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                                             SELF MANAGING LEADERSHIP

                                             LEADERSHIP as combination of two principal factors:
                                             Strategy + Character

                                             - AND THE SURVIVAL - IS IN THE DEVELOPING OF THE TOP TALENT
                                             Leadership in fact is an attitude, a way of being; it is about taking people with you even when you
                                             have no authority over them. Leadership is a result of the relationship you establish with others
                                             and every conversation is an opportunity to establish a relationship. Leaders need other people’s
                                             help to achieve the results they are aiming for; leadership skills, therefore, are fundamental to
                                             working effectively with others and are applicable whenever people interact.

                                             Leadership is a combination of being and doing and the doing is given by the being. It is the
                                             leader’s character that will determine her/his actions. When someone is being a leader, then it is
                                             easy for them to enhance their leadership skills such as creating a vision, communicating effec-
                                             tively, influencing others, working effectively in a team, creating a motivating environment, etc.

                                             One of the most successful leadership development program that addresses and develops the charac-
                                             ter of a leader is the Self Managing Leadership (SML) program of the Oxford Leadership Academy.

                                             During the SML programme, participants:
                                             ·      Develop a deep understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader
                                             ·      Understand why people follow leaders
                                             ·      Learn to lead oneself before leading others
                                             ·      Learn to strengthen their emotional and social intelligence
                                             ·      Identify and build on their leadership strengths
                                             ·      Create a sense of meaning and belonging
                                             ·      Identify and address negative patterns and constraints in leadership behaviours
                                             ·      Develop a 90-day action plan that will have a positive impact on their Work

                                             This is a foundation course that helps participants master other aspects of working with others

                                             Communication: one can communicate according to all the best rules of communication yet not
                                             convince anyone. It is the congruency of the communication that is convincing and one cannot
                                             be congruent if one does not know oneself or know how to lead oneself.

                                             Effectively working in a team: Managers see people’s competence, leaders see people’s poten-
                                             tial. Leaders see further and wider than managers. They see the consequence of their actions on
                                             other parts of the organisation, they do not just use their colleagues’ skills, they help them grow.
                                             A true team player appreciates the competence and potential of the other people on the team; a
                                             true team player empowers others. Leadership skills are a critical component of an effective team
                                             player, when being either leader or follower.
                                             Project management: 80% of project failures is caused by people issues. Whilst it is important to
                                             master the techniques of project management, the relationship one establishes with the team is
                                             more important. Leadership is about creating empowering relationships.
                           GIA CAMPARI and ALESSANDRA GIARDIELLO are the facilitators of the course
                           Gia designs and implements change and leadership development programs. She is a competent
                           facilitator, particularly effective in helping diverse teams work together to find innovative solu-
                           tions to critical issues. Gia’s twenty-five year career has spanned strategy development, business
                           process engineering, post merger integration and leadership development across many industri-
                           es. She works internationally. Gia has an MBA from the London Business School and a Doctorate
                           in Chemistry from the University of Parma, Italy. She is a Senior Fellow of the Oxford Leadership
                           Academy and is bilingual in English and Italian

                           alessandra Giardiello
                           Organizational & marketing Psychologist. Coach, trainer and consultant, she takes care of hu-
                           man potential development and organization well-being, working mainly on two different kind
                           of projects: the first aims to empower soft skills and attitudes in groups, teams or individuals; the
                           second consists in consultancy support on sales & marketing efficacy and integration. Skills : Life
                           & Business Coach – Leadership, management e communication – project management – marke-
                           ting - CRM - trade channel management.

                                                      The course will be activitated with minimun 12 participants
                                                    from friday July 20th at 7.00 pm to sunday July 22nd at 6.00 pm
                                                                                      Eco Country Resort in Umbria
                                                                     Albergo Diffuso - Antico Feudo di Campagna


                                                        For info, cost and requests of participation, please write to
                                                                                               tel. + 39 366 27 99 351
                                                                                                     (better by e-mail)
                                                           If requested, it will be released a certify of participation


                           TIA FORMAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE
                           TIA FORMAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE Association (, who-
                           se acronym TIA stands for Transformation in action, was founded in February 2011 in order to link
                           together several social realities such as universities, institutional partners, associations and poli-
                           tical actors. Often, these actors are not able to communicate to each other to the aim of sharing
                           values even though they should do it constantly, if it could happen in a positive way it could be a
                           benefit for common good. Since its foundation, TIA has been promoting events concerning poli-
                           tical and cultural issues, organizing education courses, books promotion, meetings, conferences,
                           seminars and forums. Some of its key events are:

                           - Mice 2012- (Migliorare l’Informazione e la Comunicazione Europea-Improving European Infor-
                           mation and Communication) the aim of this course was to develop some guidelines to improve
                           the European communication and information . This project was supported by President of Italian

                           - “La donna, il cambiamento, l’Europa” (“Woman, change, Europe”) took place at the European
                           office of European Parliament in Rome in cooperation with Equality association.
                           TIA has also promoted several seminars about European Journalism, Euro Project Management

SELF MANAGING LEADERSHIP   and European Union Civic Education and seminars connected to the spiritual growth such as
                           “Free to fly” managed by Mysakti.

                           TIA’s mission is not only promoting a constructive change and a new conceptual framework lin-
                           ked with personality, competences and vision, but also it is raising European cultural awareness
                           focusing on multiculturalism, policies and activities.
                           This is the reason why some of TIA members have coaching and spiritual experiences.

                           OXFORD LEADERSHIP ACADEMY
                           Oxford Leadership Academy ( is one of the world’s top leadership
                           consultancies. Leadership programs and change management consulting help top management
                           in the execution of their plans by aligning people, culture and strategy with a purpose beyond
                           product and profit. While facilitating the process of organizational realignment, their course en-
                           sure that the human dimensions are sensitively managed. Infact they offer a deep and pragmatic
                           approach that helps organizations to grow, increase their value, transform their culture and beco-
                           me more responsive to the needs of society.

                           Oxford Leadership Academy’s Values
                           At the core of their work is the passionate belief that society can benefit from the creation of
                           value-driven leaders with vision and purpose beyond their own needs and interests. The executi-
                           ve leadership programs are designed to enable people to become leaders with the character and
                           commitment to build a more equitable and sustainable future.
                           Oxford Leadership Academy’s supports the emergence of a new paradigm of character-based
                           leadership that will result in a fairer, more human and ecologically-respectful global society. They
                           encourage leaders of major global corporations, governments, NGOs and international agencies
                           to develop their sense of the responsibility that is owed to society as a whole. Great change can
                           only happen if great leaders are in place.

                                                                             For further info please visit the websites:

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