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					                                   Destination News - Europe.

New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and
Ontario and the Canadian province of, Geneva Geneva, canton and city, Switzerland
Geneva (jn`v), Fr. Genève, canton (1990 pop. 373,019), 109 sq mi (282 sq km), SW
Switzerland, surrounding the southwest tip of the Lake of Geneva. (AirGuide - Destination News
Europe) Jan 15, 2012

 American Airlines, British Airways British Airways
in full British Airways PLC

International passenger airline based in London. In 1936 British Airways Ltd. was founded through
the merger of three smaller airlines., Iberia American Airlines, BA,
Iberia Offer Fare Sale to Europe. American Airlines, British Airways and
Iberia Airlines Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A., (IBEX-35:IBLA) (Iberia Airlines of Spain in
English), usually shortened to Iberia, is the largest airline of Spain, based in Madrid and is the
Spanish flag carrier. It operates an extensive international network of services. are discounting
fares between the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005
est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is
the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. and
Europe. Fares start at USD USD

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the U.S. Dollar.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market
in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion. 500 roundtrip, but taxes and fees
additional. Travel must originate in Verb 1. originate in - come from
stem - grow out of, have roots in, originate in; "The increase in the national debt stems from the
last war" the United States. Fares are
available through Jan. 24 and are valid for outbound travel through
April 1, 2012. All travel at these fares must be completed by Sept. 26,
2012. Return travel black-out dates are June 14 through Aug. 14, 2012.
Other restrictions apply. The special promotional fares are valid for
travel between the U.S. and Europe Monday through Thursday; other days
are subject to higher fares. Fares are valid for travel between the
United States and United Kingdom Monday through Wednesday; other days
are subject to higher fares. A Saturday night stay is required, and the
maximum stay allowed is 180 days. Jan 11, 2012

 ATP ATP: see adenosine triphosphate.
in full adenosine triphosphate

Organic compound, substrate in many enzyme-catalyzed reactions (see catalysis) in the cells of
animals, plants, and microorganisms., Heathrow High Speed Rail 'key to UK
competitiveness'. Plans to go ahead with the High Speed Rail
network in the UK have won the support of travel management companies.
Transport secretary Justine Greening Justine Greening is a Conservative politician in the United
Kingdom, and Member of Parliament for Putney. She is also currently serving as Shadow Minister
for the Treasury.

Greening was born on April 30 1969, in Rotherham. yesterday approved plans for the
linkwhich will be built in two phases, with the first seeing the
construction of a new 140-mile line between London and Birmingham,
scheduled for completion by 2026. Peter Muller, divisional managing
director of ATP International said that the investment was Opositive
newsO for business travel as the UK rail network currently lagged behind
many parts of Europe as well as countries such as Japan. OBringing the
UKOs services and journey times in line with other travel hot spots hot spots

acute moist dermatitis. is
key to long-term competitiveness,O said Muller. OA more advanced level
of service and the speed to match rail options available on the
continent should ensure great interest in the new route and could ease
access across the rest of Europe.O The GTMC GTMC Government Technology Managers
Conference also praised the
governmentOs move to approve the scheme which is known as HS2. Chief
executive Anne Godfrey said: OIt is regarded as the most important
infrastructure development for the UK business traveller Business Traveller is a CNN International
monthly television program hosted by Richard Quest. CNN's Business Traveller Web site . OWe
delighted that the project has got the go-ahead and for the complete Y
network to have been approved, linking London, Birmingham, Leeds and
Manchester and with the all-important direct link to Heathrow Airport.O
Jan 11, 2012
 Berlin Berlin Unveils Schedule of Events for 2012. Berlin will
host over 1,500 events daily in 2012, from museum nights, and design
festivals to symphonies, sports events, and outdoor fairs. The following
list provides highlights from the annual events calendar. The Long Night
of Museums (Jan. 28, and Aug. 25) features around 100 museums,
presenting established and new collections, open their doors from 6 p.m.
Saturday evening until 2 a.m. Sunday morning Sunday Morning may refer to: "Sunday Morning
(radio program)", a Canadian radio program formerly aired on CBC Radio One CBS News Sunday
Morning, a television news program on CBS in the United States Sunday Morning (TBS TV
series). Music, theater and
culinary events will enhance the exhibitions. With one ticket, patrons
get unlimited use of a shuttle bus service and admission to all
participating venues and events. The 62nd Berlin International Film
Festival (Feb. 9 to 19) attracted 20,000 film professionals from 116
countries in 2011, including about 3,900 journalists. With more than
300,000 tickets sold, the Berlinale is not only a film industry meeting.
It also enjoys by far the largest audience of any film festival in the
world. Up to 400 films, most of them international or European premiers
are shown every year as part of the Berlinale's public program. For
two weeks, art, glamour, parties and business meet at here. Carnival in
Berlin (Feb. 12) brings more than 1 million spectators and participants
to the Berlin Carnival Costume Parade. With an expected 3,000
participants in 100 groups, 60 floats, and numerous marching bands, the
parade will start at 11:11 a.m., and move through the Western center of
the German capital. More than 600,000 spectators, most of them in
colorful costumes, line the streets every year to watch the parade and
collect sweets. Festival Days at the Staatsoper Berlin (March 30 to
April 9) highlight BerlinOs classical music calendar and will be
presented at the Schillertheater and the Philharmonie in 2012.
Highlights in 2012 will include the premiere of Alban BergOs opera
OLulu,O directed by the renowned Andrea Breth, as well as two works of
Richard Wagner -- ODas RheingoldO and ODie Walkure,O as the first and
second parts of a new production of the ORingO cycle. General Music
Director Daniel Barenboim Daniel Barenboim (born November 15, 1942) is a pianist and
conductor. He lives in Berlin and holds citizenship in Argentina, Israel, and Spain. He was born in
Buenos Aires, Argentina; his parents were Russian Ashkenazi Jews. will direct both operas, as
well as three
concerts at the Philharmonie with the Staatskapelle Berlin The Staatskapelle Berlin is the
orchestra of the Berlin State Opera (Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden). Its music director, the
Staatskapellmeister, is that of the Berlin State Opera (currently Daniel Barenboim). and the
Filarmonica della Scala from Milan. The Berlin Biennale The name Biennale is Italian and means
"every other year", describing an event that happens every 2 years. One of the most important
Biennales is an art exhibition that takes place for three months in Venice — the Venice
Biennale — but there are numerous others: at
Kunstwerke/Institute for Contemporary Art (April 28 until July 1) runs
every two years and is dedicated to showcasing the latest works by a new
generation of international artists and brings together numerous
artistic and political positions. The Lesbian and Gay Street Festival
(June 16 and 17) is the largest festival of its kind in Europe.
Expecting some 45,000 visitors, the festival will again take place
around Nollendorf Platz in Schneberg district, one of BerlinOs
traditional gay stomping grounds. There will be information booths,
culinary treats, performances, and lots of music and parties. On June
23, the city celebrates Christopher Street Day Christopher Street Day (CSD) is an annual
European LGBT celebration held in various cities across Europe. Only Germany and Switzerland
use the term CSD, in other countries, the same kind of event is called Gay Pride or Pride Parade.
with glitzy glitz Informal
Ostentatious showiness; flashiness: "a garish barrage of show-biz glitz" Peter G. Davis.

tr.v. costumes,
fantastic wigs, and brightly painted faces. Berlin's Christopher
Street Day will be celebrating its 34th anniversary in 2012. The popular
event promises to attract hundreds of thousands of people to the German
capital to celebrate equality and tolerance for gays and lesbians around
the world. Jan 10, 2012

 BKWine BKWine Adds Two Destinations to Food and Wine Tours.
BKWine, an operator of wine and food tours, added two new destinations
in its 2012 program -- Champagne and Tuscany. The company is also
offering two tours to Bordeaux. Britt Karlsson, co-founder of BKWine,
said, ONothing else in the world of wine brings out the festive feeling
as champagne does. But on this wine tour we will discover that champagne
is so much more than a drink just for special occasions. It is above all
a very exclusive and delicious wine.O Food and wine will be the center
of attraction on the Tuscany tour. OThe wine always takes first place on
our tours,O said Karlsson. OBut here in Tuscany the local gastronomy gastronomy

Art of selecting, preparing, serving, and enjoying fine food. Two early centres of gastronomy were
China (from the 5th century BC) and Rome, the latter noted for the excess and ostentation of its
banquets. also has a front seat.O Clients will visit big-name wine producers as
well as small, family-owned wineries. Bordeaux is making a return to the
travel program in 2012 with two tours this year, one in May and one in
September. Bordeaux is, as Karlsson said, Oa must for any wine-lover.O
BKWine is a tour operator specialized in wine and food travel, offering
about 30 tours a year to Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, as well as
the rest of France, Tuscany, Piedmont and several other regions in
Italy, as well as Portugal, Spain, Croatia, South Africa South Africa, Afrikaans Suid-Afrika, officially
Republic of South Africa, republic (2005 est. pop. 44,344,000), 471,442 sq mi (1,221,037 sq km),
S Africa., Austria and
other wine countries. Jan 11, 2012

 Brand g New era in gay travel. In 1986, the first all-gay cruise
set sail out of New Orleans New Orleans (ôr`lnz –lnz, ôrlnz`), city (2006 pop. 187,525),
coextensive with Orleans parish, SE La., between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain,
107 mi (172 km) by water from the river mouth; founded with 750 guests, thanks to Kevin
founder of RSVP (ReSerVation Protocol) A communications protocol that signals a router to
reserve bandwidth for real time transmission. RSVP is designed to clear a path for audio and
video traffic, eliminating annoying skips and hesitations. Vacations. Because of the social climate
of the time,
during the height of the AIDS epidemic and socialized homophobia,
Mossier saw a need to create a safe place for gays and lesbians to
vacation. According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3. Charlie Rounds, who was one of Minneapolis-based
RSVPOs early employees and later became part owner (Law) one of several owners or tenants in
common. See <cref>Joint tenant</cref>, under Joint.

See also: Part, the gay and lesbian
travel market has evolved significantly since the 1980s. An enduring
industry spokesman, Rounds received the International Gay & Lesbian
Travel AssociationOs Lifetime Achievement Award last spring and has
recently launched a new gay tour operator, Brand g Vacations, which
encompasses what he calls a new era in gay travel. The new company has
its finger on the pulse of a notable trend toward culture-focused
vacation experiences that offer alternatives to large-scale gay cruises
and resort buyouts. Brand g is one of 7 other LGBT tour operators
chartering or organizing groups aboard boutique European riverboats this
summer. Brand gOs full-ship charter of AMA WaterwaysO newest ship, the
164-passenger AmaCerto, features 2 nights in Prague, followed by a
custom-tailored, 7-day itinerary down the Danube River Danube River
German Donau Slovak Dunaj Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian Dunav Romanian Dunarea Ukrainian

River, central Europe. that includes
stops in Regensberg, Melk, Vienna, Bratislava, and ends in Budapest. He
added that the average age of Brand g guests booked so far on the Danube
riverboat riv·er·boat
A boat suitable for use on a river. is 48 years old, significantly younger than the 60+
demographic on mainstream European riverboat cruises. And while
small-ship travel may be more conducive to quiet conversation and
castle-watching, he notes that the ambiance am·bi·ance also am·bi·ence
The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment: "The noir ambience is
dominated by low-key lighting... on gay cruises is anything
but boring. Rounds credits strong demand, as well as a close network of
dedicated travel agents, for helping support the new brand, which is
also offering 2012 land programs to Ireland (September) and Mexico City Mexico City
Spanish Ciudad de M&#xE9;xico

City (pop., 2000: city, 8,605,239; 2003 metro. area est., 18,660,000), capital of Mexico. Located at
an elevation of 7,350 ft (2,240 m), it is officially coterminous with the Federal District, which
occupies 571 sq mi (October). Rounds plans to add cruises on the Mekong and Rhone Rivers,
and a land program in Argentina in 2013. OWe want to promote great
destinations that give full equality to our community,O he said, OMexico
City is a great example of that [ETH eth
Variant of edh. ] a fantastic destination with a
vibrant culture, history, archaeology, and cuisine, and where gay and
lesbian citizens enjoy equal rights.O Rounds is General Manager of Brand
g Vacations and has set up Marketing and Reservations offices in
Minneapolis. Brand g Vacations is wholly owned by The Mark Travel
Corporation, which owns and manages such well-known vacation brands as
Funjet Vacations, Southwest Airlines This article is about the American airline. For the former
Japanese airline, see Japan Transocean Air. For the British airline, see Air Southwest.
Southwest Airlines Co. Vacations, and MGM MGM
in full Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

U.S. corporation and film studio. It was formed when the film distributor Marcus Loew, who bought
Metro Pictures in 1920, merged it with the Goldwyn production company in 1924 and with Louis B.
Mayer Pictures in 1925. Resorts
Vacations. Jan 12, 2012

 Cheapflights Readies for the Red Carpet. With
less than 10 days to go until the kick-off of Robert Redford's
world famous Sundance Film Festival, the film buffs here at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel
deals, are all abuzz. To help everyone gear up for the 2012 movie
season, we have compiled our Top 10 Film Festivals Around the World. A
one-of-a-kind experience, film festivals offer the opportunity to
explore the art of filmmaking with other enthusiasts, listen to the
creators talk about their work, visit an exciting destination and, of
course, spot a celeb ce·leb
n. Informal
A celebrity. or two. Find out what makes our team's
favorite cinema events unique with our list of Top 10 Film Festivals
Around the World. If you're keen to be among the first to screen
some of 2012's great new flicks, below are five film fests that you
can catch over the next few months. [yen]Sundance Film Festival -- Park
City, Utah Park City is a city located in Summit County, Utah, United States. It is one of two major
resort towns in Utah, the other being Moab. It is considered to be part of the Wasatch Back and a
part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area., United States - Sundance Film Festival started out in
as an event designed to attract more filmmakers to Utah while staying
away from the overpowering Hollywood scene. Thirty-four years later,
Sundance is the largest independent film festival in the United States,
exhibiting feature-length films, documentaries, shorts, and animation
while fostering dialogues among film enthusiasts. This year, the
festival will run from Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah, showcasing 200
films whittled down from nearly 9,000 submissions. Can't make it to
the big event? On Jan 26, nine movie theaters across the United States
will be hosting a filmmaker and his or her work as part of Sundance Film
Festival USA, so you may be able to participate in the festivities fes·tiv·i·ty
n. pl. fes·tiv·i·ties
1. A joyous feast, holiday, or celebration; a festival.
2. The pleasure, joy, and gaiety of a festival or celebration.

3. wherever you are. Search and compare cheap flights to Park City.
[yen]International Film Festival Rotterdam -- Rotterdam, the Netherlands
- Though it receives less tourist traffic than its neighboring city,
Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a modern representation of Dutch culture, and
its annual film festival is constantly paving the way for all genres of
innovative and thought-provoking cinema. This year's event will run
from Jan. 25 to Feb. 5, and will encompass 19 screening venues --
upwards of 350,000 viewers are expected to attend. Rotterdam attendees
are passionate movie-goers, so program directors make a point of
stripping down the superfluous aspects of film, like commercials and
trailers, for an untarnished viewing experience. Search and compare
cheap flights to the Netherlands. [yen]Guadalajara Film Festival --
Guadalajara, Mexico - Considered the most significant film affair in
Latin America Latin America, the Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and French-speaking
countries (except Canada) of North America, South America, Central America, and the West
Indies., Guadalajara Film Festival is an important cultural event,
showcasing Mexican and Latino talent alongside other international works
of cinematic art. Thanks to Guadalajara Film Festival, Latin American
film has become a competitor in the global film industry. From March
2-12, over 100,000 film lovers are expected to flood the streets and
theaters of Guadalajara, viewing close to 200 films. While not as
chaotic as Mexico City, Guadalajara is a destination perfect for
exploring colonial history, enjoying the Mexican culture, shopping
street markets and savoring traditional regional cuisine. Search and
compare cheap flights to Mexico. [yen]Hong Kong Hong Kong (hng kng), Mandarin Xianggang,
special administrative region of China, formerly a British crown colony (2005 est. pop. 6,899,000),
land area 422 sq mi (1,092 sq km), adjacent to Guangdong prov. International Film
Festival -- Hong Kong, China - The perfect blend of East Asian culture
and a thriving global market, Hong Kong is a popular destination for
tourists from all over the world. It's no wonder that the Hong Kong
International Film Festival has become one of the largest in the world,
and has bridged the gap between Asian cinema and the global film
industry. This year's event will take place from March 21 to April
5, showcasing more than 330 titles from 50 countries to an expected
600,000 viewers. Spread among more than 11 venues all around Hong Kong,
including the Space Museum and City Hall, visitors get the chance to
witness the latest works while exploring the vibrant city. Search and
compare cheap flights to China. [yen]Berlin International Film Festival
-- Berlin, Germany - One of the most renowned film festivals in the
world, the Berlin International Film Festival (also known as Berlinale)
combines the glamor of filmmaking -- parties, red carpet, high fashion
-- with the appreciation of cinematic art in a variety of genres.
Divided into 10 separate sections, highlighting areas like experimental
and avant-garde works, shorts geared towards younger generations, films
focused around culinary themes and several others, there's a place
for all film admirers at Berlinale. This year's festival will kick
off on Feb. 9 and last 10 days. It is expected that visitors from more
than 115 countries will be in attendance to screen and discuss a variety
of international films. Search and compare cheap flights to Germany.
Planning to travel later in the year? The following five favorite film
fests are celebrated in cities between May through September: Cannes
International Film Festival -- Cannes, France; Rooftop Films -- New
York, New York; Toronto International Film Festival -- Toronto, Ontario,
Canada; Venice International Film Festival -- Venice, Italy, and the
East End Film Festival -- East London East London, city (1991 pop. 240,474), Eastern Cape, SE
South Africa, on the Indian Ocean. The city grew around a British military post founded in 1847. Its
harbor was developed from 1886, and today it is a leading South African port., United Kingdom.
To find out more
about these festivals and to read the complete list of's Top 10 Film Festivals Around the World, visit Jan
12, 2012

 Civil Aviation, Heathrow UK set to lose out on air routes to
emerging countries. The UK runs the risk of failing to attract key
airline routes to emerging markets unless capacity is increased at
airports in the London area. The Civil Aviation Authority Civil Aviation Authority civil (Brit) n
&#x2192; Behörde f für Zivilluftfahrt made the
warning in a new report in which it also calls for extra runways to be
introduced in the south-east of England. The authority also added that
unless capacity is increased then it expected fares to be forced up by
an extra UKP UKP United Kingdom Pounds (currency unit)
UKP Unbounded Knapsack Problem
UKP United Kingdom Parliament
UKP UNESCO Klub Piran 10 per passenger on a return ticket by 2030. This would
represent an additional UKP1.7 billion being passed on to passengers.
See CCC. chief executive Andrew Haines said that it has been more than 70
years since a new runway capable of handling Boeing 747s and Airbus
A380s had been built in the south-east. OAdditional capacity would offer
significant benefits for consumers, and for the UK as a whole, so long
as it is delivered in an environmentally sustainable way,O said Haines.
OThe challenge facing the government is to create an aviation policy
that stands the test of time [ETH] not a policy for five years, but one
for 30 years. OIf the private sector is to have sufficient confidence to
deliver additional capacity then it needs to be convinced that
government policy is based on robust evidence and is likely to last for
at least a generation.O The CAA said that capacity constraints at London
airports would make the UK Oless able than airports in other European
cities to adjust as global economic activity shifts to emerging markets
such as China, India and South AmericaO. The authority also predicts
that capacity-challenged Heathrow would see more specialisation on
long-haul routes. Although it said that airlines may be less likely to
Otake a chance O on launching flights from London to emerging markets
because of the capacity constraints Oespecially where UK-based demand
does not generate a sufficient volume of premium trafficO. Another
problem identified by the CAA is that HeathrowOs lack of spare capacity
was already hurting the UKOs ability to change Air Services Agreements
with other countries which could open up new routes to emerging markets.
The CAA said this trend was Olikely to become more acute as LondonOs
other airports become more congestedO. The government is due to publish
its new aviation consulting paper in March. It has already softened its
position on airport expansion in the south-east although it remains
adamant that there will be no third runway at Heathrow. The coalitionOs
new position is that it Owill explore the options for maintaining the
UKOs aviation hub statusO apart from another Heathrow runway. Jan 10,

Continental Journeys Continental Journeys Offers Rail Tour of
GermanyOs Romantic Road. Continental JourneysO Rail Tour of the Romantic
Road features three nights in Munich, with a city tour and visit to the
Neuschwanstein Castle Neuschwanstein Castle

Elaborate castle built on a rock ledge over the P&#xF6;llat Gorge in the Bavarian Alps, near
Füssen, Ger. Begun in 1869 at the behest of Bavaria's Louis II, this lavish stronghold is an
eccentric romantic reconstruction of a medieval castle, ; two nights in Rothenburg, a small walled
city on
the Romantic Road that is completely preserved with a history of over
1,000 years; and one night each in the medieval city of Augusburg,
Wrzburg with its famous Residence, and Frankfurt. This tour is available
April 1 to Oct. 31, 2012. Prices start at USD1.029 (land only). Jan 10,

 Costa Cruise Lines Six tourists dead and several wounded on Costa
Concordia. Costa Cruise LinesO Concordia has had another crash, this
time in the Tuscan archipelago The Tuscan Archipelago is a chain of islands between the Ligurian
Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea, west of Tuscany, Italy.

The archipelago contains the islands of Elba (the largest island of the group), Pianosa, Capraia,
Montecristo, Giglio, Gorgona and Giannutri, all of which are. The vessel left Civitavecchia today,
heading toward Savona on the Italian Riviera The Italian Riviera (Italian Riviera ligure) is the
narrow coastal strip which lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the
Maritime Alps and the. About two hours later,
passengers heard a loud thump, and the lights went out. Passengers in
the restaurant saw their tables were tilting, and dishes sliding to the
floor. The crash happened in shallow waters, a few hundred yards from
Isola del Giglio, at Punta Gabbianara. Concordia began to take on water
through a gash in her aft, listing 20 degrees toward the starboard side.
3200 passengers and 1000 crew were evacuated from the ship, but some
passengers panicked [ETH] they jumped off the decks believing there
would be a massive plunge to the bottom of the ocean (as was told in the
movie Titanic). Passengers who leaped from the decks into the shallow
water See: Shallow water blackout Waves and shallow water Shallow water equations Shallow
Water, Kansas were injured. ConcordiaOs lifeboats, fishermansO boats and a ferry
came to the rescue; firefighters from Livorno and Civitavecchia assisted
in the emergency. Most of the passengers on board were Italian, as well
as some French and German citizens. "The company is working with
the utmost care to give maximum support," Costa said in the blog
statement. The Concordia, built in 2006, was on a Mediterranean cruise
from Rome with stops in Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca,
Cagliari and Palermo, according to the cruise line. It was unclear how
far into the cruise the grounding occurred. On Nov 24 2008, Concordia
had an accident in the Port of Palermo, Sicily as she was maneuvering
into dock. She hit a floating tank due to high winds, and experienced
structural damage. The ship was built in 2006 in Genoa, Italy. Another
Costa ship was involved in a deadly 2010 accident when the Costa Europa
crashed into a pier in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh during stormy
weather, killing three crew members. Jan 13, 2012

 Crystal Cruises Crystal Cruises Extends Voluntourism Program to
New Destinations. Crystal Cruises has extended its OYou Care, We CareO
program with new, hands-on opportunities throughout 2012. Every Crystal
Serenity Crystal Serenity is a cruise ship for Crystal Cruises and was built in 2003. Of Crystal's
two ships, she is the larger. Eighty percent of her staterooms have verandahs, and all cabins have
butler service.

In 2006, a Forbes. and Crystal Symphony Crystal Symphony is a cruise ship for Crystal Cruises
and was built in 1995. Onboard amenities include grand lounges, a full-service fitness facility, a
casino, Feng Shui-inspired spa, two pools, Jacuzzi, and an award-winning cuisine. voyage will
offer one complimentary shore
excursion in which guests and crew can give back to a local community,
with Crystal handling all of the logistics. New excursions include
teaching children the arts and planting a vegetable garden at an
orphanage in Cambodia; stocking, packing and distributing food and toys
at a food bank in British Columbia British Columbia, province (2001 pop. 3,907,738), 366,255 sq
mi (948,600 sq km), including 6,976 sq mi (18,068 sq km) of water surface, W Canada.Geography
; helping literacy-challenged children
to read in Singapore; and visiting a home for underprivileged children
in South Korea. Additional locales featuring the program in 2012 include
Cartagena, Colombia; Willemstad, Curaao; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain;
Livorno, Italy; Athens, Greece; Tallinn, Estonia; Rostock, Germany;
Dubrovnik; Honolulu; and Boston. Jan 12, 2012

 Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar Deutsche Bahn delays launch of London
rail services. Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) will not be operating trains
from London to continental Europe through the Channel Tunnel Channel Tunnel, popularly called
the "Chunnel," a three-tunnel railroad connection running under the English Channel, connecting
Folkestone, England, and Calais, France. The tunnels are 31 mi (50 km) long. There are two rail
tunnels, each 25 ft (7. for another
three years. The train operator had previously indicated that it would
start new services, which would have competed with incumbent Tunnel
operator Eurostar, later this year or, at the latest, by 2013 but this
has now been put back to 2015 due to technical issues. The idea was that
Deutsche Bahn (DB) would run between London St Pancras and Brussels
where the train would be split. One half would continue on to Cologne
and Frankfurt with the other bound for Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The
problem is that European countries have differing power supplies,
signalling systems and technical standards. Even the Channel Tunnel
itself can be used only by a specific train type. It means that if a
train wishes to operate internationally it must be able to adapt to the
different systems. DB was planning to use its normal high-speed ICE
trains through the Tunnel. They would be equipped with special technical
equipment. But a spokesman for DB in London explained that train
manufacturer Siemens has faced difficulties in obtaining some of the
technical kit. It means the new trains cannot meet the original 2013
launch date. Meanwhile a Eurostar spokeswoman was confident its planned
services with new Velaro trains, which would run beyond Brussels and
Paris (details of the new destinations have not been revealed but are
expected to include cities in Holland, Germany and Switzerland), will
begin on schedule in 2014. The Velaro train sets, also being
manufactured by Siemens, are specifically designed for Tunnel and
international routes. It seems the German manufacturer has not
encountered the same technical issues with these particular trains. Jan
9, 2012

 DialAFlight Take a Walk on the Wild Side This Winter, Say
DialAFlight. With many of us here in the UK bracing ourselves for more
cold weather in the New Year, in New Zealand New Zealand (z`lnd), island country (2005 est. pop.
4,035,000), 104,454 sq mi (270,534 sq km), in the S Pacific Ocean, over 1,000 mi (1,600 km) SE
of Australia. The capital is Wellington; the largest city and leading port is Auckland. the sun could
not be
shining brighter. Summer down-under is in full swing; with January and
February notoriously the warmest months of the year, many Brits are now
making New Zealand their prime holiday location. DialAFlight, one of the
UK's leading travel operators, are at the forefront for customers
bookingflights to New Zealand and report a substantial rise in the
number of Brits heading down-under to walk the country's numerous
treks. New Zealand's superb mountainous terrains not only provide
the perfect settings for guided tours and boat trips (for example,
Milford sounds) but they also contain some of the world's most
popular walking trails- often guiding tourists through spectacular
landscapes and rock formations. Based on their customers' feedback,
DialAFlight are delighted to unveil their three top New Zealand hiking
treks: -- The Routeburn Track (South Island): World-renowned, this 20
mile hiking track is found in New Zealand's South Island and takes
tourists through some of New Zealand's most unique landscapes,
including past the magnificent Lake Wakatipu. Huts along the path allow
tourists to camp overnight. -- The Milford Track (South Island):
Winding through the stunning Fiordland National Park Fiordland National Park

Park, southwestern South Island, New Zealand. Established in 1952, it is one of the largest
national parks in the world, with an area of 4,834 sq mi (12,519 sq km)., tourists often
regard this 33-mile trek as 'The Finest Walk in the World'.
Walkers can follow the track independently, or as part of a guided tour.
Be warned though: camping is prohibited and walkers must finish the
trail in four days. A maximum of 90 walkers may start the walk per day,
so the waiting list can be long- especially in the peak summer periods,
so DialAFlight advise tourists to book early. -- The Abel Tasman
Coastal Track (South Island): This 32-mile long walk within the
gloriously beautiful Abel Tasman National Park Tasman is a national park in Tasmania (Australia),
56 km east of Hobart. <h4>Fact sheet</h4> Area: 97 km² Coordinates: Date of establishment: ?
Managing authorities: is often a popular
alternative to the busy Milford Track. Most of the 32- mile coastal
course is sheltered, providing the perfect cover from the sultry summer
sun, and takes roughly 3-5 days to complete. Single day walks are also
available- dropping tourists along certain points along the trail by
water taxi- cool! DialAFlight would like to remind customers that there
will be more flights to New Zealand made available throughout 2012. Jan
12, 2012

 DialAFlight DialAFlight: Table Mountain Shortlisted as one of
Seven Wonders of Nature. DialAFlight, one of the UK's leading
travel operators, is delighted to announce that the World Heritage site
Table Mountain, in South Africa, has been shortlisted to receive
special status as one of the world's 'Seven Wonders of
Nature'. The famous landmark, overlooking the coastal city of Cape
Town This article is about the municipality. For the city itself, see Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town (Afrikaans: Stad Kaapstad; Xhosa: Isixeko saseKapa; officially the City of
Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality , has provisionally been shortlisted to receive the honour
with six other famous natural wonders, with confirmation due to be
announced To be announced (TBA)

A contract for the purchase or sale of an MBS to be delivered at an agreed-upon future date but
does not include a specified pool number and number of pools or precise amount to be delivered.
early next year. The flat-topped mountain is popularly
earmarked as a 'must see' by tourists- whilst on their South
Africa Holidays. Protruding a thousand metres above sea level, the
mountain plateau is most commonly reached by cable car and provides
unforgettable views of Cape Town below and the surrounding landscape- on
clear days, local guides claim you can see 150 km out to sea. However,
Table Mountain's appeal is not solely based on the stunning
panoramic views it provides. The mountain also offers a stern test for
keen rock climbers and mountaineers. Hiking is a popular alternative to
ascending the mountain as opposed to cable car, plus many hiking trails
pass local fauna. Although some trails will test climber's physical
endurance, many hiking routes are purposefully family-friendly and
provide a gradual incline to the top of the mountain. Commenting on
Table Mountain's nomination, a spokesman for DialAFlight said
today: "I've been fortunate enough to visit Cape Town on
more than one occasion in recent years and every time we've taken
the trip up to the top of TableMountain. Those views never grow
tiresome. I'm not surprised the site has been shortlisted for the
honour. The whole range eclipses the city of Cape Town ; everywhere you
go you can see the mountain, it's a site really worth
beholding." "The mountain is one of the prime reasons tourists
visit the city of Cape Town, during their holidays. Our customers are
always enquiring about TableMountain, accommodation nearby and the
various hiking tours available up the mountain. We [DialAFlight] have
plenty of South Africa flights available at fantastic prices." The
Seven Wonders of Nature are to be announced early next year in Zurich,
Switzerland. The seven provisionally shortlisted for the accolade
include: The Komodo Dragon, Table Mountain ( South Africa ), Halong Bay
( Vietnam ), the Amazon Rainforest ( South America ), Iguaza Falls (
Brazil / Argentina ), Jeju Island ( South Korea ) and the Puerto
Princesa Subterranean River ( Philippines ). Jan 10, 2012

 Disney Cruise Line Disney Cruise Line is owned by The Walt Disney Company and
headquartered in Celebration, Florida. The business is run by President Tom McAlpin as part of
the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts division. Disney Fantasy OFloats OutO from Meyer Werft
Shipyard in Germany. The 4,000-passenger Disney Fantasy, Disney Cruise
LineOs newest cruise ship and sister to Disney Dream, floated out of the
enclosed building dock at the Meyer Werft shipyard on Sunday as
fireworks fireworks: see pyrotechnics.
Explosives or combustibles used for display. Of ancient Chinese origin, fireworks evidently
developed out of military rockets and explosive missiles and accompanied the spread of military
explosives westward to filled the sky. The event symbolizes one of the final stages
of the shipOs construction and leads upto the March 31, 2012 maiden
voyage. The Disney Fantasy features many of the innovations found on her
sister ship, Disney Dream, with several new things that will be
exclusive to the ship. New experiences found on the Disney Fantasy
include two Broadway-style musical spectaculars for the Walt Disney
Theatre, a new dining experience at AnimatorOs Palate where guests can
have their own drawings Ocome to life,O an interactive adventure
featuring the Muppets, a new water play area called AquaLab, and a new
nighttime entertainment area for adults inspired by European travel.
Disney Fantasy also will sail longer seven-night alternating eastern and
western Caribbean itineraries (Disney Dream sails on three-, four- and
five-night cruise to the Bahamas). All cruises will depart from Port
Canaveral, Fla., and include a stop at DisneyOs private island, Castaway
Cay. Jan 9, 2012

 Dsseldorf International Airport Dsseldorf International Airport
awarded Climate Protection Certificate. Dsseldorf International Airport
was awarded the Climate Protection Certificate by the Airport Council
International. OAirport-Carbon-AccreditationO (ACA ACA - Application Control Architecture ) is a
system of
independent carbon footprint monitoring and emission reduction. The
system, designed specifically for airports, is based on international
standards for measuring greenhouse emissions and developed by the
Airport Council International (ACI ACI American Concrete Institute
ACI Arch Coal Inc
ACI Airports Council International (formerly Airport Associations Coordinating Council)
ACI Automobile Club d'Italia
ACI American Competitiveness Initiative ), a worldwide air transport
association. ACI Europe has now awarded its ACA seal of approval to
Dsseldorf International Airport (DUS DUS Driving Under Suspension (criminal charge)
DUS Dwelling Unit (real estate)
DUS Dynamic Underground Stripping
DUS Dusseldorf, Germany - Dusseldorf (Airport Code) ), GermanyOs Next Generation Hub.
ACA is the first of ACIOs four certification levels, and DUS received
the associationOs certificate based on the airportOs sound strategy for
climate control and CO2 reduction. DUS strategy for climate-neutral
growth and operation of its business includes installation of a block
heat and power plant; optimization of the terminals' ventilation
technology; a new land-based photovoltaic The generation of voltage by a material that is exposed
to light in the visible and invisible ranges. See photoelectric and photovoltaic cell. plant (the
largest within a
security zone of a Germany airport); and photovoltaic plants on the
roofs of two airplane halls. In addition, several energy-reducing
changes were implemented, such as the elimination of air conditioning on
passenger bridges and installation of energy-efficient lighting and LED
technology. Total controllable emissions at DUS, direct emissions from
airport operations alone, are currently at 59,180 tons annually. The
current efforts reduce CO2 emissions by 9,900 tons annually. Jan 12,

 European Capital of Culture European Capital of Culture begins.
The program for the opening weekend of European Capital of Culture was
revealed today in the Vetrinjski Court. The opening event will take
place between January 13-15, 2012. The official opening ceremony will be
broadcast live by RTV RTV Room Temperature Vulcanizing (elastomer sealant)
RTV Radio Television (educational major)
RTV ReplayTV (digital video recorder brand)
RTV Real-Time Video
RTV Return To Vendor Slovenia on Saturday, January 14 from 8:00 pm
until 9:00 pm at Leon tukelj's Square. Keynote speakers will be
Danilo Trk, PhD, honorable sponsor of European Capital of Culture and
President of the Republic of Slovenia, and Androulla Vassiliou, European
Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport, Media and
Youth. Opening ceremonies in partner towns are scheduled between January
20 and February 10. Suzana ili Fi er, PhD, Director-General, stressed:
OOpening ceremony symbolizes a beginning of a project, beginning of
awareness that citizens of Maribor are part of one of the most important
projects on the European Cultural playground. Title is shared with
partner towns, and last but not least, the whole country, Slovenia, that
is demonstrating its cultural potential across its borders. Let this be
a celebration of the strength that culture has as a steering wheel of
human development.O OEvery team that trains long enough questions its
potential and hopes for the best - anxiously awaits the first whistle
from a referee. Opening weekend will be a proof that our energy input
was not in vain, I am sure of it,O added Mitja ander, Program Director.
Opening weekend is the opening act into the happening that is going to
flood the region with culture in the broadest sense possible in the year
2012. OWe will begin with opening of Cultural Embassies that will carry
ECOC across its boarders, symbolically and nationally. The main opening
event will be a pillar artistic statement, while the closing event of an
opening weekend will be an opera with a title Black mask,O explained
Alma au evi, Main Executive Program Producer. Milan Gregorn, Executive
Creative Producer, announced that more than one hundred Slovenian
artists can be expected to perform at the opening ceremony. Visitors
will also be able to enjoy a spectacular laser show, while Dan D, a
highly-acclaimed rock group will close the ceremony with their concert.
Following are projects from the press conferences to be held at the
press center MARIBOR 2012 - European Capital of Culture. EX-GARAGE
Friday, January 13, 2012, at 7:00 pm Gosposvetska cesta ces·ta
A scoop-shaped wicker basket that is worn over the hand and used to catch and throw the ball in
jai alai.

[Spanish, basket, from Latin cista, chest; see chest.] 17 2000 Maribor
EX-GARAGE, the first of many projects of the European Capital of Culture
program, is brought to you by Fundacija Sonda, the foundation for theory
and practice in art. During the opening weekend, two events will take
place as part of Ex-Garage: the exhibition "" and
the presentation of original T-shirts "WALKING GALLERY. The program
strand is aimed at uniting numerous educational and thematic projects,
as well as supporting the development of photography in Maribor and
beyond. This guerrilla-like, low-budget project seeks to encourage
discussion on and diversify the offer of contemporary fine arts in
Maribor. With its wide range of programs [ETH] including exhibitions,
screenings, lectures, and public discussions [ETH] it facilitates the
presentation of new tendencies and approaches in contemporary fine arts
[ETH] with emphasis on photography and new media. The origins of
Ex-Garage can be traced back into 2004, when Fundacija Sonda and artist
Primo Bizjak joined forces to create the Garage of artistic photography
in Pekarna. In 2004 and 2005, the former garage in the Maribor
alternative center Pekarna was transformed into an independent
exhibition site, where artists like Primo Bizjak, Milo Milo, athlete of ancient Greece
Milo (m`l) or Milon (m`ln), fl. 500 B.C., athlete of ancient Greece, b. Crotona. Srdi, Nejc
Saje, Damjan Kocjan i, Gian-Luca Faccio, Borut Peterlin, Magda Tothova,
Christine Tsilidis, Janja Glogovac, Manca Juvan, and Rita Nowak were
able to exhibit their work. 2006 saw the birth of two publications
containing the exhibited photographs, regarding the subject matter of
male and female position in the garage of artistic photography.
Fundacija Sonda was formed through the creative cooperation between
Metka Golec, then a student of architecture in Graz and photography in
Vienna, and Miha Horvat, a student of anthropology and film in Ljubljana
and photography and new media in Vienna. Both artists have been working
together since 2000. Fundacija Sonda is the creative answer to the poor
conditions of Slovene artistic photography. Nowadays, the Ex-Garage
projects are mostly involved in photography exhibitions. DIGITAL DELIGHT
Friday, January 13, 2012, 10:30 pm Zavod Udarnik Grajski trg 1 2000
Maribor The first day of the European Capital of Culture Opening weekend
will end at the Zavod Udarnik, where electro beats will keep the pop
culture aficionados moving until the early morning hours. Dance rhythms
will be provided by local electro music artists, united under the name
Society of Hedonistic he·don·ism
1. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.

2. Philosophy The ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant
consequences is intrinsically good. Creatives, with their Digital Delight project.
With this and all the rest the night has to offer, the guests will bear
witness to an overture in the sphere of modern, in particular
electronic, music Digital Delight project sets out to bring listeners
up-to-date with quality domestic and foreign electronic music. The
projects aims to transcend social boundaries and connect people through
culture, as well as create new communication channels for present and
future up-and-coming electro music artists. Digital Delight is a means
to connect local, regional, and international artists of modern electro
and instrumental music, who are active in the audio-visual, performance,
and fine arts. The goal is to transcend present stereotypes, which often
treat electro music as inferior to classical, instrumental music, and to
bring the true artistic value and beauty of the music to wider
audiences. The project consists of three strands, forming a unified and
inter-media approach which encourages, spreads and promotes quality
electro music. In addition to the event itself, the world-wide audience
has an excellent opportunity to listen directly to the music at the
following web Turku 2011 will close the
evening of the Cultural embassies with a night of electronic rhythms,
spinning the audience into the morning of the European capital of
culture. The dance floor will be shaken by the legendary Jimi Tenor and
the Dj Esko Routamaa. OPENING OF HI A ARHITEKTURE Saturday, January 14,
2012, at 7:00 pm Mladinska ulica 3 2000 Maribor The second day of the
opening weekend belongs to the projects, prepared by the University of
Maribor The University of Maribor (Slovenian Univerza v Mariboru) is the second university in
Slovenia, established in 1961. It currently has 15 faculties. Organization
These are the 15 faculties in which the university is divided into: Faculty of Agriculture and its
registered members. An important part of the maiden
RAZ:UM project are the architecture projects, the most important being
Hi a arhitekture (The House of Architecture). The project will present
modern architectural achievements, spatial planning and design, as well
as generate numerous urban repositioning projects. In collaboration with
the Zbornica za arhitekturo in prostor Slovenije (ZAPS) (Chamber of
Architecture and Spatial Planning Slovenia), Dru tvo arhitektov Maribor
(Association of Architects of Maribor) and other associations of
architects in Slovenia and the wider area, it will coordinate events and
the promotion of modern architecture. The opening will begin with an
exhibition of the Hi a Arhitekture design competition. The competition
includes all projects, which will bring together architectural ideas and
new plans for the development of urban environments in 2012. Hi a
Arhitekture (House of Architecture) is an institution, which will
operate under the auspices of the University of Maribor. In
collaboration with the Zbornico za arhitekturo in prostor Slovenije
(ZAPS) (Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning Slovenia), Dru tvom
arhitektov Maribor (Association of Architects of Maribor) and other
associations of architects in Slovenia and the wider area, it will
coordinate events and the promotion of modern architecture. Jan 12, 2012

 European Waterways European Waterways to Launch Panache Luxury
Barge. European Waterways will launch the Panache, a 12-passenger,
luxury barge, in April. The Dutch vessel will sail through Holland in
itineraries that include tulip tulip [Pers.,=turban], any plant of the large genus Tulipa, hardy,
bulbous-rooted members of the family Liliaceae (lily family), indigenous to north temperate regions
of the Old World from the Mediterranean to Japan and growing most abundantly on the steppes
cruises and optional excursions to the
Floriade 2012 flower show, a horticultural expo in Venlo, Netherlands,
which takes place only once every 10 years. The Panache will feature an
interior with mahogany and brass finishes. Accommodations and amenities
will include six air-conditioned rooms, a saloon with panoramic views,
an open bar, and a sun deck with a heated spa pool. The vessel will
embark on six-night Tulip cruises, exploring HollandOs countryside,
roundtrip from Haarlem. During flower season, the itinerary will include
a trip to the Aalsmeer flower auction and a walk through Keukenhof
Gardens, with more than 7 million flowers. The Panache Holland cruises
also include a trip to the city of Delft Delft (dlft), city (1994 pop. 91,941), South Holland prov., W
Netherlands. It has varied industries and is noted for its ceramics (china, tiles, and pottery) known
as delftware. Founded in the 11th cent. to see its porcelain pottery
and to Gouda, the center of Dutch cheese. In June, the Panache will be
repositioned to cruise the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Cruise
fares start at USD4,690 per person, double. European Waterways is
offering 10 percent off of all cabin and whole-boat charter rates for
April, based on double occupancy. To book a European Waterways cruise,
call 877-879-8808. Jan 11, 2012

 Facebook Wales police searching for missing Facebook tourist.
Police say they are concerned for the safety of a woman from the United
States who has been missing since visiting Facebook friends in Wales.
Kathryn Barnes was last seen near Swansea train station on 4 January.
The 32-year-old from Ohio had stayed at various addresses in Swansea,
Pontardawe and Milford Haven in recent weeks. Her mother Lisa Schoonover
said her disappearance was "terrifying" and her family was
desperate to speak to her. South Wales Police South Wales Police (Welsh: Heddlu De Cymru) is
one of the four Home Office police forces in Wales. Its headquarters are based in Bridgend. said
numerous lines of
inquiry were on-going. Ms Barnes, known as Kate, arrived in the UK on 8
November. She is described as 5ft 7ins in height with sandy coloured
hair which may currently be dyed black. She has a British flag tattoo on
her wrist and a dragon tattoo on her calf. She was last seen wearing a
black top, blue jeans, a grey jumper and wedged boots. "Very
concerned" Mrs Schoonover, who lives in the US, said: "On 8
November our daughter departed for the UK to visit friends she had met
on the social network Facebook. "Our last contact with Kate was on
4 December. "Since then, all of her contact information from
Facebook has been deleted. "We have no information at all on her
whereabouts or condition. "The friends she went to visit have
co-operated with the police but have no information that has been
helpful in locating Kate. "We love Kate and are we very concerned
for her safety. "Not knowing what has become of her is terrifying
for all of our family. "It is not like her not to find a way to
communicate with us, even to just say she is safe and well." Jan
13, 2012
 GTMC, First Great Western First Great Western targets corporates
by joining GTMC. UK rail operator First Great Western plans to improve
its services to corporate clients after joining the GTMC as its latest
partner. First Great Western carries 1.5 million passengers per week on
its 9,000 rail services and calls at 276 stations. The company also
operates direct trains to Gatwick Airport and Heathrow as part of its
Heathrow Connect operation. Diane Burke, First Great WesternOs head of
sales and marketing, said it wanted to build on its Oexisting strong
linksO with business travellers. OWe've seen a rise in the
popularity of our corporate travel products, and this relationship will
allow us to continue to develop and enhance our range of corporate
services,O she added. GTMC chief executive Anne Godfrey added: OFirst
Great Western has developed a business travel product and covers many
routes popular with the corporate traveller and we are delighted that it
wants to put the company in front of GTMC members.O Jan 11, 2012

 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Hapag-LloydOs Europa to Host Classical Music
Festivals. Hapag-Lloyd CruisesO Europa will host two classical music
festivals this year. The Ocean Sun Festival, the only classical music
festival at sea, will feature classical music stars performing onboard,
as well as concerts at historical sites ashore. Music critics will offer
lectures along the route. Among the performers will be violinist Janine
Jansen, aspiring pianist Igor Levit and soprano vocalist Marlis
Petersen. Ashore, soloists will join the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra The Bergen Philharmonic
Orchestra is one of the world's oldest orchestral institutions. It performs some 110 concerts a year,
and is based at the 1,500-seat Grieg Hall in Bergen, Norway. in Bergen, Norway. The ship will sail
through the Norway fjords, with
stops in Bergen and Oslo. This 12-day itinerary departs Aug. 12 with
fares from USD6,670 per person, double for a suite.The Stella Maris
International Vocal Competition will bring together up-and-coming young
singers to perform and compete aboard a Middle East and Africa
itinerary. Under the direction of Canadian tenor Michael Schade, a jury
of personalities in the classical music field will judge talent
represented by international opera houses. The audience determines the
winner of the cash prize worth 15,000 euros, which will be provided by
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The jury will decide on the recipients of the
additional prizes. The competition will take place aboard an 18-day
Middle Eastern and Africa cruise through the Indian Ocean, departing
Nov. 7 and making stops in Dubai, Oman, the Seychelles and Madagascar.
This itinerary starts at USD9,150 per person, double, for a suite. Jan
12, 2012

 Hedonistic Hiking Hedonistic Hiking Offers Package to SienaOs
Palio. Jackie and Mick Parsons of Hedonistic Hiking have created a
walking holiday Aug. 12 to 18 to witness Italy's greatest spectacle
-- the bareback horse race known as The Palio. The race is run twice
each year in Siena's Piazza del Campo Piazza del Campo is the principal public space of Siena,
Tuscany, Italy and is one of Europe's greatest medieval squares. Around the piazza are ranged
the Palazzo Pubblico, with its Torre del Mangia and various palazzi signorili. in the heart of the
city, one
of the country's most beautiful squares. The package includes
luxury accommodation, fully guided walks through the Sienese
countryside, seats for the race, exclusive entry to a private art
collection and dinners in some of the city's best restaurants.
Hedonistic Hiking specializes in fully-guided gourmet walking tours in
Australia and Italy. The price for the Palio Tour is 2,565 euros
(USD3,257) per person, based on two people sharing, and is
fully-inclusive. For more information, call 011-61 (0) 3 5755 2307. Jan
11, 2012

 Holland America Holland America to Sail 27 Cruises to Canada, New
England. Holland America Line Holland America was founded in 1873 as the Dutch-America
Steamship Company, a shipping and Passenger line. Because it was headquartered in Rotterdam
and provided service to the Americas, it became known as Holland America Line (HAL). will offer
27 cruises on three ships --
the Maasdam, the Eurodam and the Veendam -- to Canada and New England
this year. Scheduled from May through October, the itineraries range
from seven to 15 days and also visit the region during the height of the
fall foliage display. The Maasdam begins the season with a 15-day
northbound cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal. Highlights include
an overnight call at Quebec City, the line's only call at Sept-Iles
this season. From May 12 through the Sept. 29 departure, the Maasdam
offers 15 seven-day sailings between Montreal and Boston. The
itineraries feature cruising along the St. Lawrence River. The Maasdam
concludes the season with a 13-day sailing departing Oct. 6 from
Montreal to Fort Lauderdale. The Eurodam will sail on three 10-day
cruises in September and October between New York and Quebec City. The
itinerary features an overnight call at Quebec City and cruising along
Saguenay Fjord fjord or fiord (fyôrd), steep-sided inlet of the sea characteristic of glaciated
regions. Fjords probably resulted from the scouring by glaciers of valleys formed by any of several
processes, including faulting and erosion by. On Oct. 14, the Eurodam will depart on a 13-day
from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale. The Veendam begins its Canada/New
England season with a 13-day cruise from New York to Montreal, departing
Sept. 2. It will include an overnight call at Quebec City. In September
and October, the Veendam will sail five seven-day itineraries between
Montreal and Boston. For seven-day Maasdam and Veendam itineraries,
guests can combine two seven-day sailings for a 14-day roundtrip
journey. Fares on 14-day Collectors Cruises reflect up to 10 percent
savings. Fares for Maasdam's Canada and New England cruises start
at USD749, Eurodam's cruise fares begin at USD1,499, and
Veendam's fares start at USD1,349. Seven-day cruises offer reduced
third and fourth fares. All fares are per person, double. Jan 12, 2012

 Insight Insight Vacations Offers Program for Floriade in Belgium,
France. Insight Vacations is offering a 10-day package for the flower
event of the season, Floriade World Horticultural Expo 2012, including
stays in Brussels and Paris and departing May 11. The Floriade is
referred to as the Theater of Nature, and takes place only once every 10
years. It showcases the world's most exceptional flowers, plants
and trees with more than 100 exhibitors from dozens of countries. The
package also includes a visit to the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens.
Situated in the heart of HollandOs tulip growing region, Keukenhof
Gardens is a 70-acre showcase of more than 7 million flowers, an event
that has been taking place each spring for more than 60 years. The
gardens are only open for only nine weeks each year and are one of the
most popular destinations in the Netherlands. Clients will travel to
Belgium and stay two nights in Brussels, visiting the Grand Place, the
Cathedral and the Royal Palace, then to the imperial city of Bruges, a
World Heritage Site. The trip continues through the Ardennes forest and
French countryside to Paris, where clients will take a city tour that
will show them the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe Arc de Triomphe

Largest triumphal arch in the world. A masterpiece of Romantic Classicism, it is one of the best-
known monuments of Paris. It stands at the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western
terminus of the Champs-&#xC9;lys&#xE9;es., Place de la
Concorde, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. On the final full
day in Paris, they will visit Louis XIVOs Palace of Versailles and tour
the palace rooms and the gardens. The single departure for the trip is
May 11 to 21. ItOs priced USD3,320 double occupancy, land only. Insight
Vacations offers premium escorted tours and cruises to Europe, the
Eastern Mediterranean, Mexico, Canada and the United States The United States and Canada
share a unique legal relationship. U.S. law looks northward with a mixture of optimism and
cooperation, viewing Canada as an integral part of U.S. economic and environmental policy.. For
information, call 800-582-8380. Jan 10, 2012

 Italy From Italy: The Story of an Orphan Bat. Italians love their
bats, especially in the summer when mosquitoes are plentiful. One bat
can consume 10,000 insects in a single night, of which approximately
2,000 will be mosquitoes, so in the warm months in Italy, bat nesting
boxes fly off the shelves as people try to encourage these mammals to
move in and spare them sleepless nights in a eco-friendly manner. It is
no wonder then, that naturalist Alessandra Tomassini and journalist
Marco DOAmico at the Italian League for Bird ProtectionOs Rome Wildlife
Rescue Centre and their Mediterranean Habitat Centre in Ostia Ostia (s`t), ancient city of Italy, at
the mouth of the Tiber. It was founded (4th cent. B.C.) as a protection for Rome, then developed
(from the 1st cent. B.C.) as a Roman port, rivaling Puteoli., produced
a documentary about the story of Divo, a baby Pipistrellus kuhlii or
Vesper bat that Alessandra took in under her care. Divo is an orphan,
and his story is followed from the moment he falls out of his nursery
until he is released back into the wild. Alessandra Tomassini is one of
ItalyOs leading chiroptera experts, and she looks after little Divo
through each stage of his growth. She uses an innovative technique to
suckle suck·le
v. suck·led, suck·ling, suck·les
a. To cause or allow to take milk at the breast or udder; nurse.

b. To take milk at the breast or udder of.

2. him as naturally as possible, rather than using an invasive
feeding tube feeding tube
A flexible tube that is inserted through the pharynx and into the esophagus and stomach and
through which liquid food is passed.. Divo soon finds his feet and then his wings and is ready
to be released back into the wild. This film uses attractive modern
graphics to give expert advice on what to do if you find a stray bat and
provides a wealth of information through its fascinating storyline. The
film allows viewers to discover this much-maligned animal, the bat,
better, debunking all the old wivesO tales that surround it. This
scientific and fascinating DVD DVD: see digital versatile disc.
in full digital video disc or digital versatile disc

Type of optical disc. The DVD represents the second generation of compact-disc (CD) technology.
documentary is a valuable chance to get
to know and love these fantastic animals better and respect them more!
Jan 13, 2012

 London & Partners London Highlights Variety of Events for St.
ValentineOs Day. London is gearing up for ValentineOs Day. London &
Partners -- the official promotional organization for the city -- has
compiled a comprehensive guide of these attractions, restaurants, shops
and hotels preparing to celebrate St. ValentineOs Day. The London Eye is
offering couples a choice from the OValentineOs Champagne and CanapO
experience, with chilled champagne and romantic-themed nibbles on board
the capsule, or the ORed RoseO experience, with a red rose and special
chocolates for each pair. For the ultimate escape, couples can steal a
few moments alone while enjoying a CupidOs Capsule, which offers a
completely private window to the capital. Guests will have their own
personal host who will serve them chocolates and champagne. The Romantic
River Night Cruise begins at Westminster Pier, where couples will be
welcomed aboard with a glass of sparkling wine. As the boat heads down
to the Thames Barrier, they will be able to have a three-course meal
with wine, and on the homeward home·ward
adv. & adj.
Toward or at home.

homewards adv. journey, guests will be entertained by a
live band, with time for dancing. The River Thames offers a spectacular
setting, and the illuminated monuments along the river bank provide a
backdrop for a romantic evening cruise. The Pleasure Garden Ball at the
Museum of London The Museum of London documents the history of London from the Palaeolithic
to the present day. The museum is located in a 1970s building close to the Barbican Centre,
approximately 10 minutes' walk north of St Paul's Cathedral and admission is free. is a night of
dancing, drinking and decadence as the
museum recreates Georgian London's quintessential pastime --
dancing the night away in the pleasure garden -- with a flirty
Valentine's twist. Clients can learn to dance with an 18th century
girl band, hear saucy sauc·y
adj. sauc·i·er, sauc·i·est
a. Impertinent or disrespectful.

b. Impertinent in an entertaining way; impossible to repress or control.

2. poetry by Write Queer London, discover fashion
dandy-style, and design and wear their own alluring masquerade mask.
ValentineOs Day on the Orient Express includes a special steam-hauled
lunch or dinner. The train will depart from London Victoria, and guests
will settle down in the vintage carriages for a five-course lunch or
dinner with champagne and wine, accompanied by live entertainment. To
make a ValentineOs trip extra special, guests can request a coup, a
compartment set away from the main carriage, and order Champagne, caviar
or a bouquet of 12 red roses to be waiting for them on board. The train
manager can also help facilitate a proposal and prepare the perfect
moment. Maddox, LondonOs leading boutique members nightclub, will offer
members and non-members table bookings in the restaurant and VIP club,
with the ultimate complimentary cocktail shots [ETH] an Aphrodisiac aphrodisiac

Any of various forms of stimulation thought to arouse sexual excitement. They may be
psychophysiological (arousing the senses of sight, touch, smell, or hearing) or internal (e.g., foods,
alcoholic drinks, drugs, love potions, medicinal preparations). or a
Hangover Cure. The Aphrodisiac shot is made up of pomegranate pomegranate (pm`grnt, pm`–),
handsome deciduous and somewhat thorny large shrub or small tree (Punica granatum liqueur
liqueur (lk&ucirc;r`), strong alcoholic beverage made of almost neutral spirits, flavored with herb
mixtures, fruits, or other materials, and usually sweetened. The name derives from the Latin word
to melt.,
fresh strawberries and watermelon watermelon, plant (Citrullus vulgaris) of the family
Curcurbitaceae (gourd family) native to Africa and introduced to America by Africans transported
as slaves. Watermelons are now extensively cultivated in the United States and are popular also
in S Russia., a dash of tomato juice and finished
with a measure of absinthe absinthe (b`snth), an emerald-green liqueur distilled from wormwood
and other aromatics, including angelica root, sweet-flag root, star anise, and dittany, which have
been macerated and steeped in alcohol., and the Hangover Cure comprises of fresh
blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and a splash of mandarin vodka.
For an inspired gift this ValentineOs Day, London's leading floral
design academy, The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, offers a voucher
for a floral design evening or day course. Alternatively clients can buy
ready-made bouquets to win your ValentineOs heart. Jan 10, 2012

 Maribor Maribor opens European Capital of Culture this Saturday.
In the last days of December, the Finnish Turku symbolically handed over
the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) title to Maribor and Guimar - es
during a solemn event. Maribor will solemnly open the European Capital
of Culture on January 14 at Leon tukelj square, followed by Guimar - es
a week later on January 21. The main event marking the official start of
the European Capital of Culture will begin at 8:00 pm. Right after the
end of the opening ceremony at 9:00 pm, the band, Dan D, will take the
stage and put on an unforgettable open-air concert. Apart from the
opening ceremony, the Opening Weekend from January 13-15, 2012 will
offer a wide range of other exciting events. Even before the official
opening of the ECOC, the world-renowned concert choir, Carmina
Slovenica, will host the 3rd International Festival of New Music
Theatre, CHOREGIE 2012, from January 8-13. On January 12 and 13, the
choir will present the latest project by Karmina ilec, the mesmerizing
stage concert, and on the January 14, tableaux PLACEBO or Is There One
Who Would Not Weep. As part of the opening weekend, the Cultural
Embassies project will be launched. The Embassies are the first project
of its kind and a brand new element in the European Capital of Culture
formula. In total, 22 countries are involved in the project. The first 2
to present themselves are Finland and Estonia, as the Finnish city of
Turku and the Estonian city of Tallinn were European Capitals of Culture
in 2011. Estonia will present Maribor with the title of European Capital
of Culture during the flaming spectacle: Fire Sculptures. The Finnish
circus group, Sirkus Sudenkuoppa, will demonstrate why the slogan of the
European Capital of Culture, Turku 2011, is OTurku on Fire.O Three
exhibitions will be put on display at the gallery in Vetrinjska mansion:
the Finnish visual artist Markku Haanp will present his works, there
will be an exhibition of comic drawings entitled Call it a Day by
various artists from Estonia and Finland, and a jewelry exhibition
showcasing Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian design. The official ECOC
2012 Club will be opened. At the end of the Opening Weekend on Sunday,
Marij Kogoj`s opera, Black Masks, [ETH] co-produced by the opera houses
of Maribor and Ljubljana and directed by Janez Burger [ETH] will be
premired at the Slovene National Theatre, Maribor. The cultural events
will invigorate in·vig·or·ate
tr.v. in·vig·or·at·ed, in·vig·or·at·ing, in·vig·or·ates
To impart vigor, strength, or vitality to; animate: "A few whiffs of the raw, strong scent of phlox
invigorated her" the wider Eastern Slovenian region, as the European
Capital of Culture will take place in 6 towns [ETH] during the weekends,
following the opening weekend in Maribor, events will follow in all
partnership towns [ETH] Murska Sobota will feature a front of modern
dance, Novo mesto will be musically rich, Ptuj will offer a journey from
the Kurentovanje event to the Obest drop of wine in the world,O Velenje
will mainly offer events for the youngest visitors, while Slovenj Gradec
will revive the spirit of history. Jan 10, 2012

 MSC Cruises MSC Cruises Invites Guests to 'Move Up in the
World' With Free Upgrades. Guests on select MSC (1) (MSC.Software Corporation, Santa Ana,
CA, Founded in 1963 by Richard H. MacNeal and Robert G. Schwendler,
MSC is the world's largest provider of mechanical computer aided engineering (MCAE) strategies,
simulation software and services. Cruises'
sailings can enjoy the ever-changing vistas with a free upgrade from an
interior to a balcony stateroom state·room
A private cabin or compartment with sleeping accommodations on a ship or train.


1. a private room on a ship

2.. With the "Move Up in the
World" promotion offering during the cruise industry's
traditional "Wave Season," rates on select 7-night Caribbean
cruises start at USD629 and rates on select 7-night European cruises
start at USD669. Guests can also upgrade from an interior to a balcony
stateroom on all Fantasia- and Musica-class ships and from interior to
oceanview on Lirica-class and MSC Opera. All rates are cruise-only, per
person, double occupancy; government fees and taxes are additional.
Bookings must be made by March 31, 2012 to qualify for this promotion.
Here is a sampling of 7-night "Move Up in the World"
itineraries: Caribbean: [yen]"Western Caribbean Wonders" on
MSC Poesia from Fort Lauderdale Jan. 19; Feb. 2, 16; March 2, 16, 30,
2013; calling at Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Roatan Island, Honduras; and
Montego Bay, Jamaica; starting at USD649 [yen]Eastern Caribbean sailings
on MSC Poesia departing Fort Lauderdale Jan. 6; Feb. 9, 23, 2013;
calling at St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan (IPA: [sa&#331;
hwa&#331;]) (from the Spanish San Juan Bautista, "Saint John the Baptist") is the capital and
largest municipality on Puerto Rico. and
Nassau, Bahamas, starting at USD649 Mediterranean: [yen]"Divine
Mediterranean" of the new MSC Divina from Venice, calling at Bari,
Italy; Katakolon (Olympia), Greece; Izmir (Ephesus), Turkey; Istanbul,
Turkey; and Dubrovnik, Croatia; June-September; starting at USD919
[yen]"Mediterranean Fantasy" on MSC Fantasia fantasia (fnt`zh) [Ital.,=fancy], musical
composition not restricted to a formal design, but constructed freely in the manner of an
improvisation. In the 16th and 17th cent. from Barcelona,
calling at Marseilles, France; Genoa, Naples and Palermo, Italy; and La
Goulette (Tunis), Tunisia; March-October; starting at USD769
[yen]"Greek Islands in the Sun" on MSC Musica from Venice,
calling at Bari, Italy; Katakolon, Santorini, Mykonos, Piraeus (Athens)
and Corfu, Greece; and Dubrovnik, Croatia; April-November; starting at
USD769 Northern Europe: [yen]"Route of Vikings" on MSC Poesia
from Copenhagen; calling at Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen,
Hellesylt/Geiranger, Norway; and Hamburg, Germany; May-August; starting
at USD1,119 [yen]"Baltic Castles and Russian Palaces" on MSC
Magnifica from Copenhagen, calling at Hamburg, Germany; Stockholm,
Sweden; Tallin, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Copenhagen,
Denmark; June-September; starting at USD1,169 Jan 11, 2012

 Norwegian Cruise Norwegian Launches New Alaska Land Extensions
for 2013. Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is a company operating cruise
ships, headquartered in Miami, Florida. It is most well known for its Freestyle Cruising, which
means that there are no set times or seating arrangements for meals, nor is formal attire required.
has launched new Alaska land extensions
for 2013. Ranging in length from four Norwegian Launches New Alaska Land
Extensions for 2013 to six days are four packages, each of them escorted
by a local Alaskan guide. Each features two nights in Denali National
Park Denali National Park

Preserve, southern central Alaska, U.S. Established in 1980, it comprises the former Mount
McKinley National Park (1917) and Denali National Monument (1978)., as well as a ride on the
Alaska Railroad. In addition, there are
two five-day options. The ODenali/Alyeska ExplorerO tour includes
choices like hiking on Winner Creek Trail, a visit to the Alaska
Wildlife Conservation Center The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a non-profit organization, is
located on 140 acres at the southern edge of Turnagain Arm and the entrance to Portage Valley in
the Municipality of Anchorage. to see animals in their natural setting,
and a helicopter ride that lands atop a glacier. The ODenali/Fairbanks
ExplorerO tour offers an up-close look at the Gold Rush that swept the
nation, the Alaskan Pipeline, a visit to an Athabascan Indian Village,
and the chance to experience the midnight sun. In addition, the six-day
OAuthentic AlaskaO program offers activities including a trip to an
Iditarod sled dog musherOs house; a trip to Homer, where guests can
learn about the stateOs fishing history and see Katchermark BayOs
glaciers and mountains; and a visit to Anchorage, where guests can hike,
dine at local restaurants and visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center The Alaska Native Heritage
Center is an educational and cultural institution for all Alaskans, located in Anchorage, Alaska. The
center opened in 1999, and has become Alaska's premier interactive cultural destination..
For guests with more limited time, the four-day ODenali ExpressO package
features two days in Denali, where guests can view wildlife or go
rafting, fly fishing, golfing and hiking before taking a ride on the
Alaska Railroad. The land packages can be purchased as part of Norwegian
SunOs 2013 cruises from Whittier, Alaska. To book a cruisetour, call
866-234-7350. Jan 11, 2012

 Royal Shakespeare Company Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), a British repertory theater.
The company, established in 1960, was based on the earlier Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at
Stratford-on-Avon. It is a national theater supported by government funds. Royal Shakespeare
Company Unveils
2012-13 Season Schedule. The Royal Shakespeare Company has unveiled its
winter 2012-13 season in Stratford and three-year touring schedule.
Following the World Shakespeare Festival, the RSCOs winter season opens
in October with a family show -- a new adaptation of Russell HobanOs
childrenOs story, OThe Mouse and His Child.O It is adapted for the stage
by Tamsin Oglesby and will be directed by Told By An IdiotOs Co-Artistic
Director Paul Hunter, who directed the RSCOs recent Young PeopleOs
Shakespeare production of OThe Comedy of Errors.O OThe Mouse and His
ChildO will play in repertoire with the light-hearted Shakespeare
comedy, OThe Merry Wives of Windsor,O further details of which will be
announced. The Swan TheatreOs OA World ElsewhereO is a trilogy of newly
adapted international plays, in repertoire from November, under the
banner OA World ElsewhereO (a quote from ShakespeareOs Coriolanus,
sharply reminding RomeOs citizens that there are other countries and
cultures apart from their own). Curated by Chief Associate Director
Gregory Doran and Associate Director Roxana Silbert, the ambition of the
season is to explore what was going on in the rest of the world in
ShakespeareOs lifetime. Gregory Doran will open the season with what is
sometimes referred to as the Chinese Hamlet, and tracing its origins to
the 4th century BC, OThe Orphan of ZhaoO is a powerful tale of
self-sacrifice and revenge. It became the first Chinese play to be
translated in the West, in an adaptation by Voltaire. This production,
based in part on a version by Ji Junxiang, published in 1615, is adapted
by James Fenton. An adaptation by Adrian Mitchell of Alexander PushkinOs
play, OBoris Godunov,O will be the first time this adaptation has been
staged. It was Adrian MitchellOs final project, completed before his
death in 2008. Then Bertolt BrechtOs OGalileoO will play in repertoire
in a new translation by Mark Ravenhill, who has recently been appointed
the companyOs latest Writer in Residence. Arguably BrechtOs greatest
play, OGalileoO explores the confrontation of religious fundamentalism
and scientific evidence, through the trial of the great scientist and
philosopher Galileo in 1616. Also under the umbrella of OA World
Elsewhere,O a Japanese epic, especially commissioned for OA World
Elsewhere,O OAnjin: The English SamuraiO tells the story of William
Adams, the first Englishman in Japan, who was shipwrecked off the coast
in 1600. He arrived at a pivotal moment in Japanese history, and became
close to the Shogun shogun (sh`g&#365;n'), title of the feudal military administrator who from the
12th cent. to the 19th cent. was, as the emperor's military deputy, the actual ruler of Japan.,
Tokugawa Ieyasu. The play is a major Anglo-Japanese
cultural event, co-authored by Mike Poulton and Sho Kawai and with a
cast of British and Japanese actors. This production, directed by
Gregory Doran, builds on a long relationship between the RSC, Thelma
Holt and the Japanese media company Horipro. The production is spoken in
both Japanese and English with subtitles and transfers direct from Tokyo
to SadlerOs Wells, for 10 performances in January 2013. From April 2012,
the RSC begins a new touring and education partnership with five
regional theatres -- Hull Truck Theatre The Hull Truck Theatre is a theatre in Kingston upon Hull,
England which presents a high standard of drama production. It also tours its productions on a
regular basis.

John Godber, the English playwright, became artistic director of the theatre in 1984. Company,
Newcastle Theatre
Royal, York Theatre Royal, Hall for Cornwall Coordinates: The Hall for Cornwall is a major venue
in Truro, Cornwall having one large main auditorium which places host to west end musicals,
opera, ballet, entertainers and and Nuffield Theatre,
Southampton. Jan 9, 2012

 Silversea Cruises Silversea announces Hudson Bay itinerary, 11
new ports for 2013. Luxury line Silversea Cruises has announced plans to
expand with 11 new ports in 2013, which include Liverpool, England;
Chios, Greece; Fukuoka, Japan; and Soller de Majorca, Spain. The line
will also offer an 18-day voyage aboard the Silver Explorer across
Canada's Hudson Bay, which will set off from Reykjavik, Iceland, in
August 2013. Jan 13, 2012

 Slovenian National Thetre Opera, Ballet Ljubljana Opera and
ballet Ljubljana [ETH] welcome back, we missed you!. The Slovenian
National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana was thoroughly restored and
upgraded [ETH] after six years, the doors of the main Slovenian
opera-ballet house were officially open for visitors with a concert
Coalescence of Centuries. Nowadays, the new Opera Ballet speaks two
languages: the language of tradition and language of urban technology.
In 2012, the 120th anniversary will be celebrated with a rich program.
The Opera and Ballet Ljubljana returned a couple of weeks ago, with the
sounds of a fanfare, to the main house after the concluded construction
work that gave the building a new image [ETH] the restoration project of
the opera house was undertaken especially due to acoustic and spatial
problems. Art ensembles, who worked in this period in difficult
conditions, scattered around eight locations in the capital, obtained
modern rehearsal rooms and the most technically advanced stage;
moreover, at the entry, visitors will notice the beautifully restored
hall and modern reception hall with several access points. However, the
initial charm of the Ljubljana opera house was preserved [ETH] namely,
despite the hesitation with joining the modern with the new Renaissance
style, the new opera house respects the tradition and offers something
new. The main Slovenian music theatre, SNG SNG
1. substitute natural gas

2. synthetic natural gas Opera and Ballet Ljubljana,
has been operating since 1892 in the building that was, as a provincial
theatre in the new Renaissance style, constructed according to the plans
of Czech architects Jan V. Hrasky and Anton Hruby, but has been closed
to the public during the last six years. The theatre building,
constructed in 1892, has a varied history. At the turn of the 20th
century, it housed first the German Theatre (Nem ko gledali e) and then
the Provincial Theatre (De elno gledali e). 1918 saw the establishment
of the theatre`s opera and ballet ensembles and orchestra, which, after
the Second World War, began to tour outside the country, receiving
international acclaim. During the opening, the national opera and ballet
house also presented a new corporate image, opened a new web portal for
visitors and issued a monograph about the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana
entitled Coalescence of Centuries. This was also the title of the
opening ceremony that was broadcast by the Slovenian National Television
station; moreover, it is also the slogan of all events and activities
within the framework of the opening, move and 120th anniversary of
activities, that will leave a mark in the coming year under the honorary
patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Trk.
Jan 13, 2012

 Slovenian Tourist Board The battle for the prestigious Sejalec
awards. For almost a decade, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been
systematically promoting and awarding creative and innovative tourist
achievements. The battle for the acknowledged and prestigious Sejalec
awards is stronger every year. The winner of 2011 became the culinary
product of Slovenian Istria, followed by the finalist of the Alpine
Bohinj with the product of Alpine flowers experience. The Sejalec
rewards (the word Sejalec means sower) successful tourism innovations or
well-planned and successfully executed new products and improvements
that contain the elements of the applicant`s originality, systematic
business thinking, and high-quality promotion of Slovene tourism. The
main aim of the Sejalec is to promote creativity and innovation on an
entrepreneurial level, in destinations, tourism associations, and in
marketing of tourism products. The competition runs annually and is
coordinated by the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia. Twenty-three
applications for novelties in Slovenian tourism were submitted in 2011,
which is six more than in 2010. In a selection procedure, the expert
committee selected seven semi-finalists who were visited on terrain,
followed by a selection of two finalists. One of the finalists,
Gastronomic gas·tro·nom·ic also gas·tro·nom·i·cal
Of or relating to gastronomy.
gastro·nom Treasures of Istria of the municipality of Koper, became the
winner and recipient of the SEJALEC 2011 award, followed by the
International Festival of Alpine Flowers of Bohinj Tourism that obtained
OF ISTRIA (MUNICIPALITY OF KOPER) With the Gastronomic Treasures of
Istria, the municipality of Koper and its partners set a successful
concept of integration and cooperation [ETH] it integrated several
accommodation and food service providers, organizers of larger
gastronomic events, wine makers, olive farmers, and other providers of
typical gastronomic products, as well as hotel providers from Slovenian
Istria. Joint coordination and promotion of gastronomic events and
Istrian products increase the recognizability and quality, while
offering to guests a rich, diverse, and unique gastronomic experience.
Throughout the years, new and innovative products have been developed
[ETH] the festival of sweets, Sweet Istria, has to be mentioned among
the gastronomic events, while the daily offer of thematic menus and
guided thematic evenings is also well accepted. FINALIST OF SEJALEC
Bohinj, they are aware that the extension of the winter season
throughout the year is of key importance for the survival of the
destination. The International Festival of Alpine Flowers during May is
an example of the development of a product aiming at a specific target
group during the OdeadO season and based on the local environment, its
intact nature, and its treasures. The festival integrates three aspects
that are of key importance for the sustainable development of the
destination: inclusion of the local inhabitants, activities that are
based on natural and cultural heritage and their preservation, and
inclusion of the economic component. That such an approach is innovative
and successful, is also seen in the responses from abroad. It is due
time to also be recognized at home; therefore, the International
Festival of Alpine Flowers is the finalist of Sejalec 2011. If the
Sejalec awardsO innovative ideas have already been proven in practice,
the Snovalec (Designer) award encourages the promotion and realization
of new ideas in tourism, which will become innovations in the future,
ripe for the candidacy on the Sejalec tender. More about the Snovalec
award and its finalists can be found at: Jan 10,
The Moorings, TUI tui: see honeyeater.

(Telephone User Interface) The combination of Touch-tone input from the telephone keypad
coupled with speech output from the connected voicemail or IVR application. Grenada on the
map as world-class sailing
destination. The Moorings, the worldOs premier yacht charter company,
has announced their support of the 2012 Grenada Sailing Festival, taking
up the sponsorship title of the FestivalOs Charter Class for the
forthcoming event. The company was founded in 1969 and is now a member
of TUI Travel Group[umlaut umlaut (m`lout) [Ger.,=transformed sound], in inflection, variation of
vowels of the type of English man to men. ]. With charter operations in over 25
destinations across the Caribbean, North America, Mexico, South Pacific,
Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and Far East, their yachts are a well-known
sight in the waters of Grenada and the Grenadines. Since 2010, The
Moorings fleet of 35O to 51O custom-built catamarans and monohulls have
been based in the state-of-the-art Camper & NicholsonsO Port Louis
Marina. The Moorings works closely with world-renowned yacht builders to
develop yachts customized for charter cruising, and will help select the
right yacht to suit all ranges of sailing experience. The MooringsO
fleet based at Port Louis Marina will be available for charter and
participation in the Grenada Sailing Festival 2012. For more details,
contact the Moorings at Welcoming the news,
Grenada Sailing Festival Chairman, Mr. Jimmy Bristol said: OThe Moorings
is well-known and respected world-wide for its sailing charter
operations, and we are delighted to have this prestigious name linked
with the Grenada Sailing Festival and its Charter Class. There has been
a long history between The Moorings and the island of Grenada, and it is
particularly good news that the company is once again basing its fleet
here at Camper & NicholsonsO Port Louis Marina. The combination of a
renowned charter operation and top quality Marina facility will further
ensure that Grenada is on the map as a world-class sailing destination.O
The Moorings Charter Class will be one of the racing class options
available for entries to the 2012 Grenada Sailing Festival Camper &
Nicholsons Racing Series, to be held from Friday, January 27 to Tuesday,
January 31. Other classes will be Racing; Racer/Cruising, Cruising,
Mutlihull, and J24. Entries can be made directly online at the official
Festival website or by emailing the
office at The Grenada Sailing Festival wishes to
thank all its sponsors and supporters already on board for 2012: the
Grenada Board of Tourism, Camper & Nicholsons Marinas, ScotiaBank,
United Insurance, Mount Gay Rum with agent Bryden & Minors, Budget
Marine, True Blue Bay Resort, The Moorings, The Victory Bar &
Restaurant, North South Wines, SOL EC Ltd., Grenada Breweries Ltd., GBN GBN Global
Business Network
GBN Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook, Illinois)
GBN Go Back N (N = number to go back)
GBN Global Benchmarking Network,
LIME, Chivas Regal, American Airlines, British Airways, Horizon Yacht
Charters, Spice Island Marine Services, Grenada Union of Teachers Co-Op
Credit Union, Island Dreams Yacht Services, Turbulence Ltd., SteeleOs
Auto Supplies, Harris Paints (Barbados) Ltd., Coca Cola, Grenlec,
Glenelg Spring Water, Spice Isle Fish House, Country Cold Store,
Marketing & National Importing Board, and MitchellOs Health &
Wellness. Jan 12, 2012

 UNESCO UNESCO: see United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
in full United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization PotsdamOs New Palace
Celebrates Frederick the Great Frederick the Great: see Frederick II, king of Prussia.. On
the occasion of the 300th birthday anniversary of King Frederick the
Great, the man who established Prussia as a European powerhouse and
created the palaces and gardens of Potsdam, the exhibition
"Friederisiko" is to take place from April 28 to Oct. 28 in
the "New Palace" in Potsdam. Only 20 minutes from Berlin,
Potsdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an artistic masterpiece
comprising 12 palaces, including FrederickOs summer palace Sanssouci,
and three arranged garden landscapes of architectural and horticultural
variety idyllically nestled in the many woods and scenic lakes of the
River Havel. Through the Seven Years Wars from 1756 to 1763 that
Frederick initiated with his neighbors, mainly with Austria to the
south, he redefined the boundaries of the Prussian state and of Europe.
Yet, he was also a man who earlier in his life composed over 100 sonatas
for the flute, promoted the art of poetry and had the New Palace created
complete with silk, damask and brocade wallpaper, unique wooden floors
and beautiful furniture. Organized by the Prussian Palaces and Gardens
Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG SPSG Software Project Survival Guide (Steve McConnell)
SPSG Strategic Planning Study Group ), the exhibition extends in total
over 6,000 square meters and presents both the man and the personality
of King Frederick the Great in his most magnificent palace building. The
discovery tour about Frederick goes through 70 interiors -- some
accessible for the first time -- at the New Palace, as well as in
Sanssouci Park. The exhibition is divided into 12 themes related to the
king and his era. In addition to exquisite original interiors and
exhibits shown for the first time, a contemporary artist will bring a
room in one of the suites to life with a spectacular installation. A
Prussian king can be discovered alongside unknown palace interiors that
he planned in every detail. The exhibition lasts from April 28 to Oct.
28 in the New Palace in Potsdam. Jan 10, 2012

 Vacation, Globus, Globus Partner on 2012 Bucket List
Vacations. has partnered with the Globus Family of Brands
to create its 2012 OBucket ListO vacations. The list includes 18
once-in-a-lifetime vacation packages around the world. ItOs full-color
brochure booklet, with detailed itineraries for each of the chosen
destinations and an exclusive offer. Among the trips is a 16-day journey
throughout Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef, largest complex of coral reef
in the world, c.1,250 mi (2,000 km) long, in the Coral Sea, forming a natural breakwater for the
coast of Queensland, NE Australia., along with New Zealand
and Fiji; a 15-day safari with four game drives in KenyaOs Samburu
National Reserve Samburu National Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng'iro river in
Kenya; on the other side of the river is the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. It is 104 km² in size
and 350 kilometers from Nairobi. ; and a month-long trip to Asia is both by land and by
cruise. The brochure covers Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, South
Korea and Japan. Another is to Churchill, Manitoba, to watch polar bears
meet amid the glacier. Clients can ride a heated tundra buggy and get
up-close and personal in this once-in-a-lifetime Canadian adventure. Jan
11, 2012

 Viking River Cruises Winter on the Danube with Viking River. I
never thought IOd be so happy to hear a weather forecast calling for a
high temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. But this Southern California
wimp, who wears a sweater if the temperature dips below 70, was thankful
for anything above 40. And I wasnOt going to let a winter European
climate stop me from seeing great cities like Vienna and Budapest, along
with smaller bergs like Passau and Regensburg, Germany. So my husband
and I bundled up and ventured out from the Viking River CruisesO Viking
Prestige river ship, a cozy cocoon cocoon: see pupa. parked on the banks of the Danube
River, within walking distance of several of EuropeOs historic and
architectural jewels, like ViennaOs Hofburg Palace and a 900-year-old
baroque Abbey in Melk, Austria. We also saw historic reminders of a
not-so-glorious time, like the former Nazi rally grounds and the
courthouse where the post-World War II trials of several top Nazi brass
took place, both in Nuremburg, Germany. We were on Viking RiverOs
ORomantic DanubeO itinerary, our first European river cruise(we cruised
ChinaOs Yangtze River in 2006), so we took advantage of the festive
atmosphere of the holiday season, with Christmas markets selling
handicrafts and local delicacies in nearly every port and twinkling
lights strung on buildings and above the streets. Yet, when a day of
sightseeing was done, we retired to our warm stateroom or had a cup of
tea or a hot toddy in the shipOs main lounge. The Viking Prestige, which
debuted earlier this year, is Viking River CruisesO newest ship.A sister
ship to the Viking Legend, the Prestige offers something new: the
Aquavit aquavit

(from Latin aqua vitae, “water of life”) Scandinavian clear distilled liquor flavoured with caraway
seeds. Distilled from a fermented potato or grain mash, filtered with charcoal, and usually bottled
without aging, aquavit has an alcohol content of Lounge and the adjacent Aquavit Terrace, with
glass walls that
can open up to create an indoor/outdoor area with panoramic views. On
this sailing, the glass walls were closed due to the crispy weather, but
they shielded us from cold breezes coming from the bow while we were
under sail while allowing us to enjoy the scenery. One area that didnOt
see much traffic was the rooftop Sun Deck, which spans the length and
width of the ship.During spring and summer cruises, it will likely be
the place to hang out and watch the countryside drift by when the ship
is sailing. But even though the winter weather kept most passengers
indoors, the Sun DeckOs glass-enclosed sitting area was a comfortable
respite for a few people. Besides exploring the cities and towns along
the Danube, we had plenty to do aboard the ship, which hosted locals
performing operettas and folk dances in the main lounge.We also attended
an apple strudel-making demonstration and tasting, as well as a basic
German language lesson (although most of the locals in that country, as
well as in Austria and Hungary, spoke English). There also were lectures
on topics like how Christmas is celebrated in Germany and life in
Eastern Europe. And each morning, there was a Qi Gong qi gong (che´ kung´) [Chinese] qi
cultivation, a broad range of practices, incorporating meditation, movement exercises, and breath
control, whose purpose is to manipulate and develop qi, and ranging in application from the
meditative session in the
shipOs intimate library. While much of the onboard dining was geared
toward American tastes, the ship also served some local
specialties,including a late-night goulash gou·lash
1. A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, seasoned mainly with paprika.

2. A mixture of many different elements; a hodgepodge. snack and a lunch that
featured Austrian specialties like local sausages, cheeses and desserts.
We also had the option of dining ashore on our own -- and in some of the
ports, my husband and I did just that. We tasted schweinbraten (pork
roast) and sauerkraut in Regensburg and paprika paprika: see pepper. chicken and veal with
dumplings in Budapest, for example. We also tried some of the local wine
and beer. By the end of the cruise, we were satiated, not only with the
food, but also with the history and lore of a few places we had never
before visited. Like all cruises, however, the sailing was like hors
dOoeuvres: we got a taste of the region -- enough to make us want to
come back for a more generous helping. Mimi Kmet is executive editor
covering the Western U.S. and cruises for TravelPulse. Jan 9, 2012

 Vimpelcom, Orascom Vimpelcom confirms to sell Algeria unit to
state. Mobile phone group Vimpelcom has agreed to sell a majority stake
in its Algerian unit to Algeria, subject to agreement on price,
potentially ending an ownership dispute that has run for more than a
year. Russia-focused Vimpelcom bought the unit, Djezzy, last year as
part of a USD6 billion deal to buy control of Egyptian telecoms group
Orascom Telecom, but the transaction was clouded by uncertainty after
Algeria said it wanted it nationalised. Vimpelcom said in a statement on
Monday that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding A Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) is a legal document describing a bilateral or multilateral agreement between parties. It
expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action
and may not imply a legal commitment. (MoU) with the
Algerian government to explore the possible sale of Djezzy, subject to
an acceptable price. Analysts have valued the unit, seen as
Orascom's biggest revenue generator, at around USD4 billion.
"The consensus would be about USD4 billion. Vimpelcom originally
wanted USD7 billion, but I think now USD4 billion is more likely,"
said Troika Dialog analyst Anna Lepetukhina. Algeria said a year ago it
had appointed law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP LLP - Lower Layer Protocol to advise it on the
nationalisation of Djezzy, including the valuation. Vimpelcom added that
the two sides were also looking at acquisition opportunities that would
benefit both parties. Vimpelcom agreed to buy 51.7 percent of Orascom
from Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris in 2011, a deal that expanded its
horizons out of its Russian heartland and into Italy and North Africa as
well as other emerging markets. The deal was strongly opposed by
Vimpelcom's Norwegian shareholder Telenor, which said the
acquisition would saddle the group with too much debt and distract it
from recovering market share in Russia. The sale of a majority stake in
Djezzy could help Vimpelcom pay down some of its mammoth USD20 billion
debt pile, a burden that has weighed on the company's share price
since the Orascom transaction was first announced in 2010. The New-York
listed shares are down 36 percent in the past 12 months. The Algerian
state said on Sunday it would acquire 51 percent of Djezzy from
Vimpelcom, but had yet to agree a price. Vimpelcom would stay on as
operator of the business, according to Algeria's official news
agency APS. Jan 9, 2012

 VisitScotland New tourism advert celebrates ScotlandOs culture
and creativity. VisitScotland have launched a new TV advert advert to
mark the start of a year-long celebration of ScotlandOs culture and
creativity. The advert, part of a UKP4 million campaign, highlights the
Year of Creative Scotland 2012, which aims to put the countryOs culture
and creativity in the international spotlight. It features everything
from fireworks at the Edinburgh International Festival The Edinburgh International Festival is a
festival of performing arts that takes place in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, over three weeks
from around the middle of August. to a Northern
Lights display in the Northern Isles as well as a performance of Macbeth
at Glamis Castle, the Pittenweem Arts Festival in Fife and a Robert
Burns storytelling session in Ayrshire. The video, voiced by television
historian Neil Oliver, is part of VisitScotlandOs Surprise Yourself
campaign, which the organisation said generated additional tourism
income of UKP90 million for the Scottish economy last year.
VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay said: OWe are entering a
tremendously exciting time for Scottish tourism. OThe Year of Creative
Scotland heralds the start of the Winning Years - a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity featuring eight major events and milestones, including the
release this summer of Disney-PixarOs Brave and the Olympic Games in
London. OBy highlighting some of the highly dynamic and contemporary
things Scotland has to offer, our stunning new television advert will
capture the imagination of millions of potential visitors and help
ensure that the Winning Years get off to a winning start.O The advert,
directed by Glasgow-born photographer David Eustace, will be broadcast
for the first time on television on January 13. It was unveiled at
Edinburgh Castle by Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop MSP (1) (Management Service Provider or
Managed Service Provider) An organization that manages a customer's computer systems and
networks which are either located on the customer's premises or at a third-party datacenter.
today. She said:
OScotland is a creative nation and our culture is one of our greatest
strengths. OOur wealth of world-class events, festivals, cultural
collections and organisations are already a major draw for visitors, and
the Year of Creative Scotland 2012 offers the opportunity to highlight
new ways to see and experience this in every corner of Scotland.
OVisitScotlandOs spectacular new advert is a fantastic way to promote
this year-long celebration of our culture and creativity that is taking
place in communities right across the country.O The advert will be shown
throughout the UK until the middle of March. The campaign also includes
direct mailing, radio and online activity. Jan 11, 2012

 Windstar Cruises Windstar offers Sail & Stay packages in
Europe. Windstar Cruises, which operates a fleet of three luxury sailing
yachts that explore hidden harbors and secluded coves of the
world's most treasured destinations, offers European Sail &
Stay Packages which include two-for-one cruise fares on 2012 European
voyages plus two free hotel nights on new reservations booked by
February 24, 2012. Windstar's European Sail & Stay Packages
provides extraordinary value with two-for-one cruise fares and two free
hotel nights at select Windstar hotels in Athens, Istanbul, Rome,
Barcelona or Lisbon on the following itineraries: Greek Isles and
Turkish Delights Set sail from Athens on a journey through history, from
Minoan ruins on Santorini to the Celsus Library at Ephesus. Seven-day
sailings from Athens to Istanbul depart: May 5, 19, 26; June 2, 9, 16,
23, 30; July 28; August 11, 18; September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; October 6,
20, 2012. Greek Isles and Turkish Delights II Capture the mystery of
exotic Istanbul before sailing on to the chic islands of Santorini and
Mykonos. Seven-day sailings from Istanbul to Athens depart: May 19, 26;
June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; July 21; August 18; September 1, 15, 22, 29;
October 6, 27, 2012. Classic Mediterranean I Explore ancient and modern
wonders in Rome and Athens while relaxing on "under-the-radar"
islands in between ports. Seven-day sailings between Rome and Athens
depart: April 28; November 3, 2012. Gems of the Adriatic Journey through
time along the legendary Adriatic Coast, with fascinating stops at
Dubrovnik, Kotor and Venice. Eight-day sailing from Athens to Venice
departs: June 16, 2012. Islands of the West Med Mix it up with a sailing
that has it all [ETH] from the energy of Barcelona to the medieval charm
of Porto Vecchio. Six-day sailings between Barcelona and Rome depart:
April 15, 29; October 21; November 11, 2012. Glitter and Glam GLAM Glamorgan (Welsh County)
GLAM Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (Australian Society of Archvisits)
GLAM Grinning Like A Maniac
GLAM God's Love And Mercy of the
Rivieras Sail to chic ports in the South of France South of France south n the South of France
&#x2192; le Sud de la France, le Midi and the stylish
Italian Riviera. Six-day sailings between Barcelona to Rome depart:
April 22; October 29, 2012. Splendors of Southern Spain Wander through
Portugal and Spain's most breathtaking cities, while exploring
charming coastal towns in between. Eight-day sailings from Lisbon to
Barcelona depart: April 14; October 27; November 4, 17, 2012. Islands of
Italy This is a list of islands of Italy.

Islands in the Mediterranean
Aeolian Islands Lipari Panarea Immerse yourself in a week of laid-back luxury as you relax on
some of Europe's most exclusive islands. Seven-day sailings from
Rome to Rome depart: April 21, 28; August 4, 2012. Classic Italy and the
Dalmatian Coast I Enjoy la dolce vita as you join Italy's elite
along the sun-drenched shores of Croatia, Montenegro and tiny Ischia Ischia (s`ky&auml;),
volcanic island (1991 pop. 16,013), 18 sq mi (47 sq km), Campania, S Italy, in the Tyrrhenian Sea
between the Gulf of Gaeta and the Bay of Naples..
Eight-day sailings from Venice to Rome depart: May 12; June 24;
September 28; October 21, 2012. Classic Italy and the Dalmatian Coast II
Revel in the natural beauty of Capri and Hvar as well as the historic
wonders of Rome, Dubrovnik and Venice. Seven-day sailing from Rome to
Venice departs: May 5, 2012. Jan 10, 2012

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