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  Section 5

      Child Care Reimbursement – Section 5-A
     WCFD Child Care Procedures – Section 5-B

  Section 5-A


                       CHILD CARE REIMBURSEMENT

General Information
Wyoming Child and Family’s goal is to provide a wide variety of opportunities for family
members to interact with each other in a nurturing and supportive manner. This can be achieved
through activities done in the home or center, volunteering in the classroom, or participating on a
committee that supports program planning and/or governance.

In an effort to maintain early childhood services of the highest quality, WCFD maintains
appropriate child: staff ratios and supports environments that promote positive parent-child
interactions. Parents are therefore encouraged to find alternate child care arrangements for
additional children not enrolled in a WCFD program. To help with the financial hardships,
WCFD has developed a program to help meet the challenges of paying for quality childcare.

Due to limited funding, WCFD requests that parents/guardians choose to use this process as a
payment of last resort; ensuring funding is available for families most in need of reimbursement.
All situations will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Center Coordinator and the
Assistant Director/Designee, according to need and funding availability.

The list below includes, but is not limited to, possible situations parents/guardians may apply for
child care reimbursement:
     Serving on Program Governance and/or Planning (Board, Policy Council, WCFD
     Participating in a WCFD Job Interview Committee
     Attending trainings and/or conferences
     Sibling care while attending Discovery Groups
     Sibling care while volunteering in the classroom
     Immediate loss of current child care – until new can be found

Reimbursement Application
An application for reimbursement of child care funds is available in the Master File. (Child Care
Reimbursement Application).

Reminders To Families Applying For Child Care Reimbursement:
   WCFD will not approve child care reimbursement for care provided by a child’s
     parent/guardian (biological, step, foster and/or guardian).
   No childcare fees will be reimbursed unless prior approval has been made to the Child
     Care Reimbursement Application.
   Completion of the Child Care Reimbursement Application DOES NOT guarantee
     approval for child care reimbursement.
   Reimbursement for childcare expenses will not exceed the hourly rate and/or the
     maximum hours per day approved by Policy Council.

                                                                                Child Care – Section 5-A
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      Child Care providers must either be licensed by the Dept. of Family Services or meet the
       exemption status of licensing. See DFS Rules and Regulations for Child Care Licensing
       Section 3-1 for a complete list of exemptions. Both the Child Care Reimbursement
       Application and the Child Care Verification have a condensed list of exemptions for
       licensing for review by the parent/guardian and/or the childcare provider.
      WCFD respects the right of families to choose the most appropriate care for their children
       when volunteering and will not be held responsible in any event.
      It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make payments to the child care provider
       and provide WCFD with a completed Childcare Verification Form.

Child Care Reimbursement Application and Verification Process:
   1. Staff members will provide parent/guardians with the application form, when requested.

   2. The parents/guardians will complete the application form and return the completed form
      to the center.

   3. If recommended for approval, the Center Coordinator will sign the application and
      forward the application to the Assistant Director/Designee.

   4. The Assistant Director/Designee will either approve or deny reimbursement for child care

   5. The Assistant Director/Designee will notify the Center Coordinator of the status of the

   6. If approval is granted, the parents/guardians will be provided with the Child Care
      Verification form. The Child Care Verification form will be completed and signed by the
      childcare provider and the parents/guardians.

   7. The parents/guardians will return the Child Care Verification form to the center. The
      form will then be submitted to the Assistant Director/Designee.

   8. Once the Child Care Verification form is approved by the Assistant Director/Designee,
      the Central Office will send a reimbursement check to the parents/guardian.

                                                                              Child Care – Section 5-A
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 Section 5-B


                          CHILD CARE PROCEDURES

The following procedures apply to sites where WCFD provides wrap-around
childcare services:

      Wrap around childcare is available only to children with parents who are working at least
       20 hours per week or attending school full-time.
      If job or school enrollment changes, parents have a 30 day transition period to meet the
       qualifications again, but only one transition period is allowed for each program year.

Childcare Slots
      An enrolled child fills a childcare slot, which includes 5 days per week, except when
       childcare is closed on Power Mondays, scheduled calendar breaks, and for adverse
      Children must attend a minimum of 3 days per week, but parents are responsible for all
       days covered by the childcare slot. (See Fees below).

General Policies
      Parents are to maintain a credit balance for the fees that they are responsible. The parent
       portion must be paid in advance, as agreed upon in the Childcare Contract for Services
       Agreement. If fees are not pre-paid, the child will not be able to attend the childcare
       portion of the program. If payment continues to be a problem, the child may be
       transitioned to a different program option.
      A childcare contract must be completed and signed for each enrolled family.
      Children must be signed in and signed out each day, including legible name, time, and
       parent initials. The sign in and sign out sheets will be used to prepare DFS monthly
       billings, and to provide a record of attendance.
      Children are to be picked up before the childcare closes. If a child has not been picked up
       within 30 minutes of the childcare closing time, the Police Department and/or the
       Department of Family Services (DFS) will be contacted.

      Daily childcare fees: Fees for childcare will be established based on the maximum full
       daily rate established by DFS. Parents who receive DFS childcare assistance will have a
       contract establishing the DFS portion and the parent portion to be paid each day. Parents
       who have a DFS contract for part days will also be responsible for the difference between
       part day and full day rates if the child is left in WCFD care for a full day. The Fee
       Agreement is part of each child’s Contract for Services.
      Discovery group days: If the parent(s) and child are in attendance only during Discovery
       Group hours, there is no charge for childcare on the Discovery Group Day, and it is
       indicated as such on the family account. If the child arrives early or stays past the
       Discovery Group hours, the account will be charged for a full day of childcare.

                                                                               Child Care – Section 5-B
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     Fees for missed days: Parents are responsible to pay for days when their child does not
      attend. Parents will pay their contracted fee rate for at least 3 days each week, regardless
      if their child is able to attend. If a child is absent more than 3 days, a $3 per day charge
      will apply for the remaining 2 days of the week. These rates apply only after 5 credit days
      have been used up for the school year. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances must be
      approved in writing by the Executive Director or the EHS Director.
     Other Fees: WCFD charges a one-time $10 registration fee. For late pick-up, WCFD
      charges $1 per minute per family. A $30 fee will be charged for any insufficient funds
      check, in addition to any bank fees for the return of the check. In the event an account is
      turned over for collection, 25% of the amount owed will be charged as an administrative
      fee, in addition to collection costs, collection agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs,
      if applicable.

     Due to generous donations from community organizations, scholarships have been
      established to help cover childcare fees in situations where there is a demonstrated need.
     An application for scholarship funds must be completed and approved by a scholarship
      committee (the Center Coordinator, EHS Coordinator, and EHS Director). Each
      scholarship is evaluated on an individual basis and tracked by the Center Coordinator and
      the EHS Program Director.
     If approved, parent(s) will be notified and the Center Coordinator will forward a request
      to the Central Office. A credit memo will be added to the family account and the Central
      Office will make a transfer from scholarship funds to childcare income.

     Parents will receive a receipt for every childcare payment. WCFD will use carbonless
      receipt books with pre-numbered receipts. The type of payment (cash, check, or money
      order) must be indicated on the receipt. If payment is made by check, the check number
      should be included on the receipt.
     Receipts will also be entered on the childcare tracking software, including dates and
      check numbers which match the handwritten receipts.
     Funds will be kept in a secure, locked area. At least weekly, childcare money must be
      deposited or sent to the Central Office. If funds are deposited to a bank account, a check
      must be written to transfer the funds to the Central Office at the end of each month.

Financial Tracking
     At the end of each month, DFS will be billed based on current contracts and attendance
      records. DFS billing must be completed by the 15th of the following month. The Center
      Technician or person assigned to the childcare billing is also responsible for monthly
      follow up on any outstanding DFS billings which are older than 2 months.
     When a child leaves the program and a refund is due to the parents, the refund will be
      paid within 30 days. Accounts with balances due must be paid in full within 30 days. See
      additional instructions under “Submission to Collections.”

                                                                               Child Care – Section 5-B
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     Fees and credits will be kept up to date on the childcare tracking software, and parent
      balances will be checked weekly. No changes will be made to invoices on the software
      once they have been entered. Adjustments may be made by credit memos when
     Backup copies of data in the childcare tracking software will be made weekly and
      retained for one month. Additionally, a backup copy is to be made at the end of each
      month and sent to the Central Office.
     If the childcare has a bank account, the bank statement must be reconciled with the child
      tracking software monthly.
     The Center Coordinator will review childcare records monthly, reviewing deposits and
      receipts for reasonableness as compared to contracts and attendance.
     A file will be kept for each enrolled child, which includes DFS contracts, WCFD
      contracts for services, signed fee agreements, and other correspondence pertinent to the
      childcare services for that child.
     The Fiscal Officer or a designee will visit childcare sites at least two times a year to
      conduct an audit of the childcare records, and may make additional random visits to
      ensure the accountability of childcare tracking.
     At the end of each program year (August 31st), all records will be reviewed and
      adjustments to zero out old accounts will be approved or made by the Fiscal Officer. The
      Fiscal Officer may also recommend that old accounts be marked as inactive at that time.

Submission to Collections
     If there is an outstanding balance after 30 days, a certified letter will be sent to inform the
      parent(s) that the account may be turned over to a collection agency unless payment is
      made within 30 days.
     If the balance remains unpaid after another 30 days, a WCFD Collection Submission
      Form must be completed. The form must be approved by the Center Coordinator, EHS
      Coordinator, or EHS Director, authorizing the account to be submitted to a collection
      agency or otherwise adjusted.
     Once the Collection Submission Form has been approved, the Center Technician or
      person assigned to childcare billings will contact the collection agency to submit the
      account. Additional fees, as described above, will be included. The collection agency will
      be notified to submit funds directly to the WCFD Central Office.
     After an account has been submitted to a collection agency, a copy of the Collection
      Submission form will be sent to the Central Office. A credit memo will be done to adjust
      the family account, with an explanation about the submission for collection.

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