Introduction to SPSS & SPSS/Regression by 08Xd4mN


									Introduction to SPSS &
Welcome to IT’s seminar on stat.

Sam Gordji,

           Weir 107
List of Statistical Packages
•   SPSS
•   SAS
•   Mathematica
•   MathWorks
•   IMSL
List of Statistical Packages
The cost for SAS is $75 per copy per
year. 50 Copies are available to the faculty
and an additional 50 copies are available
for student use. IT has most of the SAS
modules but not all. To obtain a copy of
SAS please send an email to or
List of Statistical Packages

 Mathematica (free copy for faculty, staff, and
  students). To obtain a copy of Mathematica
  please visit:
List of Statistical Packages

 Matlab is available on willow and sweetgum

 Other packages such as Fortran, IMSL, etc. will
  be mentioned briefly
List of Statistical Packages

 IMSL is a comprehensive package containing
  Math, stat., and special functions

 IMSL is available only on sweetgum

 IMSL is a set of subroutines called by a Fortran
          General Information
 Email contact
  – Email your questions to
 To download this and other materials visit:
 Please fill out the performance report and leave
  your email address so we may contact you for
  follow up questions
     General Information
 This seminar covers SPSS and
  Regression with SPSS
 SPSS, SAS, and Mathematica are
  available in Weir Student Lab, Weir 107,
  and several other labs around campus
 We’ll look at a few short examples of
  SPSS & SPSS Regression
       General Information
 SAS performs statistical analysis
 SPSS performs statistical analysis and is
  similar to SAS
 Mathematica’s main function is to perform
  mathematical operations including
 MathWorks is similar to Mathematica and
  is available on willow and sweetgum
       General Information
 IT staff will assist users to access these
  packages. We also assist users to find the
  proper procedure to analyze their data. If
  you need assistance please send an email
  to Sam Gordji at, , or
Available SPSS Modules At UM

• SPSS Base (Linear Regression)

• Professional Stats (Non-Linear Reg.)

• Advanced Stats
         Downloading SPSS
• 110 copies of SPSS are available in
  various Lab around campus
• A faculty or staff may download a copy of
  SPSS to their PC, please visit:
• Internet connection is needed to run SPSS
• Commuter License is available
        Today We’ll Cover
 A simple SPSS Example (reg.sps)

 Creating a simple SPSS program using a
  simple dataset (reg2.sps)

 Using Data from SPSS’ Data file:

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