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                                              Administration and Support (3810P)

Program Locator                                                     Program Outcome Statement
County                                                              Administration and Support enables the staff of the Planning and
   Community Services                                               Building Department to deliver effective, responsive, quality services
       Planning and Building Department                             to its customers and the public through the provision of overall
           Administration and Support                               management and organizational direction, and of automation, fiscal,
           Long Range Planning Services                             graphics, payroll/personnel, reception, secretarial, word processing,
                                                                    and other administrative services in an efficient, well-managed office
           Development Review Services
Headline Measures
                                                                    Services and Accomplishments
                                                                    The Administration and Support Services Program primarily
              Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating         contributes to the goals of the Shared Vision 2010 commitment to be
                     Division's Services Good or Better             a Responsive, Effective and Collaborative Government by offering
                                                                    direction and support to the Planning and Building Department’s two
                                                 90%        90%
   100%                                                             major programs, Development Review Services and Long Range
                  86%      85%       80%
                                                                    Planning Services. Senior management provides direction and
                                                                    guidance in defining Division priorities that align with the County’s
       60%                                                          Visioning Goals. Support is provided to improve service delivery,
       40%                                                          enhance the quality and presentation of information and reports,
                                                                    maintain and upgrade the technical infrastructure, and ensure fiscal
                                                                    viability, including the development and monitoring of the Division’s
        0%                                                          budget. Secretarial and administrative support is provided to the
                 03-04     04-05     05-06      06-07      07-08    Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Officer, Coastside Design
                 Actual    Actual    Actual     Target     Target   Review and Bayside Design Review meetings. Fiscal and
                                                                    administrative support is also provided to the Structural Fire Fund,
                                                                    Fire Protection and CSA#1 budget units and the Airport/Community
                  Percent of Network Availability During
                            Scheduled Hours                         The following are major accomplishments in the current year:
                  99%       99%       99%       99%        99%      •   Presented to the Board of Supervisors the Division’s responses
       100%                                                             to Phases One, Two and Three of the Planning and Building
       80%                                                              Task Force Report that, among other outcomes, resulted in the
                                                                        addition of eight new positions, a return to a five-day work week
                                                                        with increased hours of public service, and preparation of a work
       40%                                                              plan to complete a comprehensive re-evaluation of the County’s
                                                                        regulatory codes pertaining to the Division’s work
                                                                    •   Contracted with three planning consultancy firms and a plan-
        0%                                                              checking firm to expedite the backlog of planning project
                  03-04    04-05     05-06      06-07      07-08        applications and building permit plan checks
                 Actual    Actual    Actual     Target     Target   •   Completed procurement of consulting services for the
                                                                        preparation of the Pilarcitos Quarry Environmental Impact
                                                                        Report to provide the Planning Commission and Board of
                                                                        Supervisors with information regarding the environmental
                                                                        consequences of the project to enable them to make a decision
                                                                        on how to proceed in this matter
                                                                    •   Replaced the servers and upgraded the application software for
                                                                        the e-Connect on-line permit tracking system and the voice
                                                                        response inspection scheduling system, and automated the
                                                                        Assessor’s parcel update into the permit tracking system

County of San Mateo                                                                                  Administration and Support (3810P)
FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget                                                                                          Planning and Building

Story Behind Performance                                                 and Housing Studies, and Address Reconciliation and the
                                                                         transference of the ABAG-distributed Hazards Mitigation Map series
The beginning of FY 2005-06 the Division witnessed the
                                                                         into (24) maps now available on the Division’s website and in the
appointment of a new Director of Planning and Building to head the
                                                                         GIS system as new layer data. The Graphics Section also works
Department. One of the primary responsibilities the new Director
                                                                         closely with the County GIS Committee to assist in implementing the
was given was to respond to the Planning and Building Task Force
                                                                         system Countywide and enabling the distribution and maintenance
Report, which was issued on June 21, 2005. The Report addressed
                                                                         of an almost entirely digital system of maps.
concerns about the Planning and Building Department including the
length of time it takes for planning entitlements and building permits   Major challenges over the next two years will be:
to be reviewed and acted upon; duplication of effort within the
                                                                         •   To implement remaining changes recommended by the Planning
Division; accuracy of the information dispersed by the Division;
                                                                             and Building Task Force
coordination with outside agencies; workload; staffing levels and
                                                                         •   To continue to provide staff with the resources required to
employee morale. As called for in the Report, the Director responded
                                                                             perform their work in a well-maintained and efficient office
to the recommendations in three phases: 1) development of an
                                                                             environment while carefully controlling expenditures
internal improvement plan, which addressed proposed
improvements regarding work load and staffing levels; 2)                 •   To maximize the utilization of the County’s Geographic
development of a public service improvement plan, which addressed            Information System (GIS) and contributing to further
steps that can be taken to improve the service the Division provides;        development of the system
and 3) development of a work plan for the comprehensive update of        •   To provide online ability to the public to apply and pay for routine
regulatory policies and codes.                                               permits and to schedule and cancel building permit inspections
                                                                         •   To improve user accessibility and content of the Division’s
The Division has started implementing the recommendations                    website
approved by the Board of Supervisors in September and December           •   To maintain service and staffing levels
2005 regarding the internal improvement plan and the public service
improvement plan. Those improvements included filling eight new
                                                                         Program Priorities
positions in the Development Review Program and Long Range
Planning Program so that a project level of between 30 and 40            The Planning and Building Administration and Support Program will
projects per Planner can be met and provision of advancement             meet performance targets by doing the following:
opportunities within the Division. Various operational improvements,     Implement Recommendations of the Planning and Building Task
returning to a five-day work week, and a comprehensive remodel of
the second floor are also planned.
                                                                         • Continue to implement and evaluate the new operational
The original plan slated for completion in FY 2005-06 to redesign the       procedures arising from the recommendations formulated by
Development Review Center was replaced with a comprehensive                 the Planning and Building Task Force to improve the quality of
vision to remodel all of the second floor of 455 County Center on           service provided by the Division, such as increased use of pre-
which the Division is located. Expanding the plan to encompass the          application meetings, schedules for submittal dates and hearing
whole floor was essential to provide sufficient office space for            dates, standardized review periods for outside agencies, and
additional personnel and to reconfigure common areas to better              updated application submittal checklists
serve the public. The project is expected to be completed in FY
                                                                         Provide a Well-Maintained Working Environment
2006-07 with the reopening of the second floor.
                                                                         • Complete the remodeling of the Division’s premises to provide
An integral part of the Administration and Support Program is the           adequate workstations and areas for all staff that are designed to
provision and maintenance of a reliable and progressive computing           meet current ergonomic and ADA standards.
environment to ensure uninterrupted network availability and             • Continue to keep the common areas and workstations in a clean
optimum automation resources with which staff execute their work.           and orderly condition and to transfer older or inactive records on
The Division’s automated permit processing and tracking software,           a regular basis to off-site storage
Permit*Plan Advantage, was again upgraded along with its
                                                                         Maintain 99% Availability of Network During Scheduled Hours and
companion e-Connect on-line system and voice response system.
                                                                         Implement Technology Improvements
Preliminary work has begun to install and test its e-Apply and e-Pay
                                                                         • Continue to replace servers, desktops and printers as warranties
components to allow customers to obtain routine permits via a web-
                                                                            expire and upgrade network operating system and
browser, although the actual implementation will be delayed due to
the disruption caused by the Division’s remodeling project.              • desktop software as older versions become obsolete to ensure a
                                                                            stable and well-integrated computing environment
The further development and utilization of the County’s Geographic       • Maintain Permit*Plan Advantage in its most current version and
Information System (GIS) and its integration with Permit*Plan               add capabilities to the e-Connect system
Advantage continue to be a priority. The most current projects have      • Link the GIS and Permit*Plan databases to enable staff to query
been the creation of numerous spatial data graphs, charts, tables           data regarding parcel, census and other land use information
and maps employing the Countywide Transportation Plan, Census

Administration and Support (3810P)                                                                                     County of San Mateo
Planning and Building                                                                                             FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget

    when processing applications and complete the digitization of
    the land use and agricultural preserve layers
•   Provide Graphics staff with additional training in the Geomedia/
    GIS software that will assist in improved GIS mapping
    capabilities and utilization
•   Expand and improve the Division’s web site to provide better
    information regarding activities and achievements as well as
    accessibility to informational material
Achieve an Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating of at Least 90%
• Provide timely response to customer concerns and complaints
   regarding the application of development regulations, permit
   processing and code enforcement
• Assist the Planning Commission with the successful deliberation
   of cases
• Provide courteous, knowledgeable and helpful reception
   services to the Division’s customers

County of San Mateo                                                    Administration and Support (3810P)
FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget                                                            Planning and Building

Performance Measures Summary Table

                                                     FY 2003-04         FY 2004-05            FY 2005-06         FY 2006-07          FY 2007-08
  Performance Measures                                 Actual             Actual                Actual             Target              Target

  What/How Much We Do

  Number of service requests processed for:

  - Word processing                                       3,320             3,500               3,717                3,575               3,600
  - Graphics                                               998              1,000               1,170                1,065               1,078

  Number of public hearing items agendized                240               210                  284                 230                 235

  How Well We Do It (Quality)

  Percent of service requests completed by
  due date:

  - Word Processing                                       100%              100%                100%                 100%                100%
  - Graphics                                              99%                98%                 98%                  98%                 98%

  Percent of letters of decision mailed by                96%               100%                100%                 100%                100%
  three working days of hearing date

  Is Anyone Better Off? (Outcome)

  Percent of customer survey respondents                  86%               85%                  80%                 90%                 90%
  rating services good or better (1)

  Percent of time network is availbale during             99%               99%                  99%                 99%                 99%
  scheduled hours

      A Countywide customer satisfaction performance standard of 90% was established FY 2005-06.

Administration and Support (3810P)
Resource Allocation Summary
                                                 Actual            Actual           Revised            Adopted          Change            Adopted
                                                2004-05           2005-06           2005-06            2006-07          2006-07           2007-08
Salary Resolution                                     13.0              13.0              13.0                13.0                                  13.0
Funded FTE                                            12.9              12.8              12.7                12.8                                  12.8

Total Requirements                                 429,878         1,573,353         2,294,706           3,973,226           1,678,520      3,973,226
Total Sources                                      708,121         2,164,678         2,150,889           3,762,054           1,611,165      3,762,054
Net County Cost                                   (278,243)         (591,325)          143,817             211,172             67,355            211,172

NCC Breakdown
Non-Mandated Services                                                                  143,817             211,172             67,355            211,172

Administration and Support (3810P)                                                                                          County of San Mateo
Planning and Building                                                                                                  FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget

Program Net County Cost
The portion of this program’s FY 2006-07 Adopted Budget which is funded by the General Fund or Net County Cost (NCC) is $211,172 or 9%,
of which 100% is discretionary. This discretionary amount includes Discretionary Services comprised of the remaining uncommitted funding for
the Midcoast Groundwater Study, operating costs to provide service to the public on Fridays and retiree health benefits.

FY 2006-07 Program Funding Adjustments
The following are significant changes from the FY 2005-06 Budget to the FY 2006-07 Adopted Budget:

1. Adjustments to Provide Current Level of Services
Budget adjustments have been made to meet performance targets: inclusion of merit increases and retiree health benefits; increases in
retirement contribution rates; reductions to Workers’ Compensation charges due to a change in methodology; decrease in contract funding;
increases in service charges for ISD, Public Works, County Counsel, and Risk Management; and increased reimbursement from Development
Review Services and Long Range Planning Services via Intrafund Transfer to cost apply centralized costs.

   Revenue/Sources           Appropriations        Intrafund Transfers          Reserves             Net County Cost          Positions

          886                  (419,573)                (729,460)                   0                  (1,149,919)                0

2. Planning and Building Department Remodel
The remodel project supports the program priorities of providing a well-designed and well-maintained working environment and achieving an
overall customer satisfaction rate of at least 90%. Additional funding has been added to expand the original Development Review Center
public area remodel project to encompass the entire floor occupied by the Planning and Building Department to better accommodate the public
and provide ergonomically correct work stations for all staff.

   Revenue/Sources           Appropriations        Intrafund Transfers          Reserves             Net County Cost          Positions

           0                    800,000                     0                       0                    800,000                  0

3. Adjustment to Fund Balance
Final Fund Balance is higher than projected due to additional revenue and savings being realized from the prior year and will be set aside in

   Revenue/Sources           Appropriations        Intrafund Transfers          Reserves             Net County Cost          Positions

       1,610,279                   0                        0                   1,838,879                353,600                  0

4. Return to Five-Day Work Week
In response to the Planning and Building Task Force Report approved by the Board of Supervisors, the Division is returning to a five-day work
week. The additional appropriation covers the annual cost of reopening the 2nd floor of the County Office Building on Fridays and is funded
from the General Fund.

   Revenue/Sources           Appropriations        Intrafund Transfers          Reserves             Net County Cost          Positions

           0                     63,674                     0                       0                     63,674                  0

                                          TOTAL FY 2006-07 PROGRAM FUNDING ADJUSTMENTS

   Revenue/Sources           Appropriations        Intrafund Transfers          Reserves             Net County Cost          Positions

       1,611,165                569,101                 (729,460)               1,838,879                 67,335                  0

County of San Mateo                                                                                      Administration and Support (3810P)
FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget                                                                                              Planning and Building

FY 2007–08 Program Funding Adjustments
The following are significant changes from the FY 2006-07 to the FY 2007-08 Adopted Budget:
5. Adjustments to Provide Current Level of Services
Budget adjustments have been made to meet performance targets: Salaries and Benefits have been increased to include higher benefit costs;
increased software maintenance costs have been included; and one-time funding for Planning and Building Department remodel is eliminated
due to completion of the project.

   Revenue/Sources          Appropriations       Intrafund Transfers          Reserves            Net County Cost          Positions

           0                  (812,523)                812,523                    0                      0                     0

Administration and Support (3810P)                                                                                County of San Mateo
Planning and Building                                                                                        FY 2006-08 Adopted Budget