1. Complex Ovarian Cyst and Pelvic Pain

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Complex Ovarian Cyst and Pelvic Pain

Tips on curing pelvic pain due to complex ovarian cysts. Also, learn about the natural and
home remedies that completely cure all ovarian disorders.

Ovary is the very famous site of the pelvic mass. The doctors will be in a position to
judge correctly about the seriousness of the ovarian cyst based on the woman’s age. It
may be very alarming to find out the cyst in the young girl before she attains her
menstruation and the same may be wicked 50% of the time. Same is the case with the
post menopausal woman with the ovarian cyst. In both these women, investigative
surgery to arrive at the complete identification is required. This may be done either by the
investigative laparoscopy. It is a procedure where the tube will be inserted with a camera
joined to this with the help of the belly button. This will make an opening via abdomen
and will see the ovary.

The trickiest area for the doctor in caring the patient is the cyst that comes between these
2 boundaries in the fertility life of the women. A sonogram may assist in this diagnosis.
The very common cyst that is found is functional cysts. They are of 4 types and are not
cruel. They are follicular, theca luteum, polycystic ovaries and corpus luteum. The
correct type of cyst can be identified only by the doctor with the corresponding test for
the same. Hence, the woman with any discomfort should consult the physician for correct
diagnosis of the kind of cyst.

The follicular cyst happens when the regular follicle or the sac that matures and releases
the egg. This will not get shrink after the egg is released. They are very soft and contain
thin membrane walls and also posses clear fluid. This will rupture to create sudden and
severe pain and slowly goes away over a period of many days. In general, these instantly
vanish with 1 or more menstrual cycles. This may create changes in the period of the
women and also her pelvic pain. Based on the cyst size, the same can be treated or
observed with the birth control tablets.

Corpus luteum cysts are less famous. But, this will create more problems and symptoms.
They grow big than the follicular cyst and thus create more pelvic pain. The cyst will
occur when the bleeding comes in the follicle after the release of the egg. This kind of
cyst frequently creates a deferred period and when the same is ruptured, it may create
bleeding in the abdomen and also demands surgery.
Theca luteum cyst is the least famous of the functional cysts. They are frequently linked
with the unusual pregnancy. They very regularly occur in both the ovaries and dissimilar
to the functional cysts explained above. They vanish without the treatment after the
termination of the pregnancy.

The polycystic ovaries are the cysts filled with multiple clear fluids in both the ovaries
and are linked with the problems of menstruation and imbalances of hormone.

Endometrioses can create endometriomas or complex ovarian cysts. It is also generally
called as chocolate cysts. Involvement of ovary can be seen in nearly 60% of the women
with endometriosis.

Natural Remedies for Curing Ovarian Related Disorders
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