acrostic poem activity by CGsE1jm


									Activity: Acrostic Poem

Complete the acrostic below using the letters of the word
nationalism. Make sure the completed acrostic meets
these requirements:

•Each subsequent line must begin with the next letter of the word nationalism.
•Each line should describe an important idea from Chapter 13: A Growing Sense of
•Each idea described should be accurate.
•The border of your poem must be creatively illustrated and colored with symbols
that represent the ideas of your poem.
•All poems must be typed.
•The letters of the word nationalism should be bold.
•Skip a line between each letter: N - A -T - I - O - N -A - L - I - S - M.

RUBRIC (worth 20 points)

In order to receive a (an):

A = All of the requirements must be met. Creative!!
    Neatly done!

B = All of the requirements. Neatly done!

C = All of the requirements. Pictures not colored.

D = All of the requirements. No pictures and not typed.

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