How to Block an Unwanted Website by sheila-parker


									                     How to Block an Unwanted Website

Reason for blocking an unwanted website is to prevent the children from surfing
unwanted or dangerous websites. Whenever it requires, we can also unblock it
by applying the password. There are few more ways to block the websites.

A simple way is to block is through the explorer. Open internet explorer, go to
“tools” tab and then to the tab “internet options”. To enable Content Advisor, on
the “internet options” click on the word “content” and then enable by clicking the
“enable” button present under “content advisor”. From the “Content Advisor”
click on the “Approved sites” tab and which leads to enter the URL of the website
which you wish to block. Click “Never” tab and give a password

By using Google chrome, a particular website can also be blocked in the
following way. In the Chrome website browser, go to “wrench symbol” in the
upper right corner, select “tools”, click “under the hood” tab, choose change
proxy settings, then go the “Security”, select “Restricted Sites”, double click the
sites and add the site to be blocked.

By using Windows XP, go the start ->All Programs->Accessories->Command
Prompt. Click “Command Prompt”. This leads to open a DOS command window.
Type “Notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts”. Find out the line localhost. For instance, if you want to block the website, just add this text under localhost: For example
As many website can be added by prefixing the website address with
This is the latest and easy method to block the websites.

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