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Robert Howard
                                    BYE BYE CABLE GUY...
                                    Are these new satellite hosts stealing the show?
                                    In this special report,            cost charged by your
                                    Robert Howard                      local cable or satellite TV
                                    investigates Satellite             provider.
                                    Direct, a company that
Product Reviews Ltd                 offers customers the               If the hype is to be
Los Angeles, California             opportunity to dispense            believed, there could be
90029 United States                 with overly expensive              incredible offers, and
Phone: 1213 389 2646                monthly cable and                  incredible savings to be
Office: 1310 398 3939
                                    satellite                          made with this exciting            bills...permanently.               new company.

                                    Satellite Direct claims to
                                    be able to offer
                                    thousands of TV channels
                                    for a tiny fraction of the

                                    Product Reviews Monthly
                                    Brought to you by: Robert Howard
                                    1213 389 2646
BYE BYE CABLE GUY...                                                                     ROBERT HOWARD

Special Report

Is there a way to drop your expensive cable service in favor of more affordable TV services?
The makers of Satellite Direct seem to think so…

In today’s rocky economic climate, most households are cutting back wherever they can. And
with cable and satellite television costing anywhere from $65- $150 a month (more if you count
premium movie channels) many people are making their television sets the first part of their
homes to get the axe. But what if there was a way to enjoy thousands of television channels,
including hard to find international shows and sports programming, and never pay another
monthly cable bill again?

Welcome to Satellite Direct, according to some sources, the future of television.

With no subscription services or monthly bills, no hardware to install, and 24/7 unlimited access,
is it any wonder that Internet Media Magazine hailed Satellite Direct as “unequivocally the best TV
to PC software on the net”? Don’t be fooled by other so called “Great Deals” on satellite television
service for your PC that give you only limited access to channels, or have dozens of hidden fees
that end up costing you more than your current cable service.

For less than the price of one month’s subscription cable or satellite service, you can enjoy a
lifetime of television- over 3,500 channels!- from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. And
forget the hassles of waiting for installation, or hours on hold with the cable company.

With crystal clear picture and sound quality, exceptional customer service, and a lifetime of
television for less than you’d pay for just one month of cable service, Satellite Direct is the best
way to get the most for your TV dollar.

                                                                   ROBERT HOWARD, PRODUCT REVIEWS LTD
                                         1213 389 2646 - -
BYE BYE CABLE GUY...                                                                    ROBERT HOWARD

According to the Satellite Direct website just some of the benefits of choosing this product over
cable are:

• 24/7 unlimited access to over 3,500 channels

• Hard to find international channels, as well as all the best movies, sports and news shows-
at no additional cost

• No hardware to install

• No bandwidth limits

• No subscription or installation fees - EVER

• Automatic channel updates

And best of all… You’ll never have to pay another monthly cable or satellite bill again!

Why settle for other TV for PC services that deliver poor sound and picture quality, or come
loaded with hidden fees? With world class customer service and support, making the switch to
Satellite Direct will be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your family in a long time. (And
with no hardware to install and no waiting around for hours for the cable guy to show up… it will
be one of the easiest, as well)

In fact, a lifetime of Satellite Direct costs about half of what you would pay for just one month
of comparable service from your current cable or satellite provider. Why pay over $100 a month
for cable? For a one time price of just $49.95, you can have 24/7 access to thousands of
channels- with no hidden fees, ever.

Hard to believe? All of these unbelievable savings can be viewed for yourself at

Ordering is safe and secure, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You have nothing to
lose…except your monthly cable bill.

                                                                  ROBERT HOWARD, PRODUCT REVIEWS LTD
                                        1213 389 2646 - -
                                   BYE BYE CABLE GUY...                                                   ROBERT HOWARD

                                                                                    ROBERT HOWARD, PRODUCT REVIEWS LTD
                                                          1213 389 2646 - -

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