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The Handbook of the Anti-Deception Society


Gary Lee


For years, the Anti-Deception Society has exposed patent, holistic mystic rip-offs in great detail, always ready to support the views of science. At the same time, the composed holistic mystic has been welcome to challenge them.

In a world where medical morons outman us, and vengeful mystics outgun us; life would be more daunting without people of integrity. Now, there is reason to smile: the persona of the 2

mystic holistic crowd is soon to be seriously marred.

In honoring the deeds of its members, “The Anti-Deception Society” is written. With its great integrity, and charged by the treasure of science, the Anti-Deception Society is ready to meet the challenge of intellectual terrorism. Through its own research, and by scouring the finest journals, the Society serves us greatly.

No doubt, without the talents of Dr. Dean Edell, this book would not have been. And certainly, without his clarity, many more people would be cast adrift.

For years, Dr. Edell has been a trusted guide through the wilderness of false notions, junk science, and health propaganda. The purveyor and buyer of every all-natural and supernatural idea will deeply abhor his message. Still, they could scarcely prevail one-on-one over Dr. Edell in the Court of Reason.

In a world that sorely needs his message, the 3

work of Dr. Edell is consummate; his radio program, The Dr. Dean Edell Show has entertained us, answered our questions, tackled divisive issues, and bluntly spoken his mind. Inspiring us to seek the facts, the work of Dr. Edell represents a high point in knowledge. His books, (“Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: America's Doctor Tells You Why the Health Experts Are Wrong” and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthiness: Dr. Dean's Commonsense Guide for Anything That Ails You”), are a milestone in the archives of science and medicine.

Until the arrival of Dr. Edell in the media, such a high degree of courage, intelligence, and candor had not been accessible to such a vast audience for so long. Renowned among a host of the substandard, the mind of Dr. Edell is a scientific/academic Triton among minnows. Without his efforts, the World of Reason would not be whole. In countering intellectual terrorism, Dr. Dean Edell leads the way.

Intellectual terrorism, to coerce and threaten through mysticism, is basis of the most 4

horrific actions in history. As in the Crusades, mystical tyranny goes from awful to ghastly. Even mild superstitious beliefs are considered a form of intellectual terrorism.

In towing the “alternative” line, many are expected to pledge to the usual past-life numerological lies. We are supposed to parrot slogans, such as…

“It‟s been around thousands of years.”

“Get out of the head, and into the heart.”

“If it‟s natural, it has to be safe and effective.”

“Do not judge.”

“Science is morally wrong.”

Without freedom of speech, without the power to make rational views known, intellectual terrorists would prevail. With heavy control over what we say, strongholds of wisdom would 5

be silenced. Although the Society puts forward a derisive air, they offer no apologies. The contempt expressed is completely justifiable, and there is no holding back. People of reason have an essential duty to roar with laughter at the whole mystic holistic farce.

In opposition to the Society are people expected to fight its views. In an attempt to stop other courses from being taken, mystic holistic crusaders are left with no choice but to run their mouths.

Conforming to washed-out ideas, the way of the wasted refuses to budge. In light of this hardness, the World of Reason calls for a larger body of anti-deceptive material to flow from liberated minds. Not driven by feelings or personal bend, we need objective thinkers to come forward on a grand scale.

On the journey of anti-deception, many eminent people travel with us; we will draw on the wealth of ideas given by these towering minds. Without their help, cosmic hypemeisters and 6

health pimps would swamp us all the more.

Because the wisdom of the Anti-Deception Society breaches the narcoleptic veil of ignorance, people who base their lives on reason are delighted. As we pay tribute to clear voices of science, freedom, and antideception, members of the Society are likely to enjoy the effort.

Rattling the windows, our call to arms thunders out. A point of power is at hand. Support the Anti-Deception Society!


In a vessel engineered for an elite company of explorers, get ready to board ship. The time has come for passage into a territory belonging to the most brilliant. To this land beyond the horizon, few of us have been exposed. Ahead lies the abode of the most loyal freedom fighters.

Our journey will stir those that seek knowledge 7

essential in the clash with intellectual terrorism. With the well-built compass of antideception, we will navigate through confused waters. We will wrap our trip up with skill to carry the fight.

Our journey into anti-deception gives us time to reflect deeply about our core values. From time to time, retracing our route is advised. By looking at our course with fresh eyes, we gain added insight.

With a questioning mind, we increase our will to engage intellectual terrorism when needed. The Anti-Deception Society promises no easy victories or single bullet weapons. Nor is the Society out to tell us what to believe: it simply lays out its principles, and lets the chips fall where they may. At the same time, the Society points to paths of folly, so that we can avoid them.

To surrender to feeble-minded hogwash is everyone‟s choice. In a keen look at the trance-channeling wisdom circle and various 8

medical mental defectives, the Society recognizes that people must believe what they will. By guarding a single person‟s freedom of thought, everyone‟s freedom is assured.

Fooled by intellectual terrorists, superstition seems to make sense to many otherwise smart, well-meaning, loving people. Rare opportunities will arise in which we can teach these people clear ways of victory over deception. Our place is not to keep people who refuse good judgment from ruining their lives. As long as no harm comes to the innocent, the sacred jellyfish and the medical mental defective are free to fritter their lives away. In the end, we all have the freedom to make up our minds.

Priceless is the skill to quickly see the basic ideas and choices that make or break our lives. We that work directly with the community have the chance to gain insight into mass psychology, to become learned students of the human condition. Years of up close work with splendid people, awful people, brilliant people, as well an assortment of idiots and 9

weirdoes, can build a fire our bellies. We enter the journey with few notions of the journey ahead, with events beyond the most inspired piece of fiction.

Many dramatic showdowns have brought about “The Anti-Deception Society.” Because the fanatic imagines that the joy of purity will come their way, people who rock the boat of the fanatic will face outrage. When cherished beliefs are challenged, the self-righteous are apt to turn nasty without warning. When time-worn lies are questioned, the facade of the zealous turkey will swiftly crash to the ground.

“If we scrutinize a space case, a health swinger will emerge!”

The Anti-Deception Society does not attempt to classify people in a monochrome way. The Society knows that generalities do not always apply, and that exceptions are bound to exist. Its intent is not to depict every psychodramatic dreamer in a negative light. A few of the benighted may reveal endearing 10

qualities. When good qualities prevail, a person can be enjoyed for what they do have to offer.

While pumping up supernatural slackers and health pimps, the beliefs of most people are inconsequential, affecting their personal lives only.

Although the full-blown holistic mystic is a creep and a crook, many people, working on behalf of their mission, believe in what they do, and trust they have something to offer, however misguided. In other cases, the creep and the sincere person are hard to tell apart.

For the most part, the arrows let go by the Society are aimed at the most foul, smallminded intellectual terrorist. The Society does not hesitate to show noticeable mystic-holistic trends as they are. As the intellectual terrorists masquerades as an informed benefactor of humanity, the wrath of the Society is justifiably roused.


In addition, we may acquit the harmonic ham in their formative years. In our youth, we often believe that we know the challenges of life. Until we mature, wiser adults that struggle with tough quandaries cannot reach us. The young celestial boot licker might mature and put on the real person.

As horses of a different color, hardcore hypemeisters in their prime are incurable. Mature planetary energy healers are old enough to know better. Justly under fire by the Society, they are objects of scorn.

A maze-like array of deception has led a trusting public down the garden path. Mystic holistic conglomerates find us grabbing our ankles. Their pervasive shams prompt us to look at a broad range of intellectual terrorism. Through the work of the Anti-Deception Society, the ruthless Andromeda meditator, who is hellbent on telling the world about their program, is seen in their true light.

Reduced to a mental skeleton by the divine 12

parasite, the liberated mind has grown weary of seeing the assets of the parasite soar. To fool with the parasite en route to the vault delights the liberated mind. Even the clairvoyant panhandler is fodder for comedy.

Too long, watchful minds have waned, as the chakra cleanser did their thing. The AntiDeception Society aims to reverse this trend, flatten the schemes of the intuitive rip-off, and thwart the ever-emergent low carb chelators. The Society is poised to lay waste to the supersensory lightweight, and the homeopathic ham.


Homeopathy is a healing system that prescribes “medicines” so dilute, that no active ingredients remain. Breaking all known laws of chemistry and pharmacology, the homeopath says that the more dilute the medicine, the more effective it is.

In seventeen ninety-five, a mystical German 13

physician believed he had found the El Dorado of medicine: the cure for all diseases. Over the years, by using other people, and himself, as testees for his experiments, he indexed homeopathic “medicines,” many of which are used to this day. He had created a new, faith-based system of healing.

The mystical German doctor talked about a scheme that he called the Law of Similia - that like cures like: by administering a substance that creates the symptoms that a person suffers from, only in a highly diluted and agitated form (the so-called law of infinitesimals), he could cure them.

Many homeopathic preparations are so incredibly dilute, that not a single molecule of the original substance can be found in them. In other words, nothing is in them.

Analogy: we take a drop of saliva from an ape. We put the drop of saliva in a vat. To thoroughly dilute the drop of saliva, we blast thousands of gallons of water into the vat 14

through a system of hoses (in homeopathy, the fierce rush of water into the vat is important).

Next, we let the vat settle down. A few minutes later, we open the vat up, and take a drop of now highly dilute ape saliva/water from it. We put that drop in a second vat, and begin to dilute that drop by blasting it with gallons of water. Afterwards, we take a drop of incredibly dilute ape saliva/water out of the second vat, and infuse it into milk sugar.

At last, we have a powerful medicine – or so the homeopathist says. Allegedly, after the extensive dilution process, a “phantom-like essence of ape saliva remains.”

Without touching on the subject of using ape saliva as a medicine, we begin to see how ridiculous homeopathic theory is.


The international brotherhood of deception-free 15

people is locked and loaded at all times, ready to throw the harmonic leech out. Happily, many others are alerted to the dreadful harm that the intellectual terrorist has caused. Singlemindedly, we can tip the scale, and bring mystical harm to an end on a global scale. As more deception-free minds draw together, we can finally cure the virus of philosophical cancer.

Visitors, peeking only at the satirical makeup of our journey, are apt to write the efforts of the Society off, and carry on with their same biases. As they disregard the power of antideception, the new age nincompoop is sure to keep their routine philosophical bent. Refusing to throw in the towel, the metaphysical Gestalt facilitator will not admit that their vibrational shell game is breeched. With stubborn ideas, the facilitator is expected to turn a blind eye to anti-deceptive works.

Regrettably, wise people do not make up the majority of the human race. Then again, clear thinking members of the Anti-Deception Society are among the most intelligent people in all 16

respects. For membership in the Anti-Deception Society, a well-grounded mind is needed, a mind that is ready to revise set ways of thought. As sound reasons compel them to do so, the views of well-grounded minds are amended. Pending the completion of a full study, such minds know when to hold off final judgment.

As a look at holistic mysticism by an insider, we are not likely to agree with the ideas presented herein. We are free to accept or reject what is brought to light. The material is offered to admit or throw out.

When we introduce elementary anti-deceptive principles, Members of the Society must be patient; what are basic ideas to them are advanced studies to others.

No matter what we choose to do with antideceptive ideas, no stock is taken in weird claims. The goal of the Anti-Deception Society is simply to free us from the muscular grip of the liver cleanser. To expose the sterile sponge that lives through Wiccan sound therapy 17

and subliminal reflexology is the aim of the Society.

Although not everyone caved in to intellectual terrorism, humanity lived through centuries of dread and superstitious rule. Today, everything is different; we hone armaments vital to fight the fanatic, armed with a philosophical convoy.

As members of the Anti-Deception Society challenge their cock and bull stories, the fairy tales devotee is quick to respond. A great threat to the quest for wishful ease, the devotee senses the boldness of minds that doubt their schemes.

Incessantly, we hear the wishful thinker lump healthy skepticism in with negative thought, pessimism, and close-mindedness. Many people believe that someone who uses a mental firewall is narrow-minded, unable to change their mind. Just the opposite is the case: with great care does a philosophically sound, anti-deceptive mind shape values. Although a balanced, open mind is vital to anti-deception, we do not want 18

our mind so wide open that a master manipulator is able to set up shop in our craniums.

Along with a refusal to face facts, a lack of information lends itself to the typical “mental firewall equals narrow mind” myth.

Simply said, “skeptic” comes from the Greek skeptesthai, meaning, “to examine.” Describing individuals that live in the World of Reason, the name “Anti-Deception Society” comes from a need for a smarter term.

The word superstition comes from the Latin superstitio, to rise above. Because they had prevailed over their opponents, the victors rose above them. In times of old, combatants that lived to tell the tale were dubbed “superstitians.” Likewise, as superstition prevails over us, we lose the battle.

Through many centuries of fairy tales, masters of superstition have enjoyed center stage. The river of history has raged with the pain of people who said no to the great plan. With 19

nearly all wars caused by mystical fairy tales, we can safely say that they trigger most brutality.

Refusing to conform to sacred law, the dissenter refused to go along like sheep with the wishes of their masters. Through holy tyranny, the dissenter felt the sting, and sustained the loss.

The smart person found a way to avoid the yoke, knowing that to go along with the treachery might spare them.

The most absurd, self-deluded beliefs burgeoned throughout the medieval age of misery. All through the darkness, important ideas died a violent death many times over.

With the current self-righteous state of affairs, the Anti-Deception Society is fed up. As it gazes into the heart of mystic-holistic trickery, the Society presents the face of deception for all to see. Now, anti-deception can operate in our lives as a powerful 20

philosophical compass. By mentally choking off the paranormal alchemist, our life is made better.

If the sacrificial somatosop stops getting out the word, we can enjoy some rest. Through the use of intellectual jiu-jitsu, we stop the fanatic from peevishly trying us, to again breathe the air of reason without restraint. To force the blessed chump to leave us be, and go back to the bosom of their clan, we cease the chatter of the chump.

Alternative Medicine, Alternative Realities

“When was the last time you took your car into an alternative muffler repair shop?”

Dr. Dean Edell

Welcome, members of the Anti-Deception Society. The business at hand is to collapse the intellectual terrorism that wreaks havoc on humanity, making our world a more dismal place to live. 21

In a clearly lit world, the path of antideception leads to a surge of potent values, showing us ways to cut through the vast fog of specious ideas.

Few of us have the wisdom to reach the pinnacle, to attain membership in the Society. All the same, empowerment begins as we do away with absurd beliefs no matter what height we reach. In the process, we do away with the actions that absurd beliefs incite.

By examining the many forms of noxious holistic mysticism, we see that it has seeped into all countries. By taking the lid off of universal fanatics, we come closer to reality.

As we expose the frauds of the certified dream facilitator and the yarn-spinning moocher, who pass alternative medicine and “alternative realities” off as benevolent, they are laughed out of business, and put on trial.

Wasting time with things such as supernatural 22

signs, magnet therapy, aromatherapy, psychics, and in dismal cases, and crystal healing, the holistic mystic, being more interested in health swinging and cosmic robotics, forgets to stop and take the time to enjoy life.


Distinct the from electrically powered magnets and MRI technology used in medicine, the use of low frequency, static magnets, often suggested by holistic practitioners to treat pain, arthritis, and so on, is said to expose the body to healing “magnetic energy." As a therapy, the static magnets that are popular in alternative medicine have no physiologically significant effect, working only as a placebo. Too weak to go through the skin, magnetic straps, insoles, mattresses, and many other magnet therapy products are trendy nonetheless.

If magnetic fields could treat disease processes, MRI technicians, who work around tremendously powerful electromagnetic fields


would be in remarkable condition (they are no different than a typical population).


Claiming to treat disease, aromatherapy comes from the fragrance or essential oils of plants. Whether added to bathwater, sprayed on garments, or spread on light bulbs, pleasant scents can stimulate a good feeling. Like a walk in a flower garden, pleasant scents are relaxing when used in massage. While good scents are nice, the claims made by aromatherapists, that they cure AIDS, boost the immune system, and so on, are pure fantasy. Aromas are not medicines, and cannot restore a sick person to health. People, who are allergic to a particular plant, might react when breathing in the essential oils of the plant.


Many holistic therapists have acquired the wacky belief that crystal healing works through "vibrational energy." Using the proper crystals 24

is said to harmonize the energy system of the body. Pathetic.


Even small victories over the intellectual harlot can launch a dense, hydraulic warhead, headed in their direction. The remaining champions of the faith are forced to go to back to Nullsville.

Warning: the work of anti-deception is not for everyone. Because a psychic bullwhip does not direct the methods of the Anti-Deception Society, nothing is held back.

Entirely warranted, scornful laughter is trained on the astral mule, whose actions are repulsive to the fabric of the Society. Because of this, the mule is inclined to be livid.

Unaware of the untold damage done by them, most of us are ill-equipped to confront the health pimp and the devotional doormat. As the mess made by them grows, the Society shows us ways 25

to clean it up with fiery resolve.

Changing the subject immediately, the Rosicrucian shiatsu master avoids pointed questions. Departing right away, the holistic supernaturalist is offended by doubt. Lacking the intelligence to understand anti-deceptive thought, the kundalini enzyme therapist is left only to whine about “health freedom.”

We will place our fingers on the pulse of humanity, and diagnose the sickness of heavy mysticism, the virus that has such a heavy influence on people throughout the world.

Not afraid to swim against the current, the Anti-Deception Society reveals how humanity is drowned by superstition. To witness the methods in which they take us under, the Society reveals the shell games of the intuitive minion, the hypnotic homeopath, and the psychic politico.

By putting supernatural stupidity in the public eye, discerning people can avoid that which 26

keeps us from reality, and from life enhancing values. The reports given by the Society give us a good idea of the flakes to steer clear of.

True to the facts, the Anti-Deception Society promotes well-founded, consistent principles. The Society has identified the main point of our existence - to love, build personal enrichment, and know rational pleasure.

For the space cadet, duped all their life by false ideas, the challenges posed by antideceptive principles are bound to gain the contempt of cadets everywhere. The cadet quickly senses that anti-deceptive principles are a serious threat to the myths taught at the academy. Swiftly, the cadet feels like flushing anti-deceptive principles.

Being bound to detest the work of the Society, the cadet swallows as food that which the commandant feeds them.

As a long-term study, the Anti-Deception Society established contact with starship 27

captains and space cadets. The result was not surprising. Members of the Society were unable to teach them much of anything.

Not to say that the Society chooses to contact every space captain. Nonetheless, rare events do happen when the inner space chiropractor snaps the spell.

In every case, a determined failure of rational values by the spirit-guided graphologist does not apply. Suffering only from a poor fund of rational ideas, we occasionally come across good people. Even so, countless are the holistic mystics that put up with unfounded worry in an effort to avoid reality.

These days, holistic obsession has the best of us. As the natural health posse spouts tall tales, we are spellbound. As we sample the mirage offered by the crystal healer, we are enthralled. At the same time, the false concerns of the new age nincompoop are endless: dangerous chemicals, karma, demons, and the inherent evil of modern medicine and science. 28

Intellectual terrorism has blinded the nincompoop to the insights of the AntiDeception Society.

Above and beyond the false concerns, the amount of bunk offered by holistic mystics is mindboggling…

The endless paths to enlightenment

The obsessed newsletters

The Internet spam

The endless weight loss schemes

The trashy health books

The deceptive advertisements

The breast enhancers

The penis enlargers

The sexual enhancers 29

And so it goes…

The count is more than ten-to-one bunk. Because we are trustful to a fault, we are at the mercy of third-rate holistic mystic rip-offs.

Steering our way around mystic holistic bunk requires critical thought. Unfortunately, cultural programming conceals critical thinking. As it flies in the face of the things taught to us, the idea of cultural programs steering us clear of critical thought seems alien.

Following the decline of mental strongholds, the paradigm shift visionary wipes out what remains. With nothing to go on except the word of the visionary, we plop down our money and give of our valuable time.

Under the influence of subliminal theosophy, we are led to flights of fancy, causing our shortsighted idealist to emerge – to fight against pillars of great achievement. 30

The silly romantic is out to crumple huge halls of scientific success. Lacking clear judgment, throngs of small-time thinkers feel as part of the grand subversion. The repressive do-gooder seeks to join us with in the grand subversion, as a righteous soldier out to see the powerful establishment in shambles.

Holistic mystic claims are similar to competitors at a talent contest, coming to show off talents they may not have. While each prospect thinks they are gifted, the unbearably inept are sure to appear. So we see the somatic transformer who believes that all-natural, miraculous powers can cure serious diseases, and transcend reality.

Pawns of the talk show prophet, the herbal hypemeister, and the airy-fairy artist, our friends join the act. Coming to the table with a model of the Holy Grail, the doomsday philosopher, the health pest, and the medical busy body overload us with elastic data, used to sway us to swim in the ocean of mythology. 31

With elastic data as their weapon, the righteous soldier, gripped by the all-natural, supernatural worldview insists on crossing swords. As they tell us “the facts of the matter,” it is as if our fingers are run over a chalkboard.

Efforts to reason with student of omega breath awareness are handled with edutainment in mind. An uproarious debate with the director of the Hollow Earth Temple makes us want to record the clash for all to see.

What matters most to the holistic mystic is the worldview that they are obliged to defend. On the other hand, the sham-free person is not attached to knee-jerk reactions and wishful thought. The sham-free person is willing to give wide berth to the closet all-natural fairy tale enthusiast. The sham-free person yield the aggressive enthusiast, and can draw on their acts to produce exquisite edutainment.

Although cosmic stupidity is tragic, for the 32

best in edutainment we can grab hold of, format, and broadcast programs that feature jokers with loopy beliefs. The programs show the mystic holistic buffoon, who believes harmonic rituals can raise them to great heights.

By exposing deception in a comical and instructive way, we might stem the tide of stupidity in a few people. As mystic holistic raiders, Penn and Teller are prime examples of fine edutainment. Anti-deceptive material has preached too much to the choir only. Most people will not make the effort to be informed by educational-only ideas. The anti-deceptive material of Penn and Teller succeeds because it is presented in a clever way. The biggest hoot comes when P and T feature the mindless talk of the just-to-be-cool rebel.

As we see the chelation consultant wear the badge of all-natural secrets around trusting victims, a surge of laughter hits us. Flaunting an air of divine narcissism, of a morally superior demeanor, the consultant looks like a 33

cosmic jackass.

While enjoying top quality edutainment, we may decide to wash our hands of the trendy rebel. At all times, we reserve the right to decline work done for the rebel. People of conscience may choose livelihoods that allow them to permanently block contact with “incredibly advanced” slaves of the lamp.

As a prospective museum piece, the holistic mystic regularly resists the consensus of scientific findings. Lest we wind up with our heads pounded into a wall, we can choose have nothing to do with the museum piece.

We that find ourselves in prolonged, personal contact with the divine dowser must pass even greater tests. If we were to take a stand in their presence, we will hear the rants and raves of the wild-eyed dowser.

To express consistent, anti-deceptive concepts to the holistic mystic is not easy. Through an ambush of all-natural anomalies, the dowser 34

senses a chance to bash an unwary professional. Time and again, members of the Anti-Deception Society, spending years in search of the best ways to pierce the fog of the extraterrestrial medium, have come up empty handed. For the most casehardened automaton, no anti-deceptive thought will get through. The shroud of Zen will not allow itself to be uncovered. Facts will travel to the tympanic membrane of the mystified and drop out:

Anti-deceptive handouts will not retain their intended meaning Books will not be read Videos will not be seen Audiotapes will be talked over, as the automaton mind wanders to other places

In short, no logic, no studies, and no evidence will pass to the sluggish, superstitious mind.

Nothing will dissolve the superglue of leech beliefs. The leech latches on to the transpersonal vitamin zealot, and sucks its victim dry. 35

Worse yet, we see that the graduates of our finest institutions have fallen for the silliest myths possible. The decay of the degree-holder offers an eerie glimpse of what is in store.

Regardless of the efforts of the Anti-Deception Society, few people will snap out of their supernormal slumber and come up smiling. Generations will pass, adhering to the naïve magical notions of our species. Until the clairvoyant inversion therapist is brought upright, the World of Reason is not accessible.

Health Swingers International

Health Swingers International is dedicated to trying anything health related that our friends or health-food store clerks tell us about. As they keep us abreast of amazing health breakthroughs, we are indebted to magazine articles, tabloids, chiropractors, and talk shows. When anyone writes a health book, we are sure to try everything recommended in it. We demand that doctors take full responsibility 36

for what they do, while letting the alternative medicine therapist off the hook.

At Health Swingers International, we are forever on the lookout for miraculous cures and shortcuts. We are not afraid to scour the world to dig up tons of cure-all products based on folklore, wishful thinking, outdated information from turn of the century doctors, and multi-level marketers. We encourage members to support anything considered “integrative and complementary”, even if it turns out to be a rip-off. We trust that, in the information

they present, advertisers are totally unbiased.

Health Swingers International members are free to buy from our Discount Buyer‟s Club; products sold by holistic practitioners from their clinics are found there.

Like fervent warriors engaged in guerrilla warfare, we feel romantic in our quest. By bucking the mainstream, we satisfy many psychological needs. We are part of a movement aimed at toppling the cold scientist, who has 37

made the world a worse place.

Committed to a pure body, we read everything written by health gurus, and compile anecdotes. We track health fads as they come and go. We can list last year‟s complementary health and new age fads that were at first exciting, and later thought of no more.

As Health Swingers, finding the herb or supplement that holds the key to effortless health is our first priority. We invoke the power of herbal angels and vitamin fairies, in our relentless crusade to search for cure-alls that promise to transform us. If it is natural or herbal it is good. If it is man made it is bad.


A passionate supplier and user of Herbal Grandeur, Gus Sprowog has a lot of faith in his products:

Herpnomor is a readily assimilated formula that 38

fights genital herpes and eases breakouts.

Dandruff Defense is not only effective for warding off those embarrassing flakes, it can also be used to ward off eczema, blackheads, and to slim down.

Eye Bright is an outstanding product that is added to food - particularly effective for deepening the color of the eyes of infants.


Just as a whore will let any paying John to take a crack, we at Health Swingers International will try anything to neutralize the mainstream medicine ghouls. We see doctors as greedy butchers, united in a giant conspiracy to kill us. They get off seeing us sick and on our last legs. In collusion with drug companies, they are committed to poisoning us. Holding back real cures in order to make money, doctors are threatened by natural medicine.


As righteous soldiers united with avant-garde healers and activists, we are intent on crushing the monolith of scientific medicine. With a large population to support us, we usher in a visionary, new age.

As we look into holistic matters, we see that anything goes. Often, people who seem rational, who are not fooled by mysticism, have fully caved in to alternative medicine fraud. Flying high on the holistic worldview, they feel as majestic eagles of the great organic uprising.

Resembling a thermometer, the magical cures of the alternative medicine set simply rise and fall – and repeat. We could park ourselves in a chair, and list the holistic fads of today. Just as in the past, they will soon be history. Into the void, the health trends will pass and pass again, yet nothing has changed, except us.


“How is it that doctors offer drugs that only give temporary relief? Surely, doctors can give 40

permanent relief. They offer only temporary relief because they are out to make money.”


“All-natural Cannabuproxib is pricey, but one course of this all-natural, pain-killing, herbal medicine brings relief that lasts for years. Pharmaceutical companies have relentlessly searched for this holy grail of pain relief, with full knowledge of the potential reward. All-natural Cannabuproxib has been a treasure trove for Stoner Labs Inc. of Wassenaar, Netherlands.”


The Anti-Deception Society puts prospective members on alert to watch out for stale theories that have little to do with medicine and science.

The flaw in the common thinking, "doctors and drug companies are suppressing natural cures" is clear: drug companies will jump on anything 41

that cures common ailments. Once the word gets out, people will pay big money for legitimate cures. If there really were a new medicine that cured people, multinational pharmaceutical companies would rush to acquire it; curing people means hefty profits for them.

Driven by “more is better” thinking to “shotgun,” health swingers buy the products of a lawless industry, and gulp down a poorly formulated megadose of herbs, vitamins, and so on. Within the body of a swinger, needless mouthfuls of supplements create costly urine and biological chaos. Ironically, as the swinger obsesses about their health, they see health matters in a more negative light.

The novice health swinger will rationalize their behavior, thinking that a little Therapeutic Touch cannot hurt them. Before long, Therapeutic Touch no longer provides the thrill it did in the beginning, even with more sessions. In need of a better kick, the health swinger seeks out the more virulent forms of Kirlian Macrobiotics, and so on. 42

We must know that, for many things in life, the simpleminded “more is better” philosophy is of little value.

To make matters worse, we find marginally effective “complementary medicine” products next to horrible scrap. How are people to tell the difference?

The Society deals tactfully with the less aggressive swinger rapt in the greatly clouded, holistic worldview. Efforts to use logic on with the health swinger must be handled with every measure of people-skill possible. If we dare criticize the relig - er – alternative worldview of the aggressive harmonic leech, all the peace, love and harmony will go out the window. To avoid an emotional encounter with the harmonic leech, we dare not address their quirky behavior directly.

What will we do if the health swinger speaks of the glories of a laughable new fad in a social situation? 43

As a rule, if the health swinger tells a story at length, it is a lost cause for a rational person to jump in. By interrupting their spiel with logic, the health swinger might realize that they are in beyond their depth. In that case, to throw down the gauntlet is incumbent on the swinger. To sharpen our intellectual power only, we might engage the swinger in a prickly little debate.

Because the health swinger is eccentric, we may prefer to tread lightly. If not, the swinger that we bear will turn into a full-blown, hostile, health soldier. Often, we may choose to be silent, and not challenge every silly thing.

Staying away from debates with clients, a businessperson who offers objective public services may want to hold on to a client, however strange that client is. To compel a client to think rationally is incumbent on few businesspeople. Because a person of integrity will not compromise their principles, they shut 44

up around a wacky client.

To be charmed by the placebo, adorned with soul-stirring claims, is the domain of the health swinger. The specialty of the swinger is to be smitten by empty nostrums, assorted allnatural frauds, and great-sounding testimonials.

The health swinger makes sense of a bizarre jumble of holistic hogwash. When seeking medical information, the health swinger does not go to diverse resources. The swinger goes only to the countless books, magazines, holistic web sites, and programs that depict the clogged values of the alternative set. These sources add strength to the tedious, onesided vision of the swinger.

To match the right people to their offerings, the health pimp has the knack for using many different sources. In searching for those with unfulfilled needs to be accepted, the pimp looks for people obsessed with health matters.


A Galaxy Of Health Swindlers

Ominously, clouds of dust particles clear, showing what lies ahead. To our great surprise, we scan the quadrant and find that there is nothing to fear from the Federation.

Locked in a colossal battle, entire galaxies of health swindlers, faith healers, quackupuncturists, colon cleansers, aromatherapists, iridologists, and diet gurus prey on gullible denizens. To cash in on the popularity of complementary medicine, we must act decisively. If we lose the right time to strike, we must abandon ship.

Acting as lures, Veterans of NPT will launch the first assault against the holistically defiant infidels regardless of casualties. Although Veterans of NPT are not trained to treat casualties, they will minister to them anyway.

We no longer allow the Code Of Honor to hamper us. By sticking to the Code, we will sit by the 46

sidelines and merely watch the melee. As we sound the alarm and take our positions, the marketing of placeboes move at warp rate. Because the denizens yearn for the latest fads, we might have a slaughter on our hands.

Few ethical people have the audacity to market health pornography. If ethical people would ditch their principles, and sell worthless health products, they would more easily reach great financial heights.

The idea that we ought to have the freedom to waste our money on harmful rubbish is popular with health pimps and their followers. Used to sling dung, the “health freedom” concept is used to sell more phony treatments, and poorly formulated supplements, than all other movements combined.

The health pimp wants to punish anyone that interferes with the right to recommend disproved and dangerous therapy. The pimp wants complete health freedom.


Despite their pleas, people have at no time been accountable for health outcomes; while seeking complete health freedom, they have no right to complain if harmed by a phony treatment.

Although thoroughly debased by science, because we read literature that urges us to stick up for natural healers, pseudotherapy is more stylish than ever.

Although a few health swindlers have faith in their products or services, many do not care that they defraud the public. The health swindler has no regard for facts: they only want hefty returns.

In contrast, the medical researcher offers a treatment to the public based on the evidence that it is safe and effective.

Brazen enough to penetrate the consciousness of the mentally deficient consumer, and deceptive enough to revolt the smarter one, the pitch of the health pimp and their minions is ingenious. 48

To hear a talk show host talk authoritatively one minute, and whore themselves by pushing a ridiculous product the next, is grotesque.

The expression “health pimp” is reserved for a person or company that deliberately promotes deceptive health products, preying on individuals that are sick, or frightened by an urban rumor. As long as the health pimp stays within the confines of feeble laws, we are duty-bound to let them blow their all-natural horn. As the health pimp succeeds in deceiving us, they are kept fiscally in the black.

A health pimp will say anything to make a buck. In a sales pitch, meaningless half-truths and slogans tie everything together into one slick package. In this way, year after year the health pimp can make millions.

Not always an awful person, the health swinger (or health harlot) is the buyer, while the health pimp is the seller. The health swinger is always on the prowl for the latest thing; nothing that anyone might say will turn the 49

obsession of the swinger around.

To move NPT merchandise off the shelves, the health pimp makes use of nifty catch phrases. Just as the supernatural freeloader uses divine-sounding proverbs, the nifty catch phrase is valuable in holistic circles.

A catch phrase is easily composed to make a product or service sound fresh and untainted. To use a wholesome-sounding ambush, the health food harlot inserts catch phrases into dumb ads and infomercials. Once a wholesome-sounding ambush is launched, the health food harlot watches us settle for the same nonsense again and again.

While the scientist irks us with their talk, the holistic half-truth is seductive. Like divine truisms, innocuous-sounding all-natural jingles are mighty attractive to holistic mystics. The jingles sound far better than the cryptic talk of clinical nerds in white coats.

Just as vile as the health pimp is the spammer 50

that bombards us with millions of “wholesome ambush” e-mails. Their missives sing the praises of sensational products that sprout an abundance of hair, make erections firm, and so on. The remedies offered are out-and-out placeboes, often with pharmaceutical ingredients in them.

Just as lame is the hollow “green” or “feel good” label stuck on products, such as “cage free,” “shade grown,” “bird friendly,” “free range,” or “no artificial hormones.” Thin on meaning at best, the label may contain outright lies.

As the rip-off artist tears into us, does the government keep a sharp lookout? Kicking back in plush offices, do government agency suffer from terminal complacency?

Many of us already know that governments often recruit the eunuch, the sociopath, and the sloth to do their bidding.

Anyone who bows to all the claims on labels, 51

who accepts the “truth in advertising” pledge, has the consumer smarts of the “Beave.”


The sales pitch of the health pimp blatantly encourages us to sink our teeth into the marvel of their wares. The pimp knows that when they pitch insecure folks, all-natural dreams equal profit. The pimp holds out the hope that their offer will transform us in every way, even sexually.


The Original All-natural Testicle Enlargement Pill

Now, men can disregard the hurt, the sweat, and the cost of having huge, masculine plums. GOrillaNADS is the all-natural testicle enlargement pill that reactivates the natural hormones of the body.

To be honest, most men are not happy about the 52

size of their nuts. In a communal shower, other men have larger cajones, while women think that the scrotums of certain men are shriveled looking.

With its ability to balance male hormones and stimulate gargantuan testicle size safely and naturally, GOrillaNADS comes to the rescue. For men that want humongous jigglers, with huge gains seen in only days, GOrillaNADS is the essential product. Just think how a partner will react when we reveal a ball sack four inches bigger than before. What a difference it will make.

On looking back, we see that small-minded people rejected new things. Today, many scientists doubt of the success of all-natural testicle enlargement. In spite of this, the number of men using all-natural testicle enlargement pills increases over time.

Made of a powerful blend of herbs, GOrillaNADS is the only patented testicle enlargement pill on the market. Inventing testicle enlargement 53

pills, GOrillaNADS is the first company to market them.

While fast results have been seen when taking GOrillaNADS, we strongly recommend that it be taken up to fifteen months for the best effect.

Thirty-nine ninety-five per bottle, GOrillaNADS has the best money back guarantee in the testicle enlargement industry. GOrillaNADS is the most effective all-natural testicle enlargement system.


The World‟s First Vulva Growth Drink

What is PoonTang?

PoonTang is an all-natural, orange flavored drink that promotes growth of the vulva. The ingredients chosen for the PoonTang formula are time-honored botanicals known by traditional people to naturally boost female hormones, thus increasing vulvar engorgement. Women have used 54

the herbs in PoonTang for thousands of years.

PoonTang is one hundred percent natural. There are no artificial preservatives, colorings, synthetic additives, or unsafe hormones in the PoonTang formula. For flavoring and color, allnatural orange oil is used.

The PoonTang breakthrough came in choosing the herbs, and how much of each to use. To combine the herbs for PoonTang took exhaustive research for many years. As reported by thousands of users, PoonTang has surprisingly good effects in safely increasing mound size.

Remember that the better the diet, the more effectively PoonTang will work. Stress can adversely affect hormone balance, which reduces the effectiveness of PoonTang. Alcohol inhibits the effects of PoonTang, as does smoking. PoonTang is most effective, when taken without carbonated drinks or caffeinated beverages.

Depending on the effect desired, PoonTang is used for about ten to twenty months. To sustain 55

the effect, use PoonTang for a five to six week period, every two to three months.

Women under the age of thirteen are not advised to use PoonTang, as are pregnant or nursing women. Excessive use of PoonTang can impair the ability to have sexual intercourse.

The amount of time it takes to see vulvar growth varies. Many women notice less agonizing periods, but do not notice mound growth for a few weeks. Some women notice a puffier, more pronounced camel toe within days. Other women see results over several weeks.

The PoonTang team is not against prescription drugs; they should be used only after exhausting natural alternatives. Because we do not have data on interaction of prescription drugs with PoonTang, please consult a doctor familiar with herbs before taking PoonTang. Some women may feel temporary tingling in the vulva with PoonTang use. Others see considerable clitoral enlargement. If using PoonTang with birth control, no adverse side 56

effects have been reported.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with PoonTang, we offer a money back guarantee. We are confident that you will be happy with the effects of PoonTang.


The Greatest All-natural Sexual Stimulant of All Time

Focusing on prescription medications, the media highlights drug cures for male impotence. Erectile dysfunction drugs can cost up to thirty dollars per pill, and they are not an option for women. We should at all times remember that drugs have harmful side effects.

The medical cliterature tells us that a large percentage of women and men suffer from low sex drive. The good news is that women and men can do something about it. Research shows that dietary supplements combined with lubrication can improve the sexual performance of the 57


In the bedroom, stamina and energy are essential for both sexes. Piledriver was created to meet this need. Whether a mish matinee or merely cleaning the meat curtains, Piledriver is the most advanced, all-natural, sexual stimulant on the market today. Due to increased genital blood flow, men achieve a full loggerhead. Cowgirls will find Piledriver to be a powerful boost to their next rodeo. Because it stimulates hormonal activity, circulation, and pelvic blood flow, women experience a larger Budgie‟s tongue. Regular use will even help women with cramden problems.

In the Piledriver package is a specially enhanced sexual lubricant made with glycerin Piledriver Clitgel. To stimulate clitoral sensitivity we include Clitgel in every package.

With Piledriver, a touchdown will be in the game plan.


Piledriver is guaranteed to make your next smoke out an experience to remember, or your money back. People who want a larger cheeseball from a natural, non-prescription virility pill need look no more. Piledriver is an alternative to prescription drugs.

Piledriver is successful because of our generous use of the finest, most effective, herbal ingredients. In considering the quality of Piledriver, we see that there is no better value on the market today.

Now, you can revolutionize your love life. We offer a full refund, less the shipping and handling cost of eight ninety-five, if you are not one hundred percent completely satisfied with the effects of Piledriver. Try Piledriver for yourself and your lover.

Each package of Piledriver is only fifty-nine ninety-five.

Supreme Rinse Out Gel


“I sense that, among the toxins inside of me, the fourth spirit of purification is waiting to act. Tossed by psychic baggage, I resolve to tune in and apply the new and improved, allnatural Deep Intestinal Sweeping Rite Formula®. With the help of my spirit guides, I cry out for cleansing. As my soul sings within, I beseech they of the sacred way to see into my bowels, and ready me for bodily cleansing. I channel the courage to cross into the twilight grotto. Blissful with psychic harmony, I am granted the wisdom to cleanse.

On the assembly of stars, a vision of the evening lunar orb waxes full. As the height of my desire looms, I infuse the wondrous oil, an oil that is like a living thing - A LIVING THING!

Thereupon, I experience the miracle of allnatural Supreme Rinse Out Gel ®, and feel its healing warmth inside. In a blissful cry, I praise the roused spirits, “The reek of my soul is freed!” I disperse toxins amassed from past lives. The harmony of molecular spirituality, 60

and its ties to a clean colon, embraces me.

Deep Intestinal Sweeping Rite Formula® and Supreme Rinse Out Gel® are products of Psiologist and Chiropractor, R. Don Robards, owner of Partial Foods Market and inventor of the Colon Squeegee.

Organic Panic

Apparently, the genius of organic living failed high school organic chemistry. The genius claims to warn us of harmful substances. The warnings of the genius must be working, as we fail to make a distinction between inherent and man-made chemicals.

For example, fruits and vegetables are laden with inherent pesticides, with names as hard to say as chemicals made in a factory. The inherent pesticides in fruits and vegetables are found in much higher quantities than manmade pesticides added later.


Knowing our fear, the genius of organic living scares us with imagined dangers. The genius invokes an image of lethal chemicals coming to get us.

The Anti-Deception Society is not oblivious to the risks of pesticides, herbicides, and other possibly dangerous substances. Even so, those in developed countries seldom need to be afraid of food tainted by pesticides. On the list of things to fear, pesticides in food are low.

That we have always lived in a world full of chemicals is overlooked by the Geniuses of Organic Living. Thank goodness we have; chemicals are the stuff of life. For example, we need regular amounts of dihydrogen monoxide (water) to live.

Science has looked into the pesticide matter meticulously. By killing insects alone, the safety of pesticides is fully known. No credible facts can be found to imply that synthetic pesticides in food play a major part in human cancer. 62

The scientifically ignorant person believes that all chemicals are man-made, and that all chemicals are toxic.

When they comprise a minute part of the diet, most man-made chemicals are not toxic. If the dose is sufficient, most naturally occurring chemicals are toxic.

To survive pestilence, plants need a naturally occurring or man-made defense. To protect against rodents, insects, fungi, and so on, plants have a built-in defense. With every species containing its own set, thousands of natural pesticides have been discovered. When assailed, plants increase their output of natural pesticides, with a number of concentrations being toxic to human beings.

One example is cassava root. Durable in bad weather, cassava has high amounts of natural pesticide. Because it can be toxic, cassava root must be peeled, soaked for several days, then dried and ground before being eaten. 63

Wherever cassava is used, people must be taught the importance of preparing it carefully. As the correct process needs a bit of skill, people in underdeveloped countries are reluctant to accept cassava as a basic food crop.

The typical person eats over a gram of natural pesticides a day, and many different ones each year. The amount of natural pesticides eaten is thousands of times above the usual intake of man-made pesticide residue.

Conveniently, the self-appointed environmentalist that wages war against pesticides pays scant attention to the abovementioned facts. The non-scientist environmentalist will not admit that plants produce the majority of pesticides naturally. Although the environmentalist tells us to cut our intake of man-made pesticides for health, science says that the cut will not ease cancer rates. After they do their work, modern pesticides quickly break down, and do not cause harm. 64

Grossly misled, the so-called guardian of the environment will rarely discuss the incredible gains in life expectancy coming from easier access to healthy food. Man-made pesticides have made food drastically less expensive for a wider range of people.

If there were no man-made pesticides, we can only imagine what a sad time this would be. If the holistic alarmist has their way, a huge threat to our health will be posed.

Although the alarmist makes a big deal about the alleged superiority of organic food, its nutritional content is nearly the same as conventionally grown food. Still, organic produce is not always free of pesticide remains, due to drift from nearby fields.

We must bring our concern for every tiny food fright to an end. Organic or not, we need only to buy, wash, and eat fruits and vegetables. To eat organic produce will not make us display health that takes the breath of anyone away. 65

Neither will eating organic produce have us alive and kicking at a greater age.

While organic produce tastes different, the difference is in the plant species used. As it arrives at the market sooner after picking, organic produce tastes fresher. Even so, by sitting the organophile down to a double blind taste test, a stake is placed to see whether they can do better than chance, to see if they can really tell the difference between organic and commercially produced fare.

As we wolf down dietary supplements to the point that our body cannot clear them, our whole system becomes holistically screwy.

Not shown to be effective or safe, smart people ignore dietary supplements in nearly all cases. As science gains a better understanding of dietary supplements, most of them have turned out to be unsafe, especially when taken without the supervision of a doctor. Regardless, we pay little attention to the findings. At the same time, we see only a few groups united to throw 66

the harmful supplements out.

We could have the best health habits, take handfuls of supplements, eat the finest organic cuisine, have a sunny attitude, get some physical activity, and still be hit by a bus.

Still, we demand the freedom to choose what we want, even if it kills us. The health swinger balks, “To maintain their monopoly over us, the damn doctors want to ban all supplements.”

Victims of Holistic Scams

President, Rosemary Jacobs

Welcome to the Victims of Holistic Scams (VHS). Founded in Nineteen Ninety-Eight as a reaction to the mass of people with all-natural damage, VHS helps us sort through the countless, mazelike medical “alternatives.” VHS shows us the way to fight back. A day of reckoning is coming for people who told us to:

Take dangerous herbs 67

Not see a doctor

Take colloidal silver

Not vaccinate our children

Flush toxins

Have our mercury amalgam fillings removed from our teeth

Take health food store hormones

Use fake growth hormone

Go to an intuitive iridologist that does psychotronic healing

And so on

On finding that colloidal silver or dangerous herbs have poisoned us, we get mad. Our anger makes us dedicate our lives to spreading the message, warning others against being exposed 68

to deceptive holistic appeals.

VHS encourages everyone to consult a doctor for health concerns. Our medical problems are best looked at by mainstream doctors and board certified specialists, not by the flakes of complementary medicine.

If we are bound and determined to consult a psychic colon cleanser, or ear-candling astrologer, first get clearance from a medical doctor. With their broad medical education, a doctor is far more likely to spot a grave illness. Because of their deficiency of real medical education, the holistic minister is much less likely to spot a grave illness. Even if they happen to catch sight of something serious, they may only use non-proven therapy.

If we thank the reflexologist with our presence, only our lower extremities, feet, and toes will be brought into focus, while other areas are overlooked. If we thank the iridologist with our presence, they will focus on the iris of our eyes. If warning signs fail 69

to abate in other body regions, and we finally to consult a doctor, it may be too late.

With homeopathic channelers and telepathic faith healers, VHS sees too many people waste precious time. For apparently minor problems, people will go to a massage therapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, chiropractor, or iridologist. Before getting to the bottom of what appears to be mild complaints, trouble can happen. Too often, when heartburn, headaches, and back pain turn out to have a serious cause, the sufferer is lost in useless advice.

Through the placebo effect, a bogus therapy appears to solve a problem, until it gets worse and worse. Not to say that every ache or pain is malignant, it is that the holistic minister is far less likely to notice dangerous symptoms when they occur.

Too many of us are cavalier about health matters. VHS says that, if we have a symptom, we must get it checked by the right person, not a holistic perp or friend. 70

On the subject of supplements and health food store diagnoses, the VHS is quite clear: only in special circumstances will VHS bear the doctor-supervised use of dietary supplements. Like fish oil, the few supplements that hold up to scientific scrutiny have minor evidence to support them.

In a lawless industry, the integrative health posse lies through their teeth about the ingredients of their products. We cannot expect a health food store clerk to give us an unbiased opinion these products. An example of caveat emptor, the health food store clerk merely parrots the party line of the supplement industry. The clerk is there to hustle merchandise from the store. For health information, we cannot look to them as a legitimate source. Nearly all people in the health food industry have zero in a legitimate medical background. VHS fights the good fight, and steers people away from deception when it can.


In any case, VHS knows that we live in a take a drug/supplement/vitamin/herb/pill world. Not able to handle that which life throws at them, millions of people swallow pills that they do not need, do not work, and do harm. Nonetheless, because of real medical problems, millions of people take pills to survive.

While often falling on deaf ears, VHS cautions us not to ignore the holistic diagnosis. As part of their practice, the holistic perpetrator puts us through a battery of bogus tests. We are diagnosed with the dearly adored diseases of the alternative health gang. When the diagnosis is presented, we are told that we have environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, sick building syndrome, toxic mold syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, yeast syndrome, and so on.

The sense of medical investigators continues to grow; as the “Emperor‟s New Clothes” of the holistic set, a fad disease appears to be that of the psyche. Even so, it is easy to find a holistic swinger who has many, if not all, fad 72


The lesson is simple: do not trust the diagnosis of the acupuncturist, the chiropractor, the massage therapist, or the person who sells magnets on the side.

For every person that VHS warns, scores of dummies will submit to holistic rubbish. The advice of the ceremonial hypnotherapist or psychodiagnostic geek is as reliable as voodoo.

Finally, we have a voice, a place from which to launch a worldwide protest. VHS investigates dangerous, untested, and bizarre health offerings, and prosecutes the holistic scammers.

Asian Health Superstition

Our neighbor down the street, Mrs. Flockenblocker, took a Chinese herb, and now says that her lung cancer symptoms are better.

The rational person, who finds many parts of 73

Asian culture irresistible, does not shy away from discussing its superstition.

In the cobwebs of history, in a time in which the workings of the human body were a complete mystery, primitive Asian medical ideas took their first steps. The Asian people of old simply applied supernatural cosmology to then unheard of physiological processes.

With cures on hand for a range of ailments, Asian medicine has been revered for ages. Nonetheless, antiquity does not equal validity.

In the West, the popularity of Asian mystical ideas gathered steam throughout the Hippie heyday. Today, Asian superstition is even more fashionable. Whether capsules filled with deer antler velvet to boost athletic performance, feng shui (Asian geomancy) to arrange chairs for good fortune, or acupuncture needles inserted in the ear for back pain, Asian superstition is on the move.


Asian superstition wreaks havoc on endangered species. Although no health benefits have been shown to come from herbs decocted with dead animal parts, tiger bone, tiger penis, rhinoceros horn, and bear gallbladder are prized in traditional Asian medicine.

Many people believe all Asian herbs are safe and effective. Worldwide, people buy herbal products that claim to enhance sexual potency, memory, energy, and hormonal balance. Whether the herbs are decocted, powdered, put into creams or pills, to ignore symptoms that point to a more serious primary disease, or to skip proven treatments, matters little, when herbs are taken as an article of faith.

An ancient tonic becomes a modern risk when it causes high blood pressure, kidney failure, cancers of the urinary tract, hepatitis or liver failure, bleeding, or interacts with a prescription drug.

To give it more of a jolt, an Asian company 75

will intentionally spike a patent (ready-made) herbal product with prescription drugs (such as antihistamines, steroids, anticonvulsants, codeine, antibiotics, aspirin, theophylline, or drugs for erectile dysfunction).

In Asian factories with poor quality control, heavy metals (such as cadmium, lead, arsenic) inadvertently seep into herbal products from the soil in which herbs are grown.

With no evidence to support them, Western media features sensational Asian health myths. Stories of chi (the fictitious, universal life energy rooted in Asian mythology) are presented as real by tacky programs and magazines.

A clash between science and the tenets of Asian medicine is clear. Despite wild claims, there is no proof that Asian medicine improves performance, treats impotence, cures cancer, and so on. Nonetheless, because of the placebo, we are fooled into believing that Asian medicine works to a degree.


To study modern cardiology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, and so on, Asian medical doctors travel to Western countries. As Asian people demand Western drugs and medical technology, Westerners travel to Asia for lessons in traditional medicine.

With a few classes, or merely by reading a book, anyone can claim to be a queen or king of chi, and command lucrative fees.

Like many miracle workers, the feng shui master claims to “feel energy.” By positioning houses, buildings, skyscrapers, or through interior design, feng shui purports to focus positive energy. Desperate to find a winning edge, Western companies have bought in to the whole feng shui superstition. When studied, the feng shui master fails to deliver on their claims. Besides, each master says a different thing.

When run by superstition, government and business show their stupidity. In bringing an enterprise good fortune, no objective evidence exists for I Ching (Chinese divination), feng 77

shui, or any Asian superstition.

Scientists were not surprised to find that acupuncture could not address the disease process. Likewise, acupuncture for drug addiction, obesity, and delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) proved to be useless. Although needle treatment for knee arthritis, tennis elbow, and other common, mild to moderate musculo-skeletal pains found minor support in the medical literature, other health problems did not respond to needling at all.

Nonetheless, in pain syndromes where a doctor has failed to help, needling may be used. Electroacupuncture (needles with electricity applied) might surpass placebo, produce a mild counter-irritation effect, and interrupt pain signals.

While the idea of acupuncture as a kind of physical therapy is bearable in doctor monitored cases, the creed of traditional Chinese medicine is not. To guard against cheating, most studies to “prove” the efficacy 78

of acupuncture fail to bring in controls.

At times, a slight change in Western acupuncturists can be seen. A few have finally admitted their anachronistic and medically illiterate ways. Because the acupuncturist labors in vain with archaic ideas, their ignorance is easily understood; as they devote attention to antique theories of medicine, legitimate medical training goes down the drain. “Mysterious cosmic energy flowing through invisible meridians” is one idea whose time must come to an end.

In point of fact, a basic grasp of the knowledge and history of disease eludes the acupuncturist. That a symptom may lessen, go only so far before stopping, or get better by itself with no treatment at all, is a reality that the acupuncturist takes advantage of.

Like many modern descendants of Asian health superstition, the “energy therapist” rattles on about the same thing: disease is caused by imbalanced or blocked chi. Anyone who claims to 79

return us to health by tuning chi must be ditched.

So few of us learn to filter fantasy from reality. Peddling a mirror arrangement, herbs to treat high blood pressure, or a mysterious therapy to an obedient public is effortless.

Blindly agreeing to idealistic, out of commission “truths” shows that the court of mental honesty is not in session. While the pseudo-spiritual lightweight considers primitive ideas to be romantic, a science-based clinician quickly discounts a system that appeals to idealistic urges. Romantic ideas of yin-yang, and invisible channels that conduct chi, are just that – romantic ideas.

In order to move past the primitive health superstitions of any culture, we must eliminate romantic medicine.

The Nuur Huree Crystalpoints

Based on gArhka, the medicine of the ancient 80

Mongolians, many centuries have passed since the ancient masters expanded their understanding of the Nuur Huree Crystalpoints. According to legend, a herdsman brought knowledge of the Crystalpoints to the ancient capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Because of the many battles the beset them, traditional Mongolian doctors practiced the Nuur Huree system in secret.

Master Khasar will lead us in applied training. In a series of lessons, he will teach the Nuur Huree protocols.

As the Nuur Huree Crystalpoints are skillfully located, pointed crystals are used to bleed them; in this way the detoxifying traits of the points are invoked.

In addition, Master Khasar will teach other practices important in the Nuur Huree system of healing. Central to Traditional Mongolian Medicine, the drinking of fermented horse's milk is as old as the Mongolian Empire itself. Fermented horse's milk can be found at the 81

clinic of any traditional Mongolian doctor. Used to increase strength, stamina, and accelerate healing of injury, fermented horse's milk is nothing like cow‟s milk. With a strong, oily taste, and a slightly salty undertone, there is no need to pasteurize it.

When fermented horse‟s milk is drunk by a patient, Crystalpoint therapy is made more powerful.

“Everyone Needs Adjusting”

As we read what research says about chiropractic subluxation, many chiropractors will be furious.

The straight chiropractic theory states that, because a vertebra deviates from its normal position, spinal nerve communication is stressed or obstructed. By using X-rays and other devices, the chiropractor examines the spine of a client, and makes “corrections” based on the findings. Adjusting deviant vertebra is supposed to return the patient to 82

health. In most cases, holistic health products are then sold to the client, said to help their condition.

Most chiropractors believe that illness is caused by the elusive spinal misalignment, called a subluxation.

Science says that a misaligned spine, in the chiropractic sense, is an exercise in imagination. Scientist say that the sufferer of back pain must first see a board certified orthopedist (often the sufferer is referred to the orthopedist by a “gatekeeper,” or general medicine doctor). The orthopedic specialist will make a diagnosis, making sure that the back pain sufferer does not have a serious problem. After that, if the sufferer insists, and is able to find one, they can see a one of the tiny few scientific chiropractors for follow up.

Having physical therapy value for welldiagnosed musculo-skeletal problems, scientific chiropractic is here to stay. Even so, finding 83

a science-based chiropractor is extremely difficult.

What makes our search for the science-based chiropractor so difficult is that research has found the standard chiropractic model of vertebral subluxation to be a myth. While measuring the forces involved, researchers have taken spines from cadavers, put the spines on drill presses, and tried to move a vertebra; only by breaking a vertebra would it shift.

The theory of chiropractic subluxation is more than a century old. Based on old-fashioned thinking, the idea that a misaligned vertebra pinches a nerve, which leads to disease, is a complete fantasy. For a long time, science has known what pinching a nerve does. To squeeze and block off nerve conduction has nothing to do with diabetes, allergies, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, asthma, skin problems, and so on. Scientific chiropractors will agree; disease is simply not caused by spinal subluxation.


If a straight chiropractor suggests that we have a disease caused by spinal subluxation, we need to flee from their clinic.

In cases where a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or “alternative” perpetrator does not send a client on to a medical doctor for clearly indicated, basic tests, such an oversight is unpardonable.

As odd as it seems, the popping heard in our joints is an abrupt burst of gas. Often,

stretching a joint makes a sudden noise. “Popping our knuckles” creates small gas bubbles in the fluid-filled knuckle joint spaces. An “adjustment” merely stretches elements in the joints.

If we pop our knuckles, do we realign them? Were they out of place to begin with?

In all of our joints, the same thing happens. The force stretches our joint capsules, it pops, and the sudden release of pressure feels good to many people. 85

”My back is out again!”

As far as the “out of alignment” sensation, people are simply putting words to what they feel. In reality, the sensation is not that of an “out of alignment” spine. In the back, pressure or inflammation builds up in the fibrous capsules over the facet joints (places in the spinal column connecting one vertebra to the next).

To say that all backaches are based on similar problems, and can be cured by an “adjustment” is mad. A backache has many causes:

Kidney disease

Bone problems

Slipped discs


Muscle spasms 86

Strained or torn tendons and ligaments

And so on

In all these kinds of backaches, how can adjustments be of use? An “adjustment” might be the worst thing to do. A neck “adjustment” is worse than that.

Without a doubt, the tiny minorities of science-based chiropractors that concur with the preceding statements are a distinguished group.

The Weird Massage

While a weird massage therapist is easy to find, the legitimate massage therapist is getting scarce.

For the person who seeks intense relaxation, deep tissue massage is great. For the person relaxed by “fluff” massage, the more profound kinds of massage have usually not been tried. 87

For the person looking for sensual massage with a “happy ending,” a prostitute is the best option. For the person who does not want to be touched, weird energy therapy such as Therapeutic Touch or Reiki (or more truthfully, „mystical hand waving over the body‟) is chosen.

Claiming to have magical and lasting effects, many, if not most, massage therapists are given to a funny brand of mythology. The weird massage therapist claims that massage:

Improves general health.

Flushes toxins.

Strengthens the immune system.

Tunes the “life force.”

Harmonizes the body.

Aids in weight loss.


Enhances circulation (while peripheral circulation is temporarily roused, research shows that massage does not enhance circulation in any significant way).

Massage schools and books perpetuate the insidious belief espoused by John Harvey Kellogg, that unnamed toxins build up in the body. The theory that toxins (and toxic emotions) are “flushed out” by massage (and that we need to drink lots of water after a massage session) is ridiculous.

Acupressure and shiatsu massage, also called “finger pressure acupuncture,” are rooted in the supernatural ideas of Asian medicine. The therapist stresses finding the right “pressure points,” imagined to be the size of a grain of sand.

The craniosacral therapist says that our skull bones can be shifted to free blocked life energy, and improve cerebrospinal fluid flow, to treat a broad range of health problems. In reality, adult skull bones cannot be moved 89

separately; they fuse together in infancy.

With imaginary conduits having no root in recognized bodily structures, reflexology is said to treat an array of maladies. To say that pressing the foot identifies health problems, and that additional pressure on foot regions treats health problems, is preposterous. Only people severely challenged by medical facts would say that regions on the foot correspond to organs of the body.

Legitimate, non-mystical massage therapy must not be grouped with pseudoscientific practices. Stripped of mysticism, standard massage (also called “bodywork”) is of great value. The nonmystical bodyworker can hold their head up high, as they practice a valid service.

Even so, in no way is a hands-on therapy in the same league as key medical advances, such as stem cell research, vaccination, MRI technology, and microsurgery. Nor does it need to be; massage therapy has its place.


The short-term effects of standard massage include:

Relief of aching muscles

Release of tension

A feeling of well-being

Massage cannot address disease of any kind. Neither is it meant to “preserve health.” For the massage therapist to give a medical diagnosis is illegal. Besides, the diagnostic techniques of the weird therapist match no established scientific model.

The Power Session

Now, the person, who loves great music, humor, wisdom, and massage, can release tension in the most remarkable way ever devised.

Power Sessions are performed in an acoustically designed space, with futons placed on top of mats. During the massage, the finest digital 91

music is introduced as two skilled massage therapists tend to a sole recipient. Between songs, brief audio clips are played, featuring bits done by great comedians, Dr. Dean Edell, James Randi, Penn and Teller, George Carlin, Joe Nickell and other persuasive, insightful, holistic mystic busters.

During intermission, a recipient is free to converse, offer feedback, and ask questions.

While Power Sessions are meant for lifelong learners, they are not appreciated by:


Fragile individuals

Uptight people

Self-appointed “guardians of morality”


The mentally rigid 92

Unhappy people

Individuals that are sick, or too sensitive to the touch

Although light talk is fine throughout intermissions, astrological lip-flappers and talkative transcendentalists are not candidates for Power Sessions.

Sadly, because they are grim, easily offended, and inert in the presence of great values, Power Sessions are not suited to many people. Nonetheless, Power Sessions are performed on anyone who passes muster.

The effects of Power Sessions are extraordinary. The few people who perform them have a tremendously rewarding job.


“It‟s All-natural!”


How many times does a clever health pimp use these words to get us to buy a food, a supplement, or a health product? Nonetheless, the pimp who markets them can retire rich.

We ought to be sick and tired of the “it‟s allnatural” catch phrase. So as to be made weary of it, the catch phrase “all-natural” has been repeated here ad nauseam. Hollow in meaning, the phrase “all-natural” is to be purged from our vocabulary and our thought.

Used alone, the word “natural” is slightly less prone to being used in a questionable way. Nonetheless, the health pimp still exploits it a lot.

Dr. Dean Edell has talked of a list of natural killers, such as floods, deep cold water, opium, and even gravity. While natural, gravity can cause us to fall to our death. Tobacco is undeniably a natural herb. The direct rays of the sun are natural, yet they can blind us or give us skin cancer. Smart people are not convinced that natural is always better. 94

The following are natural:

Tornadoes, typhoons, monsoons, and hurricanes


Fire ants


Fluoridated water (nature created it; fluoride occurs naturally at very high doses many parts of the world)


Crude oil





Increasingly poor eyesight

Castor oil

Fleas, ticks, lice, mice, and worms


A hungry grizzly chasing us through the woods

Slobbery kisses from a relative



Deviant Bagfuls

As is characteristic for holistic practices, rebirthing therapy is said to be the greatest thing since the air guitar. Rebirthing therapy is said to “release the early psychic traumas from the shock of birth” etched deeply into our soul.


Like many pseudo-therapies, rebirthing involves guided imagery and deep breathing to “release negativity” (big words in mystic holistic circles!) Nonetheless, reliving our birth can get ugly:

The case of an unfortunate child, taken for rebirthing therapy, wrapped up in blankets, and squeezed to death by mystic holistic goons, is but one example.

To simulate labor, the goons pushed a young girl around. Repeatedly, the girl cried out that she could not breathe. Instead, the maliciously ignorant goons told the girl to push harder to be reborn. The forlorn child passed out, and in due course expired.

The mother of the poor baby was on the scene to witness her child being killed.

The previous heartrending tale shows what deviant bagfuls might do, left to their crackpot devices. We must not forget what fiercely ignorant bagfuls are capable of. 97

Why do we need to relive our birth in the first place? Why do we need to suffer through a boneheaded therapy like rebirthing, with new age mouth breathers overseeing our attempts to get loose? To survive one real birth is enough of a laborious event.

Of course, on news of the preceding story, the holistic mystic will hurl stale comments such as:

“Doctors are even worse; they murder millions of people.”

Well, what about it?

First, an ingrate does not take the lives saved by doctors into account.

Second, while they mean nothing to mystic holistic goons and deviant bagfuls, doctors are guided by strict protocols. Before a procedure, an ethical doctor will inform the patient of its dangers and advantages. 98

Medieval medicine acupuncturists, and everyoneneeds-adjusting chiropractors, are constantly overcome by spasms of contempt for the mainstream doctor. To vilify the mainstream doctor makes them feel good.

Drinking the heady wine of false precedence, the holistic crackpot drowns their sorrows, and blots out memories of low grade point averages. Bad marks held the crackpot back from brighter prospects.

Nonetheless, being fed up with the vitriol of crank medicine, a tiny minority of holistic people has come to their senses, changing to a more reserved frame of mind.

Consider how the Gestapo-like, fundamentalist Islamic androids rejoice on hearing of infidel mass murders. So too, certain reports incite the health swinger to revelry.

From time to time, a grossly deceptive report comes out, saying that medical errors in 99

hospitals cause deaths in the hundreds of thousands. Although a report of medical errors in hospitals must be taken seriously, without describing the numbers of lives saved in hospitals, such a report must be carefully looked at.

As news of the report push investigators to explore, a closer check finds that the report is in gross error. Often, the report includes adverse events no one can foresee.

A preventable adverse event does not mean a doctor or nurse is in error. For example, in an emergency, every costly test cannot be done. Even with the most thorough safeguards, problems are bound to happen.

Being extremely hard work, more and more people elect not to go into medicine. With a lack of doctors and nurses, more patients are ignored, left to worsen, and die. With an understaffed hospital, the rate of failure to rescue goes up. In the face of low nurse-to-patient ratios, failure to spot and take care of postoperative 100

infections, bedsores, complications from anesthesia, and so on, are counted as mistakes.

After being admitted to the hospital, most patients who develop a serious complication are rescued. "Failure to rescue" is not an accepted measure of deaths from medical errors.

Despite the actual rate of medical errors, we must always strive to make medicine safer. In a hospital, to be lackadaisical about patient well-being is never all right.

Because medicine is both an art and a science, to highlight negative medical stories is tricky. For instance, if hospital errors are so high that we avoid hospitalization, to whom do we turn?

Even with the most skilled medical care, if a person is very sick from multiple diseases, bad outcomes are bound to happen. Serious results are not always due to the negligence or incompetence by the medical staff.


Like the health swinger, the health weasel loves to highlight medical errors. Although images of airplanes falling out of the sky are used to symbolize the number of hospital-caused deaths, doves are not presented as a sign of lives saved. Statistics on the help given by medical personnel are not given. Improvements in areas such as anesthesia care, while remarkable, are seldom discussed in the media.

Are we so much eaten up by dementia as to insist that people in every line of work must perform perfectly? Even if the airlines check a suitcase correctly ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of the time, they will still lose scores of suitcases a day.

The best thing we can say about imaginary ideas of perfection is that they are imaginary. As grown-ups, we must admit that we do not live in a flawless world, and that all of us make mistakes.

Truth be told, a health swinger will highlight medical errors in an effort to get us to swing 102

to the “alternative” worldview.

The question is:

If the mainstream medicine is so incompetent, to whom do we turn?

Acting as a white knight, the galactic light healer steps in, to counter the allegedly bumbling doctor. With passion, the healer scorns mainstream medicine, and implies that, many years of formal education are not needed before treating human health problems. The healer has the nerve to suggest that, after relatively brief training in alternative medicine, they are qualified to tackle realworld diseases.

By feeding the white knight or hipster image, outright lies will be received, and health swingers will pay for doubtful healing by the truckloads.

Today, mentally slow and unquestioning people lumber straight into a welcome peck on the 103

cheek from groups that “have all the answers.” Meanwhile, real answers are available, though the unquestioning seeker ignores them.

Although, as a people, we are healthier than ever, we see ourselves as a jumble of medical misfortune. Trouble is thought to be poised, ready to spring on us. In our mind's eye, we see toxins flowing through our blood, and fecal matter built up in our intestines, which must be cleansed on a regular basis with amazing methods.

The Shaman‟s Rectal Candles

While many people use ear candles for detoxification, few of us are familiar with rectal candles. Throughout the world, healers use thermorectal therapy to treat a variety of conditions.

Traditionally handed down by shamans, rectal candling is used for healing, spiritual purification, and erotic initiation ceremonies. The practice has now reached the modern world. 104

Made by traditional methods, rectal candles are fashioned from the highest quality ingredients: all-natural beeswax, habanero, chamomile, alpha tocopherol, and organic linseed oil.

In thermorectal therapy, a recipient lies sideways, listening to peaceful music. A special candle is inserted into the anal canal, and the protruding end is lit. Because of the sideways position, hot ash from the candle stays out of the anal canal. As the candle burns down, the recipient hears a lovely crackling sound, and feels heat flooding the entire length of the rectum. When it burns down to about an inch from the anus, the candle is pulled out.

After rectal candling, the client feels revitalized, as though their entire colon has been swept clean. Using the chimney principle, the rectal candle balances the pressure in the colon, drawing toxins from the body. The colorectal ooze is then collected and disposed. In about thirty-six hours, any remaining ooze 105

that will work its way out.

While results vary from person to person, some clients report that the Shaman‟s Rectal Candles are helpful for:

Loosening impacted matter in the colon

Increased rectal energy flow

Relieving constipation

Tempering the spirit

To date, few contraindications for thermorectal treatment are known. A thermorectal recipient may have diarrhea after a treatment, or may not tolerate the anal burning from habanero. To be sure, it is not recommended to use thermorectal therapy if there is lower bowel tenderness, infection, or bleeding hemorrhoids.

Before a bowel movement, treatment with a Shaman‟s Rectal Candle is helpful.


For clients suffering from constipation, the Shaman‟s Rectal Candles are amazing - they are far superior to a syringe filled with olive oil.

A session of thermorectal therapy lasts around one hour, and costs one hundred dollars.

Gary Lee's Ultra Vitality Program

Here is an ingenious way to make money from the ravenous appetite of the health swinger for health fads. Because the swinger will not settle for standard health, we will appeal to their dream of incredible vigor.

On a large scale, the health pimp is already in on the act. We will join the pimp and cash in. If we sell the health swinger on the fantasy of super health, we will profit. Before our ultra health fad hits the market, we must devise ways to get people freaked out about their physical state, and urge them to buy into the scam. We must convince people that nature has passed inherent flaws on to the human organism, and 107

that they need our program. In a scheme to play off people‟s distorted view of the state of public health, “Gary Lee's Ultra Vitality Program” will fit the bill nicely.

Because ordinary health does not suit the health swinger, they constantly search for that which does not exist.

The idea of an ultra health program is nothing but a practical joke. While saying no to health obsession, why not aim for ordinary fitness?

Psychotronic Healer

For centuries, people from all cultures have reported attacks from psychic entities, and linked this to poor health. In stopping the attack of an entity and restoring health, a psychotronic device is most effective. Psychic healing devices are so powerful that doctors do not want their powers to be known to people at large.

Prior to using a psychotronic device, a 108

prospective healer must acquire mystical power. According to divine law, hard work and unique rituals will grant the skill a healer needs.

Carl Chubb, psychotronic healer

By being such easy marks for the absurd, in the search for that which promises to make us sexy, clairvoyant centenarians with psychotronic powers, we show that we have completely veered off course.

Deceptive Medicine

“Due to the bizarre events that followed an angry outburst, the Commission on Judicial Performance last week formally impeached Judge Frederick Allen.

According to observers in his courtroom, Judge Allen was in the middle of a fuming tirade, when he violently slammed his gavel down. To the astonishment of everyone, at the exact moment that the gavel of Judge Allen slammed down, a huge blast of lightning struck outside 109

next to the courtroom, just three hundred feet away. The same bolt of lightning instantly killed a twenty-five-year-old man, on trial for carrying a concealed weapon. Boyce Finney was on his way to court when the bolt of lightning killed him.

As news of the strange event spread, public outrage against Judge Allen had sealed his fate. Believing that the anger of Judge Allen had caused the lightning strike that killed Mr. Finney, a jury took two hours to find the judge guilty of manslaughter.”

Like made to order, psychic readings, so many of us are fooled by false connections. Once our credence buttons are pushed, we feel that chance events mistakenly connected solve a puzzle. Tough to refute, the false links solidify and become formally “our experience.” As the official owner of the experience, contrary evidence is pushed aside.

The colossal myth of “alliance is cause” adds fuel to horrendous amounts of holistic hokum 110

and superstitious thought. Around events that we wrongly believe are linked, we build acrossthe-board mystic holistic belief systems.

The health swinger that tries to mix rationality with all-natural belief is steeped in post hoc ergo propter hoc.

In Latin, the meaning of “post hoc ergo propter hoc” is “after this therefore because of this.” Because they believe in the offerings of the health pimp, the health swinger believes that, because one thing happens after the other, the other was the cause.

”I noticed a sore throat coming on. I bought Vitamin C and took it. Instantly, I felt the throat discomfort vanish! From now on, I will be sure to take Vitamin C at the first sign of a cold.”

”No wonder my breasts feel bigger. Last week, my chiropractor sold me all-natural Nipaloon capsules.”


”The psychic said things that really spoke to my heart. The reading was incredible!”

“When a close family member died at age fiftyeight, I went through much emotional pain. Since I am reaching that same age soon, depression has seized me. I find that the more I connect that loss to my own fate, the worse I feel. I cannot seem to snap out of it, even with medication. I know I am doing myself great harm.”

To fight against deceptive medicine, we need to keep one thing in mind:

Because our beliefs have such a huge effect on our lives, we must be ever mindful of the placebo, and its nasty counterpart, the nocebo.

Most of us are already conversant with the placebo effect. Simply said, the word placebo, (from Latin, “I shall please”) describes an inert therapy that works only through the power of belief. A placebo eases our symptoms only 112

because we expect it to.

Mending a broken bone overnight is beyond what a placebo can do. Nonetheless, if a patient is told they are being given a powerful drug, a placebo can temporarily stabilize a tumor. If told that a machine is reporting high blood flow to the pelvic area, though it is not, women who lack orgasmic ability may respond.

A friend tells us about a great new fat loss supplement being hyped on the radio. They rave, “It works!” If we dig deeper, the psychological meaning of “It works!” is revealed.

A sham product will “work” only through our fervent trust. Through belief, we may get a partial response.

For the rational person, placeboes will not do. If a rational person is sick, only tested treatments will do; beliefs are worthless.

“People are in poor health because of X. Y can help.” 113

“Nocebo” is a much newer word. Opposite to placebo, nocebo implies that only through belief are we harmed. The harm may be clear or subtle, chronic or brief.

Although a negative health report appears to be over and done with, the report may have legs. Even if only an imagined threat, a web site tells us we are in danger because of such and such. An astrologer says the alignment of the planets suggests something ominous may be about to happen. That the forecast is based only on superstition does not matter; that we accept it does.

Our feelings about the future, whether we expect a therapy to be helpful or not, our ability to hold off or hasten death - our beliefs are powerful, and can influence outcomes.

Like phantoms, placebo and nocebo work in the thousand things happening all around us. They drain our economy, and lay waste to lives. 114

If a holistic harlot says that a diabetic child must not take insulin, as insulin is toxic in prescribed doses, and the child simply needs homeopathy or prayer to get better, placebo and nocebo enter a dreadful realm. Finally, the harlot has done something that can send them to prison. As sentence is handed out, we shout the harlot down, bidding them good riddance.

Rather than building a real life, the holistic mystic follows the path of organic ascension. The interest of the holistic mystic revolves around hope, faith, positive thought, and the placebo. Without proof, the holistic mystic tells us, “Believe what I say.”

In actual fact, no one has one-bullet solutions to complex problems, least of all the holistic mystic. In the Hyperorganic Balance Cathedral, there are no valid solutions to tough problems to be found.

The rational person knows that, before committing to a supplement, a drug, or a 115

treatment, the full spectrum of medical and scientific evidence must be borne out. The rational person will say, “I want to try the things most liable to help me. I want to exhaust the things that offer statistical outcomes. If something does not work for me, I can move on to something else, with knowledge of what is factual, and what is placebo.”

Too few of us are familiar with the power of placebo and nocebo. From this time forth, we must be wise to their subtle power.


In Nineteen Seventy Five, after years of research, a homeopathist named Arnold Gregory created a new tincture that he called “Somatron.”

After many years, thousands of people in the health freedom movement were convinced that Dr. Gregory had at last found the cure for all disease. Today, even more people are convinced of the enormous value of his discovery. 116

Dr. Gregory had no idea of the hornet's nest he was to stir up; Somatron was thought to be a threat to the medical powers that be.

Because multinational pharmaceutical companies were not able to patent Somatron, they fiercely attacked the claim that it could cure all disease. Billions of dollars were needed to stifle the truth of the value of Somatron, and stop health freedom.

This story is one of many that show, a criminal money machine, skilled at shrouding the truth, runs modern medicine.

Medicine Divided

“An „alternative fire department‟ would be an absurd waste of city revenue. Likewise, something has evidence to support it, or is a waste of money.”

In keeping with what is proven, we avoid extremist groups that simply hurl epithets at 117

one another. Like testimonials, labels mean nothing in science. Medicine either works or it does not.

As Dr. Marcia Angell suggests, the time has come to dispense with medical idioms such as, “Traditional Chinese Medicine,” “integrative medicine,” “Tibetan Medicine,” “Western medicine,” “complementary medicine,” “Ayurveda,” “natural medicine,” and so on. Dr. Angell says that, “Medicine has demonstrated that it is successful or it has not.” Nice.

The Holistic Health Gouger

“You need to come in three times a week for the next few months, and take a homeopathic liver cleanser. If you can manage that, I will have Sylvia cut your fee to ninety-five dollars a treatment.

Before you go, I would like you to start on the homeopathic tablets that I mentioned. Tell your mother that I believe the tablets will help her, too. 118

By the way, for every person that you refer to my office, I will give you a five dollar rebate toward more product.”

The hunt for a therapist that restrains aggressive salesmanship and cryptic ideas can be an arduous task. To locate a skilled landscaper is far easier.

Committed to gouging, people that to assail us with last minute gotchas believe that gouging leads to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In lieu of service, the gouger emphasizes hard sell. Since the primary service of the gouger is worse than worthless, to compensate, the gouger must sell unwanted products, and impress us with highly priced services.

“What we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly.”

Thomas Paine


This is not to say that gouging takes place only in the realm of alternative medicine. As the heads-up consumer reporter tells us, ripoffs are possible most everywhere.

With good reason, the ethical practitioner refuses to sell products from their clinic. Leading medical groups, and anyone with an ounce of medical principles, universally condemn the practice. In any field, a practitioner must be objective.

To cash in, the clever health gouger counts on suckers who love the all-natural fairy stories of homeopathy, iridology, colon cleansing, reflexology, applied kinesiology, and magnet therapy. Although their offerings are expensive, the gouger trusts that suckers will line up for well-presented health propaganda, and overlook holistic hard sell to get the magic.

More often than not, the gouger has the best rapport with their clientele. The gouger, who has phony gizmos to impress, gives their charge 120

plenty of praise and attention. So as to look the part, the gouger may have on a nice tie and white coat. That people cannot tell the difference between the gouger and the legitimate health care provider is alarming.

How long will we continue to be ripped off by holistic crackpots and health gougers? No end is in sight.

Non-Deceptive Health Advice

The scientific community has revealed many remarkable things about health.

Fractured from science, most of us adhere to irrational health notions. Someone writes an article in an “integrative health” web site saying such and such is so, and we accept it. We pick up urban legends from friends, family, unreliable articles, and misleading television shows. Health food stores overflow with products claiming to restore the sick to health.


Ignorant of the fact that many diseases have no effective treatment yet, a product is said to cure all that doctors do poorly with. Said to aid our memory, foster huge weight loss, and perk up our sex lives, a product reaches “new heights.”

Through lessons on critical thinking, we must build a brain now or forever be suckers. If we have a boring life to begin with, an allnatural product will not bring us a better one. We must stop following the advice of the lamebrain, and get with the non-deceptive health advice of medical science. We must understand that proof is not based solely material written for laymen. We must not accept all claims, including what is written here, unless we check to see what scientists say in top peer-reviewed journals.

We are all too familiar with the offerings of the health pimp. Were there a tincture that could help us with memory, mental tasks, and sexuality, that tincture would be crowed about worldwide. In place of the proposals of the 122

health pimp, we must look to the health advice of the hardcore researcher. Much more fascinating than what is championed by the supplement broker and the holistic health posse are the findings of science.

A rational person does not look to something magical to rescue them from otherwise bad habits. Alone, none of the following will spell the difference between health, and the lack thereof, in any individual. These are parts of the whole picture of health:

That certain fruits can block cholesterol breakdown is not new to science. Chock full of highly beneficial compounds, research shows that berries are among the most powerful foods on earth. Repeatedly, we have been told that the beneficial compounds exist only in actual berries, not in dietary supplements.

Cutting the risk of heart disease and cancer, the compounds found in raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, and so on, have effects similar to red wine. Blackberries 123

contain the highest amount of these compounds.

In one study, elderly rats ate the equivalent of a half-cup of blueberries daily for eight weeks. The rats had noticeable improvements in balance, coordination, and short-term memory. In addition, blueberries seemed to slow the aging process. Scientists believe results from the study may apply to humans as well.

The compounds in blueberries are especially helpful in preventing arterial blockage. Nearly as powerful as statin drugs, the compounds in blueberries can reduce our cholesterol.

While no magic food guarantees health, and lowering cholesterol does not guarantee absolute freedom from heart attacks following a lifetime of damage from cholesterol, to eat blueberries is healthful.


Chinese gooseberry (the old name for kiwi fruit) was brought from China to New Zealand 124

early in the Twentieth Century. With brilliant green fruit, and minute, black seeds suitable for eating, kiwi has become extremely wellliked in the West.

As the most nutritious fruit in the world, kiwi boasts compounds that may cut the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and heart disease. In weight, kiwi has three times the amount of Vitamin E than avocado, while being extremely high in Vitamin C. Like red grapes,

and berries of all kinds, kiwi has compounds that may reduce the risk of cancer and decrease bad cholesterol.


Extremely nutritious, papaya and mango may slow the aging process, reduce the risk of cancer, improve lung function, and reduce diabetic complications.


While lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, 125

onion may reduce the risk of cancer. Onion contains compounds that reduce allergic inflammation, and protect the lungs from noxious fumes.


A great way to get our full daily servings of fruit is to make cool, delicious smoothies regularly. Using a blender, we can make mixtures of kiwi, berries, papaya, mango, cantaloupe, banana, yogurt, non-fat milk, soymilk, pineapple, and so on…

A smoothie that includes kiwi, berries, papaya, mango, and so on, is a nutritional powerhouse, making the use of supplements appear meager. A fruit smoothie shatters the false need to take dietary supplements. Sending the supplements to the local health nut as a freebie may be the best course of action.

Knowing that a well-made smoothie has a great deal of food energy, it is regarded as a meal, or a major part of a meal. 126

Fruit Smoothie Gourmet Magazine

From the novice smoothie enthusiast widening their palate, to the smoothie epicure, all fruit smoothie gastronomes deserve a voice. Now, that voice is here.

With reports from freelance writers, Registered Dieticians, authors, and other experts in the art of smoothie creation, Fruit Smoothie Gourmet is the most respected voice on smoothie perfection.

Regardless of the base fruit selected, the devoted smoothie connoisseur takes great pleasure in a glass or two of Grand Kiwi, Blueberry Bouquet, Royal Apple, or Cherry Sangiovese.

FSG considers the best smoothies to be homemade and fresh – not strained - with all the fiber of the fruit remaining. Whether adding non-fat milk, soymilk, or fruit juice, no ice is added; for cold smoothies, some or all of their fruit 127

is frozen prior to creation.

Knowing that a smoothie has a great deal of food energy, it is drunk as a meal, or as the major part of a meal.

A poor quality smoothie is thinned out with ice. A fruit smoothie connoisseur considers a smoothie ruined by adding anything beyond fruit, fruit juice, non-fat milk, yogurt, or soymilk.

From selection of the finest conventionally grown or organically grown fruit, to precise methods of storage, to recipes, to equipment, to which smoothies are best suited to which occasions, each smoothie is made more congenial with the helpful hints of our experts. FSG is designed for the total lifestyle of fruit smoothie connoisseur.


We must not use a lack of fresh fruits and 128

vegetables as an excuse not to eat well. Although fresh produce is great to buy, it may not be in season when sought.

Although most are nutritious, many people do not appreciate the value of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Despite the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the best value, because they linger prior to shipment, they are picked when unripe and hard - otherwise they will be overripe on reaching the market. Even so, being picked when mature, at the peak of nutrition, and locked in by the freezing process, many frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than their fresh equivalents.

Ready to brew, coffee retains its flavor for longer time when frozen.


When free of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fat or vegetable oil shortening, 129

low fat frozen meals are a good choice. Although most contain hydrogenated oils, healthful frozen meals free of them are becoming easier to find. The smart shopper looks for hydrogenated oil listed in the first few ingredients; this usually means there is a large amount of it in the product. By and large, frozen foods that have the words “light” or “lean” on the package are lower in total fat.

Whether formed through the manufacture of processed foods, added to extend shelf life, or to preserve taste, our body does not handle trans-fatty acids easily. While fat molecules are usually elastic, the trans-fat molecule is rigid. Trans-fats are associated with high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Another term for trans-fat, hydrogenated oil is a hard fat that forms as we pump hydrogen into liquid vegetable oil under pressure. Hydrogenated vegetable oil solidifies into artery blocking trans-fat, used in foods such 130


Shortening Butter substitutes Pastries Soup cups Crackers Chips Non-dairy creamers Salad dressings Fried chicken Frozen potpies French fries Ramen noodles Cookies Packaged cake and biscuit mixes Doughnuts Fast food

A moderate eater, who happens to consume transfats once in a while, does not face nutritional ruin. Even so, a moderate eater consumes fewer food products with cholesterol-raising transfats.


While trans-fat can be avoided with awareness, without reading labels, trans-fat is hard to avoid. Just as the phrase “no cholesterol” or “containing all vegetable oil" is deceptive, a food “fried in vegetable oil” points to one that contains trans-fat.

While most contain hydrogenated oils, healthful frozen meals free of them are becoming easier to find. By and large, frozen foods that have the words “light” or “lean” on the package are lower in fat. A smart shopper will look for hydrogenated oil listed in the first few ingredients; this usually means there is a large amount of it in the product.


In a world of need, the quality and assortment of foods in the usual supermarket is magnificent, despite the use of trans-fat in many products. While capital-intensive countries are endowed with a wealth of wellformed, conventionally grown produce, the Whole Life Expo yuppie, smitten by the organic 132

worldview, has caused the sales of organic food to mushroom. With more markets ready to satisfy demand for organic foods, the Whole Life Expo yuppie feels contempt for the conventional supermarket.

Blinded by the organic worldview, the Whole Life Expo yuppie cannot appreciate how good they have it. Yuppie complaints about conventionally grown food are absurd.

To eat organic food is fine; the selfrighteousness that often goes with it is not. Although organic agriculture may improve the environment, the added hassle required to grow it makes organic produce a luxury for the elite. Able to pay for organic food, a few of us have plenty of foliage in the wallet. In any case, buying organic makes people feel better, and keeps them busy.


All through the time when Hippies walked the earth, holistic diets were talked about a lot. 133

One of the diets that gained adherents was the raw food diet. That we ought to eat only raw food is a fable dating back many decades before the advent of the Hippies. Although many people have stayed with it, the idea that we must eat only raw food is flawed. That we can cure disease by eating raw food is pure fantasy.

Fortunately, research has settled the raw versus cooked food issue. Raw food dogma suggests that to cook food destroys nutrients. The fact is that, to overcook food does lower the nutrient content, intelligent cooking does not destroy many nutrients, while nutrition is improved. Intelligent cooking liberates the nutrients, so that more nutrients are available to be absorbed by the body. Spinach is more nutritious when it is cooked wisely, as are carrots, and so on. Cooked tomatoes and tomato sauces have more nutrients freed.

Artichokes, beets, turnips, and many root vegetables would be unsavory - hard to eat in a raw state.


Because we “cook” food in our intestines to digest it, we are all cooked food eaters, in a sense.

Eating both raw and cooked food puts the brakes on the matter. We are heads of our class simply by eating lots of fruits and vegetables in any state we like. To eat nutritious, raw and cooked food, gives us a surplus of vitamins and minerals. The most important thing is that we get fruits and vegetables into our system often.


To the point where they lose sight of the goals of gastronomic pleasure and eating a diversity of foods, the fear-based orthorexic is consumed by the need to be nutritionally correct. Already lightened up, the rational consumer buys all kinds of fare free of organic zeal.


To intensify our nutritional plan, we add the 135

two most nutritious vegetables into recipes and salads: collard greens and spinach. Frequent meals of any dark leafy green can cut the threat of macular degeneration and cataracts. Rich in fiber, calcium, lutein, and an array of other healthy compounds, eating dark leafy greens may cut our risk of cancer.


To benefit from the full spectrum of vitamin E, consuming a moderate amount of nuts and nut butters is recommended.

Because nearly all vitamin E supplements contain only one paltry form of tocopherol (alpha tocopherol) among many, taking them thwarts the action of the more powerful kinds of vitamin E. Like most dietary supplements having large dose of only one form of a nutrient, it is harmful to take alpha tocopherol alone.

Nuts put vitamin E supplements to shame. Because they lack the many healthful substances 136

in nuts and other real foods, the use of supplements when not medically supervised must be avoided.

In sedentary people, eating too many nuts can lead to obesity. For people with a dynamic lifestyle, the dense calories in a few nuts a day are not a problem. For people with high cholesterol, nuts eaten in moderation are fine, as they are filled with wholesome plant chemicals.


Indisputable champions of nutrition, cherries have among the most potent anti-cancer compounds to be found. The extraordinary health benefits in cherries surpass even those of berries. Research has shown that regularly eating cherries may prevent some of the worst diseases know to man. Cherries may protect us against the signs of aging, cut inflammation linked with allergies, slow the development of head and neck tumors, and shield the lungs from the damaging effects of noxious agents. 137

Reducing pain, gallstone buildup, and preventing heart disease - the list goes on when we eat cherries often.


If we look at medicinal herbs, we often neglect the ones that are added to food. Since many culinary herbs have great phytochemical activity, this oversight is unfortunate. Lots of culinary herbs are higher in healthful plant compounds than fruits and vegetables.

One culinary herb stands head and shoulders above the rest: oregano.

Like a mountain of joy, oregano has forty-two times the antioxidant activity of apples, twelve times more than an orange, and four times more than a serving of blueberries. Considering that blueberries are one of the most powerful foods on earth, oregano is remarkable. With three to twenty times the antioxidant activity of other herbs, oregano reigns supreme. 138

Saying that it is a panacea, the health pimp will gladly sell us oil of oregano. Ignore the pimp, and use fresh, whole oregano in cooking only.


Years ago, only a few die-hard vegetarians knew what plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) were. Now, the healthful chemicals found in plants are well known.

Whether from genes, culture, or diet, menopausal symptoms are less frequent in Asian countries, where women eat lots of plant estrogen-rich soy products, and do not eat other foods. Plant estrogens in dietary quantity (as opposed to the quantities found in supplement) might help the heart, thicken bones, and so on.

Because it contains diosgenin, a plant steroid used in making the hormone progesterone, companies formerly used the wild yam to 139

manufacture birth control pills. Years later, the health food industry came up with the idea of yam supplements and creams as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy, aphrodisiacs, arthritis drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, and so on. Health pimps claimed that the yams in their products were processed to make them more powerful, and that the human body could turn diosgenin into a safe and effective medicine – neither of which is true.

Yam pills and yam cream have no hormonal effects. Otherwise, to use yam products would have the same side effects as prescription hormones, and eating yams would feminize males.

The health pimp claims that plant estrogens can enlarge the breasts of women, and that plastic surgery is needless. Oddly, neither newspaper headlines, nor peer-reviewed journals have uttered a word on this allegedly monster breakthrough – a breakthrough into outright fraud.

The pimp fails to inform us that, to realize 140

any effect from plant estrogens, we must eat lots of foods that contain them, and do away with many other foods.

Although researchers have shown their benefits, the potential negative effects of plant estrogens are a concern when used by infants. The amount of plant estrogens an infant gets in soy-based formula is much higher than what is needed for hormonal changes in an adult.


Many people have strange ideas about mucus, and alleged mucus-forming foods. Although the idea of a mucusless diet interests them, the whole theory is utter tripe.

Shortly after World War I, the myth of the mucusless diet first gained in popularity. As a medical primitive, Arnold Ehret put forth the theory that certain foods create mucus, leading to disease.

Through cells that produce it in the 141

bloodstream, the body creates mucus for many important reasons - without it, we would die.

While drinking a big glass of whole milk might leave a “mucusy” feeling in the mouth, mucus production in the body has nothing to do with consuming dairy fat.

Because ear, nose, and throat doctors were asked about the mucus/dairy connection so often, a study was carried out to finally put the idea to the test. Researchers loaded people up with dairy products, and measured mucus flow rates. They found that a dairy-rich diet added nothing to mucus production.

Because of lactose intolerance, many people do not consume dairy products. Lactose intolerance causes gas, cramps, and diarrhea.


Through thirst, our body signals a need for water. In spite of this, many people feel bound to follow specious health advice such as: 142

“Regardless of weather and activity, everyone on the planet should drink eight glasses of water a day.”

While the origin of the “drink eight glasses a day” urban legend is obscure, most of us can tell that the advice is bunk. We know that we do not need to drink that much, or an exact amount of water. Not only that, a ditch digger near the equator, in the blazing summer sun, might need more than eight glasses of water a day. Even without medical knowledge, most of us know that our need for water increases with particular diets, certain ailments, or in hot climates. Our thirst is to be trusted, and we drink when we feel the need.

In nearly all cases, our body has the knack of sounding the alarm for water. Without following health fads, healthy people find it hard to be dehydrated.

We must keep in mind that healthy foods are comprised chiefly of water. The digestive 143

system breaks food down into substances such as sugar, protein, fat, carbon dioxide, and water. Unless we run marathons or the like, we could insure our water needs without drinking fluids at all. A wide-ranging diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy beverages, ruling out the need for us to chug down many ounces of liquid down every day.

Our body expels surplus water into the kidneys to form of urine. Drinking too much makes the urine appear watery. As the body concentrates salts and waste, the urine of people who do not drink enough liquid appears dark. The body strives to not let water, or other vital substances, vary much. If we do not drink enough liquid, if we do not get enough water from food, the body goes to various tissues to establish constant water volume.

Though often unseen, our skin loses water through sweat all the time, even if we feel dry. Breathing on a mirror shows the incessant vaporization of water through our lungs. Likewise, we constantly lose water through the 144

skin. This steady loss of water adds up.

In hot weather, elderly people need to stay ahead of their thirst, by knocking back an extra glass or more of fluid daily. Without a sense of dehydration, elderly people need to stay ahead of their thirst mechanism, which may not be as dependable as when they were younger.

An obsession with water as a health tonic for all that ails us is half-baked. Although the idea is not supported by research, health pimps insist that everyone is dehydrated to a certain degree.

Another myth surrounds the herbal health drink called coffee:

“Because it stimulates urination, coffee causes us to release more water than we drink.”

While coffee is a diuretic, by drinking it, we do not expel more water than we drink through our urine. The idea that we can eventually kill ourselves through net water loss, by drinking 145

lots of coffee, is yet another urban legend.

Our body does not lose significant amounts of water by drinking caffeinated beverages, particularly when we are used to drinking them. The idea that we must drink lots of water, to counter the diuretic effects of caffeinated beverages, is rubbish. Unless we drink huge volumes, caffeinated beverages do not dehydrate us. Whatever we drink, our body knows to hang on to the water it needs.

Alcohol is another story; because ethanol is a diuretic, alcoholic drinks certainly cause a net loss of bodily fluids.

To stay hydrated, we need to put back the water lost through breathing, sweat and urination. Depending on weather, activity, age, and physical condition, the amount of water that we need changes drastically.

Because the body copes poorly with enormous amounts of water, compulsive water drinkers easily take on more than they can handle. The 146

surplus water we drink does not stay in the bloodstream - through urination, the body simply expels what it does not need.

Ironically, the orthorexic water drinker, downing up to a gallon or more per day, is thirsty all the time. As soon as they take in a heavy hit of water, the body tries to keep up. Locked in a nasty cycle, the orthorexic water drinker urinates the water out, drink too much, urinate the water out, and so on. The constant drinking and urinating causes an artificial thirst. Eventually, through water accumulating on the brain, the orthorexic water drinker can expire.

Without a doubt, the orthorexic water drinker must gradually slow down, and get out of the bathroom.

Anyone that develops persistent thirst or urination for no apparent reason needs to be examined by a doctor for diabetes.



The advice presented herein is not meant as a replacement for consulting a doctor. As with any exercise program, if at any point during workout you feel lightheaded, shaky, or have pain, halt the exercise immediately and seek advice from a doctor. The author denies all legal responsibility in connection with the following program. Because exercise can lead to injury, consult a medical doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.

Many people find great advantages in strength training. Although we mistakenly believe that only muscle heads pump iron, the American Heart Association disagrees; they say that strength training is a good way to develop a fit heart. Meditation and exercise can enhance our psychological health.

Like meditation, exercise allows us to rest from our labors, and get away from it all, which largely accounts for its benefit. The same thing happens when we slip into a Jacuzzi, 148

drink some wine, listen to tranquil music, and have a nice chat. Simply by reading a book, we get many of the benefits of exercise.

Although strength training is a good way to escape from our worries, it has benefits beyond placebo. Intelligent strength training thickens the bones, and enhances the way the body processes sugar.

We can add strength training to an aerobic exercise or walking program, and get more out of both.

Two-Legged Lat Pulls

(Picture 6 – Lat 1) (Picture 7 – Lat 2) (Picture 8 – Lat 3)

While lying on our back, we circle the arms around the upper thighs, just under the knees. We lock our hands together by using one hand to strongly grab the other on the pinky side, at the junction of the hand and wrist.


Next, we imagine that someone is touching us in the very middle of our back, between the shoulder blades. Through resistance from the forward movement of bent legs, we oppose the movement with our hands and arms. As our arms transfer resistance to the upper back muscles, we pull backward while breathing out. At the same time, we bring our shoulder blades together for one second, contracting them toward the imaginary touch.

To make the movement more efficient, as our arms transfer resistance to the upper back muscles, we slowly exhale, and squeeze the elbows toward the ground. After that, we release, inhale, and allow the shoulders to come forward as everything relaxes. Repeat.

We perform one or two sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Off The Knees Push-ups

(Picture 8 – Off The Knees Push-ups)


With hands placed pointing slightly inward, slightly outside of boundary of our shoulders, and slightly under the shoulder tops, we breathe in. We keep our back stiff and straight, while lowering our upper body until it touches the floor. As we push ourselves back to the top, we breathe out.

The more slowly we do the Off The Knees Pushups exercise, and the further we bring our knees from our hands, the more difficult we make it.

We perform around one or two sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Wall Slides

(Picture 9 – Wall Slides)

With buttocks and back leaned against a smooth wall, our heels are placed about one to two feet from the wall. The feet are shoulder width apart and parallel.


While squatting down around five inches (about sixty degrees), and staying tightly against the wall, we breathe in. We do not allow the knees to bend lower than ninety degrees (thighs parallel with the floor). With abdominal muscles tightened, we hold the pose for about five seconds before we exhale, and slide back up to the start. At the top of the movement our knees are bent slightly.

At all times throughout the movement, we must remember to keep our buttocks and shoulder blades in contact with the wall, with a small hollow maintained in the lower back.

The movement is done at a slow, controlled pace.

Sudden knee pain may mean we have allowed ourselves to descend too far.

For added resistance, we can hold dumbbells at the sides, and gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells over time. Advanced trainees can hold the dumbbells with arms stretched out at 152

the sides at shoulder height.

We repeat the movement until we have done one to three sets of ten repetitions, over time working up to four sets of thirty repetitions. We rest around twenty seconds between sets.


To further cut back on lean tissue loss as we age, and to preserve functional strength for daily living, we may choose to do strength training with weights.

The benefits of strength training are important, more so than the risk of developing osteoarthritis from commonly seen poor form.

Because it is extra efficient, the Smartbomb method of strength training, introduced by intellectual/athlete extraordinaire Mike Mentzer, is performed without the need for exhaustive hours. People who enjoy squandering time in the gym for social reasons, or who believe that high-volume training is the only 153

way to go, will not care for the Smartbomb method. Through the use of three calculated, simple exercises, we can easily strengthen the large muscle groups of the body, and be done for the day.

How To Do The Three-Exercise Smartbomb

We prepare for strength training with light, high repetition, warm up sets for each of the three exercises. A warm up set requires that we use a weight light enough to allow us to complete around twenty to thirty repetitions.

Once our warms up sets are done, we load sufficient weight for the work set. A work set is heavy enough to let women do no more than eighteen repetitions for one to two sets. For men, the weight is heavy enough to permit no more than ten repetitions. Put another way, women load poundage so heavy that to get eight repetitions will be a challenge. Men load poundage so heavy that to get six repetitions will be intense.


(Picture 10- Lying Leg Press)

Leg Press - Adjust the leg press machine to provide room for full range of motion, and lie back on the sled. Place feet on platform with knees pointed same directions as feet. Push with both heels and balls of feet, without letting heels rise off of platform. Leave a slight bend in knees at full extension. Next, lower knees toward chest until knees are bent no more than ninety degrees. Repeat.

(Picture 11 - Incline Dumbbell Press)

Incline Dumbbell Press - With dumbbells resting on thighs, sit up on incline bench. Suddenly, with thighs on dumbbells, raise dumbbells to shoulders, and bend back to lie on bench. With dumbbells at sides of shoulders, and elbows beneath dumbbells, press upward until arms are slightly bent on extension. Next, lower dumbbells to sides of shoulders. Repeat.

(Picture 12 - Reverse Grip Pulldown)


Reverse Grip Pulldown - Grab bar overhead with palms facing backward, hands spaced six inches apart. Sit down and place legs underneath kneepads, weight pulling arms overhead. With back angled slightly backward, pull bar downward until touching upper chest. Hold for second or two, and ease the bar overhead. Repeat.

Trainees can perform all three exercises per workout, or can perform one of the exercises for every workout – each trainee must decide which is best for them. Trainees will perform one or two weight workouts a week.

Whatever method a trainee chooses, a strength training session is followed by a day of rest (no strength training, and no aerobic exercise).

After a day of rest, walking, elliptical, racquetball, ride a bicycle, jog, tumble on mats, or other aerobic exercise follows.

Afterwards, we rest another day, with no 156

training whatsoever.

The next day, we perform a strength training session, and so on.

Like an aerobics-only program, the Smartbomb method is an exceptional way to stimulate our cardiovascular system. Endurance exercise, lasting around thirty minutes, and strength training, whether performed with body weight or barbells, dumbbells, and machines, are always alternated, with a day of rest in between.


If we look to our workouts with dread, if we feel like bowing out that day, simply lower the weight and have a light session.

The Three-Exercise Smartbomb is ideal for:

People with limited time

Beginners, and the sedentary


The uninspired trainee who wants to strip everything down to basics

The trainee that wants a program with the finest results in the least amount of time

The person with a main activity, yet still needs strength training

The trainee who does not like to spend hours in a gym, who wants a unique, scientific approach to training

People may wonder why no stretching is listed in the Smartbomb system. To prevent injury, we have been told that stretching before a workout is vital. For many, stretching before a workout is a habit - for others, it is a rite.

The poem of the athlete is:

“Before training, stretch, before training, stretch. To be the best that you can be, before training, stretch. To avoid pulling a muscle, before training, stretch. To steer clear of 158

strains, before training, stretch.”

The preceding poem is not supported by research. Distinct from stretching to get the blood flowing because we are waking up, or have been sedentary, stretching to prevent injury after an activity is an urban legend with many followers. While physical therapy stretches are fine, when coupled with exercise or sports, stretching is linked to elevated injury rates.

While light, warm up stretches are appropriate, to stretch for increased range of motion, especially when cold, may lead to injury. Most stretches must be chucked altogether, as they overextend important ligaments be creating force that goes against a joint.

We must realize that our range of motion is mostly inherited, and performing activities that demand flexibility add to it somewhat. People without innate flexibility are not the people who excel at activities that demand it.

The best way to get the heart rate up, and 159

inert muscles ready to perform, is by warming up with mild movements that gradually increase, leading to the more intense movements to come.

For endurance exercise, walking is best for most people. For people whose goal is to lose fat, walking with a slower pace is best.

Without the pounding of running, power walking is more effective than a regular walk for people who seek fitness. By warming up in a slow pace, we then walk faster, as if trying to catch someone. In time, we reach a pace that covers a mile in around twelve minutes. A brisk arm swing, a significant heel strike, and a strong push of the toes, make power walking an ideal aerobic exercise.

With the goal of living longer, many people reserve hours on end for workouts. How about it; will long-drawn-out exercise sessions help us to live longer?


Although exercise for functional strength is of worthwhile, studies show that the idea of exercise for longevity is close to an urban legend. For trainees that spend night after night in the gym, we must wonder. Can they not find anything better to do? Can they not come up with a more efficient exercise plan? Although exercise for longevity is a myth, long, intense workouts are not needed for good results.

If we can afford basic equipment, exercising at home is unbeatable. We can save time by squeezing a workout in between chores. The Three-Exercise Smartbomb saves us even more time.

Although ideal, strength training at home requires us to buy:

A leg press machine

A lat pulldown machine

A bench that tilts up at the middle 161

Some free weights

For most, buying pricey equipment is out of the question. Luckily, regular exercise and better nutrition do not cost much. With strength of will, exercise can gradually make us feel and perform better. With less eating, aerobics can help us lose weight.

For people over the age of sixty-five, strength training is a realistic way to maintain functional strength and independence. Once cleared by a doctor, one strength training session a week can help people up to age eighty.

Many studies have documented the safety of moderate strength training in healthy adults. When carefully monitored by a cardiologist, even people with mild heart disease can benefit from strength training.

Researchers have looked at the effects of strength training as a therapy for high blood 162

pressure. In a review of several studies, strength training was found to bring about a decrease in resting blood pressure, which may cut the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Without the consent of a cardiologist, those with a heart condition disease must abstain from strength training. A smart cardiologist will prohibit sufferers of unstable angina, hard to manage high blood pressure, uncontrolled irregular heartbeats, heart failure, and severe heart-valve disease from strength training.

Through improvements in gait and balance, and with a doctor monitoring any medication, Tai Chi can ward off the incidence of falls and breaks. Tai Chi can be performed by itself, or as the aerobic component integrated in a Smartbomb program.

At any age, too much strength training may lead to a condition that mimics hardened arteries. To avoid this, researchers have found that one set of a few strength exercises each week has 163

been found to be enough to offer many benefits.

Incredibly, most of fitness is genetic. If we succumb to the vast range of fitness mythology, we will be baffled, and diverted from the main point – that most of fitness is genetically acquired.

The Three-Exercise Smartbomb dispels the confusion that infests the fitness world. As it hacks away at the bewilderment of a trainee, the Smartbomb is like training with golden weights.

Promising easy, speedy results in spite of lousy genetics, the fitness rip off seldom admits that our inherited body shape limits our results.

We must recognize that our inherited body shape directs exercise outcome. Retailed magic will not cheat genetics. Still, more activity and better nutrition within the scope of our genetics is of great value.


When controlled exercise and dietary habits fail to produce a dream body, we try to make it happen in spite of our inherited body type. With meager self-discipline and money to burn, we look for ways to fight our genetics.

By means of fake photos and fitness models as the ideal, we are exposed to clever infomercials inviting us to buy a quick fix product. Fitness models, that do not use the product being advertised, are paid to say that the product will give permanent results. We are told that we can spot reduce an area, and sculpt it to perfection. In just minutes a day, the butt busters, thigh toners, ab machines, and other contraptions promise a rock hard body.

Unlike the registered dietician, the fitness swindler tells us of wondrous supplements that burn fat and build muscle, which they happen to sell. The goal is to entice us to buy lots of product.

Proclaiming that they will boost our 165

metabolism, and improve our results in the gym, the fitness swindler highlights the importance of creatine, DHEA, protein powder, and fat burning supplements. To make us more muscular, dangerous prohormones such as androstenediol, pregnenolone, and androstenedione are said to be safe and effective.

Sadly, many of us cling to the belief that supplements work wonders. We take seriously the advice of fellow gym rats, and fitness supplement peddlers.

With smart training and nutrition, we must learn to ignore medically untrained people. We learn to accept that our bodies will do what they will, and nothing more. To ask for more gets us into trouble.


Although the world has a great sports tradition, the fanatic is so invested, that they cannot enjoy the game. When we are stuck on fitness and sports, we easily go past 166

reasonable limits.

For sports and exercise fiends, the issue is:

“How do we know if we are going too far?”

As we obsess only on the physical, we note our shrinking mental power, and pain from injuries. We are the only ones that can decide whether to ease off or not.

If the body drops us hints, or if we have any doubts, we merely sit down, and have a good talk with ourselves.

Although our forebears bled for our freedom, we leave their sacrifice out of our minds. Today, exercise and sports consumes us. We need to be clear, and consider why we feel the need for exercise and sports mania.

For many people, exercise and sports are gratifying. Nonetheless, if we do not stimulate our minds to grow and learn, we kid ourselves. On the other hand, if we stimulate both body 167

and mind in a balanced way, we can still be dedicated to exercise and sports.

“The world is an unpredictable place. Exercise and sports keep us focused and alive; they can give us a sense of power. Beyond the tiny cocoon of exercise and sports, things feel as if they are beyond our control.”

Exercise and sports mania are generally motivated by one or several of the following:

To deal with stress

For health and fitness

To lose fat

To improve appearance

“Hey, I like it; it feels good!”

“I know that it is good for me, but I hate it”

To build muscle size and strength 168

For mastery in other activities

Professional commitment; we are paid to do it

If our goal is health and fitness, the science is clear: we do not need to go to extremes. Aerobic activity, done twenty to thirty minutes, two to three times a week, is about as much as we need for cardiovascular fitness. Even better is the more complete method – the Smartbomb method of training, as talked about earlier.

For fat loss, with more activity, and by slowly taking in fewer calories we burn, we trim down. Selling few diet books, the fact is that there are no secrets, no magical ways to lose fat.

Regularly eating beyond our fill, we have grown horribly self-indulgent. In a coddled world, epicureans harm themselves through excess.

To expect that eating a large meal can be countered by exercising ourselves into the 169

ground makes the going hard. To burn up the caloric energy of a large meal is nearly impossible. How much more efficient it is not to eat excess food to start with.

From inactivity to overtraining, to get the right amount of activity is easier said than done.

In medicine, we may be labeled as a “nonexerciser” or a “nonadherer” by being sedentary. The nonexerciser is often older, overweight, a smoker, with high cholesterol, or with weak physical constitution.

In activities like bodybuilding, tennis, running marathons, and martial arts tournaments, there is no limit to how much we might train. To get the qualities of a champion can cause us to overdo it.

In the case of exercise-induced euphoria, we can get into trouble more quickly. Because world events are beyond our control, physical activity gives us a sense of command. Although 170

overtraining is rough on the body, and downright agonizing, it makes us feel triumphant for a while. Though crossing the line, the overtrainer believes that training to overkill does something good for them.

To debate that which gives us joy is not our purpose. While we may not work ourselves into a quivering heap of coronary tissue, by needless wear and tear, we may be forced to resign from that which we love. The idea is that, by not overtraining, we can do what we are devoted to up until the day that we kick.

The orthopedist loves the overtrainer; as the overtrainer looks for medical help, a fantasy holiday in Fiji comes closer to reality. If we regularly experience soreness or strain, we are abusing our body. If we experience ligament or tendon pain, our problems may have just begun. The overtrainer ought to be alarmed when bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, or stressed tissues yell, “Hey! Get smart or suffer injury!”


Beyond simple muscle discomfort, which disappears as we get into better shape, there is a point where we are foolish to ignore pain. To ensure that our view of ourselves does not put our body at risk, we must remember that most of us are not paid to train. Still, after aggressively tearing their body down for many years, the exercise and sports whackjob seriously believes they should be healed by a treatment in time for the big event held tomorrow.

Often, no matter how passionate we feel, the people we cherish are not impressed by our fanatical activities. We would be wise to stop and think about the range of things that influence training:



Physical stress imposed by our activity

Training volume/frequency/intensity 172

Body mechanics


The length to which we will go when obsessed is endless. The problem is the gap between obsession and reality. In any case, we must know that exercise will not make us invincible.

The only way to judge our training in context is to look at our present condition, weighed against our past performance. To compare us with another trainee does not mean much. Consistency in realistically taking stock of our condition may get us to train smarter.

In an integrated, wide-ranging lifestyle, one that balances intellectual growth with physical growth, is superior to one that seeks physical growth alone. Intellectual growth is far more important to our long-term happiness.

For many people, “exquisite torture” is a tough habit to beat. An extreme, stressful, or self173

critical personality finds it easy to overtrain. For such a personality to put exercise in perspective, and look openly at what science says, is vital.

From time to time, we must examine our motives for training. Chronic overtrainers must ask themselves frank questions:

Is more training always better?

What is going on mentally that makes us want to exercise so much? What is it that we are trying to achieve? Why are we hammering our body?

Are we trying to be the best in our chosen activity? Are we trying to be like someone we admire? Does a genetically gifted hero of ours, who recovers from athletic events quickly, make us go the extra mile?

What does lots of exercise really do for us in the long run? Are we using exercise make the time go by faster? Were we to run ten miles a day, as opposed to ten miles a week, will it 174

add that much to our life?

How does our present performance compare with our performance in the past?

Does exercise and watching sports fanatically, harm our bond with others?

To assume that, if we take our organic vitamins, and exercise with a passion, all will be well, is a myth. Classically, researchers have looked at overzealous exercise with a surprising outcome: for fitness, fervent exercise is a waste of time. Researchers also found that being involved in any activity is not enough:

To get the most from an endeavor, we must take pleasure in it.

The benefits of an activity are determined by how it makes us feel. For example, if we work in the garden, but do not like it, to pursue gardening may not be in our best interest. Although we hate it, if we climb on an exercise 175

machine in the belief that exercise is a must, benefits might not accrue.

Human beings are social animals. To be happy, we need personal bonds that are important to us. Our well-being is enhanced when living dynamically makes us feel socially connected.

To live dynamically means to have a great sense of humor, enjoy deep, monogamous romance, walk with a spring in our step, dance on the spur of the moment, love our work, respond easily with a smile, and so on.

Appropriate exercise is a distinctly personal thing. We cannot make an absolute statement, and say that X amount of an activity is too much. Although overtraining is a complex matter, what is offered here can suggest ways to manage it.


The Eleven-Step Program of Overtrainers Anonymous is an established, non-mystical 176

progression over twelve step recovery programs. Overtrainers Anonymous is not an authoritybased religious cult offering one-way routes to freedom. We do not regard overtrainers as weak, despicable sinners. Overtraining is seen as a choice, not a disease.

Bad habits call for a change in our behavior, not faith in mystical power. In Overtrainers Anonymous, we do not turn our will over to anyone or anything.

If we picture ourselves as reliant on exercise, a self-fulfilling prophecy is set up, and we remain wimps not be able to live without it.

By saying that we are born victims, and that a nonexistent sovereign will make everything better, we only confuse people that need to be rational. In place of groups rooted in mysticism, the Eleven Steps are based on reality.

Step One: Free of mysticism, we study the problem of overtraining. We do not think of 177

ourselves as patsies that train too much in order to escape reality. We know that the details of why we overtrain are different for everyone.

Step Two: We have learned that to shrug off our responsibility is unwise. Only through selfresponsibility do we free ourselves from obsession. In reality, we are not powerless victims; we are the ones in charge. No fictional power can change us.

Step Three: We know that obsession afflicts all kinds of people in all walks of life. In conquering a destructive practice, it is we that have control of us. Determined to be smarter, we know that change can come only from within. We catch ourselves every time that we feel like acting in self-destructive ways.

Step Four: To undo the pounding we have subjected ourselves to over a long period is not immediate. We do not expect to miraculously restore the damage that we have wreaked over time. 178

Step Five: Being fully honest with ourselves, we identify the mental weaknesses that cause us to rationalize tearing our body down. We take a bold account of our ways, and map out a realistic plan to defeat self-ruin. We convert our urge into knowledge of recovery. Based on self-honesty, we understand that more is seldom better.

Step Six: We admit that our urge is out of control, and strive to make a clean breast of harmful attitudes. As we read a great book, we are grateful for our mind as much as our body. Although we felt like we had nothing better to do, we reject the world of excess.

Step Seven: We understand that to lean on other powerless mystics for help, and adopt a different form of obsession, is just as harmful. Instead, we will wipe mystical programming out for good.

Step Eight: We assert that we have the power to enjoy rational pursuits, year after year, and 179

stay away from the ranks of people who have fizzled out. Through insight into the workings of our body, we do away with injury and burnout. Through insight into the workings of our mind, we do away with fanaticism.

Step Nine: Without making a list, we know who the loved ones hurt by our compulsions are. Determined by us alone, we have told appropriate doctors, teachers, competitors, and fellow overtrainers of our choice to walk the path of reason. Because we know that freedom from obsession will take time, we ask for their patience.

Step Ten: We continue to accurately monitor ourselves. If we find that our urge has returned, we will quickly take realistic measures to cut back. We find better things to do with our time.

Our new state of balance encourages more productivity, prosperity, and happiness in our lives. In taking renewed pleasure in our relationships, we know that without them, 180

everything else is worthless.

Step Eleven: In sensible ways, we look for the knowledge to be more efficient. We identify and address the stressors that caused us to go too far. We guiltlessly leave behind all individuals that trigger us to act against our best interests.

Because we are sincere about the Eleven Steps, we carry them to other compulsive people. We unite with people who are in it for the long haul. Together, we judge ourselves only against ourselves, and cease comparing ourselves with others.

Put off by the supernatural themes of twelvestep programs, Overtrainers Anonymous is a recovery option for compulsive people of all kinds. Overtrainers Anonymous maintains that freedom from addiction is an issue unconnected from mystical beliefs. Our only purpose is the care and feeding of the rational trainee.

The traditional twelve-step approach tells us 181

that, without conformity to the “truth,” damnation lies ahead. Through supernatural means, we are bound to admit our wrongs to an unknowable, almighty being, and humbly ask it to remove our shortcomings.

Rather than membership in a supernatural group, balance is achieved by being rapt in a moving piece of music, or a first-rate book. By spending time in intellectual pursuits, people who know us are astounded.

In regard to the other extreme, people in the fitness industry lick their lips, as they see many people sign up for a gym membership, only to quickly withdraw.

In the place of trainees that are short on dedication, we will play it smart. By taking part only in activities that we enjoy, we avoid those that feel forced, “for our own good,” or because we “have to.”

To be sedentary is unfavorable. If we think of exercise as torture, or if we think that only 182

formal exercise is effective, we wind up hating exercise. For fitness, studies tell us that simply walking twenty minutes three days a week can just as effective as long, drawn out workouts.

While science says that exercise can be healthy, we do not need to engage in familiar exercise to be in shape. To be fit, we do not have to join a gym. For twenty minutes, three times a week, we can twirl a hula-hoop, skip rope, run sideways, play dodge ball, have tickle fights, perform light grappling drills, dance, do housework, yard work, walk in a mall (for those with adequate splurge control only!), or walk anywhere that is safe. In addition, people who seek fitness can simply live their lives with passion.

The following area must be placed

Heavy petting counts as exercise, as does wholesome sexual behavior. Sex has great health benefits besides the pleasure factor. We ought to have sex regularly, and strive to be good at 183

it. An active, monogamous sex life can be a path to fitness.

If we are genetically predisposed to a robust constitution, we can enjoy more intense activities. Because vigorous people are likely to embrace physical exercise, studies on exercise are marred. Compared to those with weaker constitutions, robust people are raring go to the gym, swim, or wrestle.

People in good physical shape have the benefit of being able to make physical activity fun. A game of Frisbee might be leisurely amusement for the able-bodied, as the overweight or unfit sit and stare at the fun. If the unfit person joins in, they might feel as if they are going to die; their pulse rate would be off the charts.

Modern people live in a way that puts a damper on motion. Many people get no activity, and have few interests. Others do not get enough activity for health benefits. Rather than walking the dog, we are encouraged to flop down 184

on the couch and watch television.


Overtrainers regard low intensity activities as wimpy. The die-hard fitness buff makes fun of activities such as golf, gardening, housework, tai chi, or walking. Still, movement that is below the magical sixty-five to eighty percent of our peak heart rate can produce fitness. Eighteen holes of golf without the use of a cart can leave us feeling pleasantly tired, eager to put our feet up.

Research suggests that fitness extremists are wrong; while low-intensity activities are not listed as classic aerobic exercises, they have great value over time.

“Subaerobic” is the term for low-intensity exercise not intense enough to be aerobic. Subaerobic activity creates fitness in due course.

Throughout subaerobic activity, the heart rate 185

might beat between fifty and sixty-five percent of peak output. While not enough to make us breath hard, if we perform subaerobic activity long enough, our body warms up, and we feel that we have achieved something. Although we only do the laundry, clean the house, mow the lawn, or walk around the mall, when done over many months or years, the subaerobic activity has fitness benefits.

In many cases, we get much more exercise than we realize. With normal blood pressure and cholesterol readings, we may not realize that we are fit. In doing yard work, housework, or heavy physical labor, we may be subaerobically fit.

Clearly, systematic aerobic or strength exercise is not the only path to fitness. Because of the long time required to gather and measure the data, not much is said of the advantages of subaerobic exercise. As the benefits show up bit-by-bit, subaerobic activity requires analysis for months.


With aerobic exercise, we can see measurable improvements quickly. If we exercise hard enough to get within sixty-five to eighty percent of the highest safe heart rate, our progress is swift.

Instead of getting on a machine in a gym, we might choose to briskly trim the hedges in the front yard. If we do not vacuum like slugs, if we dust and scrub vigorously, household tasks can make us work up a sweat.

Life in the days of yore was tough. As they rode horses, hunted for food, built places to live, and lugged big cords of wood around, our forebears were fit. To use washboards, scrub floors, chop wood, and haul coal must have made for a hale and hearty lifestyle. Our forebears probably got more exercise as people who use rowing machines.


Because the Anti-Deception Society wants to 187

help, much effort is made to keep us from being mercilessly bashed over the head by an overabundance of commercials touting products said to melt, absorb, and marshal against fat. The products are said to be a no sweat/zerodiet approach to weight loss. While schemes to lose fat rapidly, and make it stick are obvious shams, we want to believe nonetheless.

Today, nasty gimmicks and bald-faced lies have deceptive health books flying off the shelves. A mishmash of best-selling diet paperbacks forbid important foods. The “science” in most diet books makes sense only to the medically uneducated. We are offered only bits of legitimate data by diet book authors.

Although the long-term results of the diet are miserable, readers make many diet book authors wealthier than the average writer. Even if a diet featured in a book is harmful, the book does well by creating nutritional fairy tales. The diet will be in vogue for a while, go away, and then reappear.


One recurring diet fad sells us on the idea that sugar and carbohydrates are the cause of obesity. Low carbohydrate diet books offer little in the way of well-constructed, scientific studies. Failing to deliver longterm fat loss for the vast majority of people, low-carb diets offer no magic. As they offer us tall tales, and exclude their long-term success rate, the high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet is a huge mistake. While the low-fat fad is ill advised, the low carbohydrate diet is an outright lie. Nonetheless, idiotic diet books make fat loss through eating fat and protein attractive to lots of us. Low carb diets cause nearly all nutritionists to be alarmed.

A book that told the truth, entitled, “Foodsters Feed Fat,” would gather dust on the bookshelf. Stated in bold relief, if we eat too much food, do not get enough activity, and have a strong genetic propensity for setting aside food energy used in time of need, we get fat. Contrary to the low carb philosophy, unless we eat too much food, there is no link between 189

obesity and carbohydrates.

The scientific findings are clear: complex carbohydrates are certainly good for us. As excessive eating and fat intake goes up, so does obesity. As carbohydrate intake adds up, our body mass index goes down. In other words, non-obese adults get a higher fraction of calories from carbohydrates, while obese adults eat higher amounts of fat. A sensible amount of carbohydrate has a negligible effect on obesity.

The whole low carb fairy story, that eating carbohydrates releases insulin, leading to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, is preposterous.

Although we love high protein and high fat foods, by indulging in them, we cut out a huge chunk of healthy complex carbohydrate foods. By banning fruit most fruits and vegetables, whole grain, pasta, and so on, low carb mania breaks the backs of many industries. In addition, the tedious low carb menu is unworkable. 190

Being low in complete nutrition, and loaded with saturated fats, the low carbohydrate diet can be disastrous for our health – if we stay on it long enough. While many people lose weight for a while, nearly all low-carb dieters balloon out again. The low-carb yo-yo is hard on the body.

Having spent years studying nutrition, registered dietitians and heavy-duty professional groups have spoken out. Conversant with the science of good eating, nutritional groups have joined forces to come down hard on the sacrosanct, low carb diet fraud. Being vehemently opposed to harmful, low-carb diets, professional groups have issued a consensus statement to warn us away from unsafe low carb mania.

To process the extra protein, high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diets work the liver and kidneys hard. As prolonged high protein intake causes the body to excrete calcium, we lose bone mass. Also, by sticking to a high 191

protein diet, we may shorten our lives.

Nonetheless, devotees believe that the high protein diet does something good. Set in their convictions, many people are such ardent devotees of the low carb religion they can be written off as true believers.

In initial weight loss, high-protein diets can fool us: because excess protein acts as a diuretic, our weight loss, while exciting at the start, comes mostly from water. By losing water weight, small wonder that low carb dieters are deceived.

Will we ever understand that the “just say low” approach does not work? With a heart attack or a bout of gallbladder disease just around the corner, low-carb eaters can have bad breath, dehydration, light-headedness, high blood pressure, and so on.

If we were to publicize that whole grains are superior to sugar, it would not be news. The carbohydrate calories in many cans of soda pop 192

equal just one serving of fatty food. With a diet low in simple sugars, nutritious, high fiber food is not crowded out.

Although our dietary religious beliefs against it are deep-rooted, it turns out that small amounts of sugar are not the nutritional boogeyman that we have been led to believe. In small amounts, fit people do not need to be concerned about sugar. The upshot is that healthy people use carbohydrates in healthy ways.

Although facts do not sway many parents, sugar is a carbohydrate that does not speed us up. Still, we hear parents complain about highstrung children, all due to eating sugar. Oddly enough, the same parents do not complain of children drinking fruit sugar in juice. A simple carbohydrate, scientific tests destroy the notion that sugar is a source of hyperactive behavior. Hyperactivity makes children what they are. Children act out from a need to be noticed, not because of sugar, yellow dye, or aspartame. While loads of sugar 193

is to be avoided, small amounts do not harm healthy children; an excess of anything is bad for them.

Although sugar may rot our teeth, small amounts of sugar are not a problem; what we eat with the sugar can be. Nearly all nutritionists laugh at the idea that sugar, not fat, is the cause of high cholesterol, and all kinds of other problems.

Even though it is hard for many people to stop worrying over little things, we need to stop freaking out about sugar. No one is saying that piles of sugar in our diets are good for us. Too much of anything is bad for us. Even with empty calories, a small amount of sugar will not hurt healthy people.

Although our diet-conscious society is ceaselessly plagued by new-fangled diet fads, we see more eating disorders than ever. Through extreme diets, we routinely risk our lives. As diets fail in the long run nearly all of the 194

time, we have learned a lot about the big lies of the diet industry.

Strangely enough, people who were unlucky enough to be prisoners of war have taught us much about diets and low calorie weight loss plans. In captivity, prisoners of war are understandably angry, irritable, and tired. As they recall how they spent their time in confinement, many of them tell us that they would sit around and fantasize about food. They had zero interest in sex. Male prisoners would not talk much about women or the war. They would repeat things such as, “Boy, when I get out, I‟m gonna eat an enormous steak! For dessert, I‟ll order a big sundae with nuts, whipped cream, and gooey hot fudge running all over it!”

On looking back, as prisoners of war suffered such a huge cut in calories, a remarkable trend emerged: after being liberated, they ate huge amounts the foods that they most savored. The ex-prisoners of war became long-standing gorgers and bingers. 195

Often, when a diet comes to an end, which every diet must, we develop long-standing food fixations, and stuff ourselves for years.

The most tried and true way to lose fat is slow and steady. To find an eating pattern that we enjoy, with the right amount of food energy, is the way to get it off and keep it off. A successful person sidesteps the hundreds of diet books, powders, pills, and “only way” paths to svelteness.

Calorie sparse and nutrient dense, fruits and vegetables are the mainstay of a wise nutritional plan. Colorful produce contains hundreds of compounds that work together to support health. In any case, we must eat less, while still eating nutritious foods, and be active – no news here.

Once we are giving our best, we must allow our body to do what it will. We must make every effort to shun ideal figures, accept ourselves, and avoid a lifelong struggle that wreaks 196

lifelong havoc.

Free from the unattainable shapes seen in by the media, the smart person knows that physical beauty is only a tiny part of the sonata of life. Intellectual growth, objective thought, and the wisdom that comes from living life are far more precious.

Nutrition is a fairly well understood science there are no secrets. Nonetheless, people who devote years studying nutrition, who write stacks of abstracts in peer-reviewed journals, are powerless against the collusion of the media and the print trade. Although science condemns them as mythomaniacs, we do not read many magazines, or see talk shows, that discuss studies published in medical journals. On television, program directors do not care, and usually fail to understand nutrition; they want only high ratings.

Because one little piece of the whole picture is presented to us, the part that a television show or an author wants us to know, the science 197

in diet books make sense to many people.

When studying people who have lived a long time, none of them shares a dietary model. The only single nutritional manipulation that might help us live longer is eating less. Other than that, we have yet to find a way to insure longevity. We certainly will not find the fountain of youth in a diet book.

Evidently, life with smaller shares of food does not appeal to most people in affluent countries.

As most of the world is in need, millions suffer a lifetime struggle with obesity. Everywhere in the developed world, people tear into unwholesome snacks and fast food.

The problem of obesity is not one-dimensional. Different people who eat and exercise in a similar way end up with different outcomes. If a group of lean people is gauged side by side against a group of heavy people, the outcome is remarkable. As a bolt from the blue hits us, we 198

find that lean people consume the largest amounts of food!

We are all set to acknowledge that many people, who eat mass quantities, fail to put weight on. Genetically passed on, a speedy metabolism throws off the calories that lean people absorb.

Society is endemic with self-righteous health snobs who view fat people as culpable in every case. Without being familiar with a particular fat person, the health snob regards each and every one as a gluttonous couch potato with teeth.

While the holier-than-thou health snob searches for tall, sleek, glamorous cohorts, straight from the covers of magazines, they scarcely accept fat people as being anything but idle ne'er-do-wells. Although it may be hard to fathom, it is a fact that many people are genetically chubby, and physically fit.

Infatuated by media-inspired images of good 199

looks, the belief that physical beauty is the be-all and end-all makes us miserable. Because of our famine of historical facts, we let the media and the health snob program us to despise all fat people. If we are stuck on model images, we may be left with barren lives.

Despite what the health snob says, throughout history adipose tissue was highly prized. Often, our ancestors endured periods of famine. When hungry, our ancestors could not walk into the local convenience store to buy snacks.

The snob will not admit that the penchant for building up fat tissue is an inherited trait. Instead, the snob latches on to that which is unearned by them; a faster metabolic rate bestowed by genetic fate. As proof of their insecurity, the snob sees their faster metabolism as a badge of power.


Mental fitness can be practiced throughout our lives. The more we exercise our brains, the 200

stronger they become. By developing a strong mind, we extend our genetic birthright, and slow down neurological atrophy.

Science has found that the temporal and frontal lobes of our brain (the areas that give us our sense of self) grow as we mature.

After our teen years, our brain was formerly thought to cut its speed of neural growth. Now, science has shown through imaging studies that, although other organs may stop developing, our brain keeps up its development deep into our fifth decade.

Studies point to our ability to someday stop brain atrophy, which could prevent age-induced brain disease. Before signs are clear, the medicine of the future could halt neurological wear and tear.

More than previously believed, the weight training analogy applies to the brain. As the brain is challenged through reading, memorybuilding programs, language studies, math 201

puzzles, and so on, the brain will rise to the challenge. Continued brain growth into riper years is linked with mental enrichment from life experience.

Despite their many problems, the net effect of computer use can be fruitful. Because the infernal machines can spark counterproductive episodes of desk rage, we must be patient. As technology improves, we will keep computers on our list of possible brain stimulators.


Research shows that, while vacations can be pleasant, they can support our health. To work for years without many breaks may put us at risk for an early demise. Regular time off can lower our risk of death from heart disease significantly. The difference in death rates is most distinct between subjects that do not take any time off, and subjects that took five breaks a year. Even when accounting for things such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bad habits, age, kind of personality, and so 202

on, the health benefits of vacations continue.


On earth, sunlight is the source of all life. In the ultraviolet radiation (UV) of the sun, early man lived.

Today, science has found that careful exposure to sunshine is vital. Without contradicting previous warnings of the dermatologist about getting skin cancer from too much sun, science says that brief exposure to sunshine helps cut the risk of prostate, colon, lung, breast, bladder, kidney, and stomach cancers. Measured sun exposure can even protect against developing multiple sclerosis and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

On learning that excessive exposure to the sun leads to skin cancer, many people choose the unfortunate scheme of avoiding the sun as much as possible.

For a long time we have known that, by exposing 203

the skin to sunlight, the body creates fatsoluble Vitamin D, which is in reality an essential hormone. To stabilize healthy cells, and keep them from becoming cancerous, vitamin D is created in the skin by UV B sunlight.

Although both unfortified fortified foods contain a portion of the vitamin D we need, they do not provide enough. To get a full dose of vitamin D, we need to augment what we eat with a small amount of sun soaked up a few times a week.

Glass, clouds, smog, clothing, and sunscreen block sunlight from reaching the skin, and impede the formation of vitamin D. In northern, less sunny climates, particularly in the scant light of winter, our vitamin D needs are unmet. In such circumstances, we need to seize every opportunity to get sun when it is out, while keeping within safe limits.

In sun-drenched climates, we are quickly scorched without sunscreen. The problem with sunscreen is that, although it blocks UV B, UV 204

A passes through, which may increase our risk of skin cancer. Applying sunscreen lets us be in the sun for hours, and get a whopping dose of UV A.

A fair-skinned person needs five to ten minutes in the sun without sunscreen, a few times a week, with no more than a total of forty minutes a week. Since skin pigment blocks UV rays, a dark-skinned person needs about fifteen minutes of sunbathing, a few times a week, with no more than a total of an hour a week. Beyond these maximum values, people of all complexions require sunscreen.


Genetics, sex hormones, activity, and diet all determine how fat is dispersed. The belly fat is different from the fat found on the sides of the abdomen or thighs. Fat underneath the skin, which can be grabbed, is different from fat beneath the abdominal muscles, surrounding the intestines, which cannot be grabbed.


Normally, women have a small amount of male hormone, and men have a small amount of female hormone. Sometimes women and men have fat in places not normally associated with their gender. If fat is dispersed in unusual places, women and men may have higher amounts of hormones that predominate in the opposite sex.

The sad fact is that losing fat is harder for women, more so because female hip and thigh fat is unlike other fat. Often, despite rigorous diet and exercise, women will hold on to hip and thigh fat stubbornly.

In both sexes, fat cells have enzymes that assist in their release and deposit. Being much more resistant to fat loss measures, female hip and thigh fat is linked with enzymes different from male belly fat. In addition, pregnancy triggers the release of enzymes that lead to fat buildup in the hips and thighs.

Exclusive of obesity-induced diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on, moderate obesity is not dangerous. In both women and men, if grave 206

sickness strikes, a “metabolic cushion,” a layer of fat and/or muscle, could save our lives. Conversely, research finds that slender, sedentary women and men die off the quickest.

Exclusive of morbid obesity, physical fitness and pleasure are not dependent on body size. Coded by heredity for health, many moderately obese individuals are fit. Then again, morbidly obese individuals are not fit.

Morbid obesity suggests we are overweight to the point of being prone to disease. The fat tissue load creates, or will inevitably create, medical problems. We are regarded as morbidly obese if we are more than twice our ideal body weight, or more than one hundred pounds overweight.

Only a stooge believes that tall, slender, and beautiful people alone are happy. Heavy people who are not morbidly obese are far from medically hopeless. To live passionately and delight in the gift of rational thought is more satisfying than our appearance. 207

Unfit people, even if they are slim, have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, and other serious problems, than obese and fit people. Obese people can diminish their health risk by keeping fit.

Because we grasp for something to believe in, the house of the master of health thrives. While tooting their horn loudly, the master of health writes a pile of semiliterate books, which claim to possess the keys to harmony, beauty, and wellness. Although finding only tinsel at the end of the rainbow, we spend millions of dollars on the plan of the master.


Imagine that a real doctor had a non-drug treatment that could make us feel fantastic, and help us cope. In fact, such a treatment exists. The ancient Greeks knew it well: humor can be a practical therapy.

That laughter can help us is nothing new. 208

Single-handedly sparking a big change in mindbody awareness, Norman Cousins, put laughter for health on the map in his book, “Anatomy Of An Illness.” Since then, the power of laughter is recognized as a way to get through bad times.

To get the medicine of laughter, we do not need to get to the pharmacy. Cost of the therapy may be in rental fees. For additional work up, we might need a referral to Dr. Benny. We must repeat the treatment often, as his prescription is meant for temporary relief.

Caution: side effects such as sore abdominal muscles may occur.

Laughter is an essential ingredient to a happy, healthy life. An effective, immediate answer to stress and tension, laughter is great medicine.

As a whole, people are more serious than ever. To focus only on gloomy things such as bad financial times, relationship difficulties, political concerns, and so on, leads us to a 209

solemn life. Similar to losing a basic sense of curiosity, a humorless is tragic. Often, people who cannot enjoy a big belly laugh are mental dullards.

“...with so many human beings so reluctant to laugh, so incapable of thought, so eager to believe and snarl and hate.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

People, who mourn the temporary nature of life, sometimes turn to the anti-aging pimp. Aided by many well-known politicians, the anti-aging pimp offers a large assortment of high-priced nutritional supplements, said to turn back the clock, and make us live longer. With fake before and after photos, we are shown how the supplements make us look a great deal younger.

Turning to the pimp in an attempt to cheat death is a waste of money. The anti-aging pimp betrays us by saying that disease is caused by a lack of vitamins. We are told that, if we buy the products of the pimp, grey hair and age 210

spots will vanish. Better memory, fantastic sex drive, and forests of hair will be ours.

In recognition of the fact that life is a terminal proposal, that we live, and then we die, many cultures handle death with a festive wake, knowing that in loss, there is a lesson.

Growing old is a complex event. Insurance actuaries crunch the numbers, and conclude that, while life spans are increasing, the upward trend must decelerate. Although scientific advances that would do away with major disease are a start, even the elimination of cancer would not do much to keep our life spans rising.

Although to add more years of life is easy for a child, once we have been around for a long time, our mounting life expectancy slows down. As we draw near to our ninth decade, adding more years to our life is tough.

Despite handfuls of supplements, diet, weight control, regular checkups, and exercising like 211

mad, the typical increase in life span is dismal. For our life spans to climb to centenarian status the anti-aging pimp is of no avail; we need headline-making breakthroughs.

Without quality of life, living a long time is pointless. To struggle to lengthen a dreary life is a waste of effort.

From a geological point of view, humans do not live very long. Because life is quick, it is precious. Once we fully accept that we have just a few short decades, we live life to the fullest.

Like wishful thinking, positive thought is overrated. To have powerful, objective thoughts, and to cherish our existence, tends to lengthen life. Because the mind/body effect is strong, to value our life makes for a superior existence.

One of the greatest lessons is to realize how valuable are the few years that we get.. Because so many years of life are wasted doing 212

useless things, to live our lives more effectively, to live with laughter, dance, music, and intellectual stimulation is a worthy goal.

Although laughter is difficult to study, we know that it can relieve the sting of devastating illness. In some cases, a superior attitude might assist in easing us back to health. Comedy can defuse the harmful effects of anxiety. By frequently exposing ourselves to things that crack us up, we may not notice our pain as much. In any case, we have little to lose by having a little extra fun in our lives.


Think about how brief human life was one hundred and fifty years ago. Now, think about what a brief experience life was one thousand years ago. Next, reflect on the incredible anxiety happening today in the face of burgeoning life spans. More than ever before, people in developed countries find fault with their food. 213

Smart people are elated by the progress of agriculture. Because of the fantastic quality of food that we enjoy, the expectations of many people have lost contact with reality. At no time have people been as consumed by their well-being as they are now. Although our health is better than in the past, we are more suspicious about our health.

According to the natural set, our horrid, modern agricultural methods have stripped our food of nutritional content. Nonetheless, the idea that soil is depleted by agricultural methods found in developed countries is a laugh.

People who say the soil used in modern agriculture is depleted usually have something to peddle us. The supplement peddler says we are nutrient deficient. The peddler tells us that, in ancient times, an array of minerals existed in the soil. Because our ancestors had access to the healthy food that we fail to get, the peddler says that supplements are needed to 214

restore the deficiency. At the same time, the vitamin peddler refutes studies that show much of our food is healthier than ever.

Tales of depleted soil, and crops lacking nutrients, must not deceive us.

To find that grandma was right all along, and that we must eat our fruits and vegetables, makes the vitamin broker appear useless. Grandma made a remarkable discovery: the best way for us to be nourished is by real food. She knew that if our usual diet consisted of a wide variety of fresh foods, an occasional lapse in good eating habits would not harm us.

Although soil in underdeveloped nations is prone to depletion, agriculture brought to us by science uses manufactured fertilizers to enrich the soil, and restore what is missing.

The “depleted soil” nonscientist ought to read a textbook on the illnesses of plants. They would learn that plants synthesize vitamins on their own. Minerals are different; from the 215

start, minerals must be in the topsoil, or a plant will not grow at all, or grow to be sickly.

If we see a fine looking, non-organically grown vegetable, we know that the plant is laden with nutrients. Because modern agriculture has developed food that is more nourishing than former times, our health has improved.

For years, we have heard the soil depletion argument. The time has come for the vitamin broker to come up with something else; outdated theories will not cut it anymore.

In spite of religious, “pill-as-sacrament” beliefs, vitamins are simply compounds that take part in a range of bodily functions. When they occur in food, vitamins have many helper nutrients. It is the combination of the range of nutrients found in plant foods that protects us. Helper nutrients found in their proper proportion in food, are not put into dietary supplements. When we remove just one nutrient and take it in isolation as a supplement, it 216

can be harmful.

Ironically, while they prefer the “shotgun” method of taking dietary supplements and herbal pills, the all-natural set passes judgment on “pill tossing” doctors.

Unless we are shown to be deficient, and ordered to take them by a mainstream doctor, vitamin pills are a measly substitute for a good diet, and worthless in the treatment of colds, flues, stress, depression, and so on. The effects of aging cannot be countered by taking vitamins. Nor can vitamins heighten the sex drive. Apart from the placebo effect, they do not impart extra energy or better athletic performance.

In a few cases, dietary supplements may be rationally recommended at the Recommended Daily Allowance:

People with poor gastrointestinal absorption, diarrhea, celiac disease, or pancreatitis.


In cases of food intolerance or allergy, people on restrictive diets.

People who eat no animal products, such as vegans.

People with dementia, who might have B-Twelve deficiency.

Every day, for a month before getting pregnant, and for the first three months while pregnant, a woman needs folate. If not, their baby might have an increased risk of neural tube defects.

A doctor will seldom recommend dietary supplements for healthy people. Dietary supplements can be prescribed for people who suffer from illness, or that have an inability to tolerate vitamin-containing foods.

If we are dead set on taking supplements, though we do not need them, to check with our doctor, and inform her or him about it, is smart.


If we impose our health fads on youngsters, by giving them fad health items, supplements they do not need, or deprive them of the foods that they do need, we cross the line.

What a mess the dietary supplement industry has created. Often, because of the many lies of this industry-gone-wild, we take expensive vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and engineered foods in large amounts. Taking handfuls of supplements, without the supervision of a doctor, gets us into biochemical trouble.

The more we study vitamins and dietary supplements, the more we learn that they are harmful, especially when taken without proper medical guidance. We take supplements only when a skilled doctor says that we need them period.


Slow cooker technology is a fabulous way to provide hearty meals that can last for days. 219

When used to create entrees using beans, split peas, tomatoes, green chilies, salsa, bell peppers, oregano, and so on, good nutrition is assured.


Scientists have found why beans, regularly spooned on to our plate, are a good idea. Rich in protein and high in fiber, the skin of beans contain healthful nutrients. Beans are bursting with compounds that protect against chronic disease, and the effects of aging.

Beans have proved to be a nearly perfect food, certainly among the best foods on earth. Low in fat, a serving of beans is full of important nutrients, such as folic acid, iron, potassium, and zinc.


Our health is served by social activities and interpersonal contact. For health and enjoyment, we can take in plays, movies, and 220

concerts regularly. For the same reasons, we can sing, dance, make crafts, go camping, or play musical instruments.

Of immense value are friends with whom we can chat freely. Even so, we need to be mindful of the burdens that come to light with having lots of friends.


As we avoid overeating, and pick more foods on the basis of their nutrition, we help ourselves greatly. By enjoying the wholesome foods that we select, we get their full benefit.

If we contain our eating, and do not eat by the clock, we can take pleasure in food free from worry. Healthy people do not eat just because the time to eat has arrived. If we eat only when we are hungry, we eat sensibly.


By eating salads laced with dark greens, and 221

light amounts of dressing, we can be strong where many health nuts are weak.


Low in fat and high in nutrition, salsa is one of the most powerful gastronomical creations on earth. Scientists have found that cilantroladen salsa can kill harmful bacteria. We must not feel obliged to use salsa only as a dip. Salsa is so healthful that it ought to be heaped on plates and into recipes. For example, we can supercharge a bean-based recipe with salsa, or create a tropical salsa for topping a salad.


Cooked tomato sauce and thickened tomato dishes pass on larger amounts of cancer-fighting lycopene than raw tomatoes alone. In addition, lycopene can lower bad cholesterol. When we cook tomatoes, their cell walls and carotene attachments break down, making more lycopene and other nutrients available to the body. 222

Taking lycopene supplements does not give the same benefits of eating a cooked tomato dish.


If health permits, small amounts of Cabernet, and other red wines, are of tremendous benefit.

Studies show that small amounts of red wine fight heart disease better than white wine or other alcoholic drinks. Red wine is rich in important nutrients, such as flavonoids, tannins and anthocyanins.

To get the benefits of drinking alcohol, it is surprising how infrequently we need to toss the glass. As far as the upper limit, two drinks a day for men, and one drink a day for women are rough guidelines.

The amount of alcohol we drink does not describe the problem as much as the effect, and the desire for more. Long ago, researchers established that drinking too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 223

In many cases of obesity, drinking alcohol is a major contributor.

Purple grape juice may impart a few of the benefits of red wine. In any case, purple grape juice, red grapes, and red wine contain resveratrol, which may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, blood clots and stroke. Flavonoids, compounds found in red wine and purple grape juice, help arteries respond to increased blood flow. Purple grape juice lessens the stickiness of platelets, and the risk of blood clots. Drinking a little purple grape juice may inhibit the buildup of fatty plaques in arteries. People with coronary artery disease, who regularly drink a bit of purple grape juice, may improve cholesterol profiles.


The pleasure police, who universally condemn coffee as a toxic beverage, are surely peeved that science has found that it has small harm and a ton of perks. 224

While coffee is not for everyone, we can ignore the anti-coffee lectures of the holistic fear merchant. Tough as it is for the health nag to accept, the science is clear; coffee is an herbal beverage that can…

Cut our risk of colorectal cancer.

Lower our chance of developing Parkinson's disease.

Raise our mood, and diminish depression or the risk of suicide.

Reduce the incidence of liver problems, and the buildup of gallstones.

Improve blood flow through the heart.

Help asthmatics to breathe better, reducing the incidence of attacks.

Treat headaches.


Lower our risk of acquiring cavities.

Reduce the buildup of kidney stones.

For decades, the much-loved beverage has been steeped in the false criticism of health swingers. Even if we do not drink coffee, we cannot rationally deny that it has benefits supported by a torrent of research.

After investigating thousands of people for many years, coffee has been found to be the opposite of a toxin: clearly, coffee is an herbal health drink.

This is in no way telling people that do not drink coffee to start; this is just to say that the health nags have it wrong. Although evidence shows that moderate coffee drinking is beneficial for most people, caffeinesensitivity varies radically from person to person. In caffeine sensitive people, drinking coffee causes nervousness, hand trembling, and rapid heartbeat. People who have heart disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach 226

problems, caffeine sensitive high blood pressure, or are pregnant, are cautioned against drinking coffee.

With hundreds of compounds in it, coffee is a complex beverage. Common to many plants are phytochemicals important in disease protection; the coffee plant is no exception. During roasting, the healthful compounds in coffee are made more powerful.

As it combats dips in energy and increases attentiveness, the caffeine in coffee prevents vehicular accidents and industrial mishaps.


Depending on how it is made, how dark it is, which ingredients are in it, and how much of it we eat (yes, a box of chocolates a day is way too much), chocolate can be part of a healthy diet. High in compounds similar to those in red wine and tea, a small amount of fine, dark chocolate is good for us. The anti-oxidants in fine, dark chocolate are many times more 227

powerful than that of tea. Dark chocolate can be eaten alone, or added to preparations free of dairy (milk blocks many of the healthful compounds in chocolate). Eating a bit of fine, dark chocolate boosts blood antioxidants twenty percent more than milk chocolate.

As it comes from a plant, the cocoa bean has a favorable fat profile. Chocolate contains cocoa butter and stearic acid, both of which are saturated fats. Still, the fat in fine chocolate does not lead to higher blood cholesterol readings. Converted by the liver into oleic acid, stearic acid becomes a healthful, monounsaturated fat, which is good for the heart.

In keeping blood pressure down, and the blood flowing, a few studies suggest that a bit of fine chocolate, eaten regularly, helps the heart. Another study demonstrated that chocolate keeps the arteries supple. Making platelets less apt to stick together, eating a little fine, dark chocolate might help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Chocolate inhibits 228

the growth of bacteria that forms plaque, possibly preventing cavities and gum disease.

Contrary to widely held belief, science has not found chocolate to be related to allergies, migraines, acne, or romantic urges.

The real point is not so much that eating dark chocolate is healthful, as it is to be rid of the concept of good and bad foods. Any food eaten to excess is unhealthy.

Why not enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of fine, dark chocolate? Both are superior to the products peddled by the supplement industry.


For years, geniuses of holistic living have told us to avoid nuts and nut butter. The fat and extra calories in nuts are said to be bad for us.

In sedentary people, eating too many nuts can cause obesity. Active people need not worry; a 229

few ounces of nuts eaten every week are beneficial.

Often, to stop the oils from separating in nut butter, cholesterol-raising trans-fats are added. While it is true that peanut butter made with hydrogenated oils is not ideal, if we buy nut butter free of them, we get the full benefit of nuts.

Supplying healthful micronutrients, and the full spectrum of vitamin E, the unsaturated fats in nuts replace harmful saturated and trans fats. In vitamin E, peanut, almond, and cashew butters are equivalent to raw or roasted nuts.

Despite the extra calories, eating nuts, especially walnuts, can reduce bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and heart disease. Similar to those found in fish, the polyunsaturated fats in walnuts include omega-three fatty acids.

While all nuts can lower cholesterol, a diet rich in almonds may cut the risk of developing 230


With inflammation being the key factor in cancer, heart problems, and Alzheimer‟s disease, nuts may be helpful.

The omega-three fats in nuts and seeds appear to stabilize heart rhythm, thereby protecting against sudden death. Omega-three fats limit the opportunity for blood clots to form.

Fortunately, researchers have restored the status of nuts. Now, they have proof that nuts are good for us.


“Don't worry - be happy!” Easy to say, yet happiness is nearly impossible for many people to reach. When we lose sleep, worried about our health, damage adds up. Brooding, or mental rumination (cyclically thinking negative thoughts to the point of overload) can make us ill.


Through straightforward ways, we can learn to cut through rumination. In these cases, the use of talk therapy, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation with tranquil music, are priceless.


The smart person condemns people who practice medicine with no business in doing so. We must harness the power of anti-deception to say “No!” to the health swinger, the health pimp, the panic merchant, and the Internet scaremonger. As they can throw us into orthorexic rumination, the health food store counselor, and the health advice coming from most talk shows, must be shunned.

The smart person is suspicious of the health advice dispensed by…




Massage technicians


Personal trainers


Grocery store checkers

And so on.

Put another way, the smart person disregards the advice of people who are not licensed by a mainstream school of medicine, hence have no clue concerning appropriate medical measures.

To live a long time is not as important as most of us believe. In any case, no one knows if we may be lucky enough to live to a ripe old age, with all of our marbles intact. In spite of the genetic and socioeconomic cards we were dealt, to be as happy as we can as long as we have air in our lungs is most important. The other choices are to resort to useless tirades, 233

inspirational lies, or false pity, which all makes matters worse.

Were we to follow the preceding non-deceptive health advice, several questions may arise:

What is profound health like? Does it consist of intense aliveness, or is it merely freedom from illness? Does it bring about a sense of contentment and of inner peace?

The concept of “profound health” is vague. The quest for the vague usually pays us a measly dividend.

Although long-term studies show that happiness may cut the threat of premature death, many people restlessly search for the unreal fountain of ultra vitality.

Besides searching for the unreal, people often seek the unlikely, slugging it out to find their place in history, in the land of milk and honey, with little of value to offer.


Research suggests that our hunt for external success fails to meet our innermost needs. While the boundaries in our quest is bordered by our expectations, money, status, fame and external power alone fail to measure up.

When asked about the most gratifying events in life, time and again, we find that people have the same major ingredients:

A bond with others

A sense of giving



Although these ingredients are common to everyone, the sequence may differ according to culture. In every case, our talents and sense of autonomy are essential in the quest for happiness. Activities in which we are competent, that let us link with and create value for others, suit us the most. 235

In every study, while enough resources to meet the preceding ingredients are important, we rank wealth and luxury as less important to overall happiness.

Often, we forget these ingredients of happiness. In this case, we must step back, and ask ourselves if what we do is important to us. If we do nothing of significance, we may need to change how we go about things, or change direction overall.

As modern people, well off compared to most people in the world, we worry about everything under the sun, including the sun. We are concerned about trans-fats, electromagnetic waves, and cholesterol, among many other things. By worrying about our health, the worry can make us sick.

The current administration hears of our worries, and gets into the act. Of all the health initiatives broadcast by government, the one campaign that might help us concerns 236

staying away from cigarettes.

Conventional wisdom might lead us to believe that to not smoke, think positive thoughts, eat fruit, vegetables, bran, fish, and use skim milk, after we get back from the gym, guarantees a healthy life. Is it true? Does healthful behavior guarantee a healthful life?

When it comes to health, there are no guarantees. Lousy genetics might condemn us right from the start. We can do all the right things, only to be hit by a bus.

As to so-called healthy diets, even with the finest willpower, we would find it hard to stick to the torment for long. If we fail to stay on it, such a diet is not helpful. If we cut our weight, only to put it back on, it may have a negative influence on our health.

With an intense aversion to exercise, yet forcing ourselves to do what we hate because we feel as if we have to is of little advantage.


The government has jumped on low fat diets to sell us on the idea that, were we to do what they say, we will be fit. King-size claims are broadcast; saying that better eating alone will help us live a long, fit life. Although many have claimed longevity from a better diet, none has proved it. Scientific support for the low fat claim is nil.

Even if we could lengthen our lives, we will add only two or three months. To be moderate in eating a lower fat diet is good and well, but if we drive ourselves mad, we will not tolerate it for long. The good news is that other, more enjoyable ways to improve our health exist:

Eating less

Enjoying friendships and social activity


Going to concerts, movies, and plays

Relaxing 238

Eating cherries and berries

Enjoying regular, monogamous sex

Drinking a bit of cabernet from time to time

Evidence shows that, in preference to following the advise of the all-natural control freak, the previous things might make us healthier and happier.

“Consistent with the ideas of the all-natural control freak, the purpose of life is to prolong our existence by using the tenets of holistic health.”

At work or at school, as a parent, to be disciplined, and to care for our health, a measure of control is appropriate. Then again, to nag people with orthorexic ideas is uncouth.

The medically untrained person turns a simple, commonplace sickness into a full-scale spectacle. Next comes the unsought health 239

advice, or worse, the subtle feeling that being sick is a punishable offense. Instead of prudent medical help, an ill person is made miserable at the hands of the all-natural control freak. In organic sermons, the control freak gives alternative health an irritating voice.

Enlisted as a pleasure cop, the all-natural control freak is enough to drive us mad. Overflowing with complementary health bunk, to go grocery shopping with the control freak is a tutorial in weird ideas.

Our sympathy extends to victims forced to put up with them. The wacky stunts of the control freak are sure to sprout a sense of bitterness in marks. In trying to shape everyone around them, the all-natural control freak sees us as fitting targets. Determined to make us better people in their eyes, the all-natural control freak demands that we defer to their program.

Due to their intense manipulative power, few people have the courage to confront the social 240

aggression of the control freak. Not caring about the disgust we have for their abuse, the control freak runs their little games on autopilot. Being so far gone that better behavior is not an option, the control freak is between a rock and a hard place; that the world is largely beyond their control is a constant thorn in their side. Deep down, the control freak believes that something or someone means to harm them. Germphobia and other neuroses are common to the most forgone control freaks.

Through the blessings of Jack's Magic Capsules, the control freak aims to recruit us in the quest for the holy grail of ultra vitality. Because the control freak wants to beat the system, and outlive the great grandpappy of Methuselah, they strive for greater control.

Life is not meant for adhering to wacky health beliefs, and longevity is not its sole objective. The all-natural control freak has lost sight of the fact that life is to be enjoyed.



Many people will assume that The Anti-Deception Society has an automatic negative response to everything in alternative medicine: not true. The Society is constantly on the lookout, and offers everyone a chance to prove her or his case. With objectivity, the Society investigates the range of all-natural and supernatural beliefs, and will enter the Court of Reason with anyone.

While science has shown the vast majority of holistic products to be garbage, without bias the Anti-Deception Society is ready to hear the latest verdicts on them. When evidence comes to bear, members of the Society delight in accepting something when proved wrong. The Society will show that the holistic mystic is the most insular person in the world, taking home the prize: “Most Likely to Defy Scientific Facts.” At the same time, the Society has seen how small-minded the stuffed shirt can be, and how mediocrity flows from most committees.


On rare occasions, something may come from the fringes to astonish us. Although the holistic mystic may feel the Society is close-minded, its members have found that holistic mysticism is based on a fantasy. Members challenge the holistic mystic to demonstrate that the Society does not speak from first-hand knowledge. Members of the Society have traveled the world far and wide, and seen little in the holistic and mystical camps that impresses them. Members have seen how desperate people are to find something unique, no matter how absurd.

In the meantime, when science reaches a conclusion, the Anti-Deception Society simply reports it. As best as it can verify them at the time, the Society tells people the facts.

Members of the Society have told many people, “If you do not want to hear the facts, then do not ask us questions.” If someone wants to hear the facts, fine. Otherwise, being impossible to reason with, an obstinate person is dismissed.

Non-Deceptive Spiritual Advice 243

Rational, non-mystical spirituality, which follows the genetic nature of the human beings, is made up of:

A sense of cosmological wonder

Inner passion

Life wisdom

Building value with vice-like competence

Of rational spirituality, few doubt its value. A sense of cosmological wonder, and firm confidence in what we do, has always been dear to members of the Anti-Deception Society. At the same time, the Society does show a bit of respect to the mystic that keeps their beliefs a private matter.

Rational zest for living leads to:

Creative pursuits and rewarding deeds


Deep, growth-filled relationships

Enjoyable activity and leisure time

At the same time, rational living does not support the mental distortion of muscle-tested singles.

From the beginning of civilization, the timeworn oracle has faithfully declared the same deadbeat ideas. By keeping us in the dark, the philosophically bankrupt sage lives in the lap of luxury. By creating deceptive ideas, the bankrupt sage has become dominant. Time and again, the bankrupt sage makes known a key concept, the standard in psychobabble:

“In order to transcend the tricks of the mind, we must not pass judgment on others. When confronted by the most important issues of life, the intellect is useless.”

For the guru to lend a hand to we earthly dummies, they must remind us to surrender the power of our minds. By cleaving to the 245

intellect, the guru tells us that we will find ourselves bogged down by the harshness of the material world. As a way to gain control over us, the guru incessantly warns us to abandon the mind as the first step to spiritual power.

When driven by a superstitious desire to “go beyond reason,” humans are easily rendered brainless and tame. In combination with many other methods, we are more easily kept under the control of a mystical leader.

For ages, in bleak, disembodied writings, the bankrupt sage has preached the same “do not judge” message. Acting as their followers, and talked out of our power to judge, we overlook the hoax of the mystical path.

In the Flower Power era, when the old “get beyond the mind” gimmick was brought back, the Hippies heartily approved.

Today, the master mythmaker still pushes the “transcend the mind” trick as the royal road to splendiferous spiritual insight. The 246

superstitious dreamer does not grow tired of telling us that we must “get out from our heads, and in touch with our hearts.”

The mental power of people rooted in mystification is highly contradictory. For example, someone who says that no one can be right is draws on the fallacy of selfexclusion. By saying that no one can be right, they cannot be right in saying it.

Rigorously, the rational person challenges the idea of “an intuitive basis for reaching ethereal perfection.” Because of their contradictory ideas, the rational person steers clear of people who promote the silly “nonrational thought” hoax.

The intuitive way of life is said to be light years beyond the ability of the mind to grasp. Nonetheless, the desire for intuitive knowledge causes the lifeless idealist to hand control over to the unstable leader. In seeking effortless, intuitive awareness, the lifeless idealist is locked in a prison of superstition. 247

Self-righteous fans of mental transcendence feel that we commoners are not worthy of spiritual insight. Unless we are in the market for the secrets of the ascended ones, the fans say that we may not get in touch with the truth. Without subscribing to their particular path, we pitiful commoners cannot make it to that special place.

Without trouble, millions of people are bullish on meaningless, otherworldly gibberish. As they happily wander off to the kingdom of fantasy, they recite empty words to satisfy their whims. By trusting in gibberish, we have faith in a whole range of “truths.”

Geek spirituality is based on tedious selfexamination and big-time, moral crusades. Such spirituality and crusades do not modify reality. Even worse, they steal our humanity.

As more of us fall into superstitious the lameness of geek spirituality, and other specious ways to go around reality, we aspire 248

to mystical faith as an alternative to rational judgment.

By sound minds are wacky claims to be analyzed. If something makes no sense whatsoever, rational people are wary. Citizens of the World of Reason have no need for the far-fetched awareness put out by the mystified.

Sarcastically, we ask if rising above logic to attain mystical perfection is the logical thing to do. Because universal principles of logic are decided by reality, intense belief in the supernatural will not bring the dead back to life. We must not abandon principles of logic, as they are needed to overcome notorious flights of human imagination.

Before going along with any pitch, we look to see whether it is based on fantasy. We proudly reveal the wisdom to pause and rethink a deceptive pitch. In the shadow of glorious absurdity, we look at living examples of the path. We will wait and see if something about the path of glorious absurdity blows our socks 249

off, if it shows us the quantum leap that is claimed. As for our inspection of the “transcend the mind” plan, the mystified say we must jump aboard, and close the door. We have to trust that they have the power to lead us to the light, and are in touch with things outside the understanding of we, the great unwashed. We are pleased to say that members of the AntiDeception Society consider superstitious gobbledygook vile. Although gobbledygook appeals to many, the fact is that life must conform to the order of reality. Regardless of the bizarre fantasies that come to people divorced from reality, ardent faith will not make it likely for us to grow two heads, and fly like Superman. (So much for creating our own reality.)

If we look at the input of the superstitious wrangler, we find that there is no basis to get worked up by their gobbledygook. In the end, we know that the rhetoric of the wrangler comes from the usual, old frauds.

Deep inside, people who “do not judge others” 250

conceal fantasies of superiority. The selfrighteous wrangler feels that a sixth sense makes their life so much better than we mundaners.

Lacking respect for reality, heavy superstition turns us into people of straw. Supernatural people of straw look down their noses at the hard won scientific victories of rational women and men. Although indulging in the amenities of the world, supernatural people of straw laugh at the victories of modern society. As the products of sound thought support their coddled lives, supernatural people of straw fail to rejoice in the feats of science.

In all they do, the disciple of intellectual terrorists wants to be directed by the great plan. The disciple craves a hidden, almighty presence to monitor them, to take control of their lives. Because of a failure to celebrate the scientific good life, the common need of the disciple is to be commanded by their leader. In dreaming childish dreams, the disciple spoils all hope of admission to the 251

World of Reason.

Unless we abandon our principles, and move to a fissure in the desert, our superstitious beliefs must yield to the laws of a workable society. Once a viable social order says that our brand of superstition is a danger to the well-being of other people, the abhorrent mystic will have no choice but to defer to its will.

If free societies exercise the right of selfdefense, an agitator may pay the final price. If the agitator joins an armed group with a grievance against the social order, they must not cross the line. If mayhem is carried out an agitator, a free society will hunt them down, take them into custody, and let justice be served. If a cosmic automaton or devout whack job tries to grease us, a free society has the right to seek justice.

We must let the psychic dummy get busy with brainless activities. To let the psychic dummy wipe themselves out through their own devices 252

is a good thing. As they crash, we will be better off. Next to people who live authentic lives, superstition will make the surviving psychic dummy powerless to compete.

The Cosmic Automaton

“Many years ago, it was written that our leader, who is in contact with ascended masters, fights a spiritual war. Any day now, an ascended master will descend and take us home.”

The automaton that keeps their mystical beliefs private is tolerable. The mind cop who openly insists on strange beliefs is repulsive.

Acting as if they are unique, the automaton embodies millions who belong to the same club. When everyone in our club insists on erratic beliefs, and wears a distinctive outfit, the unlikely seems likely. No matter how erratic the beliefs, there will be people who hold 253

them. No matter how contradictory, erratic beliefs look good to the insipid.

Regardless of the proverbs of ancient wise ones, to try to reduce logic to rubble for the sake of the transcendental is useless. Searching for unlikely ideas to explain strange incidents causes the automaton to fritter their time away.

The trashing of reason is easy to find in the world of childish foo-foo. Although weak, airyfairy books talk of leaving the bounds of the mind, transcendental ideas cannot change facts. We have adequate data on human conduct to clearly explain the laughable “surpassing reason” experience.

Agents of Mystery

Near the dawn of history we were bands of primitive hunter/gatherers walking the earth. We soothed ourselves with war songs and legends.


As our fantasy assumed control, we thought we knew all around us. In our early view of the rhythms of nature, we would stare up at the moon, or flee at the sight of a solar eclipse. When someone died, we imagined that their spirit had gone to an otherworldly plane.

From generation to generation, the tales were passed. As the tales were embellished, a tremendous force moved on the land. Devastating all in its way, a juggernaut subdued the world, ruling by superstition.

With superstition firmly in command, humanity was left in a jungle of gut feelings. We felt the world stirred everywhere with spirits. We believed that, by eating part of a tiger, we took on its qualities. We erected shrines to the sun, and saw images in the stars. As primitives, we were made to act in accord with the primeval forces of nature.

Later, as societies were structured, we continued to reject ideas that challenged our magical visions. In waters of oblivion, 255

individuals that tried to tip the dugout canoe of primitive notions would be stoned, or torn limb from limb.

As prehistoric apparitions wormed into the rudiments of civilization, master manipulators hewed systems of mysticism. Performing marvelously, superstition proved to be a powerful instrument of mental dominance. With the success of superstitious ideas, mystical mass control was cemented into the ages.

Today, nearly everyone is plagued by superstition. As we try to grasp essential life matters, the lights fade out, and superstition obscures all chances for illumination.

Overflowing with myth and magic, our neural hardware is out-of-line with modern times. A core of superstition is left behind, crowded with illusive magic. Still intact, this nucleus of enchanted ideas controls us.

Through superstition, society stays in lock step with the commands of master manipulators. 256

Our directors brilliantly take advantage of our taste for fairy stories and imaginary customs. As we see what is new with great distrust, the primitive mind still lives.

Of all races and ages, hordes of superstitious people abound in modern times. While they are suspicious of the scientific, the superstitious person has faith in mythology.

For the person who says they are not irrational, if examined closely, we see that they are. The extent of our persistent belief in mythology is mind-boggling.

As slick mystic holistic scams pose danger to our minds, popular fairy tales, with roots in the archaic past, catch the interest of trusting victims.

A big part of our lifestyle, superstition is approved and funded. To make matters worse, superstitious blindness is generally assumed freely. Were the intelligence blinders of superstition worn much longer, the sane among 257

us might look into a course of stupid pill therapy, and sign on.

With tentacles of the optional reality beast spread throughout the globe, the shamanistic shark stalks us. The shark seeks to attack us with the deadly teeth of philosophical cancer, to infect us with the mindset of the intellectual terrorist.

Spun from whole cloth, a supernatural legend gains power on a global scale. Few of us know that master manipulators use the power of fairy tales to gain power over us, giving rise to the grandest myths the world has ever known. Like children, volumes of fairy tales delude adults. Self-important acolytes, whose responsibility is to dole out cells of philosophical cancer, are the chief agents.

A smooth spokesperson for the latest panacea, whose guns are aimed at the unscientific, tells us how ill we will be unless we purchase “the miracle, herbal, multilevel plan.”


The self-styled deity, who profits from the breach of objective thought, tells us how sorry we will be unless we get with “the great plan.”

The modern supernatural scammer preys on our sense of existential angst. The scammer acts as though they are the masters of all that ails us.

With the help of the latest divinity or allnatural practice, the silly seeker dreams that they will alter the course of world history. Blessed by the Ayurvedic light within, the silly seeker readily embraces a cluttered heap, a mixed bag of sloppy thinking.

To sponsor belief in the absurd is a vote for intellectual terrorism. Incapable of adding value to our world, superstitious silliness has given rise to the most malevolence the world has ever known. Our willingness to suspend logic, and support irrational beliefs, has wreaked havoc on society. So far, compared to people who cling to false assurance, the measure of rational people who say no to 259

intellectual terrorism is of minor consequence.

The Great Plan

My superstition is better than yours!

”Our mission is to bring the earth back to the times of the all-natural inquisition. In a loud cry, we bring a message of dire warning: parties that that will not surrender, that work to draw us away from our sacred path, have one last chance. Unbelievers must repent or face illness, death, and eternal damnation.

Through divine agency, we have been elected to fulfill the great plan, to crush those who defile our world. Our holy soldiers declare war on unbelievers, and deal rigorously with them. Hell will be their home: a terrible fate. Because we have been chosen to make divine will known through our healing crusade, we will fan the flames of great wrath, and cleanse the world as no one has ever seen.

Our blessed duty demands that we not sit still 260

and watch as science and technology make the infidel more comfortable. Believers in biology, chemistry, and physics must die a horrible death. The progeny of the academic observer will face torture. Without submitting to the great plan, we predict a brutal death to the infidel that studies astronomy.

As holy warriors, we will go up against the land of the affluent, a land that will be judged. We will completely destroy the houses of the comfortable, as we are commanded. Let the battle cry be heard in the realm, a shout of great ruin.

We, the holy soldiers, will strike down the unbeliever who stands in the way of the great plan. They that refuse allegiance to the sacred order, they that do not obey every command, will be put to death. Beware, the time is coming.”

Time and again, we confront the half-baked “inspirational” sermon of the breathless mystic. Through the divinely elected agent, the 261

great plan is made known.

In the hands of the ascended ones is the map of our hearts, so says the agent. The one truth is channeled through organic oracles and printed in black and white.

The whole mission sounds fantastic, until we get to know the people involved in the great plan.

Righteous wars have reined destruction for thousands of years, and there is no end in sight. Allowed to plot without fear, the powerful intellectual terrorist and the transcendental rip-off artist surpass anything before seen.

At the same time, a few of us grow sick and tired of intellectual terror. The freethinking person knows that we must get a handle on the venomous heart of the ever-awakening fable, lest the world is plunged into sacred darkness.

The agent of spiritistic enlightenment tells us 262

that without taking part in the great plan, we cannot possibly do good works. We will not share in the journey to that special realm, the house of the righteous. The agent then offers up an imagined wise person who will work things out for us, tell us what to eat, and show us the supreme path. As usual, the supreme path turns out to be a manuscript, or alluring prophet, that shapes how we are to act, what we must do to be hale and hearty, and the way to do good works.

“My intuition tells me that a believer has bad allergies, and that she is now healing through holy power. By divine authority, I now cure the cancer of a woman named Susan. Please send your love offerings.”

To assure that the agent of salvation will catch the interest of a wide range of troubled followers, sealed secrets are crowed about.

The agent claims to be in touch with a profound mystery that no else knows but them. The agent says that truths beyond all imagination, that 263

doctors and scientists can only dream of, are theirs.

If we review the offerings of the superstitious agent, which whet the appetite of the atmospheric, they presume to make us familiar with real life. The agent claims to represent a prophet of the highest supernatural reality. As if the agent were a master of infinite wisdom, we must go along with every decree.

The agent persuades us that all deeds in the mission are done with unconditional love. All is done for our highest good.

Earlier experience teaches us that, with magical dust thrown in our eyes, the mystical leader creates an elite persona. Although a spiritual facade is no promise of stainless motives, the leader uses the power of fantasy to be seen as high and mighty. Because a leader fits the part, we believe them to be above a hidden agenda.

In reality, the appeal of the mystical leader 264

is intended to deceive us, to give us the sense that we can be delivered, washed of our past sins.

Because so many of us do not learn from past outrages, the mystical mass movement still enjoys monstrous success. The chronic joiner of mass movements might later find that, while the teachings of the leader hold their interest for a while, the truth eventually comes to light. As a rule, the leader (or cosmic philander) turns out to be arrogant, obsessive, rabid, or depressed. Even so, we find that the chronic joiner will tolerate a great deal of monkey business and mistreatment, so desperate is their need to believe. The shameful behavior of the leader is easily explained away:

They wear spiritual-looking vestments

They require a special diet

The wear the mask of wisdom and serenity sometimes


Claiming to have transcended the petty struggles of life, the fearless leader wins in the end. By cashing in on our faith in the hidden hand, the scamming leader reaps great profit. As golden opportunities come their way, they find us remarkably easy to deceive.

Regardless of inspirational sermons given by the mystical leader, a minority of us will learn that there is no supreme path. Although the mystical leader has boastful speeches to give, they know nothing of the secret to spiritual radiance.

Along with the incongruous behavior of the guru, the disciples of the guru will malign any science that goes against the teachings of the guru.

Time and again, it turns out the purveyor of cosmic crap lacks the answers they claim to have. If we break down their teachings, or allow enough time for the real story to come out, their empty words are laid bare. More often than not, though the purveyor claims to 266

be on an exalted plane, they lead a chaotic or barren lifestyle. Typically, they are sad, bloated beings.

The commissioner of cosmic crap does not know…

The origin of life

If we survive upon our demise

How to cure complex diseases through magical ways

In the end, the purveyor of cosmic crap has no path that the rational person would care to tread.

To maintain control, the commissioner of slick spirituality and devout cures constantly points to the sin of impure thoughts. The commissioner awakens hidden guilt in followers, and offer relief in the great plan.

The commissioner, the mystical therapist, and the human potential group endorse venting 267

techniques. Venting is a therapeutic cleanse of pent-up feelings through cathartic actions.

Examples of venting include:

Beating pillows

Howling at the moon

Taking an enema

Allowing the “spirit” to roll them around on the ground

And so on

To express negative feelings is imagined to be good for us. Theoretically, emotional restraint creates unhealthy internal pressure, alleged to make us fly off the handle. The theory of venting was favored by the likes of Aristotle and Freud.

Currently, many mystics have gotten into the act. Scores of gurus, support groups, and a new 268

breed of “therapists” use venting. The methods are supposed to, help us let go of hang-ups, cleanse toxins, and enlighten us. Instead, cathartic practices allow scammers to stir the pot of our mind.

The therapeutic cleanse of pent-up feelings through their expression has turned out to be a failure. Research shows that the venting approach is just another urban legend.

In a clever study, psychological researchers looked at things such as rage and violent behavior to see if catharsis had any use. They found that catharsis was useless as a treatment. Individuals that hit inanimate objects to release anger were more apt to strike out at others.

Next, the researchers studied undergraduate students who struck a punching bag to release pent-up feelings. The students felt no cathartic effect at all. When a non-venting student provoked the anger of a venting student, the non-venting student suffered the 269

anger of the venting student directly, as did third parties.

After that, the researchers exposed the students to a phony yet provocative newspaper article. For the students who punched a bag, the article made them feel like to lashing out.

Clearly, people who advocate the theory of venting are misguided. To vent our anger through hostile acts toward inanimate objects is to be avoided. Venting promotes hostility and misplaced attacks toward whoever is around at the time.

Nonetheless, cathartic techniques are embedded in mass sociogenic mythology. Although the practice is worse than worthless, the corpse of venting, like other forms of superstition, will not be easily buried.


Throughout history and modern times, mass sociogenic illness has been responsible for a 270

range of wild and baffling episodes.


known as mass hysteria, people affected by mass sociogenic illness have real symptoms set off by the nocebo effect, such as a strange odor, an Internet rumor, by a belief in curses or fad illnesses. Unfortunately, mass sociogenic illness is a subject rarely taught in medical school. Difficult to distinguish from toxic exposure or real illness, an outbreak of mass sociogenic illness may receive extensive media exposure.


In a medical center, if a commissioner of cosmic crap found to be venting in the same way as in their house of divine love, they would be cut loose. For a person to perform a cathartic feat on a sick child, while that child is denied proper treatment, they would face jail time.

As in venting, the idea that our body is fouled by unnamed toxins, and must be cleansed, comes from our dear friend, John Harvey “Corn Flake” 271

Kellogg, the king of flakes and quacks.

In defending the absurd, or the latest incarnation, the atmospheric intellect is liable to cite Shakespeare's Hamlet:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

While an interest in new concepts is laudable, we must be prepared to make sense of strange ideas with the compass of anti-deception. When stories of miraculous events are told, a questioning attitude will serve us well. Sadly, all-natural and supernatural trustfulness is the path of the majority.

The Anti-Deception Society is aware that, to trigger the credulous to be objective, is a rare event. Hardly ever do we hear that the easily fooled abandon the world of fairy tales. Once in a rare leap year, something may happen to cause the trusting to reflect a bit.


“Like a coma, profound ignorance is unmoved, blind to the facts.”

Anti-Deception Society members in good standing know that if a person is rigidly happy with dogma, they are to be left alone.

In flocks, the curious ways we look at the world draws us to the supernatural. As though they were special gifts, our misgivings will be charmed away by grand offerings.

Bringing us deeper into the realm of stupidity, many people are infected by a strange mental disease. With a fairylike mind-set, our lives orbit a fundamental point, causing us to go off the edge. As magical thinkers, we build a cocoon around us.

Miles beyond fairylike thinking, living a life of scientific wonder keeps us from the absurd.

Because the constipated pilgrim regards the universe as threatening and lonely, they fear an existence separate from others. Desperate 273

for something to fill the vacant life of the pilgrim, they judge new concepts free of rational limits. The constipated pilgrim readily accepts concepts based on magical foofoo.

Rapt in the supernatural, a few pilgrims have enjoyed professional success. With a sense of no more mountains to climb, the world is seen as a place of contempt. Other pilgrims feel that they never got off the ground, desperate to grab onto hope, no matter how far-fetched.

In contrast, the sham-free person wants to live a life apart from the troubled truth seeker. The sham-free person wants to stay away from the false alarms of the colonic radiance counselor, away from the intense political campaigner.

Because of the desire for mystical ways of gaining knowledge, the airhead makes important choices based on signs. Awed by imagined special insight, the airhead spreads word of it to others. 274

Because airhead choice is fair enough in free societies, robotic faith in so-called “superior knowledge” (minus the proselytizing, please) is fine and dandy. We can have all of the crazy beliefs we want, as long as we do not harm others. Nonetheless, if wacky beliefs defy the laws of a free society, bars will surround the airhead, lest they infect others. In the growth of “now age” beliefs, we must be sure that the airhead finds a life, and stay out of ours.

To protect and promote the great plan, the mystified want to pump up government power. If political baloney starts to drown us at the behest of the mystified, we must resist, knowing that the world has suffered much at the hands of cranks.

In the end, reasonable people have nothing to do with the great plan.

The Planetary Detoxification Alliance Presents…

The Sedona Healing Conclave 275

In the beautiful Red Rock country, you are cordially invited to gather with us at the Conclave. The Sedona Healing Conclave is a joyful, annual event intended to facilitate people seeking greater spiritual awareness and purification.

Here, in a conclave of light, surrounded by a vortex of divine union, we are called to go beyond ourselves. Through karmic cleansing, we purge the old emotional and physical energetic molds of the Inner Child. By cleansing the toxins we assumed on choosing these bodies, we become pulsating Vessels of Divinity.

Although we have grown blind to the power of infinite being, the Planetary Detoxification Alliance believes that, by doing away with systemic toxins, we can break the karmic circle at last. In this way, the Sedona Healing Conclave restores our bodies and the planet to health.

Come and drink curative mineral waters, and 276

sample hearty vegan cuisine. Feel free to experience Body Visions massage in our warming mud baths. Be involved in our “Native American Herbal Ceremony,” a group sweat lodge experience that regresses us to the congested emotions of our past, and clears us with herbs.

Through the radiance of the Kabbalah Energetic, we learn to go beyond the limits of the mind. We awaken our inner quest for enlightenment with rectal candling, an amazing method of detoxifying the colon. When the candle is inserted and lit, we reclaim our status as self-actualized, planetary citizens, no longer living in denial.

After our Saturday regression workshop, we hold hands, and form a synchronistic thought circle around a flickering Heart Flame.

Sunday night is the finale of the Sedona Healing Conclave: the Great Wash. After a farewell dinner of rutabaga stew and kumquat salad, we call upon the blessings of our shaman-healers to cleanse our bowels through 277

orthomolecular imagery.

A one-time fee of fifteen hundred dollars permits us to experience all Conclave activities. People who go through the entire Conclave are welcome to contribute to our Colon Health website.

Peace and blessings,

The Sedona Healing Conclave

“We all have a need to release”

Amorous Pixie

A non-profit house of worship centered in Marin County, California.

In touch with a higher power, Amorous Pixie is a congregation of spiritual seekers. Pixie goes to the source, and reveals secret, mystical laws hidden through the ages. Occult science is founded on universal faith, the grand source of all religions. 278

We of the Pixie know that, while we all are called by an inner voice, we need to listen to it. Amorous Pixie creates the space to do just that.

Everything happens for a reason. Call it fate or call it destiny, the divine has led to Amorous Pixie, a realm without judgment. At the Pixie, light and love radiate from within our hearts; peace and blessings come from within our souls.

At the heart of Amorous Pixie lies the supreme gift - the power of the cosmic root. In deep trance, we join with many gifted mystics, mystics that have broken through to that special realm.

Many are filled the spirit of Mohamed; others are filled with the suffering of Hussein, or the bliss of the Elvis. Because full acceptance is found in our Amorous Pixie, all faiths are hailed.


A devoted student might discover that the divine spark is found in Nude Lunar Yoga; others realize that the ultimate wisdom they seek comes from the Silver Pathway. A devoted student may find the guidance and morality provided by the doctrines of five-element firewalking essential.

Struggling for years, students at Amorous Pixie are finally able to break through to perpetual bliss. When the devoted reach an elevated plane, they are made teachers and masters that continue on the path. These grand souls go on to become divine visionaries and healers.

People who tread far on the supreme path seek enlightenment and inner peace, a world of harmony, where kindness is the rule, and spiritual love is a way of life. This the ideal found at Amorous Pixie.

Himavati Crystal Fist

Grandmaster Ash “Ki” Kerr, one hundred and twenty-seventh degree black belt, and exponent 280

of the Himavati Crystal Fist, offers training for beginner and expert alike.

With his special training methods, a big improvement in discipline and binding techniques will be seen. The programs of Grandmaster Kerr build skill that lasts a lifetime.

The stones of Master Kika are Quartz and Granite. His bird is the Crane and the Eastern Kingbird. His trees are the Philippine teak and the St. Helena gumwood. His flower is the Day lily. His essential oils are Dill and Spikenard.

Hour-long classes are held every weekday at two thirty, on the fourth floor of the Divine Healing Center, Suite Five-C.

Spiritual Healing

Just as giant space ships carry thousands heaven-bound, spiritual healing is a reality, despite what anyone chooses to believe. 281

Spiritual healing is simple, and can treat any disease. When someone is healed in supernatural response to prayer, we know that the creator blesses us to fight off disease.

By connecting mind-to-mind, and drawing out the negative energy of a sufferer, the prophetic healer channels the source of all life without fail. By working together in the light, we bring in life-giving energy.

As spiritual healers, we are subject to the strange voices and antics of malicious astral beings. By visualizing spheres of spiritual light protecting us, our chakras are blocked, and treatment will be effective.

By knowing the supernatural spark in all things, and that everything in the universe is mystically connected, we follow the path of health. Our path is made smoother when a psychic bond exists between the healer and the recipient.


The most important aspect of spiritual healing is the miracle of psychic phenomena, proof of the divine.

Many see the source of all life as distant. The great revelation of the ascended masters was that this was not true. Supernatural awareness recognizes that we are not physical. All things in the universe are conscious; that fact cannot be changed regardless of how anyone feels about it. Science is not needed.

The Reverend Hal Harper

Nasty Visions

Rushing to see them, countless people cheer the appearance of heavenly signs. But supernatural visions can turn nasty. As believers show up in flocks to glimpse what is thought to be a sign from on high, cities pay dearly. Included in the bill are traffic jams, security, and crowd control. As the candles of the faithful are mishandled, structures can go up in flames.


Count Repton

Telepathic Lord of Emerald Wisdom

(Picture 1 – Count Repton)

We who deal with misguided mystics and space cases have learned much. No longer will we be clobbered with tiresome supernatural lectures No longer will we bored to tears by holistic mystic speeches. No longer will we melt in the mouth of the holistic hard-liner.

By appealing to reason, why should we intervene, why should we lend a hand to the aggressive space case? Why bother? Instead, we have fun, and capitalize on the support that psychic readings have among space cases.

Simply take hold of a pet with one hand, place the other hand on the space case, and give a reading that they are not likely to forget; a hilarious, phony act that will surely get their attention.


Are we to assume that a psychic pet act will work? Will the space case fall for the act, shut up, and let us to do our job?


We are the appointed vessels of wisdom for His Lordship, Count Repton. Our job is to show the world the power of Psychic Iguana Channeling. Out of pure unconditional love, mystically powerful iguanas incarnate here as our guides and teachers. If we have not learned the lessons needed in our lifetime, a psychic iguana can show us how to break our spiritual slump.

Psychic Iguana Communication - What Is It?

Reptiles are among the most ancient species on the planet. More than any other living thing on earth, iguanas have the ability to peer far into our past lives. If our problems stem from the long ago past, the gifts of a psychic iguana can save the day.


Sometimes clashing for no apparent reason, iguanas communicate with one another through telepathy. Because these gifted animals cannot speak, the Iguana Communicator can tune in through psychic power.

Psychic Iguanas Have Insights Too!

Of all psychic iguanas, Count Repton is set apart as a prophet of divine wisdom, blessing us with health and enlightenment.

People who doubt the power of Count Repton need only ask for His help with a sincere heart. His intuition is beyond anything that a human psychic can offer.

Surprised? People will ask, “With a brain as small as His, how is possible for Him to be such a pool of divine intuition?” The answer is simple: science says we use only a fraction of the power of our brains. A reptile is able to take advantage of their entire brain.

The Repton Experience 286

While many animal communicators are on hand to consult, there is no one that can match the skill of Count Repton. Each time His wisdom is channeled, we are left in awe. Beyond words, His sense of compassion, mercy, and oneness with God astounds.

Communication with Count Repton is our greatest joy. Through the years, we have studied, observed, and learned everything possible about our divine friend. Count Repton has the uncanny ability to connect with our soul, offering us advice and inspiration.

Count Repton is available for consultation, treatment, discussion groups, and lectures.


Today, we turn our backs on acupuncture forever, because...

Igupuncture has arrived!


What Is Igupuncture?

Igupuncture is the art in of opening the channels of the body to correct energy imbalance through the skills of a highly trained iguana. To heal, an iguana uses the natural igupuncture points of the body. The claws of the skillful igupuncturist go to work, unblocking the flow of life force.

Available at our clinic, we have specially trained iguanas that diagnose and treat many health problems.

(Picture 2 – Repton Treatment 1)

Does Igupuncture Hurt?


For the first two to three treatments, we sedate the patient under with herbs. After that, the body of the patient is scanned by the igupuncturist.


(Picture 3 – Repton Treatment 2)

Once the igupoints are located, the igupuncturist will start the treatment, with sweat raining heavily from the body of the patient.

After that, a cadre of trained igupuncturists finishes the treatment.

No needles are used!

The improved energy balance brought about by igupuncture creates physical health and emotional shock waves.

(Picture 4 – Repton Treatment 3)


Initially, we had séances to receive eerie messages from the dearly departed. Then, we channeled disembodied spirits through trance. After that, we received communiqués from cats. Now, we have people asking a lizard what to do 289

with their lives!

Imagine that; turning to a lizard for guidance!

If we accept psychic messages from Nibbles, the Great Lord of the Underworld, if we bleat about how Skitty sends us advice from the great beyond, puhleaze - what hogwash!

As the rational person stands up, and throws the cerebral switch, they refuse further contact with the psychic animal channeler. They pay no mind to the Irish setter that gives advice.

The reasonable person can love an animal more than certain people. The person who loves animals more than humanity, or that thinks of animals as psychic, needs to see a mental health professional.

Why have we had so much trouble coming to grips with down-to-earth issues?

No longer will we doubt our predicament: 290

Numskulls snow society under.

Awakened from a deep sleep, we rise. As we crack open a brew-ski, and turn on the television, we find the cold stare of a psychic animal - a high and mighty lizard in a red cape. We look intently, straight into the eyes of a smug psychic iguana. Sinking to the lowest state of philosophical cancer, we think of things to ask the iguana about our future.

For the next few months we are stupefied, taken aback by the psychic iguana hullabaloo. As His fame spreads wide and far, Count Repton tours countless television shows and bookstores.

Soon, we are startled by the telepathic voice of Mr. Kibbles, as He orders us to vacation in Lake Tahoe.

As we follow the income generated by psychic pets, the anti-deceptive prize is unknown, gathering cobwebs in the corner.


Unable to meet the standards of the AntiDeception Society, we are at a loss. Nonetheless, we cool our heels. With Mr. Kibbles and Count Repton by our side, why do we need to work for a living?

The era comes to a close where we put ourselves on the rack for our indecisiveness. For too long have we been unable to make up our minds. We open the floodgates, and our standards are compromised. We consent to the full power of these mighty pets, and allow their might to pour forth in our lives.

To act in accordance with the holy creatures has been arduous. With full faith in the ignorance of people, we know that the divine grace of the psychic pets will release us. As the claws of Count Repton rake in our nest egg, the psychic readings of Mr. Kibbles reward us greatly. For each referral made to the divine animals, we get a kickback. For many years to come, may Count Repton and Mr. Kibbles be in our service.


Madam Conwella

Although we believe our thoughts are unique, Madam Conwella can read our personal history as it happened, and show us that there is a range of thought that is universal. Because we seldom discuss our “one of a kind” thoughts with others, Madam Conwella can guide us on the road of life with tranquility. Madam Conwella will give us a prediction that “fits like a glove,” although the same thing applies to many people. As Madam Conwella looks deep into our concerns, we will believe that our personality has been pegged.

Most of us believe there is something special in the way Madam Conwella helps us find answers to the troubles that are distressing us. Nonetheless, as a sharp-eyed reader with many years of practice, there are many things she can tell about us. Without any special ability, Madam Conwella simply picks up on the subtle signs we give.

All readings are private and confidential, 293

unless we want to brag about them to other lame mystics. Although many believers will admit that the readings of Madam Conwella are vague, to use them as a guide in big decisions is chilling.

“Your chart says that you like constant variety, and you are upset when held back. When finally breaking free, you wonder if you did the right thing.”

As we keep coming back to consult her about the future, our family, romance, career, spiritual direction, and which road to take, Madam Conwella is kept in a moneyed class.

After shelling out the cash, Madam Conwella appears before us. As we are told who we really are, and how others see us, the effect can seem momentous. Madam Conwella plays off our eye language, body language, and what we say.

In pulling off a dramatic reading, a reading that will astound an automaton, we start with the premise that people are trusting to no end. 294

As it seems to confirm their childhood fantasies, people enjoy being psychically deceived.

Our psychic reading depends on our needs at the time. With a little intuition, Madam Conwella uses astrology, tarot cards, graphology, I Ching, or psychic iguana communication to make an unbeatable barrage of across-the-board guesses. This gives us a tentative direction in which to find a soul mate, improve our health, make career choices, and develop our spiritual direction.

In the public service arena, to feel out the leaning of constituents, the prophetic politico is as vague as Madam Conwella. The more indistinct the partisan forecast of the politico, the better it works on trusting minds. With obscure statements open to many different implications, trusting minds are allowed to fill in the blanks, not considering that similar statements could apply to many issues.


The success of a psychic ploy is dependent on hopes, intellectual neglect, wishful thought, and vanity. When people are praised freely, they will accept the readings based on their wish that the readings be accurate and made-tomeasure.

“You have been reincarnated here to spread unconditional love and light to all. Your prayers will be answered, and your achievements will be great.”

To insist on consulting an indistinct voice to make important decisions is a sorry way to live.

Psychic Cruise

On Crystal Cruise Lines, aboard their oldest ship, Starry Sky, we will spend ten glorious days in Antarctica, away from the city, where the vibrations are pure.

Onboard will be many qualified, professional, and experienced psychic readers, with more than 296

a sixty years of international recognition and verified knowledge. Together with other leading empowerment specialists, this will be a cruise to remember.


Channel and intuitive, Rahnee Kastine

Internationally known medium, Jellico Stormm

Online psychic reader extraordinaire, Ariel Kizzy

Renowned energy advisor, Gaia Talsim

Onboard workshops include:

How to contact the yet-to-be-born in the astral world

How to use Potential-Life Progression to unlock latent inner power, and acquire positive traits for future incarnations


How to launch psychic attacks

How to channel cranky angels and militant shamans

Please share in our emotional imagery circles, and our group gemology, zodiac, runes, biorhythm, and clairvoyant readings, which empower us to kick some booty


Why do we carry on with mystical nonsense the world over? Why do we cling to the ghouls that should have been dispersed years ago? Why do we turn to a psychic iguana for guidance and healing? Why do we hold obvious deceptions so close to us? Why do we go on a psychic cruise?

The charade that surrounds us is found without difficulty: our scientific ignorance feeds our mysticism.

Once we are too lazy to be objective, we sink into magical hope. Like the supernatural 298

trickster offers that hope, we think we know what science does and does not do in our lives.

“We all need something to believe in,” says the lazy thinker.

Other than facts, the person guided by science has no need of something to “believe in.”

Because we are not aware of scientific facts, we refer to the supernatural, which becomes the source of:

Wishful thought

Paranormal goofiness

Belief in magical events

Used only on the hard line bonehead, psychic animal readings create openings for sidesplitting stunts. As a way to avoid tedious cosmic sermons, the stunts work because supernatural hard liners accept fuzzy readings thought to come from on high. 299

The public is unaware of the tricks used in a hypnotist, magic, or psychic act. With so many mystical dupes in the world, an enchanting stage act draws a big audience.

Except for the anti-deceptive person, few would guess that many talk shows, psychic exhibitions, and hypnosis stage acts plant shills, paid to pose as audience members. The trick works because most people would not think of using shills, as they assume it would be too daring and easily detected.

Despair lives among people who cannot accept that life does not match juvenile expectations. Reality is not ordered by fictional super beings to spoon-feed the emotionally crippled crybaby. Life is simply not laid out to suit our desires to a T.

To the atmospheric person, who just wants us to keep our traps shut, and believes that everything will be solved by providence, why make the effort to teach the facts of science? 300

Guided by intuitive awareness, the atmospheric will let nothing keep them from the “mighty prize.”

The intellectual armaments of the AntiDeception Society stand ready to shield us from the master yarn spinner. The ostentation of the yarn spinner has no appeal to people living in the World of Reason.

Everywhere we look we find sad people falling for one incredibly shallow form of occult drivel after another. After that, they branch out into newer hoaxes. Their descent into magical rubbish is not only sad, childish cosmic nonsense is among the greatest tragedies to strike our planet. Wacky cosmic gibberish is the suicide bomber of clear thought. Impossible to understand, nothing useful can be learned for mystical teachings.

Blanket support of fiction cripples our gray matter with a neuropathy that slows our gait. Robbed of reason, our descent into otherworldly drivel is the worst, Stage IV, Philosophical 301

Cancer we could have. After all, quality survival is founded on reason.

Still alive are the shackles that embody the long, gloomy era of self-righteous tyranny. Everywhere, we are hamstrung by a gamut of anti-scientific prejudice, and belief in the unbelievable. Facts be damned, stubborn superstition chips away at our pocket books, and opens our houses up to the imaginary.

Science will not dampen the fervor of the mystical joiner. With broad evidence in the face of nonsensical claims, we do not expect to get far with the joiner. Intellectual indolence inspires their love of the occult path, said to spare them from the hard lessons of life.

In most cases, the mystic does not walk their big talk. Any sign of their alleged lofty status is undetectable. While clear benefits of mysticism might spark interest, hypocrisy turns people away. Worse still, the uphill climb to gain wisdom from living is hindered by atmospheric ideas. 302

Out of touch with reality, faith in meaningless magic has the lazy illusion-addict feeling no pain in the philosophical crack house. Nonetheless, the illusion-addict will put forth renowned effort, when fueled by the promise of wondrous transformation.

In years past, how many comical sitcoms of the psychic gods and masters have we seen? Why do we continue to endure the cosmic soap opera? Why are we not beyond the lure of superstition?

Regardless of the many scandals, the guru gossip, the calamities of cultish congregations, and the plots of pretentious preachers keep on.

As usual, the magnetic leader gives scraps of wisdom for the supernatural sucker to scarf up. Scraps of wisdom are irresistible to the sucker.

Smart-sounding proverbs pretend to reveal absolute answers to the great questions of 303

life. Serving up the easy answers, the sucker gets on hands and knees, hungry for pieces of guidance. Though they are only empty bits of celestial awareness, the sucker asks for more. Since the selfless sucker does not judge the result, the cosmic chef cooks up magical treats with ease.

Because supernatural platitudes sound wise to the sucker, the cosmic manipulator finds them vital. Set with pointless parables, the cosmic manipulator stands ready to cash in. Although middling mottos are mindless, they induce bliss in the superstitious sucker.

Stressed out by life, we delve far into our mystical habit. After a long prayer session, we rise, only to feel odd. Worried, we know that a touch of mental instability runs in our family. Still, we know that our folks are no different than many. Although we desire to go into ministry and preach to others, we wonder if we are up to the challenge. More and more, we feel strangely agitated.


Now, a startling mystical revelation hits us, and we feel like a glorified soul on a mission.

Later, we sign up for a yoga class. Eventually, we find that the instructor secretly believes himself to be an incarnation of Krishna.

Founded on actual situations, the preceding example does not stretch the imagination. Delusions of grandeur are universal. Time and again, the supernatural mirage hits a point of psychosis, fully losing contact with reality.

In nearly every psychiatric ward in the world, delusions of omniscience are found. Easily, we come across someone that tells us they are a famous person or a divinity. They will claim that Allah is in them, there to help the human race.

Although the fantasy-prone personality is found everywhere, many shades of gray are found, too. While a few people will admit to being dippy, other people are not conscious they have lost it. Still in love with the old hallucinations, 305

many people are borderline schizoid after using psychotropic drugs for years.

While run-of-the-mill delusions concern a mental health staff, a leading mystic with grand visions should concern us all. Feeding a widespread fondness for bull, the influential oddball can suck many people in, and set fires on the world stage.

When an angst-ridden oddball gains many followers, trouble is sure to stir. At all times, an oddball with criminal intent must be carefully monitored.

Each country has a crop of cranks that must be tracked. Otherwise, the cranks will sew seeds of unrest, stirred by paranoia.

The late, great Carl Sagan wrote that superstitious senselessness stands by, watching; it forever waits to pounce on a trusting mental defective. So he warned in his book, “The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark.” 306

While the mentally unhinged person may appear sane, outward appearance cannot be trusted. Regardless of an outer shell of sanity, the unhinged are compelled to dig deeply into the supernatural.

When the strange stories of the unhinged are examined under strict controls, they unravel. Still, the cosmically unhinged accept them.

While we may believe in our hearts that an extraterrestrial was before us, the fan of paranormally themed movies often reports weird stories. If we have a boring life, an unconscious drive to create excitement can take over.

In the stage between sleep and wakefulness, sleep paralysis takes place. Already prone to episodes of sleep paralysis, we were asleep in bed, only to partly wake up immobilized yet again. Although the sleep mechanism keeps us as motionless as possible, with a sleep disorder, we can partly awaken while this mechanism still 307

working. During sleep paralysis, we may sense a dreadful presence in the room, hear strange noises, or see weird lights. An unseen being might choke us, and we cannot fight it off.

Omega Core Seven

Encouraged to be a celestial mouthpiece, chelation consultant and psychic Tespi Bebwick began hearing interplanetary voices in her late teens. The voices moved her to astral travel to the Whirlpool Galaxy. On arrival, she was paralyzed by a thundering, barbed-wire tornado of universal life force.

As a young adult, Tespi realized that her problems were caused by unsettled affairs from a former reality, suffered at the hands of the empire on Shizcon Three. In trance, she gradually achieved spiritual harmony with Omega Seven, through dream contact with Cygnus.

As the power of Tespi grew, thousands of tiny hairs on her body bristled with psychic energy. Revealed to her was the knowledge that death 308

was only the next rung in our spiritual evolution, possibly leading to an elevated incarnation in another dimension.

Before channeling the spirits of Humphrey Bogart and Ernest Hemingway, Tespi first received psychic transmission from Phobos. Her skin taunt and smooth, she drank of the cup of intense galactic awareness beamed to her by Dipsilon, emperor of Phobos. With a spasminducing shriek, she entered the clay of the great sculptor, to expel past-life sins. That night, she was told that the path to enlightenment was through past-life therapy.

Tespi learned that alien abductees were actually remembering a past life of physical torment. She saw that, by re-living her past lives as angels controlled the complex reincarnation process, she could be freed from harmful forces. She knew that the cosmic brotherhood was watching her every step of the way.

Because of the knowledge that Tespi gained, 309

Omega Core Seven and Zornutan was founded.

With closed eyes, Tespi told her story at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Galactic Gathering. As the audience learned that our almighty extraterrestrial allies were sending a massive fleet of ships to Earth, all in attendance were hushed. They found out that a spacecraft from the Crab Nebula was already here, undetectably waiting on a Micronesian island – part of the lost continent of Mu. The extraterrestrials on these ships will usher in an age of worldwide peace and enlightenment.

The gathering was a spectacle to behold:

“Greetings, Crishus of Planet Brundidge. Hail, Jeeda, King of Ganymede. The Galactic Gathering of Luminaries welcomes you.”

A non-profit house of worship centered in Marin County, California, Zornutan is the newest assembly of spiritual seekers. In order to progress spiritually, seekers are encouraged to confess their past-life sins. 310

Zornutan teaches that humanity is being set for a major cosmic change, at which point the Most High will direct Earth to join the cosmic alliance.

For seven thousand dollars, those that advance will be admitted to Omega Core Seven, lead by the glorious Sveldumede Twelve. The purpose of the Core is to explore the sacred origins of life and consciousness. Omega Core Seven is linked with galactic intelligence, absorbing the channeled wisdom of ascended masters, and inter-dimensional angelic beings. Appearing in the flesh, many figures in history will materialize to lend a hand to the Core.

Shaking in ecstasy, the yuppies of Omega Core Seven watched in awe. Dressed as a medieval jester, paramour and leader of Omega Core Seven, Sveldumede Twelve, channeled a Minoan warrior named Horkus. “Seek grace in Omega Core Seven or embrace the Dark One,” a voice said. Touting the benefits of a raw pork diet, Horkus gave guidance on the love lives of Core 311

participants, and offered communiqués from the Mothership.

Crouching near the stage, the yuppies of Omega Core Seven burst into prayer. They sang hymns to the rainbow energy of Solar System X TwentyEight.

Afterward, Sveldumede Twelve turned to the yuppies and said, “In appreciation of my many admirers.” Perched like a stripper in glittery apparel, Sveldumede Twelve stretched his legs and danced.

Sveldumede Twelve raised his hands, and telepathically contacted a faery from a distant neutron star - Surzo, the faery soldier. A legend says that, armed with black magic, Surzo underwent divine transformation directed by his real self many millions of years ago.

With weird haircuts, the yuppies of Omega Core Seven live in communal housing. On weekdays, they hand out Omega Core Seven literature at the nearby college. On weekends, they sell 312

Herbal Grandeur, with proceeds going directly to Tespi Bebwick and Sveldumede Twelve.

To Seize Mental Oars

As water stagnates in a dwindling stream, so our basic thinking skill dries up. To steer our way down the New Millennium River, we must sit up, and seize the oars. The time has come to change course, to cease floating down channels of wishful thinking.

Floundering without a compass in the long dark night, the dawn breaks. We look around and see that the surest route is a demanding new course upriver, toward its source. In steering clear of those who would keelhaul us through rough water, we need maps that tell us what routes to ply, and when to hug the shore. We must seize mental oars, and propel our craft to a sound horizon.

Supernatural space pirates, merchant marines of doom, holistic health buccaneers, coast guard pleasure police, and other fishy mariners 313

refuse to go along with proper rules of steerage. The Anti-Deception Society has made it known that the navigator who is prone to be off-course must instead take the ferry.

Speaking directly to our safe travel, the Society has laid out superior navigation charts. Given to all helmsmen who seek them, the charts are crucial to crossing rough waters. In plotting the best possible routes, the Society has made great effort.

Although the Society has notified seafarers of storm warnings, a serious challenge to our safe voyage has arisen; to thwart access to life giving waters, countless plunderers have set mines. With great vigilance, lookouts scout the waters.

Along for the ride only, many passengers ignore safety bulletins. Passengers are ceaselessly warned not to dive in to water that can capture us in its current. Questioned on the wisdom of warning passengers so often, the Society sails on. 314

Lessons on keeping an even keel may incite mystic holistic marauders to submerge us in a storm of superstition. In response, the amusing exploits of the far off-course marauder are broadcast over the loudspeaker, guaranteeing a raucously good time for all aboard.

In seizing mental oars, many have discovered that every odd event does not need a ready explanation. All events not completely made sense of do not indicate that an elf controls world affairs. Not able to prove that the elf does not live deep in hidden subterranean caves, we are not fazed. Distinct from an allpowerful Oz behind the curtain, we are not great enough to crack all at once, or pull global strings.

While we may not be able to move mountains, we do have the chance to become skilled at antideception. To develop a flair for handling the challenges posed by holistic mystics, we must hang on to a basic maxim:


No one is obliged to offer evidence that something does not exist.

The choice to accept or reject a claim is ours to make. The duty to provide evidence must be thrust back onto the individual that submits a claim. That we are not required to prove that a claim is false is a basic rule that bears repeating. That we do not have to prove that Peter Pan is a fictional character is one example.

The merchant with goods or services to unload rarely makes the effort to scientifically prove their claims. Genuine evidence is not comprised of a product or a “life-changing seminar,” complete with testimonials. Legitimate advancements in science and medicine are not sported solely through tabloids, talk shows, or the Internet.

The whims of the mystic holistic crew revolve around what will take us below deck, and make us theirs. If we do not learn to critically filter claims they throw at us, we will be bent 316

over to suit their fancy. They will proceed to ravish us.

The all-natural fairy tale fan believes that they are on the ultimate path of real life. We that live in the World of Reason know that we do not need superstition to make our lives work.

One way to assess the fanciful talk of the unconditional wellness counselor is to ask pointed questions:

"Will we attend the Temple Of Psiology conference, or go to that fantastic new restaurant?”

”Do you want to attend the Organic Unitarian jamboree, or take in a concert with the ladies?”

“Tonight, should we bond with criminally stupid seekers, or perform that strength workout?”

We that ask anti-deceptive questions are not 317

invited to the gathering of seekers. In its place, we focus on the joys, challenges, and victories of life. Steering clear of a mystical slump, we seek wisdom and inner passion from a real life. Yearning to be celebrated as claimants of the glorious prize, as progressive champions that help to usher in a new age of divine splendor, we are bolstered by mythic stories.

To appreciate the difference between reality and bioenergetic kinesiology brings us great advantages:

We do not do frivolous things with people who claim to have one-dimensional, magical answers to the most difficult aspects of life.

Mentally unsound people who embrace the bizarre do not sucker us.

We know that a universal path to divine truth is a fantasy.

We are wise enough to challenge authority when 318

warranted, and check incredible claims out.

We do not make changes in our lives based on half-baked advice.

The Anti-Deception Society laughs at the idea of a homeopathic neurosurgeon. The Society recognizes that “in the know” health gurus and spiritual leaders are not to be taken seriously.


Without joining a strange group of seekers, who seek to transcend the mind, we that live in the World of Reason choose to build lives filled with insight, creativity, and love. In contrast, the things that electrify the mind of the unlawfully stupid automaton are bizarre, goofy, ethereal, dreary, and unpleasant.

Regardless of the alleged greatness of the spiritual revolution they champion, lots of automatons grow dull because of mental depression. This is not to say that all 319

automatons are depressed. Nonetheless, it seems as though, many lifeless automatons exist that do their best to conceal their chronic low moods. Just to keep it together, a depressed automaton is caught up in unreality more and more.

Most sufferers of depression have a mild form, caused by a habit of linking a series of negative thoughts. The person who has clinical depression suffers from symptoms such as…

Inability to enjoy things

Chronic fatigue

Thoughts of death or suicide

Feelings of guilt

Slow or restless movement

Difficulty concentrating

Persistent irritability 320

Appetite disturbances; eating too much or too little

Sleep disturbances; sleeping too much or too little

The highest rates of depression are among…


Young people

Unmarried couples

The unemployed

Because it is easily concealed, to diagnose depression is not easy. Time after time, doctors fail to spot depression. Often, a patient will not admit to being depressed, even when showing clear signs. To add to the problem, depression often hides behind fad disease. In many cases, the patient is treated for things such as sleeplessness or fatigue. 321

The best ways to deal with chronic depression include…

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Exercise and recreational activities

Meditation and quiet time

In severe cases, drug therapy

The sufferer of mystical self-abuse, who avoids real help, is a model of deep emotional disorder. A fascination with all-natural and transcendental rubbish has ruined them. Prophetic forecasts, vitamin therapy, imaginary entities, organic panic, and external surroundings have great control over the mind of the sufferer.

Steeped in legends of all-wise beings and visionary events, the mystical view chips away at the life of the sufferer to the point of mental instability. Sooner or later, the 322

sufferer keeps going only through all-natural defiance and divine double standards.

Contrary to their claims, the automaton is not kept down because of their faith; the automaton is shunned because they are monotonous. A pain in the backside, the automaton takes up our time, hoping to reel us in. Other than fellow automatons, few are fond of the boring person with screwy beliefs, often dressed in spiritual uniforms.

As do people with similar interests, problems, fears, and disorders, fellow automatons join forces. The ability to share problems with others ought to be helpful. Sorry to say, standing hand in hand in a group can easily be a major diversion.

Hanging our identity on a group does not make our lives easier. People in groups tend to kill solutions beyond the group. Everything that might helpful, and make coming to group meetings unnecessary, is shot down.


Not to say that groups are at all times useless, to be in contact with people who have triumphed over the same problem that we suffer from may be of some value. A few people say that they enjoy the social values offered by a group. All the same, devotion to a group can thwart instead of help us. Even when finding their colleagues to be misguided, the person of blind devotion stays on.

Before joining a group, we must reconsider their value of groups overall. To join with other mystics who believe the same lies as us, locks us in to the belief that we are unique.

“Before the safe haven of my heart was revealed, I lived a superficial life. In the group, a shared, spiritual aim makes me feel special. I feel sorry for people not privy to our secrets. I know the supreme truth. I am in touch with mysteries beyond the grasp of others.”

For seasoned joiners, the judgment of science is tough to take. For groups led by trained 324

laypersons, and those led by professionals, or no one leading them at all, the findings are the same: groups fritter away much time. The final effect of bonding with a group is the same as not bonding with one at all.

Regardless of the scientific verdict, people will continue to have faith in the value of groups. In the case of business, hobbyist, disease, social, or spiritual causes, hardened joiners will continue to fritter away time and energy in groups.

In a group with superstitious goals, intellectual death is likely. By crossing over into self worth by proxy, we are immersed in a mental dump. In a group devoted to imaginary benefits, the mystified hand over their lives. In the end, confused joiners are cogs in a placebo machine that rumbles on. The machine draws on intellectual and medical propaganda.

Built on flimsy foundations, a mystical group is determined to thrive. By dismissing reality by means of fairy stories, a mystical group 325

shows a profit.

The automaton is not much fun at parties or groups. Rather than making conversation, the automaton thinks it best to preach. Because of their tedious way of thinking, the unlawfully dumb cosmic automaton goes for the strangest things.

Deceiving The Devious

The inability to tell the real from the fake gives us the chance to take long-winded automatons on a special ride. To give fake readings to automatons can generate great fun while shutting them up. The circus act of a “psychic” animal stunt, channeled being ruse, fake crusade against harmless things, and so on, featuring the mindless joiner, can be used to make a compelling statement… or to merely generate potent fun.

“According to your personality test, although you generally plan well, you have made a few recent blunders. Also, the test shows that you 326

are proud of thinking for yourself – you do not follow the crowd.”

Members of the Anti-Deception Society use fake personality readings based on handwriting, personality assessments, a birth date, supposed psychic powers, and so on. Psychic performance art points out the martial arts principle of “do not resist conflict.” With no psychic act to present, we are often tempted to resist the illegally silly.

The automaton feels the need to spout the glories of the unproved ad nauseam. To make them to shut up, most of us have not given much thought to using tricks on the already tricked.

All the same, the Society uses stunts knowing that an appeal to reason over mindless farce is usually to no avail.

On the surface, the use of misleading tricks on the hard line holistic mystic seems contrary to the principles of the Anti-Deception Society. We in the Society stand ready to let others 327

judge our scams in any way they want. When we channel the “wisdom” of pets, casually pull personality readings out of the hat, and so on, we are assured of suckering a large percentage of automatons.

If we could expose “higher health” sharks without the need to load the dice with fake readings, the world would be a better place. The challenge is that we cannot make the higher health sharks face facts. Still, the superstitious need to load the dice is unfortunate.

“I feel a strong response from Count Repton… wait… he says that you already know this… he says that when you are stressed out, you lose sight of the many good things in your life. As a result, you feel as if no one appreciates you as you are.”

At the same time, we cannot take seriously those who say there is no way they would lie even to a known con artist. The Anti-Deception Society fights fire with fire, and does not 328

think much of adults who claim to tell the truth in all circumstances. For adults who would claim such a thing, their naiveté is to be left alone. To be honest in all situations, even to con artists, muggers, and so on, is for babes in the land of the innocent.

While full honesty is a wonderful thing to read about, the real world is not always the domain of clear-cut good and bad.

Compared to the scores of hypocrites that like to think they are always truthful, though they are not, the measure of mystics that never lie under any circumstance is infinitesimal.

Just as we can walk up to an animal with a knife, and casually slit its throat, so many people try to be as innocent as the lamb. Even to save a loved one, the person of dubious virtue will not lie under any circumstance.

No one has a duty to be honest with an outright scoundrel. A line in the sand must be drawn, and if a criminal act is carried out, all bets 329

are off.

The police have learned that a deranged criminal is holding a young girl captive in his home. The criminal is sly, fully armed, and on the lookout. To gain entrance and rescue the girl, a brave policeman poses as a deliveryman. In doing so, the police show that they are skilled liars.

For the pious pighead, lying to get a medical procedure for a loved one in time of crisis is unthinkable. Rather than lie, the pious pighead would let a loved one expire.

In cases of grave illness, health plan administrators have been known to refuse coverage for a life-saving procedure. To help a loved one get the procedure might involve devising clever stories for HMO bean counters. If we abandon the HMO ship and seek help on our own, we would be rendered penniless. In this instance, most doctors will lie to HMO bean counters on behalf of the patient.


As best they can, parents must teach their children that dishonesty will come back to bite them. Parents must also teach children when to use diversion. To understand the value of diversion, we need to go back to the ancient past:

Heading our way, we see a nearby clan. We do not know if they will attack us, or cast a spell on us. They may want our food, our weapons, and our women. They may to clash with us? Should we to tell them where our valuables are? Should we to tell them the truth, or should we lie to them?

In the vein of lying, the roots of conflict are food for thought. When attacked, we scrap the stern “kill other people only in self-defense” rule. We make exclusions and send our loved ones off to protect us. Likewise, to maintain order, society deals severely with civilians who carry out murder.

Whether the pious pighead likes it or not, lying and conflict are part of our history. The 331

social order that we hold dearly has survived partly because of our lies and abuses. Try as we might, we cannot deny from past massacre, death, oppression, and lies. The will to carry on by any means is hardwired into our brains. For human beings to survive, an inborn flair for diversion is sometimes essential. The genes that survive are passed on.

Students of the cold war era must know that it is naïve to believe that we will ever to reach a point where everyone in the world is completely honest.

Although animals cannot lie, we can easily guess the early schemes of the human animal. To gain control, our ancestors had to be smart. To scale the mountain, many people had to be outsmarted. Were there a gene that stopped lying, it would be drained from the pool by now.

In modern life, lying take a new form. For instance, our spouse wants an opinion of their attire: 332

"No honey, you don‟t look fat in that.”

By surprise, a telemarketer catches us, only to be put through the “Please Hold On” trick (after saying, “Please hold on,” we return to what we were doing, and see how long the telemarketer will hold).

In an administrative job, saddled with political concerns, lying to create a favorable impression could be used against us. When caught in a lie, the person of respect comes clean.

As for sexuality, most of us have made foolish choices in the past. If exposed, we often try to hide the evidence.

As we reflect on the issue of lying, we need to be frank with ourselves. By doing so, we will not lie to ourselves!

Some bright, sunny day, we might be more open with our fellow man. Until that day arrives, 333

the rational person will continue to defend freedom from wild and wooly forces that would crush it. The anti-deceptive person does not initiate a smokescreen on anyone; the criminal manipulator fires the first shot. When facing the supernatural psychopath, the anti-deceptive person is clever. To keep the petty instigator, the cosmic bonehead, and the social hustler from creating trouble, the anti-deceptive person does not hesitate to fire any smokescreen needed.

Were everyone on earth to be devoted to honesty, we would not be forced to use smokescreens. The cosmic bonehead would not burden us with all-natural and supernatural nuttiness. Given that this is not the case, and that dishonest beasts of prey are on the loose, the rational person chooses not to live as a rosy-cheeked goody goody.

“I'm a good boy. I always play by the rules. I never lie!”

“Sure, buddy. Get the duct tape and take „em to 334

the basement, boys!”

The Scam-Smashing Magician

The Anti-Deception Society is firm on intellectually pounding the hostile holistic haranguer and the meddling mystic into the ground. The Society does this with the help of the most skilled person for the job: the scamsmashing magician.

For all intents and purposes, the scam-smashing magician is among the most vital members of the Anti-Deception Society. To be familiar with basic methods of trickery can bridge a vast gap. The scam-smashing magician can help us better understand how easily we are deceived. This is why the Anti-Deception Society honors the Great Houdini.

Houdini remains the greatest anti-deceptive magician of all time. In his time, Houdini countered a large incursion of mystical crooks. By raising the torch of Houdini, we pay tribute to a great anti-deceptive tradition. 335

Mystic-buster extraordinaire Houdini exposed the supernatural con artists right and left. Setting baited traps for spiritistic scammers, Houdini electrified an entire nation. Houdini wrote a book called "Magician Among The Spirits," which pioneered ways to bust the chops of the cosmic criminal.

Today, millions of people put their faith in psychics, prophets, people with “powers,” and weird groups that cater to the mystical silliness of others. While making an effort to abide the docile believer, the Anti-Deception Society carries on the legacy of Houdini.

As we come up against the low emotional age of the mystical joiner, we could do with extra help. With the scam-smashing magician, our road is made smoother. In cases where medical investigators and scientists are tricked, the magician easily spots spiritual sleight of hand. The magician knows how astral smoke screens are touched off. Once the smoke settles, to expose the transcendent joker is a 336

thing of delight.

The world over, hapless pilgrims converge on countries such as Brazil and the Philippines, where psychic wranglers are many. Indeed, in every country on earth psychic wranglers can be found. Under the umbrella of religion, the psychic wrangler deceives hapless pilgrims in houses of worship.

Another in the long parade of supernatural bull is psychic surgery. Psychic surgeons take their hands, and pretend to plunge them into people. They slosh their hands around and suddenly guts come out – usually chicken guts. One magic wipe and bingo, we are pronounced cured! We look down and find our skin clean and free from scars. To the unwary, the operations appear to be real.

To observe the phenomenon of psychic surgery, a famous doctor went to the Philippines. The doctor was amazed, “Oh my gosh! I don‟t know how they did it!” Amidst all of the blood and stuff, the doctor saw what he expected. 337

When a real surgeon enters the abdominal cavity, one of the first structures seen is the lining tissue, at the deepest layer of the body. The lining tissue is like plastic wrap. To make the process look real, psychic surgeons learned to stretch plastic wrap above the “surgical” site. While a magician would have spotted the hoax at once, the doctor fell for the whole farce.

Another dirty trick used by psychic surgeons is a fake thumb filled with chicken guts. Although television crews have shown that psychic surgeons are wolves in the garments of sheep, believer still flock to them.

Because his original profession was magic, Johnny Carson learned how to spot trickery. On hearing that a famous psychic wrangler was booked on his show, Carson contacted the antideceptive magician James Randi. Carson learned from Randi how to guard against simple conjuring. Carson watched as the wrangler wilted on national television, making “The 338

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” memorable in the annals of anti-deceptive history.

In hilarious ways, the much-loved magicians, Penn and Teller, display neopagan healers and astral mules for all to see. Doubling over with laughter, we see portraits of celestial touch therapists and harmonic enlightenment coaches that make us lose it.

Not surprising, regardless of any exposé, a vast throng of magical thinkers keeps right on with their beliefs.

To break the typhoid-like cancer of mass sociogenic mythology will require broad efforts. Although anti-deceptive seeds have sprouted through the work of many heroic magicians, these efforts are but a homeopathic dose needed to indict the vast quantity of mystic holistic larceny seen in the world. Many well-known productions, that depict fringe science as genuine, must be answered. With most people not able to tell the difference, phony cases are presented as the real thing. 339

Were it not for magicians, freeloaders who manipulate the mysticism in us would enjoy an even bigger payout. Because of their many contributions, the Anti-Deception Society honors magicians such as the Great Houdini, James Randi, Penn and Teller, Bob Steiner, and others.

What a world it would be if an extraordinarily bright, superstition-weary mogul started an entirely new broadcasting corporation. The goal of the corporation would be to train well-paid, bold actors, armed with hidden cameras, functioning as undercover, mystic-holistic busters. In this way, anti-deceptive, multimedia presentations would be created to flood the planet.

Superstitious Stubbornness

Having taken on a class of new students, Professor Myers assumes that everyone is there to learn. Soon, it soon becomes clear that a few subversive students are in attendance. The 340

dissidents refuse to get with the program, which holds up the progress of everyone. Later, the agitators are expelled, and enrolled in special classes designed to deal with them.

To live by objective, scientific principles is dear to members of the Anti-Deception Society. To advance the art of myth cracking, members do not let the hostile, heavenbound herbalist have their way.

For the work of the Society to be effective, members need to grow thick, healthy skin. They know that they can do only so much to protect the consumer from the mystic holistic scammer. With a spectacle of scammers preying on an endless parade of easily duped consumers, the Anti-Deception Society does its work in a detached manner.

Many people join forces with the intellectual harlot, and walk along in alternative and sacred paths. Together with the harlot, they are rarely bold enough to break out of their dogma, and make the leap into objective 341

thought. In the very few instances when the leap is made, we can learn more about holistic theology.

When a challenge to prized notions defies the intellectual harlot, and they see what science says, the harlot may get perturbed. In many cases, the challenge will condense into emotionalism, insults, and craziness. The emotional outbursts of the harlot may even incite a holy war. Before things turn ugly, we must tactfully ask the intellectual harlot to discuss their sacrosanct practices coolly and calmly. If the harlot insists on all-natural, divine diatribes, we can also elect to say nothing, or pretend to go along with their blather, and walk away. To present evidence to the contrary is surely a waste of our time.

The clever supernatural con artist is wary enough to show “the full glories of divine healing” only to people of absolute devotion. The subservient are invited to meet for secret gatherings. From here, the subservient are ordered to do their utmost to advance the 342

mission. Devoting ample time and capital, the subservient may even be permitted to climb the ladder, to one day be leaders.

As the stubborn believer lays divine law on the nonbeliever, they make it known that all nonbelievers are in poor spiritual health. According to the mystical freeloader, nonbelieving mavericks are abnormal, condemned to a life of gloom, without a sense of divine principles. The stubborn believer will quote the prophet, who says that all nonbelievers are blind to the power of spiritual renewal.

The stubborn person of the book clings to the belief that, without holy law, no morality is possible.

In point of fact, morality has nothing to do with superstition. What defines moral action is reason. To be guided by reason is moral and does not change. To passionately defend virulent ideas is immoral.

Skirting the issue with supernatural excuses 343

spells failure. Vile immorality chips away at both life and love.

Dismissing out of hand the idea that it only makes sense to treat people justly, the mystic has contempt for rational and workable societies. The idea that it makes a rational person feel good to be respectful is passed over.

To do admirable things, and to have integrity, is a great way to live. Society works efficiently when we act in productive ways. To create a well-balanced, enjoyable life, we do not need to be guided by fantasies.

To help or hurt, give or take, prevent an impending strike or be a sitting duck, morality depends on our state of mind. Whether science or “alternative realities,” self-defense or to be crushed, the choice is ours.

Likewise, anyone that rejects the superficiality of holiday celebrations has got to be an evil Scrooge. Ostracism awaits anyone 344

that does not blindly go along with the traditional fables of a culture. Are we to swallow the time-honored legends that society feeds us, or will we refuse to accept them, and be judged to be without morals?

Emotionally attached to mulish beliefs, the whole earth hypno-rebirther finds beauty in congealed belief systems. Once in place, zealous convictions call for little conscious thought to maintain.

If the intellectual harlot is asked to provide evidence for their beliefs, their statements are revealing. To simply wear mulish beliefs as a badge, with little conscious thought, gives the transformation guide a sense of security.

How We Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?

As duty-bound farm hands belt out the praises of farm, unearthly fables drain the fields bit by bit. As the yield grows meager, the farm hands fail to notice the amazing things outside of the farm. The fruitless hands on the farm of 345

truth are oblivious to the known splendor of the real universe. The hands take little interest in the tremendous time in which we live, in the magnificence of what is.

The farm hands believe that truth lives only in the countryside, where organic produce is grown. To keep the farm in operation, the workers must stay under control. All else is the work of the corrupt.

For the cosmic manipulator, to keep people working on the farm is important. Once they get off the farm, and see what is happening, they will not want to return to the farm.

In search of the fabled harvest, children of the farm vegetate. Still, they imagine that special harvest, spending their whole lives in hard labor on the farm. Because of their constant sweat, the workers are not able to feel the rapture of life outside the farm, as life in its non-mystical, spiritual qualities to pass them by. A tiny few of the hands are able to pop their heads out from the farm. On 346

tasting freedom, the hands do not want to go back.

No matter how downcast the freed workers might feel, nothing could convince them to plow the lower forty with psychic gremlins from Atlantis. The precepts of the latest mystical health gardener will be seen as useless compost.

While different opinions are offered on what is the gist of superstitious hogwash, the portrayal of obscenity by Supreme Court Justice Stewart Potter may just as well apply:

"I am not sure how to define it, but I know it when I see it."

Superstitious hogwash advocates out of the ordinary, half-baked, shadowy ideas. The superstitious person believes in unseen powers, and the power of sacrament in linking with mystical forces.

Remarkably, each superstitious splinter group 347

has similar beliefs, believing that the superstition they trust in is the one and only true path. Each group disparages the other, and says that what these other, easy targets settle on is obvious garbage. At the same time, each group insists on a supernatural version of the “one true path” different from the others.

…for I always thought It was both impious and unnatural That such immanity and bloody strife Should reign among professors of one faith.

William Shakespeare, King Henry VI

Before our time is up, we must stop the absurd disparagement, renounce superstitious hogwash, and seize our mental oars.

The Galileo Effect

"But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright 348

Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown." Carl Sagan

The argument that doctors often laugh at alternative approaches is not persuasive. Doctors laugh at holistic ideas, and stand up comedians. In looking at the many quack products coming down the pike, we see that they are comical. Complete with testimonials, alternative medicine theories rank among the silliest ideas in the world.

Concluding that every new idea is worthy of a thorough test, many people leap to the example of Galileo. Even so, jumping to the case of Galileo does not automatically lead us to anything worthwhile. Prior to, throughout, and following the times when Galileo proved his ideas were right, thousands of flawed theories have come and gone. Because they were proved to be wrong, they never saw the light of day. In due course, science recognized them as false.


In Nineteenth Century Vienna, Hungarian physician Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (July First, Eighteen-Eighteen to August Thirteenth, Eighteen Sixty-Five) was laughed at when he claimed that medical students spread disease by going directly to maternity ward after a cadaver dissection. Although Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed, his ideas were scientifically tested, and found to be true. The ideas of Dr. Semmelweis forever changed medicine. Many of the colleagues of Dr. Semmelweis were also mocked for their theories, and were found to be wrong.

Although many people refuse to accept it, most amazing new theories are shown to be wrong. Nonetheless, the more holistic and mystical something is, the more people are keen on it.

Without a doubt, the existing state prevails, and new theories have an uphill climb. By climbing the hill of science, it is reasonable to root for the little guy, and enjoy seeing the high and mighty put in their place. 350

Nonetheless, there is no science that supports the little guy performing:

A colon cleanse

Colon therapy (colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy) is a method used in alternative medicine, which injects a large volume of water into the colon, occasionally imbued with other “healing” substances, through the rectum. After a while, the liquid is expelled. The colon therapist proposes it to treat health problems caused by a buildup of toxic matter in the large intestine, the long-discredited theory of “autointoxification.”

Doctors, who peer into the depths of the colon day after day, can see no toxins, or anything else, impacted on the walls of the colon. Other than through placebo, colon therapy provides zero health benefits.

That we should be rectally purged is but one of the many wacky beliefs of dear old John Harvey Kellogg. Through several colon rinses a day 351

(Kellogg must have been sexually stimulated by enemas), born-again bowels could be ours.

The bombastic Kellogg insisted on a dreary diet. The lackeys of the Kellogg sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, hovered over guests, to ensure they stuck to the diet, and to mete out torture in the name of health.

Incredibly, the unrefined, nineteenth century silliness of Kellogg is still with us:

The autointoxification or toxin hypothesis

The idea that sexual fluids are filled with life energy (“An erection is a flagpole on your grave”)

Routine circumcision to stop self-stimulation

Wild claims about breathing exercises

“…the whole world knows only one Kellogg, me, John Harvey Kellogg, surgeon-inventor, author and crusader for biological living. I do not 352

seek monetary reward for I am called to a greater glory. Here at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, the spirits soar, the mind is educated, and the bowels, the bowels are born again.”

The Road To Wellvile

As Kellogg and many others have learned, paths to health and purity readily open the pocketbook of the patchy mind, which is found everywhere.

A muscle test (a flaky, discredited diagnostic method, not to be confused with legitimate kinesiology, the study of human movement. Typically, the person to be muscle tested raises an arm; then, the person points to a body part, such as the liver, or a substance is put under their tongue. Next, as force is

applied to the arm, the subject is told to resist. The practitioner assesses the muscular resistance; strong resistance implies health, while frail resistance implies a problem, or that the substance is unfavorable). 353


Another discredited diagnostic method, in which the fibers of the iris are inspected to determine the health of a sucker).

A psychic forecast


Or homeopathy

Likewise, the theories that mayonnaise causes schizophrenia, sexual problems, and depression, or that many pounds of parasites infest the intestines of people in developed countries, are ludicrous.

When dozens of studies tell us that such and such is healthy, harmful, or of no value, reason demands that we must relent.

Claims Beyond Belief


“Our friends have told us about a new herbal product that miraculously reams the sphincter.”

”Doctors do not want us to know about the amazing benefits of all-natural Rump Plumber; if word were to leak out, they know that they would soon be out of business.”

”I heard about a supplement on the radio that sounds fantastic! Have you heard about it?”

”My manicurist told me about an all-natural cream that she wants to sell me.”

”Last week, I received an interesting tape in the mail. The product that it talked about sounds fantastic. Listen to the tape, and tell me what you think.”

“These Androwood Lozenges have secret ingredients, and are guaranteed. Although

scientific and medical groups are ignorant of it, in about a week, Androwood gave me heavy lumber.”


Many years ago, scientists learned that testimonials are misleading, and threw them out. Despite warnings from the Anti-Deception Society, people dead from the neck up are still impressed by glowing stories. We must wonder about people that eagerly sniff the grand manure of all-natural testimonials.

A story about how our badminton coach was helped by a new supplement does not amount to solid proof. If a product is hawked by an authority figure, or a celebrity that whores themselves, an anecdote is just as meaningless. Science does not accept tall tales, knowing that the organic greenhorn is easily fooled by anecdotes. The greenhorn actually believes that all-natural sales yarns, and telepathetic testaments, amount to heavy proof.

We invest in the art and mystery of all-natural mysticism at our peril. Sooner or later, we must clean up our act before the eleventh hour arrives. Instead of spontaneous belief in barefaced lies, we must think before we join, before the sale is completed. To be sure, the 356

elevated status of gobbledygook is evidence of a grand manure state of affairs.

Here is yet another idea that many of us have heard before. We must be persistent; although elementary, we find that many people know nothing of the concept:

Normal credit is not given to abnormal claims.

If we were to claim that reptilian extraterrestrials kidnapped our family, whisking them off to Planet X-Twenty-Two, we will be expected to offer heavy evidence before thinking people accept it. The concept of usual acceptance being withheld from unusual claims is basic to critical thought.

Rarely do researchers know the failure or success rate of the great holistic hero. The burden of proof rests on people who will not surrender their records, will not publish their results, and will not allow the researcher to look at their methods. Generating suspicion, the extraordinary claims of the hero challenge 357

what is already sure. In order to defy wellfounded information, high-quality data is needed.

Without further ado, ordinary claims can be accepted.

In other words, if we were to make a claim something like: we felt a touch of the flu coming on, and we felt feverish, it would not be a big deal for others to take us on our word.

Another basic anti-deceptive concept:

When a product claims to be “guaranteed or your money back,” consumers that say they are not easy marks for health nostrums will often crinkle up like waste paper.

People who fall for the “money back guarantee” appeal have frail anti-deception powers to start with. Hucksters know that people may feel uneasy, or are simply too sluggish to make the effort to ask for their money back. 358

All-natural and supernatural spokespeople have found it easy to get us to freely abandon that which has been gained with great difficulty. We are such cerebral jellyfish that we are ready to flush critical areas such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and pharmacology into the septic tank.

Many holistic products are launched with a morsel of credibility mixed in; a health pimp will catch wind of a genuine pharmaceutical advancement, and create a bogus product based on it. The health pimp makes the bogus product sound like it is as effective as the genuine item.

The pimp claims that if we purchase a product from them, extraordinary things will happen; other people will be attracted to us, we will lose body fat, grow hair, get thinner thighs, and enlarge something.

As the dollars roll into the their coffers, we can imagine the voracious pimp turning a pale 359

shade of green.

The hysterical shill, paid to deliver wonderfully ignorant warnings for the stuff, tells us things such as:

”Caution: do not to use our powerful product too much.”

“Our product is not for people who need a slight effect. Only people who need serious help need acquire our product.”

What a stroke of marketing genius, which surely pulls the rubes in.

Being resigned to a world jam-packed with people eager to tell utter lies to pimp us is unacceptable. The smart consumer knows not to feed the family of the health pimp.

With any promotional drive, fear is the abracadabra of hefty profits. To sell fear, together with guaranteed, amazing results, is the path to lucrative sales. We cannot sell 360

security to the yuppie as profitably as fear.

Because any minor symptom could be a sign of a serious health problem, to generate fear of sickness is easy. We can be neglect of our health, we can be mindful, or we can be paranoid. If we are fearful about our health, there are many books, programs, and health pimps want to trigger even more fear. The talk shows, the news media, the mystified, and many of our friends are out to alarm us, to make us act. They know how to use groundless fear to manipulate us.

To the yuppie with a subtle sense of disaster, the unknown is ominous. To publish an ad that says, “You may be the next casualty,” causes the yuppie to act. Although most yuppies have never been victims of grim events, they take no chances.

Because most yuppies are medically untrained, and the subject of chemicals puzzles them, to invoke the image of toxins coming to get them works well. As a result, the yuppie makes 361

purchases based on the belief that “natural” products are always safe, and man-made products are always harmful. If a product is called a “health food,” the yuppie believes that it is superior.

As the health pimp tosses around buzzwords such as “all-natural” and “organic,” they watch as yuppies fall all over one another to shell out the bucks.

All-natural anxiety forces the yuppie to use undue resources for health matters. Regardless of yuppie unease, all the supplements, herbs, check ups, and treatments have not been shown to do any good.

Instead of following the yuppie, the rational person looks at the odds of getting any disease, and stays cool.


With little exception, the captain of bull supports incredible claims with intriguing 362

stories. Distinct from a scientist writing an abstract in a peer-reviewed journal, the clever captain of bull describes amazing effects of their unproved wares.

Unfortunately, science lends an unwitting hand to the captain of bull. With its long history of results, science has proved to be highly dependable. To produce a sense of well thoughtout knowledge, the captain of bull blends enticing anecdotes with fake or irrelevant studies. In keeping up a false front, the captain of bull claims that all Bull brand products are in the good graces of science. Knowing that most people cannot weigh studies, the captain finds that scientific-sounding terms work to increase sales.

The old warning, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” does not save people from the tall tales of the captain. Rarely do trusting people insist on good quality evidence to support amazing claims. Trusting people turn their backs on words of warning, and eagerly cave in to that which sounds too good to be 363


In the World of Reason, movie stars, famous athletes, perps with weird credentials, and people with spiritual trappings, carry no extra weight, particularly if lying gives them returns.

In describing how incredible a product is, a scammer may seem to speak from the bottom of their heart. Still, good sounding rhetoric is no guard against the foibles of human beings, and their desire for profit.

By believing that an over-the-counter product will grow hair on billiard balls, or that a pill described in an email will enlarge the genitals, the consumer proves that they are lamebrained.

Vital to the success of an advertising campaign is our trusting nature. As in most promotional drives, the goal is to create excitement, so that we will make a purchase. We must know that advertisements based on utter rot are the norm, 364

and the wonder of a product often lies in the way it is marketed.

Because it calls for a continuous change in thinking, and seldom ends up with something set in concrete, the scientific process does not appeal to the public. People get annoyed when, after the media overstates a study, the findings of the study are later challenged. Although difficult to understand for an undereducated public seeking certainty, the progress of science constantly outdates set knowledge. To avoid static beliefs by keeping up to date appeals to scientists.

Although the public is not fond of the scientific process, the media takes every opportunity to report breaking science news. Nonetheless, a single report cannot give the whole picture, and cannot be taken entirely to heart.

Initially, a study that might say that a treatment is successful, a dietary supplement is healthful, or a drug is effective. With 365

larger sampling and improved design, a later study may prove it wrong. For example, unlike what was said in previous reports, vitamin E (in the usual alpha tocopherol form) does not prevent heart attacks, and is even harmful. For years, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was thought to protect against many problems in menopausal women. Later, HRT was shown to be dangerous.

Common to well-grounded minds everywhere, an interest in the facts frames an evidence-based outlook. To be compelled by the latest findings to accept that we may be wide of the mark, and modify our views when needed, stands as a basic requirement for entry into the World of Reason. Although reality is the foe of the holistic mystic, members of the Society are locked and loaded for the challenge of new evidence.

Health Badgers On The Fringe

“If we study the self-righteous mystic, a health badger will emerge!”


Those infected with silly beliefs in cosmic hogwash, psychic powers, and divine healing, are usually smitten by health voodoo. By and large, the opposite holds true; the health swinger welcomes childish foo-foo.

That cosmic hogwash and holistic hokum go hand in hand is easy to understand. The link between the two is based on scientific illiteracy. As a result, alternative medicine and alternative realities are easier to sink into.

The seeds of magical thinking are planted in us at a young age. As children, our parents fed us on the same fictions that they were strung along with. As parents continue to pass the “innocent and fun” fictions on to their young, they repeat slogans such as, “Honesty is always important with children.” At the same time, if someone suggests that the world would be a better place without traditional fiction, the parents become upset.

The mystically minded parent believes that, when led to believe that nonexistent entities 367

watch over them, children grow up to be better citizens, with a stronger sense of right and wrong.

When reality is laid bare to a child, the mystically minded parent laments. Then again, if a child grows up to be a naturopathic miracle worker, the parent is swollen with pride.

Because of a worldview based on tales of “the other world is everything - this world is to be despised,” the naturopathic miracle worker flaunts annoying traits. Consistent with their character, the miracle worker remains a brat, their mind littered and chaotic, filled with secret turmoil. In many cases, the character of the miracle worker is unsuited to love, or involved with an equally bratty soul mate.

Once in place, the philosophy of holistic mysticism requires little conscious thought. For that reason, stale arguments teem among people who embrace alternative medicine and alternative realities. When interacting with 368

someone that does not see eye-to-eye, the alternative person trots the recycled arguments out. Rarely balanced by sound analysis, putting forth recycled arguments is effortless. To present sound arguments before the Commission on Objective Thought takes much more effort.

Most of us know what is said of opinions and how everyone has one. By discussing facts, we go beyond mere opinions.

The person with bizarre, supernatural views is threatened by the challenging mind, and says that dissenters must not be trusted:

“They are too skeptical. The establishment has brainwashed them.”

The person with supernatural views paints us with the negative "negative skeptic" brush, subversive to the cause, merely because we pose frank questions. If we present clear evidence that counters silly beliefs, the petty supernaturalist will ignore it, and continue to gravitate to the worst, most juvenile kinds of 369

flatulence. When we fail to surrender and draw near to the fold, the supernaturalist turns on us. Insisting that they follow the path of the righteous, the petty supernaturalist brands us as deviants:

“To be so suspicious shows that your mind is closed to alternative realities.”

One-dimensional thought is the blight of a petty mind. To be fixed on an idea, and to hang on for dear life, is the mark of a petty supernaturalist. Simply by erecting a sign that says, “Caution: Hole In Road,” we are regarded as evil to the petty supernaturalist.

In hidden ways, wacky belief systems cause the prospects of the petty supernaturalist to trickle away. To leave them to their pettiness is often the wisest decision.

If the supernaturalist does not have many children, it is a good thing. Otherwise, to transfer their supernatural nonsense to offspring is a tragedy. Merely by exposing a 370

budding supernaturalist to ethereal waste in an anti-deceptive light, could inadvertently lend power to the waste, and spread more of it around.

Everywhere, we find people with heads veiled by mental clouds. With the world already stuck with too many petty supernaturalists, their thought processes in a state of decay.

Look at the superstitious throngs in poor countries: sleeping in filthy gutters, they are captivated by tales of heavenly glory.

Look at people in affluent countries: as important correspondence and dental checkups are ignored, they show up for past-life regression classes like clockwork. As they forget to pay past due utility bills, yuppies volunteer to staff at the big Earth Spirit Retreat. While their day job is neglected, and no groceries are found in the house for the kids, the mystified train to be Reiki “masters.” Because of a weeklong attendance at the psychic healing intensive, the details of 371

their daily lives are forced to float.

A gigantic, supernal machine, working twentyfour hours a day, has most people in its pincers. If we dare to escape the supernal machine, and stand together with the AntiDeception Society, moving to a rational outlook can be rough. To get out from the world of fairy tales may take time. Tempers may flare, criticism may grow, and a gathering of archaic specters is bound to fight. As objective thought slaps us awake with stupendous value, philosophical cancer, and its fear of progress, may bar us from expanding into wondrous new realms.

We must remember that, because the domain of objective thought brings great reward, escape from the supernal machine is of immense value.

At times, if we are on the border, suffering chiefly from a poor fund of knowledge, we can break out of the pincers. For our transformation to be real, advancing to the bright world of objective thought must not be 372

imposed. We gather the courage to advance by choice, spurred by the understanding of what is in our best interest.

Into a mind of fixed superstition, objective thought seldom makes inroads. Most people cannot be freed from superstitious selfsabotage. Too often, the search for safe haven in rowdy lands signals surrender to the cosmic swindler. The mystified trade the journey into the World of Reason for castles in the sky, which seem to offer warmth and security.

The Sick Sinner

Why do the righteous sometimes get sick? Why do philanthropic and spiritual people sometimes die a horrible death? Could it be that a deepseated character flaw caused it? Why does a vile criminal, lying in a prison hospital bed, recover from a sickness that should have killed them?

In ancient times, sickness was believed to be an attack by evil spirits, and exorcizing them 373

was the cure.

Today, more than ever, people still cling to a juvenile view of sickness. Nonetheless, lame ideas about sickness do not address tough medical issues.

The most despicable mystic believes that sickness is a divine payback that a sick person gets because they deserve it. The sufferer is not just physically sick, they must be morally sick. The spiritually unwholesome, not surrendering to the one truth, must be punished, and in so doing purified.

The prophetic prig believes a sick person is a sinner that must have perjured themselves, committed fraud, carried out violence, and so on.

If the prig reels off the cliché, “Everything happens for a reason,” they are saying that attacks of sickness do not happen out of the blue, that accidents are nonexistent.


If the prig makes a stupid comment like, “A doctor must have made a mess here,” they are repeating the common misbelief that doctors purposely try to make us sick.

If the prig utters gibberish such as, “Clearly, their toxic bowel must be cleansed,” they suggest that holistic purification can restore us to health.

If the prig borrows a line from the Buddhist or Hindu such as, “From past life deeds, their karma returns,” they are giving voice to the “balance of rebirth” myth.

When there is clear reason, when a person smokes, drinks, and overeats to the point of sickness, they are punished enough by being sick. When there is no clear reason for a sickness, even people with a medical background can sink to the “sick sinner” concept.

The “sick sinner” concept is just one more aspect of intellectual terrorism. The idea that only bad people become sick is cruel. 375


“What‟s that? You like to eat what? Ugh! Don't eat it! Eat organic produce only!”

Like the mystic, the holistic disciple feels free to burden us with their hardened health habits. Health food nuts and organic food junkies are obsessed with “eating the right thing,” and want us to do the same.

The medical term for obsession with proper eating is orthorexia nervosa. Like the “overweight” anorexic skeleton, the orthorexic suffers from an eating disorder. The orthorexic has faith that organic food, all-natural remedies, dietary supplements, herbal foods, extracts and decoctions will guarantee health, and usher them in to a disease-free nirvana of vitality. In reality, our genetics, the diet of our mother when we were in her womb, and how we were fed as infants, form the framework of our health.


Thick as a tofu smoothie with organic denseness, nutritional snobbery makes for a cranky vegan, macrobiotic, fruitarian, natural hygiene, living-foods, or raw food extremist.

The ordinary eater, not adhering to the specific kind of dietetic religion practiced by champions of “proper eating,” is the object of deep-seated contempt:

“Like a pig at the trough, they are reduced to eating non-organic, cooked foods, and animal products.”

Rapt in a sacrosanct dietary mode as a mark of identity, and making rude holistic remarks, the orthorexic drives us round the bend.

With so many people afflicted with orthorexia, odds are that someone with whom we are familiar suffers from it. The afflicted usually fall into one or both of the following categories:

The pitiable health harlot


The organic soldier on the offensive

Orthorexic dietary ideas are extreme; macrobiotic diet seven (brown rice and tea only) is one of many examples. Choking on a meal of fringe nutritional ideas, the orthorexic may refuse to eat dairy products, a few will not eat eggs, and others may not eat anything linked to animals (vegans). Irrational dietary zeal at its most radical leads to the monodiet, such as eating only cabbage, or the raw-chicken-only diet.

As a religious belief, orthorexia reins supreme. In order that the “right” foods are on hand, the orthorexic squanders large amounts of time, money, and energy. Not realizing that it is not just what we eat, it is how much we eat, the orthorexic subscribes to the absurd belief that certain foods are sacrilegious. As expected, the orthorexic feels shame when giving in to “bad foods.”

Just because we are against extreme diets, the orthorexic mistakenly believes we are opposed 378

to healthy foods. On the contrary, with vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and so on, everything is right.


While we have enriched food for years, few of us could foresee the orthorexic herbal food craze - the practice of blending herbs with food. Far beyond ginger ale are calamus soup, kava kava coffee, pasta laced with chaparral, comfrey corn chips, and bouillon spiked with ma huang. Herbal food products (so-called functional foods”) claim to cut the risk of Alzheimer‟s, cure the common cold, prevent erectile dysfunction, and so on.

With poke salad mix and pennyroyal cookies, the difference between good food and dietary drawback is blurred in the mind of the orthorexic. Offering wormwood wine and snakeroot beer, the shrewd health pimp knows how to please the orthorexic consumer.

# 379

Without need for orthorexic airs, eating well is easy. With a full complement of nutritional parts that work together to form a whole, and without lots of fat and grease, a hearty diet is wide-ranging. We need a combination of foods to make whole proteins. Examples are corn and beans, tofu and rice. In addition, eating a wide variety of foods is linked to lower rates of morbid diseases.

In regard to meat eating, we can do well to eat less. Believing that it is needed on all plates, to their detriment developed countries are avid about meat. Too much protein causes calcium to be leeched from the bones. Eaten for many years, excess protein may cause life spans to be cut short. Still, reducing meat consumption is not an observance of faith.

The Revenge Of Flower Power Recycled Hippie Hogwash

Through experience, many of us have earned the right to mock burnt-out social trends. In the 380

presence of people who follow the latest trends, we have attended concerts, looked at Eastern mysticism, vegetarianism, and living in harmony with nature long before they were recycled as the hot, new styles of today. Having seen their origins, we won‟t get fooled again.

Oddly enough, we see that the old Hippie scene has gone mainstream - a shift that adds up to the ultimate in flower power reprisal.

As the wayward romantic is left to mimic trite ambiguities, science and technology move forward in stunning ways. As a clone of earlier romantics, the wayward romantic has grave doubts about the technological change on the horizon.

The rude health badger and the pseudo-hipster gather with other Luddites, testing our nerves with their “radical, new” predictions of disaster. Acting as though it were Nineteen Seventy, and the Kent State shootings just took place, they forever post flyers at the natural 381

foods store. Though lame, their battle cry creates excitement in their lives.

Distinct from individuals pursuing objective fields of knowledge, the pseudo-hipster of today rarely brings their views up to date. In time warp, we hear cogs turn in autopilot minds, as predictable throwbacks articulate their lines in robot fashion.

Once again, the pseudo-hipster condemns the callous scientist, the heartless doctor, and the military-industrial complex, failing to come up with much else. Following the allnatural, peace-and-love party line with only slight reworking, complex debate uses few mental reserves.

In looking back, we see that the original, longhaired Hippie was not the most groundbreaking radical of the Nineteen Sixties. Ushering in the electrifying times of the integrated circuit and the microprocessor, the true pioneers were the shorthaired scientist and engineer. 382

Autopilot Error

Despite the threat of ozone depletion and patent hypocrisy, Zachary Alpert drives his brand new, exhaust-emitting Volvo® home late at night. With Grateful Dead music resonating from his car stereo, Zach pulls into his driveway. Zach shuts the engine down, opens the door to his Santa Venetia home, and takes off his Birkenstocks®.

Earlier that evening, Zach took part in the regular Wednesday night Northern Californians Against Bad Foods symposium. With thoughts of meeting minutes in his head, Zach turns on his Macintosh® computer and types, “How To Practice Medicine Without a License Through Unwelcome Health Tips.”

As a self-styled environmentalist, human potential trainer, and former advisor to the Al Gore presidential campaign, Zach is determined to stop the bloated, worldwide consumption of carbohydrates. Despite being called an 383

obnoxious health nag and medical moron, Zach is determined to change our diets, and save the earth.

With wind chimes sounding in the background, Zach settles down. He turns on his specially built, hemp fiber hot tub, cleverly fitted into a mock Native American sweat lodge, and disrobes. Once the water reaches vigorous onehundred-and-eight degrees Fahrenheit, Zach slowly slides in. As he senses the toxins flowing out through his skin, he turns up the World Beat music already playing in his builtin stereo system. Afterwards, Zach towels off, and starts to dine on the sushi he picked up at the organic food store. In a peaceful, centered state of mind, Zach sips on all-natural, organic soymilk. He reflects on his days as the leader of the Marin County Hippie-Come-Lately Pantloads.

As is often the case, pilots forget to lighten up on the stick stuck, and fly with a high degree pitch. Victims of changing weather on autopilot, they would benefit from fresh flight 384


By routinely ignoring forecasts, our reputation as airmen is damaged. As new horizons are uncovered, our reluctance to change course when needed is not conducive to superior pilotage. Despite clear transmissions from the tower, disoriented pilots cling to absurd rates of climb, or are obliged to abort their flight entirely.

At extreme altitudes, ozone can attack an airman with a case of airhead sickness. In turn, autopilot error occurs. This happens particularly in airmen that do not consider new directions, holding on for dear life to outdated flight plans.

In short, airmen stuck on autopilot are a drag. By expecting the world to conform to their autopilot point of view, they show a failure to grow up, and realize that they cannot change everything they would like. All too often, they pass judgment on values still evolving, already proved full of potential, and deem them to be 385


Consider the talk show personality, posed complex questions from audience members. The talk show personality instantly renders simplistic, high contrast, or even rude verdicts.

How in the world does the talk show personality perform this ingenious feat?

Perhaps talk shows ought to carry a disclaimer:

“Take part at your own risk.”

“Caution: What is presented in this program, if accepted, may clash with reality, and undermine a healthy life.”

While we rarely ditch our autopilot thinking and consider the judgment of a great intellect, a cinematic star or professional athlete with second-rate minds address important issues, and the comments make the papers. Although we can recall the details of our favorite soap opera, 386

science programming bores us. We take seriously the opinions of. What a sad study in mental bleakness.

In a seemingly clear case, news of a hung jury forces us to earth. If those in the know are split, why are we so clear?

Because we feel that we must be right about everything. Because an authority figure or a book seems to have sure answers, we have uncritical faith in those answers.

The great scourge of our planet is the petty mind cursed with stubborn opinions.

Even though a petty mind is completely sure of what they speak, when a person of integrity says that they do not know something, we can be sure it means that they do not.

On rare occasions, we hear of experts with rare wisdom. Although most authorities find it difficult to make their doubts public, we are taken aback if they openly confess them. If the 387

wisest people around step up and announce, “We honestly do not know what to think,” or “We are not sure,” or “We have changed our minds,” their doubt ought to make us stop and think.

How often do experts admit that they do not know? Rarely. How often do doctors admit that they do not know? Sometimes.

If an honest professional changes their mind, we must not be troubled by force of habit. With new evidence, to revise former opinions is a feather in their cap. As the latest facts are borne out, the intelligent person modifies past findings.

If we could magically know everything, life would be monotonous. Nothing new could be learned or taught. Nothing would be beyond our knowledge.

In reality, by acting as if they hold the keys the great mysteries of life, many people speak of that which is beyond their knowledge.


For intelligent people to allow the great, unanswerable mysteries of life to remain a mystery is good enough. If they come across that which is beyond their understanding, they view it as a chance to learn something new.

Philosophical Cancer

In primitive times, as we struggled to deal with our surroundings, individuals came to be leaders, based on their skill in leading a clan. Soon, the leaders learned of our need to make life seem right by means of magical thought. Besieged by magical thoughts themselves, the leaders heard voices, which inspired decrees based on the voices. Over time, the decrees coalesced to become systems of magic that spread throughout the global body.

Seeking to maintain their control, the leaders examined the magic-oriented masses, and found the magical schemes had taken root. The masses dedicated their lives to palliative care, to combat evil. 389

Centuries later, as millions of neurons throughout the brains of the magic-oriented masses were infected, symptoms of the worst diagnosis imaginable appeared: a full-blown allergy to reality, Stage IV philosophical cancer.

The most challenging dilemma to face society is not physical terrorism, drugs, or violence: philosophical cancer is the deadliest scourge in the world.

Philosophical cancer infects us with superstition, and an urge to shun reality. Philosophical cancer, and its resulting intellectual terrorism, manifest symptoms such as:

Fanatical beliefs in miraculous power

Anti-technology, anti-progress politics

Blind acceptance of supernatural ideas and health fads 390

Two kinds of philosophical cancer can infect us:

Amicable sufferers that sincerely believe in magical freedom from the human condition

Strategic sigmoids that deliberately evacuate on others

Regardless of the kind diagnosed, philosophical cancer wreaks havoc on the life of a sufferer. Without intervention, the prognosis is dire.

The dangers of philosophical cancer are not overstated. We must realize that humanity fights for its life. The most deep-rooted, harebrained beliefs imaginable create enormous breaches into our mental health and resources. Our philosophical sickness blocks what the doctor ordered: the dawning of a revitalized world.

While science and technology advance logarithmically, we run a high fever from the 391

effects of philosophical gangrene. The schemes of the intellectual parasite feed on our intestines, and block them up. The master mythmaker keeps a vice-like stranglehold on our minds, bodies, and capital. We are clogged by mythology, to the point that nothing can clear us. As diseased patients, we are dehydrated by faith in supernatural drama.

If we could awaken from our coma, and see the writing on our charts, we might take the needed steps to release our strangulated bowels. Doctors could then fight the infection of philosophical cancer once and for all.

When all is said and done, while the therapies of the all-natural fairy tale healer make us worse. Nonetheless, they are favored more and more. In this case, a doctor of anti-deception might feel as if abandoning a sickbay populated with such patients. Even so, we that remain behind, ready to nurse others in rational ways must find a way to enjoy our work, and be at peace in a pro-deception facility.


In rare circumstances, a doctor of antideception will rouse a patient from the dream state, see if they talk coherently, and speed their discharge from Mass Sociogenic General.

In most cases, because the chance to encourage significant brain activity has slipped away, rational intervention is not intelligible to the doggedly mystified sufferer. More often than not, we can only stand by in our personal realm of tacit awareness, and watch them flat line - only to be wheeled down to the morgue of deep mysticism.

To the many casualties of philosophical cancer, our hearts go out.

Once the malignancy of philosophical cancer spreads, chances of recovery are slim. For people who hold spurious ideas, products, and services dear, objective thought becomes out of the question. In the face of sweeping antideceptive efforts, the illness seldom responds.

We do live in peculiar times. Fringe medicine 393

is the therapy of the day. Often, even the residents of our finest medical schools are suckered by spurious cures.

Cold hard cash enables the mystic holistic mentality to proliferate. Because of this, we would do well to muster the clearest thinking possible.

The root of philosophical cancer is the everpopular grand myth. Throughout history, grand myths have caused more devastation than all the violence, plagues, and natural disasters combined. Roused by grand myths, the mystic has battered our world.

The way that the holistic mystic justifies their fraud is despicable. Whether in the name of a righteous cause, or to make a buck by persuading people to buy worthless nostrums, only the heavily mystified would deny the scope of philosophical cancer.

Mystical ignorance is the enemy of a workable society, the greatest peril to face our world. 394

The crimes against humanity inspired by such ignorance are more destructive than alcoholism and the tobacco habit combined. Causing millions to suspend rational thought, rampant mystical ignorance ought to distress us.

In an era of committed carelessness and a great philosophical abyss, the bogus health guru and the fairy tale salesperson portrayed as our benefactors. In light of what we ought to know about the manifest world, our carelessness causes us to fall for bizarre, farfetched beliefs more than ever before. Given that we are forever confronted by great mysteries, we turn to superstition to explain it all.

The doomsday philosopher and the health pest know how to push the buttons of a clueless majority; they offer soft facts to direct the clueless to act. The talk shows, the news media, the mystified, and many of our friends join in to work against change, to resist a bright future.

To protest change that could help everyone, the 395

misguided yuppie and the environmental know-itall join the Luddite League. These do-gooders are dedicated to giving progress a bad name.

The message of individuals afflicted with philosophical cancer is “distrust the triumphs of the modern world.” They overlook the fact that there is nothing on earth that does not pose a degree of danger. Nothing.

Life offers many risk-filled joys that we might choose to indulge. Being mindful of what is freely done, mature people enjoy risky pleasure without guilt. Though entered with eyes open, assumed risks can backfire. If not accountable for poor choices, the immature look for someone to blame.

The questions remain:

Are we so full of ourselves that we believe we can protect dingbats from bad judgment?

In a society that values freedom of speech and religion, are we to protect adults from the 396

guilt induced by superstition?

Can Big Brother crush alcoholism, free and easy sex, gluttony, and suicide?

In cases where laws are not broken, we must allow the duly warned dingbat the basic right to do what they please?

If we are not forced to pay for the faults of the duly warned dingbat, can we just sit and watch their slow, painful demise?

That we watch as the adult dingbat is laid waste by repeated idiocy is a good thing.

More and more, we see people who ought to know better dabble in remote ear candling. We allow loved ones to excuse their holistic mysticism as only for fun. Under the spell of the voracious bunk broker, we see our loved ones cave in, and buy empty products.

By the millions, we see educated people heartily buy into false glory, in partnership 397

with the greedy Tao energy worker. The multilevel sucker markets what is claimed to be a direct path to wealth and glowing vitality.

With meager results, prospective vendors from all professions spend an extended time learning Network market ultra-vitality. As the doctor, the lawyer, the professional athlete, the movie star, and the already successful person leaps on the all-natural bandwagon, the health pimp deals them in.

“At night, we dream ourselves to be in a talent contest. Getting up on stage, we see a parade of contestants that believe they are gifted. In actual fact, the contestants are unbearable. So too, we see ourselves in a business run from the quiet of our home, with piles of money rolling in from the lucrative sales of dietary supplements. Through the power of complementary and integrative medicine, we believe that we can restore people suffering from serious disease to health.”

With a change in the way goods are promoted, 398

the “Network market” has us dreaming of success. Through an appeal to our sense of independence, we are coaxed into selling worthless products. We are told that we can make vast amounts of money, while people upstream wind up with the cash generated by our sales. Although we put our reputation on the line, we fail to explore the objective grade of the products that we sell. When our business topples, we are locked in nasty disputes with customers and fellow salespeople. In the end, a huge, all-natural black eye is all that remains from our efforts – or boatloads of product.

While living in the midst of great abundance, and enjoying the advantages of life in a developed society, philosophical cancer causes the afflicted to see only deficiency. For the afflicted to be thankful the products of applied science is next to impossible. Instead, the afflicted harp on the risks of technology, food, mainstream medicine, and so on. For a clueless majority to release themselves from the prison of philosophical cancer is not to be expected. 399

At the same time, though we struggle with philosophical cancer, our opinion of ourselves is beyond belief. The doomsday philosopher, the health pest, the do-gooder, and many other people believe that their lives are full of glory, true sentinels of humanity. So selfimportant do they feel, that they believe they have a main line to the main man, the fountainhead of all existence, the source of countless galaxies, who responds to their every plea.

The do-gooder, acting through a bureaucrattheocrat/journalist consortium, campaigns for a range of half-truths, lies, and frauds. Right now, not in five years, we are obliged to convert, and stop all bad habits. The social order is expected to adopt the standards of the do gooder at this instant. If the social order does not change, the do gooder believes that a conspiracy is at work.

The Clueless Majority


Through tragedy, Jeanine Terwilliger learned of the advantages of cell phone technology on the road.

While traveling on a surface street, a stranger used a cell phone to call for emergency help. Fortunately, the nineteen-year-old daughter of Jeanine had been rescued, pulled from the wreckage of a destroyed car.

That was the day that Jeanine discovered the curse of people who eat while they drive. In the description given by the daughter of Jeanine, the driver (her boyfriend) was triply distracted, by feeding his face, tuning a radio, and the chatter of the passengers. As the driver flapped his lips a mile a minute, engrossed in nothing of importance, he failed to notice the tractor-trailer that broadsided his vehicle. Three of the four occupants were killed instantly.

“Babbling scatterbrains, listening to an idiotic song on the radio, nearly killed my child,” said Jeanine. 401

On arriving at the scene, investigators found the interior of the wrecked car strewn with French fries. A few of the fries still hung out of the mouth of the dead driver, who was too preoccupied to pay attention to driving.

Grief-stricken family members have organized a safe driving crusade, saying, “We want stiff penalties for distracted drivers, and parents who let their kids frolic and wrestle around in the back seat while a vehicle is in motion.” Lawmakers propose a law to imprison drivers up to a year, when caught putting on make-up while driving.

Twenty-two nations have enacted stringent laws for drivers that drink piping hot beverages from cups without lids. In fact, lawmakers propose an outright ban on drivers drinking any beverage while on the road.

Critics of loose driving laws have been heartened by the recent national ban on cab drivers having deep, involved conversations 402

with passengers.

“Drivers who listen to bothersome talk show hosts on their car radios are a hazard. Without an outright ban on listening to the radio while a vehicle is in motion, the problem of driver distraction will not go away,” says Mrs. Terwilliger.

Because most of the fast food bought at a drive through is eaten at the wheel, several carmakers plan to create sensors that make a vehicle inoperative when the odor of food is present.

Recent studies show that smoking behind the wheel is a growing hazard. Although tobacco companies dispute the findings, researchers have shown that smoking while a vehicle is in motion increases the risk of an accident by more than fifty percent.

In one survey, eighty–five percent of parents and in-laws flail their jaws, nagging while their grown children are in control of an 403

automobile. Chillingly, the same survey found that the numbers of drivers who argue with passengers grows by three million every month.

In the world of the clueless majority, to see issues in a way lacking depth is standard. While biting off more than they can chew, a clueless majority rails against all that they find offensive. Every time we turn around, unreasonable people want more controls put in place.

The exploits of a clueless majority demonstrate how a misguided campaign hurts us all in the long run. A clueless majority tackles a problem in crude, high contrast, and unworkable ways, such as by the passage of redundant laws.

The opinions of a clueless majority have all the consistency of a Sasquatch witness. Blind “solutions of the people and their government” create random outcomes, which leads to even more problems. A clueless majority, that wants the intended effects of a solution so badly, is willing to deal with the social psoriasis it 404


A lack of scientific understanding of the nature of life finds us clueless. Even as the clueless view science as an aberration, they are ensnared by unreal fear. Disregarding rational voices, the shrill voice of the clueless splits our ears with a message of final judgment.

Most of us barely know the real nature of our bodies, or the known mechanics of our world. When it comes down to passable scientific knowledge, most adults do not have a fix on the most basic things. While adults claim to have an interest in science and technology, most cannot answer the simplest questions about them. Lasers, atoms, molecules, electrons, and prehistory – ignorance in these subjects make for a clueless crew. Because of this, the cosmic parasite convinces the clueless to adopt rigid belief systems. For the promoter of philosophical malignancy speaking in dogmatic ways, we are babes in the woods.


Although recognized for centuries, the clueless cannot say whether the sun revolves around the earth, or the earth revolves around the sun. What the clueless do know about science is likely picked up from television or movies.

While neglecting to wash their hands and check their smoke detectors, the clueless frequent the local natural foods store, and watch each episode of “The Aliens Among Us” on time, every time. Yet, what is neglected by the clueless does far more to protect them than does Jungian gem essences and the like.

With respect to biology geography, and other subjects taught in school, maybe it is that the clueless did not do well in them because they were uninspired, and the subjects did not sink in.

A clueless majority is made up of:

The empty-headed

The scientifically indifferent 406

People who put forward simplistic solutions

Groups with an axe to grind, out to change our behavior

People with smug beliefs

People who feel down-and-out in the midst of plenty

People who fail to see the big picture

People who lack value

Self-righteous people who believe that they should be in control

Manipulators of all kinds

People who believe that society has come to a bad end

Added to the mix are multitudes of people who


are not only clueless, but also suffer from:

Social anxieties


Panic disorders

Mood disorders

Substance abuse

Gambling addiction

Memory problems

Apocalyptic visions


Eating disorders


We have not included alien abductees, road 408

ragers, and sports lunatics. By perusing talk shows and geek journalism magazines, we can probably list several more disorders. In time, everyone will be officially listed as bananas.

Distinct from people who get real help for their problems are people who magnify their problems, have invented diseases, or prefer to be pitied. Many of these people could choose to work toward resolving their situation, but prefer not to.

While most people are fine in person, a large segment of humanity is an absolute mess. For the bellyacher who has learned to capture our attention through a carefully shaped somatic mess, how will clear judgment prevail? Clear judgment is all but lost to them.

People with poor judgment vote for clueless legislation, only to discover that ways will be found around the acts of lawmakers. For instance, lawmakers can forbid a substance, only to see a field day amongst smugglers.


As in the preceding fictional car accident, only because they are easily seen, we want to stop people from using cell phones behind the wheel. At the same time, there are many other unseen distractions that cause vehicular accidents. A clueless majority forgets that cell phones can be used to report accidents and road hazards - as a vehicle is in motion.

Without question, the focus of a driver is diverted by an intense conversation, an argument, talking about a problem, and so on all which traffic laws cannot address. Law enforcement can stumble on drivers who talk on a cell phone only by direct observation, or by stopping them for something else.

Not about an actual solution, so much legislation is passed just to make a politician appear on their guard, offering one-dimensional directives, no way to gauge its worth, and no Plan B should it turn out be ineffective or cause even more problems. By following the ban wagon, we add to the glut of redundant laws. Even though laws already exist that apply to 410

inattentive drivers, no matter what the cause, by enacting more rehashed laws, we play into the hands of heavy-handed political wranglers.

With the aim of achieving great things, a clueless majority ignores important aspects of a problem. In using their typical high contrast standards (“He‟s a conservative!” “She‟s a liberal!”), a multitude of behaviors should be banned in their eyes. With tunnel vision limiting their sight, the “solutions” of the clueless are often worse than the actual problem. By launching simplistic, untested governmental solutions, the clueless accomplish nothing.

The rift between a clueless majority and a rational minority widens, polarizing into rival groups more than ever before. Rational people want to go on to the new millennium, and grow tired of the whining, the simple-mindedness, and the poorly thought out laws of the clueless.

Jeopardizing precious knowledge, unfounded 411

legal pressure affects us all. The false fear of a clueless majority puts benign products in danger of disappearing, whether the company that makes them is to blame or not. The flood of junk lawsuits on court dockets has doctors, scientists, genetic researchers, and professional people intimidated, causing them to back off.

Clueless jurors often botch a sensible verdict, finding the innocent guilty, and vice versa. Though the jurors may sometimes manage to get it right, a complex scientific or technical case is meant for expert jurors.

For clueless politicians seeking to ban the use of cell phones in cars, how about it? Compared to the dangers of cell phones, are cars not far more dangerous? Is electricity, called Satanic when first proposed as a power source, not a hazard? Is not a ban on cars and electricity “the only reasonable thing to do?” To satisfy a clueless politician, what are we to do? All things in existence have risks associated with them. Everything. 412

On the subject of benefit and risk comes the following question:

In view of the risky nature of life, how much of a risk are we willing to tolerate to get a benefit?

A clued-in minority is delighted to weigh the benefits versus the risks in full context. Still, the majority is the majority; an oftenimpossible pack allowed to own pets, parent, vote, sit on juries, and run for public office.

How will we fight scientific stupidity? We cannot. When it contradicts a cherished idea, the clueless claim that the “dark side of science rears it ugly head.” With philosophically pathetic beliefs, they remain strangers to objective ways of thought.

While a scientifically ignorant majority tries to command what we can and cannot do, the AntiDeception Society knows that rational adults are big enough to weigh benefits and risks. The 413

Society stands for scientific progress, and abhors shortsighted bans of beneficial products.

The Society is pleased to present scientific knowledge to the public. Nonetheless, the Society knows that, with no rhyme or reason, many people are only along for the ride. With superficial interests only, they find themselves on the planet just to work, eat, drink, sleep, and buy things. Parasites at heart, they are lost puppies.

Knowing where to look for unbiased facts to come to a decision satisfies the Anti-Deception Society. In contrast are people who believe that which is seen on small and large screens is enough to educate them, to get their set of “facts.” Their judgment is based on what little they see.

As their naiveté is magnified, a clueless majority has little prospect to get out and observe much of the world. Because of their everyday responsibilities, they are unaware of 414

the sharks that wait to feed on an easily fooled public.

While everything is seen in terms of an evil/good, black/white, right/left struggle, the clueless regard themselves as extremely fresh and sassy, supposedly understanding the great issues of the day. Locked in the prison of high contrast thinking, they demonize people who differ with them.

Ironically, as bizarre ideas come on like gangbusters, scientific advances mount. By offering a weak science curriculum, our educators have long ago dropped the ball. A weak science education facilitates notions of past lives, extraterrestrial visitation, ghosts, dowsing, telekinesis, and other forms of mysticism.

For the rising power of bull, to whom will we point the finger? Are we the people responsible? Can we blame our educational institutions?


On some level, we must be accountable.

To be like us, kids imitate the things that we do. If what we do calls for very little mental power, we smother the mind of a child. Raised on hours of mindless episodes on the small screen, children watch endlessly as they eat. Science programming, history, and other educational series do not satisfy them.


In front of the tube, five-year-old Rebecca parks herself on the couch. For hours a day she sits and watches, eating comfort foods and sucking down sodas to her mouths‟ delight. If she gets the chance, there she will stay all day long.

Our daughter, our little princess, has grown up to be a health sleaze that markets placeboes to all-natural chumps. Our son, our precious baby, is now a heroin addict. As parents, we sit around stumped, in utter disbelief. We do not know how it all came to pass, other than the 416

people they associate with. We look to government programs to try and get some help.


For people who live simple lives, the threat posed by a lack of science understanding goes unnoticed. As the blind lead the blind, there is no shelter from deceptive ideas. As we keep feeding nonsense to our young people, we can look forward to more comforting foolishness in the future. Only a few tiny groups are equipped to defend against pervasive intellectual insurgency.

Although the innocence of children is acknowledged, for adults to be unquestioning is dreadful. As a clueless majority eagerly embraces superstition, the fairy tale salesperson stands ready to lead them down the slippery slope.

As the clueless holistic mystic, with “superior to science” arrogance, bases their arguments on circular logic (“Scientists think that they 417

know everything!”), the interests of a clueless majority are served.

Rational people do not take big the gettogethers of fools lightly. As clueless people gather on the world stage, we can look for more trouble.

Greatly giving power to intellectual terrorism is a mental weakness shared by clueless people everywhere: the clueless want to be led by a jungle of bloodsuckers in the guise of authorities. Because the clueless have not learned to think objectively, an overgrowth of bloodsuckers vies to feed on them.

Because we are not ready to think our way through the difficulties of life, we yearn to be guided. As we cry out to be blessed by imaginary forces, the freeloader gathers great reverence. By searching for shortcuts to a paradise of ultra vitality, a heap of rubbish is peddled to us. As we snivel for new laws to ban the things we do not understand, the political wrangler gains clout. 418

To hear a supernatural salesperson make off the cuff statements is enough to fuel deep convictions in the clueless pilgrim. The salesperson need only say the word, as the pilgrim robotically swallows the magical promises of the salesperson.

The job of the supernatural salesperson is to offer fairy tales, preach intolerance of the unbeliever, and support righteous repression. Because they have lost the ability to distinguish facts from fairy tale, muddled folks find comfort in the arms of the salesperson.

Led by the supernatural salesperson, wellestablished assemblies stand ready to indulge our urge to be seen as forward-thinking heroes of the great crusade. Nonetheless, people who support legendary lies will be remembered for having made the world a worse place.

The need is clear: we must remind adults that, just because a claim is made by a supernatural 419

salesperson, just because something is in print, on television, or on the World Wide Web, we cannot robotically accept it. Nonetheless, as adults who ought to know better allow the unlikely to gain access time after time, we are in a state where we must remind adults of just that.

To reform a society that has veered completely off course is next to impossible. In institutions of higher learning, the interventions of rational teachers do not seem to touch our distorted beliefs much. The pseudoscience presented by the entertainment and media industries have precedence.

Unable to see the big picture, we are misled by the deceptions of the past. If we could only get an historical perspective, we might be awakened from our hypnotic slumber. In the big picture, we would grasp what humanity dealt with in times before us, and how superstition has cost us dearly.

When the Anti-Deception Society confronts the 420

mulish ignorance of pinheads, it quickly abandons them. If anti-deception advocates see clear signs of superstitious mulishness among clients or fellow workers, they may opt for early retirement. With the understanding that they cannot escape a society populated with pinheads altogether, the rational person might feel like breaking away.

As we talk to people, we see that they are charmed by gobbledygook more than ever before. As absurdity chips away at remaining clear thought, they are unable to tell the difference between movies and reality. With fictional accounts becoming a virtual world, they kiss the real world goodbye.

The mind reels as we ponder the sheer masses of people who embrace the fictional. Throngs pray to the space brothers, the numinous beings, and the herbal angels for miracles. The throngs are made up of easy marks, awaiting harvest by a cosmic leader. With an aim to recruit more disciples, armies of cosmic hucksters, bogie yogis, and health gurus are on the prowl. 421

Preying on the supernatural throngs, the bank account of the guru is in the black.

To avoid the specious lure of superstition, we need to get out and get more involved in building value in realistic and creative ways. To build real value promotes real growth.

As rational people in developed nations, we know that our standard of living is high compared to the rest of the world, and we will not lose gratitude for it. By appreciating the technological things we have, we add to our lives. We refuse to let our zest for life to be killed off.

If we have it so good that we take our good fortune for granted, we fail to focus on the many good things in our lives. We might boil with rage at the price of a stamp. People, who get depressed because they catch a cold, or gain five pounds from holiday merriment, are to be pitied.

Marching in our direction, armies of righteous 422

repressors do not always catch our attention. Nonetheless, were we to say the wrong thing in a public setting, a righteous repressor might declare that it must be outlawed.

The Righteous Repressor

The moment he set eyes on her, Marilyn Littman captivated Rick Buckner. Rick finally worked up the courage to ask Marilyn out. To find that Marilyn seemed genuinely interested exhilarated Rick.

On the first date, Rick took Marilyn to Ivory Hill, the local lover‟s lane that overlooked the city. Warmed by a sea of lights, a romantic atmosphere enveloped them, and amorous feelings began long to stir. Gazing into the eyes of one another, Marilyn and Rick were filled with passion, and were soon bound in a long, soulful kiss. As the windows of the car fogged up, the juices of desire flowed.

Suddenly, startled by the sound of sharp taps resonating from the passenger window, Marilyn 423

and Rick rose from embrace. At that moment, they stared out into the face of the infamous, self-appointed guardian of morality, Rita “Hag Nag” Haggard. Confused, Rick rolled down the electric window with a push of a button. The hag scolded, “We need young people with the courage to just say no to the lures of the flesh.” With that, Rita Haggard disappeared into the night.

Without skipping a beat, Marilyn and Rick forgot the intruder, and began to kiss fervently.

Is anyone not familiar with the thoughtless acts of repressors by now? Through their approach, do repressors seriously believe that something will happen?

Although we are involved only in private matters, a righteous repressor will come out of the woodwork to create trouble. Regardless of the harmless interests that we follow, we must suffer the impositions of the repressor. No matter how well we stay out of the business of 424

others, a righteous repressor, forever meddling into the affairs of others, will find fault in what we do.

Righteous repression begins when people routinely undervalue other people, while overvaluing themselves. To manufacture a crusade, the repressor, who is proud of being a busybody, an alarmist, or a nitpicker, seizes any perceived immorality, and blows it out of proportion. As a hardened protector of high morals, never having sinned (so they say), the repressor is not about to be “lowered” into seeing the “sinner” as a human being.

Because of their sense of pious superiority, the repressor seldom comes down from the pulpit long enough to have a real conversation. The repressor feels that the sooner a “sinner” is harangued with a sermon, the better. Even when giving advice on the same dilemmas they themselves grapple with, the righteous repressor feels that their “virtuous ideas” must be heard. The repressor does not care if people are receptive to their sermon, or how 425

their intrusion is perceived.

No matter how personal the bond, spouses, children, family members associates, and friends are outraged by repression.

Here, there, and everywhere, the mass of petty and large-scale repressors is astounding. Without concern for the grief they cause, they are the insects that buzz around us. Later, when the person at the wrong end of the stick comes back to settle the score, the repressor is surprised.

The political repressor says, “We have questions for the commission. Why did we not identify the threat? What could we do to be more prepared? Though we must run through a huge pile of facts and figures, we need closure. The people deserve the truth.”

Turning us into their idea of a joke, the bored repressor enjoys making trouble. Every time a righteous repressor is around us, they reel off sneering little remarks. The rational person 426

expects flak to be a feature of repressor conduct, and refuses to take it personally.


Among righteous repressors, the high and mighty moral crusader has a strong urge to regulate the legal activities done in the privacy of our homes, what goes in our bodies, and in our minds. Heaven forbid if we were to learn lessons by ourselves. The crusader tries to stop us from self-harm, which causes even more problems in the end., the meddling of the.

Self-righteous crusader and master repressor William Randolph Hearst was a clear example of how a crusade hurts us all through government control, when he hatched a hoax with tremendous legs. Hearst maligned the reputation of marijuana and hemp, while failing to distinguish between the two.

To hang on to a low-priced source for his newspapers, Hearst sought to save his immense timber and paper-mill assets from a superior 427

hemp product. Hearst started a yellow journalist, “diabolical marijuana” campaign.

A consummate racist, media magnate Hearst passed wild, xenophobic lies off on an unsuspecting public. Portraying them as vicious, subhuman, dope fiends, Hearst poured contempt on ethnic groups. The newspapers of Hearst presented phony tales with people of Japanese, African and Mexican descent rampaging through the streets, high on the evil weed. These Americans were depicted as brutal rapists who ravished Caucasian women. Said to be cursed by “satanic voodoo jazz, assailants were pictured as whipped into a frenzy by maryjane.

In a huge way, the efforts of Hearst carry on, and affect present attitudes toward marijuana. As a result, they create a huge population of marijuana criminals, and overcrowd prisons.


The art of influencing others through force of reason is on the wane. All we need do is look 428

around, and notice that something is not working. Righteous repression has undermined straightforward channels of communication.

In putting the wisdom of life experience to words, most parents, teachers, and champions of the faith are dismal. To sway someone to act in their best interest, we must approach them obliquely rather than with repression. By becoming a sincere friend, we weave our way though insolence, and avoid broken lines of communication.

The hypocrisy of the repressor runs high. For example, while a defendant is on trial for drug violations, repressors who sit on a jury recess in the back room, exchanging drugs for nervousness or headache. While decrying “the evils of science,” the repressor does not hesitate to make use of its many fruits. Outrageous.

Righteous repression is global, not the sphere of any one group, and comes in two flavors:


The repressor infected with the holistic dogooder virus wants us to feel guilty when we are sick. In keeping with the philosophy of holistic repression, poor health happens because we eat “bad foods,” or commit the sin of negative thinking.

The repressor infected with the mystical fanatic virus is sure that we must repent or lament. We are expected to convert to the brand of mysticism practiced by the fanatic or burn. The fanatic believes that sermons, intellectual terror, and physical terror, will win a righteous war.

Whether advertising a bogus health product, or a windbag broadcast of silly ideas, deception of any flavor is the same. In any case, the Anti-Deception Society recommends that we refuse to own up to concocted sins, and ignore the warning of repressors who spout mystic holistic fear.

For their clueless remarks, we must rise above the temptation to debate a repressor, and avoid 430

them as much as we can. By trapping ourselves in a war of words, we only waste our breath. Besides, rational people know how to and how not to conduct themselves, and have no need to talk to rigid repressors.


Scientists have tried to get a better understanding of why bothersome social traits are at the core of social exchange. With great effort to tell people that they are wrong, why must we be make every effort to right no matter what, often fighting over the most foolish things?

In putting others down, the repressor get a strange charge. Interestingly, researchers discovered why.

As strange as it seems, the unconscious urge behind self-righteous behavior is to bolster reproductive success! Through intimidation, the petty instigator makes light of others in an attempt to raise the their social status. 431

Social put downs stem from a deep-rooted mental urge for a mate. At our expense, the unconscious desire of instigator is to boost their standing in a group.


The primitive social mechanisms still at work today might lead us to believe that most people are mean-spirited by nature, which is not the case. Research on social abuse helps us to see people in a brighter light. By peering beyond the trouble caused by righteous repressors, we see that a few human qualities exist.

Still, even though most people are kind, the rude behavior and put-down comments of a small population of repressors force us to be wary.

Driving rational people to abandon them once and for all, the petty instigator is stretched to find openings for cheap shots. As they use every chance to bring false guilt and criticism to light, to be around such an instigator is scarcely worthwhile. 432

Putting us to the test, the righteous repressor cannot face reality. The slightest thing upsets a repressor. The repressor flips out if a fast food restaurant does not heat their food sufficiently. Because the repressive robot fails to hit on better ways to communicate, they merely act on the circuitry that connects their neurons.

The most ill-mannered repressors justify the contempt they set off. If the mind-body herbalist, with their “highly developed star of guidance,” serves up a mean-spirited lecture, we can justifiably haul their names through the mud on all cylinders. A nasty attitude has little rational defense.

Few things are more satisfying than to watch repressors fade from our lives. Even if not always easy to get away from, repressors must be ditched whenever possible.

In childhood, we are tied to the apron strings of our superiors. Once we are fully free, we 433

look for ways to spend our lives in peace. While we can do away with abusive family members and coworkers when we are grown, the repressors that we are forced to rely on are a different story. If we can eventually give the repressors the slip, we make the whole struggle worthwhile. At last, mastery over envious people puts us in ecstasy.

The day may come when we smile, look right into the eyes of the repressor, and let them know exactly what we think of them. In all probability, we will not sway them one bit.

Since the repressor is fired up to create trouble, we need great resilience to be around them. Often possessing uncanny social radar, the righteous repressor will launch their assaults when we are caught out of our element.

When we have a smug attitude, we tend to be biased, believing that we are something to behold. To walk around with a big head, and to put people down when they do what we do in similar situations, is one way we divert 434

attention away from our faults. We excuse our poor conduct, and focus on our good qualities.

Clearly, adult repressors have lost sight of what it is to be a teenager. Most teenage pleasure-seekers love to take risks and push the limits. Material comfort and security only heighten the glamour of the risk-taking teen.


Helping to find why the teenage years are so unstable, MRI images show that, the impulsive region of the teenage brain is highly active when aroused. In contrast to the adult brain, the region of the brain involved with foresight and sensible thinking is dormant in the teenager. A better understanding of the consequences of actions comes with maturity.


A blemish encrusted on the skins of a clueless majority, the righteous repressor keeps sex and drugs a top secret, offering no realistic tools 435

to young people. Instead of holding frank talks, the repressor rushes to the pulpit.

The mechanical reactions of righteous repressors work against them. Repressors do not fully grasp that, when repressed, a risk-taker finds forbidden fruit all the more attractive. Because what is outlawed is made even more exciting, the desire to perform the forbidden activity bubbles beneath the surface. As a result, costly campaigns to restrain young people are doomed to fail. Beyond measure, not recognizing the draw of forbidden fruit harms the reputation of righteous repressors everywhere.

The Patsy Principle

“Because it is written in an infuriating style, I tore up the book.”

“I saw a fender bender on the way to Ron‟s house - an omen that my entire visit at Ron‟s will be a waste of time.”


“Through many different diversions, we are being exposed to intense mind control.”

“Because of the bad karma I built up in past lives, things are not going well.”

“When I do not combine the right foods and take my supplements, my mood suffers."

“Secret groups conspire to bring about a New World Order.”

“Far below the surface of the earth in secret bunkers, agents are controlling the weather. To make us feel miserable, they make it damp and overcast.”

“That talk show host made me so mad that I nearly wrecked my van.”

“Growing more refined all the time, electronic tools are being used to implant thoughts in our brains. As a result, we are in more danger than ever before.”


“Certain expressions and attitudes make my blood boil.”

“Alien abductees regularly warn us of extraterrestrial garrisons on a mission to overthrow Earth.”

“Because I cannot release the effects of sins committed in a past life, I am a loser.”

“Because of the bad feng shui in our home, our family suffers a lot of misfortune.”

“At the seminar, I learned that the workers of Satan, who scheme with the government to infect us with germs, are the ones who tainted our money with occult symbols.”

“World events closely match the conspiracies outlined at the meeting.”

“Bruce Lee and Andy Kaufman are alive and living in a Sun Valley trailer park.”

“The writing of this book was channeled through 438

crystal-gazing spacemen, working in concert with the Illuminati to set up a secret empire.”

With weird gripes growing, superstitious crybabies overpopulate our world. In this way, a huge patsy principle insures a future filled with tall tales.

To allow our minds to be shaped by conspiracy theorists, gloomy weather, or the opinions of cranks is to lower our intellect to the rank of a squirrel. When we do not trust our minds, we look for help from an authority, with no way to know the real aims of that authority.

Sound judgment and rational self-control direct our fate, not the so-called wisdom of an authority, a guru, a seminar leader, or a coven of creeps. If we fail to find the success that we seek, our environment must not be mined for excuses.

Although unbelievable stupidity rains down in all parts of the globe, dire circumstances are less common in developed countries. For people 439

in the desperate conditions of developing countries, reasons for failure are reasonable. Immense grit is needed to survive bleak conditions.

In all countries, virulent bigotry, horrific diseases, and violent weather devastate countless lives. Along with adverse social and economic environments, intellectual decay can ravage the quality of our lives.

As more of us set our sights on deeply held comforting myths, reality is damned. Mesmerized by the supernal, our defiance of clear facts is clever. With answers from the beyond, the supernaturalist hits the jackpot by telling the patsy how to conduct their life. For example, a good psychic is merely adept at reading a patsy. Filling the rest in with guesswork and cosmic claptrap, the psychic picks up on the subtle hints given. With impossible to confirm, otherworldly information, the intuitive con artist puts together enough signs, and 440

highlights negative aspects of the reading.

For trusting patsies that put faith in a psychic reading, a negative verdict can put them into a dither. The intuitive con artist picks up on signs of unhappiness, and feeds it back. The patsy dwells on the bad tidings so much that mental harm is assured.

The anti-deception expert warns the patsy, who believes in the powers of the intuitive con artist, to stay away from psychic claptrap. If the patsy is depressed, their negative mental state will be picked up, amplified, and reflected back. If they are happy, they are also advised to stay away from psychic claptrap, which could bring them down.

In prophetic readings, the patsy emphasizes all that is believed to be accurate, while the strikeouts and perplexing cosmic waste are dismissed. They tell family and friends of the spooky encounter. Passed around, the story gains power. With a want of objectivity, the patsy adorns the spooky encounter. Fully aware 441

of the human quirk for overstatement, more hype is created for the profiteering prophet.

To make it big in the world of prophets, inventive writers, gurus, and students of human nature, we need only add a little cleverness to spin spectral atmospheres, to capture patsies aplenty.

How easy it is to construct tales of a thousand-year-old, elevated soul named Bowser. Said to be in touch with the indwelling presence of Bowser, the mystical prophet, posing as a transcended one, leads us in deep communion. To hit it big time, the Bowser mission will need more than just a few followers. In order to clean up, members must relentlessly recruit other people to enroll in Bowser seminars.

“The Bowser seminar experience brings divine love to the hearts of people.”

With the right trappings, hundreds of people will be enrolled in a pricey seminar. Dedicated 442

to a deeper understanding of Bowser, the seminars go on and on.

When opposing blind faith in the mission, a daring person will surely face loud censure. The mission-minded patsy will condemn them, while rambling on about the greatness of the half-baked circus they are part of:

“It has given a purpose to my life.”

A half-baked circus?

Even when precious time, money, and health are on the line, the anti-deceptive radar of the patsy is next to nothing. Great-sounding claims that the patsy wishes to accept are embraced at once. When someone alleges to have accessed great secrets, mysteries that have baffled all the King's men, the patsy is pays keen attention. While the rational person knows they are better off to deem all fantastic claims bogus until proven worthy, the patsy fails to pose discerning questions. In the light of reason, the patsy will rarely be in the mood to 443

have their magical beliefs examined.

More and more, we see the indulgent mind of the patsy descend into a mystical group of seekers. Growing ever more mentally pathetic, the patsy welcomes the fairy tales of the group. The seekers can then cut the patsy further off from the fabric of reality. As a pawn of an inspirational group offering lifetime guidance, the patsy is entitled to deep discounts on biomagnets.

Believing every hip idea, patsies congratulate themselves for taking on the “wicked scientific and medical establishment.” The legislative patsy joins them in the anti-science crusade, through regulation that holds progress back. As they form coalitions seeking to trash honest companies, the mass departure of innovative medical and scientific minds is begun.

Mystical legends direct legions of patsies into:

Swaggering crusades 444

The Alternative Medicine Circus

Belief in extraterrestrials, astrology, witches, gurus, psychics, ghosts, and hauntings

Holy Wars Against the Horned One

With a passion, the hard line fundraiser for the Divine Health Tabernacle urges us to surrender to the mirage of supernatural longing.

Because we cannot bear reality, we put our trust in the parasites, the ceremonial hobgoblins, and the devotees of Bowser.

Chronic Coddlers

On finding our dreams of the past in vivid color, and our dreams for the future in hazy black and white, we might as well curl up by the foot of the stairs, bid the world farewell, and die.


To coddle is to pamper a baby. In the case of chronic coddlers, we are talking about mentally withered adults who remain in a monotone existence.

Over time, we tend to be less open to cultural novelty, new ideas, political change, new foods, and varied music. With little laughter in our lives, we grow to be rigid coddlers who spurn change. Without breaking out of a monotone existence, or life will be monotonous.

That a coddler is a curmudgeon, technophobe, or sports whack job is not the problem; the challenge of the coddler is one of mental mildew.

To better understand the chronic coddler, we must first:

Call upon a nasal twang.

Read aloud from a book in a provincial tongue, to get our words to flow.


Dig up the kind of music that most people would find old-fashioned. Next, we play the music, while dancing like a rube. During the dance, we use our new voice to shout simple words like, “Ma!” and “Pa!”

Now, the next time that we deal with the mental mildew of a coddler, we will know how to be in the right frame of mind.

As intelligent people, we will not be able to bear the pursuits of the coddler in good conscience, without the preceding exercise. We may even choose to be apart from the coddler, as they are unable to embrace the vibrant power of life.

Were anyone to ask how the freedom-for-granted, technophobic, or mentally moldy coddler is doing lately, we can give the following answer:

“No one knows. Because they cannot figure out how to use a telephone, we have not heard from them.”


Just as telephones were a big leap forward many years ago, personal computers enhance our lives greatly. While science and technology march onward, the coddler oversleeps.

Among seniors, we find many chronic coddlers. Nonetheless, unless someone has a serious medical problem, age is no excuse for mental gangrene. For instance, instead of biting into cerebral celery, many retirement communities offer computer classes. In the winter of life, millions of computer literate and Internet active retirees continue to learn and grow.

Simply because the coddler travels, plays golf, or reads books that remind them of the past, we must not award them much credit. Likewise, the coddler who regularly exercises is not impressive. Lacking new vistas of mental growth, the inert coddler settles into a gray matter graveyard.

To be freed from a future of faded hues, and avoid becoming a chronic coddler, will we read about great scientists, or learn a new 448

language? How about listening to great music, or a community college history class?

Although mental growth is a personal choice, the sad fact is that most of us lack the desire to break out of the shadows.

A New Age Of Darkness

In light of what is objectively known about the universe, compared to what the everyday man knows, we are more deceived than ever. Our ideas of the world, and the nature of existence, have veered far off course. In an era said to be so much better than the past, what we think, how we think, and why we think a certain way, is a subject of great concern. Nonetheless, weighed against what we knew long ago, more of us are in the dark than ever before.

In the malevolent times of the Inquisition, a large fund of factual knowledge was not to be had. We believed that beautiful women were witches, and enchanted beings watched our every 449

move. With the spread of science came more public grasp of the mechanics of the world. Although the scientific method remains the primary source of a better life, we often scorn it. As aboriginals, frightened and baffled by progress, we are still ready to enjoy the many gifts of science.

We cannot shake our interest in superstition, yet the call of the bizarre slows the dawning of a highly advanced age. Still, we ask why anyone would have a problem with time-tested fairy tales bringing comfort to the masses.

Despite long years of misery caused by mystical whims, cosmic hucksters continue to feed our most cherished childhood fantasies. With allnatural dreams, we are ready to buy tickets to the latest burlesque of the health haranguer. With a regime of New Age shock therapy and amazing oils, we fall prey to the authority of the fitness guru. Of the mystical freeloader and the nutritional mythmaker, not one has anything true-to-life to tell us. Instead, we hear the same old orders of the day; “We must 450

be aware of our all-natural, spiritual glory. Eternal life and freedom from disease is our birthright.”

We are off-course to such an extent that we cannot consider a problem without resorting to theories about toxins, Satan, and so on. We believe that if humanity is not restored, there has to be a scheme in place to steal our health or our very soul.

To concede to boneheads the victimless things that boneheads want to do is fine. As long as we are not stuck with the bill, and no laws are broken, we can go along with the boneheads to a degree.

Because of their bond with eccentric groups, boneheads believe that they are equipped to plumb great mysteries. Instead, the bonehead gathers together enough rope to be mentally suspended by the neck. If a bonehead crashes and burns from boneheaded actions, the world is better off.


With false prophets out to deceive and rob us, we are warned not to have anything to do with supernaturalists that claim to have unlocked great mysteries. In point of fact, no one has all the answers.

If we are inclined to the magical, false prophets will merge us into the identity of a supernatural group. As a committed member, we feel that big issues confronting us are no big deal, that we do not need a separate life. Before we know it, we are involved in something that has us in over our heads. Then again, if a group of feeble-minded believers expects a rational person to accept their claim of having all the answers, that person will depart all the more quickly.

Because we fear life, we are haunted by groundless fears. At times, we cannot sleep, and lean on other victims of philosophical cancer in an effort to make sense of the convolutions of the world.

Next to impossible to pull up, enchanted 452

gimmicks are used to shed light on life. In a quest to understand the world in terms of the gimmicks, we could spend the rest of our lives. Nonetheless, that such gimmicks guide people is tragic.

Gripped by the prospect of phenomena that defies all known laws of physics and logic, to the point that they harbor the goofy, the cosmic automaton shows interest in every supernatural idea that comes along. Even if a clearly exposed supernatural gimmick crumbles, the automaton just looks around for a new way to squander their life.

Media Montage

Press Release: Calamitron Media Group today announced the debut of a brand-new talk show. Making waves this fall, “Late Night With Chick Little” will showcase guests that present startling new data on the horrors that face us. The guests of Chick will show that pesticides, vaccines, fluoride, chlorinated water, genetically modified food, pasteurization, 453

carbohydrates, homogenization, and non-organic, irradiated food are catastrophes waiting to happen.

In “Late Night,” Chick will discuss how he suffers from recurring nightmares, which depict the specter of mobs, culled from his talk show audience, marching in protest to stop benign technologies. Later on, as society is returned to an all-natural, science-and-technology-free existence, Chick dreams that the mobs are panic-struck, searching through empty streets, mortified to find what life is like without all the modern things they once enjoyed.

The show will feature a new book written by Chick entitled, “The Butchers of Medicine.” Originally, Chick had titled the book, “The Blessings of Modern Technology.” Soon after, test marketing showed that the book would not sell. Chick quickly wrote another manuscript and changed the title.

In the previous text, editors tried to convince Chick to drop the chapters that discussed the 454

rewards of science and technology. Chick was urged to cut part that described how citizens of developed countries are healthier than anyone ever recorded. The cut chapters had shown how the rates of many diseases have grown only because we live long enough to get them.

Because of the many changes, the publisher was overjoyed to report that copies of “The Butchers” were flying off the shelves.


“Tonight at nine o‟clock, investigative reporter Robert Butler weaves his way through the whirlwind of camera crews covering the success of the new math and science program at Edison High.”

Like the Frankenstein monster, scary journalism is on the loose. We feed the media monster through our tastes in television, radio, websites and magazines. As phobic faultfinders, we would rather believe that breast implants, mercury amalgam dental fillings, Nutrasweet, 455

chlorinated water, vaccinations, yeast syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and poisonous water supplies are looming threats. Knowing this, the tabloids, talk shows, and our local news programs regard good news as no news.

For its emphasis on sensational stories, while paying little attention to positive ones, how can we blame the media? While we will watch the Chick Little show, or the latest episode of “It‟s Coming To Get You!” in droves, only a select few would tune in to witness the victories at Edison High.

What we know about the world, we get from onthe-air broadcasters, paper print media, and the Internet. To the degree that we surrender to masters of mass news artistry, the media runs our lives.

Our respect for people in entertainment, sports, and the media threatens to take us down intellectual drains. The consent we offer the media, the okay we have given for them to feed 456

us sound bites, has turned on us. To add to our confusion, because the media is easily taken in by junk science and Count Repton-like stunts, our penchant for cosmic goofiness and health fraud is fostered.

While doctors do fantastic work day in and day out, their good deeds are not covered in the media. At the same time, the mistakes that doctors make, even when happening abroad, is big news.

Now and then, so as not to tire us with a storm of bad news, the media throws in a few “feel good” stories. Because we are unmoved by upbeat, and impressed by the spectacular, the feel good stories are brief. To stop telling us bad news when it happens would be foolish, but a little balance would be nice.

A gaping media hollow must be filled daily by the “big story,” which means that the politically cumbersome or scientific story is shelved.


When added up, media lies through omission, screw-ups, and out of context stories equal tragedy beyond belief. The inclination of the media to highlight the untested and the weird in lieu of rigorous facts does heavy damage. Even so, talk of media oversights are rarely on our lips.

If we accept what the media spews forth, we are led down the garden path. Then again, if we are selective about what we let in, we have access to a free press that can be a positive force.

Because the media often sends forth half-truths and outright lies, we must carefully piece everything together. Often, reading between the lines is hard to do, as lying through exclusion is the norm.

Although many creeps have taken to the airwaves, a free press can help us to be on guard. With a free press covering fanatical terrorist attacks, crime, weather, entertainment, the stock market, sci-tech, war, and the antics of national leaders, journalists 458

can work for the greater good of the discerning user. By cutting through the garbage, we have the chance to get it right. We can choose to read reputable magazines or garbage weeklies. We can watch enlightening or senseless television shows.

The media offers a mixed bag. Regardless of media bias, the reason that we can discuss current affairs is because of a free press. We have reporters that dig and detect. With media culture playing such a major role our lives, a mass worry generator, and source of countless myths rules over us. By highlighting the ominous, the media feeds a dire sense of our world.

In the shadow of paid lies made public, a rational person might believe that the media maze is beyond repair. No one could possibly have the time to double-check it all, to find out what is real and what is not. While we love the freedom to say what we want, deception reigns.


The media can spin a story any way they want. To get us to sit up and take notice, facts are twisted to fit the game plan. The media can even edit parts of a sentence. If the story concerns an attractive white person, or a celebrity, we will be clobbered with coverage.

"…May Lead To Brain Tumors

“…Linked To Cancer."

"Medical Miracle That…”

Regular reports feed a mounting public hunger for medical news. By focusing only on the most impressive studies with overblown headlines, the media makes matters worse.

When given the choice of similar studies with different conclusions, the media wrangler will focus on the most dramatic or frightening one. When a study reaches a sensational conclusion or a finding that creates public unease, it is broadcast, even though it is a minor study.


“Scientific Breakthrough…”

"The Shocking Reasons Why…"

"Scientists Find the Divine…”

Too many times, the media quietly reverts to the old Emily Latella Syndrome; “Oops! Never mind.” Heavily embellished, scores of programs, documentaries, and news stories present a brand of philosophical cancer, expecting us to accept it in full. Later, when background facts are uncovered by behind-the-scenes investigation, the outrageous yarns begin to crumble.

Periods when the networks are put through their paces, when ratings determine what an advertiser is charged, are called the “sweeps.” Higher ratings mean that broadcasters can get higher fees for advertisements. Higher revenues from advertising goes into network production costs and salaries. For that reason, the sweeps are a time of the sensational, when all the stops are pulled out. The bizarre, the creepy, the out of context, and the titillating are on 461

parade. As viewers, programmers try to get into our minds, grab us, and sway our spending habits.

For helping to mold the greater part of us into a horde of hysterics, we owe our friends in the media. More than driving our kids to school in our cars, the media expands our fear the harmless. On a constant media diet, things like electromagnetic fields, and pesticides in our food frighten us. Even so, unless we are into extreme sports or the like, a trip in the family car is much more dangerous than anything else we do.

We are seldom reminded that electricity dramatically enhances our lives, or that plants fight pestilence with the use of innate pesticides. For people in developed countries, scientists have found no net harm from electricity, chemicals, and pesticides. Of threats to our health, they are next to nothing.

We ought to know what happens when the press 462

gets hold of something, and an angry mob hears of it. Because electricity kills many people each year, before we know it, the plug could be pulled.

Known for creating a scientifically crude public, mystic holistic programming is prominent on the media menu. As a mirror of our mindset, a hodgepodge of extraterrestrial, ethereal, superstitious, and psychic series are big hits.

Long stories about allegedly scary things, and short stories about valuable things make a sham of a free press. Powerless against hyped wacko claims is the massive weight of scientific evidence.

As we look at alarming tabloids and watch television, it is expected that the dread will grow. Bending to a vocal minority of half-baked bullhorns, and a clueless majority of crackpot politicos, our future is hazy.

Day after day, the media oozes forth reams of 463

misinformation, wishful thought, and fear. This steady negative feedback from the media is the main reason that we worry about our health. Our fear is one heck of a downside to a free press that abuses its freedom, making the few rational people among us in a boiling rage. By turning to many sources for news and information, we keep updated, accurate as possible, and do not let the media screw with us.

On a slow news day, reporters highlight stories of local mayhem. Although good things take place all around us, we are bombarded by gruesome news, blown out of all proportion. We are made to feel as if we have to put bars on our windows, and proceed to the mountains. We need to calm down, and refuse to let media exaggeration panic us. Despite bad news, we must enjoy life.

Growing shoddier by the day, the media does a ghastly job of covering science. A scientifically simple public is useless at weighing the technically complex, and do not 464

know whom to believe. The way scientific stories are reported, in-context facts often elude us.

Making little difference, hopeful media stories about science do not faze us. As the media trumpets man's cruelty to man, crime appears to be on the rise. With media and entertainment highlighting it, crime seems worse than it actually is. For example, although multi-victim bloodshed in our schools has risen, the amount of violent events at school has dropped.

Next to the deadly threat posed by philosophical cancer in the media, our penchant for violence is one of the most important issues confronting us. To understand our penchant for violence is imperative. Although we see more and more violent images in the media, it turns out that people exposed to violence do not react in the same way. What violent images do to perpetuate a brutal society is hard to prove. If two things happen together, that one led to the other is hard to prove. Research has shown a rise in the rate 465

of domestic violence following aggressive games. Peripheral data suggests that being pummeled with violent images is linked to violent acts. Nonetheless, viewing violent images is not advised for some. Human nature dictates that, if we were to walk into a party, and see a brute pounding the heck out of someone, we will instantly focus on it. If we walk down the street, and witness a clash, we will find people drawn to it.

To routinely outlaw that which we believe leads to violence is naive. Clearly, there are people who are thrilled by brutal movies, games, and spectacles. Even so, few people who view them become violent.

We must steer clear of campaigns to automatically ban that which we abhor. In teaching our kids that groundless violence leads to jail, we also teach that freedom is to be valued with passion.

Because violence, tragic events, and disasters do wonders for ratings, the media loves them. 466

Attracting a large audience, people in the media secretly feel that catastrophe is great. When bloodshed and ruin arises, another opportunity to exploit our emotions has arrived.

Whether driven by religious hate, or antigovernment myths, extremists may get their hands on, and discharge, weapons of mass ruin. If such weapons were used, imagine the fully warranted, global media feeding frenzy, as the greatest disaster story that has ever happened in history would be told.

Amid a media semblance of science, we are greatly harmed. For years, Hollywood and the media has shaped social trends. Although a few quality movies and educational programs are on hand, Hollywood and the media have presented a caricature of the real world. Through their parody of science, we are left with juvenile images. The typical movie role of a scientist has been that of a diabolical wretch. We imagine the scientist setting free an assortment of mutants to destroy the earth. We 467

ascribe to science things that have little to do with it. We blame science for the powerseeking miscreant who commits mayhem with aid of technology.

The less we understand science, the more likely we are to fear it. Worried about science, research has become tantamount to mischief in the minds of many. With laws to prevent weird science already in place, a ban on progress is called for nonetheless.

Watching sensational coverage on the dangers of toxic mold or dihydrogen monoxide falsely alarms us. At the same time, we may not be as cautious about too much sunlight or poor diet, both that cause cancer.

A genuine intellect can say something smart, and the comment will get no coverage. A sitcom actor can give a lame opinion, only to be given a blaze of publicity.

Asking us to trust the political and economic news that they present, the hardcore new person 468

wants our trust, even if they present a figment of the news. Now and then, they flabbergast us, and get a health-related story right. At the same time, they proclaim that a health fad, proved to be worthless, can help us.

Turning to dubious sources to feed our taste for supernatural drivel, the mass media knows how to sell. In an ocean of half-truths, boatloads of spurious experts drift, ready to wash up on the shore of an interview with an undereducated reporter. The big-time mystic holistic authority feeds tall tales to us, while the reporter magnifies them, adding weight to fringe views. Half-baked programs make things like Atlantean lightwork and Tibetan pet care seem to be great values.

If media personalities would not lend a hand to mystic holistic gobbledygook, we would not be as focused on it. After all, how could anyone, who exercises their brains more than three seconds, endure it? Why should we be charged with jogging the memory of adults to think before acting? For many, to reject the 469

gobbledygook offered in print, television, or heard on the radio, is unlikely.

More often than not, the media journalist, the broadcaster, and the director selling rubbish ought to look into sanitation engineer jobs. As a bull in a china shop, their tendency to tell tall stories, and to assume, makes up much of what they offer.


After the last episode of “The Medical Massacre,” which featured a scary show on lung cancer, I cannot ignore a minor cough.


Being rushed to the emergency room, graphic images showed a morbidly obese gunshot victim. Years later, an exam revealed that the victim had a bit of gauze next to the right lung, left by a frantic nurse at the time of the shooting. The story is picked up and broadcast far and wide. 470


The evening news talked about a strange, rare disease. Now, I believe I have contracted this same disease.


A radio program, that suggested that cancer cells are capable of spreading through the air, has me frightened.


Except for a few heads-up health reporters, the media continues its failure to report medical advances in detail. Downbeat health stories are preferred over happy ones. Despite what cranks would have us believe, researchers and doctors work hard to improve medicine. Be that as it may, in the spirit of typical media bias, our thoughts are seldom focused on medical progress. As we speak, mortality rates inch down, and health care constantly gets better. 471

More importantly, we must not depend on an isolated study presented to us in the news, particularly one that goes against past findings.

If study after study finds that something does not cause birth defects, the studies are not be newsworthy. If researchers at a lab in Flak Hill announce that a common substance causes birth defects, watch what happens; meticulous studies, which showed no problems at all, are shelved, while the Flak Hill study leads the news. Before we know it, conniving barristers will link arms with pregnant women before news cameras.

Are deadly germs poised to kill us?

Is it best that we cut our fat intake to ten percent?

How much exercise are we to get?

What is a nutritious diet? 472

Can we teach a clueless majority to weave their way through the media maze, to resist the sly influences foisted by master media artists? Can we teach a clueless majority that a scare story appearing in print, on television, or on the Internet, must not be accepted without further research? If we cannot tell the difference between pseudoscientific advice, and the advice of responsible professionals, the media will unleash a gaggle of “experts” to confuse us.

Although in short supply, the media does present a few high-quality, heads-up consumer reporters. They make us aware of gougers in business. For sensible people, the exceptional broadcaster brings continual joy.

Dr. Dean Edell is a clear example of one of the few people in the media who expose the mystic holistic gouger. In his broadcasts, Dr. Edell confronts the health mafia. Dr. Edell knows that the worst gouger is the intellectual terrorist that threatens our health.


If two shows are on at the same time, one with reputable, reliable facts, and the other filled with rousing rubbish, we prefer the latter.

Faint praise of the media is an impeachment of us all. The media is merely a mirror of our collective psyche. In the end, because we favor programs that feature swill, we are to blame.

The Abyss Of Truth-Seeking

Being set straight by the professional parasite preaching the preposterous, truth seekers believe they are armed with secrets from on high. Showering them with well-delivered lore, the professional parasite eagerly accepts donations of money and time.

Even graduates of first-rate universities, who believe they are beyond being fooled, are caught by common thinking errors nonetheless, and succumb to half-baked fantasies. Mounting goofiness in college-educated truth seekers demonstrates that a degree is no assurance of a sound mind. After all, many institutions of 474

higher learning fling wide the gates for superstitious sots. In intellectual and medical spheres, college-educated truth seekers have the nerve to discount well-established facts.

Still, grounds for feeling up about the prospects of humanity exist. Teaching young people the finer points of science, and what it means to live in the new millennium, may free us from a world infested with disturbed truth seekers.

In facing the challenges of life, the option to grow, or default to mental lethargy, confronts us early in life. Sadly, most people choose self-sabotage through intellectual malignancy. Were it not for the tragic defeat by supernatural silliness, which finds the mainstream going down classic paths of mental demise, the world of philosophical cancer would have been vanquished long ago.

Because we are forever faced with the choice between the World of Reason and the world of mystical truth seeking, self-motivated reason 475

is essential.

The Virtue Of Negativity

“Because of our constant prayers, affirmations, and shielding magnets, misfortune cannot penetrate our protective aura of white light.”

As the winds of fate blow our way, we whistle while we work. Surely, good fortune is to be treasured. All the same, in the smiley, touchyfeely world of the recycled new age airhead, ecstasy is taken out past the ozone layer. A touch of gloom is deemed a bad thing in the “everything is going to work out” world.

In imagined rapture, the new age airhead is naive enough to imagine that nothing bad will ever happen to them. If we try to steer the recycled airhead toward reality, away from clear mystic holistic rip-offs, we are sure to get nowhere. Instead, we will be told things like:

“Oh, here it comes again; more negativity.” 476

In other words, if we are frank with the recycled airhead, they will feel that we are trying to flush something pure and angelic down the can.

When confronted by an endless circus of shallow phrases from the airhead, many of us give their silly concepts instant credibility. One such concept is that keepers of the flame must be a more contented lot, best equipped to face hard times with their heads held high. If overwhelmed by similar tragedies, pessimists are expected to be despondent, while optimists are upbeat. Surprisingly, the opposite is true.

Studies have challenged the old “try to think positive” advice. Psychological researchers tell us that the people best able to deal with problems are the ones who entertain rational pessimism.

In reality, rational pessimism is important to our survival. Occasional negativity does not mean we are dismal failures destined for 477

premature death.

Sufferers of profound clinical depression are a different matter. While feeling down at times is normal, our mental health is jeopardized when we feel down more often than not.

To add to the problems caused by depression, chronically unhappy people become easier to fool with mystic holistic scams, often failing to pose important questions. Even worse, when thoughts are fatalistic, they may lead to violence or mishaps.

To a degree, we all ruminate, fight with our thoughts, and mull things over to the point of overkill. Spinning our wheels over things that are beyond our control is not only harmful, it adds to our sense of angst. Then again, to reflect on the past, and how it connects to the present, is fine.

Psychologists find that caring, reliable, and industrious people favor contemplation, where present-day affairs and desires for the future 478

come into play. Contemplation is linked with greater. Contemplators correctly assessed events, and have greater self-knowledge. In contrast, ruminators come across as apprehensive, temperamental, suspicious and self-pitying.

While Studies show that vitamins are worthless in the treatment of rumination, cognitivebehavioral therapy may be the most effective tool to stop it.

At times, rumination, deep depression, persistent anxiety, or a sense of overwhelm may require drug therapy. Even so, whenever a drug to treat depression is given without talk-based intervention, the drug is not as helpful as it could be.

With its broad record of success, talk therapy has made great strides in the treatment of depression. The therapeutic practice of accurate thinking can lead us to a more level state of mind.


Were we to sit down, and discuss with a ruminator the events in their lives, we may uncover a few interesting facts. As we listen to what that person is dealing with, why they feel overwhelmed may be clear:

“I cannot understand why I am so anxious and depressed.”

“Are you serious? You are dealing with some pretty heavy things in your life!”

Along with the many good things, life involves ruinous loss, disease, and injury due to human error – all seemingly to come from nowhere. In the mix are family, marriage, and job pressures. People in the modern world assume never before seen burdens.

Our emotional responses are far more complex than what the useless advice-giver would have us believe. To respond with appropriate sorrow or anger, our neural hardware must be on the alert. To remain calm, think clearly, and act decisively, we need to ignore the useless 480

advice-giver. If we follow the “think positive” advice of friends, family members, ministers, and self-help experts, our nervous tension is heightened.

“There, there. Everything will work out!”

In reality, “think positive” advice is an insult. As we cope with the ordeals of life, wearing a “think positive” mask only adds to the burden. To force ourselves to be of good cheer can add enough weight to crumple us.

Oddly enough, when terrible events catch us off guard, such as a diagnosis of lung cancer, or a devastating hurricane, male wishful thinkers cope with things the worst. When studied, men are more apt to react with pessimism, while women are more apt to be depressed.

Even the process of aging ravages the optimistic, “think positive” person more. With the inevitable changes that come with life, as a throbbing blood bag held by bones, the prisoner of hope is most devastated. 481

Seeking a false sense of control over the tempestuous storms of life, most of us turn to fictional powers. If misfortune unfolds even further, we may feel let down by these “powers.” For real-world problems, the reasonable person focuses on appropriate action as gray clouds move in, and does not waste time gazing through rose-colored glasses, knowing that fictional powers give only fictional help.

Although the supernaturalist refuses to see that bad things do happen to good people, the fact is that tragic incidents can bring permanent loss to anyone. In the face of misfortune, the rationally negative person is not deceived by high hopes, doomsday thoughts, or faith in fictional powers.

Turning to stale sermons, rather than logically review circumstances and take levelheaded action, is an inept way to face despair. Although many setbacks cannot be stayed, we simply do the best we can, without being sidetracked by cliché. We stop fighting gales, 482

and become surfers on the waves of life.

Before the concept of self-esteem came along, how did we get by? Where did our sense of worth come from? How did cities get built?

In the past, we succeeded because a low sense of personal capacity made us strive to improve our lot. In the struggle to feel complete, we achieved great things. We proved that hard work is on a par with many great minds.

Life wisdom does not come from perusing selfhelp books, or the help of life coaches. Free from superstition, life wisdom comes from years of experience in dealing with the reality of competition.

Members of the Anti-Deception Society are proud to oppose the brittle things taught about thinking positive. We even see that many people in the mental health arena have backed off from a diagnosis of “poor self-esteem.” They found that loathsome people, who get on our nerves, often have an inflated sense of themselves. 483

Children who always want to feel good are more apt to grow up to be scoundrels. The embezzler with tremendous self-esteem feels the world owes them. As they force others to submit to sexual acts, the rapist with huge self-esteem feels that they deserve pleasure when and where they want it.

In the struggle to develop a fully mature mind, one thing that drives us to grow is a feeling of insecurity. Our intellectual growth surrounds a struggle to grow up, and fight against obstacles. Even with meager resources, a great deal of human drive comes from this all-out effort to overcome.

With parents passing more pansies on to the world, the idea that we should keep our kids from the pain of a competitive world is hard to defend. Were all kids to experience positive emotions, they would have little reason to mature. Out of fear for exposing them to a harsh world, we raise a generation of milksops. By spoiling a child, and constantly telling them how great they are, disaster is borne. 484

While keeping them from life, we believe we are saving our kids from an unhealthy struggle.

On observing a sweet, lovable, extremely devout adolescent, loved by all the teachers, we must know that something is wrong. An adolescent that always sticks to the rules, does everything they are told, and loves their parents, may one day explode.

In dreary themes, stripped of clear meaning, the idea of the “dark side” is commonly twisted over and over by mystics. Nonetheless, because the will to protect loved ones and survive is deeply fixed, all of us have dark, violent tendencies, however hidden. With violence headed their way, the Goody Two-Shoes may be in trouble.

Throughout Roman times, people were entertained by watching others in pain; today, we tap into that same thing. Events such as professional wrestling, Ultimate Fighting, boxing, and hockey are examples that appeal to our primal urges. 485

The harm done to society by brutal entertainment is hard to measure. The medical literature suggests that, because of their affinity for violent material, a child already on the edge might be tilted. Then again, most children do not react badly to violent material.

Throughout the ages, youths had the same inner rage as now. In earlier times, if they were to get their hands on a dagger, they could assault only a few victims. Now, the weapons are deadlier.

In coming to grips with the anger that competition may create, an effective way to teach young people how to deal with their feelings is sorely needed. To get past pat clichés, one-step solutions, and find a better way to deal with anger, can turn tragedy into opportunity. Lest they grow up, and log in to the network of worldwide hooligans, we must see that even bullies get help.


Neither is eccentricity always the big negative that we assume. Often, personality traits thought to be abhorrent turn out to be valuable. Although a ratfink and nerve-rattler, the hyperactive child is more likely to grow up to be a high -powered entrepreneur. Before, they did poorly with authority. Later, they become the one to watch.

To be a free agent, and not ordered around by a superior, is a glorious thing. Even if great lengths are needed, young people are encouraged to be business owners, free to be original.

In cases where educators join forces against our finest students, we must act. Sadly, even parents can unite with educators to wreak pharmaceutical malice, medicating bright children into compliance. Schools are keen on branding impulsive or distractible students as having Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Used to justify treatment with powerful drugs, ADHD has become a way to medicalize normal behavior in children.


This does not mean that ADHD is fabricated in every case. Nonetheless, inattentive and disruptive behavior can be cause merely by boredom or a wild personality. As they are smarter than average, yet bored by rote teaching, many children function better when free of the intrusion of others.

Distinct from the high-octane, squirmy, and rebellious child, the deviant child headed for prison is a different story. The deviant child needs intense intervention.

A well-known list of people who were hell on wheels as children is comprised of the likes of Einstein, Edison, Disney, Galileo, Mozart, Ford, Dr. Dean Edell, and so on. As children, though they were not put on drugs for hyperactivity, they were predicted to grow up to be failures. Nonetheless, they managed to survive and thrive. While they gave their parents a tough time when they were youngsters, they were huge winners in life later on. If there were anti-hyperactivity drugs around when they were kids, the achievements of these 488

extraordinary people may have been suppressed.

Usually, misguided experts and peers chalk eccentric people up as oddballs or weirdoes. In reality, these apparent slurs are a great compliment. Were eccentric masterminds to be like the lump-on-the-logs that many people are, it would spell the death knell of our future.

The Problem of Professionals

Our job is to make a distinction between the inept, the know-it-all, the competent, the brilliant, and all shades in between.

If experts were as wrong as the modern day technophobe says, the gifts bestowed by science would slow to a trickle, rather than the flood we enjoy today. Whether we accept it or not, competent people can be found the world over.

Then again, trusting people listen to talk show hosts throw out authoritative answers to complex issues. That they accept what is said is dismal. If we recognize the unsure nature of 489

life, we will not be so easily sold on the onebullet solutions of broadcasters.

The real challenge is our expectations. As a rule, our demands of professionals are out of sync with reality. What professionals can and cannot do is important to recognize.

Occasions arise when wise people give us wrong advice. Although competent professionals make big blunders at times, for most, the errors are few and far between. Besides, errors do not mean that a professional is wrong every time. More often than not, they are right on the mark.

The lessons of life teach us to include uncertainty in the bigger picture. We must know that experts will give markedly different advice when presented with similar problems. The mature mind learns to grasp the rule of differing opinions, and deal with it in a mature way. Whether a medical problem, a psychological quandary, a car problem, and so on, dubious advice gives us a clue that we must 490

seek other professional opinions. We must concede that many experts are reliable, be ready to question authority when needed, and to look for other opinions. The task of deciding whom to listen to remains ours.

Just because someone is called an expert, we are not assured that they are objective or are ethical. For instance, many experts are bored by science, and will not “bother us with it.”

To get an idea of the pitfalls of professional advice, all we need do is pick up a legal journal. If we leaf through the section that offers expert services, we will find that many will send experts to our courtroom inside of a day – for a hefty fee - to say what we want.

“Hmmm. I'm bored to tears with my practice. Think I'll just take to the road, say what the lawyers want me to say, and collect a large fee.”

Particularly when they are paid to give an opinion, we must not be swayed, just because a 491

degreed person or celebrity testifies.

Painless fixes to thorny legal problems are rare - least of all are simple fixes for complex health problems, especially when offered by the “complementary medicine” expert, who makes fools of us and pockets our money.

For a tough matter, when the wisest people around are split, their indecision should make a self-appointed expert stop and think. For an issue open to question, those who believe they are so sure of themselves might reconsider.

If we are not sure of something, to be honest about it is commendable. To admit that something is beyond our grasp opens the door.

Essential to learning, debate based on reason elevates us, and causes us to be resourceful. Just as life in an unattainable utopian society would quickly grow stale, the alarm must be sounded when all are of the same mind on a tough issue.


Deep-seated suspicion toward all people with power, just because they have power, is a mark of insecurity. To resent such people is ironic. After all, we do as much as we can to gain power.

“Shut Up And Fix Me”

Citizens of pampered societies are stupendously coddled. Although the coddled patient fails to get it, the doctor is not there to dispense cotton candy and balloons. The coddler wants the doctor to praise them and be gracious. They want the doctor to explain every little thing, and tell them a story. The coddler wants the doctor to talk about the life of the coddler, and give them special consideration. Incredible!

By dribs and drabs, the coddler wants to be spoon-fed. With their mindless impatience, not wanting to be bothered by anything outside of miraculous solutions, the problems posed by the coddler are made worse.


Coddling drives up the health care costs for everyone. Reluctant to learn about their body, and take care of their health, the coddler runs to the doctor for every little sniffle and twinge. A top quality doctor will sense the comfy patient, who will not be bothered by medical snags, details, or homework, and proceed accordingly. In the past, people did not seek coddling from the medical profession.

A strong dislike of medical facts darkens the heart of a pampered society. In a virulently anti-rational culture, the pampered person is lulled into an empty-headed funk. Because the pampered person could not be bothered, this funk makes it hard to convey vital medical information. Because the pampered person has to be hard-pressed before they will put up with health measures calling for effort, they boost the sales of magical cures. Consequently, the pampered person has their heads filled with lame, holistic hokum and medical myths. The instant that the coddler catches sight of anyone forced to “shut up and fix them,” they hunt for petty faults. 494

Since they do not embody the standard authority figure that the coddler loves to loathe, the self-styled integrative medicine perpetrator is by and large immune to coddler onslaught. Still, the “integrative medicine” practitioner is not completely untouched by onslaughts; anyone that deals closely with a pampered public will contend with coddlers.

Coddlers are intent on a tour of professional stamina. As ethical doctors are usually duty bound to take on all comers, the coddler makes the practice of medicine tough. From time to time, a coddler comes along and creates problems beyond the pale.

Still, when a doctor takes a patient on, a long-lived relationship is not guaranteed. Doctor and patient are not married to one another.

Initially, we can ask ourselves why we ought to bother cooperating with doctors in the first place? Are they not a horde of greedy killers 495

out to steal from and slaughter us? Will we ever make use of them?

We must remind ourselves that the job of a doctor is to fix us, to deal with our lives. Though it seems elementary, we must remind many people that our lives are exactly what doctors deal with! So, to allow them to do a good job is essential.

With a demanding amount of work imposed by managed care, the doctor of today may be under great pressure. They may be forced to manage the medical problems of a patient in minutes. The pressures of modern medicine create the need to make the most of their social skill. As patients, our behavior can influence the quality of our health care for better or worse.

If someone asks any of us for help, to foil that help makes us feel betrayed. Likewise, if our goal is one of effective medical dealings, we must not thwart the help of a doctor. For example, patients that feel qualified to diagnose their problems do not need a 496

consultation to begin with.

For intelligent people, health matters are crucial. In support of good medicine, the “I‟ll help you to help me” attitude of a patient is priceless. In talking about our medical options, if we feel incapable of going along with a course of treatment, we must say so. We need to give the people who care for us a fighting chance.

Before seeing the doctor, we may need to jot down our questions, so as not to forget. If we bring notes about what to ask our doctor, we show them that we care about our health. Nonetheless, a patient perfectly able and needing to take notes will often fail to do so.

In medical situations, clear communication gives us an edge. Time and again, we fail to let the doctor know if we are confused, and do not know what to do. To leave a clinic, with no clear grasp of the orders of a doctor, shows that the otherwise mindful patient is careless about their health. Then again, if we ask about 497

side effects or complications, if we touch on anything important before leaving, we show that we value our health.

The time may come when we need to ask a doctor, in simple terms, to explain what our next steps will be. If we doubt our ability to recall their guidance, we may ask her or him to write it down. Too, we can discuss our understanding of what comes next. We might ask when our test results will come back, or about future appointments. Afterwards, we can walk from the clinic with an explicit plan in our minds.

To do research on our malady is a sign of an intelligent person. Because of unworkable patient loads, we do not know if a doctor has the luxury of keeping abreast of the latest medical advances. If we get information on our condition in advance, having consulted the right sources, we show that we are willing to do our homework. Wisely, we search reputable web sites, print it out, and ask for the opinion of our doctor. Although most doctors were not fond of patients printing out material 498

to show them, times have changed. If we come across something that our doctor has not seen, or that something else should be tried first, we know we are on to something. Although a doctor may give us the cold shoulder when offering printouts, they may warm up on seeing that the printouts are from peer-reviewed medical journals.

From time to time, personality clashes with a doctor or their staff is bound to happen. Depending on whoever comes our way, pleasant relations may not always be possible. If we are in the midst of a difficult situation, meeting only with frustration, we must do our best to be cheerful. If we have the nerve, we can use a bit of polite wit to grease the wheels of creaking interpersonal contact, and draw out straight answers. In a tough situation, a bright smile and buoyant tone of voice will serve everyone.

“In all the papers is the story of a few shining individuals who go beyond what is minimally required. In life, they know that to 499

be pleasant is the best way to handle things.”

By now, we must know that some members of society have great power over us. When dealing with a doctor, police officer, or waiter, we must keep in mind that no one likes to be orally assaulted. We need only use a bit of imagination to guess the possible outcome of our open contempt of people with power over us. To boot, they may be mired by impossible assignments. Only the most embryonic among us would scream at them.

Long-term, positive medical dealings have been shown to encourage:

Less office visits

Less time needed in the hospital

Shorter periods of recovery

A good-natured, therapeutic bond only makes sense. A health team that gets to know us, and are familiar with our history, might better 500

manage our case. The doctor who cares for us on a regular basis might alert us to patterns that could impact our health.

In medical school, students are not given a course called “Introduction to Human Warmth.” To train doctors in good interpersonal skill and bedside manner may have only marginal effects. All things considered, we either have good interpersonal skill or we do not.

Most doctor/patient relations are cordial and professional. The medical staff sets limits, and no one is to go past them. In front of the patient, most doctors and staff conduct themselves in a businesslike fashion. Everyone knows to handle the cranky or impaired person with care. Still, while doing what is called for, a doctor may have an aversion to examining the anal canal of a rude patient.

A few of us are bound to drive anyone round the bend. Then again, there are people with an idealistic urge to rebel against authority, to be into the latest thing, who refuse the orders 501

of a doctor. Litigation-prone crackpots, seasoned grumblers, and assorted health faddists, are enough to dismay a skilled doctor; a steady diet of such patients may drive them to ditch their medicine altogether.

A doctor might refuse to treat a patient who doggedly follows bizarre health advice. Often making relations with a mainstream doctor stressful, the patient who also puts trust in the wacky practitioner may create an impossible “too many cooks” situation. For instance, because the integrative health follower buys into the spurious products of one the most fraudulent industries ever, they may be unsuitable to mainstream medicine.

While it would be nice for us to have no need to seek medical services, there is little we can do about it. Inevitably, there will come a time when we must ask for help, and pick the medical mind. Someone must agree to take on our problem.

In any line of work, dealing with a little 502

dictator is tough to handle. Likewise, few of us want to work with a childish know-it-all. In a medical setting, these kinds of people can be a bad dream, in particular when they complain of innocuous symptoms. Incredible as it may seem, the non-psychiatrist doctor might not want to see the overly suspicious patient. To quell the tantrums of patient, and do everything possible to improve the quality of their care, requires skill. Even so, earning a medical degree does not change our basic nature.

The all-natural, health swinger does not always keep up with the times, and fail to consider doctors that have a deep, abiding faith in counterculture medicine. Having chosen the lucrative path of alternative dreams, the counterculture doctor aims to stake their claim. More than ever before, this flaky doctor markets supplements. The heir of Hippie era medical values, they see a profit from holistic hanky-panky. The doctor/salesperson thinks:

“I am losing income. Why are we doctors not 503

allowed to get in on the act, and sell holistic products? I want to meet patient demand, and I can assure that no one is going to get hurt.”

Through sales talk, to corrupt the influence that a doctor has is appalling. For the health practitioner of any persuasion, to sell products is not ethical. In medicine, to pitch over-the-counter merchandise, drugs, herbal items, “alternative medicine” products, or vitamin creations is unfortunate. Only under strict controls, are hospital charities, the eye doctor selling glasses, Girl Scout cookie crusades, and so forth, reasonable.

Medical ethicists take a dim view of the trend for doctors to sell cure-alls proved to be fraudulent. If products are sold from a clinic, a clash exists between community responsibility, and the personal concerns of a doctor. If we find ourselves under the care anyone that sells items from a clinic, we have no choice but to look for help elsewhere.

Because of the unattainable standards held by 504

pampered societies, many people living in such societies are quick to malign an ethical doctor. With unreasonable needs, they are detached from the reality of what human beings can do. Even more obstacles are raised if the pampered person has a chip on their shoulder regarding authority.

Far and wide are people who bitch about every doctor they meet. The grumbler is keen on portraying doctors as a team of ghouls, as bunglers who love to punish us and cash in. Into the bargain, we have most people who weigh a doctor solely on their social skill.

In cases where honest medical errors are made, the grumbler wants doctors and nurses jailed, or given the gas chamber. Whether truly negligent or not, the person who seeks judgments against a doctor often wants more than financial penalties; they demand pure retribution. In the same vein, explosive patients make emergency room work treacherous.

Inevitably, a few of us go to medical offices 505

in a harsh state of mind. Before we show up for a consultation, we fail to prepare. We do not trouble ourselves to focus on our main concerns. We may even wander from our reason for visiting a doctor. With our most urgent needs going by the wayside, we conduct ourselves as if on a social call. We expect the doctor to hold everything, and shoot the breeze with us. With a waiting room full of patients, we take for granted that the doctor can sit around and chitchat. In other words, we are not mindful of the time constraints of a doctor. We get angry with the doctor who will not linger around and make small talk. We are more dreadful if we are smart-mouthed, and only seeking help about a small pustule on our thigh.

The person who seeks comfort, or makes impractical demands, can exhaust a doctor. Bothersome patients do not respect the deadlines of a doctor, and the needs of people waiting for medical care. If a doctor were to end the session with a timely departure while the bothersome patient continues to seek 506

needless attention, that patient may be irked.

As more of us go to doctors for get-togethers and emotional comfort, we must look inward, and consider the clinical chaos we may create. The abuse of rationed health resources, and the mayhem that results, drives costs skyward. The financial and time restrictions of managed care only make dealing with complainers more unpleasant.

If our efforts are to bring about good results, maintaining civil relations makes sense. Although we are not expected to kiss the feet of a skilled doctor, we must make an effort to be friendly.

When a patient drives a doctor batty, health care suffers. Nonetheless, over time, doctors see more names of patients on their books that make them feel uneasy. If we cease making doctors want to escape through the back doors of their clinics, the practice of medicine will improve will be better.


More doctors are forced to deal with patients infected with the health swinger virus. Patients infected with the virus refuse to go along with established treatments. As a result, many doctors dread patients that complain of fad illnesses.

Often, the problem patient says that they sincerely want less stress in their life. Ironically, when they consult a doctor, the problem patient will go on to complain about trivial matters. Although a pattern of petty complaints does not support health, that the problem patient pays for bellyache sessions is typical.

Often, doctors can anticipate which patients under their care will be tough to manage. Among the most challenging patients are those that assume standard “talk show” problems, who impose extra demands on the ever more limited time of a doctor. Given they are a pain for doctors to deal with, we find that problem patients often share many traits, including:


Clinically significant personality disorders


Underlying feelings of nameless anxiety

Obsessive thought patterns

Reciting the same complaints over and over

Loneliness and a weakened sense of purpose

Ruminating over a range of irrational fears

Needy and demanding; the doctor is asked to address every little concern

Compelled to dissect every medical procedure to the point of overkill

Thrilled by the drama of receiving medical care

Formerly known as a hypochondriac, "frequent attender" and “somaticizer” are terms for people seized by vague and atypical bodily 509

symptoms for which no physical source can be found. While the somatizer exaggerates, claims to have fad diseases, and picks everything apart, the frequent attender will make recurrent medical visits, usually complaining of abdominal pain and fatigue.

Being skilled in dealing with doctors, the frequent attender learns how to work the system, and how to describe symptoms in a way that will make doctors react. After getting operated on repeatedly, the frequent attender has scars all over their body, or an abdomen like a battlefield.

The frequent attender loves the attention they get when they come into the hospital for a procedure. At times, a hospital must be resourceful just to catch the frequent attender, such as watching them with a camera.

Because they are not aware of being anxious or depressed when reporting a physical complaint, if the mental status of the frequent attender (or somatizer) is not examined, their bodily 510

symptoms remain obscure.

The somatizer is conscious only of physical analogs to core psychological problems. While only seeking help for a tight neck, the somatizer may really be a depressed. Typically, the somatizer winds up in physical medicine, where their personality collides with a medical doctor. In this situation, the somatizer gets little help, if any.

Because they are less than eager to help, managing a crabby or withdrawn somatizer can thwart the help of a doctor. Whether the doctor sees the droning of the somatizer as dreary or amusing, to butt in when the somatizer repeats their long list of complaints is useless. “Shut up and fix me” becomes, “Shut up and let me talk.” Deaf to all interruption, the somatizer rambles on.

Fueled by bizarre belief systems, the symptom list of the somatizer is tortuous. Often marked by all-natural and supernatural fear, the somatizer seeks reassurance by seeking frequent 511

consultations. The somatizer may even see the doctor as an enemy. Leaving the doctor with a sense of futility, a meeting with the somatizer is rarely helpful.

Regrettably, the somatizer avoids the doctor who addresses the real cause of their problem. The depressed somatizer often rejects a likely explanation, since they prefer an obscure, fad disease. Nonetheless, in comparison with fashionable disease, depression is highly treatable. Once the underlying depression is found, the somatizer may refuse treatment.

That a patient claims to have a fad disease does not mean that a patient is not ill. The previous unfounded complaints of the somatizer can cause real disease to be overlooked. Even when no physical problem is readily apparent, a wise doctor will not dismiss such a patient, but will consider somatoform reactions or physical causes. Whether an immune problem, hormonal deficiency, neurosis, low blood pressure, anemia, thyroid impairment, cancer, hidden infection, and so on, the underlying 512

cause of symptoms are often found on digging deeper. Whatever the real cause, pain and fatigue syndromes can be devastating.

Like other fad diseases, what is called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is really an undiscovered physical or mental disease.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is probably the most contentious fad disease. In test conditions, when sensitizing chemicals are introduced without their knowledge, people claiming to have MCS fail to react. While MCS completely lacks evidence for its existence, people who suffer from it do have real problems - depression, somatoform reactions, anxiety neuroses, and so on.


“To cure MCS, we must realign the spine, finetune the etheric body, and clear accumulated toxins with herbs, which we happen to sell here at our clinic.”


Paul Popov, DC


Given that modern medicine can do many great things, we have come to expect the impossible from doctors. We often fail to realize that medicine cannot quickly solve everything. The doctor does not peer through us, and instantly know what to do in every case. Modern medicine has restricted powers, and at times can be dangerous. While most doctors know the problems inherent in medicine, most laypeople do not. In fact, the following may come as a shock to many:

No one has all the answers, least of all the self-styled alternative medicine perpetrator.

Sadly, even if good, ethical doctors perform the best job possible in unbearable situations, we often rage at the medical machine if things do not go our way. We may even come up with supposed eye-openers such as, “These infernal doctors deal with human lives!” 514

Reminiscent of a classic talk show broadcast, most people are of the same mind, giving the sense of a mob mentality.

A plan goes out to invertebrates that wait for an idyllic, painless world: fly to Democratic Republic of the Congo, and live in its capital, Kinshasa, for a time. Before dispensing care, Kinshasa hospitals demand cash in advance. The Kinshasa medical system is likely to be less sensitive to complaints.

At times, we may have a well-grounded basis for our gripes. For instance, managed care may be reasonably criticized. For many of the same reasons that patients deplore it, many doctors are unhappy about managed care.

Instead of the practice of medicine, doctors spend too much time focusing on management, finance, law, ethics, better bedside manners, and a medical administrator that drives them too hard. At times, non-medical bean counters can undermine the medical judgment of doctors. 515

Ordered for us by our doctor to prevent a bad outcome, damaged care bean counters have been known to turn down needed tests. With an eye to fight the trend, many doctors will resort to lies on behalf of patients. Getting the administrative consent needed to perform essential tests is that important.

Not to say that all are resigned about managed care, but when doctors gather together, the talk sometimes turns to the subject of withdrawing from medicine altogether.

If large groups of doctors walked away from managed care in frustration, those of us with good managed care experiences ought to be alarmed: when talented people leave, health services grow to be unsafe.

Save for doctors that want to bid farewell to their practice, we had better be quiet. We might upset patients who ascribe superhuman powers to doctors.

To assure our well-being, doctors need our 516

help. In dealing with a scarcity of medical resources, doctors must take our conduct into account. If we show signs of insolence, we may be judged as unsuitable for difficult, life saving procedures.


Consider how a medical degree may call for a doctor to impose unattainable powers of foresight. Are they skilled enough to give terminal patients an estimate of survival time? To be sure, the doctor does not always make the first move in gauging survival time; many patients or their families ask for these estimates. Although educated guesses based on epidemiological data can be made, such guessing is tricky; no two cases are alike. While one patient may last for years, many will die quickly.

Saying that the patient will live much longer than projected, many doctors, especially senior doctors, will knowingly give a wrong guesstimate. As dishonest as this seems, 517

studies show that, any guesstimate might not mean much, and can even be harmful. On hearing such a grave prognosis, a terminal patient is reasonably dejected, and may succumb much sooner.


In the Nineteen Sixties, doctor detesters gathered enough steam to endure for years to come. Why they endure is easy to grasp: living only in developed countries, many people, perhaps most, love to loathe doctors, and find it fashionable to denounce the medical profession as a gang of misguided louts. At long last, their predictable, incessant grumbling about the medical profession has grown tiresome. This is why we say to the world of doctor detesters:

“Move to all-natural Haiti!”

If we could take the critic of modern medicine back to a poor country, or to Communist Europe in the mid Twentieth Century, they would 518

scarcely find a haven of medical progress. We would do well to consider the standard of medical care that most people around the globe must bear.

We can add to this melee: most chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other complementary medicine perpetrators repeat the same old gripe. To divert attention away from their lack of real world medical knowledge, pointing the finger at doctors is their best option.

To feel pumped up, anti-mainstream rhetoric is the standard of the holistic deputy. Invariably, the deputy gives us collusive reasons why mainstream medicine is hopeless. Their incessant moaning is enough to capsize an oil tanker.

Adding to the pile, many people are out of touch with the times. We are forced to endure old lines such as, “Doctors make huge amounts of money!” Pathetic. The reality is that doctors have suffered sizeable cuts in income due to managed care. In view of the massive 519

amounts of money spent on extensive years of training, and the demands that face them, the average doctor makes less than many other professionals. Although specialists might do well, people who believe that the average doctor rolls in dough are typically not in medicine.

At this point, we may ask ourselves, “From where do the life enhancing services flow?”

“Go after the cash. The productive, well-paid person takes care of business. While the fruits of hard work stack up, the petty moaner is left behind, seized in the grip of bureaucracy. The productive person follows the open market, and gets the job done, baby!”

Most of us are fond of being paid for our hard work. Doctors are the no different. No doctor is perfect; least of all is the all-natural, doctor detesting, health freeloader who claims to cure all on earth. Then again, cold hard cash drives the productive person to offer ever better products and services. 520

No matter what we do, mistakes are bound to happen, and cannot be banished altogether. To one degree or another, mistakes will upset us all. Regardless of our pursuit, though we try to do as much as we can to get rid of mistakes, mature adults know that mistakes are part of life, however unwelcome.

Despite mistakes, we must be vigilant as we can with our health. Granted, a few doctors blunder their way through medicine (as we will soon be reminded by the all-natural doctor detester). Still, because of their extensive training, doctors miss hidden conditions less often than the freeloaders ignorant of real world medicine.

In the rapidly advancing medical field, what has happened to us long ago does not show us what is to come. If we decide to forgo a consulting room visit when we ought to, we may be ignoring the scores of less invasive ways at the disposal of a doctor. An accurate diagnosis, telling us exactly what is going on 521

with us, can point to effective treatment.

“There is no better diagnosis on earth than that offered by modern medicine.”

Dr. Dean Edell

A person of reason will ignore the medical diagnoses of non-MD friends, plumbers, real estate agents, and go to a person with twelve to fifteen or more years of real world medical experience.

Relapsing to wasted, alarmist thought, a person of irrational fear will jump straight to extreme scenarios:

“With their doom and gloom, those damn doctors are a waste of time. Why should I go to them? What will they do, except perform useless treatments, surgery, or prescribe nasty drugs?



I am furious that allopathic doctors cannot understand why people turn to alternative methods of healing. I had sore knee that doctors could not help. Just like scientists,

doctors are unfeeling, clinical, stubborn, and lack the human touch that we crave. They are unwilling to listen to holistic ideas, and act like they have all the answers. After going to one doctor after the next, all I got was the same, dull advice, over and over again. Finally, I went to a psychic surgeon, who ran his hands over me, and said that I had poor orgasmic function. He gave me an all-natural product called Piledriver, and a series of private sessions. Now, my knee feels great.


When people use emotional, faith-based claims without proof, they are not to be taken seriously. Rather than build a case, closing one‟s eyes to the millions of people who have been ripped-off by alternative medicine, with the same kind of faulty logic that is the


standard of health swingers everywhere, the person of reason looks for scientifically controlled, double blind proof that something works.

The real issue is that human beings are bound to screw up. Still, just because flaws exist in all people, in every profession, and in nature itself, does not mean that sorcery offers anything real.

Before seeking vital services, we must be aware of the imperfect nature of life. From time to time people will be hurt by the practice of medicine. Even so, we would be foaming at the mouth if a dear one were harmed by a medical mishap. Medical errors can be awful, and our sympathy extends to anyone harmed at some stage in treatment. Our sympathy is also extended to the doctors and medical staff that slip up.

Although any one of us is apt to make a horrible error while at work, does that mean that we must not take the risk of working?


What would happen if we were to, fully sober, make a mistake while driving our car? Suppose our mistake cost a life or limb? Are we to be dragged from our car to face lethal injection? If an involuntary mistake is made, is a doctor to surrender their nest egg, or be caned? We would be infantile to expect the day to come when human error is ended.

Doctors and nurses have done stupid things. Wrong drugs have been given, administered at wrong doses, or to the wrong patients. Reading a chart wrong, a doctor may operate on the wrong limb. Patients have wound up with organ damage, brain damage, or left comatose. In the best of circumstances, a doctor can suffer the loss of a patient.

Because a well-meaning doctor has a bad outcome, should we consider dismantling the medical profession? Should a mistaken doctor be forced to surrender their house? Must we put them out of their misery with a lethal injection?


Without a doubt, the doctor who is not insane would be appalled if a patient is permanently hurt by their practice. To be in error, and cause lasting damage, is horrible.

Most of the time, justice, and the workings of a free market, will hold a bad doctor accountable. If a doctor disregards proper procedure, and harms a patient, they will be sued. Many lawyers are eager to haul an inept doctor over the coals in the courtroom.

For negligence, malpractice insurance and the legal system go into action, and courts attempt to dispense justice. Even so, malpractice law is out of control, and needs reform. When competent doctors are hounded from medicine, we are all put in danger. To curb frivolous lawsuits against competent doctors and others, most of the developed world has adopted a “loser pays” system as a standard in tort law. In addition, a progressive model encourages the whistle-blowing doctor to speak out against an inept colleague.


Even when the system works, financial compensation does not restore an eye, a limb, or a human life. A semblance of justice in a tragic situation, we go after monetary damages merely as a symbol.

Because prospective medical students are exposed to a high rate of lawsuits, the practice of medicine is scary. A person that is smart enough to get through medical school must have the talent to do many other things. Students can easily quit medical school, sign on for other lines of work, and build an income rapidly. With many years not devoted to getting the needed skill, they can command salaries greater than those paid by an HMO.

In light of all the problems and legal issues that doctors are forced to endure, we must ask ourselves a central question:

“Although medical mistakes are dreadful, would we be better off if we had no one to take on the work of a doctor? Because the medical system is far from perfect, does this mean that 527

we should turn to the local chiropuncturist?”

We need to grow up and understand that, even in the best conditions, with the most painstaking safeguards possible, medical mistakes will happen. Were we to bitterly demand that doctors be sent to jail for unusual errors, disastrous consequences would be certain; we would send shockwaves through an already strained system. We would chase people away from an undermanned profession.

Although the consequence of a massive legal assault on the medical system is easy to predict, students still line up to resign prime years of their lives in medical school. Studying hard, a medical student must do without the normal enjoyments of a young person. While they are in class, friends are out celebrating. With premedicine, medical school, residency, and early practice, the sacrifice of a medical student must be endured for years.

When a medical student finally becomes a 528

doctor, a large patient load and heavy assignments arise. Along with good patients, the doctor must work with adult babies expecting to live in a perfect world. After hard work for hours on end, day after day, the exhausted doctor returns to where they left off.

Difficult as it is, the essence of medicine is to care for our health. An unfortunate fact of life, we must have highly skilled people to turn to in situations of need, sometimes when our lives are on the line, which is distinct from technicians fixing our computers. Again and again, we must remind ourselves that, no matter what brought us to the office of a doctor in the first place, the doctor was not the original cause. Although the discipline of medicine deals with the health of our bodies and minds, the doctor is not like Superman facing a crisis.

How To Become A Medical Whiner

While some people have every right to cry about 529

their medical fate, others whine over the little things. Affluent societies, comprised of the most litigious people on earth, have the chance to change the tears of a complainer into the grin of the spectacular.

To aspire to the barefaced rank of a medical whiner, we must start with relentless or strong enough symptoms that force us to seek medical help. In the midst of receiving help, a whiner changes their focus; they twist things around, and start the blame game. Although our bodies often get sick through the fault of no one, the whiner must hold the doctor responsible.

In no way is a prospective medical whiner to balance praise with grievance. The whiner must make extreme, far-flung statements like:

“Because of that doctor, my hemorrhoids feel like a six thousand amp whipcord ripping into my flesh!”

“Every year millions of people are diabolically liquidated at the hands of wicked doctors.” 530

Without saying a word about why a prospective health whiner seeks medical services to begin with, they must talk of things such as “iatrogenic” or physician-induced disease. A whiner must seize every chance possible to speak ill of doctors and staff. A whiner is expected to use plenty of classic alarmist words, such as “butcher” “bungler,” and “pill slinger.”

The prospective medical whiner is not to be sympathetic toward a doctor whatsoever. When acting on the premise that doctors are united in a brotherhood, hell-bent on foisting needless surgery on us, we reinforce our status as a medical whiner.

A whiner must not mention that, due to the glut of hungry lawyers and reporters waiting for them to screw up, no sane doctor in the world would purposely hurt a patient.

The medical whiner is seen in a superbly miserable light when considering that, had a 531

doctor not saved a parent or grandparent, many whiners would not be alive to whine. Likewise, the whiner must not entertain talk about the countless medical rescues. In its place, the whiner must eagerly attack those rare voices of conscience that stick up for honest and careful doctors.


When we look at the glut of ungrateful chumps swarming our world, we get the sense that our ancestors must have been much tougher. That unthankful chumps could keep up with our pioneer ancestors is doubtful.

Once we are recognized as a fully-fledged medical whiner, we are eligible to compete, to take home the despicable Health Weasel Certificate Of Infamy. The certificate allows us to whine much louder. If we take it home, we can publicly pass false judgments on essential medical practices.

For a health weasel to hit the big time, they 532

must cross the line by panicking people about toxic things that are, in reality, safe. Making up scare stories about fluoride, aspartame, dental amalgam, and power lines should do the trick.

“Because of the huge fluoride industry, millions of children and adults are afflicted by lupus, Parkinson‟s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

“Widely used as an artificial sweetener, aspartame is the secret scourge behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mental illness, and autism.”

“Mercury in amalgam dental fillings is the cause of cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.”

“Electricity from power lines poses a major, invisible danger to public health, leading to leukemia, lymphoma, and breast cancer.”

The most egregious health weasel grasps at the lies of an enormous panic machine. In leading 533

the public astray, the weasel must radically pervert medical facts, and callously frighten the public away from that which frees them from the insidious scourges of the past.

Health weasels, living a highly coddled existence in developed countries, must take their good fortune for granted. The weasel must not come clean about their privileged status, as compared with most of the world.

The weasel must ignore how dreadful, invasive diseases no longer ravage society. To earn the Certificate Of Infamy, the weasel must say nothing of how cruel epidemics, that robbed millions of the chance for life, have vanished. To explain why terrible diseases such as diphtheria, pertussis, and polio are seldom seen in countries that use vaccines, the weasel is forced to dream up outlandish lies.

The health weasel will not discuss how the sight of a baby dying from diphtheria has not met their horrified gaze. The weasel has never been in an environment where people by the 534

thousands drew their last breaths from smallpox.

In point of fact, seventy million people died in the Influenza Pandemic of Nineteen-Eighteen. The great pandemic confirmed our fondness for irrational blame:

The flu is one of the most lethal enemies to face humanity, and can produce a fever that cooks the brain. While we may think of it as harmless, influenza is not only highly contagious; it quickly evolves, and jumps from species to species.

Although influenza puzzled the doctors of Nineteen-Eighteen, their victories were plenty. With its ability to subdue diseases ranging from anthrax to smallpox, people were lulled by the marvels of medicine.

When the pandemic started to take many lives, people imagined that devilish forces were at work. One wild theory said that flu victims had breathed noxious gases formed during the World 535

War I, by a blend of shell bursts and rotten corpses. Rumors had spread that German agents were growing influenza viruses all through the landscape. Other people blamed canine distemper virus, bad air, and stagnate water as possible causes.

Ignoring the rhetoric of the health weasel, we eradicated the pandemics of years past with vaccines. In the face of invented, doctorengineered acts of murder, quality of life has mushroomed.

The health weasel will seldom admit that a comfy existence has multiplied greatly thanks to science and medicine. In fact, the weasel is confused by science, and is in a huff over anything beyond a quick fix.

Armies of congenital weasels, who detest authority, threaten to overwhelm developed societies. The clueless weasel concocts reasons to complain anywhere, about anything, and to anyone that will listen. To add outrage to insult, the weasel conveniently pretends to be 536

above reproach.

The weasel refuses to face the reality of medicine, that it is an art as much as a science. Before figuring out what to do, symptoms may demand an in-depth investigation. Often, doors must be knocked on, and time must pass, before a syndrome rears its ugly head. Now and again, specialists must be consulted before solutions emerge. All the same, the weasel immediately sees a medical snag as a chance to bash competent doctors.

Health Weasel Practice Drill

Circus time begins with an ailment that drives the health weasel to look for medical help - a condition that doctors had no part in creating.

While ignoring the fact that a personal health defect caused the problem, the health weasel must hold the feet of the doctor to the fire, as if the doctor fashioned the illness of the weasel.


Latching on to the hysterical jargon popular with champions of holistic romance, the health weasel must make across-the-board verdicts. The weasel must not offer solutions to manufactured complaints, and must overlook the fact that no rational doctor would purposely hurt a patient.

That‟s all there is to it. Keep practicing, and we will soon clobber the world with even more fully-fledged health weasels.

The health weasel cites completely fictional, idyllic stories of traditional peoples enjoying incredible life spans, as they lived in Happy Valley thousands of years ago. The truth is that people of that era were lucky to make it to thirty years of age.

Sadly, defenders of honest and meticulous doctors are few. Even so, out of respect for current and past valiant medical pioneers that came before us, people of conscience erect mental monuments to these benefactors of humanity.


Mainstream Pushers

In search of medical shenanigans to gripe about, people that want the lawmakers to go into action and ban all they find objectionable, are offered a genuine gripe: Get the pharmaceutical pushers off the backs of doctors and medical personnel.

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to develop a drug. After that, they push products through ads, samples, thingamajigs, and free meals on doctors. The sales reps of a pharmaceutical company will bring in a supply of free snacks for staff, topping it off with an extravagant restaurant excursion for the doctor. Inviting them to the finest places in town, the doctor listens to a presentation during a meal, or talks with a drug rep.

Pharmaceutical reps are paid handsomely to linger around in medical offices, waiting for a chance to spring the newest products. In carrying out their tasks, an expert rep can 539

earn big money. Tens of thousands of reps are in the field.

In medical school, to decide what drugs best treat a given disease, students are taught to hold to objective criteria. Nonetheless, despite the lessons learned in school, pharmaceutical companies work hard to sway prescription guidelines once the student becomes a doctor. The doctor is offered payment for each patient that receives a free drug sample.

Many doctors say that free trips to exotic resorts, script pads, pens, coffee mugs, calendars, and so on, do not influence their medical decisions. Even so, were the tactics of a drug rep to be unproductive, why would drug companies spend massive amounts of money on them?

If we study the methods of drug reps, we see that their efforts do influence prescription patterns. Were a doctor to be ethical enough not to let drug reps hassle them, an insurance 540

company or HMO might undermine the doctor anyway, given the huge cash deals that are struck. Moreover, patients see drugs ads, and request that a doctor prescribe them even against their better judgment.

Like the lapses of the medical establishment, the poor judgment of a few drug companies incites the health swinger to make their case. That medical establishment graft bolsters the worth of alternative medicine is a ridiculous argument. Nonetheless, it is among the best arguments that the swinger can muster.

In spite of this, key questions remain:

Why do we need the prescription system anyway?

Why do we need a prospective doctor to go to medical school?

Why do we bother to even license a doctor?

If they want to, why not let anyone become a voodoo witch doctor? 541

Will taking away the middleman/doctor stop drug company exploitation?

Do we have the right to universal over-thecounter drugs?

From a laissez-faire standpoint, we can make a case for an ultra-libertarian medical policy. In the end, many people would inadvertently poison themselves.

If drugs are the best treatment for us, we must see to it that doctors pick the best. Choosing them must be based on data instead of dollars. The judgment of a doctor must not be disturbed.

Scientific Passion

In the beginning, the light of science dawned slowly. Many centuries later, it grew brighter. At this moment, we see advances in every sphere shatter the status quo. Still, we remember the poor dears living in the drab times of a century past… 542

Tomorrow‟s Writer

Sadly, most people are scarcely thankful for the treasure that science has bestowed. While the minority scales its lofty heights, the majority submits to the absurd.

In respect of the tremendous new realms of scientific discovery, and what is yet to be discovered, the mystic has disdain. Scientific knowledge is swapped for faith, hope, belief, devotion, and unearthly discernment, all flaunted as the easy route to fulfillment. Without them, we are said to be forlorn.

All through our long, slow climb past crude stages of mental development, we would talk to stone idols. Having no idea of transistors or integrated circuits, we could imagine such things only in the realm of magic.

Our progress in the life sciences, highperformance computers, space exploration, and nanotechnology has swiftly rendered many fields 543

of knowledge obsolete.

In the new millennium, the winds of scientific progress have grown to gale force. Thanks to forward-thinking scientists, we see the birth of countless fields with huge potential. With many fields still taking shape, we marvel at the breadth of benevolent scientific change. What we have already discovered about ourselves, and about how nature works, energizes the thoughtful person.

Since the dawn of history, ever-brighter vistas come before our eyes faster than ever conceived. To arrive at the science of the present, many centuries have passed. Set against our earlier progress, we sailed past the invention of the light bulb quickly. Now, we find ourselves blown away by laser light shows. With methods lent from other fields of science, new fields have begun to roar. Behind every sphere of discovery, new doors are unlocked. As we learn more, new questions arise, leaving us with an unbroken chain of new theories to track. We are left to wonder about 544

the great prospects still ahead.

The future of humanity is filled with promise. We live in an extraordinary time.

By the time our children have grown up, where will we be? Where science will take us is difficult to foresee. At our present pace, scientists speculate what will be in the next few decades.

In exercising the power of scientific passion, the possibilities are endless. Soon, the internal combustion engine, queues to buy products, and the computers of today will be outdated. The entry of computers into every facet of our lives will bring tiny chips to our aid. The technology that we will possess in a century will be several tiers above our present grasp. The ability to serendipitously unravel the mysteries of our world, gives us ways to go anywhere that scientific laws permit.

Casually, the insipid person harvests the fruit of battles already won. With a small price on 545

scientific passion, the insipid take their good fortune for granted. Better access to nutritious food, better shelter, medicine, and an overall life mean little. Nonetheless, to disparage science, while drawing on its progress, is hypocritical in the extreme.

Victors in the fight to survive, the bitter struggle for better methods of transport and communication has waned. Together with this, we have outgrown a few of our medieval visions, and a few people have gained a bit of scientific insight. Still, superstition clings doggedly to our modern world. As magical thinking continues with its variety show, the rational person is left scarcely amused.

“Superstitions typically involve seeing order where in fact there is none, and denial amounts to rejecting evidence of regularities, sometimes even ones that are staring us in the face.”

Murray Gell-Mann


For years to come, superstition is sure to thrive. The magic pilgrim will continue to focus on cosmic double-talk, pseudoscience, and health hokum. As the pilgrim lacks meaningful gratitude for science, except as a way to promote their scrap, they discount science as the way to shed light on diverse mysteries.

The anti-scientist has lost their ability to get through life free of superstition. As we accept flaky ideas as fact, we are left with a half-baked understanding of the marvels of life, left to fill in the gaps with pleasantsounding fiction.

The fairy-tale salesperson and their devotees cannot be bothered with technical and medical studies. As science is offered as a rational substitute for mystic holistic hallucinations, fairy-tale salespeople see it as wicked. At odds with responsible scientists, all-natural and supernatural mythmakers are exiled from the World of Rationality.

Superstition has failed to rid the world of 547

ancient plagues. Mysticism does not fly us from one part of the world to the other. Knowledge, reason, objective thinking, education, technological discovery, and responsible scientists, have accomplished all these things. Without solving anything, superstition has only caused problems.

Selling fairy-tales and health pornography to the intellectually loose, the mystic holistic pusher blatantly shirks their duty to offer scientific proof. Will the intellectually loose allow the "dark side - the tragic side of science," disprove what they know in their hearts? Although the senses deceive us, we still put our faith in them. Without a bit of proof, we trust our ears, and accept what is said to be absolute truth by the mythmeister.

Careless acceptance of what the senses reveal is the course for most people. To avoid being fooled by our senses, we need clear rules on what makes up believable proof.

Indifferent to the many gifts of science, a 548

clueless majority does not seek scientific havens. As blind faith is endemic, our flight from scientific responsibility is a dagger in our back.

Because of our scientific apathy, many of us cannot pass a third grade science quiz. Our imagination is fed by this scientific ignorance, giving rise to apocalyptic thoughts and doomsday programs. Our blindness finds the vortex palmistry reader having a hoedown of wild proportion on a talk show.

Our apathy has its roots in the very beginnings of science, and in the teaching of it to young people. Responsible scientists express outrage at what has happened to science education. Because of our meager educational standards, we have set ourselves up to look ridiculous to people that do well in science schooling.

In such a magnificent era, dimwits are unmoved by the vibrant power of life. As the majority of us rapidly grow dismal in scientific thinking, every day that passes we become more 549

so. Embroiled in unanswerable, useless debates, a clueless majority is the butt of many jokes. Because the clueless fail to teach their children the basics of science, they are mortified if a mirror breaks, afraid to walk under a ladder, handicapped in a world that increasingly depends on science.

In spite of this, we can barely conceive at what stage biotechnology will be. In the years ahead, stem cell technology will transform the treatment of our most deadly diseases. In time, damaged spinal cords will be restored. To substitute diseased organs, new organs will be grown. One day, we will have infinitesimally small machines, carrying medicine right to diseased cells.

Currently being combusted into our atmosphere, oil supplies will be much more valuable to us in the future. The manufacture of a wide range of vital products (medicines, plastics, packaging materials, fibers, paints, and so on) is dependent on sustained petroleum reserves. Soon, long-awaited energy sources will 550

supersede our need to use precious petroleum resources at the current rate.

As we witness astounding growth in medicine, electronics, micro-miniaturization, and composite materials, enhancing the quality of our lives, we use the power of science to break much of the cruelty of the natural world.

Although lots of people do not care to know what is real and what is illusory, members of the Society want the facts. In negotiating reality, we are grateful to find that science is our best friend.

At an astonishing rate, science changes a worthy theory into a victory. Nonetheless, in the face of life in the most brilliant era ever recorded, a clueless majority is scientifically comatose. The clueless do not have the inner passion to muster even a bit of gratitude for science.

Even worse, the clueless insist on a blend of science and childish notions, causing them to 551

grasp at lifeless charades. Because they lack a basic grasp of scientific wonder, the clueless look to superstitious theories of health and cosmology.

Countless theories are broadcast, claiming to be a map for successful action, or account for some aspect of reality. While a few theories are more accurate, no theory is perfect.

A notable theory is wiped out by a lone error. If a theory fails to predict the newest findings, it will be modified, or a new theory will be constructed in due course. The new theory will try to include the same observations as the old theory, or dislodge the older theory altogether with new conclusions.

In the light of unchanging universal scientific fact, a good scientific theory closely estimates reality. The general theory of relativity proposed early in the Twentieth Century by Albert Einstein is one example; it ultimately predicted astrophysical research.


Sadly, a theory based on highly objective data is seldom popular, while an outlandish theory is often wildly popular. Quoting skewed research to strengthen their case, the advocate of an outlandish theory is challenged by scientists wielding well-established data.

Fashionable or not, who decides if a theory is correct?

In actuality, no one person is the final arbiter. Reality is the ultimate authority.

Anyone guided by a controlled, objective process can seek out facts, and learn whether a theory is a valid. Scientists, willing to take the time, and apply the mental effort, are best equipped to judge a theory.

Only the most derelict new age emergence reader will issue brainless statements such as, “Science, medicine, and technology do not have all the answers,” as if this is a revelation. True, though based on the best information that we have, science is not without faults. Science 553

has not answered all of our questions. In fact, nothing will.

By the way, what is perfect in our world?

Because no one can give perfect answers, we need the clearest ideas we can muster. With science to guide us, we refer to what has happened before, and what is already known.

Too often, we forget how the technological revolution slowly grew from the dregs of medieval misery. Although not sold on mysticism, many of us are not convinced by science either. Erroneously, we believe that, because science has its own traditions, scientific freedom is not possible.

In the Dark Ages, a reason for good and bad luck was of great concern. Then again, people of reason believed that, through scientific instruction and cultivation, we could be freed from medieval concerns. They had hoped that science could change the false ideas of the day. The horror of superstition, they thought, 554

while haunting us throughout the ages, might give way to reform. People of reason brought sanity to bear by using science to reform the customs of the day, and shape a lasting power.

The scientific revolution gave Western civilization a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world. While scientific victories have given us a multitude of fabulous gifts, science now has its back to the wall. Instead of scientific gratitude, we scorn the historical struggle, and are unable to kiss medieval thought goodbye.

In modern technological societies, we see that intelligent people rejoice - they are filled with scientific gratitude. They value technology, and are thankful for what they have. As well, they understand the need to bone up on their tech smarts.

The loudest contempt of science comes from ingrates people who are not, and have never been, in need. For an ingrate, prolonged visits to impoverished countries would fail to open 555

their eyes. Growing into idealistic crybabies with soiled diapers, that science has freed the ingrate from the fight to survive is disregarded.

A tiny few of us are exceptionally grateful for science and technology. We are grateful for our heaters, air conditioners, computers and telephones. We feel that the hot and cold running water deal is slick. We value modern medical and dental progress, there to avail ourselves of if we have the need. We are awed by computer graphics. With its plethora of goodies, we know that we are better off in a modern society.

Then again, we have Rwanda; a country where people walk around emaciated, dying at a young age from uncontrolled diarrhea.

In gratitude to science and technology, we enjoy flights across the ocean as we sip a drink and watch a movie. We gaze outside our aircraft, and notice that no mysterious cosmic energy gives power to our flight. 556

Lack of gratitude for science goes along with an absence of inner growth. Many people have lost the sheer joy of life in a new millennium. The years become tedious to individuals that lose touch with the scientific pleasures of life. Although nature has endowed human beings with powerful, intelligent brains, countless people choose to pack their neurons with malarkey instead of scientific inspiration.

To study science does not feel good to a clueless majority; for them, there is too much effort in learning. In contrast, members of the Anti-Deception Society find knowledge of science to be exciting. The universe is much more amazing than what is written in cosmic claptrap books. Only the mentally challenged believe that mysticism is more enjoyable than science.

As we intentionally stir the mental pot in scientific ways, we examine the rich legacy of literature left to us by earlier giants of science, and regain our perspective. In 557

contrast, dimwits spend time watching re-runs, emailing stupid jokes to friends, and so on. Petty power struggles with ambiguous space cases are a sign of spinning our tires in the mire. Hardly the ideal place to realize the good life, Nullsville beckons, and we open to the wiles of master manipulators.

The Serendipity of Science

A mix of calculated thought, creativity, and coincidence, scientific serendipity drives us ahead. Through it, we discover, and take advantage of, the remarkable possibilities for a better society. Later, it becomes clear that we have only gained a hint of what remains to discover.

Different minds with a sole thought misread the future, foretold few instances of earthshattering events, and acted on it. Casting valuable resources to the winds, their blunders caused them to go down blind alleys. The predictions of futurists were plagued by persistent inaccuracy. As a rule, their 558

predictions were wide of the mark.

Under the influence of serendipity, right-angle turns and surprising twists cause futurists to get a false sense of the unforeseen nature of science.

Many forecasters have tried to predict future technology, only to be thwarted by serendipity. Looking at the tools of our time gives feeble insight about future technology. In ways never thought of, the world of science launches new ways to fabricate and apply technology.

Still, looking at probable scientific trends can inspire us. We can amuse ourselves by how slight our past knowledge was – knowledge that will appear all the more slight tomorrow.

Rational curiosity leads to great science - a genius founded on questions and study in a step-by-step manner. To improve the ability to predict results, a systematic search for knowledge finds what works and what does not.


The sterling grade of scientific knowledge starts with the experimental method. The physical sciences such as astronomy, physics, geology, and chemistry, carry out controlled experiments. After the collection of data, associations and inferences are made. Sciences such as archeology, anthropology, and so on, collect information by observation or interrogation.

Familiar to all science is the use of the hypothesis to clarify collected data and observations. A finding is then presented to validate or discard. The results are published in professional journals. As more studies are carried out, researchers evaluate performance in the field, and trends are revealed.

In stark contrast to the sterling grade of scientific knowledge, is the burlesque of a seminar offered to the perpetrator of alternative and complementary medicine. If we sit through such a seminar, we become firsthand witnesses of the holistic standard of knowledge. A lecturer will make statements such 560

as, “This _______ treats _______.” True to the alternative spirit, those in attendance jot down the information without further ado. Most attendees fully accept to what is said. During the break, alternative medicine standards are shown for all to see. Perpetrators keep one another abreast of the most pathetic tips and tricks of the trade. After the seminar, the perps return to their treatment centers to experiment on clients.

The most entertaining seminars are interdisciplinary, mixing mainstream doctors with alternative medicine perps. With decades of education and clinical experience behind them, the reaction of doctors to a demonstration by someone with weird ideas, and no medical facts, is priceless.

Clearly, unlike people who value science, the typical alternative medicine perpetrator has no respect for objective evidence.

Without science, we regress to the time of witchdoctors, which, with enough faith, can 561

work wonders at making us believe that we are better.

Technological progress is a large part of the human legacy. Because humans have a native curiosity, there is no way to end the scientific quest. Because of the inquisitiveness of scientists, we cannot stop change and innovation. We cannot stop them from exploring the nature of existence.

Luckily, scientific curiosity can be satisfied through many different channels. Talented problem solvers use a snag to develop new solutions. Consequently, to set a body of knowledge in concrete remains difficult.

As does sex and food, the pleasure centers of the brain are activated by exploration, discovery, and pleasant surprises. More than previously thought, our brains are geared to respond positively to unpredicted discovery. An interest in pleasant surprises makes sense; paying attention to unusual situations is not only important in science, it is vital to the 562

survival of our species.

Imagine how the world would be today if the Church had stepped in to prevent Edison from his research into the “evil light bulb.” With adverse legislation, the action of bureaucratic bunglers amount to the same thing. Turning the lights out on scientific research makes the prospects of humanity grow ever dimmer.

Technological change threatens people who do not allow new vistas into their lives. Because of emergent bigotry toward science, clever studies that could give rise to major steps forward are blocked. Some legislators want to drive great breakthroughs under ground, and, in a few cases, from the realm.

Regardless of the barriers, the powerful force of serendipity drives our destiny. Throughout history, the need to solve problems, combined with unexpected events, bringing great discoveries into being. The essence of scientific serendipity is to take hold of the unforeseen, and turn it into an opportunity to 563


Serendipitous events take place all around us. We might start a journey with a plan in our minds and, in the midst of it all, meet someone who takes us off on a delightful adventure.

Along with the pleasant experiences, unfulfilled expectations can rule our lives. Regardless of the unforeseen costs, we believe that the hunt for unlikely dreams fulfill us. Being too narrow in our goals, being absorbed by our dreams often leads to disappointment.

As we all have similar, yet different, internal wiring, unpredictable events produce diverse neural responses in us. Although we might thrive on order and routine, other people delight in the impulsive. Off-road activity gives more of a charge to people who crave twists and turns. Others prefer a smooth road.

A love of serendipity goes hand in hand with the power of play. Although not all of us understand the good sense of play, comedic 564

ventures clearly have great value to millions.

Although many people lack a basic sense of serendipity, the spirit of discovery is very much alive. Serendipitous curiosity does not always presume to end up with something valuable. That is why great science embodies the essence of unforeseen outcomes and unexpected turns. Luddites, people who are opposed to technological change, are unable to restrain the unforeseen aspect of discovery, are not fond of scientific serendipity. Scientists doing weird experiments on the earth, in our oceans, and in outer space, are felt to be a waste of time and money by a clueless majority. Nonetheless, they often turn out to have valuable commercial applications.

At the same time, a clueless majority asks science to perform the impossible - now. Scientists are expected to address water and air pollution, cure breast cancer and AIDS, and so on.

The clueless believe that to hurl funds at a 565

problem will solve it. In fact, pouring billions of dollars to counter problems seldom works out. Tough societal troubles, cures for diseases, and scientific breakthroughs do not come from economic efforts alone.

Scientific Responsibility

"Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face usand we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along."

Carl Sagan

By insisting on hard evidence, we learn to discern crap from crapola. Before granting a ounce of weight to a theory, we must seek objective facts. Until proved to be true, a theory is not a fact. 566

Although failing to be precise, mythmakers have us swallowing countless disconnected ideas. For most, the call to challenge authority and demand proof is out of the question. Few of us were taught basic ways of using logic to spot deception. In light of this, the goal of the Anti-Deception Society remains the same. To arm us with basic tools, and protect us from an array of all-natural and supernatural con jobs, the Society labors on.

In the Dark Ages, people had a reason to be ignorant. Not much was known about our bodies or the universe. Today, set against what science has discovered and what the typical person knows, we live in a new Dark Age.

More and more, under the curse of imaginary beliefs, we support bloodsuckers that move us back to mythic times. Merely for a quick breather from our neurosis, we gladly embrace their teachings. Through bizarre health products and magical paths of glory, the bloodsuckers draw us away from science. 567

For many reasons, nonsensical beliefs are more common than ever, and reign supreme. In any case, our job is not to force stubborn people to catch up with modern times. If they are heavily into “alternative realities” and “universal life energy,” we have little choice but accept their faith.

As in the “holy roller” experience, gatherings that include intense prayer, chanting, meditation, music and wild dance, bring on a kind of stress. In these events, fervent believers describe waves of spiritual energy moving through them. A sense of flowing energy is simply the result of a release of tension, which causes changes in blood flow. With a strong will to believe, the events are even more vivid. Likewise, when we stand up too fast after laying down for a while, we sometimes get a head rush due to changes in blood pressure; a similar thing happens in mystical communion. Although a surge of “spiritual” energy feels good to the mystic, they do not consider the effect of the festivities on the body. In its 568

place, the mystic points to supernatural causes. With so little known about physiology, a rational account is beyond them. As a result, supernatural leaders profit from this lack of medical understanding.

In training, most athletes have felt a rush or “runner‟s high.” By pushing the body to its limits, they feel juiced up. In dumping adrenaline in the system, they get strange mental reactions like a mild, short-lived hit of LSD - not a big mystery.

In the end, we live in a fiercely anti-rational society. Because of our desire for magic, we overlook the call to learn to identify facts, and draw reasonable conclusions from them. Consequently, we have become intellectually shameless.

“Although studies vary in quality, the alternative to well-controlled research, published in top-rated professional journals, is opinion, anecdote, and wishful thinking.”


Although people can make sense of little things, few know how to make sense of the big issues of life:

To show the quandary of mental lewdness, consider the example of someone claiming that baking soda can cure liver disease. How would we disprove the claim?

While it is highly doubtful that baking soda could cure liver disease, it is still faintly possible. In the absence of clear-cut research on the liver disease fighting properties of baking soda, the best we could do is logically show that the claim is highly doubtful. Still, we cannot prove the claim is false. Worse still, if all-natural ideas direct us, we will be taken in by the baking soda claim. We could blindly swallow anecdotes of baking soda hypemeisters, which say that everyone needs baking soda to detoxify their liver. On hearing this, we may buy a baking soda product at our local health food store. If we have liver problems, we might cancel our appointment with our gastro-intestinal doctor, thinking that a 570

baking soda product will cure us.

The more we accept the anecdotes of hypemeisters, the more we depart from reality. With a lack of objective thought, we support new age snake oil and age-old trickery in droves. If we are mutton headed, and breathe in enough hot air to be harmed, there comes a time where society must leave us to our own devices. With the responsibility to check things out blowing in the wind, a few of us will wind up with the intrinsic happiness of life stolen.

For anyone, a passion for living is one of their greatest assets. For those of us that cannot discover passion on our own, someone will claim to show us how to build one. The collection of destructive, self-transformation schemes is beyond belief.

With little inner passion and zest for life, our yen for magical fixes wears away at what little rational philosophical base we may have, and points us to a magnetic personality who claims to “unlock our true self.” [Saying that 571

they can help us work out our problems, groups that offer seminars may impress us enough to join.

Passion for living may be nearly impossible for many of us to achieve, whether we join a group or not. Though we have every amenity in the world, our sorry attitude will persist. In the midst of good fortune, our philosophical cancer can cause us to see only darkness. Devoid of life wisdom, the years are rough on us, and we are apt to remind all within an earshot of our age, time and again.

Only a few of us have the requirements for membership in the Anti-Deception Society. To be partnered with it, and base our lives on reason, makes the self-help lures of the holistic mystic be seen for what they are: a bizarre waste of our valuable time.

Much of our ill fortune stems from the false ideas that we accept. We might buy into the sales pitch of a human potential group that says we deserve the best in life. Despite what 572

they say, such groups fail to help us develop the inner passion we do not already have. Inner passion and life wisdom are not bestowed by joining a group; they are developed the traditional way – through experience and learning.

To be protected from the scams of the schlep help set, to stop taking the bait of personal growth zombies and dumb support groups, we must consider the main reason for living: to joyfully love and flourish - without a spate of bull. We stop our search for that which magically transforms us, and realize that wisdom does not come from positive thinking or mental gibberish; it comes from our biological nature. The biological plan for human beings is to gain love, useful knowledge, personal enrichment, and rational pleasure.

Through productive work, through the wisdom that comes from life experience, and by steering clear of psychobabble, we have the chance to become rich sources of value. The more we experience our life, if we arrive at 573

real one, the more no-nonsense savvy we can gather. Freedom from the belief that groups can offer fulfillment, can enrich the quality of our lives.

In a non-mystical, productive existence, our life is enriched. As we eliminate the impotent jargon that used to grip us, our appetite for aliveness expands. For pure satisfaction, the wisdom that comes with living pays us far more dividends than one-dimensional bits of popwisdom.

The seller of specious group enlightenment has a choice; they can come clean, or take a class in auto body repair.

As an enhancement to material success, the superiority of great heart must be known. Lying outside the realm of our income, constructive values, inner passion, scientific understanding, and life wisdom are the gold standards of genuine wealth. Through wisdom attained by living, individuals of lesser income can be among the wealthiest people on 574

earth. In the face of modest financial resources, the riches of life wisdom give us the chance to earn extreme happiness.

Although we may have amassed wisdom from life experience, surprisingly few of us give free rein to it. Then again, if we choose to keep on growing, our mental growth will not stop.

To know that we can amass our biggest mental gains in the middle of life, and beyond, may give us great solace. After all, what use is wealth or added age without inner growth?

If we feel anxious and downcast, we may lack the resolve to think objectively. As we face pain from family problems, illness, financial hurdles, and work squeezes, if the pressure of life smashes our sense of security, our persistent low mood might make us defenseless against the message of the mystic. With our spirit broken, awe-inspiring tales appear pleasant. Because we feel disfranchised, we are ready to take part in a special bond with cosmic automatons. 575

The promise of “transcending material reality,” only serves to make our problem worse, as though we are not living up to our faith. Those with imagined answers to the most enduring questions of life, sense the opportunity to come out of the woodwork and pounce.

False hope is more attractive to people who have not stockpiled a good deal of scientific insight. The same goes for people who have a life that works: they will not be interested in what the founder of sauna yoga unlimited has to say.

To become members of the Anti-Deception Society, we need to accurately distinguish reality from illusion. We may be under the false belief that academic skill, high income, lofty achievements, and copious possessions are essential to happiness. In reality, they take on significance only if we command great knowledge of life. Happiness is not decided by how intelligent we are. To be happy, we must learn to apply our smarts in realistic ways. 576

Life wisdom is the key to genuine happiness. Life wisdom is not based on the typical “we can do anything if we believe” baloney. Life wisdom does not come in a pill; it cannot be retailed to us. If we are caught up in “mind over matter” rubbish, we may not have inner passion to begin with. Even if not bogged down by superstitious double-talk, we may not rouse inner passion if we are not clear what our most important values are. If overwhelmed with anxiety, single-bullet solutions are more apt to hold our interest. If our desires are not satisfied, the peddlers of false grandeur might turn up en masse. If we have built a balanced life, prophets of false solutions will not lure us on their next fishing expedition. To be philosophically mature, and own our lives, gives us great satisfaction. While most of us live a superficial life, only a few of us will get to the bottom of our mysticism, to be freed from the prison of our deep-seated fantasies. To open the door of life wisdom, we need a healthy sense of reality. Demanding self-honesty, we must first build life wisdom. For most, to point the mind away from the 577

superstitious is not easy. In living free of mysticism, we are sure to experience many birth pangs. To integrate our rational, emotional, and creative selves, a life free from mysticism will be difficult for us to accept. To move away from magical thought requires that we summon a science-oriented view of life. To see that we adhere to reason, integrity demands periodic self-evaluation. Through iron-grip intellectual power, we can go far past our expectations, past the lure of Aquarian Qigong.

If we become free of mysticism, the future may once again promise boundless possibilities. In rejecting fairy tales, we can more easily unleash inner passion.

To understand what is objectively right and wrong, we must first understand the principles of reality. Understanding reality grows from integrity. In turn, the courage to face our problems free of mysticism, builds a mind capable of mental growth. As we focus on the non-mystical meaning of our life, our goals will change. With a rational mind, we can 578

challenge our cherished, supernatural beliefs. To get a handle on superstitious fear, we learn to live from our biological essence. Freedom from superstitious fear breaks the shackles of invasive supernatural systems. As we rise above the appeal of unreality, we develop the courage to face facts. When we were younger, we were more resilient. Still, we were less focused. Foolishly, we took more burdens upon ourselves. As we matured, we had the chance to build life wisdom, and learn not to fritter away our time.

As we look back, we see that many things were difficult for us. With more experience, problems that had been so tough on us became child's play. We may find that the resilience we had early in our lives, left us as we got older. Nonetheless, because we are now more mentally skilled, we cope with challenges better. With clearer and more assertive communication, we establish and better manage important bonds. Through life wisdom, our mental powers are built. We realize that life is too brief for irrational fear and silliness. Why get hot and bothered over petty matters? 579

Why be concerned? Emotional maturity can come from changes that test us. By finding out how vulnerable we are, we understand how precious life is, and what is most important to us.

Research shows that, with smart choices, the rigors of life may not pound us as much. By exploring the rational, enjoyable pursuits, we walk a level road. Without intellectual and emotional growth, we become more vulnerable to agents of mass deception. If we fail to learn and grow, a myriad of cunning, mystic holistic politicos may move in for the kill. By our stupor, the scammers will be attracted. To have inner passion and a zest for discovery makes us less susceptible to the visions of professional deceivers.

Through self-induced mental decline, the quality of our lives is ravaged. The reasons for our mental demise are complex. Part and parcel of our downfall is that we buy into claptrap. The literature, showing a strong relationship between academic growth and health, is large. To promote a range of healthy 580

behavior, such as not smoking and having less children, education can teach us to move ahead in healthful ways, to seek out wise challenge.

The Good Life

To live the good life is to be deeply grateful for being in a free, workable society. To breathe the air of freedom is to be appreciative for all of the technological perks that make our lives comfortable.

The good life is founded on thanks for the fine things that most of us lose sight of. The freedom and scientific boons that we enjoy came from those that paid the price. Intelligent people hold close the heroes that fought for a better world.

While a few of us enjoy a decent standard of living, most of the world does not. In developed countries, we twist a valve and potable water is before us. We live in a time in which medical treatments and healthy lifestyles find us better off than ever before. 581

What a joy.

In contrast, we are most obnoxious when we grossly exaggerate the negative things happening in modern life. To believe that we live in an era of unprecedented crime is imaginary. While developed societies are not horribly dangerous, we blame drugs, music, violent movies, and a decline in morals for an unsafe world. We grumble about how our collective health is worse than ever.

Research shows us that, even if we swing from our genetic-endowed happiness set point, we will return to its original setting. Without needing to turn to a group of truth seekers or “human potential” maniacs, highly motivated people can raise the happiness set point. If our drive is strong, we can devise rational ways to aim for that which we truly take pleasure in. One way is by playing the part of a happy person, which eventually raises our set point. A step forward to inner passion can trigger new growth in us. By rising above our narrow worldview, and going beyond the least 582

needed to get by, we create inner passion and steer clear of trained liars. If we take a cruise, we see something encouraging; we meet many retired folks that enjoy the good life. Healthy, ambulatory seniors are apt to be more independent in lifestyle and outlook. Aware of the feelings of others, many seniors are more socially responsible, and better able to deal with problems. Healthy, ambulatory seniors are generally able to manage stress better than younger people. On the whole, healthy, ambulatory seniors know that life is to be grasped, cherished, and relished in the best possible way. Given a deception-free mind and decent genes, we can experience inner passion free of dependence on others. Each year, each decade is the best time of our lives. We must not allow the later years of our lives to be lived without passion.

Why would we want to peak early in our lives? When we were younger, we may have been in the limelight. In later years, we might let our prospects to slip away. The time has come to turn our backs on “think positive” slogans. To 583

live up to the human legacy, we must bolster ourselves with rational thought. By doing so, we welcome objective research that says the good old days are not in our teen years, or in our twenties. Studies show the odds are great that the best is not behind us. The good life lies ahead of us. Although there is a statistical chance that a bus could hit us or a serious illness could come our way, chances are that the best is yet to come.

If we fail to objectively track what is happening in the world, superstition, mass media focus on negativity, and pseudoscience will threaten to destroy the good life. As junk science misleads us and undermines our culture, we become suckers. The resultant dumb-down costs us a fortune, slows medical progress, causes us to venerate self-important phonies, join idiotic groups, and to put people behind bars that do not belong in prison. Our stupidity causes the export of new medical technology and scientific thought to other parts of the world. As it deceives us, causing our steps forward to be sluggish, trash science 584

does the same for society. To pass laws that hurt us all, legislators often bring trash science to bear. To create dumb programs and sensational news, the media often brings trash science into the foreground. To deceive juries and get massive settlements, lawyers often bring trash science into a courtroom. To woo special interest groups, politicians often bring trash science into play. To bring about political change, environmental radicals use trash science for their schemes. To make phony claims about their nostrums, health pimps bring trash science into the marketplace. To charge others with causing their plight, people with holistically contrived diseases use trash science to gain sympathy. With the abundance of trash science, our ability to think clearly is at stake.

Through an addiction to all-natural belief systems, the compulsive health swinger has a narrow ability to reason on many subjects. On that basis, the swinger harms their bodies with unhealthy diets, neck twisting, the needless removal of dental fillings, and so on. Flanking 585

the swinger, the cosmic automaton subscribes to the pseudoscientific basis of fairy tales.

Building our lives on reason, we welcome reality. The courage to turn our backs on highcontrast thinking brings immense meaning. In struggling to think our way through the convolutions of the world, by allowing grey areas to come through, we are not held back by cherished ideas.

As superstition and high-contrast thinking have won the minds of the masses, the masses have a hard time with low-contrast, grey-area thinking. On the contrary, realist people take diverse aspects into account, look at the broad conclusion of a subject, and form a more accurate picture.

Although most appear to be mystified, a few of us treasure scientific thought. We are grateful for the people who help to make the world a less piously cruel, more worthwhile place. We hold precious the evidence-based giants that warily examined the improbable. We are indebted 586

to the sacrifice of heroic, scientific thinkers that make our lives healthier. As we tackle the many challenges that loom in a global future, we must not forget that our forebears sacrificed much to rise above bleak existences, and enrich our lives.

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving...”

Albert Einstein

Freedom Odyssey

In the long, dark night in the Battle Of Gullibility, in the long fight for freedom, the steel-hardened radar of anti-deception is our best defense - the most valuable equipment at our disposal. Because they are poorly educated, people who say that our frontline deception fighters do not deserve the Medal of Freedom 587

undervalue freedom. Those with a poor education must review history.

From time to time, freedom will call us to fight the forces of mayhem and madness. We must fight for the right of people to have differing beliefs, as long as they help or harm only the believer. This is the way of free societies.

If someone is of a mind to surrender to offthe-wall hogwash that is legal, freedom dictates that they must be allowed to gather enough rope.

“You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free.”

Clarence Darrow

Because free societies are made up of immigrants, the children of Hindus, Muslims, atheists, Jews, and Christians are in their classrooms. While these children must be taught to turn away from superstitious aggression, 588

parents are free to teach religious or nonreligious beliefs in their homes.

As the benefits of science expand, many children will grow to leave their mystical lessons behind.

For children that cling to mystical lessons, the “give „em enough rope” concept comes into play. As long as the children of the righteous stay out of our faces about their beliefs, scientific thinkers are all for their freedom to attend a radionic drainage workshop.

For we who live in free societies, our circumstances must delight us to no end.

Despite our freedoms, difficulties are sure to arise. Freedom from mob rule is one thing that is not established without a fight. Also, the freedom to present lies incites childish people to pass laws that infringe political and economic freedom.

Reconstituted from the ashes of the dark past, 589

political and economic freedom does not bestow the coma of a utopia. Freedom does not live in a vacuum of perfection, and free societies are continuous works in progress. As mythmakers abuse the accountability that comes with freedom, we are drowned in rivers of deceptive material flowing forth. We are deluged with spam, junk faxes, cold calling telemarketers and brainless advertisements of all kind. Say nearly anything they want, the smutty health pimp benefits from the free rein of BS. People who hanker for self-delusion purchase enough offers to finance more promotional assaults. Individuals that pay cash for what the swindler sells, ensure job security for the swindler. More and more, we see that even educated people have climbed aboard the mass marketing machine. Our failure to discern the genuine from the hoax keeps us burdened by impostors. We must accept final responsibility for allowing our freedoms to be wasted.

To maintain a free society depends on the quality of our collective intelligence. Political and economic freedom does not save us 590

from us; we have the freedom to be senseless. Free people are allowed to build great values or become pompous do-gooders.

Sublime achievements are produced by liberty and self-determination. To the degree that we are free from superstition, the world is changed for the better. To be objective, scientific thinkers that value liberty is far more important than our political persuasion. If political power struggles become our top value, the clock of freedom may be turned back to the times of cruelty. The carnage of medieval theocracies is not that far behind us. Throughout the turbulent transition from medieval theocracy to science and reason, people were burned at the stake on the pretense of righteous causes. Today, freedom from the ravages of pious madmen is one of the most prized possessions enjoyed by free people.

In a free society, special interest groups thrive, each with an axe to grind. These groups are hostile to those that go against their grain, filing lawsuits against those who try to 591

interfere with their program. The challenge of free societies lies in how to deal with the flood of short-tempered biased groups. Ravenous for money, corrupt politicians, corporate lawyers, and lobbyists are in the business of spinning yarn. Campaign contributions are raised, and celebrities are prostituted. At times, a clueless majority casts votes against the armament of liberty.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and religious autonomy must be protected. Even so, as freedom allows us to speak our minds, accountability must be attached to it.

Although mystic holistic fraud must be stridently prosecuted, the Anti-Deception Society does not support heavy government repression. The political gutless wonder, having no clue of where to start, can call in the military – still, they can do little stop the spread of mystic holistic fraud, even if they were motivated to do so.

Although free people will at all times have 592

many problems to conquer, political and economic freedom offers the gift of learning from the past. In the end, are holistic mystics in charge of us? No. We are in charge of us. To discover what is real and what is not is our decision. We have the freedom to do the decent things that need to be done, or not.

The Mystery Of Existence

"The difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to that which is unknown."

Albert Einstein

If we were to look in the skies, and find a great supernatural entity dealing out divine edicts throughout the world, we would be beside ourselves. As the omnipotent being plants its presence in our hearts with awesome displays of power, the world as we know it would be no more. People would look around and say, “Damn it! The believers were right the whole time!” Productive businesses would vanish. Industry 593

would come to a grinding halt. People would say, "We must get in on the great plan at all costs!" Given that nothing else would have significance, masses would try to be near to the grand being.

Could divine edicts be revealed to us in a way that everyone on earth would be sure of? No one could say, since fictional events are fictional.

Of wasted time, resources, and effort, a puffed up mystical cosmology has been a thorn in the side of humanity since our beginnings. The most relentless theme is our insistence on a supernatural account of the universe.

“For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

Carl Sagan

Without a physicist with the stature of Carl Sagan, secrets of the universe are not easily 594

found. Even so, we will disclose the answer to life's grand and final mystery:

Be prepared, as the answer to the grand mystery is revealed…

Here it is:

“Relax. Take it easy. Stop searching for answers to specious, supernatural unknowns. As productive people, simply enjoy life in rational ways, as much as possible.”

Take a minute to think about the preceding statement.

Suppose that rational pleasure was clearly shown to be the secret of life. What a concept! The diehard supernaturalist would spit up their wheat grass smoothie. The hopeless seeker, desperate to solve the riddle of life, believes that they already have the answers. Because of their adamant faith, the mind of the devout fanatic would be blown.


For ages, mystics have written that our origin, and where we go upon our demise, is the most vital issue that humans will ever face. Worse still, they claim to have the answers.

Who can say that we could ever fully comprehend the babble of the mystic, or the mystery of life? If the answer to grand mystery were to hit us over the head, what would we understand of it? To seek cosmic understanding is to build castles in the air.

“I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose, which is the way it really is as far as I can tell. It doesn't frighten me.”

Richard Feynman

The answer to the big question has no answer, because there is no real question. Our antideception radar should detect anyone that puts a supernatural twist to the mystery of existence. 596

The mystic loves to pose impossible questions:

“What is the answer to the great riddle of life?”

The how, who, what, or why of the universe matters greatly to millions. Because no one on earth has a perfect explanation of existence, we refuse to agree on a version of the universal mystery. Through faith, childish minds imagine that a final answer to the universal mystery is already settled. As result, we endure, “My god can beat your god in arm wrestling!”

How do we ever express an enigma, the process of universal manifestation, to an atmospheric, scientifically undereducated public? How do we address it in a way that non-physicist mystics might all come to terms with the matter? We cannot, though we try to build an absurd case for that which is beyond our grasp.

Consider the many extraordinarily complex and 597

amazing things in existence. If we think about the immensity of the cosmos, and how so much matter, space, and energy exists, we might value the intricacy of it all. As rational people, we know that we cannot imagine the passage of hundreds of millions of years, or multitudes of galaxies.

Surely, many hidden features form the foundation of existence. Rational people know that there is just no way that we can fathom a fraction of existence. An intelligent person is ready to let the mystery of existence to remain a mystery. They know that we cannot figure it all out.

As eccentrics, we strive to fill in the blanks with weirdness. The explosion of cosmic crap, extraterrestrials, strange beings, paranormal fuss, and wacky holistic pabulum has a hold on us. Perhaps we can thank the influence of the media and the cinema for this. In spite of everything, the discoveries of science make bizarre claims seem even more childish.


As the breakthroughs of science gain weight, we need to think about objective facts in the face of the bizarre. To marvel at the amazing images of nature seen microscopically, we realize that we cannot grasp the incredible creativity of life. In our wildest dreams, we are not able to picture the inner world. The molecule of life, the structure of amino acids, the protozoan, mitosis, the cell; we could not envision them at all before their discovery. In the same way, astrophysicists know the inconceivable nature of the outer world. Seen telescopically, to be in awe of the images of nature, we know that we cannot fathom the unimaginable scope of the cosmos.

Because the supernaturalist cannot grasp how the universe came to be, assigning a transcendent account seems the easiest. What gave rise to a hypothetical hidden hand is rarely considered.

As to life on other planets, if a technologically superior race had the ability to contact us, there would be little incentive 599

for them to do so.

Nonetheless, for the

existence of life elsewhere in the universe, scientists who doubt it are few.

The nature of atoms, and how the atoms were pulled together to form molecules and cells, is not something that we can easily wrap our minds around. To even comprehend the breadth of the spec of dust that we live on is beyond the range of the human mind. A physicist of the caliber of Michio Kaku is needed in the quest to get an inkling of it all. The logical nonphysicist understands the futility involved in such a quest.

Why are we so desperate to have absolute answers? No spiritual master, pastor, therapist, or superstitious belief system can grasp the fundamental nature of being. Cosmology is so incredible, so heavy, that there is no human being, even the smartest physicist on earth, which can be trusted to have all of the answers.

Because we are forever confronted by the 600

unexplained, fertile soil is ready for the seeds of “new realities.”

If we ponder the immensity of space, the quantity of matter, and the colossal energy in the universe, we might grasp the mind-blowing nature of the cosmos. The most awesome and incredible mystery is that anything at all is manifest. We exist in the face of enormous odds. In the presence of an unimaginable history, we are alive. Naive beliefs cannot possibly explain how or why the universe is manifest.

“What is the origin of it all? ... This is still a mystery. As to the question of the origin of things, man can only wonder and doubt and guess.”

Clarence Darrow

Were we to logically ponder the grand enigma, the main issue becomes clear: we are alive in this moment. Clearly, the most important theme is that we exist now. 601

For people who refuse to take no for an answer, that yearn for a more cartoonish approach to cosmology, many options exist. We might propose that an all-knowing cosmic gremlin had been the single causal entity of all existence, and set the machinery of the cosmos into place. The almighty gremlin knew the eventual outcome. Despite this account, and because the idea of an all-powerful gremlin crosses into juvenile beliefs, we will throw away the theory. That demons acted at the behest of the gremlin, and placed fossil records and humanoid vestiges in geologic sites to confound us, is a childish belief to be chucked as well. To a degree, people of ancient times figured out how the visible planets acted. Aboriginals came to know that the powerful celestial body, the sun, was the foundation of all things in the world. They realized that life on earth would come to a dead end without the sun.

In the end, life comes from clouds of gases and stars. Every particle in food comes from the heavenly solar body. Matter from this 602

incandescent sphere eventually forms our body. Through photosynthesis, the sun gives rise to the algae, the protozoan, and the foliage. Organisms then consume the photosynthetic organisms. After that, more complex organisms consume the organisms that consume the photosynthetic organisms. On the subject of personal cosmology, to have a meaningful discussion demands great vision. We must end our demand that scientific fact must be at odds with our insistence on faith. If not, we foam at the mouth in the fanatical fashion, reduced to hurling indignities at one another. The “my god is better than yours” syndrome takes over.

If we are so sure of what happens after our demise, we have no choice but to wait and see if we are right. Come what may, we will surely find out what happens upon our demise, if anything. Unless a day comes when science discovers the secret of endless human memory, we will expire and find out what an afterlife is, or is not. We may find ourselves in a lustrous light, or perched on a fluffy cloud, or be with people in white robes playing harps. 603

We may be reincarnated as Richard Nixon. For all anyone knows, the experience may be the same as that which we experienced prior to the advent of our birth and consciousness: oblivion.

Without worldwide revelation, a self-styled holy person that claims to be in touch with a supreme being cannot to be tolerated by rational people. Another belief system will surely come along, proposing a radically different account of creation. In the end, who is to say that a supernatural account adds real importance to our lives? For ages, we have been round and round with conflicting myths. Right from the beginning, mystical matters are impossible to make sense of. These superstitious debates have been an immense waste of time. To fabricate an argument, supernaturalists turn that which is grand toward the mystical. Their big, inflated fairy stories have failed to get us anywhere.

On the face of it, the enigmatic vision of supernaturalism is designed to drive us 604

temporarily out of our mind. Cosmic manipulators can enter the scene, invade our minds, and act as if they have valuable insight. One thing needs to be known: by pretending to have solved the deepest mysteries of life, intellectual terrorists are most virulent scourges of humanity. That they claim to have magically unraveled supreme universal secrets is laughable. No one can imagine the foundation of all that exists. No matter how hard they try, intellectual terrorists cannot envision infinity.

Because no one has an ace up the sleeve regarding the final truth, we can ignore sources that claim to have it. By doing so, we can get on with the business of being the best people we can be. The path to fulfillment is not filled with hollow promises; it is filled with love, rational pleasure, and the satisfaction that comes with building value.

The great secret is not a secret: with all of our power, life is to be seized and enjoyed. We only get a few years to go forth and treasure 605


We cannot bond with the people we hold dear, if we run around, with one gripe after another. As we scurry here and there, failing to enjoy the good life, our time passes quickly. As we put on the brakes on the little aggravations, we embrace life fully and grasp the marvel of those things that bring us delight. Everything else will be taken care of.

Along the way, we may want to brush up on our basic science. Even with a little scientific understanding, we can rejoice in the many triumphs of our modern world.


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