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									    Mothers Day Gifts – Gift Ideas for the New
Have you been thinking of getting gifts for a new mom and wonder how to go about it? It
need not be complex. There are different Mothers day gifts that you can get for the new mom.
Whether it is your elder or younger sister who is celebrating her first year as a mother or even
your dear wife, there are great gifts you can get both online and on site that can prove very
fascinating for the new mom. Remember that it is the first Mother’s day gift and you want the gift
to be very memorable. You do not want to settle for the common gifts just to mark this day. You
also need to remember that this is not a baby shower occasion, it is a day specially meant for
the mom and not the baby. Many people err in bringing baby gifts on Mothers’ day.

One of the best and well appreciated gifts is personalized jewelry. Jewelry works just
marvelously and is very long lasting. This makes a very wonderful gift for a new mom more
so when it is personalized. You can get highly acclaimed jewelry from both online and on site
jewelry stores. Do your homework well in order to search for one of a kind personalized jewelry.

For a new mom, getting her a photo frame where she can put her child’s photos for the first
twelve months is a good idea. You can now get photo frames that have twelve small slots for
each month’s photo and one large slot on the side to include an enlarged photo. By all means
this is a great gift that will hang on the wall for a long time and induce fond memories in the days
to come.

How about a day at the massage parlor? This can be very unique. Surely, after having a baby
and spending a few sleepless nights, any mum would appreciate some time out so as to relax
her body. A day at the spa will do great wonders in helping her to feel herself again. She will be
massaged and have beauty treatments used on her.

Monogrammed slippers make great Mothers day gifts for news moms. They are normally
cozy and very soft and will give the new moms feet a good break. You can actually find some
personalized slippers for the new mom.

It takes creativity and thoughtfulness to create lasting memories for a new mom on her first
Mother’s day.

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