Best Android Tablet P724 For Replacing Your Notebook

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					        Best Android Tablet P724 For Replacing Your Notebook

With every electronics manufacturers try to release best android
tablet in 2012, individual products are all going to need some kind of
unique selling point today I will introduce a best android tablet P724
for people who are planning to buy a tablet.

It is fact that this is a best android tablet with Android 4.0 system to
many lower android systems in the market. in addition, it comes with
A10 Multi Core CPU ARM Cortex-A8 with 1.2G high speed, which
makes this best android tablet P724 precedes other new tablets in the
market, if you suspect this, you can check the tablets around your
friends or neighbors, I think that you will be agree with me that this is
a best android tablet.

The screen of this best android tablet makes it much perfect - IPS
7inch capacitive with 1024*600 pixel resolution– it is known that IPS
is one of the best android tablet screen now, with this unique feature,
you can get a clear and realistic pictures or videos from this best
android tablet P724.

It is also a best android tablet when on the move. A functional
application will also enjoy yourself when you are sitting at a desk. For
one hand, the screen of this new android tablet comes with 7 inch
screen, which affectively extends the battery s performance. For the
other hand, this new android tablet equips with 3600Mah battery and
thus has a long standby time, both of them make this best android
tablet advantages over others.

Something we have to say is its network modes. Besides supporting
Wi-Fi network, this best android tablet supports external 3g by using
a cable and connected to a 3G modem or router by people, so you can
easily get access internet at any time.

When it comes to portability, this is 8.5mm ultra-slim tablet-only
260g, have you seen a tablet such slim? So this best android tablet of
portability, convenience is very popular with people, not to mention
the pleasure of using this best android tablet .In addition, this best
android tablet P724 comes with two cameras of 0.30MP Front/Rear
2MP, so it is very convenient for you to chat with your friends by video
or amuses yourself by taking picture as you please.

Probably there is crucial feature that we haven’t paid attention yet:
the price. As a professional wholesaler since found in 2003, we are
dedicated to offering top quality products with lowest prices. I assure
this best android tablet less than $200 dollars.

Well I have reviewed this new android tablet, have you some better
options or some recommendations to me .welcome to show me and
let us make a sharp comparison. To sum up, according to review the
above features of this best android tablet, I think it can replace a
notebook completely.

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