevenson, Thomas M.                                          infanterie, vom 17. April 1861 bis 7. June 1864. Mit
      History of the 78th regiment O.V.V.I., from its         einer einleitung von oberst Gustav Tafel.
"muster-in" to its "muster-out".                                    Fiche: 4109-4116
Zanesville, Ohio, Hugh Dunne. 1865
comprising its organization, marches, campaigns,              Tarrant, Eastham.
battles and skirmishes.                                            The wild riders of the First Kentucky cavalry.
      Fiche: 4064-4071                                        [Louisville, Press of R.H. Carothers. [ca. 1894]
                                                              A history of the regiment in the great war of the
[Stevenson, William G.].                                      rebellion, 1861-1865, telling of its origin and
     Thirteen months in the rebel army.                       organization; a description of the material of which it
New York: A.S. Barnes & Burr. 1862                            was composed; its rapid and severe marches, hard
being a narrative of personal adventures in the               service, and fierce conflicts . . . A regimental roster.
infantry, ordnance, cavalry, courier, and hospital            Prison life, adventures and escapes.
services; with an exhibition of the power, purposes,                Fiche: 4117-4129
earnestness, military despotism, and demoralization
of the south. By an impressed New Yorker.
      Fiche: 4072-4077

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Taylor, Benjamin Franklin.                                     Trumbull, Henry Clay.
     Mission ridge and Lookout mountain, with                      The knightly soldier; a biography of Major
pictures of life in camp and field.                            Henry Ward Camp, Tenth Conn.
New York: D. Appleton & Company; Chicago, South                Boston, Noyes, Holmes & Company. 1871
Carolina Griggs & Company. 1872                                     Fiche: 4231-4237
     Fiche: 4130-4136
                                                               Urban, John W.
Tharin, Robert Seymour Symmes.                                      Battle field and prison pen; or, Through the war,
     Arbitrary arrests in the South; or, Scenes from           and thrice a prisoner in rebel dungeons.
the experience of an Alabama Unionist.                         Philadelphia, Hubbard Brothers. [1882]
New York: John Bradburn. 1863                                  A graphic recital of personal experiences.
     Fiche: 4137-4142                                          Philadelphia, Hubbard brothers, [1882].
                                                                    Fiche: 4238-4248
Thatcher, Marshall P.
     A hundred battles in the West, St. Louis to               A voice from Rebel prisons, giving an account of
Atlanta, 1861-65.                                              some of the horrors of the stockades at
Detroit, Published by the Author, L.F. Kilroy, Printer.        Andersonville, Milan and other prisons.
1884                                                           Boston, Press of G.C. Rand & Avery. 1865
The Second Michigan cavalry, with the armies of the            By a returned prisoner of war.
Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky and Cumberland . . .                    Fiche: 4249
with mention of a few of the famous regiments and
brigades of the west.                                          Waddle, Angus L.
     Fiche: 4143-4156                                               Three years with the armies of the Ohio and the
Todd, William.                                                 Chillicothe, Scioto gazette Book and Job Office.
    The Seventy-ninth Highlanders.                             1889
Albany, Press of Brandow, Barton & Company. 1886                     Fiche: 4250-4252
New York volunteers, in the war of the rebellion,
1861-1865.                                                     Walcott, Charles Folsom.
    Fiche: 4157-4169                                                History of the Twenty-first regiment
                                                               Massachusetts volunteers in the war for the
Toombs, Samuel.                                                preservation of the union 1861-1865 with statistics of
      Reminiscences of the war, comprising a detailed          the war and of rebel prisons.
account of the experiences of the Thirteenth regiment          Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company. 1882
New Jersey volunteers in camp, on the march, and in                 Fiche: 4253-4264
Orange, New Jersey, Printed at the Journal Office.             Walker, Aldace Freeman.
1878                                                                The Vermont brigade in the Shenandoah Valley,
With the personal recollections of the author.                 1864.
      Fiche: 4170-4176                                         Burlington, Free Press Association. 1869
                                                                    Fiche: 4265-4269
Torrey, Rodney Webster.
      War diary of Rodney W. Torrey, 1862-1863.                Ward, Joseph Ripley Chandler.
n.p. n.d                                                            History of the One hundred and sixth regiment
      Fiche: 4177-4178                                         Pennsylvania volunteers, 2d brigade, 2d division, 2d
                                                               corps, 1861-1865.
Tourgee, Albion Winegar.                                       Philadelphia, Grant, Faires & Rodgers. 1883
    The story of a thousand.                                        Fiche: 4270-4279
Buffalo, New York, S. McGerald & Son. 1896
Being a history of the service of the 105th Ohio               Wash, W.A.
volunteer infantry, in the war for the union, from                   Camp, field and prison life, sketches of service
August 21, 1862 to June 6, 1865.                               in the south.
     Fiche: 4179-4190                                          St. Louis. Southwestern Book and Publishing
                                                               Company. 1870
Trobriand, Philippe Regis Denis de Keredern,                   With an introduction by Gen. L.M. Lewis, and a
compte de.                                                     medical history of Johnson's Island by Col. I.G.W.
    Four years with the Army of the Potomac.                   Steedman, M.D.
Boston, Ticknor and Company. 1889                                    Fiche: 4280-4286
     Fiche: 4191-4208
                                                               Watkins, Sam R.
Trollope, Anthony.                                                  "Co. Aytch," Maury grays, First Tennessee
     North America.                                            regiment; or, A side show of the big show.
London, Chapman & Hall, 1862. 2 v. 1862                        Nashville, Tennessee, Cumberland Presbyterian pub.
2 v.                                                           house. 1882
     Fiche: 4209-4230                                               Fiche: 4287-4292

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Watson, William, of Skelmorlie, Scotland.                     Williams, George Forrester.
     Life in the Confederate army, being the                        Bullet and shell.
observations and experiences of an alien in the South         New York: Fords, Howard & Hulbert. 1882
during the American civil war.                                War as the soldier saw it; camp, march, and picket;
London, Chapman and Hall, limited [Aird and                   battlefield and bivouac; prison and hospital.
Coghill, Printers, Glasgow]. 1887                             Illustrated . . . by Edwin Forbes.
     Fiche: 4293-4303                                               Fiche: 4364-4374

Weiser, George.                                               Wilson, John Alfred.
     Nine months in rebel prison.                                  Adventures of Alf. Wilson.
Philadelphia, John N. Reeve & Company. 1890                   Toledo, Blade Printing & Paper Company. 1880
     Fiche: 4304-4305                                         A thrilling episode of the dark days of the rebellion.
                                                                   Fiche: 4375-4381
Weygant, Charles H.
     History of the One hundred and twenty-fourth             [Wise, George].
regiment, N.Y.S.V.                                                 History of the Seventeenth Virginia infantry,
Newburgh, New York, Journal Printing house. 1877              C.S.A.
     Fiche: 4306-4316                                         Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Company. 1870
                                                                   Fiche: 4382-4389
Wheeler, William.
     ...Letters of William Wheeler of the class of            Woodward, Evan Morrison.
1855, Y.C.                                                          Our campaigns: or, The marches, bivouacs,
[Cambridge, Massachusetts, Printed by H.O.                    battles, incidents of camp life and history of our
Houghton and Company] Printed for Private                     regiment during its three years term of service.
Distribution. 1875                                            Philadelphia, J.E. Potter. 1865
      Fiche: 4317-4327                                        Together with a sketch of the Army of the Potomac.
                                                                    Fiche: 4390-4398
Freeman, Julia Susan (Wheelock), Mrs.
    The boys in white; the experience of a hospital           Wright, Thomas J.
agent in and around Washington.                                     History of the Eighth regiment Kentucky vol.
New York: Lange & Hillman. 1870                               Inf., during its three years campaigns.
     Fiche: 4328-4334                                         St. Joseph, Missouri, St. Joseph Steam Printing
                                                              Company. 1880
Virginia artillery.                                                 Fiche: 4399-4405
     Richmond howitzers, 1859-.
Richmond, Virginia, C. McCarthy & Company.                    [Young, William Henry].
1883-1886                                                          Journal of an excursion, from Troy, N.Y., Gen.
Contributions to a history of the Richmond howitzer           Carr's head quarters, at Wilson's landing (Fort
battalion. Pamphlet no. 1-4; 4 v.                             Pocahontas,) on the James River, Va. during the
      Fiche: 4335-4343                                        month of May, 1865.
                                                              Troy, New York, Priv. Print. 1871
Whitney, J.H.E.                                               By one of the party.
      The Hawkins zouaves: (Ninth N.Y.V.) their                     Fiche: 4406-4407
battles and marches.
New York: Published by the Author. 1866                       Amory, Charles Bean.
      Fiche: 4344-4348                                             A brief record of the army life of Charles B.
Wilkeson, Frank.                                              [Boston?] Privately Printed. 1902
     Recollections of a private soldier in the Army of        written for his children.
the Potomac.                                                        Fiche: 5282-5283
New York & London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1887
     Fiche: 4349-4354                                         Andrew, Abram Piatt.
                                                                  Some civil war letters of A. Piatt Andrew, III.
Wilkie, Franc Bangs.                                          Gloucester, Massachusetts, Privately Printed. 1925
    Pen and powder.                                               Fiche: 5284-5287
Boston, Ticknor and Company. 1888
By Franc B. Wilkie (Poliuto).                                 Andrews, Eliza Frances.
     Fiche: 4355-4363                                               The war-time journal of a Georgia girl,
                                                              New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1908
                                                              Illustrated from contemporary photographs.
                                                                    Fiche: 5288-5297

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Aten, Henry J.                                              Cate, Wirt Armistead, ed.
    History of the Eighty-fifth regiment, Illinois               Two soldiers, the campaign diaries of Thomas J.
volunteer infantry.                                         Key, C.S.A., December 7, 1863 - May 17, 1865, and
Hiawatha, Kan. 1901                                         Robert J. Campbell, U.S.A. January 1, 1864 - July
Comp. And pub. under the auspices of the                    21, 1864.
Regimental association.                                     Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press.
     Fiche: 5298-5309                                       1938
                                                            edited, with an introduction, notes and maps, by Wirt
Barron, Samuel Benton.                                      Armistead Cate.
     The Lone Star defenders.                                    Fiche: 5356-5363
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
Company. 1908                                               Chamberlayne, John Hampden.
a chronicle of the Third Texas Cavalry, Ross'                    Ham Chamberlayne - Virginian, letters and
Brigade.                                                    papers of an artillery officer in the war for Southern
     Fiche: 5310-5316                                       independence, 1861-1865.
                                                            Richmond, Virginia, Press of the Dietz Printing
Beale, George William.                                      Company. 1932
    A lieutenant of cavalry in Lee's army.                  with introduction, notes, and index, by his son, C.G.
Boston, The Gorham Press. 1918                              Chamberlayne.
     Fiche: 5317-5322                                            Fiche: 5364-5377

Bevens, W.E.                                                Cheek, Philip.
    Reminiscences of a private, Company "G", First               History of the Sauk County riflemen, known as
Arkansas regiment infantry, May, 1861 to 1865.              company "A," Sixth Wisconsin veteran volunteer
[Newport, Arkansas? The Author?]. [1913]                    infantry, 1861-1865.
    Fiche: 5323-5325                                        [Madison, Wisconsin, Democrat Printing Company].
Blackburn, James Knox Polk.                                 written and comp. by Philip Cheek, Mair Pointon.
    Reminiscences of the Terry rangers.                           Fiche: 5378-5383
[Austin] Published by the Littlefield Fund for
Southern History, the University of Texas. 1919             [Clare, Josephine, Mrs.].
     Fiche: 5326-5328                                            Narrative of the adventures and experiences of
                                                            Mrs. Josephine Clare, a resident of the South at the
Boggs, William Robertson.                                   breaking out of the rebellion, her final escape from
     Military reminiscences of Gen. Wm. R. Boggs,           Natichitoches, La., and safe arrival at home, in
C.S.A.                                                      Marietta, Pa.
Durham, North Carolina, The Seeman Printery. 1913           Lancaster, Pennsylvania Pearson & Geist. 1865
introduction and notes by William K. Boyd. (The                  Fiche: 5384-5385
John Lawson monographs of the Trinity college
historical society, vol. III).                              Clark, James Samuel.
      Fiche: 5329-5332                                          Life in the middle west.
                                                            Chicago, The Advance Publishing Company. [1916]
Brinton, John Hill.                                         reminiscences of J.S. Clark.
     Personal memoirs of John H. Brinton, major and              Fiche: 5386-5389
surgeon U.S.V., 1861-1865.
New York: The Neale Publishing Company. 1914                Copp, Elbridge J.
     Fiche: 5333-5341                                           Reminiscences of the war of the rebellion,
Butler, Jay Caldwell.                                       Nashua, N.H., Printed by the Telegraph Publishing
    Letters home [by] Jay Caldwell Butler, captain,         Company. 1911
101st.                                                          Fiche: 5390-5402
[Binghamton, New York] Privately Printed. 1930
Ohio volunteer infantry, arranged by his son, Watson        Curtis, Newton Martin.
Hubbard Butler.                                                  From Bull Run to Chancellorsville, the story of
     Fiche: 5342-5345                                       the Sixteenth New York infantry together with
Buzhardt, Beaufort Simpson.                                 New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1906
      [Diary].                                                   Fiche: 5403-5412
n.p. [1916?]
      Fiche: 5346-5347
Calvert, Henry Murray.
    Reminiscences of a boy in blue, 1862-1865.
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1920
    Fiche: 5348-5355

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

Dawson, Sarah (Morgan), Mrs.                                  McCowan, Archibald.
     A Confederate girl's diary.                                   The prisoners of war, a reminiscence of the
Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.                rebellion.
1913                                                          New York: London [etc.] The Abbey Press. [ca.
with an introduction by Warrington Dawson, and                1901]
with illustrations.                                                 Fiche: 5480-5484
     Fiche: 5413-5423
                                                              Mixson, Frank M.
Fox, Simeon M.                                                    Reminiscences of a private.
      The Seventh Kansas cavalry, its service in the          Columbia, South Carolina, The State Company. 1910
civil war.                                                        Fiche: 5485-5487
Topeka, State Printing Office. 1908
An address before the State historical society,               Montgomery, Franklin Alexander.
December 2, 1902. Also, a brief narration of the first             Reminiscences of a Mississippian in peace and
eight Kansas regiments.                                       war.
      Fiche: 5424-5425                                        Cincinnati, The Robert Clark Company Press. 1901
                                                                   Fiche: 5488-5495
French, Samuel Gibbs.
     Two wars: an autobiography of General Samuel             Morris, George W.
G. French.                                                         History of the Eighty-first regiment of Indiana
Nashville, Tennessee, Confederate veteran. 1901               volunteer infantry in the great war of the rebellion,
Mexican war; war between the states, a diary;                 1861 to 1865.
reconstruction period, his experience, incidents,             [Louisville, Kentucky, The Franklin Printing
reminiscences, etc.                                           Company]. [1901]
     Fiche: 5426-5435                                         A regimental roster. Prison life, adventures, etc.
                                                                   Fiche: 5496-5501
Gordon, Marquis Lafayette.
     M.L. Gordon's experiences in the civil war from          Northrop, John Worrell.
his narrative, letters and diary.                                  Chronicles from the diary of a war prisoner in
Boston, Priv. Print. 1922                                     Andersonville and other military prisons of the South
edited by Donald Gordon.                                      in 1864.
      Fiche: 5436-5438                                        Wichita, Kansas, The Author. 1904
                                                              An appendix containing statement of a Confederate
Howard, McHenry.                                              physician and officer relative to prison condition and
     Recollections of a Maryland Confederate soldier          management.
and staff officer under Johnston, Jackson and Lee.                 Fiche: 5502-5507
Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Company. 1914
     Fiche: 5439-5449                                         Nott, Charles Cooper.
                                                                    Sketches of the war.
Hyde, Solon.                                                  New York: A.D.F. Randolph. 1865
    A captive of war.                                         a series of letters to the North Moore street school of
New York: McClure, Phillips & Company. 1900                   New York; 2d ed.
    Fiche: 5450-5458                                                Fiche: 5508-5511a

Izlar, William Valmore.                                       Payne, Edwin Waters.
     A sketch of the war record of the Edisto rifles,              History of the Thirty-fourth regiment of Illinois
1861-1865.                                                    volunteer infantry.
Columbia, South Carolina, The State Company. 1914             [Clinton, Iowa, Allen Printing Company, Printers].
Pub. by August Kohn.                                          [1903]
     Fiche: 5459-5463                                         September 7, 1861, July 12, 1865.
                                                                   Fiche: 5512-5521
[Johnson, Adam Rankin].
     The Partisan rangers of the Confederate States           Peet, Frederick Tomlinson.
army.                                                              Civil war letters and documents of Frederick
Louisville, Kentucky, Geo. G. Fetter Company. 1904            Tomlinson Peet, with the seventh New York
ed. by William J. Davis.                                      regiment.
     Fiche: 5464-5477                                         Newport, R.J., Privately Printed. 1917
                                                                   Fiche: 5522-5527
Leon, L[ouis].
    Diary of a tar heel Confederate soldier.                  Price, William N.
Charlotte, North Carolina, Stone Publishing                         One year in the civil war.
Company. [ca. 1913]                                           [n.p.]. [190-?]
     Fiche: 5478-5479                                         A diary of events from April 1st, 1864 to April 1st,
                                                                    Fiche: 5528-5529

                                     Travels in the Confederate States
                                                Fiche Listing

Prutsman, Christian Miller.                                      Chamberlaine, William W.
    A soldier's experience in southern prisons.                       Memoirs of the civil war between the northern
New York: Andrew H. Kellogg. 1901                                and southern sections of the United States of
     Fiche: 5530-5532                                            America, 1861-1865.
                                                                 Washington, D.C., Press of B.S. Adams. 1912
Sipes, William B.                                                     Fiche: 6497-6500
     The Seventh Pennsylvania veteran volunteer
cavalry; its record, reminiscences and roster.                   Clark, George.
[Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Miners' Journal Print].                    A glance backward; or, Some events in the past
[1905?]                                                          history of my life.
with an appendix.                                                Houston, Texas, Press of Rein & Sons Company.
      Fiche: 5533-5542                                           [1914?]
                                                                       Fiche: 6501-6503
Smith, Adelaide W.
     Reminiscences of an army nurse during the civil             Cole, Jacob Henry.
war.                                                                  Under five commanders; or, A boy's experience
New York: Greaves Publishing Company. 1911                       with the Army of the Potomac.
     Fiche: 5543-5546                                            Paterson, New Jersey, News Printing Company. 1906
                                                                      Fiche: 6504-6510
Taylor, Susie King, Mrs.
     Reminiscences of my life in camp with the 33d               Crossley, William J.
United States colored troops, late 1st S.C. volunteers.               Extracts from my diary, and from my
Boston, The Author. 1902                                         experiences while boarding with Jefferson Davis, in
     Fiche: 5547-5549                                            three of his notorious hotels, in Richmond, Va.,
                                                                 Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Salisbury, N.C. from July,
Tunnard, William H.                                              1861, to June, 1862.
    A southern record.                                           Providence, Rhode Island, Rhode Island Soldiers and
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Printed for the Author. 1866             Sailors Historical Society. 1903
The history of the Third regiment Louisiana infantry.                  Fiche: 6511-6512
     Fiche: 5550-5558
                                                                 Dougherty, Michael.
Upson, Theodore Frelinghuysen.                                        Prison diary, of Michael Dougherty, late Co. B,
     With Sherman to the sea; the civil war letters,             13th Pa., cavalry.
diaries & reminiscences of Theodore F. Upson.                    Bristol, Pennsylvania, C.A. Dougherty, Printer. 1908
University Station, Baton Rouge, Louisiana,                      While confined in Pemberton, Barrett's, Libby,
Louisiana State University Press. 1943                           Andersonville and other southern prisons.
edited with an introduction by Oscar Osburn                           Fiche: 6513-6515
      Fiche: 5559-5563                                           Dufur, Simon Miltimore.
                                                                      Over the dead line; or, Tracked by
West, John Camden.                                               blood-hounds.
    A Texan in search of a fight.                                [Burlington, Vermont, Printed by Free Press
Waco, Texas, Press of J.S. Hill & Company. 1901                  Association]. [1902]
Being the diary and letters of a private soldier in              giving the author's personal experience during eleven
Hood's Texas brigade.                                            months that he was confined in Pemberton, Libby,
     Fiche: 5564-5568                                            Belle Island, Andersonville, Ga., and Florence, S.C.,
                                                                 as a prisoner of war.
Williamson, James Joseph.                                              Fiche: 6516-6522
      Prison life in the old capitol and reminiscences
of the civil war.                                                Dunaway, Wayland Fuller.
West Orange, New Jersey. 1911                                        Reminiscences of a rebel.
illustrations by B.F. Williamson.                                New York: The Neale Publishing Company. 1913
      Fiche: 5569-5571                                               Fiche: 6523-6526

Brown, Philip Francis.                                           Duncan, Thomas D.
    Reminiscences of the war of 1861-1865.                            Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan, a
[Roanoke, Virginia, Printed by the Union Printing                Confederate soldier.
Company]. [1912]                                                 Nashville, Tennessee, McQuiddy Printing Company.
    Fiche: 6487-6488                                             1922
                                                                      Fiche: 6527-6532
Bryner, Byron Cloyd.
     Bugle echoes, the story of the Illinois 47th.
[Springfield, Illinois, Phillips Bros., Printers]. [1905]
     Fiche: 6489-6496

                                   Travels in the Confederate States
                                              Fiche Listing

DuPont, Henry Algernon.                                       High, Edwin W.
     The campaign of 1864 in the valley of Virginia                History of the Sixty-eighth regiment, Indiana
and the expedition to Lynchburg.                              volunteer infantry, 1862-1865.
New York: National Americana Society. 1925                    [Metamora? Indiana]. 1902
     Fiche: 6533-6537                                         with a sketch of E.A. King's brigade, Reynold's
                                                              division, Thomas' corps, in the Battle of
Eby, Henry Harrison.                                          Chickamauga.
     Observations of an Illinois boy in battle, camp                Fiche: 6603-6615
and prisons - 1861 to 1865.
Mendota, Illinois, Published by the Author. 1910              Hitchcock, Henry.
     Fiche: 6538-6545                                              Marching with Sherman.
                                                              New Haven, Yale University Press; London, H.
Favill, Josiah Marshall.                                      Milford, Oxford University Press. 1927
     The diary of a young officer serving with the            passages from the letters and campaign diaries of
armies of the United States during the war of the             Henry Hitchcock, major and assistant adjutant
rebellion.                                                    general of volunteers, November 1864 - May, 1865,
Chicago, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company. 1909                  edited with an introduction, by M.A. DeWolfe Howe.
      Fiche: 6546-6554                                             Fiche: 6616-6624

Gause, Isaac.                                                 Hubbard, John Milton.
     Four years with five armies: Army of the                    Notes of a private.
frontier, Army of the Potomac, Army of the Missouri,          Memphis, Tennessee, E. H. Clarke & Brother. 1909
Army of the Ohio, Army of the Shenandoah.                        Fiche: 6625-6630
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
Company. 1908                                                 Humphreys, Charles Alfred.
      Fiche: 6555-6564                                            Field, camp, hospital and prison in the civil war,
Gibbon, John.                                                 Boston, Press of Geo. H. Ellis Company. 1918
    Personal recollections of the civil war.                       Fiche: 6631-6642
New York: London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1928
    Fiche: 6565-6574                                          Jackson, Oscar Lawrence.
                                                                   The colonel's diary; journals kept before and
Giles, Leonidas Blanton.                                      during the civil war by the late Colonel Oscar L.
     Terry's Texas Rangers.                                   Jackson.
[Austin, Texas, Von Boeckmann-Jones Company,                  [Sharon, ? Pennsylvania]. [1922]
Printers. [1911]                                              sometime commander of the 63d Regiment O.V.I.
     Fiche: 6575-6577                                              Fiche: 6643-6650

[Gill, John].                                                 Johnson, Charles Beneulyn.
      Reminiscences of four years as a private soldier              Muskets and medicine; or, Army life in the
in the Confederate army, 1861-1865.                           sixties.
Baltimore, Sun Printing Office. 1904                          Philadelphia, F.A. Davis Company; [etc., etc.]. 1917
      Fiche: 6578-6581                                              Fiche: 6651-6657

Grimes, Absalom Carlisle.                                     Johnson, Hannibal Augustus.
     Absalom Grimes, Confederate mail runner.                      The sword of honor.
New Haven, Yale University Press; London, H.                  Providence, Rhode Island, Rhode Island Soldiers and
Milford, Oxford university Press. 1926                        Sailors Historical Society. 1903
edited from Captain Grimes' own story by M.                   From captivity to freedom.
M.Quaife.                                                          Fiche: 6658-6659
     Fiche: 6582-6587
                                                              [Jones, Benjamin Washington].
Harris, Nathaniel Edwin.                                            Under the stars and bars; a history of the Surry
     Autobiography, the story of an old man's life,           light artillery; recollections of a private soldier in the
with reminiscences of seventy-five years.                     war between the states.
Macon, Georgia, The J.W. Burke Company. 1925                  Richmond, E. Waddey Company. 1909
     Fiche: 6588-6600                                               Fiche: 6660-6668

Hasson, Benjamin F.                                           Jones, Samuel Calvin.
     Escape from the confederacy; over-powering the                Reminiscences of the Twenty-second Iowa
guards - midnight leap from a moving train - through          volunteer infantry, giving its organization, marches,
swamps and forest - blood hounds - thrilling events.          skirmishes, battles, and sieges, as taken from the
[Bryan? O.]. [ca. 1900]                                       diary of Lieutenant S.C. Jones of Company A.
     Fiche: 6601-6602                                         Iowa City, Ia. 1907
                                                                   Fiche: 6669-6673

                                  Travels in the Confederate States
                                             Fiche Listing

Kellogg, John Jackson.                                       Lyon, William Franklin.
     War experiences and the story of the Vicksburg              In and Out of Andersonville prison.
campaign from "Milliken's Bend" to July 4, 1863.             Detroit, Michigan, Geo Harland Company. 1905
[Washington, Iowa, Evening Journal]. [1913]                       Fiche: 6732-6735
being an accurate and graphic account of campaign
events taken from the diary of Capt. J.J. Kellogg, of        Lyon, William Penn.
Co. B, 113th Illinois volunteer infantry.                         Reminiscences of the civil war.
     Fiche: 6674-6675                                        [San Jose, California, Press of Muirson & Wright].
Military order of the loyal legion of the United             comp. from the war correspondence of Colonel
States.                                                      William P. Lyon and from personal letters and diary
Indianapolis, Published by the Commandery. 1898              of Mrs. Adelia C. Lyon. Published by William P.
Indiana commandery. War papers read before the               Lyon, jr.
Indiana commandery, Military order of the loyal                   Fiche: 6736-6743
legion of the United States.
     Fiche: 6676-6687                                        MacCauley, Clay.
                                                                   Through Chancellorsville, into and out of Libby
Langworthy, Daniel Avery.                                    prison.
     Reminiscences of a prisoner of war and his              Providence, Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors
escape.                                                      Historical Society. 1904
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Byron Printing Company.              I. From Chancellorsville into Libby prison. II. In
1915                                                         Libby prison, and out of it; home again.
     Fiche: 6688-6689                                              Fiche: 6744-6746

Leonard, Albert Charles.                                     McKim, Randolph Harrison.
     The boys in blue of 1861-1865.                               A soldier's recollections.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, A.C. Leonard. [1904]                New York [etc.] Longmans, Green, and Company.
a condensed history worth preserving.                        1910
     Fiche: 6690-6691                                        leaves from the diary of a young Confederate, with
                                                             an oration on the motives and aims of the soldiers of
Lightcap, William Henry.                                     the South.
     The horrors of southern prisons during the war               Fiche: 6747-6755
of the rebellion, from 1862 to 1865.
[Platteville, Wisconsin, Journal Job rooms]. [1902]          Miller, James N[ewton].
      Fiche: 6692-6694                                           The story of Andersonville and Florence.
                                                             Des Moines, Iowa, Welch. 1900
Livermore, Thomas Leonard.                                        Fiche: 6756
     Days and events, 1860-1866.
Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.               Moore, Edward Alexander.
1920                                                              The story of a cannoneer under Stonewall
     Fiche: 6695-6706                                        Jackson, in which is told the part taken by the
                                                             Rockbridge artillery in the Army of northern
Logan, Indiana Washington (Peddicord), Mrs.                  Virginia.
     Kelion Franklin Peddicord of Quirk's scouts,            New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
Morgan's Kentucky cavalry, C.S.A.                            Company. 1907
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing                with introductions by Capt. Robert E. Lee, jr., and
Company. 1908                                                Hon. Henry St. George Tucker. Fully illustrated by
biographical and autobiographical, together with a           portraits.
general biographical outline of the Peddicord family.             Fiche: 6757-6765
     Fiche: 6707-6711
                                                             Morse, Francis W.
Lusk, William Thompson.                                           Personal experiences in the war of the great
     War letters of William Thompson Lusk, captain,          rebellion, from December, 1862, to July, 1865.
assistant adjutant-general, United States volunteers,        Albany, Printed but not Published, [Munsell, Printer].
1861-1863.                                                   1866
New York: Privately Printed. 1911                                  Fiche: 6766-6769
      Fiche: 6712-6721
                                                             Morton, John Watson.
Lyman, Theodore.                                                  The artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest's
      Meade's headquarters, 1863-1865.                       cavalry, "the wizard of the saddle.".
Boston, The Atlantc Monthly Press. 1922                      Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, Publishing
letters of Colonel Theodore Lyman from the                   house of the M. E. church, South, Smith & Lamar,
Wilderness to Appomattox, selected and ed. by                agents. 1909
George R. Agassiz.                                                Fiche: 6770-6779
      Fiche: 6722-6731

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Berry, Thomas Franklin.                                        Nisbet, James Cooper.
    Four years with Morgan and Forrest.                            Four years on the firing line.
Oklahoma City, The Harlow-Ratliff Company. 1914                Chattanooga, The Imperial Press. 1914
    Fiche: 6780-6791                                                Fiche: 6849-6859

Chapman, Robert D.                                             Norton, Oliver Willcox.
    A Georgia soldier in the civil war, 1861-1865.                   Army letters, 1861-1865.
Houston, Tex. 1923                                             Chicago, Printed by O.L. Deming. 1903
    Fiche: 6792-6793a                                          Being extracts from private letters to relatives and
                                                               friends from a soldier in the field during the late civil
Dame, William Meade.                                           war with an appendix containing copies of some
     From the Rapidan to Richmond and the                      official documents, papers and addresses of later
Spottsylvania campaign.                                        date.
Baltimore, Green-Lucas Company. 1920                                 Fiche: 6860-6869
a sketch in personal narration of the scenes of soldier
saw.                                                           Osborn, Hartwell.
     Fiche: 6794-6799                                               Trials and triumphs; the record of the Fifty-fifth
                                                               Ohio volunteer infantry.
Fletcher, William Andrew.                                      Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Company. 1904
      Rebel private, front and rear, experiences and           By Captain Hartwell Osborn and others; with eighty
observations from the early fifties and through the            portraits, four views, and ten maps.
civil war.                                                          Fiche: 6870-6880
Beaumont, Texas, Press of the Greer Print. 1908
      Fiche: 6800-6805                                         Page, James Madison.
                                                                    The true story of Andersonville prison; a
Fonerden, Clarence A.                                          defense of Major Henry Wirz.
     A brief history of the military career of                 New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
Carpenter's battery, from its organization as a rifle          Company. 1908
company under the name of the Alleghany Roughs to              By James Madison Page, late 2d lieut. Company A,
the ending of the war between the states.                      Sixth Michigan cavalry, in collaboration with M. J.
New Market, Virginia, Henkel & Company, Printers.              Haley. With portraits.
1911                                                                Fiche: 6881-6887
     Fiche: 6806-6808
                                                               [Perry, John Gardner].
Hermann, Isaac.                                                    Letters from a surgeon of the civil war.
     Memoirs of a veteran who served as a private in           Boston, Little, Brown, and Company. 1906
the 60's in the war between the states; personal               compiled by Martha Derby Perry; illustrated with
incidents, experiences and observations.                       photographs.
Atlanta, Georgia, Byrd Printing Company. 1911                       Fiche: 6888-6894
     Fiche: 6809-6815
                                                               Polley, Joseph Benjamin.
Kellogg, John Azor.                                                 Hood's Texas brigade, its marches, its battles, its
     Capture and escape; a narrative of army and               achievements.
prison life.                                                   New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
[Madison] Wisconsin history Commission. 1908                   Company. 1910
     Fiche: 6816-6819                                               Fiche: 6895-6903

Kidd, James Harvey.                                            Putnam, George Haven.
     Personal recollections of a cavalryman with                    A prisoner of war in Virginia, 1864-5.
Custer's Michigan cavalry brigade in the civil war.            New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1912
Ionia, Michigan, Sentinel Printing Company. 1908               Reprinted with additions, from the report of an
     Fiche: 6820-6832                                          address presented to the N.Y. commandery of the
                                                               U.S. loyal legion, December 7, 1910.
Morgan, William Henry.                                              Fiche: 6904-6906
     Personal reminiscences of the war of 1861-5.
Lynchburg, Virginia, J.P. Bell Company, inc. 1911              Quintard, Charles Todd.
in camp - en bivouac - on the march - on picket - on                Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C.S.A. and second
the skirmish line - on the battlefield - and in prison.        bishop of Tennessee.
      Fiche: 6833-6839                                         Sewanee, Tennessee, The University Press. 1905
                                                               being his story of the war (1861-1865) ed. and
Neese, George Michael.                                         extended by the Rev. Arthur Howard Noll.
    Three years in the Confederate horse artillery.                 Fiche: 6907-6911
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
Company. 1911
    Fiche: 6840-6848

                                    Travels in the Confederate States
                                               Fiche Listing

Rauscher, Frank.                                                Ware, Eugene Fitch.
     Music on the march, 1862-65, with the Army of                   The Lyon campaign in Missouri.
the Potomac.                                                    Topeka Kansas, Printed by Crane & Company. 1907
Philadelphia, Press of Wm. F. Fell & Company. 1892              Being a history of the first Iowa infantry and of the
114th regt. P.V., Collis' zouaves.                              causes which led up to its organization, and how it
     Fiche: 6912-6918                                           earned the thanks of congress, which it got. Together
                                                                with a birdseye view of the conditions in Iowa
Runyan, Morris C.                                               preceding the great civil war of 1861.
      Eight days with the Confederates and capture of                Fiche: 6992-7002
their archives, flags &c.
Princeton, New Jersey, Wm. C.C. Zapf, Printer. 1896             Williams, Edward Peet.
by Company "G" Ninth New Jersey vol.                                 Extracts from letters to A.B.T. from Edward P.
      Fiche: 6919-6920                                          Williams during his service in the civil war,
Shotwell, Randolph Abbott.                                      New York: For Private Distribution. 1903
     The papers of Randolph Abbott Shotwell.                         Fiche: 7003-7005
Raleigh, The North Carolina historical Commission.
1929-1937                                                       Wills, Charles Wright.
edited by J.G. de Roulhac Hamilton, with                             Army life of an Illinois soldier, including a day
collaboration of Rebecca Cameron.                               by day record of Sherman's march to the sea; letters
     Fiche: 6921-6956                                           and diary of the late Charles W. Willis.
                                                                Washington, D.C., Globe Printing Company. 1906
Smith, George G[ilbert].                                        Compiled and published by his sister [Mary E.
     Leaves from a soldier's diary.                             Kellogg].
Putnam, Connecticut, G.G. Smith. 1906                                Fiche: 7006-7015
also a partial history of the operations of the army
and navy in the Department of the Gulf from the                 Wood, George L.
capture of New Orleans to the close of the war.                    The Seventh regiment: a record.
      Fiche: 6957-6960                                          New York: James Miller. 1865
                                                                    Fiche: 7016-7021
Spangler, Edward Webster.
     My little war experience.                                  Woodbury, Augustus.
[York, Pennsylvania, Printed by the York daily                       A narrative of the campaign of the First Rhode
Publishing Company]. [1904]                                     Island regiment, in the spring and summer of 1861.
With historical sketches and memorabilia.                       Providence, Sidney S. Rider. 1862
     Fiche: 6961-6967a                                               Fiche: 7022-7028

Sprague, Homer Baxter.                                          Woodruff, William Edward.
    Lights and shadows in Confederate prisons,                        With the light guns in '61-'65; reminiscences of
1864-5.                                                         eleven Arkansas, Missouri and Texas light batteries,
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1915                   in the civil war.
    Fiche: 6968-6972                                            Little Rock, Arkansas, Central Printing Company.
Stafford, David W.                                              By W.E. Woodruff, late major art., C.S.A.
     In defense of the flag, A true war story.                        Fiche: 7029-7031
Kalamazoo, Michigan, Ihling Bros. & Everard. 1904
     Fiche: 6973-6975                                           Worsham, John H.
                                                                     One of Jackson's foot cavalry, his experiences
Tilney, Robert.                                                 and what he saw during the war, 1861-1865,
     My life in the army, three years and a half with           including a history of "F" company, Richmond, Va.,
the Fifth army corps, Army of the Potomac,                      21st regiment Virginia infantry, Second brigade,
1862-1865.                                                      Jackson's division. Second corps, A.N. Va.
Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach. 1912                              New York: The Neale Publishing Company. 1912
     Fiche: 6976-6981                                                 Fiche: 7032-7040

Tyler, Mason Whiting.                                           Wright, Henry H.
     Recollections of the civil war; with many                      A history of the Sixty Iowa infantry.
original diary entries and letters written from the seat        Iowa City, Iowa, The State Historical Society of
of war.                                                         Iowa. 1923
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1912                        Fiche: 7041-7053
      Fiche: 6982-6991

                                  Travels in the Confederate States
                                             Fiche Listing

Zettler, Berrien McPherson.
     War stories and school-day incidents for the
New York: The Neale Publishing Company. 1912
     Fiche: 7054-7057

McMorries, Edward Young.
     History of the First regiment, Alabama volunteer
infantry, C.S.A.
Montgomery, Alabama, The Brown Company. 1904
     Fiche: 7058-7060

Grant, Ulysses Simpson, pres. U.S., 1822-1885.
    Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant.
New York: C.L. Webster & Company. 1885-1886
    Fiche: 7061-7090

Sheridan, Philip Henry.
     Personal memoirs of P.H. Sheridan, general,
United States army.
New York: C.L. Webster & Company. 1888
     Fiche: 7091-7116

Stillwell, Leander.
     The story of a common soldier of army life in
the civil war, 1861-1865.
[Erie? Kansas] Franklin Hudson Publishing
Company. 1920
2d ed.
      Fiche: 7117-7124
Sherman, William Tecumseh.
     Memoirs of General William T. Sherman.
New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1886
2d ed., rev. and cor.
     Fiche: 27500-27521

Adams, Francis Colburn.
     The story of a trooper.
New York: Dick & Fitzgerald. 1865
With much of interest concerning the campaign on
the Peninsula, not before written.
     Fiche: 80932-80946


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