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					Nick Jonas

  By: Grace
      At six years old, Nick Jonas was on a Broadway stage
performing many shows. At sixteen, he was standing on a
stage, receiving a Grammy. He has a TV show that he stars
in with his brothers and he’s an amazing
singer/songwriter. These are just a few of the many
accomplishments that make up Nick Jonas.
 “You know, sometimes
   life brings out it’s
complications and some
   hardships, but you
 know, it’s how we deal
with them that counts.”
          What Does This Quote Mean
     What the quote means is there are difficulties in life,
but the way we face them and then deal with them is the
part that matters the most, even if the problem is really
frustrating, upsetting, and confusing.
               Why I Chose This Quote
     I chose this quote because when I saw it, it not only appealed
to me, but inspired me. I read the first line and kind of knew it was
the one I wanted to do a presentation on.
     I can apply this to my life because I had a lot of trouble with my
Black belt test, but I didn’t give up and deal with it the wrong way. I
kept trying to memorize my forms, run very fast, and learn to not
give up. Now I’ve been a Black belt for 3 years. Sometimes I feel I
can’t do something but, I deal with it in the right way and end up
proud of myself.
                            Habit of Mind
      I think the Habit of Mind Nick Jonas most embodies is “Thinking
Interdependently”. Thinking interdependently means to be able to work with other
people and not get upset or frustrated about the others you are working with.

      An example of this is he has to work with his brothers in order to keep his
band together. He also, he has to work with managers, stage directors,
choreographers, writers, and other people. In an episode of their new series, Jonas
LA, he has to work with someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he keeps his
cool when trying to work with him.

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