How Do I Get Him To Commit? Should I Try To Hurry The Process Along?

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					 How Do I Get Him
To Commit? Should
 I Try To Hurry The
   Process Along?
How Do I Get Him To Commit? Should I Try To Hurry The Process Along?

 Being in a relationship can be extremely challenging. The question frequently pops up in a
 woman’s mind, “how do I get him to commit?” This can be one of the hardest questions to
 answer and perhaps the toughest question to give up. Because in reality, we cannot get
 anyone to do anything they do not want to. Chances are, it’s very unlikely that he would be
 in the situation that he wants to commit and is too scared too. That’s often just a stereotype
 you see in the movies. If a man wants to commit, they usually will make it very clear to

 How can you tell this?

 The reason why it makes no sense to try to figure out how do I get him to commit, is
 because men who are ready to commit will. Men who are not ready are the ones who don’t
 commit. Believe it or not, most men just make a plan and pop the question. If they really
 believe they are ready to be with you for a lifetime, they won’t wait!

 On the other hand, don’t get depressed if they’re not committing and not ready. Give them

 How much time?

 The question of how do I get him to commit often crops up in women’s minds because they
 believe their “biological clock” is ticking. It frequently happens that a woman feels that she
 is in her 30s and getting too old for kids. Threats may come out and make the man feel

 Threats like: “You’ll have to find a younger woman soon if you don’t hurry up.” Or, “I’ll be
 going into menopause soon.” No offense, but these can be a complete relationship killer.
 Just like you would not expect a man to talk about impregnating you while you were
 intimate in bed, you should not drop comments like this.

 If you feel that he is too slow and too immature for your age, then there are adult ways to
 break off a relationship without resorting to hurting or trying to bully someone into a

 Be careful you distinguish between time and testing

 A lot of people think that if they wait a certain amount of time, then they have waited
 enough in the game of how do I get him to commit.

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How Do I Get Him To Commit? Should I Try To Hurry The Process Along?

 They establish unrealistic and sometimes unreasonable goals, such as “by the time we’re
 30” or “by the time we reach our 1 year anniversary”. It is truly silly to do things like this.
 You never know what can happen and you have to ask yourself seriously whether you are
 serious about the relationship if you’re willing to just hinge everything on a few unrealistic
 or unreasonable deadlines.

 Keep in mind that just because you are going through difficulties in a relationship, it does
 not mean that the relationship is a bad one. Even if you are arguing, as long as you are
 coming to a mutual understanding about the problems and making plans to deal with them
 (and successfully dealing with them), you are probably in the best relationship anyone
 could ever hope for.

 If a man is not ready, then no amount of searching will tell you the trick to getting him to
 commit. Commitment will come naturally to him after you have been through a few
 struggles together. After you have rode the storm and solved a few of the most difficult
 monetary and everyday problems that people face, it will become apparent whether he
 wants to commit to the relationship or not. There’s no purpose in trying to hurry this
 process along, as you will only end up driving him away.

 Differentiate between problems and natural doubts

 Everyone has their natural doubts. If you are worried about how do I get him to commit and
 confused when he starts accusing you or you argue, then keep in mind that everyone goes
 through stages and phases in life where they have doubts in a relationship. This is normal
 and in a healthy relationship that will one day lead to commitment, then he will realize that
 you are more important than any unease that he may be going through and he will accept
 whatever it was that was bothering him.

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