3. Pain From Dermoid Ovarian Cyst

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Pain from Dermoid Ovarian Cyst

Treatment options available for treating dermoid ovarian cyst are discussed in length.
Also, learn about home remedies that help cure ovarian cysts.

When the germ cells are multiplied strangely without fertilization it is called as a growth
of dermoid cyst. It may possess all types of tissues like teeth, hair and skin. It is also
termed as mature or benign cystic teratoma and is frequently small. It varies in size from
2 inches to 6 inches in diameter. It also grows as big as 17 inches in diameter. The growth
of this is generally slow.

The dermoid cyst may be available at birth. But very frequently the same is not noticed
till the period of adulthood. The same can be identified on the face, on the lower back, in
the skull, on the ovaries or in some of the other areas. When they are identified in the
ovaries, they are called as dermoid cysts or the ovarian neoplasm or the ovarian teratoma.

They grow from the germ cells of the ovaries. It is a cell that creates the eggs and the
starting stages of the human tissue. Many of the women will have the dermoid cyst in one
of the ovaries and some of them may have in both the ovaries. They are very usual in the
women with the age group of 20-40. They are generally benign and are not very harmful.
But in some of the cases, they may turn malignant and are cancerous. The fertility is not

Dermoid ovarian cyst is formed when the structures of the skin and the skin become
fascinated when there is development of fetus. They generally do not create symptoms
with the exception in cases when they grow big and rupture.

There is also possibility for it to get twister or torsion the ovary and create serious pelvic
pain. The same can also be inflamed. It is very risky for the dermoid ovarian cyst to
rupture due to the fluid present. The fluid is very sticky and also thick and hence when it
spills its stuffing inside the cavity of the abdomen, it may create the organs that are
contacted by it to stick together and create pain. It can also develop and implant and will
be very difficult to take it out when the contents from its spills.

The dermoid ovarian cyst is diagnosed accurately with the help of CT scan or MRI. The
images taken out with the help of the ultra sound are not generally accurate due to the
character of the cyst.
If a woman finds that she is exhibiting symptoms of ovarian cyst, she can immediately
take up the matter with the gynecologist. The doctor will be in a position to inform her
about the presence of the cyst and its kind and size. The doctor may insist to stay and
watch for the cyst to go on its own or hormone therapy or for a surgery. The doctor may
not probably inform about the availability of natural and less persistent method for curing
the cysts in the ovary.

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