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Piano Chords for Songs

The right ways to learn piano chords for songs. The online tutorial with expert’s guide for
learning to play the piano like a pro.

Piano songs should be played with chords along with the leads to enhance the playing
skills as only playing the leads might not be sufficient. Both the hands should be used for
playing the chords and leads in the songs simultaneously to get the right feel of the song.
 The key to successful playing of the piano depends on how the chords are learnt by the
player. In the beginning one can try playing familiar piano songs with chords to get
confidence. Some wonderful rhythms and tunes can be easily played just by learning
some simple chords. Chords in piano songs are nothing but three or more group of notes
which when played along with each other results in complete sound. When this sound is
played in a rhythmical manner with the chords played in the certain sequence, wonderful
background music is created. Normally chords in the piano songs offer great support to
the main lyrics or tune of the melody.

If you look in a book of popular music, such as one of those in Hal Leonard's Fake Book
series, you will see many other types of chords that are used in the accompaniments.
These include Seventh chords, Sixth chords, Diminished chords, Augmented chords and
Suspended chords.

In a similar way to the relationship between the Major and Minor chords, all of these
other chord types have simple relationships with one another. It is quite easy to learn to
play all of these chord types without reading complex musical scores, memorizing huge
numbers of individual chords or counting up endless rows of half-steps or semitones.

Once you understand the simple key that unlocks the huge variety of piano chords, you
can learn beautiful embellishment techniques for these chords. Then you can create your
own unique accompaniments for your favorite style of popular music - with ease!
Learning the piano is no different. Music is a language. As such, it has intonation,
phrasing, dynamics, etc. But the key to mastering the piano, like mastering a verbal
language, is to acquire good habits from the start. This is why it's important to learn from
someone who has already mastered the language of piano. Many beginning piano
students fall into the trap of learning by themselves without the proper guidance to master
the fundamentals. The following pointers help to get beginning students into the right
track to becoming competent piano players.

Piano playing, particularly using chords is good exercise for your wrists and fingers.
(Take the time to learn about correct hand position, though!). Piano playing is excellent
therapy for the stress of life. Many professional people come home from a hard days
work and relax by expressing their emotions on the keyboard. Play a few dark and angry
chords, and you'll be surprised how much better you feel! Piano playing is a blast. It's just
plain old fun. So learn 3 or 4 chords and get going. Maybe you'll stop there and enjoy it
the rest of your life.

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