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					                    You Choose Book Report
Directions: Read a book that matches the genre for the month.
Then, complete one of these activities on your book.
Also, complete the Plot Chart. Everything must be typed.

Draw a picture of the  Pretend that the            Publish a poem about a
most important         setting has changed.        character from your
setting...use          How will the story          story. The poem
watercolor or charcoal change as a result?         should be in first
pencil. Write a        Write a new first           person. The poem
description of the     chapter. Then, write a      needs to be typed on
setting on the back andsummary of the rest of      Microsoft Word and it
explain why it is so   the book based on the       needs at least one
important.             new setting.                piece of clip art.
Create a travel        Act out several             Write a letter to one of
                       important events from
brochure of the setting.                           the characters in your
Include important sitesthe story. Be sure to       story. Pretend to be
and reasons to visit.  include rising action       another character from
Create using Microsoft events, the climax, and     the story offering
Publisher or other     the resolution in your      advice. You should
computer program.      skit. You need to use       write in first person.
                       puppets or costumes.
Make a triaroma of     Create a Powerpoint         Create a puppet or
several key events     slideshow of the key        paper doll of one of the
from the story. Each   events of the story. Be     characters from your
side needs a           sure to label the rising    story. Create a
paragraph explanation. events, climax, and         monologue in first
                       resolution.                 person to share with
                                                   the class.
**Turn in final copy with the Plot Chart completed about your story. Be
prepared to present!

Genre Schedule for Book Reports
August—biography or autobiography
September—historical fiction
October—informational book
November—poetry anthology
December—science fiction or fantasy
January—historical fiction
**February—biography or autobiography
March—informational book
April—traditional literature set
May—realistic fiction

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