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Complex Ovarian Cyst Surgery Procedures

The surgical procedures for removing complex ovarian cysts are explained. Also, the best
natural remedy that completely cures ovarian cysts.

Surgery is one of the best ways for treating complex ovarian cyst. Complex ovarian cyst
surgery is performed on the patient to remove the cysts which are affecting the health of
the sufferer by causing or without causing any damage to the ovaries. The surgery is
performed for all types of ovarian cysts.

The main concern is regarding the cost of the operation. The patient should also think
about the possible discomforts or harm they would have to face prior to the surgery,
during the surgery and post surgery. The complex ovarian cyst surgery can be of two
types one is the open surgery and other one is called the laparoscopic surgery. The
physician would decide and inform the patient whether there is any need to remove the
ovaries or not. Ovary removal is unavoidable when the cysts are cancerous in nature.

Before the actual complex ovarian cyst surgery is performed the patient would be asked
to undergo various tests including the blood tests, urine test, EKG, CT scan, ultrasound
and so on. Sometimes the doctors might also advice the patient to avoid certain types of
food to avoid any problems before and after surgery.

Ovarian cyst surgery is usually required when there are complications involved. This
could be due to the cyst growing too large and causing severe pain, becoming ruptured or
twisting which also causes a lot of pain. Typically, on discovery of the ovarian cyst, the
doctor will advise the patient to watch and wait and see what happens especially if there
are no symptoms. Another treatment is to prescribe birth control pills which will stop the
female ovulating and make it very unlikely that new cysts are formed. However, if the
cyst does not go away on its own, has gotten large or is causing pain then ovarian cyst
surgery may have to be done.

Surgery is often recommended by doctors as a way to eliminate painful ovarian cysts.
There are two basic surgical procedures. The most basic procedure is called a
laparoscopy. This procedure is used when the cyst is small and appears to be benign.
While under general anesthesia, a tiny cut is made above or below the navel. A small
instrument that functions like a telescope is inserted into the abdomen and the cyst is
The second type of procedure is called a laparotomy. This procedure is used when the
cyst is large and when it may be potentially cancerous. In this procedure, while under
general anesthesia, a larger incision is made in the stomach to remove the cyst.

Surgery to remove cysts is invasive, and therefore involves risks. In some cases, an ovary
may have to be removed in order to eliminate the cyst. Although removal of a single
ovary may not result in the loss of fertility, we certainly want to avoid having an ovary
removed if at all possible.

It is also important to know that cyst removal surgery does NOT guarantee that a cyst
will not reoccur, and many women do in fact experience recurring cysts.

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