Ultratech Cement Ltd (Unit : Aditya Cement Works), Adityapuram - Chittorgarh
                     E- Auction 20th Feb. 2012 (2:00 PM onwards)

Lot No.                           Material Description                   TotalQty     UoM

  1        Item Code:S19A010;TYRE SCRAP 7.50X16                      13             Nos
  2        TYRE SCRAP 165 X 14                                       4              Nos
  3        Item Code:S19A004;TYRE SCRAP 1000 X 20                    11             Nos
  4        TYRE SCRAP 9 X 16                                         1              Nos
  5        Item Code:S01A048;USED SWEEPING MACHINE                   1              Nos
  6        Item Code:S27A002;RUBBER / RUBBER HOSE SCRAP              4              MT
  7        Item Code:S01A021;CEMENT / CASTABLE ATTACHED MS           30             MT
           HEAVY SCRAP
  8        Item Code:S16A004;USED FILTER BAG SCRAP                   1000           Nos
  9        MOTOR CYCLE (YAMAHA)                                      1              Nos
  10       LAMINATION MACHINE                                        1              Nos
  11       COMPUTER / ELECTRONIC ITEMS CONSISTING OF : LINE          1              LOT
           NO., HP NETSERVER 5/133 LS - 1 NO., HP LASERJET 4 PLUS
           PRINTER - 1 NO., HP ADVANCE STACK J 2600A - 4 NOS., DOT
           MATRIX PRINTER TVSE MODEL HD6590/HD6595 - 1 N
  12       Conveyor Belt Strip Scrap                                 5              MT
  13       Deep Freeze                                               2              Nos
  14       Used Grease Barrel                                        50             Nos
  15       Canvas Hose (use in fire tender )                         2              MT
  16       MANGANESE SCRAP                                           2              MT
  17       MISC.SMALL TYRE                                           13             Nos
  18       FORK LIFT TYRE                                            2              Nos
  19       ALU.CABLE BELOW 25 MTR.                                   30             MT
  20       MS light Scrap                                            20             MT
  21       Macinery Scrap                                            100            MT
  22       Rubber roller                                             150            Nos
  23       Conveyer belt above 5 metre                               8              MT
  24       Conveyer belt Below 5 metre                               5              MT
  25       HRCS GRADE - 4                                            2              MT
  26       PVC SCRAP                                                 2              MT
  27       RUBBER SCRAP                                              8              MT
  28       RADITOER SCRAP                                            0.5            MT
  29       Item Code:S19A010;TYRE SCRAP 7.0X16                       6              Nos
  30       Item Code:S19A010;TYRE SCRAP 14 X 25                      3              Nos
  31       Copper choke scrap                                        0.5            MT
  32       Used tube light with fitting pattie                       2500           Nos
                                                20 th Feb - 2012 (02:00PM onwards)
e_Auction Date and Time
                                                Kindly see the enclosed list for detailed list of items.
Material Description, Quantity & Last date of
                                                Item list is tentative list and quantity etc may change. Please check
updated list
                                                updated list.
                                                Updated Quantity will be Declared before starting of E Auction. Pls check
                                                for updates from respective Unit or website. Please check the lot details
Additional Lots / Revised Quantity
                                                on auction date before participating in auction for update in terms and
                                                conditions / quantity if any.
                                                From 15th Feb to 20th Feb. 2012
Inspection of Auction Property
                                                Time: 10.00 A.M to 5:00 P.M on working days only.
                                                    1. Signed copy of Declaration Form
Documents Required                                  2. Certified Copy of TIN/ PAN Number.
                                                    3. Address Proof
                                                “Seller” means
Seller                                          Ultratech Cement Ltd (Unit : Aditya Cement Works),
                                                 Adityapuram - Chittorgarh
                                                “Auctioneer” means
                                                Salasar Core Solution Pvt. Limited – (SCSPL),
                                                104, Ist Floor , Vasudeo Chambers,
                                                Mulund Link Road , Bhandup (W)
Auctioneer                                      Mumbai – 400078
                                                Contact: Ms. Prerna Vasu – Mobile No: 09320589231
                                                Phone – 022- 2566 0141 ,
                                                Mail ID:
                                                Web Site:
                                                  1. For participating in E-auction, the intending bidders shall
                                                       deposit refundable Caution Money Deposit (CMD) of Rs 1
                                                  2. For selected lot(s): – 10 % of Bid Value – Bidder will be allowed
Caution Money Deposit (CMD) & Earnest                to quote Ten times of deposited amount on highest bid basis.
Money Deposit (EMD)
                                                  3. Demand Draft / Pay Order on any Scheduled / Nationalized
                                                     Bank favoring Ultratech Cement Ltd (Unit : Aditya Cement
                                                     Works), Adityapuram - Chittorgarh
                                                  4. Registration form duly filled is must.
Last date for submission of CMD                 One day before the auction date.
Bidder can participate in Individual Lot        To participate in individual lot 10% of total Sale Value needs to be
as well                                         deposited.
                                                The successful bidder will deposit amount immediately after
                                                intimation to successful bidder.
Successful participant’s CMD:                   CMD amount will be refunded after deposition of EMD amount /
                                                Advance/SD for lot value up to 1 lacs, in respective Units for
                                                accepted lots.
                                                The security amount can be upto 25% of the sale order value
                                                depending on the category of items.
                                                Customers for which CST is applicable will have to submit "C" Form
                                                at the time of lifting of material, otherwise full sales tax will be
C Form and Tax and Duties
                                                Tax and Duties are extra as applicable at the time of delivery.
                                               Advance payment will be accepted lot wise only.
                                               Vehicle may be placed after prior permission by unit
                                               Material will be sold on "As is where is & no complaint basis"
Advance Payment and Delivery:                   cutting and sorting will not be allowed. No issue will be
                                                entertained at the time of delivery of material.
                                               Any issue related to material may be brought out in notice, in
                                                writing at the time of inspection of Item.

                                           Result declaration / Release of Sale orders shall be done within 7
Result Declaration
                                           days of auction.

Delivery Period                            Within 15 days from the date of sale order.

Start Bid
                                           To be available before at the time of auction.

                                           Loading /Transportation etc will be done by buyer only.

                                           Weighment at sellers point is final and acceptable for accounting.
                                           Inspection address;
                                           Ultratech Cement Ltd (Unit : Aditya Cement Works), Adityapuram -
Contact official/s                         Contact person Mr M.G.Menon/Mr.Ravi Kabra
                                           Cell : 09887482954 / 09887482108
                                           E mail:
                                           Result declaration / Release of Sale orders shall be done within 7
Result Declaration
                                           days of auction.

Delivery Period                            Within 15 days from the date of sale order.

Note: Your offer should be for Basic Price, All Taxes, Duties & TDS will be EXTRA as applicable on the
Date of Delivery.
                               TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE ONLINE AUCTION


       1) Subject to the reserve price, if any, fixed by the SELLER and subject to the term and conditions set out
          herein, sale shall be made to the HIGHEST BIDDER on “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS” and “NO COMPLAINT
          BASIS.” The Seller does not undertake any responsibility to procure any permission/license etc. in
          respect of the auction property offered for sale.

       2) SELLER reserves the right to modify and amend the terms & conditions and announce the same at any
          time before the auction concludes. Announcements during the auction on the website including
          announcement of any additional conditions OR correction in the catalogue and/or additions or deletions
          of items being offered for sale are being done with the consent and knowledge of the seller, and it is
          binding on the bidder.

       3) Participation and bidding in this Auction shall be treated as conclusive evidence of the fact that the
          bidder has inspected the materials and who have not been previously blacklisted by Ultratech Cement
          Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh and the documents pertaining to it and is
          satisfied in all respects regarding quantity, quality, condition of the Auction property, taxes and duties,
          and other extraneous factors and the Principle of Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) will apply. Final
          decision regarding participation will be with the Company It shall also imply that the bidder has carefully
          gone through and understood the terms and conditions of Auction including the amendments if any,
          prevailing at the time of Auction. Seller/SALASAR will not entertain any complaints or objections once
          Bid is placed.

       4) Seller./ SCSPL does not give warranty or guarantee of the quality, quantity, measurement, condition
          Chemical composition of each individual item/s or lot/s that form the auction property and about its
          “End Use” or fitness for a particular purpose.

       5) The highest bidder does not get any right to demand acceptance of his offer. SELLER reserves the right to
          accept / reject / cancel any bid, withdraw any portion of the Auction Property at any stage from Auction
          even after acceptance of bid/ issue of delivery order or release order/ deposit of full value by successful
          bidder without assigning any reason there of. In the event of such rejection/ cancellation/ withdrawal,
          SELLER, shall refund the value of Auction Property, if paid for, to the successful bidder. SELLER shall not
          be responsible for any damages/loss whatsoever to the successful bidder on account of such withdrawal.

       6) EMD amount will not carry interest.

       7) In the event of failure on the part of the successful bidder to fulfill his contractual obligations, seller /
          SALASAR reserves the right to debar such bidder from participating in any future auction conducted by
          MatexNet on behalf of seller.


   1) The prospective bidder has to register with the SCSPL. The prospective bidder shall have to deposit Earnest
      Money Deposit (EMD) prescribed by Demand Draft / Pay Order on any Scheduled / Nationalized Bank
      /Scheduled Co-operative Banks Drawn in favour of Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement
      Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh payable at Chittorgarh as the case may be. It has to be submitted
      directly to any office of SCSPL. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

   2) Duly filled Declaration Form to be submitted along with visiting card at any of the offices of SALASAR along
      with Earnest Money Deposit (EMD).

   3) On payment of EMD, seller/ SCSPL will activate the User-Identity to enter into Website .
   4) Bidders SHOULD NOT disclose their PASSWORD to anyone and safeguard its secrecy. Bidders are advised to
      change the Password.

   5) In case of successful bidder, the EMD amount will be converted into Security Deposit and same shall be
      refunded after satisfactory execution of order. For unsuccessful bidders EMD will be refunded from SALASAR
      offices. Under any case SD/EMD shall not bear any interest.

   6) Bidders/Seller may note that any payments by DD or cheque or any other means towards EMD/Security
      Deposit or other purposes received by SCSPL on behalf of Seller/Bidder shall be handled in good faith and
      intention. However SCSPL shall not be responsible for the loss of the DD/Cheque from its custody due to
      reasons beyond its control such as fire, theft, burglary, loss in transit, accident, war, riots, civil commotion,
      any terrorist activity, any natural calamity, adverse weather and climatic conditions etc.


   1) Validity: The Online auction bidders must keep their bids valid for a period of 15 calendar days from the
      date of closing of e-Auction excluding the date of closing. In case the 15th day falls on a holiday or remains
      closed for the seller, such Bids will be deemed to be automatically extended to be valid up to the next
      working day of seller.

   2) Time Extension : If any market-leading bid (bid higher than the highest at the point in time) is received
      within the last 3 minutes (“Time Extension” as mentioned in the Bidding Room will be in force & 3 Minutes is
      an example) of closing time, the time will be extended automatically by 3 minutes.

   3) Training: SCSPL will provide training (online) if required by the bidders at a mutually convenient date and
      time before the Auction.

   4) Bids : All bids placed are legally valid bids and are to be considered as bids from the bidder himself. Once the
      bid is placed, the Bidders cannot reduce or withdraw the bid for whatever reason. If done so, the seller will
      forfeit the EMD. The highest and the latest bid on the Auction shall supersede all the previous bids of the
      bidder. Bidders may please note that in the event of a manual bid amount matching that of an auto bid, the
      manual bid will prevail and be considered. The bidder with the highest offer/ bid does not get any right to
      demand acceptance of his Bid.

       Auto Bid :

      a) Auto Bid facility is provided for bidders intending to place a maximum value for a lot/lots.
      b) Auto bid is not a confirmed bid. It is only the maximum ceiling amount set by the bidder to enable the
          auction engine to place bids on his behalf, whenever he is out bidded, upto the ceiling set by him.
      c) Once auto bid is set, the auction engine will consider the ceiling amount for the next possible Bid only,
          depending on the highest bid prevailing at that point of time and the increment amount prescribed for
          that particular lot.
     d) Bidders may please note that in the event of a manual bid amount matching that of auto bid, the manual
          bid will prevail and be considered.


      a) All payments shall be made in the form of Demand Draft/Pay order issued by any Scheduled / Nationalized
          Bank in favour of Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh
          payable at Chittorgarh. as the case may be.

     b) On confirmation of bids, the Highest bidder should pay the total transaction value (including Taxes &
          duties) within 3 working days. The Sale Order will be released only after receipt of prescribed amount.
            (Transaction value means Basic+ED+CESS+ST+TCS).The EMD will be kept as Security Deposit. The
            Security Deposit shall be refunded after satisfactory execution of Contract.

      c) The cutting of the items will be allowed only acetylene cutting. Therefore your bids should be based on
           acetylene cutting.

       d) In the event of the failure of the Purchaser (H1 Bidder) by way of a default in payment of the material
           being disposed or non-compliance or any of the terms mentioned herein, the contract will automatically
           stand terminated and the Security Deposit will stand forfeited for the breach of contract by the buyer.
           In this case, the company reserves the right to dispose of the balance material in the Lot and the said
           buyer will have no claim whatsoever.


       a) On receipt of full Sale Value along with applicable ED/VAT/ Sales Tax/TCS & other Charges by the Seller,
           the Seller will issue final Sale/ Delivery / Release Order to the Buyer thereby enabling him to lift the
           materials within seven working days.

       b) The successful bidder shall not be entitled to choose or pick up any particular material from the lot. He
           has to lift the entire material as available in the lot.

       c) In order to facilitate Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh to
           complete the transaction before 4.30 P.M. the goods should be collected before 4 P.M. on any working
           day with prior appointment of the concerned department during the stipulated delivery days (except
           Saturdays & Holidays) Please contact respective person for co-ordination. Successful bidders should
           ensure that the material clearance is as per the seller’s instructions.. Weight recorded at the seller’s
           premises shall prevail.

       d) The loading of the material will be in the presence of and after the approval / authorization of Ultratech
           Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh.

       e) The Buyer shall be responsible to ensure that their employees follow safety regulations as per Ultratech
           Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh stipulations and other statutory
           regulations. Buyer shall ensure that all his workmen on site use safety belts, gloves, helmets, masks etc.,
           as necessary for their safety. The buyer shall be responsible to secure compliance’s with all Central and
           State laws as well as the rules, regulations, bye-law / notifications and orders of the local authorities and
           statutory bodies as may be in force from time to time. Buyer have to comply with all statutory
           obligations like Labor License, Workman Compensation policy, ESIC, PF etc whichever is applicable.

       f) The successful bidder will make his own arrangement for transporting the material from the factory
          premises. Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh, Loading of
          material shall be in the scope of buyer.

       g) In case seller is unable to deliver the goods within the specified time due to unforeseen administrative
           reasons, then the seller shall grant suitable extension of delivery period to the Buyer without any
           penalties till the expiry of such extended period. In such eventuality, however, the Buyer shall not be
           entitled to claim any compensation for such delay.

       h) If the goods sold or portion thereof remain un-cleared in the premises of the seller beyond the stipulated
           period, the sales proceeds of the un-lifted assets shall be forfeited and the un-lifted portion of the assets
           may be removed at the risk and cost of the buyer.

       i)   While taking delivery of the material, it will be at the discretion of the seller or its authorized
            representative to direct the manner / order in which the materials or lots shall be removed. No
            segregation of the items of any lot is allowed inside the seller’s premises.

        j) Breaking/ cutting may be allowed to the extent necessary for facilitating loading into vehicles as per the
            discretion of the seller. No gas cutting equipments or any equipment, which are likely to cause damage,
    will be allowed in the premises. Only safe oxy-acetylene gas cutting equipment will be allowed with
    permission of seller. The decision of the seller or his authorized representative shall be final in this

 k) It will be successful purchaser’s responsibility to weigh the empty Truck at the certified weighbridge of
     Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh. and produce the weight
     certificate so that the weight of the empty truck will be deducted from the weight of the fully loaded

 l) Should the original purchaser wish to take delivery of the surplus material through a representative, he
     must authorize the latter by a letter of authority or continuing authority, which shall be presented to
     the seller. The seller may in his entire discretion decline to act on any such authority and it shall be for
     the purchaser to satisfy the seller that the authority is genuine. Delivery to such authorized person will
     constitute valid delivery and no claim shall lie against the seller on any account thereafter.

m) Once the goods / materials are taken out of the factory gate, purchaser will be solely responsible for all
    sorts of claims like shortage, missing parts, damage, incident, accident, loss of material etc.

n) Resale / Sale in transit will not be recognized. The purchaser shall not be entitled to resell any lot or part
    of a lot while goods are still lying within the premises of the seller and no delivery would be effected by
    the seller to any person other than the Purchaser whose names are mentioned in the sale order/Delivery

o) Purchaser and his men are subject to the security rule of seller in force while in the seller’s premises. The
    purchaser/s, their workmen agents or representatives shall not commit any nuisance, theft or indulge in
    any antisocial activities in the seller’s premises and the purchaser shall be liable for the good conduct,
    safety & discipline of his workmen. In case of any such activity, delivery will be suspended and strict
    action as per law will be taken including forfeiture of EMD.

p) While taking delivery of the material, the Purchasers shall be responsible for any damage that may be
   done to premises / fittings of the SELLER in the course of removing the lot or lots purchased by them.
   The SELLER may at its option arrange to make good such damages and the purchaser shall pay for the
   same on demand. If such payment is not made on demand, the SELLER may forfeit the EMD/Security
   Deposit or may stop delivery of the material till payment is made.

q) SELLER will not at any time be responsible for any injuries caused due to accident within its premises
    either to the buyer or his representative / labour etc., and the buyer will make proper arrangements for
    any claim arising out of the employment under any status. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide
    necessary safety appliances (like hand gloves / safety shoes etc.,) to the labourers, who are engaged for
    loading the materials.

r) If any accident or damage to the property / life etc. arises by reason of any act of negligence / omission /
    default or non-compliance with any of the Terms & Conditions or statutory regulations or rules and
    regulations applicable within the Seller’s premises, on the part of the Buyer / his representative or
    employees, resulting in death or injury to any persons or damages to the property of the SELLER or any
    third party, then in such an event the Buyer will have to pay compensation to such person including the
    employees of the SELLER for such accident or injury / death or damage caused to their employees or to
    any of the Seller’s employees or to others or to the Seller’s property. The Buyer shall in such event, keep
    the SELLER fully indemnified from any demand, claims or proceedings thereof.

s) In case the whole or any part of the goods sold remained uncleared, after due date as stated in the
    delivery schedule, the buyer shall have no claim whatsoever on the goods remaining uncleared and the
    amount paid to Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh will stand
    forfeited at the expiry of the said period. Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya
    puram -Chittorgarh shall have right to dispose of such goods in any manner they like. The buyer shall
    have no right whatsoever for any compensation on this account.
        t) The buyer shall not be entitled to resell any lot or part of a lot while the goods are lying in the premises of
            the Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh and no delivery would
            be effected by the Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh to any
            person other than the buyer.

        u) Disposal of scrap is to be done against advance DD from nationalized banks only.


        a) In case of any dispute arising out of or relating to the terms of the sale order the matter shall be referred
            to one arbitrator appointed by Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -
            Chittorgarh. The arbitrator shall act in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act,
            1996. The venue of arbitration shall be Chittorgarh.

        b) An authorized official or any other person appointed by the seller shall decide any dispute arising
           between the successful bidder and seller. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on
           both the parties.

        c) In the event of any dispute with regard to not taking possession / non-availability of inspected Auction
            Property etc. and forfeiture of 'EMD', SALASAR will not be held responsible for the loss / forfeiture.


   Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh reserves the right to terminate
   the contract at any time on the following ground :

       Unsatisfactory execution or performance of the contract by the Buyer.

       For improper behavior of the buyer or by his employees / agents / representatives or breach of the terms
        and conditions of the contract.

       Or for the reason, whatsoever, as may deem fit to Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement
        Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh for termination of the contract.

       Non fulfillment of submission of statutory details, excise & sales tax compliance before dispatch of

                                                                                                   DATE: ___________


Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),
Aditya puram –Chittorgarh

Dear Sir,

1) I/We, the bidder/s do hereby state that, I/We have read the entire terms and conditions of the online auction catalog for Sale
including the disclaimer clauses and understood them fully. I/We, hereby unconditionally agree to confirm with and to be bound
by the said terms and conditions and agree to take part in the online Auction for sale of various scrap items by Ultratech Cement
Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh

2) I/We further declare that I/We intend to purchase the above-referred material from Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya
Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh for our own use/business and that the information revealed by me/us in this
acceptance form is true and correct to the best of my/our belief. I/We understand and agree that if any of the
statement/information revealed by me/us is found to be incorrect and/or untrue, the bid/s submitted by me/us is liable to be
cancelled and in such case the Earnest Money Deposit paid by me/us is liable to be forfeited by the seller and the seller will be at
liberty to annul the offer made to me/us at any point of time.

3)I/We also agree that after my/our offer/bid placed by me/us for purchase of the material is accepted by Ultratech Cement Ltd
( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh and I/we fail to accept or act upon the terms & conditions of the offer
letter or am /are not able to complete the transaction within the time limit specified in the offer letter for any reason
whatsoever and/or fail to fulfill any/all the terms & conditions of the auction catalog and offer letter, the Earnest Money Deposit
and any other monies paid by me/us along with the tender and thereafter, are liable to be forfeited by the seller and that the
seller has also a right to proceed against me/us for specific performance of the contract, if so desired by Ultratech Cement Ltd (
Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh .

4) The decisions taken by representatives of Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram –Chittorgarh
shall be binding on me.

5) I also undertake to abide by the additional conditions if announced during the auction including the announcement of
correction in catalogue and/or additions or deletions of items being offered for sale.

6) I note with due care that the SALASAR shall be making the announcements of correction with the consent and knowledge of
Ultratech Cement Ltd ( Unit :Aditya Cement Works),Aditya puram -Chittorgarh and SALASAR shall not be liable for these last
minute change.

 USER ID (if exists) ______________

 Person / concern / firm / company in whose name the material is/are to be purchased

 Contact Person(s)      _____________________________________________

 Designation           _____________________________________
 (In case of company/firm, give, in addition, names of key Directors/ Partners)

 Address          _____________________________________________________________________

 Sales Tax / VAT Registration No. / TIN No. ___________________________
 Phone No. _________________Mobile No.__________________ Fax No.-_____________
 E-Mail __________________________________________
 Are you familiar with e- Auction/online bidding?          YES/NO
 If NO, attending a Mock e-Auction with prior appointment is mandatory. And in an event the Mock e-Auction is not attended,
 NO COMPLAINTS will be entertained.
 LOT No.   DD/PO No.             Bank Name              Branch          Dated         EMD Amount

Signature of Authorized Signatory with Name and Seal.
                                   Know Your Customer ( KYC) and Member ship cum Registration Form
                                                            - ONE TIME ONLY -
                                (Preferably on your letterhead with company seal and stamp with contact details)
                                                                                                        Dated ……………………………
Salasar Core Solution Pvt Limited – ( SCSPL),
104, Ist Floor , Vasudeo Chambers,
Mulund Link Road , Bhandup(W)
Mumbai – 400078
Phone – 09320589231
Mail ID:

        1.    I/We intend to avail service of Slalsar Core Solution Private Limited / Its subsidiaries / Business Associates for
              participate in the auction services / any other service / sales promotions / sale / purchase on / any
              other website and or through E Mail / Web site notices / Mobile/ Phone / Fax etc.
        2.    I am /We are agreeable to receive information / communications from Salasar Core Solution Pvt Limited or from any
              of its subsidiaries/ websites ( As etc ) or from it’s business associates on e-Auction/ sale /
              purchase / sales promotions / data systems / data updating through Telephone / Mobile / SMS / Email or any other
              mode of communications.
        3.    I am /We are agree to abide by all the terms and conditions as published in the website /
              auction catalogue.
        4.    We understand that at present registration and services of Salasar core solution is free of cost and Salasar Core
              Solution will communicate from time to time regarding various information / schemes or change / incorporation in
              fees structure.
        5.    I/We confirm that the information furnished by me/us in this statement is true and correct to the best of my/our
              knowledge and belief.
        6.    I/We also understand that in the event of any of the above information being found incorrect / incomplete my
              participation in auctions / from any other services is liable to canceled.
        7.    This form is only meant for providing information and documents required for KYC compliance.
        8.    The Application Form should be completed in ENGLISH and in BLOCK LETTERS.
        9.    Please tick / FILL in the appropriate box wherever applicable.
        10.   Please fill the form in legible handwriting so as to avoid errors in your application processing.
        11.   Please do not overwrite. Corrections should be made by canceling and re-writing, and such
        12.   corrections should be counter-signed by the applicant.
        13.   Applications incomplete in any respect and/or not accompanied by required documents are liable to be rejected.

 Name of Company

 Type of Company (Proprietor ,
 Partnership , Company etc)


 PIN Code


 Owner/ Proprietor/ Contact              Name ->
 Person and Mo Number
                                         Mobile No - >                       Ph No->
 Contact / Authorized Person             Name ->
 and Mo Number
                                         Mobile No - >                       Ph No->
 Co. STD Code , Phone Number             STD Code ->

                                         Phone No . 1                   PhNo. 2

 Mail ID

 Other Companies form you are            Pls name all companies:
 buying Scraps/ Plant and
 Income Tax       Number/     PAN
 TIN Number

 ECC Number

 CBCB Passbook Number

 Validity of CBCB Pass Book
 Waste/ Item Permitted
 Quantity Allotted
 Annual Turn Over                   2009- 2010 ->                   2008-09->

Self attested photo copies of following documents to be attached: ( Also mail / FAX the scan copies)
     1. TIN Number

    2.   Pan Number
                                                                                  Passport size Photograph
    3.   Address Proof.

    Signature of owner / Authorized Signatory




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