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Nail Technician Jobs

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The cosmetologists who specialize in nails are called Nail Technicians. They work
exclusively on nails and offer manicures, pedicures, polish changes, nail art and artificial
nails which are called nail extensions to their customers. The services of the nail
technicians are always in high demand as the clients cannot perform these services
themselves. Hence the customers are willing to pay for a good manicure or pedicure in a
saloon or spa.

The nail technician’s jobs include specialization in nail art which involve several polish
colors, decals and accessories that are adhered to the nails and even air brushing to create
special effects. Since the nail arts are worn by the customers regularly at present, it gives
the opportunity to the creative and resourceful technicians to enjoy working with nails.

Artificial nails, acrylic nails and nail extensions are available to those clients who do not
have long, strong and natural nails. The usage of the raw materials and the application
techniques are making the nail extensions easier to wear and thus it has become very
popular among the clients. The technicians use materials like fiberglass, acrylic, gel, silk
which make the nail extensions lighter, stronger and more natural looking. The
technicians who specialize in nail extensions should have extensive training, lots of
practice and a steady stream of clients needing filling a new set of nails or replacement
for a broken tip. It is also important that the nail technicians should attend continuing
educational classes in new products and techniques so as to bring new fresh and new
ideas to their clients.

The nail technicians are like therapists to their clients as they address their concerns
during the manicure/pedicure treatments and help them to relax and de-stress. The nail
technicians should also be attentive to the hygiene and sanitary conditions around their
work area. They should have thorough knowledge about maintaining a clean sanitary
working environment that will prevent infection. They should also be educated on
medications as they use the acrylic products applications. They should also be in a
position to advise their clients on dryness, skin calluses and nail health.

The technicians must enroll and get graduation from beauty, cosmetology, vocational or
trade school and subsequently obtain a Nail Technology Certificate. The license will be
granted only upon graduation. Training also plays a vital part in safety aspects and the
future growth of the business. Though the training is very expensive for starting a home
based nail technician business.

it would be better to work as an apprentice initially in an established saloon. This way
one can get the necessary experience in the trade before opening their own saloon after
successfully getting the license. Being a licensed technician also gives the credibility with
the clients and pays the way for many job opportunities. Licensed Nail technicians
provide services in saloons and spas alongside other aesthetic professionals.

The nail technician jobs are not affected by the economic conditions as the service
provided by them is utilized by the middle class and more wealthy people. As this is not
a lavishly priced service, jobs in the industry have been steadily on the rise and will
continue to increase in the coming years.

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