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Single Premium Life Insurance Quote


									Affordable Term Life Insurance is Every Policy Holder's Dream

Before you think about you need to be clear on
what life insurance means. Life insurance is primarily a contract between
the person insured and the insurance provider to provide a lump sum or
annuity to the beneficiary in the event of the early death of the person
insured. There are various life insurance policies available such as
whole life, endowment, and term life. Of these the most affordable is the
term life insurance policy.

Affordable term life insurance is so because the beneficiary named by the
policy holder gets the annuity only in the event of the policy holder's
demise - otherwise no payment of any other nature is made. Other policies
involve payment of some money when the insured person retires.

A possible way to reduce insurance cost is by going online and surf the
available policies. One can easily compare the manifold policies online
and choose the one that is most apt. Remember, if the policy buyer is
young and healthy, he shall pay lower premiums. Old age and poor health
are two assured ways to scale up the premiums.

People who have dependents, look forward to life insurance. Dependents
may include non-working life partner, young children or elderly, retired
parents. Try to calculate how much would your dependents require to live
by with you gone. Use online calculators for the purpose. Basically, the
costs would include funeral expenses, a readjustment fund, cost of child
care, a retirement fund for your spouse, cost of educating your children,
especially a college education fund. The amount spent in each expenditure
would be a variable for different families. For example if your spouse is
working, they may not require a retirement fund. But if they are not, in
the name of looking after children or household, then it becomes
necessary to take care of their retirement benefits.

Another point to be noted is that life insurance is no short-term
investment. It cannot be carried out with any ordinary, unreliable type
of insurer. The insurance company must be checked out for its honesty and
reliability as you are expecting it to be there for your family when you
are not.

Most insurance providers will insist on a health check up. They will also
investigate family health history and ask you if you smoke. These factors
will increase your premium. Here is one more reason to kick the smoking
When this matter has been clarified, comes the issue of premiums. There
are two available payment modes. The customer can pay a single fixed
premium year after year or he may opt for a scheme in which his payment
amount increases steadily with age. The former is cheap in the long run
but the latter is suitable for low income groups which are likely to
undergo an escalation in income in future.

Another thing to be taken care of is the way you want the insurance
company to pay the insured sum to the beneficiary. It can either be a
single lump sum payment or it may be an annuity. The mode of payment
shall depend on the financial capacity of your spouse. For someone who is
well-versed with the markets, a lump sum would do good; otherwise go for
an annuity.

Here it is important to stress on the necessity to pay the premiums on
time. The life insurance is operational or valid only if you pay the
premiums on time. If there is a lapse, you can renew the policy by paying
a small fine or penalty. However, please know that your life was not
covered during the interim period. This destroys the purpose of the life
insurance. Your life has to be covered every single day until your
children graduate and you have built up a retirement fund for yourself
and your spouse.

The consideration of above discussed points shall be of help to you as
you look for an insurance provider. Remember to look for a trust worthy
company that has a reliable financial standing. Such a company is likely
to make you pay higher premiums, but in the end it shall be worth it.
Before you think about


Single Premium Life Insurance Quote

Single Premium Life Insurance Quote - Term life insurance, return of
premium term life insurance, and term life insurance quotes online. Get
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