2. Ovarian Pain and Post Menopausal Bleeding

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Ovarian Pain and Post Menopausal Bleeding

Learn how to control ovarian pain and post menopausal bleeding. Also, know about the
home remedies that completely cure the ovarian disorders.

The pattern of bleeding for various women will be different with menopause ahead, with
the cycles become short in the initial period and later with the time, the interval period of
menstruation will start to stretch and in some of the women the cycles may be skipped
totally and the periods will stop completely. A woman will be called to be menopausal if
she has not got her periods for more than six months.

It is regular feature that many of the women will come out with the history of bleeding
stories that are featured by lingering flow, tremendously heavy flow or irregular or
intermittent bleeding. This is not the original quality format of changes in the menopausal
situation and hence the same has to be put for investigation to analyse the reason for
unusual bleeding. Very importantly, a woman getting her bleeding after her last
menstrual cycle, unusual bleeding of any type is abnormal and is not the continuation of
her periods.

The main general reason of post menopausal bleeding is the therapy of hormone
replacement. The uterine lining will respond to the additional stimulation of hormone just
like the working during her reproductive life. The reaction for this post menopausal
depends on the individual and her particular endometrial like sensitivity, lining of the
uterine and also the enormity of the quantity of the hormone supplement. The bleeding
may ease out in those women if any adjustment is done on the dosage of the estrogen and
also when the artificial progestin is administered if she never had hysterectomy. Or
otherwise, the treatment for the woman can be altered to enable the patient to have the
progestin and estrogen in a recurring fashion. This will result in the usual monthly
bleeding that is expected and not extremely high bleeding. The mixture therapy of
progestin and estrogen in a woman will decrease the risk of developing cancer in the
uterine by half than the case of not administering any supplement of hormones.

There are various causes for the women to experience to post menopausal bleeding or
PMB and for whose women who are not on the supplemental hormones. For some
women, the complete shortage of any estrogen can end up in the instant break down of
small blood vessels in the uterine lining called endometrial atrophy, as the woman
developing a tiny instant bleeding in the nose without any tragedy to the nose. Excessive
growth of the uterus lining may increase and is called as hyperplasias and some of these
are the symptoms of pre-cancer. Apart from the uterine growth, fibroids and polyps will
also be the reason for the postmenopausal bleeding. Bleeding in vagina may also happen
because of the abnormalities in the vagina or on the cervix. Very occasionally, this may
also be due to the abnormality of the ovary or the fallopian tube.

To determine the basic cause of the postmenopausal bleeding, a complete evaluation by
the gynecologist is a must. Investigations like ultrasound, uterine biopsy are
recommended. The treatment will be commenced based on the reasoning of the same.
The very important thing is that the unusual post menopausal bleeding should not be
ignored and should not be assumed that it is the normal occurrence.

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