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                        Marketing Strategy
                        – Beginners
                        Essential Tools
                          BY: RAM GUPTA

A new comer in any business, trade or profession faces a tough
task of choosing a proven system and the tools to implement his
chosen attraction marketing strategy for generating income at
the first opportunity. Often he gets a mentoring from his
sponsor in the mlm system on how to successfully plan his e-
goods product strategy. However the ultimate decision of what
tools to use for his Attraction Marketing Strategy and what to
ignore is purely his own. He has to take the risk.

I had almost the same predicament when I began to look for
tools to implement the attraction marketing strategy in my
MLM business. I was lucky to some extent as my distant
mentor was very considerate in guiding me to come to a
conclusion. He helped me fine tune my attraction marketing
strategy, my e-goods product strategy and left me alone just
short of suggesting what I should pick up. But the process of
mentoring was very unique. I still remember his words of
wisdom and feel it my obligation to share them with all
newcomers. I hope that this would help you make the right
attraction marketing strategy choice for your mlm system.

Automation MLM Tools

The market is full of extremely powerful and efficient mlm tools.
However all tools will not work for all types of e-goods product
strategy in a mlm business. Secondly an automation tool is only
as good as your attraction marketing strategy and overall
marketing system and unless there is a system in place, no tool
will work. Think of a tool like a plug in to automate the
processes in your system. Tools don’t make systems they only
help in its optimizing its utility and hassle free operation. Make
sure that your e-goods product strategy supports the system
that you have chosen.

Your First MLM Tool

To start with you need a highly optimized web site which offers
value added content on your primary offer in conformity with
your e-goods product strategy. In the absence of a website you
are missing the sales platform. People who are member of
systems like My Lead System Pro have access to customized,
your own branded website from within the system. You
however have to make it value laden with your content like
articles and videos. In the absence of a primary offer the concept
of a funded proposal cannot be realized.

Your Second MLM Tool

You must have your own auto responder. Yes this where you
capture names and contact details of your leads and build a list.
You must have surly heard that “The Money is in the List”, so if
you do not own your list, how do you expect to own the
earnings. While there are a host of Autoresponder services
available out there, you should choose one that fits best in your
MLM system. While I personally use A Weber, even Get-
Response is equally good. The choice is entirely up to you. The
crux being that you must have your personal auto-responder as
a tool.
An Autoresponder also automates your e-mail champagnes. It
sends mails to the subscribers of your list at intervals that you
set or decide. This is the great way of informing your list about
your primary offer, ultimately leading to a sale or addition to
your down line.

Your Third MLM Tool

The third tool of your MLM system should be you primary offer,
your affiliate product also known as your funded proposal. You
may use as many products for the list niche and introduce these
products from time to time as part of your value addition to
your leads or prospects. This can form a multiple revenue
stream for your MLM system on an ongoing basis. Generally
successful mlm marketers use this revenue to fund their
promotions and advertising like the PPC or PPV.

Your Advanced MLM Tools

While we have discussed briefly the basic tools that your must
have to implement your attraction marketing strategy. Start or
launch your very own MLM business, you would require the
help of a number of advanced tools to scale your business to the
next level. Let this not scare you. It is just like you buy new
books for each class you scale up in your school. No use getting
overwhelmed in the beginning. Scale up as you progress.
Wishing you all the best in your MLM venture with your e-
goods product strategy and attraction marketing strategy!
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     MAY, 2012

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Description: Any business requires certain specific tools to implement the chosen strategy and operate the system. MLM is no different. It also needs different tools for different levels of business modules. These tools are available in plenty in the market. A beginner should however consult his sponger and then take a final call. The success of any attraction marketing strategy depends upon the quality of tools chosen to implement it.