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					Christopher M. Giesler (Web Designer)
14443 Bantry Ln. #20 Chesterfield, MO | (636) 220-7017 |


  Obtain a career as a Flash/Photoshop designer with a web design and development agency.

EXPERIENCE                                                            St. Louis, MO
  Freelance Web Designer, AV Contractor, PC Technician                        08/99-Present
      Design and maintain web sites for small businesses and individuals
            o Over ten years experience with Photoshop (all versions), Flash (all versions),
                and ActionScript (v. 1.0 and 2.0)
            o Nine years experience with ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
            o Over ten years experience with HTML editing software, including Dreamweaver
            o See or attached list for links to sites and portfolio.
      On a contract basis, prewire new homes for low voltage services
            o Cable and satellite television; programming TVs and universal remotes
            o Telephone, data, and wireless services
            o Security and IP-based camera systems
            o Media center PCs
      Build complete PCs from ground up
            o Consult with client on needs and purchase appropriate equipment
            o Configure BIOS; install and configure MS Windows, device drivers, software
      Provide on-site PC technical support
            o Provide support for MS Windows, MS Office, and many other software titles
            o Install printers, cameras, scanners, back-up devices and associated software
            o Install, configure, and update device drivers
            o Instruct customers on desktop configuration, screen resolution, and file
            o Provide consultation on email setup and software
            o Install and configure broadband modems, routers, and network adapters

  The Glass Gallery, Ltd.                                                      St. Louis, MO
  Network Administrator, Inventory Manager                                     05/03-05/05
      Purchased, upgraded, and maintained all hardware/software for 16 PC workstations,
        three servers, DSL modem/router, all printers/phones/fax machines
      Wrote program to execute daily scheduled backup of file server
      Designed spreadsheet to track millions of inventory items in China, US, and between
      Streamlined various packing and shipping processes
      Handled US Customs paperwork
      Arranged all domestic and international shipping between China and United States
      Instrumental in arranging a deal with UPS to cut shipping costs drastically
      Migrated bookkeeping system from DacEasy to QuickBooks
      Trained several employees on QuickBooks and UPS tracking software
      Worked on three websites at various points; designed layout for current site
      During busy holiday seasons:
            o Made daily calculations as to how much inventory to send to each store
            o Responsible for additional phone, dedicated fax lines, rollover, and voicemail
            o Conducted interviews with prospective candidates
  Front Row Tix, Inc.                                                        St. Louis, MO
  Bookkeeper; Web Designer; Flash developer                                  01/97-08/05
      Conceived
           o Interviewed and hired Visual Basic/web programmer
           o Contributed to layout and design
           o Created Flash elements; see attached list of web development projects
      Using QuickBooks, handled all accounts receivable and payable
      Recorded and monitored all purchases; reconciled checking account
      Met with accountant regularly
      Calculated and made monthly Federal Tax deposits
      Responsible for all upgrades and purchases of PC hardware, printers and networking

  Technology Express, Inc.                                                     St. Louis, MO
  Traveling PC Technician                                                      08/00-11/01
      Traveled the country setting up computers/networks for trade shows and seminars
      Installed, configured, and repaired Windows 95/98/NT/2K on multiple PCs, ranging
         from 5 to 50 PCs depending on client’s needs
      Installed numerous proprietary software packages
      Installed and provided support for Microsoft Office and many other off-the-shelf
         software titles
      Partitioned and ghosted hard drives; configured BIOS settings
      Installed and monitored PC hardware: motherboards, hard drives, RAM, CPUs, video,
         sound, expansion cards, cases, power supplies, fans, and more
      Set up networks, including modems and routers

  All Star Distributing                                                          St. Louis, MO
  Assistant Art Director; Network Administrator                    02/01-01/02, 09/95-01/97
       Using Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and Corel products, created layouts for trophies
         and plaques for the awards and recognition industry
       Met with customers to bridge gap between source and final output
       Performed daily file system maintenance and backup
       Maintained hardware and software on two LANs, each comprised of ten Windows PCs
       Installed and configured modem and router, associated software

  The Signature Beer Co.                                                         St. Louis, MO
  Office Manager                                                                 07/94-08/95
       Upgraded all office computers from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95
       Installed new hardware, including hard drives, printers, and backup devices
       Made daily tape backups of all data
       Handled all bookkeeping duties, including accounts receivable and payable
       Responsible for all beer purchases and reporting of such to State of Missouri


  Associate Degree                   St. Louis Community College, Meramec (May 1994)
  Additional credits                 Earned towards Bachelors Degree in MIS at University of
                                     Missouri, St. Louis
  A+ Certified Professional          CompTia (ID # COMP10511551 – 7/3/2001)
  Microsoft Certified Professional   MCP ID#1416108
  Brainbench Certified               Transcript ID#2850054
                                     Written English, Technical Writing, Photoshop, Flash, others

My Portfolio
This is not a traditional portfolio. I let my imagination run wild when I created it. Nonetheless,
it should give you an idea of what I am capable of accomplishing at this point, both creatively
and technically.

The Jade Room
The Jade Room is owned by a close friend of mine. The business peaked in 2005 and has since
changed drastically. At the time I created the site, the bar/restaurant/internet cafe was cutting
edge. Unfortunately, business has tapered off in recent years, and the owner recently decided
that he no longer was interested in paying for the hosting of the site. As a result, it now resides
in limbo only on my server.

Gabriel Gordon
Singer-songwriter Gabriel Gordon eventually signed with a different label, which is why I wasn't
able to keep doing this for him. (I now host the old site on my server.) I'm a little proud of
this. Aside from his solo career, Gabriel Gordon was Natalie Merchant's lead guitarist for a few
years. Whenever she came to town, I got great seats and backstage passes. I got to meet
Natalie Merchant several times and hang out with her and the band after the shows. I nearly
landed her site several years ago.

E-Birthday Card
This is a Flash-based birthday card that I made for a friend. As you'll see, I imported a lot of
clip art and then added some text and screen transitions.

Stadium Seating Charts
In my site under Miscellaneous Flash, there is a link to a seating chart of Busch Stadium. This
was done in Flash for Front Row Tix, Inc., a company you'll see on my resume. I did many of
these seating charts, both local and national, for Front Row Tix. I included them here because
they demonstrate the level of expertise I have with the Flash illustration tools, layers, and
alpha channels. I created them in Flash because of the ability to zoom-in on an area.

Surprise Truck Entertainment
Some of my first experiences with Flash, I'm not real proud of either these from a creative
standpoint. Nonetheless, they show what I was doing with Flash from a technical aspect at the

Flash for CD: CyberTel Cellular
Another early experience with Flash, this time for CD. This was looped for two days at a
telephony conference in San Francisco in 2000.

More Flash! Please see my portfolio.
Please see my website for more examples. I've done more with Flash over the last ten years.
Classic ASP-based Websites

AA Mortgage Corp.
This was the first site I ever developed (summer, 1999). With a few exceptions, the site is
identical to the original version. Some of the applications within the site employ extensive
mathematical functions written in JavaScript and ASP (for example, the mortgage calculator
and prequalify sections.) In addition to HTML and ASP, CSS, ADO, JavaScript, and SQL were

Technology Express, Inc.
Technology Express is now handling the maintenance on this site, so it doesn't look quite the
same as when I developed it. HTML, CSS, ASP, and JavaScript were used.

Judge Dowd Soccer League
Judge Dowd now handles the maintenance and updates for his site. HTML, CSS, ASP, and
JavaScript were used.

Primary Skills

      Flash, all versions
      Photoshop, all versions
      Dreamweaver, MS Visual InterDev, MS FrontPage

      HTML
      Classic ASP
      CSS
      JavaScript
      ActionScript 2.0

Secondary Skills

      Audio manipulation with numerous applications
      3d Studio Max, other 3d rendering applications
      Flash video
      Vector vs. Bitmap graphics

      ADO
      SQL
      XML