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                            OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                               HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

A.      CALL TO ORDER at 7:30 pm by Mayor Margaret P. Fuller                    MINUTES AMENDED at the
                                                                                April 26th Board Meeting


                 Mayor                               Margaret P. Fuller

                 Clerk                               Dianne H. Larson
                 Deputy Clerk                        Marcia Pollowy

                 Trustees                            George Alex (Late 7:50pm)
                                                     Mark Dobrzycki
                                                     Arlene Jezierny
                                                     Demetrios Mougolias
                                                     Roy Schmidt (Late 7:33pm)
                                                     Lester Szlendak

                 Attorney                            Mat Delort


No Public Comment


Mayor’s Report
Mayor Fuller

 Motion I 2, on the agenda tonight is an intergovernmental agreement between Norwood Park Township and the Village
of Harwood Heights regarding a police motorcycle unit. The village received a $10,000.00 grant which will cover the
complete cost of the leasing agreement, equipment for the motorcycle, the officer and the certified training through
Northwestern University’s Motorcycle Training course. The motorcycle unit will benefit the community for traffic
enforcement and routing patrol. I believe Supervisor Tom Lupo and Clerk Rocco Secco from Norwood Park Township
are here to officially present us with the $10,000 grant. I ask the honorable Supervisor Tom Lupo and Clerk Rocco
Secco to come up to the front so we can thank him and the township appropriately and take a few pictures.

Chief Podosek: I just want to thank Mr. Lupo and Mr. Rocco and the Township once again for stepping forward in
assisting the Village of Harwood Heights. Many years ago we asked for a grant for a mobile speed sign, some of you
might have seen that being utilized throughout the village; that was a costly expenditure of approximately $18,000. And
once again, I went to the Township, Mr. Lupo and Mr. Rocco, asking for their assistance through a grant to afford the
motorcycle unit that we’re going to receive to benefit the village; and once again, it shows the cooperation between the
villages and the Township. Every time we’ve reached out to the Township they have assisted the village and the Police
Department of both Harwood Heights and Norridge. So, once again I would like to thank Mr. Lupo and Mr. Rocco and
the Township for their assistance.

Mayor Fuller: Harwood Heights’ property owners recently received reassessment notices, and if yours is like mine it
went up quite a bit. For information please call the Cook County Assessors office, John Fallon or Mary Wattman also
the Norwood Park Township assessor Dennis Karns is holding an outreach event on March 29th from 7 to 9 p.m., appeals
can be made until April 16th.

Chief Podosek attended the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Conference in Springfield from Sunday, March
18th thru Tuesday, March 20th. The three day event discussed major issues related to Homeland Security and the level of
preparedness that the State is at.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

The Roadside Safety Checkpoint went very well last weekend; the police checked over (400) vehicles and had the
following arrests:

     1.    (2) For Driving While Intoxicated;

     2.    (5) For Driving While Driver’s License was Suspended or Revoked;

     3.    (1) For Possession of Cannabis over (27 grams); (with the help of Selene our canine)

     4.    (1) For Unlawful Possession of a Weapon;

     5.    (6) For Safety Belt Citations;

     6.    (6) For Uninsured Motorists; and

     7.    (4) For Minor Equipment Violations.

Chief Podosek and I attended a meeting hosted by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and we were able to speak with him
personally and received updates on issues impacting our area. What is great about attending these meetings is talking
with other Mayors, I was fortunate to sit with a Mayor who recently did a large water reservoir improvement and he will
be sending me information on the grant he obtained for this purpose.

Officer Palacz, his wife, and our police canine, Selene attended the Boy Scout Troop 3998 blue and gold dinner Saturday
evening at St. Eugene as special guests. The Troop did a project especially to donate the funds to our police canine unit.
We accepted a check for $550 that the boys raised by selling homemade dog biscuits. I am very impressed with these
young men, over 150 family and friends were in attendance for a great event.

I submitted requests for federal funding for village projects to both Congresswoman Schakowsky and Senator Obama’s
Washington office. I don’t know if funds are available but I will keep the board informed. That brings me to Paul May
our engineer, as I stated on several occasions, he got a little behind on outlining our 10 to 20 year infrastructure plan
because I asked him to look for and apply for grants. He has been doing a lot of work in these areas. One of the grants
was another one I learned about at a meeting I attended and was recommended to me by a Mayor of another town. And I
just want to reiterate that the way a grant is written is extremely important to the outcome, grant applications take a lot of
time and commitment. We were successful in receiving the ITEP grant for $474,000 in part because Vandewalle &
Associates prepared the grant. So I will let Paul May talk a little about what he has been working on for the benefit of
the village.

Paul May: As the Mayor mentioned, I have been working with her on a number of grants that we’re really pretty
aggressively pursuing for some outside funding here and if we’re able to land some of these it will really spread the cost
around and make our dollars go a lot further. We have a couple stag grants in for the water tower and the streetscape
improvements which may allow us to secure some additional funding for that. Historically, we have been very successful
with the CDBG grants; we’ve gotten a number of CDBG grants in the past and we’ve submitted another CDBG grant
application for this year. We’ve also submitted a CMAC grant for congestion, mitigation and air quality, a grant which
we’ve also been successful with in the past. We have two grants that we’ve just this week submitted to the MWRD; one
is for a sewer separation project, potential sewer separation project and another one is for a storm sewer upgrade project.
We have a low interest loan application to the EPA, which we just submitted, which would allow us to finance some of
our water main improvements at a very low interest rate; the interest rate I believe currently is 2.25% or 2.50%. So it’s
not really a grant per say, but it certainly makes our money go a lot further as far as capital improvements go. We are
planning on putting forward a grant for a Mapping, GIS Mapping and Planning through the FAA as well; so we have a
number of opportunities out there and as grants go, once you submit, you have a few months and in some cases several
months to wait. So, we’ll be patient and hopefully we’ll have some money coming in from outside sources.

Mayor Fuller: Please remember that Street sweeping begins April 2nd, Public Works needs to clean and repair streets,
warnings and then citations will be issued. While in Springfield, Superintendent of Public Works learned about a new

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

technique being used in Carpentersville, and he and a foreman attending the installation of a new valve and will bring
this to our attention at the next Committee of the Whole meeting. 3 Public Works employees attend the traffic safety
class on March 14th, and 4 Public Works employees will be attending the driving training on April 2nd and 3rd and they
will be bringing their own vehicles, 2 dump trucks, this is a class I asked them to attend. Also Public Works has been
spending a lot of time locating water mains for the projects that will be done this year.

The helper bus was back in the shop this time because it needed a new starter and some wiring. Larry Noller is pursuing
information for a new bus for the boards review.

On Wednesday morning we honored 9 residents for their many years of volunteerism and commitment to the
community. Once again it was a wonderful and emotional event. I thank Andy Ostrowski, Lee & Peggy Walewander,
Don & Gerry Crivlare, Dianne Larson, Steve Wyda, Ken Havlick, Herman Wu and Ed Connelly Sr. for their service to
the people of the community and congratulate them on being Very Important Residents of Harwood Heights.

I attended a luncheon hosted by the Salvation Army where they thanked everyone for their help. The Village received an
award certificate and this is thanks to the food drive that Clerk Larson sponsors on our behalf every Thanksgiving.
Join your neighbors on Thursday, March 29th at 6 p.m. in the community room at 7300 W. Wilson Avenue to talk with
each other about your hopes and concerns about our future. What do we all want our community to be like 5 or 10 years
from now? What should we do now to ensure that future? What are the challenges we could face trying to achieve our

As many residents know, the Village completed a Comprehensive Plan in 2005, and there was a referendum suggesting
changes to that plan in November, 2006. We need to work together to understand the implications of these changes and
what other opportunities exist to build upon the plan.

This public meeting will be different from other public meetings. Special wireless keypad devices will be used to give
residents an equal say on important and complex questions about our future. Everyone is welcome to attend but only
100 people will be surveyed using the keypad system. The program is supported by Chicago Metropolitan Agency for
Planning (CMAP.)

I hope everyone will attend and commit themselves to a serious and constructive dialogue. Pizza and refreshments will
be served because we do want you to stay for the whole session.

Resolution 07- 07, is strictly a matter of personal opinion. The board may or may not agree to sign on to a smoke free
Illinois. But I am totally in favor of letting our legislators know that the sooner they pass a statewide smoking ban, the
better off all the businesses will be; a statewide ban will make it a level playing field. I think people have forgotten what
this smoking ban is all about; it’s about all employees no matter where you work being able to work in a smoke free
healthy environment and also people visiting these sites. It’s unfortunate that some towns that are totally money driven
and have disregarded the purpose of the clean air ordinance, it is to protect the health of the public, all of us. The bill is
moving along in Springfield, being heard in committee and with our support, hopefully it will get it passed.

Ordinance No. 07 – 08, institutes the exempt rank of corporal. The Chief is recommending the designated position of
Deputy Shift Commander be changed to an exempt rank of Corporal. Three current officers hold the position of Deputy
Shift Commander; Officer Steve Kalck with 29 years of service, Officer Andrew Olearczyk with 29 years of service and
Officer Joseph Nardulli with 25 years of service. These officers have held the designated rank of Deputy Shift
Commander for over fifteen years and have shown dedication and commitment to the Police Department and the village
they serve. The exempt rank of Corporal will give these officers the necessary recognition they deserve and it would be
beneficial for the overall operation of the Police Department. It will increase their effectiveness in dealing with the
subordinates they supervise in the absence of the sergeant and give them immediate recognition on the street when
dealing with the general public and under emergency situations when a ranking supervisor should be present under the
guidelines of incident commander and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The exempt rank position of
Corporal would not come under the authority of the Police and Fire Commissioners and would serve at the appointment
of the Mayor upon the recommendation of the Chief of Police with the Board’s approval. There would be no additional
increase in their present stipend they receive.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

Motion by Trustee Dobrzycki, seconded by Trustee Szlendak on Consent Agenda item I 15:

    15. To approve Ordinance 07-08, an Ordinance Creating the Office of Police Corporal.

A roll call vote on Consent Agenda item I 15 resulted as follows:
A YES: Trustee Dobrzycki, Jezierny, Mougolias, Schmidt, Szlendak
ABSENT: Trustee Alex                                                     Motion Carried

Motion by Trustee Jezierny, seconded by Trustee Dobrzycki on the Appointment:

         To concur with the Mayor’s appointment pursuant to the Police Chief’s recommendation of Officer Steve
         Kalck, Officer Andrew Olearczyk and Officer Joseph Nardulli to the exempt position of Corporal in the Police

A roll call vote on the Appointment resulted as follows:
A YES: Trustee Dobrzycki, Jezierny, Mougolias, Schmidt, Szlendak
ABSENT: Trustee Alex                                                     Motion Carried

Tonight is attorney Mat Delorts’ last village meeting for Harwood Heights as he embarks on a new exciting career as an
Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County beginning on April 11th. We congratulate him!

We will miss Mat because of his experience on litigation, transactional work, and especially counseling in the areas of
local government. He has represented municipalities, townships, local governmental boards, and commissions as general
counsel. His fields of expertise include land use and zoning, finance and tax matters, governmental ethics, ordinance
violations, constitutional law and statutory claims. He also serves as an administrative hearing officer for municipalities
and other governmental bodies.

Law & Politics Magazine selected Mat as a 2005 Illinois "Super Lawyer" in the specialized area of Cities and
Municipalities Law. Chicago Magazine published the names of the Illinois Super Lawyers in its May 2005 issue.
Additionally, in 2004, Mat was named a "Leading Lawyer" by the Law Bulletin Publishing Company for being
recognized in a survey of his peers as being in the top 5 percent of Illinois attorneys. He is listed on The International Municipal Lawyers Association has awarded Mat the designation of Local
Government Fellow. Mat is one of a select number of individuals in the United States and the first attorney in Illinois to
be recognized by the IMLA as a specialist in the field of local government law. He has published law articles in many
topics and publications. Now he adds Judge to his resume!

Something you probably don’t know is that Mat, has played piano for over 30 years, and has worked as a liturgical
musician for Chicago-area churches and singing in the choir at Old St. Patrick Church. Many of you may remember, and
it’s unfortunate that some of the trustees did not experience what it used to be like back when I was a trustee in Harwood
Heights and another law firm controlled the town. Trustees were not allowed to speak at meetings, and were threatened
with removal by the Mayor, 5 trustees were sued by the Mayor using the former village attorney until the board was
forced to hire our own attorney. Luckily the Village Attorney was not allowed to prosecute the village that he
represented and we hired Mat Delort as the board’s attorney, so we eventually won the case. Mat brought fairness to the
village and he gives not just good advice, but the right advice, to everyone no matter what political side you are on,
something that was lacking with the previous attorneys. When Mat told me he was being considered for judge, I said he
would make an excellent judge, because he is fair.

I am making the appointment to keep the firm of Robbins, Schwartz as our Village Attorney. All the attorneys with the
firm have the same integrity as Mat Delort. We are fortunate to have worked with Mat and we wish him the best. I know

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

the court system is gaining an excellent judge. Attorneys Paul Stephanides and Howard Metz will be handling our
affairs and attending our meetings.

On behalf of the Village I thank Mat for his professional, courteous, and always fair and outstanding service to the
village and wish him the best in his new endeavor as judge.

Motion by Trustee Dobrzycki, seconded by Trustee Schmidt on the Appointment:

         To concur with the Mayor’s appointment of the firm of Robbins, Schwartz, Nicholas, Lifton & Taylor as
         Village Attorney, effective immediately through 4/30/08.

A roll call vote on the Appointment resulted as follows:
A YES: Trustee Alex, Dobrzycki, Jezierny, Mougolias, Schmidt, Szlendak
ABSENT:                                                             Motion Carried

Recess: We will now recess for coffee and cake to wish Mat well on his new endeavor and to congratulate the new
Corporals. Recessed at 7:55pm; Reconvened at 8:15pm.

Return to Meeting and Call to order:

Mayor Fuller: I am pulling motion I 17 for a separate vote. One thing I want to clear up is that any trustee can place a
motion on the agenda. I know because when I was a trustee I submitted motions that never made it to the agenda. My
concern that I mentioned to the Clerk, was that I was not copied on a request for an expenditure from the Department
Head, and that he copies me on all other memos. The memo is dated February 26th, 2007 yet was not discussed in
committee because only one trustee received the memo. So at today’s Department Head meetings, I asked the
Department Head why I wasn’t copied and he said he thought he copied everyone. I asked him about the expenditure
and when it was discussed and he said he thought it was going to a Committee of the Whole meeting. Therefore
pursuant to the Department Head, I recommend that the motion be tabled tonight for further discussion at the next
Committee of the Whole meeting.

Trustee Alex

I really don’t have a report for this evening; we are still working on the budget. The next budget meeting will be for
Public Works and I’ll have more information at that point in time.

Trustee Dobrzycki

 The Ordinance & License Committee report; this evening we have Ordinance 07-07, an Ordinance Establishing an
Administrative Booking Fee for Arrestees; I urge the board to vote in the affirmative for this. As if you go through any
government office, let’s say in applying for a passport, you pay a fee. I think this would be fair and just and help to cover
our costs for the village to provide these services. I also feel this would benefit the Police Department in making sure that
they recover their costs.

Public Works
Trustee Jezierny

 As Chairman of Public Works, I would like to give a Public Works report; some of these reports were given by the
Mayor so bare with me on some of the duplication. There is a motion on tonight’s agenda, number I 4 for an expenditure
of $1,995 for the fuel tank repair of the Public Works Bobcat. Superintendent Tom Schroeder has submitted repair

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

estimates to the Village Board and Colosimo’s estimate was the least costly. This Bobcat was originally obtained at no
charge to the village as a result of a delinquent storage fees at the Public Works facility.

Also, a work order has been sent to ComEd to repair the street light on the 4400 block of Newcastle. The light stays on
throughout the day.

Public Works has begun early street cleaning to comply with the NPDES Phase II regulations for storm water so debris
does not contaminate our waterways during rain downpours. PLEASE NOTE: The street sweeping parking restriction
begins Monday, April 2nd and will continue until November 29th which will be the last day for sweeping. Please follow
the street sweeping signs on your block to avoid parking violations.

Superintendent Tom Schroeder and Water Commissioner, Dave Koch have attended the 98th annual meeting of the
Illinois Section of the AWWA (American Waterworks Association) in Springfield the week of March 12.

As the Mayor stated, truck driver training will be conducted on April 2 and 3rd for 4 of our Public Works employees
through NIPSTA. Public Works is removing the plows and the salters from trucks in order to bring these vehicles to

Also, 3 members of the Public Works attended a traffic safety school sponsored by the Illinois Department of
Transportation on March 14. The others employees attended in January of this year.

My congratulations to the new Corporals and to all the recipients of the Very Important Persons Awards conducted at the
Village Hall yesterday, Wednesday, March 21.

Public Health & Safety
Trustee Mougolias

 For Public Health & Safety, I had some things written here for the new Corporals but since we finished with that I’d just
like to say that all three of the Corporals have over 20-years experience and dedication to the Village of Harwood
Heights and I’m very proud that today they got the recognition and the respect that they deserve with the new rank.

I also want to remind the residents of our Community Meeting with the Police this Saturday, March 24th at 4:30pm in the
Village Community Room. This will be an opportunity for the residents to meet some of our police officers and also to
become a little more familiar with some of the services that the Harwood Heights Police Department offers.

Trustee Schmidt

 I do have a report for the Forestry Committee; on the agenda for tonight is a motion to approve an expenditure for the 5-
year tree trimming program. The area to be covered is the Northwest area of Harwood Heights. This would come under
the line item with an appropriation of $25,000.

For the Recreation Committee, 28 Harwood Heights residents were able to take advantage of the Spring and Fall
Programs offered by the WSSRA. 14 and 17 individuals were able to use their Summer and Winter respective programs.
They will be holding their Annual Flap Jack Bunny Hop on Saturday, March 31, 2007. This is an all-you-can-eat
pancake breakfast from 8:30am to 10:15am. It is being held at Ascension School in Oak Park. The cost is $4 for 12 and
under and $5 for 13 and up.

The WSSRA will also be holding a Derby Gala on Saturday, May 5, 2007. They will be holding a silent auction. They
are looking for anyone willing to donate to the silent auction; this could be money, tickets to events, or gift passes for
certain venues.

If you would like more information about either the Derby Gala or the Flap Jack Hop, please see me or leave a message
with the village and I will be glad to get back to you.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

Sewer & Water
Information & Technology
Trustee Szlendak

For the Water & sewer Committee, at our last board meeting I pointed out that between January 2003 and February 29,
2007 our residents spent $870,000 on the water main breaks in Harwood Heights. In 2003 - $205,000; 2004 - $150,000;
2005 - $200,000; 2006 - $230,000 and in 2007 - $85,000; this is according to Superintendent Tom Schroeder at $5,000
per water break.

I also suggested at that meeting, that this year along Narragansett we should connect our residents to the new water main
and disconnect them from the old dead end main. Also, in 2008, we should replace the water main along Oak Park
between Wilson and Forest Preserve Drive; and finally, in year 2008 or 2009, we should replace the dead end water main
along Nagle.

Trustee Alex, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, said that because I was not aware of the exact location of the
water main along Oak Park, I am not qualified to make that recommendation. Well, Trustee Alex was correct; at that
time I was not aware of the precise location of the water main, but this is what I know. I know that in 2003, we had
$977,573 in the water and sewer fund; in 2004, we had $1,203,672 in the water and sewer fund; in 2005, we had
$2,096,101 in the water and sewer fund; in 2006, we had $2,268,860 in the water and sewer fund and as of February 28th,
2007, we have $2,667,624 in the fund and unfortunately, in all that time we did nothing to stop $870,000 from going
down the drain.

I know that on February 11, 2007 at 6:00am, the resident at 4422 N. Oak Park, called me at home and asked me to for
help because the water main break in front of his house was flooding one of his apartments. I know that at 7:15am at the
same location, our Superintendent, Tom Schroeder was there in his boots breaking up ice so the water can go down the
drain and stop the flooding. And by the way, I wish to thank Trustee Alex for the kind words about Tom Schroeder and
Public Works at our board meeting four weeks ago.

I also know that for 40-years, our village did not connect the homes along Naragansett to the new main and left them
connected to the dead end problem waiting to happen. I know that Trustee Alex said that the water line along Nagle, and
I quote “doesn’t get contaminated and I don’t want the audience and don’t want the newspaper to go out and say that the
line is contaminated because it’s dead end”. Unfortunately, his expert opinion is not shared by our Engineer, Paul May,
or Superintendent Tom Schroeder who has over 20-years of experience on the job. They feel that because the water is
NOT circulating, there is a real probability of contamination along Nagle. In fact, according to Trustee Dobrzycki, Clark
Dietz suggested placing a fire hydrant at the end of this dead end for periodic flushing. If I have to go with the expert
opinion about water contamination or possibility of contamination from Trustee Alex or Paul May, Tom Schroeder or
Clark Dietz, I have to go with the professionals.

I also know that Trustee Alex is suggesting more planning on these 3 problems and the Mayor is looking for more
money. Well, as of February 29th, we have $2,667,624 at Parkway Bank and Illinois Fund and that is a good start. Yes,
planning is necessary, but when our residents realize a loss of $870,000 in just a little over four years due to the water
main breaks, it’s time to stop some of the bleeding. Just like two weeks ago, I strongly recommended that we correct
these 3 water main problems as soon as possible and get a true return on the money we collect from our residents.

Clerk’s Report
Clerk Larson

We have to amend motion I 5, the amount is wrong, it should read: To approve expenditure, not to exceed $1,120.00,
payable to Corrpro Companies, Inc. for water tower cathodic protection control system contract from May 1, 2007 to
April 30, 2008, to be expensed to the FY 07/08 Water and Sewer Fund.

I also received a letter again from the Office of the Cook County Clerk; apparently there’s some problem getting judges
to work for the April 17th election. The judges are paid $150 for their work, this includes $100 for working and $50 to
attend a training prior to the election. To serve, you must be a registered voter and live in Cook County.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

Anyone interested in serving as a judge can call Janeen Fitzpatrick at 312-603-0928 or download an application at and then mail or fax it back to the Office of the Cook County Clerk.

Attorney’s Report

As noted by Trustee Dobrzycki a few minutes ago, there’s an ordinance on the agenda tonight regarding the
Administrative Booking Fee for Arrestees. I want to remind everybody, especially the Police Chief, to be aware that
while the ordinance imposes the fee, the bail is set by law and if they can’t make the extra fee, that they still must be
released and they make the bail and the extra fee would be added to the court costs later on at the request of the

I also want to thank the Mayor for her kind comments earlier; having grown up on the north side I’ve probably been
driving, walking and shopping in Harwood Heights for as long as I can remember. But it was not until about the late 80’s
when I started doing some legal work for the village through my own law firm. It was sort of the favorite meeting to
attend for the folks in the office because the meetings were always so short and they’re still short, believe it or not, you
should see some of the other meetings that are out there.

It was very kind of Mayor Fuller to bring us aboard two years ago; I hate to sort of be here and run, but I hope you
understand why I’m doing it. When Mayor Fuller asked us to come aboard two years ago, I explained that it was a team
approach, we had different people in the office doing different things and we all have a certain interest in local
government law and we have our real estate people and our labor people and I think you’ve worked with a lot of them
over the past few years. Law is becoming like medicine; you don’t go to the heart doctor for your foot or your brain. It’s
becoming so complicated; no one knows it all and that’s why you take the team approach to solve all the problems that
you have in a community like this; in fact, in any suburban community.

I will leave you on April 11th with a lot of fond memories of the Thursday nights here, not only in this building but the
old building as well and I wish all the officials and citizens nothing but the best.


Trustee Szlendak: I placed item I 17 on the Consent Agenda; in the last 12 months we installed 56 of 60 new meters
and purchased the necessary reading equipment. At this rate of 60 meters per year, it will take us almost 34-years to
replace all of the meters. We discussed it a year ago, we appropriated $60,000 and I ask to place the remaining
$41,364.50 to purchase the new meters and generate a proactive replacement program.

Trustee Schmidt: The Pioneer Press recently ran an editorial suggesting that Harwood Heights should consider
conducting a new census. While I cannot disagree with the idea of the article as to a future census, I was somewhat
confused by its reference to the past. It mentioned that a former trustee had suggested a few years ago that a census be
held but then the article refers to the recent building of the Clock Tower as part of the reason. It also refers to the
possible future developments in other industrial areas. First, I would like to point out that the Clock Tower is not
finished. Second, the new developments are on hold as far as I know. I believe a census is based on the numbers in a
village at the time the census is taken. The Clock Tower is one of the first major construction developments in Harwood
Heights for residents in years. It may be worth doing a census now that the project is close to being finished, but I don’t
know if a census performed earlier would have much of a difference.

Harwood Heights should and I am sure will keep an eye on the Des Plaines results for their census. However, 2010 is
really around the corner. Maybe by 2010, we will have new development and thereby possibly have new monies coming
in. In fact, this board has mentioned how bringing in new development would bring in more revenue. I do agree with the
paper that more people bring in more monies. I wish they would have said something sooner.

I was not sure why the paper did not mention any other village like Norridge or Park Ridge because the same could be
said for them. I just hope they didn’t read the article or they might be looking for a bigger piece of the pie.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

In fact, just today in the Tribune, they have an article about the census increase and actually Cook County had one of the
lowest increases in census, 1.6%; other counties had 33% and one had 61%. Cook Counties was actually a decrease of

Mayor Fuller: Actually Trustee Schmidt I have been looking into it. We can’t compare ourselves to Des Plaines; first of
all they’re a hugh community and they have been doing large developments, high rise building in their downtown; but I
did look at Burr Ridge and they had done a special census and they found that the increase in population was so small it
probably wasn’t even worth the effort and the cost involved was very close to the cost they were going to generate. And
the other thing, we are so close to 2010 right now and we don’t have any new projects in the works; but I am looking at
some options there and looking into it.

Trustee Alex: There’s an old saying “that a little information or a little knowledge can make you very dangerous”. I
think that’s what I’m seeing here with Trustee Szlendak. There are some numbers that are being bandied about, about
what it costs us for each water main break that’s generated by our Public Works Director; he’s counting fixed costs. He’s
not an accountant, the last time I checked he never did any work in accounting and Trustee Szlendak, I don’t think is an
accountant. Nobody’s ever asked our accountant or myself and I’m a CPA also, to do an estimate on what these things
cost us because we have a lot of fixed costs. The Superintendent, for example, if he works 1 hour or 40 hours or 60
hours, we pay him the same amount of money. There’s certain other fixed cost’s that we have to pay no matter how
many water main breaks we get, so in order to come up with these numbers there’s a lot of creative accounting done
here; $150,000 in ’04; $200,000 the next year; I didn’t see any numbers for ’02, ’01. So, I think what it is, is I think these
numbers being bandied about, there’s no basis for these numbers. Now, there’s no question that water main breaks are a
problem in our community and we do address them, we replaced a number of water lines.

The other area is on our street we have an area that has lead lines. What Trustee Szlendak was referring to is not that the
contamination can form in some of those lines, it absolutely can if we have a dead end line; but that’s easily remedied,
they let the water go out of that line. The issue was there was some concern about lead and there are some lead mains
that have been calcified and if you don’t disrupt them they are not a danger to the health of our residents.

The other issue here is going forward, we do meet and we’ve all agreed that we’re going to repair these water lines; the
question is best how to do them and I think what Trustee Szlendak was saying, he mentioned we had only $800,000 in
the water fund and that’s true, way back when because we had irresponsible spending by the former Mayor. That water
fund has been going up and we have over $2,000,000 today. This reminds me of my children though, many times they
see $50 on the counter and they think, well gee its $50 to spend; but Trustee Szlendak doesn’t understand that we owe
the City of Chicago money for the sewer tax and we have to have that money there. Trustee Szlendak doesn’t understand
that we have a 55 year old water tank and if it breaks tomorrow we’ve got a major problem that we have to pay for.
Trustee Szlendak doesn’t know that we have other water main lines that could break tomorrow and shutoff half the west
side and we have to have money to pay for that. We can’t run down the water system down to nothing, that’s dangerous,
that’s irresponsible; because one of the things that we do that is key in this village is water and we’ve got to make sure
we have the resources to do that.

Now, I am not aware of anybody coming to talk to me or the accountant to do some estimates on different projects. They
all say we have $2,000,000, let’s spend it; that’s why we got in this predicament. Just because you have money doesn’t
mean you have to spend it. We have a lot of liabilities that people have to focus on and have to keep track of our
exposure. When we talked to the engineer, we asked the engineer to evaluate the system based on what’s likely to break
first and also the relative importance and do we have enough funds to cover that. I wish that Trustee Szlendak would
check with the accountant, with the lawyer who has to know what’s going on with the City of Chicago and with our
engineer as to the age of our infrastructure. He’s not an engineer as he told us and tonight he’s shown us that he’s not an
accountant; I don’t know what he’s going to show us next week.

Trustee Dobrzycki: Just a quick question, in your report you mentioned Department Head recommendation, is that in
reference to the water works purchase? Does that mean Superintendent Schroeder’s recommendation?

Mayor Fuller: I’m going to add a couple of comments here and that is we know we have problems with water mains
and the village has many needs and there’s nothing wrong with a trustee making recommendations that they wish to
make; but the bottom line is we hired an engineer to give us recommendations in setting up priorities and that’s what we

                                OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                   HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

plan to do. We need to work together and we need to sit down at a committee meeting and talk about which ones can be
done this year, which ones can be done next year and in the future. We need the engineers help to help us plan that out so
that it’s done professionally. We need a water tower, we need connecting lines, we need the water main and all those
projects need to be appropriated for before they can be done, they just can’t be done any time we feel like it. So, it takes
some planning and I think if we all sit down together we’ll be able to set better plans for the next several years.


Trustee Schmidt: The Youth Commission held their 2nd dance at Union Ridge School last Friday. There were about 100
kids in attendance. I am not sure if all the schools in the area were represented but I did talk to some kids from Pennoyer.
I hope the dances allow all the kids from Harwood Heights get to know each other a little better before they go on to high



Motion by Trustee Dobrzycki, seconded by Trustee Mougolias on Consent Agenda items I 1-14, I 16, I 18-19 as

     1.   To approve the minutes of the Regular Village Board Meeting held, Thursday, March 8, 2007.

     2.   To approve an intergovernmental agreement between the township of Norwood Park and the Village of Harwood
          Heights regarding a police motorcycle unit and to authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement.

     3.   To approve expenditure, not to exceed $1,412.55, payable to Miner Electronic Corporation for Police equipment
          to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Police.

     4.   To approve expenditure, not to exceed $1,995.00, payable to Colosimo’s Construction for Public Works Bobcat
          repair to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Public Works.

     5.   To approve expenditure, not to exceed $1,120.00, payable to Corrpro Companies, Inc. for water tower cathodic
          protection control system contract from May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008 to be expensed to the FY 07/08 Water and
          Sewer Fund.

     6.   To approve expenditure, not to exceed $8,500.00, payable to Temple Display, Ltd. for Village anniversary
          banners to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Administration and reimbursed by businesses who
          purchased banners.

     7.   To approve expenditure, not to exceed $3,232.00, payable to Wilson Nurseries, Inc. for trees to be planted as part
          of the 2007 Tree Planting Program to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Forestry with reimbursement
          from the Tree Planting Program participants.

     8.   To approve the 5 Year Tree Trimming Program with Hendricksen for FY 06/07 – General Fund – Forestry line
          item 11-04-7035.

     9.   To approve Elise Matson as coach for $400.00 for the Volleyball Program to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General
          Fund – Recreation - .

     10. To approve expenditure, not to exceed $11,865.71, payable to West Suburban Special Recreation Assn. for 2nd
         quarter share payment to be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Recreation.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

  11. To approve expenditure, not to exceed $1,122.90, payable to Crown Trophy for HHYC Youth program trophies to
      be expensed to the FY 06/07 General Fund – Recreation.

  12. To approve handicapped parking at the address commonly known as 7504 West Gunnison and to instruct Public
      Works to erect the sign in a timely manner.

  13. To approve Salvation Army Donut Day on Friday and Saturday, June 1st and June 2, 2007.

  14. To approve Ordinance 07-07, an Ordinance Establishing an Administrative Booking Fee for Arrestees.

  16. To approve Resolution 07-03, a Resolution in Support of a Smoke-Free Illinois.

  18. Transfer from Parkway General Savings Account in the amount of $270,448.41 as they appear on check register
      #42561 thru #42668.

  19. Transfer from Parkway General Savings Account in the amount of $140,175.60 to Parkway Bank Payroll Account.

A roll call vote on Consent Agenda items I 1-14, I 16 and I 18-19 as Amended resulted as follows:
A YES: Trustee Alex, Dobrzycki, Jezierny, Mougolias, Schmidt, Szlendak
ABSENT:                                                              Motion Carried

ITEMS PULLED FROM THE CONSENT AGENDA                             Minutes Amended at the April 26th Board Meeting to
include this discussion.

Motion to Table by Trustee Alex, seconded by Trustee Dobrzycki on Consent Agenda item I 17:


Trustee Alex: I wanted to add why I’m making the motion to table. And the reason for that is we need to update our
meters; but we need to do what’s important first. And I don’t know that this is completely necessary until we talk about it
in committee, until I hear from the engineer again, because the last time I remember the engineer told us that they did
testing on the old meters and we aren’t really losing much water. It’s not that major of a crisis. I would like to follow-up,
I would like to sit down and talk about it in committee. We are doing the budget right now for Public Works, so I’d like
to prioritize it. Like I do with my finances, like the audience does with their finances; so that’s why I would like to table
it, to look at it closer.

Trustee Jezierny: Yes, This item on the agenda, we could talk all we want and talk in circles and drop titles or whatever
we want. But the fact is we are not moving forward. We’re just going to stock pile money, we’re going to stock pile
thoughts; and the point is we need to move forward, we need to do something. In this particular case the water meters
have been discussed at a committee meeting in the past. It was decided that we were going to try out a certain number of
meters and test them. We already invested in all this equipment, all the reading equipment, all computers that we
purchased for 60 meters. Now, it is already in the budget to go ahead and purchase a balance of the next set of meters
and it is budgeted in the last year’s budget, this current fiscal year that we’re in now. I would tend to say, we budgeted it,
we discussed it, and we cannot have all of this equipment that we purchased and thousands of dollars that we invested on
monitoring 60 meters. We need to go forward and find out what we can do for the entire community. That’s why we
purchased this equipment, because we were going to be changing these meters for these households. And now all of a
sudden we’re talking we’re not going to do it we have to talk about it more. We’ve talked about it, let’s move forward,
it’s budgeted, let’s go.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

Trustee Dobrzycki: My concern is that the Superintendent asked that, that he was going to speak to the committee, so I
wanted to find out what his remarks; his regards are toward this purchase. Maybe he has some cautions or some
observations that he would like to make and I would like to hear them. Find out what the results are up to this point of
the meters that were tested and why he made that recommendation to you. This does not mean we’re going to stop dead
in our tracks; basically, once again we need the information to make an important decision. If the person who deals with
the meters has that suggestion or recommendation, I’d like to hear from them. Because if I have a question concerning
the office or the Public Works Department, the engineer or the Police Department to find out what concern he has. In the
past when the Chief of Police makes a recommendation or asks for money, he also brings out some points as to why we
spend the money or how we spend the money or what we can do to make better effect or get better value from that

Trustee Mougloias: I have two questions, the first, do we have any of the meters left; does anyone know, Paul do you
know? Are there any meters left? Paul May: I don’t know. Trustee Mougolias: So, we don’t know if someone comes in
and asks for a new meter if they would get an old style meter installed or a new style meter installed?

Mayor Fuller: No; but that’s something that we could talk about because the number of meters is also a question. Do we
know how many meters do we need at this point? It’s something that should be discussed.

Trustee Mougolias: Another thing that I just wanted to ask, you said that the Department head said they wanted to talk
about it in committee. Did they say per Tom Schroeder, I’m assuming, did he say for us not to buy the meters or did he
say that we needed them?

Mayor Fuller: He said that he thought it was going to committee when I asked him why the memo wasn’t copied to me
or anyone else and he said he didn’t know why, it must have been a mistake and he said that he thought it was going to
go to committee.

Trustee Szlendak: Once again we’re going to continue discussing it forever. We allocated $60,000 for the meters, from
what I understood we’re going to have a pro-active program to replace the meters within a finite amount of time. I mean
what are we going to be doing? Are we going to install 60 meters then have another meeting as to whether or not to go
with another 60 meters. Let’s move forward, let’s get the job done. This way we can get rid of, as soon as possible, the
regular meter readers and this way the Water & Sewer Department, in fact, the Police Department can drive around and
take the reading and step up to the 21st century.

Mayor Fuller: Just because a line item is budgeted it doesn’t mean that the money is actually sitting in a special account
just for meters. I don’t see an urgent need to spend the $41,000 at this time to replace meters that are working correctly.
The meters were pulled and tested. There’s no problem with the mechanics and no problem with them registering water
use. Last year the Superintendent of Public Works thought that the loss of water was due to the meters; it was proven to
not be the case, the loss of water was from a hugh leak. Of course we want to upgrade wherever we can in the village but
at the last meeting we heard about how we need water main replacements. One of the problems here is prioritizing and
when I hear trustees talking about stock piling money and everything, that’s pretty scary because there’s no plan for
these 200 meters. Where are they going? What section of the village are we planning on doing? Why 200; where did he
come up with that number? These are things that we can talk about and vote again in two weeks. I don’t see any problem
with getting a little bit of information for this.

Trustee Schmidt: As I’ve said before, if nothing is critical, I certainly don’t mind waiting two weeks if we discuss it at
the Meeting of the Whole and put it right on the Board Meeting afterwards. We waited this long, I personally don’t see if
the budget is there and it was budgeted and whether the dollars are there or not, it was budgeted so we should be able to
come somewhat closer, do a few more, if some or nothing else. But maybe that would be in discussion, especially in fact
if Tom would like to discuss it with us and then bring it up at the next board meeting.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

     17. To approve expenditure, not to exceed $41,364.50, payable to H. D. Supply Waterworks for purchase of 200
         Remote Read Water Meters and supplies to be expensed to the 06/07 Water & Sewer Fund.

A roll call vote to Table Consent Agenda item I 17 resulted as follows:
A YES: Trustee Alex, Dobrzycki, Jezierny, Mougolias, Schmidt
NAYS: Trustee Szlendak
ABSENT:                                                              Motion Carried








Mayor Fuller: I do want to remind anyone that signed up for the Antique Appraisal Show, it’s Saturday at 1:00pm here
in the Community Room.


 Trustee Dobrzycki: I also wanted to say that I attended the Helping Hands luncheon at the Salvation Army, it was a
great opportunity to met other area community leaders and discuss the needs of our communities and I think it was a well
run event.

Also, to congratulate our Clerk, Dianne Larson, for being recognized for her contribution to the village over these many
years; I can only wish her continued contributions and great health.

Trustee Mougolias: I would just like to say about the water meters, I do believe we did talk about them and we decided
we would move forward, so I’d like to move forward in a speedy manner instead of letting it sit around since we did
spend the money on the equipment and I believe about a month ago we did buy a new water meter reader for the meters.
I would like to move a little faster, I don’t see a problem with it if there’s any new information that Tom Schroeder wants
to share with us, it’s a good idea to take a look at it; but I would like to see it keep going instead of stall.

Trustee Schmidt: At the last meeting Trustee Szlendak suggested that we expedite the fixing of our sewer systems. I
agree with him and hope in our budget talks we can decide the best way to do it. Trustee Jezierny also agreed with
Trustee Szlendak. I know in talking to Trustee Szlendak he feels strongly enough about the issue that he is willing to
look into raising taxes. I only hope that Trustee Jezierny feels the same way.

This board has been the most active in recognizing the costs of running a well functioning village and has tried to be cost
conscience as it can. The water main on Nagle has been there for about 40 years. Nothing was done, now this board is
starting to address it. The Chicago sewer fees were increasing for years. This board had to make a hard decision how to
address it, and in doing so, we addressed future water and sewer issues.

                             OF THE VILLAGE OF HARWOOD HEIGHTS
                                HELD ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007

One third of this building has been empty for years. No funds set aside as to finishing it. I only hope it does not end up
like the water main and wait for 40 years. I hope this board addresses this issue. I believe this board will and can.

I hope as we go into the budget/appropriation negotiations, we can determine ways of addressing these issues.

Trustee Dobrzycki: I just wanted to add with the concerns about the discussion about the water meters and the new
units. I too, am for continued progress, that’s one of the things I’ve been fighting for ever since I got on the board to
make improvements to our community, to make sure we update and make modern our equipment. I can only think of
maybe Superintendent Schroeder made that recommendation. In my own personal experience, my brother, I believe he
has one of the new meters, received a water bill I think for $2,200. I told him not to build the swimming pool in the
basement, but he didn’t listen and fortunately we were able to find out that there was a problem with the reading and the
bill was reduced to $28 so he was very happy with that. I joke about the swimming pool, but maybe that might be some
observation that Superintendent Schroeder made.

Mayor Fuller: This is the first I’m hearing that Trustee Szlendak and Trustee Jezierny want to raise taxes to do all these

Trustee Jezierny: Whoa, I have to stop you right there because you are misquoting us and that is not correct.

Mayor Fuller: Well that’s a little scary, it’s all about responsible spending and the engineer talked about getting an EPA
loan at 2% - 2.25%, so that we don’t have to blow our whole savings in the water department on all these projects and be
left with nothing. The key is to plan everything out, use someone else’s money and keep our money and put it to work,
pay it back little by little. You know responsible spending, that’s one of the reasons do we need the water meters now?
Are water mains more important, is that the bigger project that we need do right now. There’s no reason to replace the
meters, they’re not leaking, there’s nothing wrong with them; but that’s something we can talk about in committee. But I
would be against raising taxes, all you need to do is to have some good planning and responsible spending.

Trustee Schmidt: Let me clarify, I did not say Trustee Jezierny said she wanted to raise taxes and I didn’t even say
Trustee Szlendak wanted to raise taxes.

Mayor Fuller: Well read that line again.

Trustee Schmidt: And that’s what I think happens to often; “I know in talking to Trustee Szlendak he feels strongly
enough about the issue that he is willing to look into raising taxes”; I didn’t say he wants to, I don’t think he wants to, I
think the offer, and then I also said “I only hope that Trustee Jezierny feels that way”, I didn’t even say she did; so don’t

Trustee Alex: I just want to say that one of the reasons I ran was “beware of politicians who are willing to look into
raising taxes”. Stop them before they spend, they’re willing to spend. The best thing we can do, which is what I’ve done
and other people, no, just say no.



Motion by Trustee Dobrzycki, seconded by Trustee Mougolias to adjourn. On a voice vote, all being in favor, the motion
carried and the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Harwood Heights was adjourned by Mayor
Margaret P. Fuller on Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 8:58pm.

                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                       Dianne H. Larson, Village Clerk