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Ovarian Cyst Painful Intercourse

The treatment options for painless intercourse when suffering from ovarian cysts. Also,
learn about home remedies that help cure ovarian cysts.

A cyst is a bag that is full of fluid or a semi fluid material. Once the same is developed in
the ovary, it is called as the ovarian cyst.

The ovarian cysts are usually in the women with the age group of 20-50. The cyst may
develop separately or in groups either in one ovary or in both the ovaries. These kinds of
cysts may be below 1 inch in diameter or it may be more than 20 inches in diameter. The
pain or the symptoms of the same mainly depends on the size and the location of the cyst.

Many of the women may not be aware of this problem that they are having till they have
their regular pelvic test. In some of the women, the cyst in the ovary may create pain in
the abdomen, pain during the intercourse or very irregular periods. Some of the women
may also have urination frequently, fever, nausea, over growth of hair and pain if the
cysts are created due to the imbalance in the hormones.

The cause of many of the ovarian cysts is not known. In some of the cases, they grow
from an unusual egg. Some of the cyst may develop from the eggs in the ovaries that are
not released after its maturity. Dermoid cysts are found in many of the women below the
age group of 31 that is raised from the cells in the ovary that produces the eggs and may
have fragments of bone, teeth and hair.

The ovarian cysts are non cancerous in about 85% of the women and the same gets
disappeared after two or three menstrual cycles. Big cysts, however, may be very
dangerous, particularly it they are ruptured or twisted. Huge risk of ovarian cancer can be
seen in the women of age group 50-70 who develops this. One should be very alert about
the fever, rapid breathing, clammy skin, cold, and pain in the abdomen and vomiting. If
any of the symptoms are felt, it is better to consult the doctor immediately.

The cysts may get ruptured during the sexual intercourse, childbirth, surgery, a fall or due
to any irrelevant reason. The effect of this depends on how frustrating the fluid in the cyst
in the tissues that are surrounded. The circumstance may be very dangerous if the fluid is
cancerous, infected or extremely frustrating.
If a woman is having no signs and is also below than 40 years of age, then she has to wait
for some time for the cysts to get disappeared. If it does not happen, then she can go in
for the surgery. The cysts that are very small and do not create any problems are likely to
go away on its own and also do not require any treatment.

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