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									                                 The Voice of Ashtonbrook
     Ashtonbrook HOA Inc.
    73 Price Quarters Rd, #2
                                 Neighborhood Newsletter
    McDonough, GA 30253
February, 2009                                                                                                       Volume 4

Ashtonbrook HOA
73 Price Quarters Road, #2
McDonough, GA 30253

(678) 806-4494


We’re on the Web!
                                                                                          Ashtonbrook HOA Spring Meeting
                                                                                              Saturday, April 11, 2009
    In the Works                                                                                   10am to 11am

                               Neighborhood News…
                               2009 HOA Dues are here!
                               It’s that time of year again when your annual dues of $150 are due. In sticking to the laws
     Speed Bumps              of the covenant, dues payments are due on January 15, 2009, but your HOA has extended
                               the deadline for payment through April 15th, so don’t worry that 12% late fee will not be
     Front
                               assessed until April 16, 2009. Confidential payment arrangements are being accepted via
                               our website, email us or just give us a call, we are here to help and we promise to respond
                               within 72 hours. Payments can be made online @ or mailed to 73
     Covenants &              Price Quarters Road #201, McDonough, GA 30253. A BIG THANK You to those
      Bylaw Updates            Homeowners who have already sent payment.
                               Harvest Fest…
     Block captains
                               The Ashtonbrook 2nd Annual Harvest fest that took place on October 11, 2008 was filled
     Mailbox                  with food, fun and NO folks … therefore, all future Harvest Fest’s have been cancelled due
      Upgrades                 to low turnout.
                               Speed Humps have been voted in!
                               We asked and you voted YES! The petition for Speed Humps will be delivered to Henry
                               County DOT in the coming weeks. Installation dates will be announced. I know some of
                               you had some concerns about what kinds of speed humps we will be getting. Rest assured
                               they will be small ridges in the ground just enough to assist us in
                               slowing down. (exact specifications are listed in the left column)

                               Please adhere to the speed limit, our community is filled with children,
                               pets and active adults who play and walk in the streets.

Tips for
keeping our           Quinn Court has a Block Captain!
                      Lawrence Roy has agreed to be the Block Captain on Quinn Court. Lawrence
Neighborhood          will assist his neighbors on Quinn Court in getting more efficient service from
beautiful.            the HOA, by informing the HOA Board members of new neighbors and
 Cut your grass      answering general questions that residents of Quinn Court may have about
   at least twice     the neighborhood.
   a month            Ashtonbrook, Metoyer and Nolan Cherry are still in need of Block Captains.
                           2 volunteers from Ashtonbrook
 Blow or sweep            1 volunteer from Nolan Cherry
   away grass              1 volunteer from Metoyer.
   shavings           The goal is to have Block Captains residing very close to the residents that they have
 BBQ in the back     volunteered to serve. Block Captains’ responsibilities are simple but very important – they
   instead of the     greet new neighbors that have moved into the neighborhood, answer questions from
   front              residents about the neighborhood, committees, etc., and forward the names of new
                      residents. If you would like to be the volunteer Block Captain for your street, please email
   Park in your      us or complete the enclosed form and drop it in the HOA Drop Box at the front entrance.
                      Ashtonbrook Neighborhood Crime Watch
Adopt - A- Spot       If you see any suspicious activities in our neighborhood, please call the
                      Henry County Police Department at 770-288-8200.
The neighborhood
retention pond        Please Be Courteous To Your Neighbors
receives general      Electronic Pet Fences - Do they work?
professional          Several of our neighbors have invested in electronic pet containment systems. Because
maintenance           neighborhood safety is our #1 concern, the HOA Board did some research on the fences.
provided by the       These fences are supposed to provide your four legged family member with the freedom
Bakers Bros., but     and exercise they need along with reliable and safe pet containment to keep our
the grassy area       community free from the tragedy of being attacked. Electronic fences are also supposed to
                      provide a sense of security for your pet and your neighbors. In doing our research we have
outside of the
                      found that if you train your pet with the fence properly, the fence has a great success rate.
fence needs some      The problem is that most people do not select or install their fences correctly, or take the
extra care.           time to properly train their pets. I have included in this issue some answers to your
Wouldn’t it be        frequently asked questions that can help owners of the fences troubleshoot problems they
great if residents    may be having as well as assist potential or non-owners with general questions they may
volunteered to        need answered.
help define our       Because pet containment systems such as electronic fences do not prevent
neighborhood's        attacks as well as ordinary fences. Your pet may get excited and run through the
character by          boundaries. Neighborhood children are particularly at risk because the electrical systems
planting flowers      do not prevent the kids from approaching the pet, and mislead kids because of the pet's
and adding a little   apparent good behavior (which in fact was caused by the electronic fence). We are
extra TLC?            asking that all owners who use an electronic fence, post a sign on their
                      property indicating to the public that your pet is confined to your property by
If you are
                      an electronic fence or electronic collar.
                      As many residents walk their pets along our common areas, please remember to clean up
interested in
                      after your pet as you walk through the neighborhood. Our neighbors take pride in their
participating         lawns and your extra help will assist in maintaining the beauty of the lawns that are so nice
please call or        to look at.
email us.
                      “Let each of us be like that neighbor we want living right next door!”

    Association Events…
    Spring Meeting
    Saturday, April 11, 2009 from 10am to 11am.
    Ordinances and Covenant reminders…
    Ashtonbrook Covenants & By Laws Help Assure High Re-Sale Values!
    The Ashtonbrook Covenants, By Laws, Restrictions and Amendments are legal
    documents intended to maintain high property values for our residents. All of the
    Ashtonbrook Easements, Covenants, By Laws, Restrictions and Amendments are
    now listed on our website at
     *****Late Dues***Late Dues *** Late Dues*** Late Dues*** Late Dues*****
    Please be advised that if you have not paid your 2008 HOA dues a late fee has now
    been assessed in the amount of $18. We understand that the economy is down, but
    in order for us to maintain our beautiful common areas and pay the bills, it is
    important that everyone pay their dues. Please remit payment immediately in the
    amount of $168 if you have not already done so. Thank you.
    Please remember that parking is not permitted on the streets in Ashtonbrook.
    Parking on the streets restricts the traffic flow and cul-de-sac parking limits the
    intention of providing turn around space for wayward guests.
    With school buses coming through the neighborhood, the School District has again
    contacted the Board and requested our assistance in keeping parked cars off of the
    streets. In turn, we also ask for your help in this matter.
    School News…
P     Congratulations to our Ashtonbrook Honor Roll Students for a job well done.
                       Our own HOA Vice-President Raquel Johnican is member of the

G                      Woodland MS School Council. The school council serves as an
                       advisory board to the Principal, Superintendent, and local school

                       board of education. The purpose of school councils is to "bring
                       the communities and school closer together to improve academic
                       achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators, and

                       bring parents into the school-based decision-making process, so if
    you have any concerns that you would like to go before the Council please feel free
    to email her at
    School Council meeting times and dates can be found on your child’s school
    website calendar.
    Pleasant Grove Elementary School
    Feb. 16-20 - Mid-Winter Break
    Monday, Mar. - 2 Report Cards
    April 6-10 - Spring Break
    Monday, Apr. 20 – Report Cards
    Apr. 21-24 - CRCT
    Monday, May 25 – School Holiday/Memorial Day
    Friday, May 29 - Report Cards and Last Day of School
    PTO information can be found at

        Woodland Middle School
        February 13, 2009 - End of 4th Grading Period
        February 16th - 20th - Mid-Winter Break, No School,
        Report Card Issue Dates
        March 2, 2009 - Report Cards issued
        April 20, 2009 - Report Cards issued
        June 1, 2009 – Report Cards Mailed
        Interim Progress Report Issue Dates

        March 24, 2009
        May 5, 2009

 M      Woodland High School
        Important Dates to Remember

 S      02/13/2009 Grade Period Ends
        02/17/2009 Mid Winter Break
        02/25/2009 GHSWT Spring Re-Test
        03/02/2009 Grade Report
        03/23/2009 – 03/26 GHSGT

        03/27/2009 GHSGT - Make-Up
        04/03/2009 Grade Period Ends
        04/07/2009 Spring Break

PACK!   04/20/2009 Grade Report
        04/24/2009 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Woodland High School Prom
        05/17/2009 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Senior Awards Ceremony
        05/22/2009 Senior Exams - 4th 5th & 6th
        05/25/2009 Memorial Day

        05/26/2009 Senior Exams - 1st 2nd & 3rd
        05/29/2009 Grade Period Ends
        05/29/2009 GRADUATION - 7:00PM

        05/29/2009 Last Day of School

        03/28/2009 5:00 PM Harlem Legends vs. WHS All Stars (See Flyer)

        05/01/2009 8:30 AM BLOOD DRIVE-HOSA-BAKER
        05/15/2009 7:00 PM Red/White Football Game

        Attention Parents: Are you looking for ways to be involved here at WHS?
        Contact Teri Skoda, our Parent Volunteer Coordinator for opportunities:

                    Ashtonbrook Home Owners Business Directory…
Your HOA would
like to do its      Bakers Brothers Lawn Care
part in the         David & Willie Baker
                    ph: (770) 482-1032
environment by
going green with
                    Low Rate Carpet Cleaning
the delivery of     “A Better Job @ A Better Rate”
your                Lawrence K. Roy
newsletter.         ph: (404) 432-7944
If you would like
                    On the Ball Home Improvements
the option of
                    Darnell Ball
receiving the       ph: (404) 862-7074
newsletter via
email please        Raquel Colvard Johnican
complete the
enclosed form       Associate Broker - Solid Source Realty
and return it to    ph: (404) 702-2256
the HOA Drop Box
                    Sweet Stuff Party
at the front
entrance or         ph: (770) 347-8494
email us.           fax: (678) 228-1488
Thank you!          email:

                    If you would like your business added to this directory please email or call us.
                    Our newsletter serves as an effective, low-cost method for staying in touch with everyone
                    in our community and reducing potential problems. Communication is key in helping
                    residents stay informed of local events and issues that may affect them and ensures that
                    all ‘feel better’ about the community they’ve chosen as their home.
                    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions of need to let off steam, please contact
                    one of the board members below…

                    Latasha Sanders, President

                    Raquel Johnican, Vice President

                    Abbey Villegas, Secretary


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