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					                              Earn Money By writing reviews

In Internet there were many ways to earn money. A lot of people who were internet marketers,
bloggers, webmasters, and writers and so on are making a living from the internet every month.
They earn thousands of dollars from internet without much work .

One of the best and easiest ways to make money online without any investment is to write reviews
for products and services. There were lot of websites offering this type of money making
opportunities for you. If you are dedicated and can write good content , you could make lot of
income from internet by writing reviews. Writing reviews is quite simple because all you need to
write is your own opinions about the products you use.

I have made out some research and found a list of good paying sites to write reviews. Here is the

DooYoo is a lovely place to find the stuff you want and it is an excellent site to shop online.
Community Members of DooYoo write reviews about products and get paid to write reviews in the
form of dooyoo miles which can be converted into money. You can easily find reviews and advice in
DooYoo before you buy something. You can write reviews about products you use and make some
money from it using DooYoo.

SharedReviews is also of same kind which pays for your reviews. It is a social network site that
allows you to get in touch with other consumers to share experience and reviews of the products
you use. It is a lovely site to write reviews and read the thoughts of other consumers before you buy
certain products. The best part is that you can write reviews on the products you use and make
money from your reviews.

ReviewStream also allows users to write about anything they like. You can write on any topic you like
such as reviews of digital cameras, reviews of cars, reviews of cell phones, reviews of movies,
reviews of food, reviews of music and so on. It is a great site to write reviews and make money.
Review Centre
Review Centre is another site with all the consumers reviews. You can read reviews and write
reviews to make money. Review Centre gives you the best and indifferent reviews ever.

Shvoong is another site which pays to write but you can only write abstracts or summaries about
published books and academic articles. If you like to read books and you read a lot of academic
articles, you might want to write a summary for it. You can then submit to Shvoong and make some
extra money from the summary you write.

Epinions is also of same kind which pays the users to write reviews and make money. In Epinions,
you get 10 dollars for 10 reviews you write. It is a good place to make money but one very important
thing you should make sure is that ,your reviews are following their rules.

Consumer Reviews
Consumer Reviews is powered by Writing reviews for this site is a bit confusing.
Anyway, you could try to use the site to make some money from your reviews.

There are many more such websites offering you to write reviews and get paid. You can earn a lot of
money from writing your reviews easily if you do it correctly.

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